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#pokemon leon
askgalartop3an hour ago
Raihan how illegal are we talking? About Leon's record?
Honestly? 3/10. Maybe 4. 馃ぃ And for reference I'd put my property damage at a 2
But I have to say that learning that about him was enlightening 馃憖馃憖
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Leon: Remember that soda we use to get?
Raihan: Ohhhh
Sonia: Oh yeah I remember
Leon: Yeah, it would be great to have one again.
Raihan: I鈥檇 love to have one but instead I have three dragons and anxiety
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askgalartop36 hours ago
What鈥檚 the most illegal thing any of you have done?
Ooo that's a loaded question if I've ever seen one
I choose to remain silent on this.
馃憖馃憖 Well now I'm curious. What could our dear, sweet, innocent chairman be hiding???
Nothing that needs to be on public record.
Booo! Tell me later?
Nice! For me... I've gotten in trouble a few times because the storms my pokemon whipped up caused minor property damage. Just little things. Like broken signs or outdoor furniture
I think...for me its less about anything illegal and more to do with parents thinking my music will turn their children into heathens
There are puritans who hate rock music even in Galar. Who knew?
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littleirishdruid7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Third commision of this first round, this time for Mythey in Twitter who asked me to draw their OC Mythey with Leon.
If you want to commision me, don鈥檛 be shy. I still have 2 free slots!
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xmoonlitxdreamx8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Leon asked kab to braid his hair, but... he got distracted (??)
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askgalartop38 hours ago
Besides getting kidnapped by faeries or having a brother, how does one become a gym leader?
Those are actually the exceptions to the general rule, believe it or not. There are usually two ways we do it, and both take time. The first normal option when a gym leader is looking to retire is to look to gym challengers. The ones who make it to the semi-final tournament especially. If the gym leader in question finds one or two in particular to be interesting they might take those trainers under their wing and give them extra instruction for a couple of years.
Another option is to promote a gym trainer. A lot of leaders build a good relationship with their trainers and will find one or two who they think would do a good job.
And then the last option is to impress the chairman. In other words, me. If I find a trainer with particular talent (who doesn't have what it takes to beat the champion, of course) I might help set them up with a gym leader who has been thinking of finding a replacement. But I'll have you all know that I am extremely picky and your chances of getting chosen by a leader themself is far better.
In other words, if you want to be gym leader your best bet is to become a gym trainer.
Oooh, that gave me chills Lee! 馃槼 You sounded like a real boss just now. I like it! 馃槏
Why do you sound so impressed that I can be professional? I've been doing this for over a decade.
because we know what youre like off the clock
Thanks so much you two. I feel so appreciated...
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I recently read one of your posts about what the gym leaders dislike the most about each other, so I want to request a post about what they like the most about each other :)
Hell yeah, spread positivity.
-Nessa: Her confidence. Milo admires the way she seems to never let anyone get her down.
-Kabu: His advice. Kabu always seems to know what to say, and Milo really appreciates that.
-Bea: Her care for her pokemon. For as strong as she gets, and as hard as she trains her team, she always makes sure to keep her pokemon healthy and happy.
-Allister: His individuality. Milo knows Allister the least, but the fact that he stands out unapologetically is something Milo can appreciate.
-Opal: Her tea. Milo loves visiting Opal because she gives great tea and snacks. Visits are very pleasant.
-Gordie: His jokes. Milo and Gordie share very similar humor.
-Melony: Her cooking. Milo loves a good home cooked meal and Melony鈥檚 dishes are welcome in the middle of the Circhester cold.
-Piers: His ambition. Piers was scary to Milo at first, but once they got to know each other, Milo began to realize that Piers has a lot of goals, most of which are to benefit others.
-Raihan: The way he treats his fans. Raihan seems like the type to brag and boast, but Raihan is a really cool dude. Milo can鈥檛 stand people who flaunt things too much, so the fact that Raihan could and doesn鈥檛 is appreciated.
-Leon: The way he cares about other people. Leon is always looking out for other people, and he always strives to help others around him.
-Milo: The way he supports his friends. Milo does a lot for his friends and supports them no matter what.
-Kabu: His passion. Kabu very clearly cares about his career, and not much holds him back. Nessa is inspired by that.
-Bea: Her strength. Nessa appreciates that Bea is super strong and doesn鈥檛 let the fact that she鈥檚 a girl hold her back. Nessa鈥檚 all about girl power.
-Allister: His humor. Not many people hear Allister tell jokes, but Nessa gets to hear pretty frequently, and he鈥檚 funny.
-Opal: Her stories. Every times Nessa sees Opal, she has another exciting story to tell about when she was younger.
-Gordie: How he stands up for himself. Nessa is on Gordie鈥檚 side when it comes to the fight with Melony. The fact that Gordie keeps going with rock types no matter is really cool.
-Melony: The way she鈥檚 a mom to everyone. Melony takes care of people no matter what, and Nessa appreciates that. Melony proves that you can be kind and strong.
-Piers: The way he does music. Nessa knows how hard it is to be a model and a gym leader at the same time. She understands how much work Piers puts in to do music and pokemon training, even when no one sees it.
-Raihan: His personality. Raihan is a lot of fun to hang out with. He and Nessa have similar personalities, so they get along well.
-Leon: The way he looks out for the rest of the league. Leon is the reason Rose never got the chance to pass a rule to stop the Gym Leaders from doing outside work. Leon protected Nessa鈥檚 modeling career, despite all the trouble it put him through.
-Milo: His commitment. Milo always follows through on promises and agreements. Kabu really appreciates that.
-Nessa: Nessa鈥檚 work ethic. Nessa puts in a lot of work to do all the things she wants to do. Kabu knows that not everyone would be able to do that.
-Bea: How hard she works. Bea is always training. Kabu always admires those who work hard to get stronger.
-Allister: How advanced he is. Allister is the youngest gym leader Galar has ever seen. Kabu is very impressed.
-Opal: Her attitude. She鈥檚 always sarcastic and sassy, and Kabu thinks it鈥檚 funny.
-Gordie: The way he looks after Piers. Kabu has known Gordie since he was very young, and he knows that Piers is his best friend. Gordie has always been there to support Piers when he needs it, and it reminds Kabu of his friendship with Melony.
-Melony: She鈥檚 a good friend. Kabu and Melony have been best friends for a very long time. And despite how long it鈥檚 been, Melony and Kabu are still as close as ever.
-Piers: How hard he works. Not everyone sees it, but Piers puts everything he has into taking care of Spikemuth and following his own ambitions.
-Raihan: His passion. Kabu relates to and admires Raihan鈥檚 commitment to becoming stronger than Leon.
-Leon: His strength. Leon is so strong it鈥檚 unreal, and yet he鈥檚 still very humble. It鈥檚 a source of inspiration.
-Milo: His physical strength. Bea loves to spar, and Milo is a formidable match.
-Nessa: Her involvement. Nessa is always seen doing something for her community. Bea teaches martial arts, so seeing Nessa teaching swimming is something they bond over.
-Kabu: His desire to better himself. Kabu and Bea train together relatively often.
-Allister: His childishness. No one knows Allister as well as Bea, and it鈥檚 refreshing to see him act like a kid.
-Opal: Her stories. Opal was very strong and chaotic when she was younger. Bea loves to hear about it.
-Gordie: His type specialty. Bea loves to train her pokemon against Gordie鈥檚 because of how tough they are.
-Melony: Her kindness. Melony is very strong, but she鈥檚 also very kind and generous. Bea always loves seeing her fellow female gym leaders proving their strength.
-Piers: His advocacy for his pokemon. Bea knows that Dark Type pokemon have a huge stigma, and she appreciates that Piers works to change that.
-Raihan: His drive. He鈥檚 great to train with because he wants to get stronger so badly.
-Leon: His generosity. Bea would understand if Leon refused to help the gym leaders so he could stay stronger, but Leon is always happy to help the gym leaders train.
-Milo: His food. Milo always has something tasty to share with Allister.
-Nessa: How nice she is. Nessa is always thoughtful and kind to Allister. She laughs at all his jokes, so it makes him feel confident.
-Kabu: His stories from Hoenn. Kabu visits Hoenn pretty often and brings snacks and other things back for Allister. And his stories are interesting.
-Bea: Her care. Bea is usually seen as strong and cold, but Allister knows that she takes care of him. He thinks of her as an older sister.
-Opal: Visiting her. Visiting Opal is very nice. The visits are always peaceful and quiet. Opal gives him good snacks, and she seems to understand him.
-Gordie: His gifts. Gordie loves to give material gifts for any occasion he can. Gordie is a really good gift giver, too. Allister doesn鈥檛 know Gordie well enough to think of something better.
-Melony: How she takes care of him. Melony is very understanding and accommodating for Allister. She also takes care of Bea, which makes Allister feel better.
-Piers: He accommodates for Allister. Allister used to think Piers was loud and scary, but he鈥檚 actually really calm and quiet. Piers is able to take Allister somewhere quiet and keep people away when he鈥檚 overwhelmed.
-Raihan: His love of books. Allister likes to read, and Raihan is a good person to talk to about books. Raihan also lends Allister really good books.
-Leon: His understanding. Leon is very loud and energetic. He knows he鈥檚 a lot for Allister. He just really appreciates that Leon doesn鈥檛 get offended when Allister gets too overwhelmed.
-Milo: His connection to nature. Milo gets plants, and bonds with Opal over the forests around Ballonlea.
-Nessa: Her advocacy for strong women. Opal grew up in a really sexist time. She really appreciates Nessa encouraging girls to be strong.
-Kabu: His humor. Opal thinks Kabu鈥檚 humor is hilarious. She gets along will with him and Melony.
-Bea: Her care for Allister. Opal thinks it鈥檚 fascinating that Bea cares so gently for Allister while she鈥檚 still so stoic and strong.
-Allister: His mystery. Opal relates to him more than anyone else. How different he is from others is endearing.
-Gordie: His kindness. Gordie is really supportive and kind to everyone, especially his friends. Gordie takes a lot of time to make sure his friends are okay.
-Melony: Her stories. Opal likes to tell stories, but she loves to hear about when Melony was young and wild.
-Piers: His resilience. Opal can tell that Piers is a survivor. He adapts to everything and has achieved success despite everything he鈥檚 been through.
-Raihan: His history knowledge. Raihan likes to ask questions about events that Opal lived through and Opal likes to share those stories with him.
-Leon: His care for Hop. Opal鈥檚 favorite side of Leon is the caring brother side. She knows how happy it makes Hop when Leon is with him. It鈥檚 heartwarming.
-Milo: His humor. Gordie likes to crack jokes with Milo because they always seem to land.
-Nessa: Her attitude. To Gordie, nothing is funnier than watching Nessa put someone down for being a jerk.
-Kabu: His involvement. Kabu is a close friend of his mother, so Gordie saw him a lot when he was a child. Kabu is like a father figure to Gordie in a way.
-Bea: Her eagerness to fight. Gordie loves pokemon battles against her because she understands rock types really well.
-Allister: His ambition. Gordie knows that Allister has goals for his future, and he can admire that.
-Opal: Her gossip. Gordie gets to hear juicy secrets, either from Opal herself or from Melony, who heard it from the source herself.
-Melony: Her love. No matter how much they fight, Gordie knows Melony was a good mother to him. He can鈥檛 hate her ever.
-Piers: His supportiveness. Piers has been Gordie鈥檚 best friend since they were children. Piers puts his entire self into being a good friend and helping Gordie. Piers has done a lot for Gordie, especially with the fight going on.
-Raihan: His energy. It鈥檚 tough to keep up with Raihan, but it鈥檚 an adrenaline rush to hang out because of how much always seems to happen.
-Leon: His involvement with the rest of the league. Leon could be some greater presence, but he isn鈥檛. He鈥檚 a friend to the gym leaders, and stands up for them when they need. Gordie really appreciates it.
-Milo: The way he takes care of his Pok茅mon. His flock of Wooloo are well loved and it shows.
-Nessa: Her unwavering determination. Melony admires the way Nessa sticks to her choices and hardly ever budges for other people.
-Kabu: His sense of adventure. Especially when he was younger, Kabu would take Melony on plenty of exciting adventures. Even now that they鈥檙e older, her best friend is still a lot of fun.
-Bea: Her care for Allister. Melony is one of the few who knows how kind Bea is to Allister. All they have is each other in essence. And Melony is glad Allister has a solid person to stick to.
-Allister: His childlike curiosity. Melony adores kids, and Allister is no exception. She loves that he asks so many questions and it always learning.
-Opal: Her wisdom. Melony is hardly ever caught off guard or at a loss, but when she is, Opal always knows what to say.
-Gordie: His independence. Even though Melony doesn鈥檛 like that Gordie doesn鈥檛 train Ice Types, she has to admit that he does well for himself. He鈥檚 a big presence without riding the traditions of his family, and he built that himself.
-Piers: The way he cares for Marnie. Melony has known Piers and Marnie since they were kids. Melony is grateful that Piers is such a good caretaker for Marnie, even though the fact that they鈥檙e in this position breaks her heart.
-Raihan: His generosity. Raihan is very famous and rich, so he鈥檚 always donating things or giving to the people around him. Melony thinks that鈥檚 a good attitude for someone like Raihan.
-Leon: His humbleness. Melony remembered when Leon first became champion. He鈥檇 been a little arrogant at the time, but he鈥檚 humbled himself a lot. She鈥檚 glad for it.
-Milo: His open mindedness. Piers knows Milo was afraid of him at first, so he was surprised when Milo tried to get to know him. He鈥檚 glad for it.
-Nessa: Her confidence. Nessa never lets hurtful comments get her down. That鈥檚 something Piers admires and is a little jealous of.
-Kabu: His patience. Kabu and Piers aren鈥檛 the closest, but Kabu was there for Piers when he needed him. Piers had been a lot of trouble for Kabu to deal with then, but Kabu never lost his temper with him and was patient the whole time.
-Bea: Her relationship with Allister. Piers know what it鈥檚 like to be a kid responsible for an even younger kid. Bea鈥檚 not exactly in the same situation he was in, but he still admires her resilience.
-Allister: That he鈥檚 introverted. Piers relates to Allister not wanting to be around people. Allister also gives Piers and excuse to get to a quieter place to rest in big events.
-Opal: Her ability to read people. That skill has saved Opal and the people around her a few times. Piers included.
-Gordie: His consistency. Gordie has always been a safe haven for Piers. He鈥檚 always been sturdy and supportive and hardly ever wavers when Piers needs him.
-Melony: Her care. Melony is the closest thing to a mom Piers has ever had. He doesn鈥檛 know where he鈥檇 be if she didn鈥檛 insist on taking care of him any way she could.
-Raihan: The fact that he鈥檚 extroverted. Raihan can be a chore to deal with sometimes, but Piers also appreciates him because he takes the lead. It鈥檚 refreshing to just be dragged around and not have to make any decisions.
-Leon: His understanding. Leon has always been someone who wants to understand and accommodate people. He鈥檚 saved Piers鈥 hide many times because he made the attempt to understand Piers.
-Milo: His laid back view of training. Milo is a strong trainer, but he鈥檚 friendly about it. Milo makes for a good relaxing warm up or wind down battle.
-Nessa: Her attitude. Raihan and Nessa are a force to be reckoned with when they鈥檙e together. Nessa makes Raihan feel even stronger.
-Kabu: His passion. Kabu is an intense trainer because he wants to better himself. This is a trait they both share.
-Bea: Her intensity. Raihan loves training with her because it鈥檚 so difficult to keep up. Certainly, a welcome challenge.
-Allister: His mystery. Understanding Allister the way Raihan does makes him feel exclusive. Also, they talk about books a lot, and that鈥檚 fun.
-Opal: Her gossiping. Raihan loves to be in the know, and he鈥檚 glad Opal is willing to share with him.
-Gordie: Hanging out with him. Gordie is a fun person to hang out with casually. He always seems to know someone or have something to do.
-Melony: Her cooking. Raihan is a sucker for home cooked meals made with love. When he鈥檚 in the area, he always wants to stop by for dinner.
-Piers: His reliability. Piers puts up with a lot, but he always follows through on his promises. He may not seem like it at first, but Piers is a very trustworthy person.
-Leon: His strength. Raihan always looks up to Leon. He worries that if he ever does surpass him, he鈥檒l be without a goal and start to decline.
-Milo: His love of kids. Milo is an old friend of Leon鈥檚, since they used to live so close together. Milo was always there to help out with Hop when Leon needed, and he taught Hop a lot of important things.
-Nessa: Her dedication. Leon knows she models and trains Pok茅mon at the same time. She works hard to do her best with both.
-Kabu: His want to be better. Kabu is always working hard, and it pays off. Leon cares a lot about people who want to be stronger.
-Bea: Her training. Bea throws everything into being a Pok茅mon trainer, and Leon looks up to her for that.
-Allister: He鈥檚 a prodigy. Allister is the youngest gym leader Galar has ever seen. He鈥檚 also very strong at the same time. Leon has high hopes for his future.
-Opal: Her experience. When Leon has a problem, Opal always knows how to help. She鈥檚 gotten him through a lot.
-Gordie: He鈥檚 fun. Whenever Leon needs to go out casually, Gordie knows how to help. Hanging out with Gordie is a good stress reliever.
-Melony: She cares about him and Hop. Melony is very sweet, and Leon knows that she took care of him when he was first settling into the league. He was very grateful, but not surprised, to know that she did the same for Hop later on.
-Piers: His dedication. Piers juggles a lot of things. Being a gym leader, his music, taking care of Marnie and Spikemuth. It鈥檚 a lot for one person, but Piers perseveres. Leon doesn鈥檛 know if he鈥檇 be able to handle all that.
-Raihan: His rivalry. Raihan is always at Leon鈥檚 heels. He inspires Leon to keep working hard for himself and the people around him. He knows how important he is for Raihan, too.
I tried to do my best but for some reason it took me three days to get through this.
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ihopethisendswell17 hours ago
Have you ever looked at a character and went 'man, I want to be your friend so bad'.
Like the thought of you being in a platonic relationship with this character just makes to so happy that just wanna explode from euphoria. That. I love that.
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askgalartop318 hours ago
In regards to a previous ask. Piers. who鈥檚 the prettiest girl in Galar, second best to Marnie?
mmm... is this gonna invalidate my two votes for Marnie?
Y'know what? Just this once I'll let it slide 'cause I'm curious too
gonna have to give it to Nessa then
Ha! A man of culture I see!
she is a model yknow
馃え Is that the only reason you picked her...?
no. was just sayin shes practically certified pretty so it shouldnt be surprising
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askgalartop319 hours ago
There's not a competition going on right now is there? What do you guys do when there's no challengers?
Well...the situation has changed a bit for Piers and I, but the basic answer is training and tending to other matters in our lives.
For example, I used to attend a lot of meetings with Rose and Oleana, I'd do charity work, visit family, or just go explore the wild area. Now though my hands are pretty full with Battle Tower and the Galar Star Tournament.
Wow that was actually a pretty good answer. 馃 There might be hope for you at this yet! (Thanks? This was basically just an interview question. I'm used to those.) Anywho for me I train the gym trainers, guard Hammerlocke and it's castle...pretty mundane stuff
simple. I work on my music and take care of Marnie
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cosmic-cd22 hours ago
all i can think about lately is not only pokemon but. leon. my brain? one solid brick of Leon Thoughts Only. i am so laser focused on this one character, send help
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kaesnpoint-art22 hours ago
Tumblr media
pokemon oc time in which lee gets nervous bein best man at raihan鈥檚 wedding n toni talks him through it
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lucymidnight96a day ago
Reminder that Leon pokemon is not stupid or a himbo.
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squidbiscuita day ago
Tumblr media
Long haired drunk boys~
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masterangeljophiela day ago
Okay, hang on, I鈥檝e had a thought
The song聽鈥淟ittle Miss Perfect鈥, but specifically Caleb Hyle鈥檚 genderbent version, President Perfect
It could work for Leon / Raileon.
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askgalartop3a day ago
You wouldn't happen to have any spicier butt pics would you 馃憖馃憖
That my dear is for me to know 馃槈
What? I'm joking! The only spicy booty shots I got are my own. And while I love being a people pleaser those are only for certain special people
Thank Arceus...
I agree with ya Lee
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askgalartop3a day ago
I have an idea. Fuck, marry, kill: featuring three gym-leaders of each of your choosing.
what are we in high school?
Yes! 馃榿 Romance. Highschool AU. Slow burn. This is the trigger that starts us all to think that we might have a crush on the other two 馃槼
What did any of that mean just now!?
But I have an idea OP. How bout I pick three for Piers, Piers picks three for Lee, and Lee picks three for me? You two down for that?
I... Alright, sure. I'm not getting out of this anyway.
Piers! Your three are Nessa, Kabu, and Gordie!
mmm... fuck Kabu marry Nessa kill Gordie. sorry Gord
Wow harsh! 馃ぃ
and hug Marnie
Aaww! 馃ズ
alright lets see... Milo Melony and Opal
Okay um... Fuck Milo, marry Melony, appreciate Opal.
thats fair
But cheating! 馃槕
Okay Raihan, since you're so keen on playing to the fans: Piers, me, and Nessa.
Ooh now we're getting somewhere!! Fuck Piers marry Nessa kill you
Why thank you for that...
Oh c'mon you had to have seen that coming
Honestly? I should have.
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