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#pnf mafia au
galaxina-the-pyro2 days ago
Yo! I just wanna say I love your Mafia AU. X3 If it's alright to ask, where else does Ferb fit into it? Is he part of a rival mafia? Simple civilian/baker like his brother? Man, this makes me want to write stuff.
I'm so happy you do! X3 The Mafia AU, though I haven't gotten around to utilizing it much, is one of my favorite AUs that I've made.
You are indeed correct - Ferb is a civilian/baker like Phineas. While he isn't at first aware of Phineas' friendship with Isabella, upon MEETING the young member of the infamous Syndicate, he is immediately wary and disapproving of her presence, especially around his na茂ve younger brother. He and Isabella both don't get along very well and only tolerate each other for Phineas' sake. And since he and Phineas are pretty much a packaged deal, Ferb, too, gets dragged into Phineas' little situation with the Fireside Syndicate later down the line.
(I WANTED to draw a picture of the three, but I didn't have any time to. I'll see if I can do something with these three tomorrow, lol)
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galaxina-the-pyro7 days ago
I really wanna draw more for my Mafia AU now, thanks @lyllaotterofhalfworld 馃槀
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lyllaotterofhalfworld7 days ago
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>:V. Going to bed now but Team-Up
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galaxina-the-pyro3 months ago
Hello I was wondering for your mafia au what crimes do the fireside crime syndicate do??? I always find the logistics of these kind of au鈥檚 super cool!! And this au is pretty cool in it of itself
I鈥檓 glad you asked! Allow me to go into detail:
So - The Fireside Syndicate works like most Mafias but with notable differences. They commit robberies, tax fraud, undergo illegal gambling, run underground black markets - they鈥檙e quite known for their violent methods of getting what they want, and aren鈥檛 shy when it comes to murder. But they鈥檙e particularly known for their method of recruitment - they raise runaway, orphan, or even kidnapped children to be within their ranks, to the point where it鈥檚 almost a requirement. It鈥檚 very rare for a new member to not be a child (unless they鈥檙e an Associate, of course), and chances are an older member was brought up through this same system. They are raised up and conditioned, practically brainwashed even, into following their practices and forming a blind loyalty and admiration toward the Syndicate itself.
This works well into their coverup as a girl scout organization, but it also works well in it that they can also use this coverup to have their younger members pilfer and sell drugs through cookie, chocolate, or brownie sales. Isabella and her troop in particular have the highest grossing number in sold drugs and such without any of the police force being aware of how.
Isabella and her troop also perform their own robberies on the side, from robbing banks to stealing candy from stores. But they aren鈥檛 really trusted with bigger schemes as of yet, due to their age and lack of experience, though Isabella insists she can pull off heists by herself if her聽鈥渇riends鈥 weren鈥檛 holding her back (she eventually grows to appreciate the rest of her troop and stuff, she鈥檚 just a snot at first).
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(I wanted to draw more, and I might later, but I鈥檓 just not in the mindset to do it right now, and I still don鈥檛 have a canon design for the rest of the Mafia girls. I plan on drawing Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Doofenshmirtz, and Perry鈥檚 designs next because I鈥檓 more aware of what their roles are gonna be in this AU.)
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galaxina-the-pyro4 months ago
So I got an ask about my Mafia AU (which I鈥檒l be answering come tomorrow or the next day - I wanna do a drawing for it), and I suddenly had a splurge of inspiration hit me:
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Stuff is crossed out to avoid spoilers, lol - hopefully this weekend I can push out some more Mafia AU shenanigans along with some other stuff. After this hell of a week, heaven knows I need a drawing pick-me-up. 馃槱
But yeah! I鈥檓 very happy some of you have taken an interest in my AU - it鈥檚 good to know I鈥檓 not the only one who likes the idea of the Fireside Girls committing crimes and arson like the adorable little gremlins they are.
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(I need to make more ideas about the girls instead of making excuses to draw Phinabella fodder but I can鈥檛 help myself 馃槄)
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galaxina-the-pyro5 months ago
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Mafia!Isabella in all her adorable glory~. Just don鈥檛 mess with her if you don鈥檛 want a face full of lead - a rather courteous sort of mistress, she鈥檚 as manipulative as she is cute. She鈥檚 a girl who gets what she wants, whether you let her or not.
In spite of her more polite persona, she hides a more foul mouthed imprudence unfitting of a lady. Her weakness as well as her strength is her passion, which can ultimately be her (or someone else鈥檚) undoing. Though she leads the Soldiers of Troop 46231 with skill and formality, it takes a while for her to come to appreciate them or even treat them as more than canon fodder. She doesn鈥檛 trust much of anyone, and no one, except for a select few (luckily, the Don[na] being among this group), trusts her.
Isabella鈥檚 dream is to become The Fireside Syndicate鈥檚 next big Boss, and works hard to get to the top. She may have done some shady things, and certainly stepped on a few toes and fingers along the way, but she鈥檚 most certainly getting there - she can feel it. So long as there are no obstacles or distractions, she鈥檒l be set for life.
Ooh, who鈥檚 that baker boy? He鈥檚 kinda cute, if not a little mouthy and...
...oh no.
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