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#poem: excerpt
loveylayne · 9 hours ago
Look through my eyes,
Don't be scared of what you see.
Feel the torment compressing my head,
And the pain deep inside of me.
Carry the heaviness in my heart.
Keep up with my spinning brain.
Try to contain all my demons,
All while trying to escape the rain.
Control the war inside my head,
Watch their kindness come to a halt.
Run far away from their glowing eyes,
Your panic isn't your fault.
Watch them keep you in a box,
Or a cookie cutter shape.
They can't look past your flaws,
Don't justify their mistake.
We are more than they say,
We are more than they choose.
Don't back into their corner,
We have just as much to lose.
So pull yourself up,
Hold your head as you stand.
There is hope behind the clouds,
Your happiness is a fair demand.
Keep your feet straight,
Use your voice to be heard.
Tell them about your past,
Teach them what you've learned.
Our voices maybe small,
But there are many in our crowd.
One day there will be victory,
And our message will be loud.
The burden may be heavy,
But your truth will set you free.
And one day they will realize,
They are just like you and me.
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82letters · 11 hours ago
There’s a power cut today and it’s never felt more right
Cause I have had enough of the way we have to pretend that we’re alright
It feels an excuse to sit in our blues
And watch as the sun fades, presenting the moon
Light up our candles, talk without any angles
A power cut feels right
For where I am in my life
There’s more activity outside
The neighbour I’ve never spoken to strikes up conversation with me
Usually I would run and hide
But on this common ground, I find peace
And we discussed his hobby of solar lights, they were twinkling away on the other side
For a moment it was alright
And this is an excuse to sit in my blues
As the sun is slowly presenting the moon
I’m as burnt out as my candles, I can’t fight anymore battles
A power cut feels right
For where I am in my life
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82letters · 11 hours ago
He was tall, he wasn’t shy, he stopped when he could’ve walked on by
We talked about some other life, where he felt like a different guy
And I could name him Tom, I could name him Jeff; cause I didn’t catch his name before he upped and left
But I know where he’s from, down to the address
Before he’d gone, he turned and said, his life is but a work in progress
And I wondered when he left that station
If he found his destination
He talked about people like they were at home in his head; the ones who were evil without reason were still ones he would never, ever forget
But the ones that made his heart beat like the train on its tracks took the most space in his brain and he wouldn’t let me forget that
And I could name him Ben or I could name him Terry; I didn’t catch his name before he had rushed off in a hurry
But I know where he’s from, down to that old willow tree
Before he had gone, he turned and said, his life is but a work is progress
And I wondered when I left that station
If he found his destination
Now everytime I see that bench, I see all his stories in my head
It never gets told, now there’s so much I don’t know
I hope the best with all his progress, hope he finds another acquaintance
To share the tales of tears and laughter
And I hope those stories now end with his “happily ever after”
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poeticintrovert · 13 hours ago
You mean she'd rather imagine herself relating to an absent person that build relationships with those around her?
Amélie (2001) dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet
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whiskedthought · 20 hours ago
I need to
be blue
to fantom
how intoxicating
existence is.
The skies
look beautiful
when the pain
in my eyes
pierce through .
The human touch
is exhilarating
when I’m deprived of it .
The stars shine brighter
when I’m far away
from them.
Forbidden happiness
seem pleasurable
to these sore hands.
You can’t
merely understand
That this blue
That this vacuity
Grabs me by the neck
And slams me with
Realisation of
Gratitude and gratefulness
I need to be alone
I need to be in despair
I need to ponder in my pool of
Darkness to value my
very own existence
©️ @whiskedthought
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midnight-love · a day ago
from the start
you were never mine
not mine to hold, nor mine to lose
So I'll keep these half written love letters 
in a shoebox under my bed
- M.L
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whereflowersbloom · a day ago
His eyes held shimmering stars in them.
But it was the way he uttered my name what caught my breath.
He spoke with such gentleness I never knew before.
Intimate sentiment only lovers whisper tender words.
It flowed off his tongue with ease as if he had breathed it a thousand times in another life or time perhaps.
An urgent call from the depths of his soul longing for a taste of warmth.
Heart’s longing
A. M.
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zennosynne · a day ago
The glass is half empty, till it falls, and shatters.
In the end does anything really matter.
Tired eyes, dead mind.
What is the purpose?
People would rather cheer you on when you're on a bender.
You can stay high forever.
The pills are wearing off now.
Time to down some more, or let the real world back in, but deep down I fear reality, and what it holds for me.
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daisypoet77 · a day ago
if only i could put missing you into words…i think it would be written like this:
“the weight of every star”
i hate missing you this bad
cause it feels like i’m being crushed
by the weight of
every star in the galaxy.
my chest feels tight,
my hands are a little more shaky,
and my lungs don’t get enough air in.
it’s like a mini panic attack,
but worse,
because it’s about you.
and missing you.
and wishing you were sitting in front of me
so i could reach out and touch your hand;
i want to feel the sparks again,
feel that magic we once shared.
we still share.
i guess now it’s tucked away
somewhere far beyond the walls we can see.
i miss you, and it feels like my heart
is slowly breaking the longer you’re away.
—original poem <3
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bitesizedpoetry · a day ago
Tumblr media
Anne Sexton, excerpts from the poem, “With Mercy for the Greedy”
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prosebyday · a day ago
I will never stop loving you. My heart is full of love for a handful of people no longer in my life: people who hurt me, desert me, who drifted away, or are better off alone. If my love is true, it never ceases. We're just not in the same place anymore. Even when you've long forgotten me, I will watch your life in pictures and quietly wish you well.
Grazia Curcuru
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The ugly years of being a fool
Weren't those supposed to be wonderful?
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wini16 · a day ago
Hatred for someone is born out of fear,
fear that you might become who they are.
Wini16, @distilledpoetry (original)
a thought that passed through my clumsy head
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a-losthope · a day ago
I long for the day I'll stop writing about you Perhaps then I'll stop feeling so blue When the violin no longer reminds me of you And your name wouldn't sound so taboo That day you'll cease to be my muse You'll simply become a stranger I once knew
The Day I’ll Stop Writing About You // Ig : @How.ItFeels
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acupofpoems · 2 days ago
“They say blood is thicker than water. But they forget to mention that there are days when it’s also one of the heaviest things to carry.”
— Rose
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embraceofday · 2 days ago
the sand falling on my head feels like a burden, it feels too heavy and too much all at once. i open my eyes and see a beach scattered at my feet and clear skies. i would give anything for those clouds back.
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