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#positivity journal
plumpiestdumpling · 37 minutes ago
Hi Journal!
It’s May 8, 2021.
I’m here with another entry, so I can tell you one good thing that happened to me today. So here is my daily log, in an effort to see the good in my life and put out some good vibes along the way.
I went to visit some old coworkers today, which was really nice. We went to an old haunt, an artisanal Persian ice cream store called Saffron and Rose. I got the Pink Rose, Orange Blossom and Strawberry flavors. It’s just as good as I remembered it.
I was so excited to eat it I didn’t take a picture. By the time I remembered, I had finished the whole cup. So here’s a picture of my empty cup LOL
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Talk to you tomorrow.
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mywords-things · 2 hours ago
To my mom
I know what I am to you
But just incase, letting you to know who you are to me
My very first friend who brought out the best in me,
You aren't just a person but
You're my babysitter when I am needed ,
my doctor when I am ill,
my judge when i have a fight with my sibling,
my counsellor when I am in deep confusion/ stress,
my teacher who taught me the life lessons ...
you are more than a person,my hope, my wellwisher, the person who I can trust,
I have got no words to describe you, indeed the is no word to describe your love and care you have put forth..
all I wanna say is, it's you, my mom .. it's just only you for who am i a person in society...
between you should be proud because you have given the society a best and beautiful human
also I like to add, you aren't just a person, you're a vibe which I am unable to describe...
you know what, with you my life is in blue, I love you and yeah, it's time to say happy mother's day to you
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normalweirdoboy · 4 hours ago
Boy Crush
He's cute
The way he laughs
His tall figure and pose
That cute boyish smile
He's cute, yes
His features like a sheet of graph
Clean cuts and a cute nose
To highlight his profile
He's cute, really
Sweet spoken and smart
Like a cute little piece of art
Makes me wanna ruffle his hair
Though to do so, I do not dare
So yes,
He's cute, my muse
My friend, we laugh and chaff
Maybe I could leave him a rose
This Valentine's, in guile
Copyright: @normalweirdoboy
P.S. I'm straight (pro-LGBTQ ofc) as far as I know, it's just that my friend is kinda cute n nice (?). I wonder if he'll know I wrote it for him? I mean, I've told him a few times before, how he looks straight outta a slice of life anime hahaha...
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plumpiestdumpling · a day ago
Hi Journal,
It’s May 7, 2021.
I’m here with another entry, so I can tell you one good thing that happened to me today. So here is my daily log, in an effort to see the good in my life and put out some good vibes along the way.
My dog is using me as a pillow right now. The weight and warmth is nice, though it’s getting a bit hot. He’s dreaming something fierce right now, breathing really hard and his paws twitch every so often. What are you dreaming about little buddy? Ya catching those birds?
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Talk to you tomorrow.
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plumpiestdumpling · 2 days ago
Hello, Journal.
It’s May 6, 2021.
I’m here with another entry, so I can tell you one good thing that happened to me today. So here is my daily log, in an effort to see the good in my life and put out some good vibes along the way.
A coworker told me a wonderful story today, and I’d like to share it with you. She told me about her life and how she got to her position, and how lucky she was. In so many words, she said that she used to be a paid caretaker for her parents, which fell through because of insurance changes. She needed to find a job, but worried about finding childcare for her son, who was then ineligible for after-school programs. She was able to find a part time job that allowed her to drop him off and pick him up from school. When he was eligible for after-school programs, she wanted to find a full time job, but was unfortunately laid off. Luckily, soon after, her predecessor of her current position, called her up. She was leaving for maternity leave, but did not plan to come back, and suggested for my coworker to take the position. And they hired her! But then, after working that job for a few months, they wanted to cut her hours because her position was not necessarily a full time one. So then other departmental directors asked if she could do some bookkeeping for them to make up for the hours. And that’s how she got here, still with full time hours for five years, all worked out. I thought it was wonderful to hear how lucky she has been, that everything seemed to align so perfectly. She said it was God’s plan, and that He knew when to look out for her. She gave the general advice of not worrying about things too much, because things work out eventually. And, I may not be religious, at most spiritual, but, you know what, I would be delighted if these happy little miracles are what inspires and uplifts your beliefs. Because how wonderful would it be to know that the small, beautiful intricacies of life are the result of someone who looks out for you and cares for you so ardently? I’m still not religious, but I can see the appeal and I love that my coworker can find such emotional fulfillment.
And, with this story, I hope to pass along such message of hope, perseverance, incredible luck, and great timing to you all. I hope that great lucky fortune comes to you as well.
Talk to you tomorrow.
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iamenoughonmyown · 2 days ago
Some soft reminders for myself:
Everyone recovers at their own pace.
It's okay to take your own time.
Small steps is still moving forward.
You're doing great, keep going.
Appreciate yourself and how far you have come.
Celebrate yourself, your achievements, specially the small ones.
The journey of self love isn't easy but it's worth it.
I am worth it.
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plumpiestdumpling · 3 days ago
Hi, Journal!
It’s May 5, 2021.
I’m here with another entry, so I can tell you one good thing that happened to me today. So here is my daily log, in an effort to see the good in my life and put out some good vibes along the way.
So let me set the scene. I was sitting in the cafeteria for lunch. It’s Hospital Week, where the hospital thanks its employees with a gift and holder festivities all week, usually in the form of free food. Since today is Cinco de Mayo, the cafeteria was decked out in festive, Mexican-themed decor and played upbeat Mexican music. The emergency doors were propped open for a fun, freeing feel. The sun was bright, the breeze was nice, the air was fresh. The feeling of bright, happy festivities were in the air.
As my coworkers and I were having a good, hearty conversation over tacos, I stopped mid bite to look up. Light and flowy music started playing—it felt as if the Ghibli soundtrack during a movie about a woodland adventure had a bit of a South American flair—unusual because everything else thus far has been rather upbeat. Time slows down to a peaceful calm. I have this moment of zen, staring at nothing in the mid-distance. And out of the corner of my eye, movement catches my attention.
I turn to the right, and I see a little orange butterfly floating gently into the cafeteria. It fluttered gently in a straight line, my head following it from right to left, before it went out the way it came, left to right. And then the upbeat music resumed and the upbeat festivities continued.
“Magical” feels like the wrong word to use. But it was just an unusual, sweet moment that I couldn’t help but laugh and enjoy it as it was happening.
Talk to you tomorrow.
P. S.
Zazu Sighting #18!
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funfettipuppy · 3 days ago
people are straight up so kind sometimes and it really gives me a lot of hope. to all the folks out there who say nice things to strangers in need and who do random acts of kindness - seriously never stop. you never know who really needs that stuff.
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focusonthegoodnews · 3 days ago
Maritime women encourage gratitude journaling to help cope with pandemic stress
Maritime women encourage gratitude journaling to help cope with pandemic stress
Good News Notes: “Two Maritime women are encouraging people who may be feeling stressed amid the pandemic to consider starting a gratitude journal. Every morning without fail, Shelley Butler of Riverview, N.B., said that she wakes up reminding herself what she is grateful for and then jots it down in her journal, “People say to me, ‘What do you write? I don’t know what to write.’ So, I start my…
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bakedmluv · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Do you understand life?
Consistently figuring it all out.. And battling demons left and right. Trying to do what’s best for you.
I hope you understand by now; that everyone has battles. When they can’t deliver “respect” as a person.. that’s when you pay attention. You can’t pour from an empty cup; so you won’t be able to deliver.
I thought I understood what life meant, but in the meantime I was still wasting it.. battling with my mind.
I feel an amount of regret for everything that I wish I can take back in a heartbeat.. but the funny thing is “time” is never on our side. 
You are the only thing stopping yourself. Believe in yourself like you can’t imagine any other outcome.
I hate to say I live with regrets in my mind, and I want to overcome that and accept what I have done. I want to learn from all of my problems and blossom into a new completely self made version of who I want to be.
I’m motivating myself to begin the 21 days to build a habit! I’m pushing myself for results and learning as I go to help motivate and encourage anyone feeling a bit down.
I hope I can help anyone push theirselves to their limit and reach what they desire.
With Gratefulness,
MV. 🌌🦋
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plumpiestdumpling · 4 days ago
May the fourth be with you, Journal.
It’s May 4, 2021.
I’m here with another entry, so I can tell you one good thing that happened to me today. So here is my daily log, in an effort to see the good in my life and put out some good vibes along the way.
I had to take patient complaints today. Two, back to back, unfortunately. But, I was glad about one thing: that the people complaining were relatively nice people. One seemed a little bit “tinfoil hat”-y, but you could tell that she just wanted answers and a resolution that she never got. (Or, maybe I’m just naïve.) The next one was absolutely reasonable and considerate, trying to emphasize that I knew she wasn’t being overly needy, that she and her complaints were grounded, and that she genuinely just wanted to convey that she had a bad experience. As far as complaints go, I’m glad they went well, that the people lodging their issues weren’t angry in their discontent. For sure, the unit managers are getting those as we speak. And I’m glad I could be the one to take their feelings, if only to be a kind-sounding person that hears them and sees them as valid, to not write them off right away, or to seem like I’m trying to deal with it and get them out of the way. Even if the investigation doesn’t go well, or at the very least not to their satisfaction, I hope they felt heard today.
Talk to you tomorrow.
P. S.
Also, as an update, the Tazo Rose Tea Latte was super good! Someone asked about this yesterday, but I couldn’t reply because you apparently can’t reply from a side blog??? Sorry, friendo. :c Maybe I’ll make a whole new blog to reply if I get a lot... But that’s a future Dumpling problem.
I’m honestly trying to ration it out and not drink it all at once. I’m excited to try the London Fog Tea Latte one, though its by a different brand. That one is by the Target generic brand, Good & Gather.
I would say that if you don’t like floral drinks, it might not be for you. I’ve had real, actual flower infused drinks before, and those tasted grounded and “real.” But this one veers on the side of fake/artificial flavoring, almost exactly like the Torani flavor pumps used in more generic boba or coffee shops. I like those, so I do like this Tazo Tea concentrate! Overly long review over LOL
*Now* I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
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junsmap · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
We had cake and dreamed of "someday" when could brush the dust off our backpacks and travel again. Even if it's just up the coast to denmark.
Now on Instagram as well
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plumpiestdumpling · 5 days ago
Hey, Journal.
It’s May 3, 2021.
I’m here with another entry, so I can tell you one good thing that happened to me today. So here is my daily log, in an effort to see the good in my life and put out some good vibes along the way.
Today was my first day back at work, and boy was it something. I, apparently, missed a Whole Lot while I was away. I had left with a lot of work still left to do, and I came back to more than I had thought. As an aside, something that was funny was that my boss’ boss had joked that if CDPH came though on my days off, she’d call me back in. And guess what? She jinxed it. (She didn’t call me in, though.)
Anyways, all that to say that I was acutely aware that, even though it seemed like work was piling on at increasing rates, I wasn’t as stressed as I was before my two-ish day vacation. The thing that cemented it for me was the lack of heavy, overbearing worry. I would feel like I was running out of time, playing catch-up with all my work. I would not use the restroom for far longer than I should have gone without a bathroom break, to the point where my bladder would hurt before I rushed to the bathroom. I would work during lunch or eat during working. I would essentially be working eight straight hours, in my cave, isolated from everyone. (You know, unless they found me to add more work.)
But today, I was just. Super chill? I did feel stressed, but I took a breath and just... let it go. I think before the break, I would have felt so much more stressed.
But, the thing is, I didn’t feel like I was stressed before either. I was pretty good at leaving work at work, and not think about it at home. I was stressed, but I felt super fine. Tired, but fine. Like nothing was really wrong, that everything was okay, that I could keep going. And that’s not to say I couldn’t. But it’s without consciously realizing it, I was wearing myself out at work. I would be okay overall, but just worn down and tired.
I really didn’t know I needed a break until I took it, and sort of just reset my system. I’m still super tired, since it was a whirlwind of a few days, but it gave me the breathing room from work I didn’t know I needed.
And I’m so glad because now I know the feeling of non-stress and essentially being at peace with whatever stress I have. And that will make me better at recognizing when I *do* need a break in the future, even if I do feel fine.
Finally, an Extra Serving of Dumplings. Zazu Sighting #17!
I saw him staring into my yard from his side of the fence. I walked up to him and he chirped at me, rolling over and over on his back. He first rolled rather far away, but gradually rolled closer and closer to me, and he gently held my hand in his paw as I reached out to him through the fencing.
Tumblr media
Talk to you tomorrow.
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deepakvalechaextras · 5 days ago
DV - 39
Listen to your heart always and tell it also,
it has art of hearing as it has ear in the middle.
Deepak Valecha DV
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plumpiestdumpling · 6 days ago
Hi, Journal.
It’s May 2, 2021.
I’m here with another entry, so I can tell you one good thing that happened to me today. So here is my daily log, in an effort to see the good in my life and put out some good vibes along the way.
I was at the park and I saw something absolutely lovely. A group of kids or young adults came through to the basketball courts near me, started playing some chill vibe music, and just roller-skated. They looked like they were havjng such a fun, chill time. Their movements were so controlled, fluid, beautiful. Everyone was filled with lighthearted, unrestrained freedom. There was joy and community on their faces, in their voices, their dance. They brought dogs!! It made me wish I could be like them, to join them. God, I wish I could even have half of their coordination and skill. How don’t they fear falling or going backwards? Maybe I’ll pick up a new hobby. I’d like to, but roller skates are expensive! In any case, it was a joy to see them, and to even be near them today was such a lucky experience.
Talk to you tomorrow.
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plumpiestdumpling · 7 days ago
Hey, Journal.
It’s May 1, 2021.
I’m here with another entry, so I can tell you one good thing that happened to me today. So here is my daily log, in an effort to see the good in my life and put out some good vibes along the way.
This actually starts out with something bad. I accidentally left my expensive boots in San Diego, and I am kicking myself for it. But I’m so lucky to have friends who put up with my shenanigans and literally meet me in the middle to give me my shoes back. Thank god for patient and loving friends.
Talk to you tomorrow.
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sweethoneywlavender · 7 days ago
Anyone have any suggestions for blank-paged journals? I’m trying to start a journal because I am trying to document the ways I’ve positively changing my life over the next couple of months.
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