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maliciously-yours · a day ago
i am tired of this numbness that surrounds me,
of how once i dreamt of everything i wanted,
and now that i actually have everything i have lost
me in the process,
seeking for yourself is hard,
no matter how hard you try at times all you could do
is yearn,
and maybe when wake up one night,
we will see things through.
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paulrkohn · a day ago
Tumblr media
Your assumptions dismiss people so easily, but I am still here ready to be by your side no matter how far away, to catch you in the softness of my shattered heart Know that even when it doesn’t feel like it, you are seen, you are heard, you are worthy, you are loved. Unconditionally. . #Poetry #Poet #Poem #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poetrylovers #poetslife #lostinthought #AmWriting #Reflection #Empath . #packpoetry #bymepoetry #bymepoetryaus #untwineme #untwinemeaustralia #poetconnection #silverleafpoetry #writersflare #poeticreveries #globalagepoetry #bleedingsoulpoetry #discovermypoetry #poets_area #societyofpoetry
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jiyaaren · a day ago
See your worth, you deserve happiness
and peace. You have gone through so
much pain. Your heart, that beauty,
those scars, those failures are to be
loved not to put you down.
Jiya Aren
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amiateenager · 2 days ago
Kitne Pass Hai Hum
Teri Har adaa main jadu sa hai,
Teri khamoshi me bhi nasha sa hai.
Jab se tu ayi hai meri zindagi mai,
Is zindagi ka har din bas khushiyon se saja hai.
Ye samay ka kesa hai khel ki nhi nihaar sakta hu tere chehre ka noor,
Par sach mai jb tu wo smiley wala emotion bhejti hai na, mera whatsapp bhi hojata hai choor choor.
Apne phone ki har bajti ghanti mai bas tera hi naam dekhna chahta hu,
Jis din meri zuban par tera naam na ho, us din ko me apni zindagi se bahar fekna chahta hu.
Meelo ke fasle ke baad bhi kitne paas hai hum,
Jis din tu na ho us din mere dard ke aage feque pad jaye duniya ke saare gum.
Yeh wada hai mera marke bhi na chorenge hum ek dusre ka yeh saath.
Saat kya har janam mai thamunga tera yeh haath.❤
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Considering thoughts
Thoughts tread the heaviest in the night
They make their presence known
Their insatiable need to be acknowledged
It tires me to even entertain them
Nonetheless I still do so because I am only human
Even I cannot try to run away from my flaws
Before I know it my mind has been left to ponder
The unknown terrain of what our mind creates
It’s not long before my thoughts begin to wander
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christiancurrypoetry · 2 days ago
An Unhappy Mommy’s Day
I don’t feel I’ve earned a “happy mothers day” to be honest
In fact, I feel I should be put to death for leaving them
I have my reasons of course
But what does that matter to them?
They’re only kids...they don’t understand
They don’t understand I left for them
I drove 10 hours away to save them
I needed to better myself to be the mommy they think I am
The mommy I’ve always pretended to be
Happy and “okay”
Truth is I’m not okay
So I thought I could find myself by moving away
Distance doesn’t change a thing
I miss them so fucking much
I’m autistic; I don’t like people much, yet they’re my favorite human beings
What the hell is wrong with me?
Yes, I’ve always struggled with depression and anxiety
But that’s not on them
That’s only on me
I didn’t ask for it
But a lot of us didn’t ASK for a lot of things
Am I wrong?
In some feels so
I only know I love them more than anything else in this world 
And I just can’t let go
I just need them to know
I always wanted them both...
Happy mothers day 
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angstandsadness · 3 days ago
i am neither good or bad, just person
how do you know if you're a bad person
how do you know if you're a person worth living
do bad people debate their morals
or do only the good ponder about these things
why do the truly good people
doubt themselves
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iespeciallyme · 3 days ago
All the dances in the ballroom, Swaying back and forth. What were those days all for? Endearing eyes locked, In love and requited aesthetic. Can you blame me, For wanting more?
Is it possible, For the angels to bless us, Without, Having to pay a steeping, staking, price?
You told me we don't stand a chance, And left me lying in the dirt, Where I rose from the ashes like a phoenix, Giving myself a new life, Leaving us behind.
And behind we went, an endless circle, Where we crashed and burned, Cracked and broke, Like every time before.
The wheel will never come full circle, Yet again, Where we left each other.
Oh, how our destinies were unaligned. The stars that were ours have already died. Our love is six feet under, The wheel never to come full circle.
The gods wanted us to stay away, Plethoras of shadows in between, Standing on a sheet of perforating ice.
Our destinies weren't entwined. Our love was born to die.
We lived. Then we died. Was this all a big lie?
If you knew all these truths, Were your loving glances all rehearsed? If you told me you loved me, Was it just, A Curse?
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iespeciallyme · 3 days ago
I refuse to become a puppet. A little sport you like to play. I refuse, To say hushed, In this treasonable thing, We call "today."
I refuse to take the needle, Stitch you back, From the pieces of scraps That you split yourself Into. I refuse.
I refuse to be the cement, And pick up the pieces, Every last one of them. I stayed when no one did, Cut myself, On your broken pieces, But now, I simply, Refuse.
You've used me, For way too far long Until I've become, Way too far gone.
I'm done condemning my light like the Sun, To your shadowing, deadly, Dark.
Content and ready to burn on this pyre, I was ready to burn in your world of fire. But now I'm exhausted, My flame is lost. Well, I'll find it, of course, But at a spiking cost.
You used me, You broke me, You lied, I'm tired, The time has come, To end this meaningless fight. I refuse to stay silent.
I love you. Goodbye.
FINALLY. I’ve posted a poem after ages, and after May 15th, my birthday, my lockdown will be over and I’ll be a regular poster. YAY! Anyway, I hope you like this poem guys. I know its simple, but its tragic. So, yeah!
Taglist: @poeticattractions​ @princess-maram​ @cheeseburstthoughts​ @keya-123​ @the-writing-avocado​ @johermione​ @november-rage​ @wordsaremydiary​ @justyouraveragewriter​ @livvyheronstairs​ @its-always-ni​ @sizzlingdazebear​ @aakhyasharma​ @floralbeast​ @lovebird-in-the-dark​ @the-girl-who-cried-wolf @all​ my followers
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katherinenguyenwrites · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
This is just my tumblr poetry debut, so why not?
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an-unlikely-poet · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
In flames the purge of being human
Most will run
Some will watch
I will burn
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yellowhippo · 4 days ago
May 7
Players don't play, they get played by their own rules.
It's never even a game to begin with. No competition against anyone, rather a fight against oneself.
Players don't play, they get played by their own rules.
It's a battle out there. One that never should have existed but is already written as history.
Players don't play, they get played by their own rules.
A history that unfolds and yet it has already been spoken. Everyone knows the endgame but the players.
Players don't play, they get played by their own rules.
5:22 - 5:25pm
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Tumblr media
either way, they brew danger photography:@hymnofhues ~A.J. . #writersofhyderabad #writersofindia #poetsofindia #poetsofhyderabad #poems #poetry #poets #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poemsgram #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotesgram #poetslife #poetrynetwork #poetrynet #poetryslams #writersofinstagram #writers #writersnetwork #writersnet #writerslife #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #theinkeddreams #TID #inkyourdreams #hymnofhues (at Hyderabad)
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