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#power make up
billy-baby · a day ago
+Harringrove au idea based on this concept?? Experience?? in the tags btw
As a public service announcement I’d like to say that the whole “you can’t read in dreams” thing is fake. Like I knew it was fake cuz I’ve done it before but now I know 100 percent for sure that it’s fake cuz I gaslighted myself in dream
Saving you the gorey details, there was zombie like massacre and I was just mad chillin cuz I was like “this is a dream and I just gotta wait to wake up” cuz shit wasn’t adding up as if the actual zombies weren’t a massive blinking neon sign of YOURE DREAMING DUMBASS
Bro when I tell you I was GASLIGHTED
Here an actual conversation I had but summarized: People in my dream were like no :) you’re not dreaming :) you can’t read in dreams:) here, read this box of chocolate that’s in English and in French
“But Ik I can read in dreams.”
And they were like :) can you really tho? :) Or are you reading gibberish and convinced yourself you’re reading :)
So obviously I read it. Both the English and French. It made sense and everything I even remember the expiration date it was- expires: 21dec2011 (the 2011 makes sense cuz it was a zombie au did I just call my dream an au
And they were like see :) you’re awake :)
I tried to fight it cuz I was like “details are inconsistent tho like” (points aggressively) “that guy didn’t have a hat before why does he have a hat where did he even get that”
And these Dream Bitches were like :) he’s always had a hate :) you don’t remember? :) we talked to him before didnt we :) and he had a hat :)
Spoiler: He did not in fact have a hat before but I was like oh yes right I must have just forgotten
So long story short: My dream gaslighted me into staying in the dream longer and also the whole can’t read in dreams thing is a myth it’s just a little difficult and you have to read slower than you usually do cuz it’s an EFFORT
Pro tip: clocks, if your ever lucid enough to question your dream, if your dreaming, and it’s bad and all you need is that push to wake up, I’m pretty sure the whole clocks don’t work in dreams thing is true cuz never ever in my entire life have I seen a clock in my dream. My dreams just won’t allow it there’s just never a clock for me to read. So if the time doesn’t make sense or you can’t even fucking find a clock it’s cuz you’re in a dream.
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dykefangs · a day ago
shoutout to shy and seven for helping me not be mad anymore
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freakalair · a day ago
honestly i dont buy into dexter is extremely bullied at school and has an abusive family fanon i love to characterize him as the “weird kid” who gets left alone has undiagnosed adhd plays dnd with the other HS nerds harbors a complicated relationship with self esteem & has a tense relationship with his parents who dont know how to talk to teens
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orangeskied · 2 days ago
So I personally think I'm being HILARIOUS deciding arbitrarily that #Grishas should eat #Grześki - a Polish brand of wafers, to boost their powers (because 'Grisha' is basically the Russian equivalent of 'Greg', Polish equivalent of which would be Grześ or Grzesiek) and doing that to the point of making a way overproduced meme about it...😂😂😂
(no I'm not even sorry, I love 'Shadow and Bone' trilogy and what I read Of Leigh Bardugo's work otherwise, but a lot of the language&culture related stuff [THE NAMES!!!, kvas being seemingly a kind of an alcohol 👀👀👀, oprichniki well existing, HAVE I MENTIONED THE NAMES? like the surname misgendering, or calling a character 'Hi'/'Hello' etc etc ], comes off super odd or silly to an Eastern European and a Slav. Yes, I said what I said 😂😂😂. If LB can take a mickey, on actually running things by locals of the country she's using as her fantastical backdrop, then I can lovingly amuse myself this way )
#ByThePowerOfGregSkull #GregPowerMakeUp #MocyGrzesiaPrzybywaj #Grishaverse #lol #Grześki
#wtfLeighBardugo #InLovingMockery #IMeanIStillLoveIt #But #AsASlavImSemiOffendedSheDidntBotherRunningThisByALivingRussian 🙈😂🙈 #cringe #secondhandembarrassmentisrealyall #HopeNoDutchPplWereDamagedBySixOfCrows
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void-writing · 4 days ago
Gotta love that the Cognouza Ward is basically Little Nightmares meets Alice: Madness Returns with some sprinklings of Laputa from Studio Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky and the city of Xerxes from Fullmetal Alchemist.
-Little Nightmares = general body horror aesthetic, themes of hunger, the recurring eye motif, floating mass of horrors out in the (astral, in this case) sea that reaches out in order to draw like-minded individuals to it.
-Alice: Madness Returns = themes of madness (obviously), lost memories and erosion of history and identity
-Laputa = flying city most likely full of powerful arcane macguffins and is implicitly capable of wrecking untold chaos if allowed to.
-Xerxes = an entire city lost and consumed due to a handful of powerful and arrogant peoples’ pursuit of immortality, leaving the unfortunate citizens forever lost in an agonizing congealed mess of souls that eventually completely erodes their sense of identity. Also with the--presumably--leaders being representations of human qualities (emotions rather than vices in this case).
It gives me the heeby jeebies but also it’s really fascinating on a meta-level and I can TELL Matt put a lot of time and thought into this, so good for him. And since a lot of the names in this are Latin based or just straight up Latin, I’m putting my three years of Latin classes to use :) (I nerd out a bit about names in the tags if anyone’s interested)
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bosspigeon · 5 days ago
what game are you referring to when you said “ lmao well im peacing out of that, given some new information, as well as the creator’s own response to... uh... the grossness lmao” it seems like I might want to avoid that game
m*nd bl*nd lmao
one of the romance options is the MC's teacher, someone brought it to my attention that the creator is themself a teacher in their thirties, and the creator responded to criticism of the iffy dynamic with a pissy attitude and an "im tired of getting hate mail for this >:[" Then Maybe Reconsider Your Narrative Homie
basically they were like "well i wanted to have a game where people my age can romance someone their age" and there is an easy solution to that, which is Make Your Protagonist Of A Similar Age/Not A Student
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buenfin · 5 days ago
okay since I love both ideas I have for Sharon i’m giving her two verses following the events of tfatws, one where after her pardon that sam helps provide she is forced as a condition of her pardon to work for the government and give them intel about the people she worked for in madripoor and act as their double agent... basically throwing her under the bus and back to the life she had before, but they don’t tell sam that and neither can she. and then second verse is they pardon her and she’s free for once in her life and she decides to become this bounty hunter where she goes after people for the reward and lives rather comfortably and has various connections through networks nationally and internationally.
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faunthekid · 6 days ago
maybe this is just bc the way i am but.
oh i need c!wilbur to find redemption. he needs to cut the fake apology bullshit. the little knowing looks to the camera. he’s planning something. and, first of all, i LOVE this character, alright, but i’m not rooting for him. i’m rooting for whatever he has planned next to fall down all around him. i want it to go up in flames before it really even starts. i want his old friends and the ppl he used to care about to truly lay into him that he can’t continue down this road he’s going down, and for once i want him to listen. i want shame. i want c!wilbur soot to realize that this ugly growing rot in his heart isn’t something he should embrace and i want a BREAK DOWN. i want TEARS. i want him to realize for a lot of things in a lot of ways he doesn’t DESERVE forgiveness. and i want him to get it still from a few people. people like tommy and tubbo and niki maybe. and i want him to realize being good or trying to be and caring for people and loving them is so so much better than this grey morality and recklessness and discardment of all his past ideologies and values.
because i know this is a story of betrayal and pain. of war and pain and blood.
but it’s also been the story of healing and revolutions and friendship and god i want c!wilbur to get to heal. and i want the catharsis that comes with that. i’m so tired of villian arcs and revenge. i just hope dsmp writers know watching a character heal and change for the better, even if it makes them “weak”, that can be just as powerful -if not more- as watching a character succumb to madness, burning with his nation.
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britneyshakespeare · 6 days ago
I'm literally gonna stab my eyes out when I finish this paper and have my mentor proofread it for errors for me
#the honors committee better fucking love me for this one ive spent so many hours on research and creative writing for yall on this one#many more than i did last year#im on page fourteen (single-spaced size 12 times new roman indentations rather than breaks between paragraphs)#and i finally got to the last of eight poems i have to analyze (or rather the last two of 16)#(since like a maniac i wrote a response poem to each individual piece in the collection rather than grouping my responses and doing like 3)#what if they find my project much less interesting this year since im relying less on my creative imagination and have decided to tie it to#research and a thesis that they may or may not find less interesting?#last year i wrote 5 poems in the style of diana the antiromantic. i could talk about my own life and incorporate my own humor and depravity.#this year i go and make a thesis tied to spirituality and the power of language across human cultures and the correspondence of divinity w#blabbedy blah what if they find it boring? when im fuckin bleeding out for you?#tales from diana#this last poem is the one that's killing me the most. i have the most to say about it to tie it the the world we live in. and i feel#somewhat unqualified to be writing about such important and specific and very real issues. but still i try.#i use my own stupid little imagination to conjure up something probably inaccurate and also somehow perverted.#w my luck or at least my impostor syndrome.#i have been working on this paper every day this month (except the 2nd) for hours#and i started ahead of schedule but now i feel like im falling behind (i have till the 10th but i still have a presentation to do and also#to show my mentor the draft and probably make some edits based on her feedback)#and im really losing my sanity over this paper. im LOSING MY RELIGION#the end is in sight but as ive gotten through every poem it's just gotten more and more difficult#I HAD TO ORDER THEM BY SIMPLEST TO MOST COMPLEX TOO HUH?#last year i had 5 poems about my own stupid life i understood perfectly well. all were very manageable to explain#though i did put a lot of effort into doing it with grace and humor and style.#this year i choose to write about 8 poets from different faiths and cultures AND write response poetry#and i have to pour explanations for all 16 of these poems in my process paper as they reflect both my study and creative contemplation#I HATE MYSELF#THEY BETTER LOVE ME FOR THIS#girl i want to finish you all of the time all day and all of the night#all day and all of the night#all day!!!! and all of the night!!!!!!!!!
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corvidable · 7 days ago
my mom's political opinions are a little enigmatic to me but currently she's leaning leftist so that's nice at least
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