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#pokemon sinnoh
paalkia · 3 hours ago
*cries uncontrollably as i listen to dppt soundtracks at 10pm*
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ask-pokemonranger-rai · 10 hours ago
I'll be streaming a little late tonight around 7:30-8.
We will be picking up New Pokemon Snap and having a great time!
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daily-sinnoh-sketches · 13 hours ago
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Day #63: Positive pixie
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sparklypegasus2000 · 14 hours ago
time for johto I drew all of gen 1 and their forms/evolutions! Time for gen 2
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grim-grimmsnarl · 22 hours ago
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“All Night Party” illustrated by Hitoshi Ariga, from XY - BREAKpoint. (2016)
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sylkhi · a day ago
No more Jercy unless it's extremely self-indulgent, I have a Sinnoh AU to continue writing and notes to sort out 😩
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razzbexxa · a day ago
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Havin a lil snack..........
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Day #62: Proud parent
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bonysphinx · a day ago
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sinnoh gang ⭐️
I think this will be a pattern or a sticker set. :0
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hitmonstan · a day ago
used octillery for the first time in a pearl run bc it was a water type I hadn't used before and it unexpectedly became the MVP of my team, once again proving water type = best type
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pl4yval · a day ago
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Generasi Pokemon
1. Pokemon Red & Blue
Generation: 1
Region: Kanto
Total Species: 151.
Pokemon Starter: Charmander, Bulbassaur, Squirtle
Feature: Pengenalan Pokemon Battle 1 vs 1, Trading, Pokeball
2. Pokemon Gold & Silver
Generation: 2
Region: Johto
Total Species: 100
Pokemon Starter: Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Totodile
Feature: Pengenalan PokeGear, New Pokeball
3. Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire
Generation: 3
Region: Hoenn
Total Species: 135
Pokemon Starter:Torchic, Treecko, Mudkip
Feature: Pengenalan Pokemon Battle 2 vs 2
4. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
Generation: 4
Region: Sinnoh
Total Species: 107
Pokemon Starter:Chimcar, Turtwig, Piplup
Feature: Pengenalan Trading Online
5. Pokemon Black & White 2
Generation: 5
Region: Unova
Total Species: 156
Pokemon Starter: Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott
Feature: Pengenalan Rotation Battle
6. Pokemon X & Y
Generation: 6
Region: Kalos
Total Species: 72
Pokemon Starter: Fennekin, Froakle, Chespin
Feature: New Species (Fairy-type), Pokemon Bank, Training Mechanics, Peningkatan Trading Online
7. Pokemon Sun & Moon
Generation: 7
Region: Alola
Total Species: 88
Pokemon Starter: Litten, Rowlet, Popplio
Feature: New Species (Ultra Beast, Alola form), Z-Moves, PokeRide, HyperTraining, Pokemon Global Link, Pengenalan Battle Royale, Rotom Pokedex
8. Pokemon Sword & Shield
Generation: 8
Region: Galar
Total Species: 82
Pokemon Starter: Scoorbunny, Grookey, Sobble
Feature: Dynamax & Gygantamax Pokemon (G-Max Move), Pengenalan Max Raid Battles, Wild Area, Pokemon Camp, Pokemon Jobs, Battle Stadium
Credit by: PL4YVAL
Image by: Pinterest
Source by: Bulbapedia, Kumparan, IGN
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cy-welle · 2 days ago
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playing a run of platinum with a swag team. got tofu, pipsqueak, sansa, and festus from a soulsilver copy. persephone and giggy came from an old pearl copy.
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ask-pokemonranger-rai · 2 days ago
From Tonight's Stream!
The first is a Sandshrew crossbreed with an Absol. Its more of a mover than a digger. Some would say it's more Armadillo in design but not quite.
Those large brown eyes act like natural sunglasses to protect it from the harsh bright lights.
The second was a bit of a last minute design, but basically a Plushie Sandshrew.
It doesn't dig as much but it is pretty resistant and can break rocks with ease.
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