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codysenshi20 · an hour ago
I would’ve likely slept at least until 3 in the morning again, had my mother not woken me up with how loudly she was talking about her Heaven vs. Hell propaganda bullshit. I’m so used to that exact same ramble and how it’s deteriorating my mind that she suddenly incorporated into my dream and made it a lowkey borderline nightmare before I woke up.
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rpmemes-galore · an hour ago
the place you can find me tonight 
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sunflowerseraph · an hour ago
Ohhh my gods shut up I'm so sick of the new wave of queer infighting so WHAT if someone conforms to the whole stereotype of cuffed jeans and liking frogs and being androgynous and liking pretty stuff shut up if it makes them happy you have nothing to complain about! You're just fueling the fire for cishets to attack ur fellow queers! Just bc you don't like something it doesn't mean you get to shit on the people who do! This is the whole "gay people who I respect" and "gay people who I don't respect" meme again.
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jadeandquartzes · 2 hours ago
i have three weeks. i have three weeks. i have to finish the scripts. i need to finish the scripts. 
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starsdestined · 2 hours ago
@crimsonsunsets​ Said:  ❛ there’s no plan , god knows there’s no plan . ❜ (chris to janeway ♥)
Tumblr media
“Would you relax, I have a plan.” She in fact didn’t have a plan. She would make this up as she goes along, but he didn’t have to know that. 
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iamvegorott · 2 hours ago
23 with elemental elf marvin and chase
23. “What’s cookin’ good lookin’?”
Marvin softly hummed to himself as he worked on his flowers, most of them being ingredients for potions but some were just for decor, their colors working nicely with the other plants. His long ears twitched at the sound of someone coming into the room and after listening to the steps, he knew who it was and continued working on his flowers.
“What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” Chase asked with a chuckle. Marvin just smiled and rolled his eyes. “Lookin’ fly, butterfly.” Chase was now standing next to Marvin. “I like your ass-uh…” Chase paused when he couldn’t come up with a rhyme on the stop and that got Marvin to laugh so much that he felt his heart go warm.
“You are too much fun.” Marvin turned so he could see Chase fully.
“And you look adorable with those flowers in your hair.” Chase plucked one of the flowers he was talking about, giving it a little sniff.
“Flowers in my hair?” Marvin reached up and felt that there were, in fact, flowers entangled in his hair.
“We could braid your hair Rapunzel style and put more in,” Chase suggested, putting the flower behind his own ear.
“Chase, kiss me.” Marvin suddenly said.
“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Chase chuckled and leaned over, giving Marvin a quick kiss. Marvin touched his hair again and didn’t feel more flowers.
“Maybe it wasn’t enough,” Marvin said to himself. “Kiss me again and I mean kiss me.”
“Okay.” Chase fully grabbed Marvin and pulled him to his chest, giving him a long and deep kiss, hands resting on his hips. “I love you,” Chase said with a grin. “The fuck!” Chase jerked away when a flower appeared right in his face. Chase rubbed his face before looking at Marvin, seeing him bright red in the face with a lot more flowers than before in his hair.
“You love me?” Marvin asked softly, another flower blooming.
“I-I...yeah.” Chase had a slight blush to his cheeks as well. He hadn’t intended on letting the words slip, but he got caught up in the moment.
“I love you, too,” Marvin said.
“I think the flowers gave that away.” Chase chuckled, plucking some more of them out of Marvin’s hair.
“Oh!” Marvin remembered he had been testing something not even a minute ago. “Apparently I haven’t found all of my elemental powers yet.”
“And they’re just as deadly as the other ones.” Chase laughed.
Angst/Fluff Prompts Link
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good-night-space-kid · 2 hours ago
It’s hurt every time I exhale below my right ribs on the side since about 1 today but it hurts less than cramps so I must be fine right hahahahaha
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zoriis · 3 hours ago
that weird autism mood when you're like cuddly and want company and to talk to someone but also you are struggling to make words go but you want to infodump but you're also like. not sure where to start on an infodump???
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awesomebutunpractical · 5 hours ago
Top Five Reasons Why You Should Make a Self-Insert
1. People will tell you not to do it. “Oh, don’t make a cringey self-insert mary-sue” they are saying. These people are not the boss of you. They can’t tell you what to do! Stick it to ‘em! 
2. Did you know your self-insert doesn’t have to have your real skill set? Like, I only realized this when I made my Star Wars self-insert a Crazy Droid Lady. I don’t know the first thing about robots maintenance, but I would if I were living out in the middle of nowhere on an outer rim world with a temperate climate and a low criminal population.
3. Look, sometimes you get very upset because a character isn’t being properly mothered and you get catharsis from the idea of swooping in and feeding them soup. It makes you feel better.
4. You can have pointless arguments with your favorite characters, thus fantasizing not only about meeting them, but also about handling yourself in a heated confrontation without crying.
5. And speaking of crying, when your self-insert is a galactic planet conquering villain who just wants to be loved and you pull in a banjo playing little space-hobo to offer you a sandwich you quickly lose all control, forget this was a click-bait list and not a personal diary, and then you need to conquer at least six more planets to feel like a metaphorical man again.
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e-kill · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
new tat2!:)
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