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#poets on poetry
trans-writes · a minute ago
you grow up hearing about the young revolutionaries the ones that saw problems and fixed them the ones that did things the ones that lived and the ones that died, too
i want to be a revolutionary i see so many problems but I’m just a child trapped between the pages of my textbooks trapped between the keys of my laptop trapped between the walls of my school
i want to be a revolutionary because the world needs change and because my fleeting energy needs focus i want to feel like I’m doing something i want to feel like I’m having an impact like I’m living, instead of being alive but I’m trapped
trapped inside my defective brain trapped inside my cold classroom trapped inside my stale home,  where everyone talks but no one says anything the cacophony is dead silent to my ears  that seek only for something to latch onto
you could call me a dreamer but not a revolutionary they all did something tried something new broke away from everyone else but I’m trapped here, and I don’t have the strength to break away
i can’t stand on my own i wish I could but I’ll leave that to the revolutionaries. me? I’m just a dreamer --r.a.b.
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wordsbyjenpoetry · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
When I feel a wave of pain from the hurt they caused, and I am busy doubting myself again. Could you remind me that you’ll always choose me, and I will always be enough of everything you love?
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meine-kleine-schreibwelt · 11 minutes ago
Ein Blick von dir,
Feuerwerk in mir.
Zwischen uns eine Schlucht,
gefühlvoll glitzernde Meeresbucht.
Tauche ein in dein Blau,
was ich in dir erschau
kann ich nicht teilen,
kann nur an Gedichten feilen.
Doch ist das genug?
Ist es nicht eher Betrug.
Warum kann ich nicht gehen?
Endlich aufhören Dich anzusehen.
EdNe sAD
E. C 11.05.21
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ishxni · 16 minutes ago
Dysmorphia - ishani
was it a case of protection from the world, or speaking from your own judgement, when I watched from a far as I abused my body and seen it shift from up and down, up and down, up and down.
and with one eye closed, and with one eye open my ability to grow and shrink in my body is my ability to continue gardening this hate that I planted inside of me too. so yes, yes I always want to change, and I always feel uncomfortable in my own skin. so I ask again, was it protection or a lapse of your judgement?
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wordsintheraw · 34 minutes ago
Ten people.
Ten people couldn’t replace you.
Nor a hundred.
The well you left behind was deep.
Ten people couldn’t replace you.
Nor a thousand.
I’m a million miles away from feeling complete.
I see you in every reflection.
Trying to make our eyes meet.
Eventually I’ll stop trying to replace you
And realize that will never be.
There’s only one of you, only one of me.
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felonys-amazing-poetry-tm · 35 minutes ago
there is something aching deep in my bones and i don’t know what it is. it doesn’t scare me
(i am young, i do not know better)
there is something aching in my bones and it burns in my chest and i love the way her eyes guide me like a lighthouse, and i, a ship on an uncertain sea, sailing homewards
and it is burning and it is embers and it is the way we laugh when we come in from outside, and we haven’t yet learned to care about the grass stains on our pants, and he hasn’t yet realized that it will not always be this way, and our hands are linked, tighter than a pinky-promise, that’s us. and we giggle and don’t yet think to wonder why pink is for girls and blue is for boys
(we are young, we are burning, we don’t know better)
it is aching, deep, the fathoms of my heart are as clear as the song of the bird who made its place in a hollow near our back door, rickety staircase and a manufactured home away from our front porch painted a burning blue.
and i am all bare feet and hands pressed against the earth, the soft cooing of our broody hens and the homemade swing where i pretended to be a pirate, alone in a vast sea. the swing-tree fell in one of my first tornadoes and i did not take that as a sign because the only sign i needed the was the gentle chirps of chicks hatched by a hen i gave water and food too myself, when she refused to leave her nest.
(i am young and the chicks are young, and i haven’t yet learned that birds can drown in water bowls)
it is aching and it has always been aching and the deepness in my bones is like chasing the dustmites in a sunbeam, my heavy breath causing it to dip and flutter
it is aching aching aching and it feels like home
(i am young and i do not know better)
(i am young)
(i am young)
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bukohen · 50 minutes ago
Where'd you go
This home, so empty now
And in this hole I built myself
I thought you would help me out
But you turned away and left the shovel
And I crawl
And I call
Out to you
My song becoming deaf
Echoing from dawn to death
Will I ever sing for you again?
My cries do not reach
Your heart behind walls I beg be breached
The last flame in me lit to siege
This Knight beckons his Queen
Where'd you go
Don't leave me all alone
In your absence there is nothing left
Nothing more, nothing less
I become adrift
In the shadow of your nothingness
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hallucinated-desires · 52 minutes ago
I'd prefer black clouds and I'd prefer no clouds at all,
But here, in my land,
The clouds are getting greyer than ever,
The clouds are getting heavier than ever.
I'm waiting for a downpour,
But the clouds are weaving a conspiracy,
Slowly it sinks in,
The rains aren't coming,
The clouds are just blocking the sunlight.
It's pandemonium inside and pandemonium outside.
If I forget you tomorrow,
Will you remind me of the times we spent?
Will you take the pain and stabilize my fuzzing thoughts?
Many things have been fading away lately,
And I swear I never used the eraser,
Stealthily, someone's cutting away the links,
And it's been harder than ever,
To stand on the brink,
To find the missing pieces.
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fools-and-silvermoons · 56 minutes ago
Unto the shackles
To a fate decided
Without consent
To be abused
And used
By the sons
Of those who sold
To be
To have spirit
And torn
To be
Old and frail
Beaten and broken
By those
Who stole
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poseidon-nyks · 58 minutes ago
Her şey değişir bazen zamanla, bazen bir insanla
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maliciously-yours · an hour ago
i am tired of this numbness that surrounds me,
of how once i dreamt of everything i wanted,
and now that i actually have everything i have lost
me in the process,
seeking for yourself is hard,
no matter how hard you try at times all you could do
is yearn,
and maybe when wake up one night,
we will see things through.
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halfdeadhands · an hour ago
below the surface
but i'd rather be drowning
because i know
you wouldn't hesitate
to jump in after me
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kleio-b · an hour ago
Apple Teach
When the Apple fell,
Some had it raw;
Some made pies,
Yet never the wise.
More apples fell,
More pies were made;
Custards and apple sauce,
But ignorance prevailed.
A man under the tree,
Decided to solve the mystery;
While at dinner or in the bath,
He pondered incessantly.
And the penny dropped,
He declared ‘eureka’;
He gathered his thoughts,
To introduce law of gravity.
For many many years,
This story has been told;
For the one who learns the lesson,
Finally illuminates the world.
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my-blood-of-ink · an hour ago
Sharp as a blade when broken. Dull when its sands float in the ocean. Its surface clear as the morning sky. Yet as frail as a bird's wings when it flies. A graceful dance as it falls and shatters, Dangerous shards of reflection when it scatters.
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writeawayjen · an hour ago
light up
her hair and eyes, dark like chocolate,
her skin soft and head full of hair like a forest
she remembered an experience that can never leave her mind.
a memory she’d think about every time.
she went to the roof and lied down with a rolled up joint,
no cyphing.
just in a state of euphoria.
she stretched her arm as her fingers followed the constellations of the stars.
and in that moment she realized how cold her heart became.
she felt this peace within herself.
and smiled at the fact that she will never be the same.
and for her,
that was okay.
she opened her eyes and rolled up another joint.
she lied back down and lit it.
the blunt burned and her soul along with it.
and hit after hit,
she forgot about the men she once used to missed.
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