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guywithbeer · 3 minutes ago
Gonna be dropping two new music videos every day the rest of the month.
See how that goes.
Enjoy. Share. Subscribe.
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robmoro · 33 minutes ago
Listen | Kat Von D announces debut album with 'Exorcism'
Listen | Kat Von D announces debut album with ‘Exorcism’
Kat Von D unveils the announcement of a new album with the release of her debut single and video for ‘Exorcism’. ‘Exorcism’ marks the first track from her anticipated debut album, “Love Made Me Do It”. “I wrote ‘Exorcism’ after having binged on every exorcist movie that ever existed,” said Kat. “I loved the idea of…
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always-the-last-word · 49 minutes ago
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And BABY, I get mystified just how this City "SCREAMS" your NAME ...
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chataein67 · 59 minutes ago
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*𝙶𝚒𝚏 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚎*
𝙸𝚖 𝚜𝚘 𝚍𝚎𝚊𝚍 𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚊𝚝 𝚑𝚒𝚖 ಥ_ಥ
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aremothersrei · an hour ago
Rock for Sustainable Capitalism - Gold Against the Soul era Manic Street Preachers releases
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In January 1993, the Manics entered Outside Studios in Checkendon, Oxfordshire with producer Dave Eringa. The studio was an upgrade from Black Barn Studios where Generation Terrorists was recorded, being located in a large haunted mansion. James apparently recorded his vocals in a dark room surrounded by candles, which I think comes through in the album. Recording for the album came to an end in March 1993 and the first single, From Despair to Where was released on 7th June 1993.
From Despair to Where (07/06/93)
#82: From Despair to Where:
Words are NEVER enough, just cheap tarnished glitter
The Gold Against the Soul era opens up with one hell of an anthem. From Despair to Where is about how, in the Western world, people are often sad despite having decent living conditions, due to the devastating nature of capitalism. This song makes me happy and sad at the same time. James puts in a great performance on guitar and vocals, and Sean takes full advantage of having his real drums back. The lyrics are great with “words are never enough” standing out as one of my favourite Manics lyrics of all time. The song is made by the amazing string arrangement. 10/10.
#83: Hibernation:
I can read the papers in peace and laugh at the homeless I know my friends criticise
A mainly acoustic track to contrast the excess featured on From Despair to Where, Hibernation is about aging and a cynical feeling towards marriage. It is entirely possible that James is the only person playing on this track (aside from the strings), as it seems to only feature acoustic & electric guitars and acoustic bass. This song is pretty, with the subtle strings and James’ soft vocals. I like the little riff before the second chorus as well. The song reaches its climax when James sings the line “intense morality parades”, smoothly transitioning into a great solo. 9/10.
From Despair to Where reached #25 in the charts, failing to meet the record company's expectations. The Manics second studio album, Gold Against the Soul, was then released on 21st June 1993.
Gold Against the Soul (21/06/93):
#84: Sleepflower:
At least a beaten dog knows how to lie
Gold Against the Soul opens up with the iconic Sleepflower riff that instantly shows off the album’s grungier sound. Sleepflower is about insomnia and people’s methods of dealing with it, such as Richey who had to drink a bottle of vodka before he could get to sleep. This song holds a pretty legendary status amongst Manics fans, with people often asking for it at live shows, to which they are met with a “fuck off” from the band. The lyrics to this song are very effective, such as the line “at least a beaten dog knows how to lie”. The bass is quite noticeable on this song (and the album as a whole) and there are some great drums too. 9/10.
#85: La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh):
I sold my medals, they paid a bill
The annoyingly long title to this song comes from the reported final words of Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh, with the full quote, “la tristesse durera toujours”, meaning “the sadness will last forever”. The topic of the song has nothing to do with van Gogh, and is instead told from the perspective of an aging veteran, and acts as a commentary on how society and the government treats veterans. There’s a little instrument in the background of verse one, maybe a flute, that I like. This song is really catchy with great vocals from James and drums from Sean. This song is also one of two Manics songs that Richey plays on - he plays the rhythm guitar loop that holds the song together, which took him about 8 hours to record. The song features a great solo and the outro verse, which is the best part of the song, closes out with some nice little piano. 9/10.
#86: Yourself:
Alcoholic haze so now at least you can like yourself
Yourself opens up with a creeping synth build up that preps you well for the song. This theme is carried on throughout the song thanks to the heavy bass presence, guitar and string stabs. The song is about negative self image, and features some great lyrics such as “alcoholic haze so now at least you can like yourself”, “everyone’s so perfect and you’re so lame” and “too many teenage holes to fill”. This song also has one of Sean’s best drum performances, especially in the choruses. 9/10.
#87: Life Becoming a Landslide:
I don’t wanna be a man
This song is about growing up and Richey’s less than positve relationship with love and sex. One such example of this is when Richey first saw pornography and it made him sick, which is referenced in the line “my idea of love comes from a childhood glimpse of pornography”. The song starts acoustic, then builds to a chugging anthem, with strings coming in the final third. The strings are a nice touch, helping the song reach its full potential in its final chorus. 8/10.
#88: Drug Drug Druggy:
I’m not barbaric, I just care
Drug Drug Druggy, as the title suggests, is about drugs and how bad they are. The Manics stood out in the 90s rock scene as one of the few anti-drug bands. Nicky states in the prologue to his 2011 book Death of a Polaroid: “I remember when Richey had its first spliff, it nearly split the band up”. This song is very grunge and very 1993. There’s a nice sort of call and response in the verses, and James’ vocals & guitar in the chorus are good. 8/10.
#89: Roses in the Hospital:
Nothing really makes me happy
Roses in the Hospital was written mainly by Nicky about Richey’s time in hospital after the aforementioned 4REAL incident. This song deviates from the heavier sound of this album, providing more of an unexpected funk edge, which makes the song VERY catchy (along with some great guitar from James). The centrepiece of this song is it’s great lyrics, the best of which being:
“Want to feel something of value”
“Nothing really makes me happy”
“Heroin is just too trendy”
There’s some nice effects on the third verse, which leads into the outro, which features James belting out phrases in a way that seems almost ad-lib. There are two phrases here that or of note. The first one is “forever delayed” which would go on to become somewhat of a motto for the band over the years following this song’s release. The second phrase is “Rudie gonna fail” a dual reference to two songs by The Clash: Safe European Home and Rudie Can’t Fail. 9/10.
#90: Nostalgic Pushead:
I am the raping sunglass gaze
Nostalgic Pushead (or as it was originally titled, Nostalgic Fuckhead) is about the resurrection of 60s culture in the 90s. The song starts with the line “I am the raping sunglass gaze”, which is mad. There’s some nice grungy guitar, and the synths in verses 2 & 3 are cool. There’s also a cool vocal effect over the post-chorus sections. The way James delivers his vocals has a snarky quality to it, reminiscent of Jello Biafra, front-man for the Dead Kennedys. 9/10.
#91: Symphony of Tourette:
I wanna blow a hole in my head
Symphony of Tourette is told from the perspective of someone with Tourette’s (a condition of the nervous system that causes those who have it to have tics), and it very much has not aged well. The lyric that immediately comes to mind when thinking about the problematic qualities of this song is “children can be cruel she said, so I smashed her in the fucking head. Sorry dear, that’s the nature of Tourette”. Jesus Christ. This song is great if you can look past the lyrics, and is the most grunge song on the record. The solo is particularly good. 8/10.
#92: Gold Against the Soul:
White liberal hates slavery, needs Thai labour to clean his home
Gold Against the Soul is the the most overtly political song on the record and is, according to Richey, “an apocalyptic vision of Britain from the Thatcher years to the ‘caring Nineties’”. This song has a good opening riff, but ends up going on for a bit too long. The stand-out thing here is the lyrics, the highlights being “white liberal hates slavery, needs Thai labour to clean his home”. 8/10.
#93: Roses in the Hospital (OG Psychovocal Mix):
This version is funkier than the original and I’m fairly certain it skips a line in verse 2. 6/10.
#94: Roses in the Hospital (51 Funk Salute Mix):
This remix sounds very Jet Set Radio, despite being made 7 years before JSR. There’s some nice sampling of the guitar but is too long. 6/10.
#95: Roses in the Hospital (ECG Mix):
A bit boring but I kinda like the sampling of the guitar. 6/10.
Gold Against the Soul reached #8 in the charts, but failed to meet sales expectations. It also reached #32 in Japan #95 in Germany. Gold Against the Soul received a mixed reception from critics, including from the NME who gave it a 6/10, disappointing, compared to the perfect 10 that they awarded Generation Terrorists. Touring for Gold Against the Soul began on 1st July 1993 at the Town and Country Club in Leeds. The second single from Gold Against the Soul, La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh), was released on 26th July 1993.
La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh) (26/07/93)
#96: Patrick Bateman:
We are babies crippled in Christ
Patrick Bateman, what is probably the heaviest GATS era song, is about the protagonist from Bret Easton Ellis’ 1991 novel American Psycho, for whom it is named. Musically this song is pretty cool, especially the guitar and drums, but lyrically it falls flat in some places and comes across as try-hard. Examples of this include “late show r*tards” and “I fucked God up the ass”. The children’s choir in the chorus is also a bit much too. This is also the longest Manics track. 8/10.
#97: What’s My Name (Cambridge Junction, 21/10/92):
A boring, low quality, not very well played Clash cover. The original isn’t even good. 5/10.
La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh) reached #22 in the charts, proving to be the final straw for Columbia, who banished the Manics to their subsidiary label Epic Records. The third single from Gold Against the Soul, Roses in the Hospital, was released on 20th September 1993.
#98: Us Against You:
Bomb London and its MPs, John Major, Virginia Bottomley
Us Against You is, in the verses, a song from the perspective of a hipster journalist. The choruses take a more political focus, calling for the death of all of London, in particular at the time Prime Minister John Major and Conservative MP Virginia Bottomley. This song is a straightforward punk/grunge crossover and sounds somewhat like a sister song to Nostalgic Pushead. There’s some nice heavy bass and angry James vocals too. 8/10.
#99: Donkeys:
Jerusalem sawn off, donkeys are only left with lies
Donkeys serves as a metaphor for the toll that life takes on you, especially as you age. This song is very vibey. The bass is great, but there is no way it was played by Nicky. The lyrics are also brilliant. This song also holds one of James’ best vocal performances and one of his best solos. 9/10.
#100: Wrote for Luck:
Wrote for Luck is a Happy Mondays cover, which is a shame because I've never really liked the Happy Mondays. The Manics supposedly hated the Happy Mondays and their baggy counterparts, so this is either ironic or another step in the Manics’ long line of hypocrisy. 6/10.
Roses in the Hospital proved to be a relative commercial success, reaching #15 in the charts, making it the highest charting song off any of the Manics' first three albums. This is likely due to the Manics' slot supporting Bon Jovi at the Milton Keynes Bowl in August. Nicky would miss the Manics' Top of the Pops performance of Roses in the Hospital, as he was too busy being on his honeymoon, after getting married to his childhood sweetheart Rachel on 25th September. Unfortunately tragedy would strike on 7th December 1993, as the Manics' manager Philip Hall would pass away from cancer, aged just 34. This would, of course, deeply affect the Manics and added to the growing dark atmosphere around the band. Touring for Gold Against the Soul came to an end on the 10th December at the Brixton Academy. At some point in 1993 a bootleg would be released of the Manics' show at the London Astoria on February 20th 1992.
The Astoria, London, 1992 (1993):
#101-112: The Astoria, London, UK, 1992:
A decent enough live show.
Two bootlegs released in 1993 were Lipstick Traces and Turning Rebellion Into Money, both collections of early demos.
Lipstick Traces & Turning Rebellion Into Money (1993):
#113: Go Buzz Baby Go:
Now just go get the shotgun, baby blue, amphetamine futures shine on through
Speaking of sped up versions of Motorcycle Emptiness, Go Buzz Baby Go is one of two songs that would make up the song we all know and love. Motorcycle Emptiness owes its basic chord progression to this song, as well as the phrase “motorcycle emptiness”. I really like that more fast-paced energy of the songs and James + Sean’s youthful vocals definitely make it seem quite charming. 9/10.
#114: Suicide Alley (Demo):
Just a lower quality version of Suicide Alley. 7/10.
#115: Behave Yourself Baby:
All I want from you is the skin we live within
Behave Yourself Baby is the other song that would make Motorcycle Emptiness, which owes it’s “all we want from you is the kicks you’ve given us” bridge to this song (though the lyrics are slightly different here). 4/10.
#116: Eating Myself from Inside:
I wrote my notes for this song under 24 hours after I listened to this song, and I genuinely couldn’t remember a thing about it. 5/10.
#117: Generation Terrorists:
Find your faith in your cocaine, the only God I need is a brain
This is the demo version of Stay Beautiful. James actually says “fuck off” in this version and there are some cool backing vocals in the verses. 7/10.
In January 1994, the Manics entered Sound Space Studios in Cardiff with producers Steve Brown and Alex Silva, to work on their third studio album. On 7th February 1994 the final single from Gold Against the Soul, Life Becoming a Landslide, was released.
#118: Comfort Comes:
I wish that somebody would hold me, wrap their arms around a shrinking somebody
Comfort Comes is definitely a sign of things to come on The Holy Bible. The disjointed guitar and uncomfortable (ironic) lyrics give this song a definite historical value within the Manics lore. The chorus is great too, providing some nice shout along vocals which act as a kind of release of stress built up by the verses. 9/10.
#119: Are Mothers Saints:
Truth and beauty, love and hate, Mother and God
Are Mothers Saints is instantly recognisable for its great guitar (even if the riff is just a sped up version of Motorcycle Emptiness). This song is really catchy and has great lyrics that give me very Evangelion vibes. James’ vocals are nice too. 9/10.
#120: Charles Windsor:
Charles Windsor is the first of three McCarthy covers by the Manics, and serves as a by the books punk reworking of the original. It is also the shortest Manics song to date. 7/10.
Life Becoming a Landslide reached #36 in the charts, making it the Manics' lowest charting single since their major label debut, Stay Beautiful.
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ponyo2008 · 2 hours ago
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saw this and I was like omg a hot cowgirl is she making gay campy country pop a la orville peck . it's dixie damelio and no she's not.
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cringeycal · 2 hours ago
#greetings and salutations#i think i just reblogged Molly's entire feed from yesterday#reduce reuse recycle#red desert is playing and the harmonies are absolutely fucking busting dear god#what a blessing indeed#christ on a bike#the little ahhhhh ahhhhs in the second verse are simply everything to me#anyways i dont know why im here but since i am#thank you bella for being a really good friend this past week you really made this hell week surviveable#molly is my main she been knew i love you babie#amanda my shining star you beautiful human thank you for indulging my stupidity i love you#mili heloed me body doubke and finish the midterm that was kicking my ass thanks babe#nik n noah are my spouse n son and every day i think about them i love u#anyone who says nice things to me. i am still thinking about it and you and i love you#just saying came on it's a little jarring but i love it way too much to skip it#why go so hard on the epic pop punks end of music productuon with this fucking song like holy shit#the instrumental bridge is unironically so fucking good ans for what reason#the little guitar scale in the middle#eargasm#literally#what would the seven second summer song be#just said#just talking#just talking and fast saying#say less#fucking what song is this it is busting#oh my god is this fucking lost boy#i think ive heard this song maybe three times#hello this is fucking awesome#like yeah im tripping balls rn but shit dawg this shit ohhhh the electronic boys goodbye this is tag limit haslve a nice whenever you see th
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goodkid-brokenmind · 3 hours ago
“And I'm not sleeping now the dark is too hard to beat
And I'm not keeping up the strength I need to push me”
- Ellie Goulding, Lights
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thetreblewithloveis · 3 hours ago
Bonfire Heart - James Blunt
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thetunesclub · 3 hours ago
‘Got to Be Me’ by Elihu Morris is a Vibrant Collection of Enchanting Musical Ingredients
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puredamien · 3 hours ago
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The Offspring - Americana (1998)
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avonatrav · 4 hours ago
"You can't be cute and hot at the same time"
Dude, look at Ross Lynch and try to say it again
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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puredamien · 4 hours ago
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[OS] Sasha Darko - The Crystal Epoch
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