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Pen on Loose
expression of desires
suppression of whims
the desolated body and disconnected wires,
musings of desserts
hankering for sugars
the curvy body with diffident skirts,
quest to fight the evil
contest to with hold the tyranny
the forked soul and hesitant mind
its so deep can you un-blind?
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wordsaremydiary · 8 days ago
Sitting with my mom
I smile a different smile.
Listening to her sweet words
I smile a big, genuine smile.
Sitting with those fake people
I smile a different smile.
Listening to their fake words
I smile a tight-lipped, fake smile.
Sitting with someone I admire
I smile a different smile.
Listening to and watching them
I smile a small shy smile.
Sitting with people I love
I smile a different smile.
Goofing and talking with them
I smile a big, toothy smile.
To every heart in my life
I smile a different smile.
For all the hearts I've lost
I smile a different smile.
2021, April 8th
The credit for this idea and theme goes to @wonderingprocrastinator ☻ Thank you so much for this genius and genius suggestion. Hope you like it :)
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wordsaremydiary · 8 days ago
Here’s an easy one you can write about! Roses!! Please write a poem about a red rose slowly turned into pink and then white when winter comes please? ~X-Over Anon
Hello 👋 Anonymous. Hope you're doing wonderful.
Now that's an interesting concept. Thank you for the idea. I have tried my best. Here it is.
My heart will sing
All individual notes.
All heaven bells will ding
And hit all the right notes.
The flower in your hand
Is a piece of my heart.
You're like a grand
Piece of lovely art.
From seasons to years
This rose will bloom.
It's all yours
Like a personal heirloom.
It slowly changes and grows
Along with you.
Into different colours it glows
Just like you.
From red to pink
And pink to white.
From young love to adult sync
And from that to old flight.
Tumblr media
2021, April 8th
I hope you like it Anon! Have a wonderful day ahead 😄
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wordsaremydiary · 12 days ago
Could you write a poem. About a girl who likes this guy's. She can't seem to forget him, and she suspects she loves him but she also knows she doesn't love him... Hope that make sense .... Plus ur poems r amazinggggggg
Hello 👋 Anonymous. Hope everything is going great.
I can certainly try to write it. But I can't guarantee it will reach your expectations. And thank you! Your support is highly appreciated :) Anyways, here it is.
Mystically Real
Is he real,
Or am I hallucinating?
Is he mystical,
Or am I dreaming?
He makes me run
Yet I still can't forget him.
He makes life fun
And I always remember him.
Is this love?
I don't think so.
This isn't love,
But what if it might be so?
All day in my head
I can't stop thinking.
Maybe even in my heart
I can't stop feeling.
2021, April 4th
I hope you like it. I've tried my best 😅. Thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate it 😄
Have a good day mate :)
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