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#poetry by me
dearingbooks · 10 minutes ago
Loving hands,
dry hands, cracked knuckles,
here, have some moisturiser.
Blue veins prominent,
passed down from her mother.
Short nails, picked at, maybe paint them?
Slight wrinkles, that's what being a parent does to you,
that and the age.
Verses heavy large hands,
here I take after you.
Long sturdy nails, unpainted.
Few cuts and bumps,
toxic masculinity at its finest,
won’t ever get something checked out.
Hands used for fixing things, he’s a mechanic after all.
Grease covered when returning home.
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greeneyesneverdies · a day ago
Several times i asked my self if contention must be had
and i dont think i like it but i guess i understand
that some times disagreement is just bound to be had
even if you love me and you dont want to be mad.
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loveless-wounds · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
imagine my surprise when you walked into my life // jay brooks
dedicated to the one who has my heart
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 2 days ago
Is there anyone that you miss terribly?
A lot of people, really. I miss my friend in England. All the stupid things we used to do after school. All the people we swore at together, and the milkshake moustaches we used to take snaps of. I miss my Granddad, and the walks he took me on, up hills and through fields. The fish he taught me to recognise and the crop I helped him plant. I miss my cousins that I haven't seen in forever, all the monopoly games we fought over and the cakes we burnt. I miss the way I used to be. When I was a laughing child with red cheeks that used to make flower crowns for myself.
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 3 days ago
okay, I made a new blog for Veni, Vidi, Et, and two new chapters are up, so you can find that here: @veni-vidi-et
Chaper Six.
Chapter Seven.
From now on, all Veni, Vidi, Et content will be posted there, so you can follow it for new chapters, Q&A's, Character facts and silly shorts from their past.
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 3 days ago
Hello, you anonymous little tennis ball.
Yes, I did make a new blog, thanks for noticing. From now on, all Veni, Vidi, Et content will be posted there, so you can follow it for new chapters, Q&A's, Character facts and silly shorts from their past.
You can find that right here: @veni-vidi-et
Yeah, y'all are getting more. A whole lot apparently, because I'm thinking of expanding this short story into a novella/series (if you want it of course).
And finally,
*Looks at chainsaw*.
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 4 days ago
Those Songs.
We all have those undiscovered songs we think are underrated. That speak to us and take us apart note by note. Whether a ballad, an instrumental, a classic, it's there in the pits of molten fire in our lungs.
We want to share those songs, make people know them. Maybe it will pass around like wildfire, play at the next dance. They're golden and bright and unable to look away from.
But there are songs that are barely whispers in the world, lost in old playlists, the crumpled paper in the bin that unravels to the most beautiful poetry.
I don't like sharing those songs with anyone. They're mine to cry to, laugh to, remember to. They're a silver river I can sink in, and come out confused. They're raw and they're different in a way that makes my blood dance and my heart sing until starlight flickers beneath my closed eyelids.
Those songs are my favorite. Secrets that I'd rather not give anyone. Not even my soul mate. Not for the reason that they may judge it, but because that music plays with me. The game I love, it twists and spins me until I'm just a pair of eyes floating through a haze of swallows.
I don't want anyone to play me the way those songs do. Because they're the songs I play when the party is over. They're the songs that I'll hum to calm myself in the shower. The one I wish my heartbeat could recite. They'll be there for me when my heart breaks, no one but me knowing them. They can't be destroyed if no one knew them.
I did a thing. It's true for me. There are songs that I want the world to know about, and yet keep to myself, a whisper I hold onto when the wind is loud enough.
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 4 days ago
Somehow, I can't seem to hold my breath anymore. It's gone, and the stillness of my chest echoes through it all.
Yeah, I did a thing because I suddenly can't breathe and it's so still and I can't help but feel it all stop.
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 4 days ago
Contest time!
Here's the challenge: Couples in Greek Mythology.
1. Anyone who wishes to participate, must write/create/draw a poem/article/visual presentation/artwork (anything really) and reblog along with a photograph (if you want to do it visually) or textpost.
2. Entries must be submitted before the 25th of April 00:00 (GMT) to be considered for judging. The best will be featured on my blog. (There's absolutely no prize besides that, so if you're expecting one, kindly note that I'm only doing this for people to create. All the gluttonous heathens may see their way out the door.)
3. If you are to partake in this contest, please make sure you're respective of all cultures, sexualities, genders, etc. Anyone who isn't, keep your opinions to yourselves, or please do rot in hell, and get the hell out of my blog.
4. Share this with anyone who'd like to participate. Also please remember, only one entry is valid. If more than one is submitted, the first will be taken into consideration.
5. Send your entries to my inbox and tag me in the reblog(@lovebird-in-the-dark .) Everyone participating, I'd like to say that this is just a fun writing exercise, so there's no need to be extra, or over the top.
If you have a problem with anything I've said, I hope you have a beautiful life. Just away from here. I will not tolerate any hate towards any participant or entry. In any context. So take your condescending tendancies to other Neanderthals who are willing to listen, because I'm sure as hell not, and will verbally incinerate the egg that dares to do so.
See y'all at the end of April, results to be announced on the 1st of May.
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i-and-me · 4 days ago
Poetry Is A 4th Dimensional Aspect. It Is A Tool For Characterizing “The Happening” And Capturing It In The Realm Of Words With The Help Of Emotions And The Intellectual Mind. These Poems Represent My “Self” Both As A Poet And The Poem
I, MäjäZ RäHïL KHäN, Present To You The Nectar Of My Wisdom That I’ve Been Gathering Since My Rebirth Here On Planet Earth. All These Poems Have Been Written After My “Self-Realization”, With The Epiphanies Of Life And The Divine. These Poems Are Based Upon My Felt Presence Of The Direct Experience.
In This Book, You Can Expect To Stumble Upon The True Elements Of Existence Like Nature, Love, Emotions, Suffering And Pain, Solitude And Isolation, Fear And Courage, Life And Survival, Euphoria And Ecstasy Of Life Etc.
Get My Book On Amazon. Link Below 👇...
#poetrybook #book #poems #wisdom #love #life #thoughts #poem #poems #bookstagram #selflove #selfpublishing #amazonbooks #writing #writersofinstagram #poetrycommunity #deadmau5 #teamseshbones #terencemckenna #lifequotes #philosophy #mäjäzrähïlkhän
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mochiimoo · 4 days ago
4.5.2021 | I’m still in the liminal space…
Last weekend’s poetry prompt asked us to explore strange & in-between places, which couples well with a book I’m reading called The Book of Yōkai: Mysterious Creatures of Japanese Folklore by Michael Dylan Foster. I also saw Studio Ghibli’s When Marnie Was There (2014) & the whole thing just came together. I love it when the things I write, read, & watch sync up in a delicious blend. So I made a reel on my insta; it's a funky compilation of all that b/c I’m still riding the high. ✨
"Marnie" by anv
“the girl trapped behind the blue window...” “that was a long time ago...” mukashimukashi two decades of silence broken on the rushes but most town folk know about the yūrei the stories are vine-ripened tomatoes in summer their juices won’t spill out if you cut them right yōkai live on the seeds in backwater boonies when the sun sparks on the edge like hanabi the cat eyes glow on the old mansion before she appears, full skirt gathering the sky in its folds golden laughter like spring rain on an old tin roof lilting lullaby, a charm to banish the warui yume she floats in a small boat borne on sea foam wanders at low tide where the sandpipers dance leaves promises under the Weaver’s moon “you remember I said last night...” oboete “that you were my secret...” himitsu that was a long time ago
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 5 days ago
Poetry that I have complied you all to read.
So, I've not been posting that often, and I'm dead sorry for that, but there has been an evil lurking behind me, tauting every breath I take.
It's finals week.
So I've made a few poems to make up for the time I'll probably be gone.
*sobs at the mountain load of work piled before me*
These are most probably unedited, but I have no heart or time to correct it.
See you at the end of April.
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 5 days ago
A cold heart, you say?
Good attempt at a lie.
Did you expect me to believe you,
When you look at me the way you do,
Heart and soul full of soft golden fields,
And sapphire silk stretching endless,
Into a breaking sky?
You entire being shudders when I touch you,
Trembling like a nettle during a swift summer storm.
Or how the colour moves high into your face,
Hanging off the cliffs of your cheekbones,
Falling for long,
My love,
My love.
You say you have a heart of ice,
That you're the least caring of your virtue,
Leaning towards the most inappropriate vice.
What a falsehood,
That hangs heavy in your own mind.
I've never seen you as drunk than off me,
Never as flushed on sour wine.
And yet somehow,
Every lie of yours is bright,
Beautiful and amusing.
You have a warm heart,
And beating.
Every imprint you left on my skin washed away,
As time set my love to a fossil,
A love that hardly mattered.
If your heart really is ice,
Then let it be.
A solid heart is easier to shatter.
You all can read these while I answer my finals.
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 5 days ago
Have you not seen how he's ripped away my turrets,
How he caused not just me but every citizen pain.
My walls painted white,
A king that showed of his castle,
And yet spat on it and turned his heel.
Don't bring him back,
I cannot handle another crack.
He covered me in tapestries and armour,
And yet left me coated with his mockery so black.
I learnt it couldn't be helped,
It was his home,
His property,
His land.
The whispers of rebellion awoke my eyes,
Made me draw this line in the sand.
I let in killers,
And spies,
Let them climb up my ivory towers,
Let them pave the way for him to die.
Beautiful creepers to cover the damage,
Jewelry and gold,
Given to silence the sight of carnage.
And then,
When there was enough.
I burned him alive.
In his home,
In his prime.
I let him perish,
Listened to his agony as embers rained.
But to destroy him,
I burned down myself.
And yet in this ruin of my state,
It was everything I gained.
These are for you all to read while I'm murdered by finals.
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 5 days ago
I'm going deep.
The deepest I can,
To find secrets and treasures,
That are untouched by man.
The sirens can't lure me,
For my own soul is a wicked song,
The silken water against my skin,
The way before be dark and long.
Deeper and deeper,
To creatures strange and frightening,
I made them my friends,
And went with them lower,
Offering stories,
Of lands,
They haven't seen.
Back home,
They call me monster,
For loving beasts that tear apart houses.
There is no one to hate me here.
No one to hide my claws from.
It's cool and dark,
Bubbles bursting from my mouth,
Like an hour glass tipped sideways,
I leave time frozen,
Travelling South.
A velvet hand beneath my jaw,
That embraces my heart,
And sings me songs.
I came not for secrets offered.
Not for my knowledge to be honed.
I came to escape,
The monsters of man,
To hide a secret of my own.
The rest of the poems I've written before finals week.
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 5 days ago
Dew hangs round my head,
A laurel of drops that casts rainbows,
On my face soft as fawn,
Catching colour in wreaths and necklaces,
As the sun bathes me in rays of dawn.
It gets hotter as I stand taller,
Reaching for the endless sky,
But the light that shines is parching me,
Blue skies tempting,
Like running water.
Sun scorching down my back,
And withering my work to exhaustion.
Dipping forward,
I close my eyes,
Sleeping amidst golden wheat,
Spending in my dreams,
A thousand lives.
Water trickles down my feet as I stretch my toes,
Prod the earth,
And saw the sun bidding goodbye.
Leaving his mark on a brilliantly vivid sky.
Colour that pushes my beauty to nothing,
That shows my eyes as nothing but plain.
It is not my time yet,
Not my time.
So I fall back and sleep yet again.
Mamá warned me not to come after dark,
For vicious beasts lurked.
Stars that left the skies to burn,
Any of us that opened our eyes,
To turn to dirt.
There is no one out,
For all that is good is asleep.
Come out after dark,
You are alone.
There are no new things to see.
When shall I come,
When will I be seen?
Shall I just burrow in the warm,
Welcoming soil?
Leave behind my dream?
I should like to open only once,
Even if I am set a flame.
If I do get burnt,
Than I have no one but myself to blame.
So I stood straight,
And let my vision find,
An endless stretch of black.
A beautifully studded sky.
I have never seen one,
Hidden away by mamá's warning.
They are diamonds of silver beauty,
And there is no sun to cast me down,
No heat to lull me weary.
Little insects,
Curious as cats,
Fly down to inspect me,
Glowing golden and touching my face,
Whispering their names,
And giving their light for all to see.
They cloud the fields,
Delicate as the clouds that blanket the skies,
Not stars that burned from their place in the heavens,
But simple lazy fireflies.
It is lovely and cool,
Not too bright,
I am not alone,
I have friends in the fireflies,
A friend in the soft glow of the moon.
There is something beautiful here,
Something small and yet as big as an ark.
It strange and beautiful,
Yet arcane,
To be a flower that blooms in the dark.
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