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shitfuck113 · 9 hours ago
Dream is my favorite dictator
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sharkologydesign · a day ago
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gayvangeance · 3 days ago
poo (love)
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russellembruncan · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Posted @withregram • @dr.ashleykowalskind Food sensitivity test results. This patient wanted to do a food sensitivity test because she couldn’t figure out which foods were causing her gas and bloating. WHY food sensitivity testing? 👇🏻 Sensitivities are tricky to identify 🤔: Symptoms can occur hours later or even the next day! Symptoms can include gas, bloating, cramping, looser stools, reflux, low energy, brain fog, joint pains, headaches, and skin conditions such as eczema or rash. P..S. You WON’T necessarily display all of the latter symptoms, but if you have a few it’s a fair chance your diet may be to blame. If you are interested in determining your food sensitivities or discussing digestion in general, reach out and I’d be happy to help! 👩‍⚕️ #embrun #embrunon #russell #russellon #digestion #food #foodsensitivitytest #foodsensitivities #foodsensitivitytesting #gas #bloat #byebloat #bloatedbelly #bloated #bloatedtummy #poo #foodintolerances #foodintolerancetest #dairyfree #glutenfree #digestionhealth
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paipayaseeds · 5 days ago
[NOTE IN THE BEGINNING BC I DONT WANT TO FORGET UDHFBSNF- heyyyy it’s meeeeee eheh and iVE ACTUALLY BEEN DRAFTIJG SOME DIFFERENT OUTFITS FOR FUMIKO bc i wasn’t a super huge fan of the one i gave her,, so maaaaaybe that can be what shuichi’s gift from tsumugi is👀 i will try and sketch something quickly after this— but you can do whatever you want with shuichi and tsumugi i don’t mind!! it only reminded me and i wanted to see >:D idk man i haven’t made ocs in *forever*] ok back to the actual thing-
fumiko finished up her ice cream, making sure her mouth was clean before putting her mask back over her face. god, she was so tired of this mask. according to monokuma, they were all going to die after tomorrow, weren’t they? did she really want to die with it on? sighing, she got up and brought her bowl to the kitchen, spotting shuichi and the tall, blue-haired cosplayer tsumugi whispering to each other. kirumi took the bowl out of her hands, and she lingered for a moment, just staring at the two. was he trying to get back at her...? wait wait wait— what was she saying? she’d be a hypocrite if she felt upset over him being so close with another girl, so she pushed the feeling down, exiting the kitchen and leaving the dining hall.
she went outside, shaking her head as if that would send her frustrated thoughts flying.
“oooowwwwwwww, you hit my face with your hair, you big meanie!” fumiko jumped, startled by the sudden appearance of a voice. she looked over to see kokichi with his arms crossed and a pout on his face. she giggled, he was pretty funny! well, to her, at least. she fell (agAIN) into the grass when he pushed her a little too hard yelling, “you’re it!” she smiled, getting up from the ground and immediately chasing after the boy. they played for a while, and during that time the girl had tripped and fallen plenty. by the end, her hands and knees were all scraped up and a little bruised, but she didn’t even notice. “hmm, seems like you’ve passed my first test, fumiko.” the mask-wearing girl tilted her head in confusion. “i’ve been considering making you a part of my top-secret organization... but there’s a few more things i have to see first.” he grabbed her by the wrist and took her to the picnic tables, sitting across from her.
kokichi then pulled a knife out of god knows where, which didn’t concern fumiko when it probably should’ve. he spun the knife around with his fingers before stabbing it in the table. he then proceeded to take it out, put it back in, take it out, stab again— you get the idea. he was playing the knife game. he looked up at her (totally not to see if she was impressed) and immediately stabbed his finger on accident. it hurt like a bitch, but he couldn’t let anyone know that kokichi ouma felt pain; especially not fumiko.
the girl rushed over to the other side of the table, sitting next to him. what do i do, what do i do?! she thought to herself. she couldn’t seem to remember what shuichi did when she had cuts, so she panicked. in a split second, she lifted her mask and brought his finger underneath it, putting it in her mouth. that should stop the bleeding, right?
so, fumiko sat there, sucking on a strangers finger like an idiot. she was trying her best, leave her alone. kokichi didn’t even know how to react, not expecting this in the slightest. he had truly been caught off guard by her action. maybe that was fumiko’s real talent; her ability to embarrass anyone that crossed her path.
-teapot anon (do i still sign?????? i will bc it feels wrong not to)(aLSO idk what’s with kokichi idk if he’s interested in her or some shit i just wanted conflict bc they were getting too happy and i couldn’t allow that)(also NO i was going to punch you from a place of love, not boredom </33)
After explaining his plan to Tsumigi, he watched her expression carefully to make sure he couldn't detect any confusion and uncertainty. "... Do you think you can do it?" Tsumigi nodded cheerfully, "Of course! You gave me a lot of freedom, so I think I can whip something up!" Tsumigi cheered, before dropping her shoulders as she smiled sheepishly.
"Ehh... 'Whip' may be an understatement, actually. It'll probably take a day or two to finish this up, and not only that, but I need you to get Fumiko's measurements."
Shuichi's head perked up, eyes brightening as he remembered something. "Oh, I-I still have her dress! Would that help?" She looked at him weirdly; a guy like him, had Fumiko's dress? She never really took him for a stalker or a perv, but she'd be lying if she said she hadn't been second-guessing herself.
Thank god Tenko hadn't been there to eavesdrop on their conversation; Shuichi would've been a dead man.
"... You... have her dress?" He flushed a deep red, shaking his head frantically in denial, "N- no, we- I swear we didn't-" She looked at him with an expression of nothing but disbelief, to which he groaned softly at, "... Why do I try... I'll just go get it and drop it off at your dorm." He sighed, leaving the kitchen shortly, his brows furrowed as he noticed Fumiko had left.
He felt slightly bummed that he didn't get to see her go, or even follow her, but before he could fret about it any longer, he shook his head and made his way to his dorm in search of the dress Fumiko had left in his laundry basket. Plus, she needed space from him.
Kokichi stilled, face going blank as he let her suck on his finger. 
Slowly, but very violently, had an angry red blush rise up to his face, starting from his toes to the top of his head, his whole body felt incredibly and alarmingly warm. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck— What the fuck is happening—’
"Y- you— Uh- N- nishishi...?" His laugh sounded forced and more like a question if anything. It was official; Fumiko had broken Kokichi. "My finger, you're-" Should he pull away?? Did... did he even want to pull away?
Suddenly he wasn’t so sure of himself anymore. What was he supposed to say when a girl started sucking on his finger? Kokichi couldn’t find it in himself to be nonchalant about it and laugh it off.
But he had to try.
“Miko-chan~ I think my finger stopped bleeding now, so you can let go of it now, Nishishi!” Forcing on his best, slightly woozy grin, he managed to force out a genuine-sounding laugh.
Taking his still-bleeding finger back, his face remained red and he couldn’t seem to look at Fumiko in the lens anymore, as he had been too focused staring at the finger that had previously been in Fumiko’s mouth.
He wondered if he was supposed to be flattered by the fact Fumiko had shown some care for his well-being; sure, the care had been her saliva but it was the thought that counted, right?
Even so, he didn’t seem to speak more of it— well, more like, refusing to speak more of the event. Distracting himself of his own embarrassment, he decided to toy with hers, “Ehh? Were you worried for lil’ ol’ me? You were, weren’t you? I could see the panic on your face from earlier, don’t lie~” Wearing a mocking smirk, he pretended as if he hadn’t just flushed like a Japanese school girl seconds ago— though there still had been light pink dusting his cheeks; the one remainder of it all. The betrayal.
“You were in more pain than me, and I was the one who actually stabbed myself.”
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sharkologydesign · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
hello poo
Poo!!! Sorry I didn’t answer your last poo I couldn’t think of anything creative 😔 Thank you for the amazing Zenon png... Small and tiny
This reminds me of a fun headcanon I have
Dante loses his crown in his battle with Asta vs Dante, when he is defeated. When Zenon rescues him, he doesn’t pick up the crown; but when we see Dante in the Spade Invasion against Jack and Nacht, he has it again. So this implies Dante either has a spare crown, or he complained so much that he made poor Zenon portal back to go and get it
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duffymuffy0-o · 5 days ago
Guys I made my colors the color of poop🥵
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aresenik · 6 days ago
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shitfuck113 · 6 days ago
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This article has so much chaotic energy I love it
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heartseeker · 6 days ago
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tabb-fashion-event143 · 7 days ago
@poojasharma2691 A sweet choreography I taught for a sangeet recently..., Dancing with these cuties @sin_beans @pradiktha_ @akanksha_tharman @alvinagodwin Y @melvinlouis @dancepeoplebangalore #SangeetChoreography #DancePeopleBangalore #Poo #kolkatanightlife #bangaloreparties #weekendparty #party #partybabes #nightphotography #nightclub #delhinightlife #instabangalore #bangaloregirls #dj #poolpartys #angel #butty #event #ladiesnight #partywear #videolook #couplegoals❤ #indiaclicks #partyplanner #partymakeup #saree #model #makeup #makeuplooks #instagram
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spoilmeroyally · 8 days ago
#followfriday. #poo #womensupportingwomen @spoil_me_royally (at Taylorsville, Utah)
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thetullybadger · 9 days ago
Hi, is this the support group for caffeine addicts?
Hi, is this the support group for caffeine addicts?
I’ve given up Caffeine… sort of. It was an emotionally difficult choice to make but coffee has become something of an abusive lover. I drink it because I want it, but it’s no good for me. The more I drink thinking it will change, the more it resists and the more disillusioned I become. This may be a slight exaggeration of course but I’m not had a great relationship with it. I’ve found myself…
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shinobishiba · 10 days ago
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sharkologydesign · 10 days ago
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