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#posting boxes
thursdaygirlgn · 2 months ago
Cas not putting a hand on the back of Dean's neck, at least once, while they hugged, is my villain origin story
this is so specific but also i completely agree
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ssa-sarahsunshine · 2 months ago
Hello there!!! List 5 things that make you happy, then put this in the ask box of the last 10 people who reblogged/liked something from you 🦋 -studywiththisgirl
Aw! Thank you!!
1) Criminal Minds (duh), but not just the show, it’s the fics, the fandom, and the OC’s that people make for it!
2) Reading! I love reading so much <3
3) Talking to new people! Making friends who live in different places and learning about them <3
4) Summertime, but specifically being able to sit outside in the sunshine and be barefoot and enjoy the feeling of warmth on your skin. 
5) Would it be weird to say emojis? LMAO I really like adding emojis to conversations haha. 💛🥰️🌸
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boku-no-garbage · 4 months ago
Big himbo dude calling himself omega 👀. Bro I’m so sick of the weak little female omega and Bug strong tough alpha man, that’s like all of the stupid gender stereotypes we hate?? But oho. This man👀 I like him.
Dude his theme song is just *chefs kiss* at least for me, I’m a metal fan. But I really love how when the song needed a term to show just how fucking badass he is it went with Omega. It’s such a fresh take but also so obvious??? It’s the last fucking letter, the last one standing, the end of all things, it’s the fucking end itself. Top that with Dante being this laid back dude who is doing all this awesome cool shit but still being goofy and nonchalant about it and NOT TRYING AT ALL to be cool or badass but still being cool and badass? It’s a fucking blessing. Dante said fuck ABO dynamics and he was right, we stan a wise himbo.
Also yeah, it’s just gender stereotypes made worse with “biological explanations” that is masquerading as a kink, that’s why I hate it so fucking much. Get away from me with that gender stereotype 2.0 Oh the dainty little omega who needs an alpha soooo badly oooooh... ugh
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anemodmg · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Thisbis the only thing I can't do 😭 it's so fucking hard
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noonwalk · 4 months ago
i need to take cute pics of myself once im back in ny now that my hair is longer (i cant believe it grew so much!)
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frecklydork · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Submitted by: @shadowy-dumbo-octopus​
Your name is Keri. You are a beautiful, celestial being of stardust and marshmallows so wonderful that even Megatron himself cannot resist your charms. You are also the fortunate owner of a magic watch which lets you jump between dimensions, as well as the most adorable art style to ever grace this hellsite.
On one escapade in search of another loser to smooch, you bump into a strange eldritch... shadow... octopus... uhhh, thing, who introduces herself as Positive and proceeds to eat all the dry pasta you didn't even know you had on you. She thinks that you're a super cool and wonderful person who deserves only the good things in life. If any bad things even dare to look your way, she adds, they will fall by her sword.
After a nice day of running around and causing good-natured chaos together, Positive reaches into the nearest shadow to pull out a drawing of the two of you. She offers it to you.
Do you accept?
> Yes.
> No.
Tumblr media
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clairelutra · 5 months ago
i’ve had a tab with a wip i will Lose if i close it open for 10 days now. my browser cries for deliverance. why will this fic not e n d.
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catgirlfranklin · 5 months ago
don’t worry i’m reclaiming ace attorney from capcom
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ang3lpunk · 5 months ago
Hi :) just wanted to let you know that you recently reblogged a post made by a blog called mossyredwood and they say that they're right wing conservative and prolife in their bio.
ewww I didn't realize that !! thank you so much for telling me !! I'll block them and remove the post asap
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edelgardpropaganda · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
im not sure tbh! i think edelgard and hubert would both be in political science, edelgard would have a dual major in politics + history/anthropology maybe, or even art
i think ferdinand would be in education and/or history.... petra would be SUPER into academics and would probably try to take a bit of everything, especially politics, history, lit, etc
bernadetta is an art major for sure. linhardt probably started off as a med student and then switched to the humanities or social sciences. maybe dorothea is a law major (minoring in music/theatre)? caspar..... kinesiology? idk!
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