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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#positive male influence
I am super close to my uncle. He's been the most influential male figure in my life. He taught me how to drive ( tried to lol) and he helped me go on my first international trip. The other day (a couple of months ago) we were on a call and he had gone shopping. So I asked him to show me the store. And I saw this super cute hoodie. I asked him to get it for me but we weren't sure of the size. So he just tried it on. No Biggie. I liked it. He made the purchase. And sent it my way.
Fast forward to today. We were on video call again and I SAW HIM WEAR THE EXACT SAME DAMN HOODIE!!! YOU GUYS IT'S MILLENNIAL PINK!!
I love how he kicked toxic masculinity in the teeth and he told me he genuinely loved that colour. He wears it out and about.
So that's my uncle for you. A straight, married man with a dream house, wife and cutest little kid, wearing pink, drinking "traditionally feminine" drinks, not minding holding my heels or my aunt's purse, braiding our hair when it's gets all messy.
It's safe to say that my grandma did a good job.
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spookygilboo · 6 years ago
Me: and look! here are some stupid anime boys that I drew!
Bill: Why are they stupid?
Me: Well.. um.. a lot of times people have bad reactions to anime... idk... like... they're just... um stupid...
Bill: They're your drawings. They aren't stupid.
I'm so used to eye rolls and "oh Zoe"s that I forget my fanart isn't shit. It's art.
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