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followcb · 4 hours ago
An Unexpected Dream (Unfolding)
the stunning, summer solstice sun
rose in warm crimson and gold
above darkened dome
but we, couldn't see
for the nearness of the trees was far too close
surrounding you and me
shadows and leaves
stirred in juxtaposition, staunch opposition
multiple feelings moving in me
maybe I'm blind, but I find
the thrill of shimmering stars in nightsky
penetrate my mind's eye
can't tell you why . . . I . . .
experience serenity come darkness
cherish the solitude of stark quietness
I am at peace,
home amid the silence, the stillness
comfort of new moon blackness
the invisible intimacy of empty space
vacancy of time and place
nothingness of oblivion
openness of every creative possibility
probability of danger
likelihood of risk
prospect of fear
potential for magic to occur
might be moments from exploding
climax of an unexpected dream
©️ @followcb ☆ May 16, 2021
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pennywishpoems · 15 hours ago
from the docks
remember sinking under
the influence of summer
when the yellows bounced against
the docks and boats in slips
remember blinking twice
when i kissed you in the daylight
my hands the hue of sunset
caught in guilty footsteps
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rhapsodyinblue80 · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
feels like a colossal word,
with beauty so vast
the heart can't fully absorb
its glorious color
instead it's left aching
endlessly for the silhouette
just beyond paned glass
a malnourished child
wanting, dreaming
half awake
grace . . . emerald water wings
speckled jewels glistening
beneath sunlight's intensity
spraying generosity
& hope as holy water
upon dehydrated feelings,
a baptismal of belief
within these withered
chambers where
& disbelief
take up resistance
grace reminds you
let go, forsake knowing,
understanding, controlling
lean outward dangerously
toward intuition, let faith grasp
you within her ginger eyes
a hearth burning away
your stiff places, kindling them
into warm flesh
grace blooms,
a vermillion rose
aromatic acceptance,
kindness, unfolding buds
as fists into small fingers
reaching for the tenderness
of a regenerated world
unburdened with blight
grace . . . a threaded
sainted syllables
plaited in forgiveness
& mostly,
Image: By Erica Wexler
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imperialhaiku · 20 hours ago
thirteen hundred names / voices reaching across seas / becoming one sound
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sincerelysharon · a day ago
Life is offering me a chance to take comfort, to sit in the warm waters of knowing and belonging. Where I know how the sun sets, the way the grass grows, how the sky looks at Christmas. I'm giving up all that knowing, and it feels like giving up all that knowing means also giving up on all that belonging. I'm on the precipice and it looks like I'm not moving. My heart, strung out by cappuccinos and the love for the sun, is at a stand off. Reeds of wistfulness hung over head, nostalgia ripens beneath. Change holds its hand out to me, Comfort does too. I sit, fading, tremulous and undone.
change and comfort, hands open, inviting // s.g. 
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origami-houses · a day ago
You tell yourself that it will happen tomorrow, or next week, or when the time is right. But you’re waiting for a time that will never come. Not if you don’t catch it for yourself.
- G.L. Angelone
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followcb · a day ago
An Unspoken Language
this morning, a welcome warning
is it you, coming to . . .
coming through . . .
as if everything we ever knew . . .
these feelings, I'm feeling
sense of awe, sense of enchantment
subconscious, unconscious
subliminal messages of wonderment
from another channel
perhaps they're heaven sent
maybe I'm just a host . . .
maybe I'm just a ghost
remaining, wondering where you went
and now, I know
it was you, who . . .
I always loved the most
and like the brightest, burgeoning dawn
the day and time moved on . . .
and now you're gone
though we both know,
you're not, you'll never be, gone
love plays on and on and on
like the lyrics of our forever song;
we are timeless as oceans
interwoven quilts of sewn emotions
stitched for eternity
united through infinite intimacy
an unspoken language that . . .
exists solely between you and me
destiny in the stars you see
©️ @followcb ☆ May 15, 2021
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courtneyopoetry · a day ago
Mom called and Dad is still afraid
I can't feel bad because I need to breathe
I can wait but not wither: my life is here
I feel the forces all around me!
I know you raised me, you taught me well
but I can't listen to all you speak
I had to get away to meet you again
and I also had to get freed, rounded, complete
(We're on reaver land but we can't put our souls on hold)
And I watch the world and they might be wrong
but you aren't always right at all
I can't live under the weight of impending doom
all day, all night through
And I love how you imply that love is not gone
He is but my days just begun
Mom, he brings a smile, I can't tell you,
the day is so close
The chains and the masks
fell down the moment I was on my own
God built a door throughout the dark for me
To cross this valley of tears
and find me a place I could live,
and I could stay, even,
thank you, thank you for the release
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trans-writes · a day ago
dance with me among the trees beneath the lantern lights and i’ll tell you a tale of fairy wings of ecstasy and frights step into my circle here and please outstretch your hand close your eyes and count to ten welcome, now, to faerieland join me here beneath the hill and i’ll sing you a song we’ll pass the night in revelry and you will dance along you’ve been here for half a year but in your world t’was nine don’t you know, my human foe, that now your life is mine? you drank my wine and ate my food you now owe me a debt it must be paid in years and blood so cry out your regret bow before the Seelie Queen --r.a.b.
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soulreserve · a day ago
to say “I love you” to a ghost.
now that we have parted, I look for you in my dreams.
like the fragrance of the wild frangipani that blooms near my window, I have filled up my lungs with your scent. I have hidden your face under my eyelids. I have dissolved your essence softly, within my being.
you are a teary-eyed ghost that embraces me when we meet, before you break away into the clear blue sky and the falling petals of the ruined flower that I love so much.
© SoulReserve 2021
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trans-writes · a day ago
your love is like chapstick for my heart-- i keep it in my pocket, to fish out when i need and i spread my favorite memories of you over all the raw, sore, dry parts and suddenly i’m not cracking apart anymore you’re my favorite remedy --r.a.b.
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trans-writes · a day ago
apathy is not protection impervious is not strong i know sometimes it’s easier to believe that if you don’t care, everything is better if you don’t care,  you can’t be hurt, but if you stay that way for long enough you begin to petrify and you’ll be stuck there. apathy isn’t situational you can’t turn it on and off at will not forever, anyways one day you’re going to realize that you can no longer find the off-switch apathy creates statue gardens of broken people --r.a.b.
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imperialhaiku · a day ago
two weeks into "change" / lips and lungs dry but refreshed / this journey goes on
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courtneyopoetry · 2 days ago
raving Sun
You don't see my manic state,
a bit gone but still having health
This sweet madness that I breathe, this desire to play till it breaks!
Passion that I am here, not going to waste
My lively thirst, my glowing craze.
My raving Sun!
Please God, don't slow us down.
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courtneyopoetry · 2 days ago
The world - is an ugly cut
But soft tissues - all around
There are ways to drain the blood
Healing at someone's magic touch
The world's so wide - so don't go shy
I'm floating sky high,
don't get me off my cloud
because the world is oh so nice
The world might love me, at last!
And I love it back! I expand,
everything's mine!
The world a place so fucking nice
so filled with chance
And there's also you, and there's I
the Sun melts my old skin
and makes sweet ice cream of me
How can I not love a world
where you and I fall in love?
A world stuffed with so much tiny excitement
unfolding at the doors
It's looking up! Marvelled at the poetry pouring all over
How can i not love a world
where we meet each other?
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calgpoetry · 2 days ago
"just friends"
“just friends” we tell our friends, but you have me up until 3am, waiting until you finish your game. “just friends” we tell our friends, but you’re up at 9am to keep me company while I go about my day. “just friends” we tell ourselves, but we talk everyday without actually saying what we need to say. “just friends” we tell ourselves, so why do we act like we’re more than just friends.
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trans-writes · 2 days ago
i have to say i’m a bit tired of writing about writing give me something,  anything, please. i stopped breathing weeks ago and since then i can’t find anything that makes my  heart skip a beat, or my eyes water, or my mind spin like it used to. all i need is a speck of color, but the sky is grey and the grass is dead the stars have lost their light and i don’t know where it went. please, give me something to feel --r.a.b.
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