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#power move
incorrect-hs-quotes · 5 hours ago
Dirk, cornering you at a party: In 2009 the band LMFAO came out with an album called ‘Party Rocking’, and in 2011 they came out with an album called 'Sorry for Party Rocking’, then never made any music ever again. My question is what happened while they were party rocking, why are they sorry for it, and where are they now?
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greeksandmagic · 20 hours ago
Rebellion is changing your four-letter long name into another four-letter long name.
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airbenderedacted · a day ago
dominator...... with her lipstick applied messily...... just giving a huge middle finger to the beauty standards that’re forced on women by smearing it on in one go and going about her day unbothered and unfuckwitable bc painting on your face is supposed to be FUN and that’s what she’s DOING
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I just changed my name on my blog so that I can be called by my chosen name aka “Alex” and I feel like that was such a power move.
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popping-greenbean · a day ago
what artifacts do you think would be best for a support xiao and main dps barbara? i wanna show whos the true one with power !!
uhhhh i have no idea im not a good player in the slightest fhgsjahjslks
idk if its even possible to play xiao as support when his talents only affect him when hes on the field (・・;) but for barbara,, a 4 set wanderers troupe works pretty well for me,,??,, get that yummy charged attack damage
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milktyama · a day ago
anyone with choso or smth almost choso in their url you're super sexy ‼️‼️
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vikingqueer · 2 days ago
pretty sexy of mika to invent pop music back in 2006, dontcha think?
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goatfanboy · 2 days ago
okokok so i expected 3 majesty to be the pop-y 2000s-boy-band and XIP to be the edgy(ish) sexy goth band and this is kind of true. but also once in a while an XIP song will come out of nowhere with this super upbeat feel and its good but it feels like such a sudden turn.
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mistressemmedi · 2 days ago
I love how Val casually drops that's he's selling his almost 200,000€ car, as if it were your normal everyday Kijiji transaction
Tumblr media
Valtteri Bottas sells his unique car in diamond condition 2018, the Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT S, which combines a great look, a particularly comprehensive level of equipment and explosive powers. The car cost more than 230,000 euros as new. The engine is AMG's twice-supercharged approximately 4.0-liter V8, which produces 384 kilowatts of peak power. Acceleration from a stationary speed of 100 kilometers per hour is smooth in 3.8 seconds. The color of the car is Brilliant Blue Metallic. The eye-catching AMG rims are served with a mixed ring, with a rim size of 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the back. The interior features a combination of fabric, faux leather and microfiber. Equipment includes, for example, an active cruise control and a sound system. Watch Valtter's video greeting about selling his car!
Bottas will hand over the car to the buyer in person at a separately agreed time. In addition, the buyer is entitled to a karting day on the Pippo track together with Bottas. Bottas goes through the lines of the service book with the buyer and tells the stories behind them
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nelfs · 2 days ago
ive definitely yakked about it before but "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" is one of the best pony episodes i think. the whole premise is that Luna created a nightmare monster to torture herself every night "to punish myself for the evil I caused as nightmare moon.. to make sure i never forgave myself for how much equestria suffered because of me" and she can only defeat it by letting go of her self-loathing and trusting her friends when they say they love and trust her and that she's changed 😭 LUNAAAA
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muerteklok · 3 days ago
When Pickles’s eyes shined brightly at the beginning of Some Time Ago, 10 years are added to my life
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miafancies · 3 days ago
broke: wilbur is using george for views, he's literally just sitting there
woke: george merely sitting there is an ode to the purest form of art. his presence simply serves the purpose of him being there. it is art for the sake of art. it is l'art pour l'art. ars gratia artis. in this essay i will
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jester-mereel · 3 days ago
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5sorrows · 3 days ago
playing my pop punk/rock playlist publicly is russian roulette of whether follow me down will play and my friends will think i just have a p*rn audio saved for no apparent reason
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