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poetrie · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
every time / i find myself coming back to the same place / tugging at shadows / hiding behind broken walls / wondering / wondering which dreams were once sleeping between the posts / how much courage was needed to create this beautiful wreckage Photo and words by Samantha M.
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4-am-poems · 7 hours ago
sometimes it's enough to just exist at the same time as you -
sometimes it's enough to just think of you
- 4.A.M.
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caramelo-c-r-o · 12 hours ago
Otra noche más de desvelo.
Me pregunto que hice mal.
No, no hice nada más que entregar toda mi alma.
Ahora estoy muerta en vida.
Mi brillo se desvanece cada día más.
No te extraño.
No se porque no duermo, por más que trate me encuentro devolviendo el tiempo viendo algún indicio de obviedad de que todo era una mentira.
¿Pará que los poetas se enamoran si terminamos siempre extrañando lo que era nuestro ser antes de la tragedia?
Antes de terminar con cicatrices de personas que nunca conocimos y que terminaron siendo nuestro mayor miedo, nuestra mayor muerte.
-solo un escrito más (c.r.o)
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libraryofvenus · 15 hours ago
My Lover Asks Me - Nizar Qabbani
My lover asks me: "What is the difference between me and the sky?" The difference, my love, Is that when you laugh, I forget about the sky.
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its-ronnierae-blr · 19 hours ago
Poetry Day 3
March 10th
6:48 pm
I think you’re asleep
I hope you stay that way
for a little while longer
Your dark hair swoops
just above your eyebrow
and your cheeks slightly tinted pink
You look so beautiful
and I’m cursing at myself
because I can feel a soft spot
starting to form in my heart
reserved just for you.
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its-ronnierae-blr · 19 hours ago
Poetry Day 3 (BONUS POEM)
Maybe it was because of
your infectious laugh
or those eyes that make
me crumble and fall to my knees
Or maybe it was that smile
That damn smile
that could make it feel like
you were being bathed in sunlight
Whatever it was,
it wrecked me
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nothing-but-poetry · a day ago
force out a laugh
to push back the tears
my eyes are stinging
my vision is blurry
my mind has taken the form
of a storm ravaging a village
I laugh, loud and long
to disguise the shaking
breath and the sobs
pretend I saw a funny post
or thought of a memory
of joyous days long past
I laugh to hide the tears
leaving trails on my cheeks
one day, I fear
someone will look too close
or listen too well
and see that when I say I'm fine
I'm only trying to convince myself
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its-ronnierae-blr · a day ago
You’ll find him
In the smallest parts
Of me
You’ll find him in the way I pronounce the word hair
In the poems I’ve written
About our late night talks
In my facial expressions
And you’ll find him in the way
I have reshaped my humor
In the sweater I wear almost everyday
And in the art I craft
You’ll find him
In the colors I love
And the songs I play
You’ll find bits and pieces of him
In almost everything I do
And almost everything I say
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its-ronnierae-blr · a day ago
Poetry Day 2
Last night
You told me you were learning
A Star Wars language
(Gosh, what a dork)
You finally told me
What went through your mind
The day we met
Last night you told me
you loved me and
You said I was becoming your everything
(I wanted to hug you so much)
Last night you told me about her
What she said and did
To make you doubt that I’d stay
Last night you told me a multitude of things
And I loved every minute of it
(Because I love you)
Because you were talking to me
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wr-nix · 2 days ago
Prompt 3
My Skin
Sometimes smooth, sometimes rough.
Someparts soft, someparts tough.
Some spots scorched with lightning bolts; others left untouched.
Tense and flexible, around our bodies, tightly clutched.
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Emotions are like the ocean. Sometimes, it would be calm and blue. Often, they wreak with havoc. And in those moments, one cannot guarantee what would happen next. The waves may curse upon the land, The water will be too shallow for the sand. In its depth, one swims to breathe while one sinks to feel. There would be times the current will be too strong, it pulls you - Deeper and deeper until all is lost. Carried away by the slightest drop and we'll be part of its vastness - a wide range of warmth in the horizon. Today, I fear to sink. Tomorrow, I claim to feel. But for the time being, my heart is full for what it weighs.
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