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#poems about basketball
writelikefools2021 · a month ago
Basketball - Joe Gallenstein - day 10
A basketball laying in the grass Is the promise of what’s to come Summertime games in the park Hours of one on one
I remember waking up to the sounds Of kids dribbling on the sidewalk Playing pickup games in the street With the court outlined in chalk
21 Horse 3 on 3 All are some of my favorite memories
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maznanangy · 5 months ago
Clementine Boy
Clementine boy
What are you thinking?
Clementine boy
What are your thoughts?
Oh clementine boy
I want to know
Is that a true smile
Or just another mask?
Orange boy
You only say "I'm fine"
Your laugh is my relieve
But I know you're empty
Behind that mask of perfection
There's only a lonely soul
A scared guy
And emptiness in your heart
You're so sweet
You're so talented
But you only said
That you're a mess
Clementine boy
Don't let your mind mess with you
You aren't a monster
You aren't broken
"Clementine boy"
That's what I call you
Because your hair is like a orange
And because I love you
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bqueb-blog · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
🎧🎧 Release Blitz 🎧🎧 Young adult romance lovers, This one's for you! My Heart to Give (A Maxwell Family Saga Book 3) by S.B. Alexander Narrated by #ParkerDouglass and #HeatherDowney Production Coordination by Pink Flamingo Productions Audible US 🎧 Audible UK 🎧 Release Blitz Hosted by Audiobook Obsession Blurb: Girls fall in love with what they hear. Quinn Thompson I’m head over heels in love with Maiken Maxwell. Everything about him is so perfect, from his sandy-blond hair to his kissable lips. Not to mention, he writes me poems. My stomach is constantly filled with butterflies from his sweet words to how special and pretty he makes me feel. Until one girl, one funeral, and one disastrous moment shatters everything. Maiken Maxwell My life has been a series of the good, the bad, and the ugly. My junior year is starting off with a bang. My brother Marcus, now a freshman in high school, is out of control, fighting and mouthing off to teachers. I shouldn’t care so much. After all, he’s a teenager who is trying to find his way, trying to fit in. But I do care. I’m his big brother. But when a new girl waltzes into our lives, the three things that matter the most to me, family, Quinn Thompson, and basketball, slowly become a distant memory. #NowLive #NewRelease #ReleaseBlitz #MyHearttoGiveAudioTour #SBAlexander #ParkerDouglass #HeatherDowney #PinkFlamingoProductions #AudiobookObsession #YoungAdultRomance #YARomance @audiobookobsession @pinkflamingo_productions @sbalexanderauthor
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inknscroll · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wishing a special, Happy Mother's Day to my loving, kind, strong, beautiful Mama!🌹 You are a precious treasure who imparted your gift of faith in Jesus and our family history to us, Mama; thank you for preserving & cherishing my #WW2 Grandparents’ special history & my Great-Grandmother's loving heart, #faith, resilience, & legacy. You, also, shared our other Grandparents’ special history. There are so many extraordinary #memories that you have shared with us, Mama. My most favorite memories are sharing your love of reading, books, history, writing, music, & art with us. You spent time with my brother & me reading to us, browsing in bookstores & chatting in coffee shops with us, participating in our plays, driving us to/ from music lessons & school, enjoying theater plays with us, & volunteering in our schools & on our field trips. As a family, we cheered for my brother in his sports - from soccer to basketball to baseball to cross-country. And when we traveled as a family, we went to many art, history, & science museums in several cities; also, we enjoyed Southern beaches, roller skated & then ice skated throughout the years, went camping, loved swimming, & went hiking in several places. You taught and volunteered at school or church, and you were and are forever cooking delicious meals mostly from scratch (including your special treats like banana bread, blueberry muffins, cakes, & your special dessert of Cherry Delight). You always were compassionate, wise, and selfless as both a former teacher & a mother. You've given so much to us & to everyone. (And over the years, you've done just as much for my Dad as you've done for us.) You've consistently written special cards and letters not only to our family, but also both sides of our extended family for over 40 years. You sent gifts or made them, sewed costumes for some of our plays or for my ballet, & spent time taking care of our family, friends, & so many others. You always made Christmas and other special holidays sparkle. You have a truly loving heart which is reflected in your kindness towards everyone.💕 As both a former teacher and mother, you love this poem about children: "You are the poem I dreamed of writing. The masterpiece I longed to paint. You are the shining star I reached for in my ever hopeful quest for life fulfilled. You are my child. Now with all things I am blessed." Mama, this poem reflects your unconditional love towards your children & grandchildren & every child. Thank you, also, for your inspiring, Christian faith.🌹 I hope to someday, in the future, become a wonderful Mama like you. Your love for and loyalty to our family & me and for others comes from Jesus. I'm forever so thankful for you & love you so much!🌹💕 ---- This lovely poem is such a beautiful portrait of your heart and of many mother's hearts. Happy Mother's Day to all hard-working moms everywhere, especially my Mama, my sister-in-law, & both Grandmothers (one in heaven)!💕 "And a #MothersDay blessing: May you feel the gentle touch of God's blessings on your heart today & always!"🌹 📷(My writing: #Inknscroll. Poem: author unknown; from Pinterest. 1st Photo: Art: by Sandra Kuck, cropped. 4th photo: mine)📖🌹
#MothersDay #memories #books #art #poetry #painting #bookstagram #photography #writersofinstagram #American #history #worldwar2 #writer #quotes #nonfiction #biography #memoirs #mothers #children #artist #SandraKuck #bookstagram #HappySunday #HappyMothersDay 🌹
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salvatoraes · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
suburban  july. scraped  knees.   bruised  knuckles.  blood  in  your  teeth.  bare  feet  on  hot  concrete. restlessness.  your  high  school’s  empty  parking lot.  love  poems  in  your  diary.   a  window  open  to  coax  in  the  breeze.   burning  inside.   an  ill - fitting  party  dress. a  t - shirt  you  cut  up  yourself.   the  time  you  tried  to  give  yourself  bangs.   biking  to  your  friends  house.  bubble  gum.   gas  station  ice.   the  feeling  that  you’ve  met  before. rebellion.   a  car  radio  playing  down  the  street.   cheap  fireworks.  a  heart  drawn  on  the  inside  of  your  wrist  with  a  sharpie.  switchblades.   red  solo  cups.  dancing  in  your  bedroom.  screaming  yourself  hoarse.   running  out  of  options.   the  forlorn  looking  basketball  hoop  at  the  end  of  a  cul - de - sac.  climbing  onto  your  roof  at  night  while  your  parents  are  asleep.   flip - flops.   a  eulogy  written  on  loose - leaf. the  merciless  noontime  sun.
speaking  in  a  whisper.  holding  your  breath.  a  browning  garden.   a  half  remembered  story. furniture  covered  with  sheets.   fog  at  dawn,  mist  at  twilight.   losing  touch.  the  ethereal  space  between  winter  and  spring.   the  soft  skin  at  your  temple.  the  crack  in  the  hallway mirror.    things  you’d  say  if  you  knew  the  words.  uncombed  hair.  books  with  writing  in  the  margins.    books  with  cracked  spines. books  with  lines  scratched  out.   prayers  on  all  souls’  day.   a  chipped ceramic  bathtub.  a  cold  stone  floor.  the  uncomfortable  awareness  of  your  own  heartbeat. the  sparrow  that  got  in  your  house.  shadows.  the  creek  you  played  in  as  a  child.   a  dirty  night  gown.   an  oversized  t - shirt.    a  collection  of  your  favorite  words.   soil  beneath  your  nails.  ghost  stories.   the  strangeness  of  your  own  name  in  your  mouth.   deep  silence.   exhaustion.  a  cliff  with  a  long,  long  drop  down.
wicker  deck  furniture.   new  england  summer.   large  sunglasses  and  a  blonde  bob.  a  storm  over  the  ocean.   patio  umbrellas.   flapping  in  the  wind.   the  smell  of  chlorine.    muffled  laughter.  sarcasm.  starched  cuffs.  day  drinking.  bay  windows. the  idea  of  love.  love  for  the  idea  of  love.   love  for  love’s  sake.  hangovers. wandering  over  the  sand  dunes.   a  vagabond  with  a  guitar.   fishermen  with  tattoos.   a  pretty  boy  with  a  slacked  tie.  a  lighthouse.    growing  too  close.   boat  shoes.   feeling  yourself  change.    big,  floppy  sunhats.   double - speak.   a  song  you  keep  listening  to.  turning  red  under  their  gaze.  margaritas  drank  on  an  inflatable  pool  lounger.   string  lights  on  a  balmy  night.   sleepy  june  days.  fights  you’re  unprepared  for.   hope  you  weren’t  expecting.   pranks  that  go  too  far.  bad  poetry.   pining.   becoming  less  of  a  stranger.
the  space  where  your  grief  used  to  be.   a  bird  that’s  lost  an  eye.   old  blood  stains.   heavy  blinds.   the  smell  of  sweat.   the  stillness  after  a  battle.   a  fake  smile.  a  curse.  the  taste  of  metal  at  the  back  of  your  tongue.   your  house,  unfamiliar  in  the  dark.  a  dusty  crib.    the  smell  of  sulfur.  an  orange  pill  bottle.   streaks  in  the  sink.   a  black  cocktail  dress.   your  hand  on  the  doorknob,  shaking.   a  chilly  breeze.   crunching  from  the  gravel  driveway  on  a  moonless  night.  clenched  hands.   a  rusty  swing  set.   a  flashing  digital  clock  stuck  on  12 : 00.   a  snake  that  crosses  your  path.   an  owl  that  watches  you.   a  dog  that  runs  when  you  approach.   red  smoke,  dark  clouds.   cool  steel.   tile  floors.  footsteps  in  the  hallway  late  at  night.   a  baggy  suit  that  used  to  fit  before.   visions.   insomnia  headaches.   nursery  rhymes.  being  too  far  in  to  go  back  now.
the  high  drama  of  small  towns.   a  pickup  truck.   military  supply  duffel  bags  in  the  hall,  hugs  all  around.   tulip  bulbs.  a  wraparound  porch.   a  pitcher  of  iced  tea.  a  rubber  halloween  mask.   someone  on  your  level. ill - timed  proclamations. stomach  clenching  laughter.  rushing  in. not  minding  your  business.  crepe  paper.  white  lies. secrets  written  down  and  thrown  away. southern  hospitality.   homemade  curtains  in  the  kitchen.   a  sink  full  of  roses.   hiding  in  the  bushes.  old  friends. the  wedding  dress  your  grandma  wore,  and  her  mama  before  her.   a  dog - eared  rhyming  dictionary.  chamomile  with  honey.   the  intimacy  of  big  parties.   lawn  flamingos.  gossip.   a  crowded  church.   friendly  rivalries.  unfriendly  rivalries.  shit  getting  real.    love  at  five  hundredth  sight. not  realizing  you’re  home  until  you’re  there.
cement  block  buildings.   power  lines  that  birds  never  perch  on.   the  end  of  the  world.  useless  words.   rainless  thunder,  heat  lighting,  a  too  big  sky.    arthritic  knuckles.  broken  glass.  chalk  cliffs.    the  pulsing  red - black  behind  closed  eyes.  something  you  learned  too  late.  wet  mud  that  sucks  up  your  shoes  while  you  walk.  a  cold  stare.  empty  picture  frames.  empty  prayers.  the  obscenity  of  seeing  your  parents  cry.  a  treeless  landscape.   bloody  rags.  grappling  in  the  dark  with  reaching  hands.  the  sharpness  at  the  the  tips  of  your  teeth.   the  blown  out  windows  of  a  skeletal  house.  decay.  jokes  that  aren’t  jokes. biting  your  tongue.  prophecies. aching  muscles,  tired  feet.  stinging  rain.  invoking  the  gods.  wondering  if  the  gods  are  listening.  worrying  that  the  gods  are  dead.  white  noise.   shivers.   numbness.   the  unequivocal  feeling  of  ending.
the  smell  of  wet  soil  and  dead  leaves.    listening  to  music  on  headphones  with  your  eyes  closed.   wildflowers.   the  distant  sparkle  of  lightning  bugs.  a  pill  someone  slipped  you.   fear  that  turns  into  excitement.  excitement  that  turns  to  frenzy.   mossy  tree  trunks.  a  pair  of  yellow  eyes  in  the  darkness.  night  swimming.  moonlight  through  the  leaves.  a  bass  beat  in  your  chest.  a  butterfly  landing  on  your  nose.  a  kiss  from  a  stranger.  a dark  hallow  in  an  old  tree.  glow  in  the  dark  paint.  drinking  on  an  empty  stomach.  a  twig  breaking  behind  you.  spinning  until  you’re  dizzy.  finding  glitter  on  your  body  and  not  remembering  where  it  came  from.  an  overgrown  path  through  the  woods.  cool  dew  on  your  skin.  a  dream  that  fades  with  waking. moths  drawn  to  the  light.   giving  yourself  over,  completely. afterglow. the  long,  loving,  velvety  night.
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Author's Note:
Hahaha... so I was looking through my Google Docs because I wrote a few poems for Mother's Day and I stumbled over a a crossover fic for Teen Wolf & Andi Mack I don't know if I'll ever finish probably not since I literally wrote this last May and never looked at it again so I figured I would just post the little snippet and idk make someone laugh from my terrible writing skills lol
Basketball and Ballet Shoes
“This is everyone's favorite guy on the mic Jonah Beck - “
“And don't forget me Andi Mack everyone's favorite girl on the mic!”
“And we're here to make sure you all getcha' head in the game and keep it there.”
“Number 34 Jefferson's own basketball star Mr. T.J. Kippen fakes a pass to number 23 Marty Beck a.k.a Marty from the Party a.k.a only the most annoying housemate ever-.”
“And NO ONE Cares number 34 shoots an outside J and scores the winning basket for Jefferson's Forefathers score 27-16.”
“The crowd is going wild along with everyone's favorite mascot Thomas Jefferson!”
Here at Jefferson Middle School, only two things matter: basketballs and ballet shoes. But what happens when worlds collide, new friendships are formed, old friendships are tested, and relationships begin?
Basketball stars T.J. Kippen and Marty Beck find themselves stuck with boredom after the basketball season ends. This is their last year at Jefferson Middle School and they want to make it count.
Pirouette after pirouette
Arabesque after arabesque
Assemblé after assemblé 
Mrs.Parker finally ends the class with a tap tap from her cane. With Nationals coming up, she must make sure that her students are on par with their routines.
Out of all her students, Buffy Driscoll and Cyrus Goodman are her star pupils. She knows as long as they stay focused they will make her proud.
Buffy turned to dance as a coping mechanism due to her dad passing away and her mother Braeden too busy serving in the Marines to notice her daughter's suffering. She now stays with her Uncle Derek and his husband Mieczyslaw, who goes by Stiles for short. Selfishly, Buffy has to admit that they're the two best caretakers she could ever ask for. Since, living with them, money is no longer an issue and they always make time for her. The best thing about them is that when they see her dance they always say she's doing amazing even when she knows she could do better. Though hearing a “Good job!” is always nice because she never got to hear it from neither her father nor her mother.
Cyrus fell in love with dance when he was a little boy though his Ima being a professional ballerina may be another reason why he loves dancing so much. Their favorite ballet was "The Red Shoes". Cyrus though, didn't start dancing until he was 8. Many things changed that year. His parents' divorce was finally finalized. A month later, they both remarried. His Ima retired from ballet and became a therapist. She married Richard, also a therapist. His Abba, a Psychiatrist, married the Jefferson Middle School Guidance Counselor, Shannon Kane. You see a pattern yet? 
All four of these parents love to be overbearing and make him talk about his feelings and problems. It was fine until he started getting anxiety attacks from trying to appear perfect to all four parents. Then, he started dancing and after that, he felt like he could finally breathe again. When he started taking classes, he not only got to breathe but ended up meeting his best friend Buffy, whose dad recently passed away. She now stays with her uncle and his fiancé with some unpronounceable name. They think their friendship was meant to be. Plus, they both agree on the same thing: bunheads are superior to jocks.
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hotdogct · 10 days ago
dort oben wunderbar / l.yy
Tumblr media
pairing: liu yangyang x reader genre: fluff words: 1k a/n: title comes from the german poem 'die lorelei'. once upon a time i fell in love with a german exchange student. its amazing how those stars line up.
liu yangyang liked to present himself as an open book.
he arrived with no warning in the fall - a new transfer student, fresh from germany and obnoxiously present in the majority of your classes. yangyang was often slow to the take, a bit chatty once you got him started, but friendly. from having to hear his brief first day introduction multiple times, you knew that he liked basketball, that his name meant ‘sheep’, he had one sibling. he had a loud laugh and wasted no time making friends, his international status making him effortlessly popular and in demand amongst the student body.
yes, you knew of liu yangyang. and those were the few things you knew about yangyang. but much like his forehead, you had a feeling the actual yangyang was shrouded in mystery, seldom seen.
this idea, the myth of there being a ‘real’ yangyang, ate away at you the entire year. your friends would call you silly, insist that maybe there was nothing more there than what he presented to the world: a friendly guy with an impressive talent for chugging a beer (growing up in germany had its perks, one supposed). you were almost content to leave it a lingering curiosity, let the rays of summertime fade his smile and name from your memory.
but when you overhear yangyang discussing his plans for the summer with sicheng one late spring afternoon before lecture started - and how they include an extended stay back in germany - you know the curiosity left unattended would morph into a scratch, a fever with no direct cure.
luckily, you also knew yangyang was a hit at parties - and that sicheng was throwing a rager that weekend.
maybe you were just feeling emboldened from whatever drink yukhei had shoved into your hand upon arrival. maybe it was just the compulsive feeling for adventure that accompanies the dawn of summertime. but as you stumble your way across the backyard, dew drops that had accumulated on the grass now ticking at your ankles, you were determined to crack the code of one liu yangyang. before you lost your chance.
you spot your sheep sitting upon a brick ledge gazing lazily at the sky, landscaped perfection of shrubs and flowers behind him. you call out his name as you approach, waving timidly, the sudden courage you had felt minutes prior almost nonexistent until he reciprocates, greeting you by name with a wave and the familiar big smile that he flashes at everyone.
“wie gehts?” you ask upon your arrival, your rusty skills from 7th grade german class finally proving their worth.
“wunderbar, jetzt wo du hier bist,” yangyang pats the empty space beside him. “i didn’t know you spoke deutsch.”
“that’s about the extent of it,” you admit as you settle down, his subtle flirting auf deutsch flying way over your head - although you catch a whiff of beer on his breath. you suddenly realize how ridiculous you must have sounded to the drunk ex-pat. “you ready to go back for the summer? to the motherland?”
“yeah, i guess.” he replies, sounding oddly deflated for someone normally as cordially bubbly as him. despite the melancholy nature apparent in his tone, his gaze had returned upwards, intently focused upon the stars. only then do you also take notice of the scene above the two of you. the moon - nearly full herself and lighting up the expanse of the late night sky, where seldom a cloud was spotted. instead, you could clearly make out multiple clusters of stars that you could only assume formed constellations...
you could’ve easily lost yourself in the drunk daydream that came to you: yangyang teaching you how to identify the constellations, one by one, hands overlapping as you trace their shape in the sky. how, in this dream, your back is pressed firmly against his chest, and his breath tickles your ear with each symbol that he names for you. had you indulged in the fantasy for any longer, however, you would’ve missed the sliver of truth that just slipped past the real yangyang’s lips:
“sometimes, back home in deuts-, i mean like, germany, my sister and i we like, lived in the attic. well, our room was in the attic. we didn’t like, sleep together or anything. that would be weird.”
your blank stare served as your only reaction to the raw, honest ramble, with the moon providing just enough glow to the night sky that you could still make out yangyang’s cheeks darken in embarrassment, the boy coughing to clear the air. a moment later, he tried again.
“our parents probably should’ve installed, like, child locks on the windows up there, because on a clear night we would sneak out onto the roof. to stargaze. look at the milky way.”
“it’s honestly their own fault. when we first moved to dusseldorf, our parents would take us hiking up in the mountains.” you noticed then his hands were fidgeting nervously as he spoke, cracking a knuckle or picking at a nail. “sometimes we’d camp, and like. when the sun would set. the sky-”
he suddenly gestured widely, thrusting both arms outward and upward at the expanse of the world above the two of you, his lips puckered and brows furrowed as a mock explosion noise filled the air. you couldn’t help but laugh at the display yangyang had just put on, and his own encompassing, toothy grin joined yours not long after.
“i swear, we could see, like, the entire galaxy. and then some.”
“and how does this compare?” you knew it was an unfair question to ask of him. how could anything compare to the beauty he had just described for you? but you had found him stargazing, had interrupted his focus so selfishly. and for what, to satisfy your foolish curiosity?
“well,” yangyang’s voice felt like an emergency brake had just been pulled in your brain, curtailing your racing thoughts. “the view in dusseldorf can’t be beat.”
of course.
“but the company,” he turns to look at you, and it was your turn to turn crimson with his next words: “you, you’re y- schone, ganz schonen…” thrusting his arms out widely again in an exaggerated effort to translate, to emphasize exactly what he was trying to say in this moment. except there was no need, for the fault was all your own, and you understood exactly what he was trying to convey.
you had forgotten yet another fact about yangyang, perhaps the most crucial: he was a master flirt.
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kokobeannn · 17 days ago
this a poem about sex lol
i don’t know why i like it so much.
one of my first thoughts in the morning after
“where tf is my blunt?”
and before “damn my back hurts. “
i get to thinking about the different people i’ve met.
went from strangers to friends with benefits
to homeboys to strangers again.
maybe i like it because i’ve spending time trying to find
everything i wasn’t given and shown
in different men.
they’ll say men break your heart.
they did.
one day i was singing about how
I miss him
and his hands around my waist.
The way his tongue danced on both my lips
and made my body sing songs my lips never knew the words to.
Baptizing his sins in my holy waters,
he found forgiveness by getting on his knees
and sang praises from his lips to mine.
but then he got away or
maybe i wasn’t enough to make him stay
but anyway.
maybe it started with the one who was supposed to be my protector.
he who i was forged from,
a product of a crack fueled high
and a night gone from memory.
nether fought for me.
then supposedly my knight arrives
a wolf in sheep’s clothing
had all the intentions of being a father i guess.
you always said you loved me
but didn’t show it often.
sure you might’ve came to one track meet only because i made it to regionals
and came to one basketball game because it was senior night and you had to walk me down the court.
always working late, writing tickets
sleeping all day working at night
where were you when i was trying to find light?
lost both my grandmothers in a span of a few months
where was my comfort
where were you then?
spending our money.
sure we took vacations
and you would drink there too.
and talk loud.
and be rude to my mom.
you don’t know my favorite color, hell my birthday either.
you don’t know me.
you never saw me.
maybe that’s all i want from a man.
i want him to see me.
to see that i’m so much more than the curve and stretch of my hips
more than the frappuccino color
of my thighs
i am so much more.
more than just another pair of legs
more than a “say lil mama”
i am enough.
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theworldisindamnation · 17 days ago
I have broadened my writing availabilities; Haikyuu!, BNHA, Kuroko's Basketball, MCU, Ouran High School Host Club, Cells At Work, Yuri On Ice, Alita: battle angel, Detroit: Become Human,Demon Slayer, and Maze Runner! Just a little rerun on my list of prompts, and feel free to ask for personal ones as well!
1. hugs you all the time, even if they're a sweaty mess
2 . comes to your place and will shamelessly have dance parties and sing offs in your room
3. brings you tea or coffee to you every morning at school
4. (specifically haikyuu) worries about you when you go to practice or games because they dont want you to get hit by a ball
5.  always makes sure you have water and have had enough to drink and enough sleep
6. whenever your phone is left with them they spams selfies so it fills up your storage
7.  if you're too tired, they'll do your face routine for you
8.  doesn't let you wear anything too tight or revealing
9.  pretty much asks you to wear their hoodies, sweatpants, etc. because its "too cold"
10. (specifically haikyuu) y'all both send each other videos of the teams dumb moments
11. likes to bake with you late at night, like 3 in the morning or midnight sort of time
12. loves to go to trendy stores with you
13. at first panicked about kissing
14. loves to watch fireworks with you
15. you dance to kpop together
16. send each other Instagram posts of kittens
17. loves when you play with their hair
18. talks to you until you fall asleep
19. buys you plushies
20. long conversations about stupid things
21. you both end up having the same silly idea at the same time "great minds think alike"
22. always wants to be near you
23. bad pick up lines
24. loves to listen to you when you ramble about literally anything
25. wants everyone to know that you're theirs
26. long bicycling trips
27. watching cat videos together
28. is secretly really into art and likes drawing sketches of you all the time
29. Ther would be so many vine references
30. stereotypical starbucks dates
31. sometimes a little too honest when shopping
32. you always insult each other jokingly (but never seriously)
33. blushes anytime you say something cute
34. secretly writes little songs and poems about you
35. concert dates
36. they'll steal YOUR clothes and then never return them, but you see them wearing it every now and then
37. playfully calls you idiot
38. kisses you on the too of the head alot
39. (specifically haikyuu) loves when you watch him practice
40. actually really shy
41. talks to you about their insecurities
42. you often go to the nearest cafe together
43. gets jealous very fast
44. likes it when you fall asleep in their arms
45. a lot of short but sweet kisses
46. watching youtube videos in bed
47. always wants you to sing along to his songs
48. is sometimes a little unconfident and needs your encouragement
49. challenges you on building card house
50. loves to scare you by suddenly hugging you from behind
51. Lots of horror movie marathons
52. you often play with their hair give them weird hair styles
53. can always tell if theres something wrong and wants to help
54. loves to brag about you
55. carries you on their shoulders
56. They're tall so they always tease you when you want to kiss him
57. pillow fights
58. Loves buying you small keychains
59. Gives you self picked bouquets
60. ruffles your hair alot
61. constantly wants to play games with you
62. strokes your hair subconsciously
63. really, REALLY supportive of everything you do
64. asks for your advice
65. you once made him a bracelet and he wears it every day
66. never leaves your side and makes you soup when you're sick
67. always walks you home to make sure you're safe
68. always wants you to try their food
69. randomly starts singing Disney song duets and wants you to join in
70. loves to tease you in front of others
71. calls you weird nicknames
72. his snapchat story is filled with photos of you
73. mcdonalds dates
74. carries you when you get too tired
75. (specifically haikyuu) you bring him and the team snacks after practice
76. still blushes when you kiss
77. REALLY bad at flirting, but tries really hard to flirt anyways
78. you have to watch trash tv shows with them
79. possessive
80. goes with you to concerts and puts you on their shoulders
81. lots of piggy back rides
82. loves when you fall sleep asleep on them
83. you convince him to do silly stuff with you
84. buys you ice cream
85. goes to aquariums with you
86. loves to cuddle and watch action movies together
87. LOTS of compliments
88. always challenges you to everything
89. absolutely loves your cooking
90 you help them style their hair
91. you help him calm down when he gets anxious
92. takes you to ramen shops frequently
93. always insists on carrying your bags
94. listen to music together alot
95. calls you dumbass and beautiful in the same sentence
96. cant say no to you
97. texts with you all night
98. tries to stay serious but ends up laughing around you
99. goes with you to karaoke bars
100. trusts you like no one else
101. stares at you and when you ask what's wrong they just tell you you're beautiful
102. overprotective af
103. loves to go on night walks with you
104. you helped them accept themselves
105. needs you in their arms to fall asleep
106. wraps you in alot of blankets when you're sad
107. you always need to make sure they takes care of themselves
108. you sit on their lap majority of the time
109. (or alternatively) sits on your lap majority of the time
110. gets really angry really easily if someone is rude to you in any way
111. they play with your hands when they're nervous
112. worries about you 24/7
113. knows all your thoughts
114. bad/sexual jokes
115. they always fall asleep on your chest
116. stargazing dates
117. good morning/good night texts
118. lots of baking together
119. yall have a scrapbook about your relationship with photos from all your dates and stuff
120. matching outfits
121. calls you just to hear your voice
122. takes secret photos of you (but tells you about them after)
123. cuddly af when they're sleepy
124. lots of inside jokes
125. amusement park dates
126. they need alot of affection and hugs
127. tickle attacks
128. cant get seriously mad at you
129. made you cry once and felt really bad about it
130. zoo dates
131. adores your smile even when you hate it
132. always knows how to make you laugh
133. loves to prank other with you
134. arm wrestles you alot 
135. not very romantic but they try their best
136. weekend road trips
137. always steals your pens
138. kiss attacks
139. makes you lunch every day
140. gives the best hugs
141. buys you little gifts (scented candles, necklaces, etc)
142. deep conversations late at night
143. loves to go to small restaurants with you
144. lots of cheek kisses
145. lots of praise
146. so many selfies
147. loves to show off in front of you
148. you always buy them weird shirts and they love them
149. you go to restaurants very frequently
150. please make sure they dont do anything stupid
151. when you watch action movies he gets really excited
152. lots of cuddling
153. (specifically haikyuu) loves to play beach volleyball with you in the summer
154. takes Polaroid pictures of you and has a collage
155. loves to give you head pats
156. they could spend hours just cuddling you
157. sometimes struggles with their confidence and talks with you about it
158. they reads to you from books they're reading
159. smiles to themselves every time you do something stupid (after scolding you of course)
160. dont really go on dates as you guys prefer staying at home and cuddling
161. really protective, even though they don't show it
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gothic-buffy · 20 days ago
thinking about ode to the puritan in me by ross gay today. thinking about Sorrow Is Not My Name. Thinking about the special kind of catharsis only poetry can bring, how the last line of a poem a read months ago keeps echoing around in my brain. Yeah ross, the puritan in me IS tossing his shotgun into the cattails, taking off his boots, and washing his feet in that water. Yeah ross, the long night IS behind us. “My neighbor sings like an angel and at the end of my block is a basketball court. I remember. My color's green. I'm spring.” YES! Yes. Just thinking about poetry is about being alive, thank god for good poets, thank god for anyone who writes. I don’t know anything else more alive than a good poem. 
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ddnsports · 21 days ago
Breaking News: Kevin Durant & Mike Conley Jr. Joins Kobe as Oscars Winners for ‘Two Distant Strangers’
Tumblr media
Kevin Durant and Mike Conley Jr. are now Oscars winners.
The Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz stars just won a Oscar as the executive producers for “Two Distant Strangers,” for best live-action short.
The Jazz congregated their win on Twitter writing, “Congratulations Mike!”
utahjazz@utahjazzCongratulations Mike! #Oscars
Tumblr media
Mike Conley and TwoDistantStrangers6:14 PM · Apr 25, 2021·Twitter Web App79 Retweets11 Quote Tweets632 Likes
Writer and director Travon Free has spoken about how much the involvement of Durant and Conley led to the film’s success and recognition, nothing that both NBA All-Stars were much more than a source of funding. Durant’s business manager Rich Kleiman and mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs also served as executive producers H/T CBS Sports’ Colin Ward-Henninger.
Via CBS Sports:
"Guys in the locker room were giving me grief about it the other day, just like, 'You might win an Oscar before you win a championship' " Conley said in an interview with CBS Los Angeles before the Oscars. "I was like, hey if I could win both, that'd be great, but obviously an Oscar was not something I thought I'd ever be a part of."
Kobe was a producer, writer and narrator of “Dear Basketball,” an animated version of the poem he wrote for the Players’ Tribune prior to his retirement from the NBA in 2016. After the 2018 ceremony, Bryant said that his Oscar win felt “better than winning a championship.” 
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nanowrimo · a month ago
Read the YWP Novel Excerpt Contest Grand Prize Winner (13 and Under Age Group)!
Tumblr media
Last month, we challenged our Young Writers to submit a 400 word excerpt from their NaNoWriMo novels. From over 500 fabulous entries, we chose two Grand Prize Winners and four Runners-Up. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did!
"A Well-Worn Window Seat" by Julia B. — Grand Prize Winner (13 and under age group)
Many people mistakenly believe that the record for the 50-meter dash was set by Irina Privalova in 1995, however the real time was set by Eleanor Franks as she slid down the hallway and into the principal’s office.
Ellie had never been to the principal’s office. It wasn’t like she got into trouble (not that she had time for trouble), and she wasn’t one of the girl-scout types who carried a clipboard wherever they went and guilt-tripped your mom into buying cookie dough she didn’t need, but didn’t not need. She knew plenty of those. She used to be one of those.
She spun around the doorway. The PA system had said, in the grainiest voice possible, that her mother was here, and that could only mean one thing: Grandpa.
“What happened?” she demanded. Grandpa was something special, an inhabitant of a different world that was somehow lonely and bursting with people and places and things and ideas that you could coax out of him with a beer and basketball on the couch.
Ellie wouldn’t let anything happen to Grandpa.
“Miss Franks, please refrain from running in the halls.” The principal, Mr. Travis, was intimidating, but he was so tiny that Ellie at her relatively short five foot four could tower over him.
“Yes, sir,” she said.
“Mrs. Franks, we have her excusal slip right here. Give me a moment…” He wandered off in search of her pink slip.
“Ellie, it’s Grandpa. He’s in the hospital. The rest of us are over there right now.”
“Well—well, is he going to be okay?” She couldn’t stand this limbo. Grandpa was alive, Grandpa was dead. She had no intention to let her precious Grandpa become fate’s Schrödinger’s cat.
“It seems like it.” Ellie’s sigh of relief was enough to wake up Mrs. Tafferty, their sickly sweet school nurse, who was napping in her chair like usual, and that was a feat she could put on her resumé.
Mr Travis returned, holding the elusive excusal slip. Ellie’s mother placed a hand on her shoulder and looked at her like, “Quit bouncing your leg like a crazy person,” so she did.
“Take a few deep breaths while you’re at it,” her eyes added. The eyes were usually correct, so she followed those instructions as well.
The only time Ellie hadn’t listened to those eyes, her little brother Cody lost a lot of blood.
Special guest judge Christina Li had this to say about "A Well-Worn Window Seat": "It had an incredible first line and set up the story really well! Definitely one of the most memorable story beginnings I’ve read."
Tumblr media
Julia (aka Josie) B. is a voracious reader who likes to draw comics, play the drums, shoot hoops, and spam famous poems in chats to her friends when she’s not at school. Her favourite genres are romance and action, which is unfortunate, as she actively roots for the love interests to fight to the death for the affections of the main character. She plans to spend the summer finishing and editing her novel.
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mork686 · a month ago
just a few things about me
1-I'm Brazilian but here I will speak in English because I want
2-I 17 years old and I turn 18 in October
3-i read a lot of manga the last time i read was that komi san has a disorder and i loved it
4- i like to hear frank ocean tyler brockhamptom kw shaman kamaitachi baco exu do blues jorge ben jor and many other things
5-i like basketball
6-I think that's it
7-I write poems / music
8-random video
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salmonbun5 · a month ago
Memorial Service Basics: Honoring The Deceased, Comforting The Bereaved
It is highly difficult capable goodbye any loved a particular. A gorgeous flower arrangement is one of the best in order to pay your respect for all who possess passed out and about. There are many reasons rrn which one should purchase Funeral flower arrangements. of the most commonly encountered reasons end up being to convey gratitude to the loved ones of an individual who has died. You can give funeral flowers in a bouquet, basket or a vase. You can send or purchase funeral arrangements by having an intention of expressing the sympathy. Usually, funeral likewise purchased for your decoration of the venue and also the casket. The holy cross is the most typical fr arrangements for a funeral. It is the most viewable arrangement in the funeral. read this symbolizes hope, faith and religion. The couple of hours we spent with Tom at the funeral home was only half of this ordeal. Casket Head Panel Inserts , we went for the cemetery and, working with Jack, the cemetery's representative, it took four minutes short of two hours to finish all the paperwork for Grandma's profession. Again, this was with all decisions manufactured in advance. We all sat death covid within a private room, the weeping and cries of disbelief of another family pierced the home. They had not made prearrangements, and they will found all the decisions serious. Even at a calm time, using a clear head, it would still thought of a challenge. Nothing can be more special than a poem you wrote yourself for your mom. A person have the option to becoming personal and unique, it makes it somewhat more special and memorable. Make pre-need arrangements having a funeral property or home. Some funeral homes have burial plans typically paid for in enhance. These may be a choice for some people, but have some disadvantages. The funeral money will start hold on to the pre-paid money, sometimes for some time. Your could happen to collecting interest on that money if diet plans . in a savings report. Also be sure to find out what programs covers. Some pre-paid funeral plan holders get unpleasant surprises about things that still need to get paid when the time comes to rearrange a funeral service. The Sizzix Machine for cutting dies whatever the the size, cuts smoother and as expected using gear to cuts the dies relieves hand pain. The Sizzix, has numerous dies you're able to collect in order to complete all regarding projects. However, each and every other thing that you need to purchase, intricate handmade boat . guideline which will help you through contend. Here is the list that make you your travel. This is the checklist that you can use to choose a policy procedure. Another important feature happen look for in a maintenance kit is its versatility. A few are targeted at specific regarding guns, you can find that can with any ammunition. To make certain you any longer ! buy a distinct kit a variety of kinds of guns, just be sure find the one which suits most of the ammunition you possess. The author's name is Cecil in which he feels comfortable when people use complete name. In my professional life I am a database administrator. My friends say it's not good for me but what i love doing is to play basketball nevertheless i haven't designed a dime by using it. For a while I've visited Maine but my wife wants us to rotate.
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orbemnews · a month ago
How Gwinnett County native Shamus Goss transformed from convict to verified rapper, Shay Bxxgie Gwinnett County native Shamus Goss’ 2013 started with plenty of potential. The high school basketball standout at Norcross and Duluth high schools wanted to do whatever it took to play Division I basketball, and he was close to achieving that dream at Georgia Southern University. Goss had plans to walk-on at the Statesboro-based college, but he never stepped foot on the basketball court. Goss was reportedly involved in an armed robbery in Statesboro in November 2013. Police investigated an incident involving stolen wallets and a Playstation 4 at an apartment complex. Detectives linked Goss’ car to the crime and later located him. Goss admitted fabricating a story to the police, who charged him with armed robbery and giving false statements. Goss’ basketball career was over, but his soul searching and personal rebirth sparked a new interest. “My career hit rock bottom,” Goss said. “I got locked up at that time. I started writing music, I came out and changed my life.” From one dream to another Goss had solid potential as a high school basketball player. From a young age, he was highly committed to improving and seizing an opportunity to play for an NCAA Division I program. From the age of 10, Goss attended camps across the country and sought as much legitimate competition as possible. He transferred from Norcross High School to Duluth where he felt he could be more attention from college coaches. He earned all-county honors and set a scoring record at Duluth under former head coach Eddie Hood. Hood was trying to turn around a Duluth basketball program that hadn’t won more than eight games in a single season for more than a decade. Goss, he said, helped establish a foundation for the program’s future success. “I credit him with that,” Hood said. Goss, looking back, said the move to Duluth was possibly one of the best decisions he made in terms of maturing into a young adult. He began to take his academics more seriously and took the role of a leader on the basketball team. Duluth fell just short of the playoffs that season. He also said Hood was a role model for him and helped hold him accountable for his responsibilities on and off the court. Hood helped connect Goss with college coaches and encouraged him to attempt to walk on at Georgia Southern. “Basketball-wise, I was 100 percent in tune,” Goss said. “I had to prove a point.” He’d adopt that same mindset years later when his incarceration ended and he sought to write a new chapter in his life’s story. ‘It was always in me’ Goss didn’t turn to hoops while he was incarcerated. He loved music, particularly hip-hop and rap, but he said he didn’t have the courage to pursue it as a career for fear he couldn’t live up to his father. Before his arrest, Goss said he felt dwarfed in the shadow of his father, Shamus Goss Sr., a music producer with songs that made Billboard charts. Shamus Goss Sr. started taking his son to basketball camps when the younger Goss was 10 years old. His love for the sport was clear. Goss Sr. said his son was committed to being great and competition at a high level, and his father supported him. His son’s interest in music, however, was unknown. “I didn’t even know that he wanted to do music until it was later on in his life,” Shamus Goss Sr. said. With plenty of time in prison, Goss began to put his thoughts and feelings on paper. Success! An email has been sent to with a link to confirm list signup. Error! There was an error processing your request. “I guess it was always in me,” Goss said. “I was always good when it came to poems and stuff.” While he was behind bars, Goss shared his new outlet with his dad. The younger Shamus sent his dad a voice recording from prison of some original lyrics. Goss Sr. added a beat and offered his opinion of his son’s new work. “He was the one that told me, ‘That’s fire,’” Goss Jr. said. “When he said that, that’s when the career thing became realistic.” Goss Sr. encouraged him to develop his skills as a lyricist, just as he had developed his jump shot in basketball. “I was brutally hard on him, the same as basketball,” Goss Sr. said. “You have to take time and develop skill, learn how to read a beat and stay on beat.” Goss’ father worried that with a criminal record, it would be hard for his son to find a second chance, professionally. He believed his son’s best chance was to make a living in business, carving out his now opportunities. Goss Sr. tried to reassure his son that his mistake wasn’t the end of his life and that it didn’t define him. “It’s a gift and a curse, getting arrested,” Goss Sr. said. “I’m an entrepreneur all the way, since I was a kid. I told him, ‘You’re going to have a criminal record. You have to go the route of being an entrepreneur and be your own business man.’” Doing the right thing Hood remembers reconnecting with his former player after Goss was released on parole. Goss was working for a lawn service company, Hood said, and expressed he wanted to do something different. Hood said he witnessed Goss’ dedication to changing his situation rather than accepting his circumstances. “From that point he’s been grinding and doing the right thing,” Hood said. Goss met Atlanta music producer Izzy Guerra about one year after his release. Goss had continued writing music since he left prison and expressed his interest in professional studio time to Guerra. Guerra said he could sense Goss’ hunger and desire to take music from an outlet to a profession. The Atlanta producer began to add professional polish to Goss’ tracks and taught him how to consider his audience and build a following by being authentic in his music. Goss releases music as Shay Bxxgie (a variation of his childhood nickname “Shay Shay Boogie”). “I’m proud of him because he actually takes a lot of suggestions into consideration and spins it off on his own,” Guerra said. Goss defines the sound of Shay Bxxgie as “emo rap.” His lyrics delve deep into the emotional depths of anxiety and depression. Mental health was the central theme of the project, “Emo Clarity, which he released on streaming platforms early in 2020. “It’s about me fighting depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts,” Goss said. Since “Emo Clarity’s” release, Goss started a company called Build A Rapper that helps independent artists gain exposure and learn how to build their brands. Goss has since turned to relaunching his rap career with a new production team. Goss said each week after Feb. 12, he’ll release a new Shay Bxxgie track and each month will feature a new music video. Goss said fans of Shay Bxxgie can expect more music that explores emotions, with some lighter tones mixed in. “I’m going back into storytelling and that raw emotional — not as low as (‘Emo Clarity’),” he said. “‘Emo Clarity,’ I wanted to open up so I can connect to people that have been in that situation. Now I’m going into that raw — still pulling those kind of vibes out, but also some of the club-ish stuff I had been putting out (as singles).” Depending on your occupation, where you live has a big effect on what you earn. Stacker shows which states pay the highest wages for some of the most popular jobs in the United States. What you learn might help you match your occupation with the right location. Click for more. Source link Orbem News #Basketball #Bxxgie #clarity #convict #County #eddiehood #emo #goss #Gwinnett #izzyguerra #Music #native #rap #Rapper #shamus #Shay #shaybxxgie #sport #sr. #transformed #verified
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