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mythoughtsexactly96 · an hour ago
Its the way our hearts we enter
Its just my self destructive nature
I can't ever remember your voice in a cover
Forgot your touch even though it was my favourite
I let it all slip and go to crash
My memories, the picture, the mixtapes that i never listened to
I lacked self confidence
You used that to your advantage
You knew just what to say to make me feel desired
I depended on you like a drug
You loved that more than me so so much
I ripped all our pictures off the wall
I'm fighting my forgiveness
towards you
Please ,no more late night calls
Telling me you miss me
Remembering how hot i was under your touch
You used my innocence to feed your ego
How do you expect me to get over that
I know its easy for you, you think youre in the clear
But i cant still look myself in the mirror
All i see is a weak victim
She has my eyes but her mind is burned
She is still waiting for you to make a turn
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afsheensdiary · 3 hours ago
You’re Mine
By her window, she would watch the birches grow old.
Each branch is laden with a thick blanket of snow.
She would peek a little of the boy through the curtains and the birches.
When in the early morning, he would walk down the streets across her home.
His hands in his pockets were nothing new for her to know.
She counted every time he would pass by her window.
When through her ears, the melody of his whistle would blow.
Her scarlet flustered cheeks and wide doe eyes did something to the boy's beating heart.
When he stops in his tracks and looks up at the girl hiding behind her window.
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perdituspoems · 5 hours ago
The Crevice
Avoiding the cracks is a game we played for the little ant more of a crusade He is not scared of the awkward crack For this little ant the crevice he will bravely attack
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perdituspoems · 6 hours ago
Glorious hailstones the cascading torrent sky’s wonder or over-worldly tyrant
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pocketfulloffears · 11 hours ago
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Your existence is diminishing from that heart shaped locket of mine , because you exist in someone else's heart .
Your scent is escaping from the fibres of my crumpled white sheet , because your scent now mingles with someone else's scent .
Your face doesn't turn up anymore when I recite William Wordsworth's verse , because your regret withdrew you from my head .
Your mention doesn't make my heart race anymore , because you are now the reason for someone else's heartbeat .
Your oversized clothes doesn't fit me anymore , Because i guess they were never entitled to me .
You created barrels of voids between us , because you found someone who loves you like i couldn't ,
That someone who I can only wish to be .
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perdituspoems · 12 hours ago
Gentle wandering heavenly revealing the moon dim light peers out illuminating the nightly gloom
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perdituspoems · 13 hours ago
Yap yap yap yap
Yap yap yap yap tearing around the garden yap yap yap yap sorry for the noise I beg your pardon yap yap yap yap shhh time for a well earned nap
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itscastielnovak · 13 hours ago
Going Back
So Long … I should’ve known
I forced you to hurt yourself
And now you are gone
Falling down on my bed
The softness reminded
me of past myself
I am sorry I did that
Can we go back in time
and get all that ?
- Me
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ebryll · 21 hours ago
intrigued by your scent.
lured me closer.
ordinary to you, it seems.
vainglory, as you may call it.
eager to bite my lips.
your mouth slips tiny moaning sound.
obediently, you follow my steps.
until the morning comes.
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serenitylostintime · 23 hours ago
It's been a few days...
A few days since I last ate
A few days since I last seen the bright sunny light
A few days since my hair smelled nice
My head has been all over the place
And my heart's so broken that I can physically feel the pain
You came to my room
Saw me down on my knees, praying to God to make it stop
My face was all red because I've been crying my eyes out
And my arms had no other color.
I was coverd in blood , scars and band aids.
I wish I could say that you came in help
But you were there only to yell
And for the thousandth time I understood
That the only one who can help, is me.
- serenitylostintime
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quiteapieceofheart · a day ago
Oh i am so very sad BECAUSE it is raining and the clouds are literally screaming for us to dance beneath the open sky and oh well where are you my love ?-
-celeste the darkling
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quiteapieceofheart · a day ago
I am waiting , with a cup of tea in my hand as the clock ticks every bit, as the clouds come and go , as the sun is trying to dissolve .
i maybe anxious a little but it has been almost a decade since i last saw you but i am thrilled to know you again , to know a person whom i knew before . i wanna tell you that i am so happy to meet you after all , i wanna give you warm hugs and let you know about how the years were spent but i also wanna hear you , listen to your stories . I wanna listen to you for an eternity , i’d be so fortunate for that moment . I am waiting but the clock is ticking and you are not here .
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