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#power broker
John: That was so hot, Sharon.
Sharon: I literally called the person who just flirted with you a degenterate dog and told them I hope they get dragged through the streets.
John: I'm so in love with you.
Sharon,blushing: You weirdo.
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 14 hours ago
Sharon: While I’m gone, Bucky, you’re in charge.
Bucky: Yes!!!
Sharon, whispering: Sam, you’re secretly in charge.
Sam: Obviously.
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Sam, whispering to Bucky, who’s on the phone with Sharon: Ask them something!
Bucky: How are you feeling?
Sharon: Fine.
Sam: Something personal!
Bucky: At what age did you first get your period?
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Sharon: On a scale from “damn Daniel” to “fre sha vaca do”, how are you feeling?
Zemo: In between “it’s an avocado, thanks” and “how did you defeat Captain America”, but as a solid answer I would say “I don’t need a degree to be a clothing hanger”. How about you, Sam?
Sam: Probably “road work ahead”.
Bucky: I speak many languages, and this is none of them.
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Zemo, Bucky, and Sam are sitting on a bench Sharon: Why do you guys look so sad? Zemo: Sit down with us so we can tell you. *Sharon sits down* Bucky: The bench is freshly painted.
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Zemo: Can I be frank with you guys? Bucky: Sure, but I don’t see how changing your name is gonna help. Sam: Can I still be Sam? Sharon: Shh, let Frank speak.
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Zemo: You are now one day closer to eating your next plate of nachos. Bucky: That's the most hopeful thing I've ever heard. Sam: But what if I die tomorrow and never eat any nachos? Sharon: Then tomorrow is nacho lucky day.
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Zemo: Self care is actually getting into fights with randoms in dark alleys.
Sam: No, self care is stuff like taking a bubble bath, or putting on a lot of makeup if you like it, or taking a nice warm nap!
Bucky: Self care is the burning heat when rage washes over you!! Self care is when you feel the bones crack under your powerful fists!! Self care is the fear in your enemies’ eyes!!!
Sharon: Lmao self care is taking your birthday cake just so I can eat the frosting.
Zemo: If you touch my birthday cake I’ll make you eat your hands.
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Sam: You know those things will kill you, right? Zemo, pouring another glass of whiskey: That’s the point. Sharon, smoking a cigarette: We’re trying to speed up the process. Bucky: *Nods while eating raw cookie dough*
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Zemo: Is stabbing someone immoral? Bucky: Not if they consent to it. Sharon: Depends who you’re stabbing. Sam: YES?!?
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Sam: I think we're missing something. Bucky: Teamwork? Sharon: Cohesion? Zemo: A general sense of what we’re doing?
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Zemo: Isn’t it weird that we pay money to see other people? Bucky: Plane tickets? Sam: Concert tickets? Sharon: Prostitution? Zemo, holding their broken frames: Glasses.
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Zemo: *Gently taps table* Bucky: *Taps back* Sam: What are they doing? Sharon: Morse code. Zemo: *Aggressively taps table* Bucky: *Slams hands down* YOU TAKE THAT BACK-
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Zemo: I currently have 7 empty notebooks and I have no clue what to put in them. Suggestions? Bucky: Put spaghetti in it. Zemo: I'm currently taking suggestions from literally anyone but you. Sam: Put spaghetti in it. Zemo: I'm currently taking suggestions from anyone but you two. Sharon: Put spaghetti in it. Zemo: I'm no longer taking suggestions.
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mayqueline · 2 days ago
Mis "villanas favoritas".
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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giodoodless · 2 days ago
Headcanon of the day: sambuckysharon.
Here i go:
It's funny in the beginning, cause Sam is all good with Sharon's presence, but Bucky....ugh.
Whenever she looks at Sam with that soft, tiny grin and sparkling dark eyes, Bucky's already glaring, with the face of someone who's about to comit a crime.
Sam is flirty, respectfully, of course, since he doesn't know the limits of their relationship yet, and Sharon's got some good pick-up lines.
He likes the way she smiles, laughing out loud about his stupid dad jokes. There's something in the way her brown eyes seem to shine whenever he's around, whenever they are around. It makes his cheeks flush and his grin grow wide.
Bucky's being a pain in the ass, cause he's too stubborn to admit that he likes the way Sharon chuckles whenever he's grumpy, grumbleling around like the old man he is, watching her chuckle. It's actually...cute?
Sharon loves to tease the shit out of Bucky, winking whenever she praises Sam, knowing damn well how jealous he gets.
It's all chill, no feelings involved, 'til they see her fight for real.
Sam and Bucky watch her beat the shit out of 10 men all at once, so goddamn fast they can't even stop to think about what happened.
“Took them down boys. You can come in” she informs through the speakers.
She's always going first, taking the lead naturally, and trust me, they are not bothered at all by that.
Sharon aka girlboss.
They both watch her go with curious eyes, then look at each other with a mix of doubt and interest.
Bucky's finally letting his guard down around her, not being so bothered by the way she looks at Sam anymore, and noticing sometimes, that she looks the same way at him too.
It's impressive that she's gorgeous, cute, and dangerously misterious.
You think Bucky is all dark and stealthy??? You think Sam is all fast, flexible and stealthy too?? That woman is on another level.
Sam and Bucky have a great idea of who she is, most of times, but sometimes, she'll act like a ghost, so versatile and so easy to loose sight, could take them down with a snap of fingers. That woman is a beast.
Both Sharon and Bucky find out their true purpose on this earth, which is loving and cherishing Sam Wilson by any way they can.
It even becomes a competition. Who gives Sam more compliments in a day, fight!
Sam shakes his head, a bit nervous.
Wtf is going on.
They end up trusting Sharon with their lifes, and she's willing to risk it all for them, even tho she doesn't say it out loud, and the last time she did that, she had to run away and hide with no backup and make it up on her own for 5 years, treated as an enemy of the state.
Cap trio supremacy. It's the name of their group chat.
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mayphenix · 4 days ago
I haven't seen any post about it so maybe I missed it, but has anyone else noticed that for all three series the antagonists and villains of the stories are "empowered and strong female characters"?
Agatha in WandaVision.
Karli and Sharon in Captain America and the Winter Soldier
Now Sylvie/Lady Loki/whatever her name is in Loki
They certainly are powerful and strong and badass.... But is this going to be the main representation of women in the MCU now?
Of course we also have Monica, Wanda as strong positive female characters, John Walker to balance it out with the antagonists... But why evilise women of power, Marvel???
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