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Fun Fact
The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
#pop punk
nerdchallenger · 13 seconds ago
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Hi please tell me I look like Shego. Thanks ✨🤙🏻💅🏻
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sepiachord · 33 minutes ago
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f3miniistpunk · 3 hours ago
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Doing just chatting session RIGHT NOW & Will be gaming later ! Check me out. (: I’m shy with new people at times so talk to me first and we can become friends! Lmk if you play path of Diablo or fortnite and we could arrange to play today! 💕✨ Once I hit 30 followers I will be creating a discord for my followers to join and chat with me. Check out my Instagram @summ3r_x0 ! Inbox is open to everyone respectful and kind. 💕
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ghoulettee · 4 hours ago
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I'm fookin tired
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peachiinymph · 6 hours ago
Why is it so hard to find a tall, tatted, butch lesbian in Perth. I wanna move. 🥺
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holley4734 · 10 hours ago
Meet and Greet: Solstice Rey
Meet and Greet: Solstice Rey #solsticerey #meetandgreet #newmusic @MusicBlogRT @earshotmedia @ArtistRTweeters #music #musicblog
Who: Solstice Rey What: pop punk awesomeness Why: She’s a talented singer, musician and songwriter. Fun fact: She also has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. I wonder if Solstice Rey loves historical documentaries as much as I do. Where: Instagram Sunday, Someday links Facebook iTunes CONNECT WITH GET…
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kindofemo · 16 hours ago
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late night stuff 🔪
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smokepoteattwat · 18 hours ago
All of my favorite bands, not in order:
• Nirvana
• The Beatles
• Green Day
• Alice In Chains
• Breaking Benjamin
• Wipers
• Wasted Youth
• Teenage Bottlerocket
• Tad
• Sum 41
• Subhumans
• Silverchair
• Sex Pistols
• Screeching Weasel
• Scratch Acid
• Motörhead
• Minor Threat
• The Middle Class
• Metallica
• Megadeth
• Green River
• Gorilla Biscuits
• The Germs
• Gang Green
• Foo Fighters
• Flipper
• Black Sabbath
• Black Flag
• Butthole Surfers
• Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
• Mastodon
• Blink-182
• Cycle Sluts From Hell
• Biohazard
• The Offspring
• The Breeders
• Suicidal Tendencies
• The Who
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maggotinfestedhead · 19 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Smooth Seas Don't Make Good Sailors
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