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#poor loki
thisisganishi · a day ago
Hunter B-15: I don't understand why are you dating Loki. He's so immature.
Mobius: Yeah, but I think I could change him.
Loki: [baby crying noises] (cuz Loki is baby)
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Striker: Well, look at that- sellin’ some goods, Loki?~
Loki: mhmmm, different kinds.
Striker: Would you give a free sample to an handsome man?~
Loki: Sure, bring them here and happily give them a free sample.
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Ok so… I was watching Loki right?
I noticed something that made me kinda sad… a lot of people probably noticed too but I wanted to point it out.
Loki watches 2018 Loki’s neck snap… but the tape keeps rolling.
Even a little after the ship explodes.
So that means he didn’t die until the explosion, and was either in an unholy amount of pain for those 20-ish seconds or was completely numb and unable to move but still aware of what was going on around him.
And, yes, there is a possibility that the person going around killing agents is 2018 Loki cause we already know it is a Loki but of it isn’t… that means his death was way more painful than we thought.
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bardicious · a day ago
It’s actually super weird for me to have the more moderate opinion in fandom discourse. Like I see tons of people taking in Mobius’ speech as a form of tough love. And the other half upset at his manipulations of Loki (that frankly shouldn’t have ever worked if Loki was was written in character)
But I’m like down right in the middle. I love Mobius because he’s kind of a bastard? But he also comes of as being very sympathetic to Loki. Like he says those words but he doesn’t mean them at face value. To me they sounded more like leading questions. Almost challenging Loki’s own beliefs of himself.
He says things that Loki already believes and portrays to get a rise out of him, and attempts to ultimately have Loki recognize he doesn’t want to hurt people. That he’ll never be that monster he keeps trying to portray.
Even the last bit, where he tells Loki he’s only there so other people can be great. It’s a ludicrous statement. It doesn’t make sense because life doesn’t work like that? It’s an emotional statement, it’s something I see Loki thinking about himself.
I honestly don’t know where they’re going to take Mobius’ character, but it’s clearly a toss up because fandom has two differing and extreme perceptions of him. Much like Loki.
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dykerory · a day ago
of all POSSIBLE direction they could have picked for owen wilson's character in the loki show, i'm so glad they went with "loki apologist"
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Ok, I was discussing the first episode with @nemobookaholic , and she pointed out that Mobius was the only "old" character in the TVA , and everyone else working there seems to be like mid thirties.
So here the thing
I have a theory about that ( or at least, and idea of how they could use that in the story, since we where promised a lot of whump!Loki apparently ^^
You know how TVA agent are all supposed to be clones ( in the comics) right? And, well 'time passes differently here on the TVA' ok, so, so is aging I suppose since everybody looks kind of young. But maybe because mobius passes a lot of time 'on field' , so he ages there right? That's why he look older than the real "buraucrats" ..? Anyhow. Because Owen Wilson is way younger than his character, and have natural blond hair that are not grey and all that jazz, I thought about something.
Maybe, at one point, in the story, Mobius will realise that the 'space lizards', and juge renslayer, and every body at the tva are the actual bad guys, and team up with Loki to help him escape or whatever. And because of his betrayal, he will be 'pruned' or killed or reseted with their stick thingy I dont know. And because in canon they are clones, TVA will just pop up a brand new 'young' version of agent mobius, who have not yet studied loki's whole life, who doesn't know him, who hasn't befriended him yet. And just like that, Loki will lose the only ally/friend he had had. And now mobius is on the side of the tva once more !! ^^ Ok it reaaly is unlikely but I really like the idea, maybe someone talented could write that in a fan fiction or something xD idk ;)
Ok that's it, I wanted to share it on a post as well ;)
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are-you-being-sirius · 2 days ago
Petition for Marvel to stop making movies and shows focused around my favourite comfort characters where they just experience pain
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watcherinwater · 2 days ago
My reactions to Hunters B-15, U-90, and the other time cops:
1). Ugh they remind me of the worst stereotypes of cops and prison guards that I’ve seen in real life. How the fuck did they get so strong?! I wonder if Thor could go up against B 15? Well Chris Hemsworth said Valkyrie could kick Thor’s ass so let’s have Valkyrie go up against her and maybe punch her in the face. A fight between B-15 and the Hulk would be fascinating. U-90 is way too trigger happy.
2). As much as they bother me is it really fully their fault? They were created by the “space lizards” and pre-programmed to be this way. Do they really know any better?
3.) She almost vaporized Casey!!! 😡
4). Wunmi Mosaku is hot and a good actress.

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hello gif makers! there are too many of you all out there to ask individually, and some of you don’t take requests, so:
Can someone do a gifedit of Loki saying ‘trust is for children and dogs’? i know this was in the first Loki episode, and also Black Widow saying, ‘love is for children’, from the first Avengers?
I noticed how similar these two lines were, and would LOVE a gifset of this.
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princessayveke · 2 days ago
I know Loki cried and tore up his cell in Thor: The Dark World when Frigga died...
But that scene in the first Loki episode just hit more intensely...
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worstloki · 2 days ago
Love how the next time we see Casey he’s complaining about his cart being pruned and not the guy who threatened to gut him 🥺😭😩
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andnowadragon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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67chevyimpala67 · 2 days ago
I know everyone's saying it but it really is quite sad that everything in the MCU has just been revealed to be determinist. All that pain and suffering just to play into three creepy dude's fantasy. Kind of sounds like something else where the main characters had always been living to someone else's story while actually having no real free will...
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anknskywlker · 2 days ago
What happened to the cold, unforgiving, grandiose and beautiful Loki, raw and magnificent and removed and brilliant, oh my god, what have they done to him
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geekns · 3 days ago
I haven't seen anyone mention how that stewardess totally thought she was going to get laid...
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So you're telling me Loki is destined to kill people he loves and to die in the hands of Thanos? That he is meant to suffer ? How dare you?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nymph1e · 3 days ago
I love how the Avenger's meddling with time and creating a whole bunch of splinter universes was part of the plan but the people in the splinter universes were wiped out after the universe was made.
What I find interesting is this basically solves the plothole with Steve going back in time to be with Peggy and ending up in the current universe. Who's to bet the TVA shenaniganed him into his original timeline.
ALSO it solves the problem of why Steve didn't change anything or do anything while he was there. Either the TVA told him that he couldn't and he went along with it, or there were versions of him who did and they were all destroyed as variants.
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mcu-fietro · 3 days ago
the whole idea of Loki’s purpose being evil because it causes those around him to become the best versions of themselves, never letting Loki have anything truly good for himself because the timeline demands that there be a villain as a catalyst for others successes.... ouch
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