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What’s the point plz don’t disappoint I need 8 seconds to get my point across we go back & forth like tennis & lacrosse fatigue to tired of where we left off a lotta temperature Celsius & Fahrenheit you afraid of heights I’m afraid for your life girl if you was a drug you’ll be herion I need a full dose of herion this my downfalls my avalanche you hold I slip off from ya hand I didn’t on purpose to see where would I land I swim across the ocean to you and die in the sand this where my footprints left off the waves washed it all no trace no calls no letters no search would you cry if I wasn’t existing on this earth? My body is in the hearse in the middle of the church no more hearing the birds chirp nor tweet no more messages time is in the click of the essence bury whatever we had that’s in the coffin of the presence as the present get close to future be I rather see you happy and wipe the pain away and get married and couple of kids you would carried a son or daughter blood thick than holy water I’ll see when the new world is in order
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Who you talking to when I’m not around you know rumors are like clouded weather & truths fall like rain drops & it’s the ground dead & sound what’s the right amount how many times I failed the attempt to sweep ya feet off the ground my Heart is trapped in my rib cage I feel like my tongue never said about how I actually feel about you never felt like this since a teenage when I think of you my urges grow stronger how do I express my feelings to someone’s daughter I know she’s the wrong lover that’s the thrill my dopamine levels high when I think oh you I get goosebumps & chills you call my phone b4 wit no caller Id my eyesight is bounded high beams I inhale your aura of poison in my Iv I try to keep clean you know it’s hard I’m waiting on that day until our feelings grow apart still waiting on that day my rib cages get ripped apart & snatch my heart my air ways leak blood let it flood let it flood it went from bear hugs to shoulder shrugs minus & plus love & fuss two chairs one table what do we discuss?
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wordsaremydiary · 8 days ago
Sitting with my mom
I smile a different smile.
Listening to her sweet words
I smile a big, genuine smile.
Sitting with those fake people
I smile a different smile.
Listening to their fake words
I smile a tight-lipped, fake smile.
Sitting with someone I admire
I smile a different smile.
Listening to and watching them
I smile a small shy smile.
Sitting with people I love
I smile a different smile.
Goofing and talking with them
I smile a big, toothy smile.
To every heart in my life
I smile a different smile.
For all the hearts I've lost
I smile a different smile.
2021, April 8th
The credit for this idea and theme goes to @wonderingprocrastinator ☻ Thank you so much for this genius and genius suggestion. Hope you like it :)
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wordsaremydiary · 8 days ago
Here’s an easy one you can write about! Roses!! Please write a poem about a red rose slowly turned into pink and then white when winter comes please? ~X-Over Anon
Hello 👋 Anonymous. Hope you're doing wonderful.
Now that's an interesting concept. Thank you for the idea. I have tried my best. Here it is.
My heart will sing
All individual notes.
All heaven bells will ding
And hit all the right notes.
The flower in your hand
Is a piece of my heart.
You're like a grand
Piece of lovely art.
From seasons to years
This rose will bloom.
It's all yours
Like a personal heirloom.
It slowly changes and grows
Along with you.
Into different colours it glows
Just like you.
From red to pink
And pink to white.
From young love to adult sync
And from that to old flight.
Tumblr media
2021, April 8th
I hope you like it Anon! Have a wonderful day ahead 😄
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I cared too much then got my heartbroken by ppl I love that didn’t cared enough I care too much trying to hide my emotions but my facial expressions knows somethings up I buried it inside my airways until it turns into dust somehow it’s still trying to corrupt got my heartbroken that I forgot how to trust got my heartbroken that I forgot how to love I’m keeping on drinking till I’m drunk enough & text random stuff & let out the buried stuff I hid no comedy skits I would do a cassette tape & drop everything like Hannah baker did slit wrists bruised ribs & a couple of fractured wrist it’s something gotta give I ask god you give some of these ppl second chances that probably didn’t deserve to live I put myself on that list I’ll kill myself like I didn’t exist where the exit if you put a gun in my face I’ll wouldn’t resist life was so precious when we was kids as I grew older sugar turns into shit graveyard shift my heart turn to stone unemotional don’t not know how to respond to joy cause of of it got wipe away these tears I shed away from memories I’m strong but the inside I still have insecurities I feel like a blind nigga cause I can’t see my own enemies blind fate if I die today or tomorrow put me in the morgue & take my heart & give too someone to borrow I hate myself cause I cared too much about lil of random stuff I hate that I do too much I hate I love too much it never stop till I was an adolescent & when I grew up I should’ve knew enough the only time if I separate us if I die even if I die you’ll wouldn’t know about it never been founded still looking for me internet browsing
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sakisinspoetryblog · 28 days ago
Thumbs Out For A New World
Life is fleeting
Like bubbles that pop in your hand.
Friendships leaving
Like a hitchhiker with a plan.
Thumbs out for a new world!
Pick em up & take them there.
Everything slowly comes unfurled;
Caught in this sordid affair.
The honey is sweet,
& then you choke
On the fantasy;
Addicted to black smoke.
I am dystopian,
My heart feels like it will rupture...
Another lost civilization,
Another failing infrastructure.
You forgot the brown sugar.
I have lost a voice to disagree...
With the drugs in the cooker;
Slowly burning.
I’m more than an after thought;
What I would’ve done,
What it might have cost
To be someone you love.
I say you’re my muse,
But it’s just fuel for my words;
Just this pain I abuse,
So make it hurt.
Dancing with the devil
Making friends with demons
& through the veil I bellow
‘When did you stop dreaming?’.
Beat me down,
Sell my soul
Pimp me out
Keep my body whole.
Kill the bees
Poison the air
Cut down the trees
Fill your lives with despair
Internet celebrity....
Everything slowly comes unfurled.
Your life is so enthralling;
Thumbs out for a new world.
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herandpoetry · a month ago
Invisible scars
There are scars hidden inside of me, unseen
Wounds deeper than the visible surface of my skin
Buried trauma have been pushed deep to my core
Masked it with false smiles and false demeanor
I face the world and walk pretending I’m unscathed
Kept the facade of appearing intact, I masqueraded
Deep inside my soul’s crushed to pieces to no repair
I once lost my sanity, I was drowning in despair
Looking everywhere outside of me to heal from my pain
I know better now it’s within me, to be sane
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poetrybyjames · a month ago
oh honey i’ll
do for you what i did for me
turn the oven on in winter so we’re warm
bathe you when you’ve been in bed for days
draw hearts on your to-do lists so you feel like
there’s love behind the obligations
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wordsofsh · 4 months ago
The light within
Peep in, you will see wonders
The light,
waiting to be whirled!
The light that segregated
The blacks, the whites and the greys
The light that kept you
All this time sane.
The light that you have been hiding
The light this world has been dreading
The light we all want to let reveal
The light we still conceal
It's that light
That kept invigorating our souls
Swirling our emotions
Into deep wells of conscience
Telling us, all this time
This light is blinding
Let the world not get
And now this light only tells me,
It's time..
Let the apocalypse begin!
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thesongachillessang · 8 months ago
There was something so lovely about the innocence of the night sky,
But falling stars become more relatable than beautiful when life gets its way.
Because we are like stars,
Burning so fast and bright
Recklessly calculated into the abyss of the night,
and by the time someone notices our fall,
we have already hit the surface of an unknown land,
Craters burning around us,
as the ache of our bones becomes too much,
and we fall silently into the nothingness of being. 
I realized this when the pale moon was never so pretty
as a pale face with hateful eyes who whispered the word love in exchange for blindness to their manipulation.
- I Never Felt So Alone Burning Out Looking At The Sky.
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herfanalways · 9 months ago
Your voice wakes me and I find myself drenched in a cold sweat I used to reach out in these moments in the dark In these moments of panic and catching my breath To remind myself I’m not alone Yet, now I find myself Completely alone Panic sits in, hyperventilating begins I breathe shallow breaths... in ,out,in,out until I have to sit and clutch my chest I wait for the feeling to pass ...and no sooner will it That I find myself waking in that cold sweat again I stopped driving As it tore my heart apart Each time I’d reach for your hand And found it vacant in your seat... I used to worry putting your feet on the dashboard Would cause an injury to you Now I worry not telling you to stop Will cause an injury to me I walk up to our door Past gardens of red, purple and blue Gardens planted with great love And an attentive you I hate coming or going I’d rather never move Not moving hurts just as much though As I’m surrounded by a void A hole so deep and infinite It swallows you whole With no mercy, thrusting memories With each look I take What’s on the tv? I can’t check now without you Something on the table , made once by you What’s in the kitchen... Just the foods that we once shared I’m shredding into pieces Sometimes I wish I’d just fall Fast, quick...straight down the stairs   You won’t speak to me, I guess I understand But from where I am sitting Your reaching out would be my mercy In this dark and blackened land Just a word here or there A how are you or hi Anything to lift me up From this pending demise
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isuxatpoetry · 9 months ago
Talking stage is messy, we all know that by now
saying over and over how broken you are
explaining your struggles and bad mental health
toxicity leaking from the side of my neck
every time you kiss it, there is regret
but my sweetness is unavoidable and it covers the tracks
that's how I make you fall in love with trash
first its early trauma then it's trust issues
missing an abusive ex that was a good kisser
loving a persona created in daydreams
pushing people over the edge just for fun of it
saying "I love you" will never be the same
don't make me like you it will bite your brain
my splitting is messy I admit, I'm bad
just call me a good girl, hold my hand a bit
wait no, fuck off, I didn't mean it like this
sorry, my fault, I am such a klutz
hold on where are you going ?
I dont care, move on
such a complicated soul for a person so empty
try and reach me, I don't promise I'll answer
there is always another bitch that will need your attention
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leatherbounddiaries · 9 months ago
Stories of a Whore
In the big house on the hill with its
myriad of staircases
I snort not-MD & drink VBs
roll a perfect spliff to smoke out on the doorstep
& wind up in an unintended bed
cos fuck going out again in that cold
& maybe it’s a little bit like
using my body as a distraction
cos my heart’s been hurt & aching
but in saying that the distraction’s not bad at all
& I roll another spliff & leave
half on the window-sill til morning
& in the morning I can’t find it
must’ve rolled out the window & down the roof
& through the Kelburn hills but
I can find arms around me & a gentle body &
laughter & lovely yarns 
& as we fuck you roll over
& the spliff reveals itself all
crumpled on the bedsheets
& I yell FOUND IT while I’m getting pounded
& smoke it out into that sunny-blue sky
everything glorious & majestic
with the promise of a sunrise
as you drink your gin & the lads come in
collapsing onto us with beaming grins
& there’s such bliss & humour in this house on the hill
& maybe sometimes our sadness & vulnerability
leads us some place happy
where we don’t feel like a stranger despite
being an almost-stranger
but welcome & adored.
In your room
with the incense & the altar
& the generally magical atmosphere
we smoke spliffs & cuddle & kiss
& women feel so different to men
so much softer
& god I don’t know what I’m doing
which is ironic cos I
sure know my own pussy
but I just don’t know what I’m doing cos
girls are so awfully tender
& the dynamic is so very different
like I gotta reach right into myself
for all my feminine-masculinity
if that makes any sense whatsoever
cos I wanna touch you like I wanna be touched
& oh the sensuality of swapping massages
spliff-kisses in the morning your
silky shirt with the sun & the moon
so very much like you
shining softly, brightly
as I try to learn new
patterns with my hands.  
Oh how very strange
sharing this bed & these snuggles with you
but you are the one who says
make yourself at home
when I’ve got no other home to go to
& when you run your hands over me so excitedly
it’s like throwing it back to 2k15
when your dad came in & said
& anyway
it’s very strange
& different from those days
when I was delirious with adoration for you
but we share a companionable closeness
that has grown so strong in the past five years
& I think of jacking you off as a
favour for a most darling friend
& though it feels strange it doesn’t feel weird
& you jizz on the sheets oh what memories
& drive me home along unfamiliar roads
as we sing along to the
cassette tapes in your stereo.
Funny the story of how we met
smack-bang in the middle of my trauma & my grief
numbers exchanged over that slandered mattress
which must’ve made quite a first impression
but I’m a professional at the redirection
of all that negative bullshit
& hustle a date outta my own defamation
& you’re way cooler & sexier than I was able to
process at the time
& we kiss at the party after you say
you do this thing where you get nervous & talk & laugh
which I respond to by talking & laughing
til you kiss me again & we
wind our way back to that paradoxical place
drinking the last VB & sharing a spliff on the balcony
with such a bizarrely ironic view
before retiring to the bed under the wall décor
depicting a hand grabbing ass very
reflective of our current reality
& baby touch my body til it bruises
gimme hickeys for the memories
leave signs of all those
good things that you’ve done to me
I’ll wear them with pride & add your
name to the mattress’s list.
We meet on the dancefloor
you with your Instagram stories & your
sparkly eyes & your
big glowing smile
horsed on the San Fran balcony &
taking up space at the front of the crowd
never really danced with someone so
close & sexy like this
& god dammit don’t kiss me in public but
I’ll let it happen anyway
not really got much to complain about
& this night will be memorialised
by the taste of your vape
& poetry readings on the couches at JJ’s
where I feel part of something so sweet
then sneaking into the Massey halls
which is a bloody good meme in itself
the forbidden sharing of your first-year bed
which I personally think is well worth it
& theme of the week is
skinny blond boys with big cocks saying
Devon you’re so hot
& walking that divinely fine line
between pleasure & pain
you breathing my name til I
leave discreetly in the morning
walking home with the sun
shining brilliant in my eyes.
I’ve never experienced anything quite like this
as we walk home so involved in each other
with such a perfect magic stillness
& all I wanna do is be alone with you
fold myself right into you
pull the heaven all outta the skies for you
cos you’re the healing I’ve been needing
& didn’t think I’d find
& if I lay out my soul like solitaire
maybe you could solve me
as I finally realise the simple ease of communication
when you actually fucking trust someone
& god I just wanna tell you everything
all the pain of my past & the mess of my majesty
& here in our last night in Hell we’ve got something
angelic to protect us
as you look me in the eyes with me
coming in your hands
& I always thought romance was necessary
for this level of communion
but we’ve got something just as good if not better
something so simple & sweet
& when you say I dig you I know just what it means
as we listen to beautiful music & I fall asleep
& in the morning when the devil
stands outside my door & says
iT’s LiKe tWo cHiLdReN hAvIng sEx
I smile cos they will never know our bliss
& maybe we’re children cos we’re young &
full of love & happy noise
& maybe you’re my sixth option but
you’re my first choice
& for you I’ll always keep a secret
an untainted kiss I so delight in giving.  
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isuxatpoetry · 10 months ago
When you feel sad you usually connect the dots why
but this time I didn't know why
frustration inside was hard to handle
the dots were disappearing as soon as I touch the handle of the door they unlock
every door has a different story, past or present
but this time I couldn't reach it
I had no idea what was in my mind, speaking
blurred voices with crossed out faces
talking in same time, but different languages
so confused yet so aware, only thought was how to get out of there
burning eyelids from tears that feel like I'm swallowing acid
no one tells you how to handle this panic
especially alone, in your own room, with no parent around
yea because they tell you that it's all a lie
but hear me mother I am weeping and you don't believe the word I say
I am lost completely, no one has a normal soul to spare
maybe one day it will all disappear, while I float away in the stream of tears
remember me sane while I'm here, but don't sugarcoat my core
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sakisinspoetryblog · 10 months ago
A Crumbling Fortress
Can you picture it?
Deep inside our subconscious;
The grass so evergreen,
& the sun is brightly shining...
On two paths that almost met.
How could I forget?
The slow burning impassion within our touch;
Yet we were polar opposites fated to declutch.
Passing by like two ships in the night;
An endless plight.
The stillness sits between us with
A creeping uncertainty that won’t lift.
There’s a warm glow,
But the breeze is cool as it drifts between our clothes;
As the sun begins to rise the magic fades.
We are once again destined to part ways.
A crashing reality to lift the silence.
How unfortunate is our compliance.
Would the thunder quake inside my soul...
If you tell me not to go?
I think of what we could have been
Had you only stayed then,
Or if I’d had the courage to
Reach out to you....
Two hands collide
As if they had become entangled kites
Blown around with uncertain force;
Destined to make every wrong choice.
What is this power that wills me in his direction?
A shoddy loose connection
whose sparks might ignite a flame;
The intensity of which burns out quickly, hot & untame.
There is a quiet resilience
in this perfect vision;
Where both time & space connect us
with a gallant youthful lust.
How I wonder if you wonder too?
A sky that’s faultlessly blue
as the birds chatter near by us
& the unknown was finally laid to siege; a crumbling fortress.
A world that I have built
To stave away the guilt.
So, here we lay
And I ask myself “Were you the one that got away?”
-BAE 2020
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leatherbounddiaries · 11 months ago
The Breakdown Poem
On Friday
the breakdown begins
white static in my head
I go to Verona
& Oldboy gets me drunk
I leave my book in his car
a thousand pages in
& puke in my bedroom bin.
 On Saturday
I wind up at a skaterboi party
& most of them are really rude
except one of them who’s kinda cute
They demand ins on the sesh
no chips just ins
& no kindness either just condescension
& I’m all like
what the fuck
what happened to basic decency
pass it back to me bitch
Lulu burns a hole in her skirt except
really it was just me seeing hazards
& trying to get rid of them but
just making them bigger hazards
I navigate myself gingerly through the strangers
comfortable but not quite
someone talks to me & I reply with
something stoned & stupid
& he says
this bitch is tripping me out
oh man
if you only knew how much I trip myself out
Later that night
I spill beer on a stranger’s floor
cry cos I don’t feel at home anymore
& go to bed alone & confused.
 On Sunday
a stranger on the internet
offers to pay me to let him sniff my feet
I’m tempted by this offer cos
I’m a broke ass bitch
Later I’m putting off telling my crush that I like him
hanging my washing in the dark cos
I forgot it when it was sunny
& when I’m lying in bed I think fuck
& all the right words come into my head
so I roll a sesh & say
if this is a good roll I’ll message him
the roll is perfect
so round 11.11
(or thereabouts, after editing)
I hit send
no longer a bitch ass pussy.
 On Monday I get friendzoned
but it’s ok now I’ve got it off my chest
very relieving,
like taking a decent shit
my stomach finally feeling normal.
 On Tuesday
I wake up to a crack across my phone screen
fucking with my OCD
& an email telling me
I didn’t get my dream job
the one thing that was keeping me afloat
I breakdown
a tidal wave crashing across my chest
I’m directionless
with nothing holding me up
I’m slipping
& I don’t know how to say help me so
I say it indirectly
My dad hugs me
& makes me bacon & eggs.
 On Wednesday
I realise that it’s gonna be alright
life will take me where I’m meant to be
so I just outta enjoy the ride.
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leatherbounddiaries · 11 months ago
I Wanna Sit
I wanna sit
beside you on the couch
getting quietly high
& talking about films & literature
You probably think
I’m flirting with your friends
but in truth I wish they’d be just a little bit
quiet for a while
so that I can get to know you
Though predictably
when we’ve got a while
I’m shy & can’t look you in the eyes
Anyway you’re the kind of humble quiet
where you probably don’t think about the girls
just the music
just the transcendental qualities
of the perfect riff & lyric
an ordered chaos
blessed by heaven-sent friendships
where you’re at home
& I am just a visitor.    
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narashpoetry · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
You let the laws of a book govern your life without understanding its essence. The moral of the story is not to judge, hate, or criticize. It’s to love, inspire, and love others as you are loved.
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