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thebookwormfairy6 minutes ago
Buddie Pokemon Au Headcannons
So in this version of the pokemon world people are only aloud one pokemon partner unless they are a certified pokemon trainer
You have to be 18 to be a pokemon trainer and compete in either contest or pokemon battles.
Buck after leaving home took his certification classes and test and before he knew it he was traveling down the East coast with his scorebunny Blaze and his old Jeep Maddie gave him
While still in Pennsylvania he caught a little feltchling he named Flick
Along the way he caught an eevee named Darwin while he was still in New Jersey
Next he caught a little voltik he named Sparky while in Florida
After that he caught a Dratini while crossing the Mississippi river he named Eragon
The final pokemon Buck caught was a little deerling he named Bambi that he caught while in Texas
After Bambi Buck was done catching pokemon instead focusing on traveling and ended up competing in the Pokemon League in Peru
It it was a great journey that ended with all of Buck's team fully evolving except for Blaze who refused to evolve, not that Buck minded
He was a little shocked when Darwin evolved into a Espeon but couldn't be prouder
So is new team consisted of Scorbunny (Blaze), Talonflame (Flick), Espeon (Darwin), Galvantula (Sparky), Dragonite (Eragon), and Sawsbuck (Bambi)
And he won
He was the new pokemon champion of Peru
He didn't get too much press about his new position outside Peru because it was consider to be a smaller league.
Though he was well know in trainer circles because he won a pokemon League on his first try, something that almost impossible
He remained champion for 3 years before he decided he wanted a change.
He found another young trainer who held promise and a good heart
Buck trained them and they were able to beat him in the championship and became the new champion
Then he headed to LA and joined the fire academy
He never really brought up his pokemon trainer past to anyone
LA wasn't really a stop for most pokemon trainers.
LA didn't have a pokemon gym and sense trainers only had a year to collect all the badges there wasn't really a need to come to a city with nobody worth battling in it
Blaze was never one to like hanging out in his ball so he trained with Buck in the academy and the rest on Buck's pokemon got to run free on the weekends in the parks around Buck's home
When Buck was assigned to the 118 he felt like he found his home
Blaze got along well with the other pokemon of the 118, Chim's chikorita (Radish), Hen's chansey (Nurse), and Cap's wartortle (Tide)
Buck never told anybody he was a trainer, not even Abby
It wasn't that he was ashamed of his past
Far from it in fact
It just never came up and after a while Buck forgot that his family didn't know this about himself
Then Abby left and Eddie came and with Eddie Christopher and Eddie's growlithe, Fuego
Christopher didn't have a partner pokemon yet
Children usually got one when they turned 10
Buck has already promise to help Chris
Before either man knew it Buck had became a major part of the small family, doing whatever he could to help
The team didn't find out about Buck's past until the tsunami
Buck usually carried all his pokemon with him when not on duty carrying their balls on a small pouch attached to his belt
When Buck realized what was about to hit he immediately called Blaze in his pokeball and started running while carrying Chris.
He started to yell to people to call in their pokemon and the get off the peir
He kept running a yelling until he reached a game stoll and did his best to hunker down there
There was no way Eragon could get them out of the way fast enough and if the wave hit them up while in the sky there was no telling what could happen to them
After the wave hit Buck did his best to get Chris to safety, which for now was on top of a firetruck
He quickly checked on his pokemon relieved when all 6 were still safe in their pokemon balls
Buck: Sparky come on out
Sparky came out of her ball giving a concern trill to her trainer
Buck gave her a reassuring pat
Chris' eyes widen in surprised: You have more than 1 pokemon Buck?
Buck blushing: Yeah I have 6 pokemon did I forget to tell you that?
Chris excited: YES!
Buck: Oh sorry buddy. I didn't mean to keep that from you. Well this is Sparky she's going to make a safety line for you just in case something happens you won't fall back into the water, okay?
Chris: Okay Buck. Can I meet your other pokemon?
Buck: I'll tell you what buddy after this you can not only meet but play with all my pokemon as much as you want
Chris eyes widening: Really?!
Buck: Really
Buck instructed Sparky to spray some web on the roof of the truck
He tied the web around Chris giving him enough slack to move around a bit but not enough to make it over the side of the truck.
Woman: HELP!!! HELP!!!
Buck followed the sound of the voice and saw a woman trapped in her car
Buck:. HANG IN THERE I'M GOING TO GET YOU OUT! Sparky use string shot to make a rope across the other side of the street. Make it low enough that other people can grab it from the water
The Galvantula followed her trainer's instructions being careful not to use any of her electric power
Buck: Good girl! Now watch over Chris for me, while I help that woman, okay?
Sparky trilled in agreement.
Buck made his way over to the woman
Buck: I'm LAFD move away from the window as much as you can, do you have a pokemon with you?
Woman:. I have a bonsly but he's in his ball
Buck: Good keep him in there for now. Once I get you out of there grab onto the web and I'm going to help you up on the firetruck okay?
Woman: Okay
Buck got the woman out and on the firetruck with Chris and Sparky
Buck: Can you watch him for me real quick?
Woman: Of course
Buck kneeling down: Chris I'm going to call Blaze out and this woman and him is going to watch over you for just a little bit okay?
Chris: Okay
Buck called out Blaze and instructed him to watch over Chris
Woman: You're a pokemon trainer?
Buck: Yeah I'm going to call out some more of my pokemon to help find other survivers and maybe flag down a rescue crew
Buck called out Flick and Eragon
Buck: Okay guys, are you ready to help?
Both pokemon called out their excitement
Buck: Great! Eragon I want you to look for people in the water, pull them out and bring them here. Either bring them to the truck or put them on the roof top over there.
Buck pointed to the building beside the truck.
Eragon gave a nod and flew into the air
Buck: Flick I want you to keep an eye out for any rescue crews near by. If one comes close flag them down
Flick nibbled at Buck's ear to show he understood before flying up to a higher vantage point to keep and eye out for rescuers
Buck: Sparky I want you to weave a ladder bridge from the truck to that buildings roof top.
Sparky nudge Chris goodbye before following orders.
Chris: BUCK! LOOK!
Buck turned around and saw a bunch of people floating towards them
Buck: Hey grab onto the web
As the people grabbed for the web Buck started to pull people onto the truck
As he dragged the last survivor on to the truck Eragon had returned with two teenagers and placed them on the truck
Buck: Good job Eragon! Keep it up! Are you two okay?
Teen 1: Yeah thanks to your Dragonite
Teen 2 looking starstruck: Are you Evan Buckley? The former pokemon champion of Peru?
Buck smiling: Yeah, I didn't think anybody knew about me outside of Peru.
Teen 2: Are you kidding? You're famous among trainers! It's because of you that I'm going to become a trainer once I'm 18!
Buck: Really? Then I'll tell you what, once you got a full team under your belt. You can come find me at the 118 firehouse. We can battle it out.
Teen 2: Really?!?!
Buck: Sure
The teen continues to talk to Buck and Chris about different types on pokemon and how to balance a good team
As the day went on more and more people were either dropped off on the truck and building or pulled out of the water by people on the truck
In the end there were around 40 people on the roof and the truck
Miraculously all had relatively minor injuries
When the water was finally reseeded enough for them to leave the high ground and search out help Buck took the lead
Buck: You did great today Eragon! Time for you to take a nice rest.
Buck returned Eragon to his ball.
Buck: Flick I want you to fly ahead of us. Keep an eye out for either first responders or a mobile command unit. Once you find one I want you to circle it a signal us with your flames
Flick chirped and stretched his wings ready to fly
Chris tugging on Buck's shirt: Can Sparky stay out with us?
Buck: If Sparky is okay with that then sure buddy
Sparky gave a cry to show she wanted to stay out.
Buck laughing and hoisting Chris onto his back:. I'll take that as a yes
Buck made sure that Christopher was comfortable on his back before turning around to face the group of survivors that gathered on the street
Buck:. Okay guys we're almost home free. We need to get to higher ground! Everybody follow me. If you see a pokeball pick it up! That's somebody's partner! If any of you need a break let me know and we'll rest! Everybody got it?
The group yelled their confirmation
Buck: Good! Let's head out!
The group began to walk heading away from the ocean and towards the land
Buck and Sparky did their best to hide any dead bodies from Christopher by Buck either jokingly covering his eyes or Sparky climbing up Buck to get in Christopher's face and block his view from the world.
The group walked for hours collecting about 15 pokeballs that were separated from their owners
It was dark when the group made it to the veterans hospital, with Flick doing his best to signal to the group and warn the first responders that a group was coming
Eddie was unaware that his son or his crush was caught in the tsunami
He wasn't aware of anything besides helping the injured until he heard a pokemon cry
Eddie looked up to see a talonflame circling over the building lighting it's wings in fire to create a beacon above them
Eddie: Do you think that Talonflame is trying to tell us something
Chin looking up: I don't know. It's looks like it's signaling to somebody
Eddie was about to reply when he heard a cry
Christopher: DAD!
Eddie looked up to see Christopher on Buck's back with Galvantula resting on his son's head and back
Eddie started to run towards the two calling out their names
Buck met him half way moving Christopher to the front of him as he ran
Once Eddie had both his boys wrapped in his arms he let what must have happened to them sink in
Chris and Sparky was squished between the two men with his father covering his head with kisses
Eddie: thank God your okay, thank God.
Eddie kept repeating this while peppering his son's head with kisses
Instinct took over and he kissed Buck on the lips
Buck was shocked but was quick to kiss him again
Eddie was about to finally tell Buck he loves him when they were interrupted by the Talonflame
Flick: TALON!
Buck reluctantly pulls away from his boys
Buck: FLICK! You did such a good job!
Flick landed on Buck's outstretched arm
Flick started to rub his head against Buck's
Eddie: Who's pokemon is that Buck?
Buck:. Oh I guess I never told, sorry. He's mine
Eddie was about to question him further when Christopher interrupted him
Chris holding Sparky: Buck's a pokemon trainer dad! He was even a champion for a bit! This is Sparky, she helped make sure I stayed safe! Right Sparky?
Sparky have her trill of confirmation
Eddie gave Buck a look
Eddie:. We'll have to talk about this later,but for now I'm so glad you're okay.
Eddie once again embraced Buck and kissed him again
Eddie touching his forehead to Buck's
Eddie:. I love you, you big idiot
Buck:. I love you too
At this point the rest of the 118 had caught up to Eddie
Hen: Buck! Are you okay?!
Buck: I'm fine Hen really. I have a group of about 40 people and 15 pokemon that were separated from their partners. We don't know how they look.
Hen:. Okay good job Buck! Nurse time to work!
Hen called out her pokemon Chansey aka Nurse
Hen: Nurse collect everybody's pokemon and take them over to the pokemon center station and help them any way you can over there, okay?
Nurse: Chansey!
With Christopher finally safe and all the people in the group being checked out Buck felt everything hit him at once and fainted out of exhaustion
He woke up a day later in Eddie's bed being cuddled not only by Christopher and Eddie but also all his pokemon and Eddie's growlithe
Which really amazed Buck that they could all fit on it especially Eragon who was wrapped around everybody
Buck has never felt so loved and truly accept then he did in that moment
6 months later Buck and Eddie were married
8 months later the pokemon League had finished for the year and pokemon trainers from all over the country came flooding to the 118 hoping to battle former Champion Evan Buckley
And Buck loved it
Inspiring new trainers while helping people with his family
It was a dream come true
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chris's first pokemon ended up being Sparky's daughter and little Joltick her names Fizzle
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pokemon-breeder-sky9 minutes ago
Hi I found out my Zoroark and Vulpix had eggs how do i care for the eggs and what will it be like when they are born ive never owned a crossbreed before!
How exciting!! Congrats to the soon-to-be parents!
In such similar species, you can treat the eggs just like you would those of the mother's species. You can either place the eggs in an incubator or let the parents take care of them. Vulpix and Zoroark both have pretty good parenting instincts.
Crossbred pokemon generally take after their mother in appearance and abilities. That's just the way the genetics works out; if there are conflicting genes, the mother's are expressed by default. So the babies will probably be pretty similar to their mother.
At the same time, crossbred pokemon are unpredictable. You can get basically no traits from the father or a 50/50 split or anything in between - even in the same litter! The Vulpix and Zorua lines hybridize well, so you should expect a few babies to have some coloration and moves from the father.
This won't be an issue any time soon, but you should know that some Ninetales and Zoroark hybrids develop hip and spine problems after evolving. Since Ninetales walk on four legs and Zoroark on two, hybrids can get caught in the middle. The pre-evolved forms are fine though
Thanks for the ask! Good luck with the little ones!
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neonheartz13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
218 / 219
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farcicalfractalforce13 minutes ago
Finding the binder of pokemon cards 7 year old me had was a journey. Check this shit out.
Tumblr media
Stickers galore. All those Harry Potter stickers. From a time before J.K Rowling had a twitter to post transphobia from.
Tumblr media
Not really sure why I drew Ganondorf? Good work though, 7 year old me. I was so proud of that left hand. Ocarina of time was fairly new at the time.
Tumblr media
The frame of my bed had all the sticker cards that were included plastered over it. And this is just one of the like, 5 pages in there.
Shame about the Mewtwo though. I took my collection with me everywhere, curated after what I found most beautiful and I always made sure Mewtwo was the top card. Kept some cards in there for trading.. but the really cool ones ended up in the binder.
Tumblr media
Like Weepinbell, because of the amazingly vibrant colors.
Tumblr media
And Lickitung because food. Though later my friend said the tongue looked like a 'you know what'. I had no fucking clue what he was talking about.
Tumblr media
And Eevee. Pokemon was cool as shit growing up. No one knew how to play so we mostly just traded. Older kids often scammed the younger ones. I switched cards in my deck to trade. Others I kept to tell my friends how beautiful they were.
Growing up as someone born in the 90's was pretty cool.
Tumblr media
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4ugk13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pokemon Palace of Victory Charizard vs Dragonite Anime Figures for Sale
Mecca Mai Studios
PU + Resin + Transparent Resin
H31 * W28 * L26cm Estimated
Limited to 128pcs
Shipping Date锛歈2 2021 Estimated 聽
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4ugk15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pokemon MARVEL The Terminator Cosplay Pikachu Anime Figure
N.C Studios
PU + Resin
H27 * W18 * D21cm Estimated
Limited to 288pcs
Shipping Date锛歈2 2021 Estimated 聽
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joshuakiryusmom17 minutes ago
Question, do any of my mutual鈥檚 play pokemon sword? If so would I be able to ask said person if at some point I could trade sword exclusive pokemon with you to complete my pokedex, including the legendary that I will trade back to you ofc. If not thats fine too but I figured I鈥檇 ask.
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4ugk17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pokemon Legendary Sannin Tsunade Cosplay Pikachu anime statues for Sale
SURGE Studios
PU + Resin
Height 15.8cm Estimated
Limited to 300pcs
Shipping Date锛歈2 2021 Estimated聽
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4ugk18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Spa Snorlax Pokemon Figure Collection
M5 Studios
PU + Resin + Epoxy
H22 * W32 * D30cm Estimated
Limited to 188pcs
Shipping Date锛歈3 2021 Estimated
Features锛歋norlax + Psyduck + Starmie聽
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jtgunner19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My let's play thumbnail art so far.
Check out my let's play channel here!
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millerflintstone21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pleased with how creepy this looks
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4ugk24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Uchiha Itachi Cosplay Pikachu Naruto Pokemon anime statues for Sale
SURGE Studios
Polystone + Transparent PU + LED
Height 14cm Estimated
Limited to 300pcs with an exclusive number
Shipping Date锛歈2 2021 Estimated聽
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4ugk25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Susanoo Uchiha Madara Cosplay Pikachu Naruto Pokemon Anime Statue
SURGE Studios
Transparent PU + Resin + LED
Height 16.5cm Estimated
Limited to 300pcs
Shipping Date锛歈2 2021 Estimated聽
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theviolenttomboy30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I just realized, Kusaka and Mato would鈥檝e been able to put in the Gen 2 Firebreather and Kimono Girl back in the RGB chapter if at least one of them saw/got to play the Gold and Silver demo from Space World 1997.
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