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#portuguese man o war
autumnalheartstudios · 2 days ago
Mermay 2021! pt 3
Tumblr media
Hello again! Here are this week’s posts! Time-lapse with reflection here!
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09 - Superhero
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10 - Safe
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11 - Frustrated
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12 - Dragon
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13 - Wildlife
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14 - Beached
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15 - Lassoed
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evolutionsvoid · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Those who live near the ocean know quite well the territory where these creatures frequent. Shallow waters and tidal zones are a favorite, and their activity spikes during the warmer season. These shorelines where they live are often surrounded by crude fences and numerous warning signs. These precautions usually spare all but the stupid from stumbling into one of these beasts, but this does not always guarantee safety. When a tropical storm blows in, its powerful winds will blow and scatter them across the shoreline, the violent currents shoving them out of their usual territories. They do not mind this, but it is quite the problem when they wind up near the docks or on a popular beach. To avoid any issues, most locales close the beaches for a few days after a storm to give the creatures enough time to regain their bearings and slither back home. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, as sometimes one of these beasts will find that they quite like this new location they were dumped. So they will move right in and make themselves at home, regardless of who owned the land before them. When this happens, it is advised for the landowner or townspeople to slay it before it can get comfortable. Turns out that they don't live alone, or that fate just makes it that others of their kind come swarming in after one sets up shop. If a town is not fast enough to remove the original invader, the signal or marker will be set and more shall come. After that happens, it is hopeless to stop them, all one can hope for is another violent storm to shove them somewhere else.   When one of these creatures starts to settle down in an unwanted spot, word goes out for slayers and hunters. A rich landowner or a desperate town will pay good money for this beast to be removed, but this is no easy prize. The creature must be dispatched with haste, before it can release whatever marker or indicator that draws others to this favorable habitat. So the slow and steady method is out of the question, but rushing in swords swinging is also not the brightest idea. Though they look like serpents, stabbing them in the head is not a surefire way to kill them. It seems their mind and instincts are spread throughout their body, controlling their limbs long after they have been severed. Chopping them up just leads to more venomous pieces writhing about the shoreline, and its lopped off appendages can still strike like vipers. Every part of it is brimming with a powerful venom, freezing the muscles and stilling the organs of those it claims. Paralysis sets in within minutes, turning them into breathless statues. This sudden and terrible fate has scared off many would-be hunters, and even the professionals are not protected from making a single, but fatal, error. It is not an easy job, but someone has to do it, lest the town be overrun by its brethren... ----------------------------------------- “Blind Gorgon” Was thinking about an eyeless gorgon, and then thought of the name "blind gorgon." Seemed like a fun name so I tried to come up with a fitting design for it. Just felt that such a creature would be a jellyfish, but then instead I went to the Portuguese Man O War (which is not a jellyfish). So here we are! A gorgon for Mermay! Does that really count? Well its a marine thingy and looks vaguely person-like, so I say YES!
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spanishskulduggery · 25 days ago
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best thing about Spanish is that “jellyfish” is la medusa
[We also kind of ignore that it’s sometimes la aguamala which is “bad-water” and that’s like the “Portuguese man o’ war”, which is fair but it is not the dark academia vibes we go for on this blog]
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you’ve ever wondered what a Portuguese man o war sting looks like, here you go. It left a string of hard bumps where the tentacle made contact and itches like a mosquito bite the day after.
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mantichorall · a month ago
Tumblr media
First pass on a fan monster. I wanted to give it more colour on the gas filled polyp to match the colours on the bobbit worm.
Uhh it can deflate said polyp on command in order to dive beneath water; usually it just floats though. It can also come up on land. No mouth or eyes; it dispatches prey with its tail and then pushes them into the red spongy part under it, which slowly breaks down and absorbs it. Feeding takes a while, so they do it very rarely, usually in safe places where no interruptions could occur.
You can force it to submerge OR come up on land by popping or tearing the polyp.
Its element is probably actually thunder; thats how it administers stings with its tentacles.
You can break it's ear feeler things, the polyp, break then sever the tail, and like in royal ludroth, you can break the spongy underside ( not completely, just hack off chunks to weaken its paralysing stings )
Bonus; Since it doesn't have eyes and can never SEE the hunter, it doesn't have a theme :)
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internetpotpourri · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The most epic YouTube comment story I've seen in recent memory.
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cheddar-baby · 2 months ago
Jerma accosts you on a beach, hoping to trick you into touching a Portuguese man o' war.
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keepyourlimbsforharvest · 2 months ago
Dream Entry 2: Intergalactic Lifeguard
                                 ┌─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┐ - so it started with me swimming laps in a pool
- I have no idea where it was so don’t ask, but somehow I knew I was a life guard and that I was warming up before my shift started
- the pool was enormous by the way
- It was like three or four Olympic swimming pools set next to each other under this huge, glass, greenhouse-esque semi-dome
- one side of the dome was carved out and looked onto rolling French hills and the sun was beginning to rise
- despite the hour, there were still quite a few people at the pool and a couple of my coworkers were standing on the walkway near the end of my lane
- as I reached up to grab the edge of the pool after finishing my last lap, my arm felt oddly heavy and had this strange tingling sensation (which means I was probably sleeping on it irl)
- I break the surface to take a look only find a relatively large Portuguese ‘O War going to town on my wrist to my forearm
- despite getting partially digested by a, for all intents and purposes, jellyfish, not being the usual criteria for life guard duty, I don’t freak out
- all I knew to do was wipe it of the best I could and get out of the water so the venom didn’t get anywhere
- a process I found to be mildly annoying but not impossible, as the texture was kinda like the half cousin of slime and jello that came with the same level of annoyance as trying to get liquid glue off of your hands
- but what sucks is despite being privy to my seemingly obvious struggle, not a single one of my coworkers moved to help; only asking what happened and if I was alright after I’d gotten the creature off of my arm
- after getting out of the pool there was a loud noise of the big metal and class doors of the staff entrance opening behind me and everyone immediately turned to see who it was
- turns out, we were finally getting a new boss
- fun fact: this pool was our region’s sole point of pride so keeping it up was kind of a big deal and it was the boss who ensured this up keep went off without a hitch
- but unfortunately we hadn’t had a real boss in 3 months. - Not since the first one retired and his replacement quit because no one listened to him and the pool kept getting trashed
-  meaning the 9 of us had been holding down the fort until the replacement came which thank god was today
- she entered in with her entourage of new hires and strong air of confidence and authority
- this woman looked like the textbook version of no nonsense, which was exactly what we needed
- within a few hours she took over and everything was running smoothly
- the next day I came into work exhausted so I went to the miniature 7-ELEVEN that we had on-site in the rec center
- for some reason while going through the isles I remembered that swimming is an exercise that uses every muscle in your body and that I needed an energy boost because that was my literal job and it was gonna tire me out
- so I decided I’d buy a 4 hour energy
- somehow this random girl knew what I was thinking and advised against it because of some scientific thing that could ‘make your hair fall out’ or ‘rupture your heart’ or something
- initially when I got to the cash register I planned to just buy the stuff anyway because like, I didn’t know her nor did I trust her
- I mean she could have very easily been lying
- but then I saw the only flavors they had were grape and cherry, both of which appall me in real life, so I ultimately decided against it
- like, why risk it if it’s just gonna be gross you know?
                                    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── - but anyway as I left the store I found myself somewhere in a shopping mall
- for reference, it looked like the King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia, if you look it up the first two rows of pictures are the most accurate - the only difference being that in my dream each store had mounted ceilings that made them 2x as high on the inside and had with clothes hung on the walls all the way up to the ceilings
- only now instead of wandering alone and exhausted in my life guarding swimsuit, slides, and sweats I was walking with bags on my arms in a green cropped cardigan, with light wash bell bottom blue jeans, and pitch black platform doc marten platform boots alongside my friend from elementary/ middle school who was dressed in a similar style
- and we looked absolutely ridiculous
- we turned to one of the stores that dually served as an exit because two of its walls were massive square archways
- one of which led to a small and oddly dimly lit foyer (you know those sitting areas malls have at their entrances sometimes) with a fountain, and the other into the mall were we had just come from
- as we made our way into the parking lot we were met with a large patch of grass perfectly green grass
- it was basically a super large field, with a few cars sprinkled throughout
- and this field ended at another group of what looked like rolling hills of the French country side only this time it looked like the sun was setting, even though were we stood, the sky was perfectly blue
                                    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
- but suddenly a shock of waves shook the ground going straight through the soles of shoes and ricocheted into my skull
- and that awful, piercing, tingly feeling you get when you almost slip unexpectedly coursed throughout my whole body
- I immediately looked up into what was originally an empty sky to see a version of the Marvel Q ship floating in the sky above me and being blasted to bits
- huge flaming chunks of metal were suddenly falling from the sky and the ground continued to shake like it was been assaulted by a series of mini earthquakes
- there were people everywhere, running, crying, screaming, dodging, dying, it was insane
- what had once been a beautiful and calm patch of green had now descended into complete and utter chaos
- this is the first time in a dream that i’d ever thought, ‘oh my god I’m gonna die’
- that alone was terrifying enough
- however what it only got worse when people started to realize that we didn’t know who the good guys or the bad guys were
- we had no clue who we were running from or where and some invisible force was keeping us from running into the hills so we were trapped on the patch of grass
- out of nowhere this guy that looks like a cross between a call of duty and a fort night character runs past me towards one of the falling chunks with a grenade in his right hand
- right away I knew exactly what his plant was
- he was going to try to hit the piece of metal falling from the ships with grenades so they would explode before they hit the ground, to keep them from landing, exploding, and killing more people
- but the problem was he only had one grenade 
- one particularly large piece was at least 20 yards before making contact so he aims for it
- and the son of a gun misses
- the metal hits the ground so hard I lurch backward, just barely bracing myself on my forearms to keep from hitting my face on the shrapnel covered ground when I landed 
- however, instead of looking up to see more of the same around me, I see two red metal legs
- I managed to sit up and see the owner to be some random dude in a metal suit with a futuristic machine gun 
- ‘come with me,’ he says. ‘we’re the good guys I promise’
- I began to utter a protest and ask just who the heck he was and how I could trust him, but soon realized I really didn’t have much of choice 
- after all, ‘it’s either kill yourself, or get killed, watchu gon’ do? bum, buh, dum, dum watchu gon’ do?’
- he extended his metal hand down to me and helped me my feet, guiding me to a metal set of stars of the spaceship I hadn’t even noticed landed
- upon boarding, I realized I was surrounded by hundreds of people who had been saved from the field
                                     ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
- the ships interior was primarily silver, with white seats 
- instead of having straight rows, they line the circular interior of the ship, and there was a set of seats in front of us the lined the cylindrical barrel that went through the ships center
- I went down the narrow walkway holding the railing to my left until I found an empty seat
- there was a girl sitting in front of me who appeared to have lost one of her arms to the blasts
- and instead of bleeding out or being in some sort of pain more proportionate to the serious injury, she was completely calm...and holding it...her arm
- what’s weirder (yeah that’s possible) is that the arm was still completely limp, 
- instead of having tendons or whatever should have been coming out of where it ripped off, it was just grayish skin that looked more like the sleeves of a sweater that are too long
- a brief look at the girl sitting next to me told me she there were people in an even worse state than this, as she was not only holding one of her arms, but both of her legs
- she was as chipper as the day is long, and talking to a guy holding his leg 
- I asked her what the heck she was doing and she said the guy on the metal suit told her to take it with her because ‘they’re going to harvest and restore them’
- for whatever reason, I just took her word for it and looked down at my hand in my lap
- trusting this place less and less
- when the last of the people that could be saved had bordered, we were instructed to strap in via intercom and hologram projection screen appeared in front of us and the person we faced
- ‘welcome aboard passengers. And welcome to our station...’
- it looked like some sort of apple commercial and had an aqua hue
- the instructional was basically just telling us how to not die during the flight and who to ask if we needed something
- when it got to the end however, it began to go over the protocol for the people who been more severely injured 
- ‘and those of you who are current in a more critical state will be asked to turn in your detached limbs on the remainder of your person during the flight. As we will be collecting them at cruising altitude so they can be harvested and later reattached. Thank you, and enjoy your flight.’
- what stood out to me wasn’t even the fact that they wanted us to keep them but the fact that they referred to their ‘restoration’ process as ‘harvesting’
- like who the heck made that presentation and chose to call it that, of all the things 
- and with that, we took off
                                   └─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┘
THE END. ______________________________________________________________
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boygotitbad · 3 months ago
do i have ptsd or is it several mental illnesses in a trenchcoat
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firetalons · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Okay, you know how portuguese man o wars look like jellyfish but are actually cousins of jellyfish stacked together? What if.. Splatoon Man o War.. (Their "tutu" is the lower part of their pneumatophore!)
Image under the cut!
[Image description: Lineless drawing of a Portuguese man o war in Splatoon style, over a white background. Their right tentacle arm is slightly raised. They're like a splatoon jellyfish, blueish teal, but has a crest that fades into purple. Their arm tentacles fade into a darker blue. They are wearing an orange tee shirt with white lettering on it. They have a purple frilled tutu. Their lower tentacles are all dark blue. End of description]
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skyeventide · 4 months ago
four Silm ficlets for the SWG instadrabbling event (click on the list links for the picture prompts)
the Prince of Alqualondë and jellyfish
Curufin and Celebrimbor camping north of Formenos
Celegorm, with Finrod, discovering walking fish
two men, Third age, discovering old quay ruins
The young Ñoldo is lying on the pearly sand, writhing in pain, her dark hair strewn wet across her back like running ink; her two friends kneel beside her with large helpless eyes that lift to Elulindo as he treads through the white dunes of the shore.
« Prince! », they call at once. « Prince, come! »
« Show me », he says, bending next to them, a hand on the shoulder on the girl. As she turns to her side, reluctantly letting go of her stomach and twitching legs, Elulindo spots long rope-like signs marking her skin beaded with seawater. Wrapped around her belly and her thighs, all over her hands.
He exhales, with some kind of relief. « You mustn't worry », he says, with a smile. « She met a glass caravel. »
« A monster! », the grimacing girl protests. « 'Tis painful! »
Elulindo smirks. « It will pass soon. It gave you a handshake -- think of it as the one relative who pats your back and pinches your cheeks a little too hard. »
The girl whines, but one of her friends swiftly places a hand on her arm, squeezing encouragingly, even as her expression changes with dramatic emphasis. « Your aunt is a jellyfish? »
Formenos is high up north; not Araman, not quite, and yet not the gentle and mild regions of central Aman either.
Formenos and its surrounding lands feel colder, and Tyelperinquar is certain the perception of his spirit is to blame, rather than the fortress or its holdings being at fault.
His arms crossed, he gazes at the sky, here where the silver lights are distant, the stars clearer, and the trails of the gowns of Varda's Maiar shine opalescent for hours in the dark, after the sky-spirits have gone. « Have we ever tried to harness those? »
« Not I », his father answers, stoking the campfire.
« Maybe we ought. »
« I doubt it is possible. They fade too soon, too transient. They are but ghosts of the Music. »
Tyelperinquar turns his eyes from the greens and yellows and blues and iridescent pinks. « It might well only take a very quick hand. »
His father isn't smiling, his lips are pressed down in a tight line. In fact, his father isn't even looking at him at all, taken by whatever sudden displeasure. « It might. »
« Cousin », Celegorm declares, marching into the study, his tone of voice that of someone who's holding in an enquiry and is not yet voicing it.
« Yes...? », Finrod asks, somewhat cautiously.
Celegorm grabs one of the carven chairs for himself and sits on it (sprawls on it would be more correct), his brow knitted with something like bewilderment. « You have seen fishes your life, yes? », he asks, rhetorically.
Finrod blinks, setting down his quill and giving him his full attention. « ...Yes, of course I have. »
« And you have seen snakes? Frogs? Or other animals that climb trees and jump or slither in muds and shallow water? »
« Yes... »
« Wonderful. How about fishes that climb on trees? »
Finrod blinks. « I am unsure that is a real thing. Turco, are you making fun of me? »
Celegorm laughs in that grinding-glass way of his, shaking his head, and plunges his hand in the somewhat damp satchel hanging from his waist. « Then what in the Void is this? Because it was by the mangroves where the river splits among their roots. Climbing them.»
He slaps a fish on the table. Finrod stares at it, feeling as if the thing and its very, very bulgy eyes are staring at him right back.
Weeds and ivy and bramble have grown over the long wall and great archway entrance, the structures of stone underneath showing through, long-abandoned remainder of what once was. An unexpected history emerging from the sea of grass, at the edges of the woods.
« It looks like it was a quay », Anwarher says, his voice echoing wetly in the humidity of the under-arch. « The oldest maps I studied mark this area as touched by the sea. »
« Sad, isn't it? », Gellamgir says, loosening the pull to his bowstring. « Seeing your ancestors' work fall to ruin. »
Anwarher turns to his fellow scout with a raised brow. « This is Númenórean architecture. »
« And? »
« We don't descend from Númenóreans. »
« Everyone descends from Númenóreans, Anwarher. »
« That is not how it works. For one, we'd be much taller. »
Gellamgir rolls his eyes and carefully glances beyond the arch. Anwarher observes his friend as he gazes silently at the curving structure, devoured almost entirely by vegetation. « Still », he says quietly. « I think I understand how the elves feel, now. »
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protoblues · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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mystical-kaba · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I made this card for my mom. She wanted something tropical and colorful, so I did hibiscus and...Man-o-wars are colorful and like to hang around tropical beaches, so why not? 😆
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