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#plus i love a muscular back too
ganderstick2 · 3 days ago
9 Ways You Can Get More 강남op While Spending Less
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ella-writess · 7 days ago
I’m Yours.
⚠️ 18 +
Tumblr media
(Disclaimer: The following is a story containing a DDLG Relationship, do your research and be safe!
Let me know if you have any questions while reading.)
Synopsis: Daddy Adrien and Little Violet are on a snuggly park date, having some fun on the swings. Daddy gets jealous after a brief interaction with another Daddy, Baby Violet growing shy and blushy around him. Daddy then goes home with his baby and reminds her who she belongs to.
(Degradation and Breeding Kinks involved)
Enjoy the smut!! 😉♥️
Tumblr media
     Daddy pushes me on the swing, the wind nearly blowing my headband off. I giggle gleefully, the swinging making my stomach drop from the height he pushes me at. He abruptly stops the swing with he broad build, pulling me flush against his back before he plants a sweet kiss on my forehead.
     "Daddy, come around!" I look up at him and capture his attention. "I wanna face you while you push me."
     I tug on the sleeve of his sweatshirt, his beautiful chuckles sending tingles throughout. He gently grabs my chin and tilts it up, planting those sweet lips on mine.
     "Okay, Angel'skoye litso." He murmurs against me, the pet name heavy with his accent making me squeal and melt in his arms. (Angel'skoye litso – Angel face).
     Daddy had finally given into bringing us to the park after days of begging him to do so on his days off. I love the swings so much and have been craving him to push me on them, plus I love spending time like this with my Daddy. Sometimes being cooped up inside just makes my babie heart sad and feel locked up, a lot like Rapunzel. No fun.
     He comes around the swing and kneels in front of me, peppering my face with his sweet kisses. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull his warmth closer.
The sweet melody of an ice cream truck registers to me and captures my attention.
     "Does my sweet, Violét, want ice cream?"
     "Yes, please, Papa." I attempt my best accent to match his, the smile on his face filling my heart up.
     "Up and off then." He gently places his large hands on my waist and lifts me into his hold. "Vanilla, right?"
     I nod and swing my legs around, careful not to kick much anyway. I lean my head against his chest, his palm patting my bum and sinking me further into my headspace.
     "Adrién, hey! It's been a while." Another masculine voice calls out to my Daddy. I squeeze my Papa and hold onto him tighter, burying my face further into his neck.
     "Is this your precious Bunny you've always marveled about?" The man chuckles and I feel a foreign touch against my shoulder. I peak out of Daddy's chest to catch a glimpse of the man who touched me as they converse in their language.
     The man is around Daddy's height, so very tall, and muscular too. His hair is lighter than Daddy's, closer to mine in blonde. And his eyes, they're a deep forest green I had never ever stared into. Very much contrasting my Daddy's ocean blue depths.
     I tap on Daddy's shoulder, signaling him to let me down. He complies quickly, allowing me to slide down his body before facing the unnamed man. Could he be a Daddy too?
     I tilt my head and examine his attire, my cheeks flushing at how well his shirt hugs his biceps. I clear my throat, snapping myself out of the trance before I get caught ogling at another. I reach for my Daddy's hand, the expensive watch catching the sunlight and shining in my eyes.
     I momentarily allow myself to be captured by the pretty sparkles, bringing his hand up closer to my face so I can trace the pretty stones. I look up at my handsome Papa, turning his palm around so I can nibble on his pinky.
     "Bunny," our eyes suddenly connect, his ocean storms pinning me in place. "Want to say hello to my friend? Luka's from back home, in Russia. I've been telling him all about my precious girl."
     I look over at Luka, his forest green gaze already taking me in. I involuntarily squeeze my grip, my cheeks flushing as the man's structured features stand out to me.
     "H-hi." I whisper. He smirks and waves with two fingers.
     "You're so precious." He chuckles and reaches forward to brush my cheek with the back of his fingers. My heart flutters along with the butterflies in my lower tummy. I suck my bottom lip into my mouth before pressing my face to Daddy's side, never taking my eyes off the other Daddy.
     The two continue in a short conversation before they say goodbye. My mind imagining his hands all over me, with his soft supple touch the entire time.
     "Angel, I thinks it's time for us to go home." I jump at how thick Daddy's voice sounds, my heart dropping at his tone. I gaze up at him to find his eyes hard and his jaw locked with a thumping facial muscle. Does he know?
     "B-but, my ice cream." I pout, hoping to distract. He comes down to my level, making me shrink back against his scrutinizing gaze.
     "Only good girls get ice cream."
Tumblr media
Daddy rips my skirt off my hips as soon as we get home. His thick hand around my throat and shoving me back into our room. The sound of the material tearing away from my body raising goosebumps. His fingers grab my jaw tightly and tilt my face up towards his, leaning so close to me our noses touch.
     "Did you like another man staring at your pathetic little ass?" He spits, tugging at my lip with his thumb and his rumbling devilish tone thick with his accent.
     My heart pumps rapidly in my chest, my thighs clenching with need as tears filled my eyes. "No?"
     He pushes against me, forcing me to fall back against the bed. I suck in a breath as he crawls over me, his weight delectably on top of me as his cologne fills my senses. Snickers, I didn't mean for it to come out like a question!
    "Daddy, I didn't—"
     "Quiet, you know what's good for you."
     My whimper soon turns into a moan as he slips his hand over my panties, stroking his index finger over my soaking slit through the material. I buck against him, needing more pressure as my body heats up for him. My arms come up to wrap around his neck, but his free hand claim my wrists before I could move to do so.
     He presses a kiss against my mouth, his tongue slipping inside and tasting me.
     "You wish my fingers were his, don't you?" He mumbles, a chuckle rumbling through him as he rubs circles against my nub. I squirm beneath him, his hips pressing down against mine to hold me down.
     "Stroking you." I shake my head 'no' against him as an answer, his lips having stolen my breath to speak. He pushes my panties aside and runs his fingers along my wetness, his lips curling in a slight smirk as he takes in my reaction to his touch.
     "Teasing you." He rumbles, leaving hot kisses down my jaw.
     His hand slides down to my heated entrance, my hips pressing down so his two fingers glide in. He chuckles once again, earning a gasp from me as he suckles on the sweet spot of my neck.
     "Slipping inside your little hole." He rasps against my ear and pushes his ring finger deep inside with the other ones. I bite his shoulder to muffle the scream, my body quivering uncontrollably. He hovers above me for a moment, the amused smirk playing on his lips driving me wild. I plead with my innocent eyes for him to move, to dominate every inch of me — claim my body as it is.
"Claiming you as his." He repeats my words, smacking them back at me and pumping in and out of me harshly. The squelching sounds of his fingers curling up to hit my sweet spots driving me closer to the edge. My vision goes black as my eyes roll back into my head with the sheer pleasure. He slows down before pulling his fingers out, my wetness dribbling down to his knuckles.
"Look at you, you're dripping all over me already and I haven't even gotten started." He chuckles, planting hot wet kisses down my navel and nipping the skin of my hip. His eyes bore into mine, his gaze darkened and predatory."You're so pathetic."
"Daddy. I'm already so close." I plead as he rubs smooth circles across my nub, teasing me further as the coil starts to build inside me. I grab the back of his neck, pulling him over me and into a kiss. I moan into his mouth and spread wider for him, his fingers slipping back inside. I love this, I'm so wet for him.
"Such a needy little cunt. What should I do with you?"
"Make me cum." I plead and rock my hips against his fingers, sliding them in and out of my throbbing core. He smirks and stops moving, pushing me to ride his fingers out like the needy little kitten I am.
I grip the bedsheets tightly, clenching around him as I push harder against him and hit a spot deep inside. My lips part and my vision blurs, the ringing in my ears intensifies as pleasure overcomes all my senses.
I'm his and I only belong to him. He's the perfect Daddy, he's my handsome Russian caregiver. The only one who could ever have me dripping through my panties. Daddy Adrien, I belong only to you. I'm your needy little slut.
"Bend over, I want to use your little holes." His husky voice, raspy with lust, orders me. I nod feverishly, wanting to feel him pounding into me already. His hand releases its grip on my wrists, momentarily letting me go as he unbuckles his belt. "You're my slut, you hear me?"
"Yes, Daddy."
He rolls me over, ass high in the air and ready to be claimed. I brace my hips, his warm bare tip teasing my slick entrance.
Our moans fill the air as he pushes our hips together, his mouth licking and sucking my shoulders and neck. His thick cock stretches my walls out, pumping and riding out the burn as we move together.
"Daddy, you feel so good." I moan and bury my face into the bedsheets below. I quiver as his grunts vibrate through me, the beads of sweat forming across my back.
He presses a flat palm between my shoulders and pushes me further down into the mattress. I curl my fists up and arch my back, ready for him to pound my pussy senseless.
His pulsating cock drives into me, his hips slapping against mine mercilessly. I scream into the mattress, my stinging walls easing out with the pleasure as he stretches me out. He grips my forearms and pulls me off the mattress, pressing my back against his hot chest and tilting my jaw so I look up at him. My walls clench around him and my orgasm becomes impossible to hold back.
"That's it, Angel. Cum for Daddy."
His words quickly drive me over the edge, my thighs numbing as the orgasm rakes my entire body. He grunts and squeezes my hips as he rides out my high, sliding deep into me with slow strokes.
"I'm yours, Daddy. All yours." I mewl, panting against him as I feel every inch of his thick cock, the veins pulsating as he nears his finish.
"My little cumslut." He curses and his strokes turn sloppy, gripping me tighter as I roll my hips against him. I purr as he fills me up, his thick cum claiming my walls and womb. His angel, his little cumslut.
"You did so good, Angel face." He praises as he slowly pulls out of me and pulls me onto his chest, stroking my hair as my body succumbs to exhaustion.
Find The Entire Collection: Here
Tumblr media
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sashabrausbrainrot · 8 days ago
what sports i think the aot characters would play [I]
featuring: eren jaeger, armin arlert, mikasa ackerman, jean kirstein, connie springer, sasha braus, historia reiss, & ymir (if reader is mentioned, reader is gn)
content warnings: none rlly, some may get slightly repetitive as i go because i can see more than one character playing some of these sports.
ellie’s notes: just a lil disclaimer that i obviously don’t play every sport listed here (or i used to and just kinda forgot how it works LOL) so there may be some here that are a little less specific than others depending on my knowledge!!
Tumblr media
eren plays basketball. he’s got the stamina and the build for it - around six feet so i’d say he’d either play up in the post (center) or even as a forward depending on the heights of his teammates. his aggression is very well channeled into this sport as it revolves a lot around contact. he probably racks up some fouls more often than not for the same reason - he simply lets his anger and drive to win take over, even if he doesn’t mean to. once he fouled out of a game and some of his teammates physically had to hold him back from going ballistic.
sweet armin is a swimmer. and it checks out - he loves the water. he spends nearly all his time in the pool, chasing his dream of making it to the olympics one day. i feel like his best stroke would be the butterfly to be honest, with really fluid movements that make it look so easy. he’d love nothing more than to teach you to swim if you don’t know or just bring you by the pool to have some fun. the type to spend the entire time in the ocean on beach trips, too - laying out is simply not an option.
mikasa plays soccer. she’s very athletic, and soccer is a pretty hard sport endurance wise (in my opinion). i could either see her as a midfielder - doing a bit of everything as she’s a great mover and quick on her feet either defensive or offensively - or a goalie for the same reasons. she’s pretty competitive, but definitely not as much as eren. still, a very good teammate nonetheless. days when she’s not practicing sometimes consist of taking you to the field anyways, attempting to teach you how to dribble and pass if you don’t know how to play soccer. if you do, she’ll gladly 1v1 any day of the week.
i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again - jean is a baseball player. i’d say he could be a pretty good shortstop as he’s got a good throwing arm and is quite athletic too - all good qualities. he’s got a decent swing too - has scored a fair amount of home runs and really has a good eye on the ball. he looks really good in his uniform, too. very muscular and well built, no doubt from all the practice. he’s a dedicated guy all the way - loves nothing more than to see you at his games as well, cheering him on when he’s up to bat or has just made a good play.
connie is a wrestler. i can just see it. he may not be the most built or heavy set guy out there, but he’s spry and fast on his feet. he really wants to go pro when he’s older. plus, he’s a hell of a lot smarter than people give him credit for - in the wrestling world, i mean. this gives him an upper hand against his opponents, relying more on logic than physical strength - though he has a lot of that, too. it’s fun to watch him, but nerve wracking as well (not surprisingly). his dumbass always wants to go the extra mile, more often than not sending him to the doctor with a couple of broken bones and a few jokes to crack - all because of a miscalculated move.
my girl sasha is an equestrian. she excels in cross country, finding it fun when the courses are more outdoor, woodsy based. on the flip side, i could also see her as someone into western pleasure or ranch riding - basically anything to do with the outdoors. with the exception of cross country, i just can’t see her as someone all that into the english world. she likes the more western scene, it’s more in her nature i guess you could say. she just loves being around horses - goes on trails quite a bit as well. i think her favorite disney princess would be merida because of how skilled she is with a bow and arrow and on horseback.
historia is a cheerleader. i definitely see her as a flyer because of her height and overall look/attitude. she’s very perky and positive so as someone who’s going to be the center of attention in the air, it’s good that she’s able to smile and put on a good show. she really loves what she does too. always very upbeat and cheerful, a really good teammate and friend to those around her. you enjoy going to all of her competitions, too. it’s always fun to see her doing what she loves, pulling off all these stunts and crazy looking moves with a bright smile on her face.
ymir runs cross country. she’s got the build, the drive, and the stamina to make an excellent runner. she’s very fast and versatile when it comes to the sport as well, as cross country is a lot of rough, uneven grounds like grass and dirt. one that is also very built and athletic from all of the exercise she gets in. it’s impossible to race her and win - she’s incredibly fast. she’s always trying to convince you to get up early and run with her as well; a bonding activity, perhaps? she just loves it, it’s in her blood. it’s fascinating to watch all of her meets as well - it’s crazy the amount of stamina she’s got.
Tumblr media
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queencloth27 · 8 days ago
What Are 구글 상위노출?
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jaynovz · 11 days ago
Aight aight who wants to hear more about the Medusa AU that's very near and dear to my heart?
This concept started with me like: I just want his hair to be snakes. Cuz Snake Boy as Medusa. Just makes sense!
So Flint is Perseus and Silver is Medusa. Flint shows up to kill the Gorgon b/c he needs its head as a weapon to rescue Miranda (playing the role of Danae from the original myth) from Peter Ashe (playing the role of Polydectes)
Anyway, the Gorgon proves to be not as horrible of a monster as Flint was lead to believe, so they strike a bargain instead. Silver will go back to Flint’s hometown with him and help kill Ashe and all his goons. In return, Silver won’t be so fucking BORED. Plus Flint is the first mortal in a million years (not literally) who has actually stopped to talk to him instead of just stab stab kill.  (“You asked my name. No one’s ever done that.”) Basically in exchange for his assistance, Silver gets an intriguing little adventure.
(Lol "I brought you the gorgon's head like you asked. it's still attached. You didn't specify. I found a loophole.")
In this verse Silver’s Gorgon siblings are Max and Eleanor. Or rather, Maxima and Elynore cuz I gave them Greek names. Yes I did just recycle this siblings concept for Siren verse, so what.
Anyway, they go on back to Flint’s hometown (roadtrip) and maybe on the way meet Princess Andromeda (Madi) and fight a sea monster for her. B/c this is an action-adventure story!
Other details are: Silver has to wear a blindfold in public b/c of his stone eyes ofc. He was cursed to be a Gorgon, but y’know, he Can’t Bear to Speak of It. Haven’t decided exactly why he was cursed yet, or if he’s going to talk about it.
I’ve made Flint a demigod of the sea in this, cribbing from the Percy Jackson series where Perseus is the son of Poseidon instead of Zeus. He discovers along their journey that he can summon storms. Lightning! Zap!
(Neither of them know yet, but Flint is immune to Silver’s stoning, but there’s gonna be a ROM COM REVEAL)
So after a long and fun roadtrip with lots of bonding and shenanigans and falling in loooooove, they get back to Flint’s hometown and Ashe has So Many Dudes right? Well there’s a big fight and someone gets Silver in a bad spot, about to cut his head off for real for real. He goes like, full naga transformation and tears a swath of destruction through the enemies. 
Then he'll be all worried Flint isn't going to like him anymore since he's a horrible monster but ofc by this point Flint is 💜💜 and doesn't think of Silver like that.
And Silver’s torn his blindfold accidentally during the fight. So after this battle Flint is rushing over there, bc he was terrified for Silver and wants to check if he's okay. And they lock eyes. Flint thinking like "oh wow those are pretty eyes, too bad they have to be covered all the time" at the same time Silver makes a horrified sound and covers them with his hands.
He can't bear to look up and see Flint as a statue but Flint is strangely fine. Goes over and removes Silver's hands and coaxes him to open his eyes. And it's super sweet and like "You can… you can look at me." Def kissing c:
So Flint founds a new city for all his loved ones and new friends and they live happily ever after. That's what Perseus does and it's very in keeping with the “nation of thieves” Nassau idealized ending.
He invites Silver, Maxima, Elynore and Princess AndroMadi (XD) to all move in with him and Miranda. They form a happy little family yay, the end. 
Also a side of monsterfucking b/c who doesn’t want to be wrapped up and pinned down by a giant muscular snake coil? Flint certainly does. Mark him down as scared and horny, very happy to be fucked by a naga. And in return Silver will get lightly shocked by local demigod’s lightning powers during sex. Eyes emoji. Lots of orgasms, everyone is delighted.
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tongue-soup · 12 days ago
My list of Mortal Kombat characters who I absolutely simp over and would be a good little house wife for. 💞
Erron Black, my favorite muscular outlaw from the Wild West, how could I not love him. He’s got the bod, he’s got the face, and he’s got the personality. My type of guy, I want to ride off into the sunset on the back of his horse and then have him rail me five minutes later. 🖤
Kabal. Nothing to add, just ✨Kabal✨. Sped into my heart and hasn’t left since.
TREMOR. My man, doesn’t get enough attention, not enough appreciation, not enough love. I’ve seen very few people simp over this rocky boi, he deserves love, I want to give him a kiss kiss.
Reptile, yes I love this nasty scaly boy. 💚 (Monster men go hard, I will not be accepting counter arguments at this time.) And honestly, I’d let any surian smash, sexy bitches.
Kung Lao. Probably shocking considering the pattern above, but like Tremor, I think he’s greatly under-appreciated, doesn’t get enough credit for his contribution to the MK universe. Also, he’s cute, like he’s so stupidly cute. 🥰
Kuai Liang (Sub-Zero). I want him to decimate my insides and then I want to sleep cuddled into his chest afterwards (and bury my face in those rock hard muscles, hehe). I also hate hot weather, and I heat up really easily, so mans would be doing me a huge favor, lmfao.
Baraka, one of my first obsessions. Like I said, I love monster men. ESPECIALLY, when they’re spiky. Big sharp teeth, claws, spikes, muscles, the whole package. And have you seen Baraka’s thighs? Man’s got CAKE, a full three course meal, plus dessert and snacks in between. Fine as fuck. 🥵💦
Also, here’s some honorable mentions. Characters who I don’t like, simp over, but still love.
Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion). I really like him, I’m not too interested in him, but yeah, I mean I like his character. Love his story from beginning to end, and thought his MK11 ending was cool asf though.
Jacqui Briggs. I like to group her with Kung Lao in the sense that I do like their characters and they don’t get enough appreciation for what they’ve done in MK story line. I also just think she’s really pretty, especially her MK11 rendition, and all of her outfits I love, they’re so elegant yet so badass.
Takeda. Edited and added him last minute mainly because I’ve been playing him a lot more in MKX and holy shit, I LOVE his character. I’ve decided to go watch all the cut scenes from MKX in a YouTube compilation and honestly, idk why I didn’t pay him more attention earlier. I like his fighting style and his character design quite a lot, hehe. 💞
Nitara. She’s a fucking queen. She’s got baddie vibes, I want to be her and fuck her. Still sad about how quick her death was in Mortal Kombat (2021) though, but her entry when Shang Tsung introduce Reiko and Kabal to her was just stunning, a little weird towards her, but still. Also, Scorpion’s Revenge entry? BEAUTIFUL. Chef’s kiss. ♥️ Like, I’d be down for a one night stand with her, lowkey baby.
Mileena. This one shouldn’t be a surprise, tbh, I love her so much. She deserved better, and Kitana was a bitch. Sorry not sorry. 🤷‍♀️ Not saying Kitana didn’t have a right to not like Mileena, given the whole situation and her interactions with Mileena, but still, she was downright bitchy to her for no reason in some cases, tbh. Just my opinion, but yeah, babe deserved better, I can sympathize with her, I get it. Anyways, 💞 Mileena 💞.
Onaga. I want that dragon bussy- jkjk ignore me, lmfao. But yeah, severely underrated character, love him.
I’m probably gonna get shit on for this, but yes, Shao Kahn. What can I say, he’s dummy thicc, and I actually really like his MK11 rendition. I’d let him smash, hard, like, until I can’t walk, ya know. I love my villains, my big bad evil men with no morals. I’m not saying what he did was right, but shit, I’d let him ruin this pussy lowkey.
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bela2372 · 15 days ago
Danny Phantom in Gotham
Chapter 11
Meanwhile with Damian
“Dude, your brother’s cool!”, Gar said to Damian when they reached the lobby of the Wayne’s hotel. It was a fairly recent development and Bruce only built the place because he adopted Danny and if the boy ever decided to visit his hometown he would have a place to stay. It proved to be useful since the place was full of ghosts and besides the team he sent, he would probably crash there sometime to investigate himself.
Each of the teens went to their respective bedrooms to leave their luggage and then came back to the front of the hotel so they could start investigating where this Phantom ghost was. Bart wasn’t with them because he had a bellyache at the last second and was stuck in the bathroom for a while. 
“And here I am, guys! The Wayne hotel stands behind me with all it’s glory! Hey, did you like my outfit? I’m positive my ghost boy, Danny Phantom, will come and pick me up for our date. I’m sure he will fly with me in his arms around the town and then bring me to a nice and lovely picnic in the sunset. Oh… Love!”, the group of young heroes saw a latino girl, with her phone in front of her, so she was probably doing a live and walking in front of the hotel talking about the MIA hero. It was clear that she was a fangirl.
“And then we will take selfies so I can prove to that stupid Sam Manson thet we are indeed in love. That girl is so annoying and her fashion sense so awful !”, the girl continued. “I know that she doesn’t brag about it, but she was the last person Phantom was seen with before he disappeared. I’m gonna prove to her and her technogeek friend that my hero was just planning a super date for us!”
That monologue was really helpful for the trio. This Sam Manson was the last person to see this Danny Phantom character, so she might know what happened to him. They didn’t lose time satalking out of the hotel’s entrance and adventuring the city. 
Poor Bart was left forgotten in the bathroom. When he learned that they forgot about him he was pissed.
The teens plus Bart (still pissed) learned from the locals about the Freak Trio, compose by Samantha Mansom, otherwise known as Sam, the very own goth of the town and an ultra vegan girl who did the impossible, changed Casper High’s menu a few years back so they would offer non meat meals. There was also Tucker Foley, a nerd who was apparently in love with his PDA. Jaime, Bart and Gar thought it was disgusting, but Damian really didn’t mind at all. He already saw many weird things, including a boy named Five (what kind of parent put the names of their kids numbers?) who was deeply in love with a mannequin named Dolores.
And the last, and maybe the most surprising of all, Damian’s own brother, Danny Fenton. The boy was known around the town as the son of the eccentric ghostbusters, Maddie and Jack Fenton, but he didn’t seem to share any interest in a career hunting ectoplasmic manifestations. The students of Casper High thought he was a coward because he always ran away during ghost attacks and no one would be able to find him for hours after said attack. No one, but his closest friends, seemed to know where he hid.
“That makes things easier. You just have to call him. He must know where Sam is!”, Bart said to Damian. They tried this, but Danny never picked. Damian suspected that his phone died since he was playing with it in the plane, too excited to sleep, as he usually does during his free time.
Eventually they found some jocks exiting the mall. The one who appeared to be the leader was blonde and tall. He also had blue eyes. He was followed by an asian boy, also tall and muscular, and then a black skinned teen, who had a similar body structure as the others. 
Jamie volunteered to ask them if they knew the girl they were looking for.
“Look at this, guys. The puny thinks I’ll tell him. What makes you think I know that crazy goth who eats garbage?”, Dash said, grinning mischievously.
“Maybe the fact that you described said girl?”, Jamie tried to reason, but Dash was already furious.
The quarterback shoved his hand on Jamie’s shirt and brought the boy closer. “Trying to be funny, aren’t you?”, Dash hissed on Jamie’s ear.
“I would appreciate it if you left my friend alone”, Damian intervened and Dash glared at the snobby brat also known as Robin. When he realised that he was actually in front of one of the richest children alive he left Jaie alone, bringing his hand back and releasing the Blue Beetle hero.
 “Hey, I know you! You’re Damian Wayne!”, Dash said cheerfully.
“Yes, I am, thank you for reminding me”, Damian said sarcastically. Danny’s humor was rubbing on him… “Do you know where I can find Manson?”
“Probably on the Nasty Burger. She always goes there with her friends after school”, Kwan answered for the first time.
“Could you give us an address? Gar asked and the jocks said the location of the fast food restaurant. 
“Hey, is it true that Fenturd’s living with you? I don’t see why Bruce Wayne would take in a loser like him”, Dash asked Damian, who looked annoyed with the way the conversation was going.
“Meanwhile I agree with you about Fenton being an imbecile, you’d have to ask father as to why he adopted so many strays”, Damian said and motioned to his teammates to follow him while they walked towards the fast food restaurant.
“That’s wasn’t a nice thing to say about your brother, man”, Jamie remarked in the way. Gar and Bart couldn’t help but agree. Damian honestly didn’t care.
They finally reached the place at the end of the afternoon. Damian wasn’t happy, if he was sent alone he would have found the restaurant muct faster, but he had to wait for the idiots, but that’s life for you. They saw an old waitress reading a magazine on a chair, she didn’t even look up when they entered and the bell rang.
Further, in one of the cabins they saw Danny with other two teens, probably his friends, and if they’re lucky the ones they are looking for. Bart didn’t lose time and raced to one of their seats.
“Hey, Danny!”, he said cheerfully.
“Oh… Hi, Bart”, Damian said, never looking into the speedster’s eyes. He was far too busy looking for the ghost that triggered his ghost sense. Damian and the others soon followed and were all sat, except Jamie, who opted to stay standing. “How was your test?”
“Test? What’re you tal-”, Gar never finished his sentence, because Damian elbowed him harshly, making him shut up.
“It went as expected”, Damian answered instead. Damian didn’t have time to think about that. His friends sensing their distressed friend were also looking for the probably rogue ghost.
Damian was about to ask what was wrong when Danny shouted. “Everybody down!”, and then all the hell broke loose. 
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xfknhopex · 22 days ago
⭐ Agatha Harkness x fem!reader: in love with your chief ⭐
Tumblr media
- the image doesn't belong to me.
summary: your coworkers pressure you to fulfill your pending dare: kiss your crush. but your crush is Agatha Harkness, director of S.W.O.R.D: your chief. although everything changes direction when there's now a compromising video of you talking about her. who would've thought that a mistake could unite both of you.
some clarifications: in this timeline, Darcy works for S.W.O.R D and Jimmy too, although he's actually an undercover FBI agent.
word counter: 3055 words
Everyone stops breathing every time Agatha Harkness arrives at work.
Security guards don't even dare to ask for identification or work credentials, and avoid eye contact at all costs - it's almost funny to see men so muscular and intimidating looking like scared puppies. The woman always walks with a purse in her arm, with black glasses covering her eyes, and with a straight posture full of confidence, imposing an air of intimidation, superiority, fear. The latter is what each person who works here feels, fear: fear of looking at her, of being around her, of speaking to her.
But you don't. In fact, you're probably the only agent who dares to do all those things: look at her, share the same space with her, talk to her. Well, talk to her when necessary, about work and really important or urgent things, because she gets upset very easily when someone wastes her time.
Agatha's heels echo through the lobby building with every firm step she takes in the direction of the elevator. The agents who pass by pretend to be reading the papers they carry or they just look away quickly. Your eyes are fixed on the woman, especially on her body - in the smooth way her hips move, gracefully and elegantly. You're one of the many who also stops breathing, but due to her radiant, incomparable beauty.
"Go to her, now."
Your hands start to shake slightly, causing the coffee cups you're holding to do as well. You turn around, facing Monica, Jimmy and Darcy.
"I can't do this. She's our boss, she-"
"You should've chosen truth then, girl." Rambeau says, folding her arms.
"My girlfriend is right," Darcy adds, "uh, sorry, fiancee." She quickly corrects herself, causing the other woman to smirk. "Plus, you were very willing to do it last night."
"I was drunk!" You defend yourself. "I literally don't remember saying I was going to kiss that woman, so..."
Last night, last night was a chaos of music, alcohol and partying. Lewis and Rambeau announced their engagement and wanted to celebrate at their home. It was supposed to be something quiet but they bought this bunch of bottles of whiskey and beer and it all got out of hand. It was barely midnight and you were already saying incoherent things and laughing at every little thing; you were already drunk. These three, including Woo, decided to play Truth or Dare, and of course your drunk ass chose the latter. They took advantage of that golden opportunity to challenge you to kiss your crush.
"Lucky for you, I recorded the whole thing."
You stare at Jimmy, who happily takes his cell phone out of his jacket and after a few seconds is showing you a video.
"Are you going to kiss her?" Darcy is heard asking while you sip whiskey.
"Damn, yeah," you say, dragging your words. "I'm going to k-kiss her so hard, she's going to f-fall in love with me."
The three of them laugh at your words and keep asking.
"Who exactly are you going to kiss?" Monica interrogates with amusement. You can hear Darcy giggle next to her.
"To the beautiful Agatha Harkness. She's so hot, you guys, isn't she?"
"Okay, that's enough!" You exclaim in a low voice, embarrassed, and you pause the video. Your friends complain.
"Damn, the best part was coming." Darcy whispers.
"Yeah, it's hilarious," Jimmy comments as he checks his cell phone. "And I accidentally sent it to some people."
"You what?" Darcy interrogates confused, adjusting her glasses.
"I was drunk too! I didn't know what I was doing and, Y/N, oh, you'll never forgive me."
Your friend Woo is as easy to read as an open book. His expressions are easy to decipher, and this is no exception. You feel the weight of gravity falling on your body like a can of cold water. Suddenly your heart is this uncontrollable beating machine.
"Jimmy, tell me you didn't."
"Oh my," Monica says, also looking at the man in front of you. "He did it."
"What? What did he do?" Darcy questions disoriented, waving Monica by the arm. "I don't get it, don't leave me out of the fun, you guys, I don't- Holy shit, he sent the video to Agatha!?"
"Did I hear my name?"
Rambeau's reflexes are incredibly good and she grabs the coffee cups you were holding when she notices your legs shaking. You turn around and a flurry of nerves fills you when beautiful blue eyes emerge with yours. Your world begins to destabilize but the small hit that you receive in your lower back helps you to compose yourself.
"I- We were- Hi..."
Darcy has to bite her tongue to keep from bursting into laughter, though all trace of possible amusement leaves her the moment Agatha looks at her, and then at Jimmy. They both quickly turn to walk away, bumping into each other in the process. On Monica's side, she simply puts the coffees on the counter, trying not to make her presence too noticeable.
"Rambeau, I heard the news. Congratulations on the engagement to Lewis."
"Oh, thank you, ma'am." Your friend says with a slight smile, kinda surprised, to tell the truth.
It's true, she doesn't trust this woman too much, and it was difficult for her to accept the position of Director was transferred to her after Maria's unfortunate death. But her mother trusted her, she let her know in one of the last letters she wrote to Monica. She said the place that she founded from scratch would be in "good hands and protected, just like humanity." And little by little, Monica is allowing herself to believe that, to trust too.
"You're welcome."
The woman returns her attention to you, feeling strange because of the way you're looking at her: with dreamy eyes. But you soon break eye contact when her facial features lose their possible relaxation, softness.
"Miss Y/L/N, I need to discuss a few things with you in my office."
Harkness starts heading towards the elevator again as Monica grabs your shoulders, helping you out from behind the counter.
"Oh no, she saw the video, Monica, she's going to kick me out."
"You don't know that, so you're going to go with her and you're not going to freak out. Look at this as an incredible opportunity to get close to her, who knows, it might be the perfect time to kiss her. You got this."
The brunette gives you a gentle push, causing your feet to move on their own this time. When you enter the elevator, Agatha already has her glasses back on and presses the button for the top floor. You feel like the air is greatly reduced as soon as the metal doors are closed. You can feel the look of the woman on you but you don't dare to return the gesture.
"You look tired, did you rest well, Y/L/N?"
"I did." You start to play with your hands, an obvious sign of nervousness.
"Then I shouldn't worry about the video I saw?" Your body freezes. You're unable to say anything. "I'm not judging, I'm just saying that I don't like my best agents working drunk."
"You don't have to worry, I'm sober," you assure after a slight and costly throat clearing. "And regarding the video-"
"It's not necessary to bring the subject up. You were drunk, Miss Y/L/N, I understand the situation."
After gathering a lot of courage you turn your head to look at her, only to find her gaze straight ahead. You are supposed to feel terrible relief that you don't have to talk about it, and yet all you want to do is talk about it. Suddenly you start to analyze the whole picture. You only saw the first few seconds of the recording, and what if in the rest you talk about her but not exactly as you imagine it? So what if you don't say precisely nice things but just the opposite? No, you could never, right?
Agatha frowns in confusion when you press the button that stops the elevator.
"I'm very sorry if I said something inappropriate," you start to say with your kinda irregular breathing. You're scared, nervous, and it shows a lot. "Or if I offended you or-"
"Offended me? You flattered me, rather," the woman interrupts softly, placing her glasses on top of her head. "You have no idea what you said, do you?"
You shake your head "I can't remember, and I haven't seen the video. I literally didn't know there was one."
Your chief smiles slightly, and you find it really adorable. She's not the type of person who's smiling all the time, so this moment is already special.
"You said a lot of nice things about me, Y/N. Now I know that you really like my eyes and, strangely, my legs."
"Oh, God." You look away, embarrassed, blushing furiously.
"Hey, people say a lot of nonsense when they're drunk."
"But what I said- It's not nonsense to me." You murmur, facing her intimidating blue seas. "Yes, I was drunk but what I said is not the product of alcohol."
"It's not?"
"I wouldn't be so sure about that." The woman leans against the elevator wall, watching you closely.
"What do you mean?" You question fearfully.
A small internal war breaks out in Agatha Harkness. Is it ideal to be talking about this right here, in a confined space that can easily trigger a panic attack in the next few minutes? Probably not. And she's certainly not willing to allow you to see her in that state.
"Can we talk about this in my office? I think we both need to relax a bit."
There are some things that you just love about her office. The minimalist aspect, the beautiful Florida city view, the soft fragrance of lilies and mint. It's such a serene and calm place that you don't regret having accepted her invitation. Your chief was kind enough to invite you something to drink, water, which you're still drinking because you want to prevent your throat from drying out again.
"Are you sure you wanna see it?"
"Yes, please."
The woman sitting next to you on the purple sofa nods slightly and hands you her cell phone. After placing the semi-empty glass of water on the glass coffee table, you inhale some air, thinking how lucky Jimmy is going to need to get away from his own funeral, and hit the play button.
Every second of the video causes your embarrassment to come back strong, and you pay full attention when the part you didn't watch gets closer.
"To the beautiful Agatha Harkness. She's so hot, you guys, isn't she?" In the video you see yourself, stopping refilling your glass with whiskey and little by little, hugging the bottle. "I like when s-she wears skirts because she has those b-beautiful legs that are my weakness... And those precious ocean eyes. I hate w-when she covers them with her glasses. I guess I really like looking at her, even if- if she doesn't look back at me."
Agatha studies your face when you stop the video. She wants nothing more than to know what you're thinking, but your expression is neutral. She keeps her eyes on you even when you resume the video.
"Almost two y-years working in the same building, sharing the same space, and she d-doesn't even notice my presence. She doesn't even notice that I'm in love with her." In the video, you smile sadly. "Oh, I'm so in love with her, yoy guys. I really want to kiss her and that she kisses me back, and then boom, I die."
After some synchronized giggles and encouragement from your friends, saying you should take the initiative, even if you lose your job, the video ends. Oh boy, it's worse than you thought. You confess your feelings for this woman, and she knows it. In some ridiculous way you feel relief, like having taken a weight off your shoulders, because it's really exhausting to deny or try to bury your feelings.
"Are you still sure it's not a product of alcohol?" The woman asks in a whisper, convinced that it has been.
You give her the cell phone back, and only after that do you look at her. Your voice comes out in a shaky murmur.
"What I said is what I feel."
Agatha smiles kinda incredulously. "It's not possible."
"Why not?"
"Because- Why would someone fall in love with me?" She removes from the sofa, turning her back on you for a moment. "It doesn't make sense."
You feel a strange sensation in your heart, like a small but annoying pain. It kinda hurts that she has that vision of herself, where it's impossible for someone to feel so much affection for her; love. You also didn't know that you could feel all these things for someone, this strong feeling that makes you want to be around her even if she doesn't pay the slightest attention to you. You're not even able to understand the dimension of what being in love means, but you are. You are in love with someone you hardly know, how is it possible? You don't have the answer, but it's real.
"You don't even know me." The woman turns suddenly. "You don't know anything about me. There's no way you're in love with me."
"Can you please stop minimizing my feelings?" You ask a little offended yet softly, getting up off the sofa as well. "I do know things about you. I know you donate to charity regularly, I know you like to travel the window side because nature gives you more peace than people do. Beneath someone serious and cold is a really kind and good woman, and I know this because I will never forget the way you comforted me that day in Mexico, when I had a nightmare. You stayed in my room, saying sweet words to me while stroking my hair..."
"I remember that," Agatha whispers, lost in her memories. "I remember being mad at myself for not wanting to leave you alone. I wanted to, but I couldn't. The way you hugged me... It made me feel so good, I didn't understand. "
"I was holding you tight on purpose, I didn't want you to leave." You admit, nervously playing with your hands. "It was actually the only approach we had, and then you started treating me like before, with distant professionalism. And despite that I always hoped to be in your arms again. I still do."
The blue-eyed woman smiles with a spark of sadness. "You're literally the only person in this world who wants that..."
She lowers her gaze, playing with the cell phone she's still holding. Of course she heard the things being said about the Director of S.W.O.R.D. Cold bitch, poisonous snake, and so many other nicknames that always travel the hallways. Nobody gave her even a damn chance to show her true spirit because absolutely everyone judged them from the first day of work. She had to deal with contemptuous and disgruntled looks, murmurs wishing Maria was still around. Agatha wanted that too, because that beautiful woman would tell her to ignore rejection and hatred, to focus on the positive things and the people who were really worth it. But she did the opposite, until she became everything people wrongly assumed about her from the start.
The moment you approach her and gently press your forehead with hers, the brunette closes her eyes to enjoy the closeness, and a tear rolls down her cheek. You bring your thumb to her cheek, wiping it away, softly caressing her skin. You smile when the woman leans on your hand, looking for your touch, your warmth.
"You're so beautiful..."
Your breath caresses her mouth, making her shiver with pleasure. Agatha opens her eyes, smiling when she notices those dreamy ones on you again. For two years you have looked at her that way and how could she never notice? She feels so guilty now, but she wants to reward you.
"You're more beautiful, angel."
After putting her phone in her suit jacket pocket, she cradles your face in her soft hands, tracing in a tender brush the contour of your lips with her thumbs. The gesture causes you to part your lips slightly and you cannot hold back anymore. She gasps when she feels your fluffy warm lips on hers, and your legs shake a little. You take the hem of her shirt, bringing her closer, wanting to melt into her warm body and be just one.
"Darcy, I don't think we should do this." Monica warns as they both walk through the hallways, making sure no one is around.
"Y/N has been with Agatha for a long time and I want to make sure she's still alive." Lewis says, adjusting her glasses like the thousandth time in the morning. "Jimmy should'vecome with us too, he's such a chicken."
"The poor man sent the video, he has reason to be."
Darcy giggles. "True. Still can't believe he did that. He literally drank a beer or two, he wasn't that drunk."
"I know, right?"
Both women walk a couple more meters until they reach the office whose name on the door says Agatha Harkness. It's the agent in glasses who takes the initiative to open the door very cautiously, ignoring Rambeau's low murmurs saying that's not a good idea. Darcy's heart melts at the image she sees, and she quickly invites her fiancee to spy as well. Monica contemplates for a few seconds the way you and Agatha are lying on that purple sofa, hugging and smiling at each other; her heart melts too. But this feels inappropriate so she closes the door and subsequently entwines her arm with her future wife's.
"God, I'm happy for Y/N. She deserves it." She says as they both walk back.
"I ship them a lot now. I think we should invite our boss to the wedding."
Monica contemplates Darcy's suggestion, and after a few seconds she smiles slightly.
"Yeah, sounds good. I think Agatha is gonna be part of our family from now on."
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st-yxx · 22 days ago
Hello how are you me im doing good can i request a one shot where nanami and fem!reader are at a mall (and can the reader be chubby?) and the reader look at a girl that is thinner than her and nanami notices this and her takes the reader home and has gental sex with her and prasies her and tells her she is beautiful and she doesnt need to change?
You're Perfect
Tumblr media
Hey!! It's good to hear that you're alright sorry it took so long I had a writer's block so I hope you don't mind me going silent for a while anyways I hope you like it.
《Warnings》: 18+, gentle sex, praising, and body worship
Tumblr media
Nanami Kento x Chubby! Reader
Tumblr media
You were walking with your very handsome daddy boyfriend in the mall bonding with each other since we sure as hell all know that Nanami needs a break. Especially when a certain man child is nearby. But enough of that you and him were walking around the mall doing some window shopping and occasionally buying clothes.
Whilst you were walking around you noticed a HUGE crowd of people some were screaming some were taking their phones out but they're mostly pushing each other running to your direction. 'Probably someone famous' you thought and unfortunately for you; you got dragged by the crowd no matter how much you held on to nanami your grip just slipped and ofc this caused you and nanami to panic.
And getting dragged caused you to meet the lady that the people has been going crazy on... it was Kitagawa, Megumi (from say I love you) out of all the models that you have seen she was the one you loathed the most (sry I still hold grudges '^') I mean with just a single look at her pictures in the magazine you immediately knew she was fake. Well maybe loathed is too much but you still hated her so at first interaction with her you grimaced on the inside knowing it would offend her if you did it openly.
"Oh! I'm very sorry I just got dragged in the crowd" you apologized.
"No, no it's fine I understand it wasn't your fault anyways" she responded.
"Anyways sorry again bye!" You said trying to leave immediately while respectfully giving a wave.
"Farewell!" She said while waving her hand in response.
And with that you dissapeared in the crowd trying your best to navigate through it and of course because you're a clumsy hoe person you tripped and fell well almost fell luckily for you your sugar dadae boyfriend was there to catch you and with that you were thankful. Once both you finally left the crowd you were back to window shopping but with you more spaced out.
I mean could you blame yourself you just met a model a slim model to be more precise. The more you think about her the more insecure you become and nanami having to always be busy does not help at all. I mean what if he was just using his job as an excuse to mingle with women. No. I doubt it, he wouldn't would he? I mean he's a handsome and muscular man he can easily attract women and the fact that he settled with someone like you a fat girl is just weird.
And with more thoughts going through your head the more you get insecure which results with you unconsciously scowled at the thought which did not go unnoticed to your boyfriend. He knows you're thinking ill of yourself your expression alone made him think you're insecure which means he also knows that you were doubting his loyalty which hurt him not gonna lie. But that wouldn't stop him from loving you nonetheless.
He's for sure has to comfort you at home in a way so that you wouldn't think ill of yourself nor doubt his loyalty. It's a win win situation he gets to comfort you and you get to know how much he loves you plus he's been missing you for a while now.
And with that after hours of window shopping it was finally evening. While going home the atmosphere in the car was very tense and awkward for you but to nanami he's just thinking of ways to make sure you know he's loyal. Once you guys want home he immediately locked the front door and placed your things on the ground and went to grab your wrist. Not too hard to hurt you just enough so that you won't break free and dragged you to your shared bedroom.
Of course you didn't expect this after you went home you just expected it to be awkward so you were definitely confused.
"Nanami?" You questioned
"..." he didn't respond he just kept dragging you to the bedroom.
And once you finally reached the bedroom he immediately locked the bedroom door and pinned you against it. And started kissing you in a gentle way that you found very comforting and kissed back. Seconds later you guys released being out of breath he started giving you butterfly kisses.
"I love you so much." He mumbled in a husky voice it was low but still audible enough for you to hear.
And hearing what he said made you skip a beat and blush so out of embarrassment you hid your face on his chest which also made you hear his heart beat. It was beating very fast as if he was nervous to make the wrong move. While you were deep in thought he carried you to the bed and made you sit on it.
With a plop you snapped out of your thoughts and looked at nanami confused and with that he started to take your clothes off in a very gentle way like he's handling a very fragile object. After your clothes has been removed completely leaving you in your underwear and out of instinct you immediately covered your body with your arms. Which he had predicted and held your arms instantly uncovering it and started kissing your body that you were insecure about.
"Chu~ I love you" he said while kissing your cheeks.
"Chu~ I love this" he said again but instead of kissing your cheek he kissed your nose.
"Chu~ and this-" he said kissing each and every stretch marks on your body.
"Chu~ and this-" he continued and kissing your stomach and thighs.
"Chu~ and this of course" he said kissing your curves (hips, waist, bobs and a$s)
"Chu~ and this as well" he said kissing you body hair (armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair, and the hair underneath your belly button)
(A/n please keep in mind I'm not saying you guys have these insecurities it's just there because I think those are some of the things that most people have insecurities on (I researched about it) and also mines we all have insecurities all we have to do is to accept them.)
And with that it made your insecurities and doubts get washed away solely because you saw and heard how sincere he really is on about how much he loves you. He then pulled away and took his clothes off hastily and eagerly and after he took his clothes he is now in front of you buck naked. And with him standing it gave you a clear view of his huge cock which made you Yelp and cover your eyes immediately and made him chuckle at how cute you were being.
And he took your underwear of and carried you and placed you on his lap making you straddle him and entered in your womanhood which made your breath hitch and moan for having to be stretched after months of not doing it. And since he's a very patient man he waited for you to adjust which wasn't long. Since it was specifically made to take his cock in.
"N-ngh. yo-u.. can m-move." You stuttered having a hard time speaking because of the pleasure you were receiving.
And with that he started to gently move you and with you also helping by moving up and down. Then the room was know filled with skin slapping, and moans and groans of pleasure.
And after going at it for hours you guys finally are close to your end which you both know.
"I-I'm close.." he said
"I-I'm c-close too.." you said
And with that you finally released together which made you scream in ecstasy and him groan loudly and with that he finally pulled out and placed you on the bed in which you were still in a dazed state and went to put his boxers on and went out the bedroom to get towels and water bottles then came back with fresh underwear for you.
And went to clean you up and gave you water which you thanked him for and then layed beside you and pulling you into his embrace.
"I love you so much" he said kissing your forehead
"I love you too" you said snuggling closer to his chest and slowly drift to sleep.
After seeing you asleep made him smile lovingly ant your sleeping face and mumbled to himself then started drifting to sleep as well.
"You're Perfect..."
Tumblr media
Hey guys I hope you like it and thanks so much for reading.
Tumblr media
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halolalassurveys · 24 days ago
00543 - one more stereotype survey :P
This one comes from somewhere on Deviantart. I have no idea who created it, but I would love to give them a credit for more proper recognisation of subcultures.
1. Geek/Nerd You wear glasses You sometimes put a pencil/pen in your ear You are very awkward You say things that no one really understands Your shoe size is over 10 (I had to use a converter from US to EU, and it looks like my size is exactly 10. Which is already kinda big for a woman :D) You play a lot of online gaming You think your hair looks strange (I think it looks awesome, it’s rather others who have an opinion :D) TOTAL: 2
2. Jock You have beefy arms (yup I’m pretty muscular for a woman) You don't mind dressing in front of some people You are quite a show-off You sometimes bully people around You charge in to deal with problems head-on You wear your team color(s) even in your spare time Conflict can be in your nature sometimes TOTAL: 1
3. Gamer You can be very prone to anger You can think of 10 good reasons why video games are good for you [Comment below this category if you actually are up for it.] It drives you crazy when someone holds the disks like this You know what the terms "squeaker", "camper", and "spawn-trapper" mean (camper especially) You've owned more than one game console/hand-held device in your life You agree that the most difficult of games came from 90's Nintendo You take a side in the battle between the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises [Don't tell me which side, though.] TOTAL: 4 (w00t haha, I don’t even play, but my bf is a gamer XD)
4. Emo You deny that you're emo, even when people tell you You have said "I'm just me" You once had a phase where you wanted to be the next Tim Burton [or still are] You wear dark eyeliner, even if it's only on special occasions You have some form of material possession with black and white stripes You've been to Warped Tour You like the taste of Monster Energy, or you hate the taste but drink it anyway TOTAL: 3
5. Goth You genuinely read Edgar Allan Poe in your spare time You drink coffee (yes but this got me puzzled, a lot of people drink coffee and it doesn’t lake them goths XD) You've sworn revenge on people who've wronged you You get pissed when people mistaken you for an emo You listen to 80's post-punk [If yes, immediately give yourself 2 points for actually being a musically cultured Goth.] (hehe finally someone who recognises some kind of proper goth music, instead of metal or grunge XD) You've actually frightened people before You think ravens are cool (they’re very smart! Definitely my favourite birds :3) TOTAL: 5 (plus that optional 2 for knowing the goth music haha)
6. Rock Junkie You've been in a band before, or are still in a band You can name some actual garage bands You can play Guitar Hero You get overly excited when you hear a rock song in public You claim that "Nickelback killed the rock scene" Dave Grohl is the savior of the rock scene You know how easy it is to lose guitar picks TOTAL: 1
7. Punk You are very bias on whether blink-182 is punk or not (it’s just a mater of genre, it’s still a cool band, though) You've used safety pins as apparel before You have or had a Mohawk or wanted one at some point in your life You hate MTV, and you know the one song dissing it You think The Ramones are underrated You've shouted "Sellout!" before You've been to an ACTUAL pit TOTAL: 3
8. Metalhead You at least know the basics to playing guitar You also enjoy classic rock You pretty much like every and any form of rock music You let your hair grow You hate bad pop music You really love to play Guitar Hero You play your music at max volume TOTAL: 3
9. Surfer You live in the West coast, or wish you did (hehe I live close to the sea, but it’s not the ocean XD) You wear a Hawaiian shirt You like to get up early You hate tourist season You listen to the Beach Boys or The Police You know who Dick Dale is You like to say Dude, even to females TOTAL: 1
10. Gangsta You use the N word, even if it's to yourself You are streetwise You wear a cap backwards You can rap hell as good Your father or grandfather swears as much as you do You want to stop to eat every time you see a nice restaurant You can run fast, even when carrying something (but only on short distance, I’m not made for running) TOTAL: 3
11. Cholo You're a fan of Scarface You like to say "Orale" You like hearing Oldies [ditto if they make you cry] You shop at a swap meet instead of a Mall You eat at actual Mexican restaurants You always carry a neckerchief around Carne Asada is the bomb TOTAL: 0
12. Asian Your parents have forced you to learn a musical instrument before You name your goldfish Everyone assumes you're Chinese or Japanese (used to when I was a kid XD) You watch Anime and/or read Manga (on occasion, I’m not an otaku or whatever) You always wanted to move to Tokyo and/or wanted to learn Japanese (just wanted to visit) You can use chopsticks Your parents expect straight A's TOTAL:  2
13. Hipster You really just don't give a f**k what people say You still write letters You like being ironic You listen to Frank Sinatra You like vintage You miss the good ol' days and can look past its flaws You really do spend lots of time dressing and claim to have just "thrown it on" TOTAL: 4
14. Afterburner [Me and my friend Alec have formed this subculture. Basically we're the opposite of hipsters in that we like it after it's cool. Things that are old but not old enough to be considered retro. Take a look.] You admire the technology of the 90s You still listen to the Jonas Brothers You still use a Walkman [portable CD player] You still use Windows XP (I wish sometimes, so far it was the best Windows system, and far better than 10) You still use a Gameboy Advance SP Disney 2-D Animated movies in the 2000s actually were memorable for you These facts shock you, especially when you add an extra 3 years. TOTAL: 1
15. Greaser You like Rockabilly and/or vocal music You snap your finger to upbeat songs You can be very charming at times You want to be like Elvis You like to comb your hair back You have a leather jacket You hate it when people touch your hair TOTAL: 3
16. Hippie You hate authority You are generally very gentle You're a vegetarian (no, but I definitely prefer veggies over meat) Lava lamps are cool You've smoked something once in your life You respect the classics You're sometimes too lazy to finish a sentence TOTAL: 2
You are: Goth. Well, deep inside I will always be one :3
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bakugosbratx · 24 days ago
Beautifully Obsessed — Yandere Bakugo x Reader
Tumblr media
Warning: 18+ Content. Yandere, cursing, physical and mental abuse, some non-con, degrading, inferior complex, Stockholm syndrome, etc.
Tags: @bakuwhored @price-is-not-right @bakugous-trauma @angie-1306 @someonewhowannadielol @hotwings0203 @tspice283 @themotherofmoons @miriobaby @dyna-m1ght @unicornlover25 @kqtsukisgf @roselyndtvt @bakugos-girl @bkgwrites @yzviea @maggiecc @lil-miminini @poppywrites41 @xoxo-teddybear @helohloy @awilddreamerwrites @moonlit-mizukage @lanarist
Chapter 14 | Chapter 16
Chapter 15
Something snapped in Y/N that night.
The strong defiant woman you once was is nowhere to be located. Katsuki has found your weakness. A weakness he now uses to his advantage. If there was even a subtle change in your stance that he did not like, the spew of insults were flying to reassure you of your place. This was also a perfect way to get you to do anything he wanted.
Tonight was a perfect example of this. You just finished taking a nice warm bath. Katsuki began bathing you again — upon your request — and he put lotion on your delicate skin once he dried you off. Your naked body is for his viewing while you sit on the all white towel on the bed. His eyes can’t help but trail every inch of you. His soft kisses turned aggressive and the soft whimpers and moans could not be avoided.
“Katsuki,” you mumbled as he trailed down to your breast, “please stop. I’m not ready.”
Katsuki glares up at you, clearly displeased. Your limbs began to tremble. Just like he wanted them too.
“What the hell you mean you’re not ready fuck?” Katsuki spats. “You aren’t on your period so don’t try that bullshit excuse.” A series of hickeys and bite marks trailed you since Katsuki is feeling affectionate lately.
“I-I’m just not r-ready.” You stammered, tears already brimming your eyes from the fire that riled up in Katsuki’s. Along with the simple raise of his natural loud voice made you cry on the spot. Katsuki loved and hated this about you. You are being honest, though. You did want Katsuki in every aspect possible. Your body craved him. Even when it comes to sex, but just on your terms. Terms that Katsuki does not agree upon.
“Ready?” Katsuki mocked with a chuckle, an evil smirk appearing on his face. One that caused your stomach to turn. “You a fucking virgin or some shit, aren’t you?”
“No! It’s not that!” You exclaimed. Something you know way better than to do. Katsuki’s grip on your naked hips became noticeably tighter. You let out a sharp whine as a hard smack is delivered to your thigh.
“Fucking watch your tone when you’re speaking to me, Y/N. You should be fucking grateful I even want to fuck a worthless nobody like you.” Katsuki scolded, standing up straight to look down at you in disgust. His bare muscular arms folded against his exposed built chest.
“I’m s-sorry, Katsuki!” You pathetically sob, wiping your streams of tears. Katsuki rolls his eyes.
“Yeah, you fucking should be, speaking to a somebody like that.” Katsuki scoffed. “I should stuff that disrespectful trap of yours.”
After a moment of silence, you managed to squeak out, “w-will t-that make me a-a somebody?” You sniveled, looking up at Katsuki with hopeful eyes.
Katsuki raised an eyebrow, a grin tugging at the corner of his lips that he masked with a displeased scowl. “It’s a start, but you just had to be a brat.” He shrugged.
“Katsuki, p-please let me be of service to you!” You cried, on your knees, begging for him to use you. You tugged on his sweatpants band. “Please.”
Katsuki pretends to ponder your speech for a moment, keeping you on edge as you wait for permission. His erected cock is already begging for sweet mercy. His rubies roll once again.
“If it means that much to you,” Katsuki dramatically sighs, the light in your irises appealing to him, “go for it.”
It took no time before his erection to be free and in your saliva filled mouth. This became a common occurrence. As soon as Katsuki walked through that front door, you are expected to be on your knees, ready for his cock to be down your throat. This also goes for any argument caused.
At times he just wanted to take his anger out on someone, you are the perfect candidate. It is so beautiful to watch you fall apart right before him, begging him to never leave you because you are so worthless. It always ends up with you having a cock down your throat.
It has been a month of repeating habits. Your brain has regressed so much that you do not know any better. Katsuki has a love and hatred for it, but knowing this is the only way to keep you safe, he will do what he has to. His work life has not been getting much better since the press conference. The media is bashing his name any chance they get. It does not matter what Katsuki does, your name will not leave the tabloids and he hates it.
“This is bad, Katsuki.” Leiko states, placing yet another Newspaper article on her boss’ desk. Katsuki glances at it and back at his monitor. Leiko scoffs in frustration. “Hello? Earth to Katsuki?” She snapped, her fingers doing the same.
Katsuki shoots her a hard stare. “What Leiko?” He huffs, giving her his full attention. She arches an eyebrow.
“What Leiko? That’s all you have to say? We need to do something.” Leiko exclaimed.
“And what is that?” Katsuki protested, standing up to intimidate Leiko’s small height. “Because the last time I did something,” he points his index finger towards Leiko, “you’ve been pissy ever since.”
“Yeah because you created this whole fiasco which could’ve been avoided if you would just listen to me.”
Katsuki pinched the bridge of his nose, shaking his head. “Look Leiko, I got patrols. We can discuss this at a later time.”
Katsuki is already dressed in his hero attire since he had hero duties to attend before heading to the office. Leiko was waiting oh so patiently for her boss to come in and was sure to let him have it when he did.
“I’m sick of you blowing this off, Katsuki. We need to discuss it now.” Leiko demanded, watching Katsuki put on his gauntlets.
“Watch it, Leiko.” He warned. “I got hero work to do. I don’t have time to deal with your bullshit.”
Leiko sighed, knowing this argument is going nowhere. She rubbed her temples as a headache began to emerge. Grabbing the newspaper article, she stuffed it into the pro-hero’s chest.
“Find that girl or we all lose our damn jobs.” Leiko orders, staring up into Katsuki’s orbs then proceeding to exit his office.
Katsuki watched his coworker leave, glancing over the newspaper article once she vanished.
The mysterious disappearance of a college student.
Katsuki scans over the paragraphs, furrowing his eyebrows once he sees his name. “Pro-Hero Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite still has many questions to answer. Some speculate that he may know more than he is leading on and some say he could be the cause of this disappearance. His ratings are dropping immensely as citizens are becoming more pissed. Shoto even surpassed him in the polls.”
Katsuki could not even finish reading the paragraph as the fire from his palms burnt the article to a crisp. Katsuki needed to blow off steam and what he couldn’t do on a villian means he is going to do to you.
Patrols went normal, not much villian activity but petty thieves and robberies. Katsuki made sure to give them a beating to remember, but it still is not enough. Your name should not be in the headlines. It should be his. Plus, you are ruining his reputation.
“This is all stupid Y/N fault.” Katsuki grumbled in a low tone to himself, walking the streets in search of any danger. He kicked a large pebble that was in his way in frustration. “I’m a fucking somebody. Y/N is a quirkless wannabe.”
Katsuki gazed up at a billboard ahead. Of course, it had to be a picture of you plastered with the words plastered, “HAVE YOU SEEN ME?” Along with contact information. Katsuki’s large hands ball up to fist. He should be the one receiving attention, not you. You are ruining his ratings without doing anything.
“You all treated her like a damn nobody, but I actually see her as a fucking somebody. Now you all want to do the damn same.” Katsuki growled through gritted teeth, tears brimming his rubies as he continuously grew more frustrated. Not clear to the male, but he is finally showing true emotion. Feelings are never his strong suit, especially in the middle of a busy afternoon, but the tears flowed. “You all don’t deserve, Y/N, but, fuck,” he pauses as he holds in a sob, closing his eyes and whispering, “but I fucking do.”
Katsuki rubbed his eyes with the back of his fist to be certain no one would see him crying. He refuses to let anyone see him as weak. Especially when it comes to the community he serves. Lucky for Katsuki, no one dared bat an eye in his direction. He truly is an outcast.
Katsuki came home at normal time that night. You are already on your knees, waiting to be of service to Katsuki's sexual needs. He was not in the mood for once, but he was not one to deny his dick being pleasured with your obedient mouth.
Situating himself on the couch, an ice cold beer in his right hand, and you pleasing his already erected cock. The way you looked so delighted to be of service to Katsuki made this experience even better for him yet he can’t fully enjoy it due to his mind wandering anywhere but the present.
The emotions he felt throughout the day made him experience interesting perspectives. There is a decision he has to make and he does not want to make it. Leiko’s words play on repeat as well as the fate of his billion dollar company. If he wants to save you and him, he has to do the only thing he can think of.
After a few minutes of you taking every inch of Katsuki’s length down your tight throat, he finally busted. Not a single drop was missed as you gobbled every bit. Katsuki is sipping what is left of his alcoholic beverage then lays the empty bottle next to him. His calloused fingers ran through your hair.
“Such a good girl.” Katsuki praised as usual, patting your head. He loved the way your face lights up and the way you cave into his rough touch. Katsuki situated himself, patting his lap to invite you to sit on it. You obey immediately.
“I have a surprise for you.” Katsuki grumbled, digging into the depths of his pants pocket. You tilted your head in a childish manner, wondering what the surprise could be. You have not asked for anything since a month ago. You knew better than to.
An all black iPhone 12 is now in his hand. Your jaw dropped at the sight. You have not seen or had a phone in your possession in months. Katsuki had a clear distaste for your reaction, but he cannot be mad at you. You did earn it.
“For me?” You choke out, taking the cellular device from his grasp and into yours.
“Don’t get carried away now.” Katsuki begins, sure to have your full attention before proceeding. “Parental locks are activated. Don’t even think of trying to turn that shit off. I will know. Understand?”
You nod, eagerly, your attention going back to the light up screen. Katsuki furrowed his eyebrows, jealousy kicking in as you are no longer just seeing him. He is quick to take the phone out of your hands. Your bottom lip begins to quiver.
“I wasn’t done, brat. Fucking listen.” He sighed, already regretting going down this path.
“I’m sorry, Katsuki.” You whimper, immaturely. Katsuki rolled his eyes in annoyance.
“Quit with the crying shit. You will get the phone back after I finish the guidelines.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Okay. No other contacts other than me, no social media, any games or music you have on here I have to approve of. When I say give me the damn phone, don’t be a brat and actually give it. Do I make myself clear?” Katsuki quizzed, raising an eyebrow.
“Yes, Katsuki. Thank you.” You smiled. He hands the device back to you.
“Your cellphone is a privilege. Don’t make me fucking regret it.”
“I won’t, I promise!” You beam, kissing Katsuki’s cheek. Heat started to rise to his cheeks, but you are too focused on your iPhone to even notice.
Katsuki helped you set it up, approved of a few games and music you wanted to have on for enjoyment. This was the first time you felt like a normal couple since you have been here. You felt like you had some sense of your original life back.
Katsuki helped you get ready for bed. He was sure to already take it away for bedtime. Your rest is crucial and he will not have you misbehave due to lack of slumber.
“Katsuki?” You whispered, noticing that your captor is still awake by the calm rate of his heartbeat.
“Hm?” He hummed, keeping his tired eyes shut. You gaze up at him then back down into his rising and falling chest.
“I am grateful for the phone, but I have to ask, why did you give it to me?”
Katsuki did not want to answer your question. In all honesty, he was hoping to have a better solution to his problems by now. The sad truth is there isn’t one. The only way to save you two is by sacrificing his comfort.
“You’re going to need it if you’re going to go back to school.”
All Rights Reserved
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ramp-it-up · 24 days ago
Anything and Everything
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. RPF  Read at your own risk.
SMUT, Angst, long distance relationship issues, doting husband, massages, employer/employee relationship, the notion of cheating, talk of happy endings, cursing, graphic sex, a sweet surprise, and Princess behavior. 😉———————
As soon as you ended the sexy Facetime call with your husband, you burst into tears. It was common lately, with him being gone for over a month and under the circumstances, but he never knew.
Until he decided to call you right back because he missed you so much.
You tried to keep it together when you answered the call, but he knew you better than that.
“Hey, Princess. Are you crying?”
He sounded so earnest that you couldn’t hide it any more. You were snuffling and unable to control the sobs shaking your body. 
It tore him apart not being able to be there to comfort and hold you. Although he had some idea, he asked anyway.
“What’s wrong babe?”
You let out all of your words.
“I, I, I  just miss you so much. It’s so hard with you gone and not being here to talk to and hold me and run out to get me food and, and I don’t want electronic sex or a vibrator or my fingers or a dildo. I want your mouth and your hands and your dick.”
You took a second to breathe. “And I know I have that silicone replica of you but it's cold and not warm and alive and I just want you and your warm arms and your huge chest and your beating heart and a forehead kiss...”
You cried harder thinking of how much of a cry-baby you sounded.  You didn’t normally do this, but the separation was getting to be too much.
You sobbed while he tried to calm you down. He would give you the world to make you happy. Once you were able to listen, he spoke in soothing tones. 
“Listen Princess, I’m going to arrange something to make you feel better. I know you’ve been missing me…”
You were smiling by the time you got off the phone, your man always able to make you feel better.
Two days later, a huge box with the massage table arrived at the house. Workers came to set up one of the spare rooms for a spa/wellness room, and you were not allowed to see it until the appointed day.  
You did clock them bringing in the massage table, a counter/workspace/storage, a ton of essential oils and supplies, and an upscale extra wide sofa with lots of pillows. 
You were excited and distracted from your lonliness, and you couldn’t wait to see it.  
You talked about your in-home massage appointment excitedly every time you spoke with your husband.  He beamed to know that he was able to bring the spark of happiness back to your voice.
“This is going to be good for you, try this massage therapist out, we might keep them on staff indefinitely.”
You lit up again.  “You mean, I can have my own live-in massage therapist?” You smirked.  “What did I do to deserve this?”
Your husband grinned back at you through the camera and proceeded to tell you everything that made you Queen in his eyes.
Almost a week later, you entered the dimly lit room, ensconced in your fluffy terry cloth robe. There was soft music playing.
The soft green tones of the paint and the bamboo floor looked amazing.  You took off your slippers and realized that the floor was heated.  You grinned wide. 
The massage table was set up and waiting as you took in the room and noticed all the details. There was a soft knock at the door and you spoke.
“Come in.”  You didn’t know why, but you were full of anticipation. 
The massage therapist came in and your eyes locked for a second. There was a sudden electricity in the room, but then he averted his eyes and stood beside the table, eyes forward, back straight, almost at attention.
You gave him the once over, he was tall, broad shouldered, very well built, and extremely handsome. 
His dark hair and beard were well manicured and his large hands clasped behind him. That allowed you to see his lean form, his flat stomach and the large hump in his pants. 
You raised your eyebrow. This man was packing. You smirked. You couldn’t see his eyes, as they were downcast, so you went and stood in front of him.  
You realized that his blue scrubs matched his eyes and you smiled as he gazed down at you.
His perfect pink lips parted and you gazed at them a moment too long. There was a hint of a smile, and then it vanished. You stepped back.
You took him in from his broad, muscular shoulders, to his wide chest and his slim waist and hips.
He shifted and brought his hands to rest in front of him, and you walked around him and got a glimpse of his ass. There were no flaws.
“What is your name?”
“Robert, ma’am.”  
His curt reply came with just a glance at you, and you proceeded toward the counter, setting down your iced lemon water.
Your husband knew what you liked. And he delivered. Today would be just what you needed to relax.  
You started to untie your robe, still facing the counter, and when you started shrugging out of your robe, Robert cleared his throat.  You stopped and looked at him over your exposed shoulder.
His eyes were on you, but he raised his hand toward the table. 
“I will step out for a moment to allow you to disrobe and get situated. Start off face down. Please cover yourself with the sheet and I’ll be back in.’
You nodded your head at him.  And smiled. He was quite handsome.
He closed the door and you fully stepped out of your robe, hanging it on the hook on the back of the door, then you situated yourself on the table, placing the sheet over you, covering your back and leaving your arms out. You put your face into the headrest and relaxed.  
Robert came back in, and you heard him going to the counter, opening doors and moving things around.
“Is the table a suitable temperature, ma’am?”
The heated table had been a nice surprise when you lay down. Another plus for hubby.
“Yes, it’s heavenly, thank you Robert.” You smiled and snuggled into the cushioned table.
He moved back to the counter, and then came and placed his hands under the headrest so that you could inhale the scent of a spicy oil on his hands.
“Peppermint oil, ma’am. Your husband wants you to be sure that you can breathe well.” 
You smirked into the cushion.
“Does he now?”
“Yes ma’am. Those were his instructions.”
You detected no humor, no sarcasm in his voice, just a matter-of-fact tone.  You inhaled deeply, staring at his thick fingers through the headrest, wiggling at the thrill you got between your legs. 
You knew very well why your husband wanted your nasal passages to be clear. You couldn’t wait for him to control your breathing with his hand or his cock again.
He moved away again and then came back, placing his hands on your shoulders and pressed a little, as if getting you used to his touch.
His hands were warm, and strong, but gentle. His fingers trailed softly, but firmly up your neck, stopping just below your hairline to your hair, which was piled on top of your hair in a very messy bun.
“Can I touch your hair, ma’am? Scalp massage.”
You nodded, smiling at him asking permission. “Yes, that’s fine.”
He threaded his fingers into your dense curls and into your scalp and started massaging, drawing a long shuddering breath from you. Your bun was coming loose, but you didn’t care.  It was so fucking relaxing.
The peppermint oil on his fingers made your scalp tingle and your back arch just a tiny bit.  If Robert noticed, he didn’t say anything.
“Your hair is beautiful, ma’am.”  His voice made you shudder and your nipples peaked.  
“Thank you.” Your voice was barely audible.  
Robert removed your hair tie, and smoothed your hair forward above you.
You thought of how often your husband insisted on your hair being loose during love making, and you obliged.
He loved to grab it, especially when he hit it from the back. You loved when he did that. And you loved him. You’d missed his touch.
“Do you mind if I sit, ma’am?”
“Oh no, I’m sure standing on your feet all day must be exhausting.”
Robert didn’t reply, he just grabbed the rolling stool nearby and sat at your head, rolling his legs under the headrest.  You could see the muscular thighs in his scrubs when you opened your eyes halfway.
Upon opening them further, you could clearly make out Robert’s dick print.  He was well endowed, and the tip of his member was deliciously thick. He wasn’t wearing underwear.
Now this was a development. You licked your lips and a drop of your saliva landed on his pants, right next to his dick print.  He stopped massaging your scalp for a second.
“Ummmm, sorry.  Lying face down is kind of awkward.”  You giggled as he cleared his throat.
You sighed as Robert finished up the scalp massage and went to get some more oil.
“Sweet almond oil, ma’am. Your favorite?”
You couldn’t stop smiling.  Your husband had thought of everything.
He began to work on your shoulders while still standing at your head, and he bent over you as his hands traveled down your back. HIs fingers grazed the sides of your breasts, causing goosebumps to rise on your skin.
He moved nearer you, as he stretched his arms to reach the top of your sheet covered ass, long fingers almost cupping it, making you squirm a little. 
“Sorry ma’am.  Are you uncomfortable?’
He straightened up and there was something in his tone that you heard, but that you didn’t care to decipher at the moment.
“No, no. I’m good.” 
And you hummed softly in your throat, wiggling your ass a little. That was always the signal for your husband to slap it. And if he were here, he would have. You’d missed that for the past 5 weeks he’d been away working.
Robert ran his hands slowly down your back again and this time grabbed lightly with his fingers as they retreated, gently pulling your ass cheeks apart.
The sound of your slick was evident, and a little embarrassing.  This man had made you wet.
He did it again, and if you didn’t know any better, it was to hear that sound again. You were trying to compose yourself when something hard nudged you in the head.
It couldn’t be. You lifted your head a little bit and came face to face with Robert’s blue scrub covered hard on. You smirked at it and licked your lips.
“It’s okay ma’am. Just relax.”
“Are you uncomfortable, Robert?”  
You echoed his question from earlier. You twisted your neck and looked up at him. Damn, he looked good gazing down at you.
“I’m good, ma’am. Let’s continue. Your husband is insistent that we finish.”
“Hmmmmmm.” You pursed your lips and put your head back in the headrest as he moved around to the side of you.
He massaged your shoulders and pressed down either side of your spine to your hips, stopping there and adjusting the sheet over your ass. He shook it out, lifting it high enough that he might have gotten a glimpse if he had been paying attention.  
But he was a professional, right?
He continued smoothing his hands down your legs, stopping at your feet and squeezing. 
“What kind of pressure, ma’am?”  He was awaiting further instruction.
“I like it hard and deep.” 
There was a noticeable pause, and Robert cleared his throat. You smiled down at the floor. 
“Deep tissue massages are everything.  Can you accommodate that Robert?”
He quickly replied. “Of course, ma’am.”  He situated the sheet so that your right foot was out. “Your husband told me to give you anything and everything you wanted.”
He started massaging your foot, hitting all the pressure points with just the right way.
“Ohhhhhhhh! That feels good.”
He just hummed a response.  You relaxed even more, reveling in the human touch on your body that you had missed for so long.  He worked on both feet and calves, and you were almost putty on the table.
His hands moved up to your thighs, kneading and squeezing your muscles firmly.  He inched his way up your thighs to your ass, his fingers moving near your cunt.  He got oh so close to your lips, but never crossed the line. You were beginning to feel some kind of way.
“Do you talk, Robert?”
“If you need me too, ma’am. What do you want to talk about?”
“Do your clients ever…. ask you to do things…” 
“You mean, switch pressures? Use hot stones?….” 
If you knew him better, you would say he was intentionally misunderstanding.
You cleared your throat. ”I mean, do you ever give… happy endings?”
Another pause. “Ah.”  He continued up and down your legs with long, firm strokes.
“I’ve never had a client I would risk it all for.”  He never stopped moving his fingers up and down your legs, fingers almost giving you pleasure. “Until…”
He cleared his throat again. “What did you want to talk about ma’am?”
He was intentionally evading.  You put the pieces together and you came to a conclusion.
You raised your hips a little and arched your back. Your ass was in position for him to easily go further if he wanted, and you knew he could see the outline of it under the sheet. Your man said it was the most gorgeous ass he’d ever seen.
Robert coughed to cover a moan. At least that’s what you imagined. 
“I need you to go further, Robert. Take off the sheet please.”
“Ma’am?”  He didn’t sound confused.  He was asking for confirmation.
“I need a deep tissue internal massage, Robert.”
The prospect of having this gorgeous man do things to you was making you soaked. 
“I’m already lubricated, you won’t need any more oil. I’m soaked actually.”
This time he didn’t cover his moan, he just pulled the sheet off and let it slide to the floor.
“Y-you’re beautiful Ma’am.  But what would your husband say?”
You turned your head around to witness Robert staring at your exposed cunt, his hands inches away from feeling all your glory.  He was licking his lips.  Then, his blue eyes met your brown ones. You arched your back some more and his eyes were drawn back to your most private places.
“Didn’t he tell you to give me anything and everything I wanted?”  
He moved his fingers a millimeter, and then looked back into your eyes. 
“Do your job, Robert.” 
You tried to keep the bitchiness out of your voice, but it was hard.  You wondered if he was still hard.
Robert looked back at it and moved his hands up, one thumb gently grazing the slick on the lips down there, pushing the viscous liquid around your fat pussy.  
He teased you, looking between what his thumb was doing and your face, as your eyes were halfway closed and your mouth was open, panting for your life.  He pushed in a little deeper inside you, not entering you fully, but just enough so your lips swallowed his thumb.  
He rubbed around the entrance to your cunt while holding your hips back with his other hand on your ass cheek.  You were trying to throw it back on his hand. It had been so fucking long since someone else had touched you.
He pulled his thumb out suddenly and tasted it, putting it in his mouth and sucking like a baby.  HIs eyes closed for a second, shook his head and then his eyes blazed at you.
“You taste so good ma’am.” 
He moved his hands back up to your apex and you expected him to put his fingers inside you again, but you yelped when he pulled you back and your ass met his face.
“Robert! Oh my! Oh shit. Yes!”
Robert was going to town. He licked his thick, wide tongue up your folds from your clit to your ass and back down again, swirling at each end.
Robert had you impaled on his face while his strong hands gripped your thighs. He hummed, causing an electric shock to jolt up your spine.  You cried out again.
Then he started slurping your juices, and sucking your clit, stretching it out from between your lips with his own.  He slurped it between his lips and the sound was obscene enough to make you get there quickly.
He started humming again when you started to quiver, and he worked his head back and forth, taking your clit with him. He worked it up and down, back and forth until the coil of pressure in your belly contracted and snapped, delivering your juices to this man’s face.
Your orgasm was hard and relatively fast.  He smiled, watching you spasm when he pulled back. 
“Look at that delicious cream.  Your husband is a lucky man, Ma’am.”
He held you open so he could watch your arousal and cum drip down your folds. You watched it drip down his beard. You twitched at the sight. 
He shook his head again, grabbing a towel from the counter, wiping his face and washing his hands in the sink. You thought you saw a smile.
You were unable to speak for a minute.  He came around to your side and gazed down at you, smile gone, placing his hand on your shoulder and looking deep into your eyes.
“Are you ok, ma’am?”  You nodded yes, and then he made a turning motion with his hand.  “Turn onto your back.”
You obeyed, not thinking too hard about what was happening. You were beneath him, exposed. Watching him. You noticed that he was indeed still hard, and even bigger than you’d peeped earlier. You reached for him and he moved away.
“I’m here to serve you, ma’am.”
You put your hand back down to your side and moved your head to watch him go get the bottle of almond oil and come back to your side.
He raised the bottle above your breastbone and began to pour a thin drizzle down your body, ending with him dripping it slowly and methodically on your clit.  You were still sensitive, and the stimulation made you throb anew.
He finally stopped and used both hands to smooth the oil into your skin, his left hand stroking it into your chest and spreading it to your breasts, grabbing your fullness and pulling your nipples through his fingers firmly, but gently, making you wet all over again.  Your breasts were very sensitive.
“You are so, so beautiful ma’am. “ 
He leaned down and used his tongue on your nipples, swirling and lightly biting. When he started suckling, your pussy clenched, and as if sensing that, he then used his middle finger flat on your stomach and smoothed the oil downward toward your pussy, parting your still throbbing lips again.
He played with you lengthwise, the sloshing sound of your wetness simultaneously embarrassing and erotic. You were at the brink immediately, especially when he pushed his finger inside you and curled it.
“Ohhhh.  Feels so fucking good Robert.”
At that, he inserted another finger, and then another, until your cunt was stuffed full of his thick fingers and you were stretching out nicely around them. You were not disguising your moans or your desire for him. 
You didn’t know exactly what you wanted, but you wanted what he was giving. He worked you toward your next orgasm swiftly, squeezing and flicking your slippery tits, looking up and down your body appreciatively.
You turned your head toward his crotch, which was situated near your head. You looked up at him. He met your gaze. He knew what you wanted. You now held him captive to your wants.
“Anything and everything Robert. Stuff your cock in my mouth while I cum.”
His reserve snapped at your comment and he couldn’t help but groan. He kept fingering your cunt while he quickly undid his scrub pants with his other hand and pulled them down so his cock could spring free. You managed to catch it before it slapped his stomach and you tugged him toward you, your mouth wide open.
You quickly licked your lips as he pushed it toward you, and you gladly accepted the wide organ, his girth almost causing you to split your lip around him.  His movements at your clit turned into circles as he pushed deeper into your throat.
“Now, just relax ma’am. I know it’s a lot.” 
He smirked down at you as you relaxed your throat and tried to breathe around him.  That peppermint oil really helped open your nasal passages, but you still spluttered as he filled your throat, and saliva and tears wet your face. You knew your throat would be sore later.
He pulled out and you choked and gasped for air for a bit before he tapped his dick on your mouth and you opened up again.
Your face was a mess but still beautiful. He didn’t push as deep this time, allowing you the space to swirl your tongue around his fat tip and down the vein underside of his cock.
The circles he was drawing on your clit were more insistent now, and you came yet again, moaning around his cock, sending vibrations up his back this time. He threw his head back and moaned, all the while managing to keep you from running from this orgasm with his hand.  
“Fuck!  Ma’am. You’re very good at that. Too good.”
He pulsed a little into your mouth before he pulled out, making your mouth pop off of his thick head loudly. You whined because you wanted him to come down your throat.
“You wanted everything, ma’am?”  
You caught his meaning as he moved around toward the foot of the table. He took his pants all the way off and stripped off his shirt. Your eyes took in his tattooed torso as he stroked his cock, knowing full well that you were watching him. Damn, he was so beautiful.
Then, he stood at the end of the table, rubbing up your legs to the apex of your thighs, which he pulled down so that your ass was almost hanging down off the table. He took himself in hand again and swiped his cock up and down your cunt, teasing as you whined for him.
“Each and every part of you is so beautiful ma’am.”
He stopped at your hole and pushed just the tip in and then pulled it back out, making you mad.  
“Nnnnnnhhh.”  You keened.  
“I want to wreck this beautiful pussy, ma’am. Want to feel you squeeze my dick until I paint your walls white with my seed. It will look so beautiful. We look so good together, see.”
You leaned up on your elbows so that you could observe. 
“Take it, it’s yours…”
You were open-mouthed panting, and although you didn’t think you could get any wetter, you were.
“But what would your husband say?”  He was smirking at you now.
“Anything. Everything.”
He pushed back into you, a little more this time, and you thought he would bottom out, so you threw your head back in ecstasy, but he pulled back again, causing you to snap your head up and glare at him.
“Please, it’s been so long for me.”  
Robert was panting now.  “Me too.”
Your eyes found his as he pushed inside you, this time moving slowly toward his goal.  
“You promise?” 
He felt so good stretching you out.  No fingers, no dildo, nothing could compare to him.
His hips stuttered as he stuffed you full.
“I’ve only had my hand for over a month. Nothing, no one comes close to this.”  He opened his mouth and outright panted, jaw slacked and eyes glazed.
He looked down at where you were joined together. 
“It really is magnificent.” He gasped at the sensations of you. Liquid satin. “Fuck, you aways feel so fucking good wrapped around me.”
He pushed both thighs up to your face and he started fucking you hard. You pussy was pulling him in deeper.
“I was planning on flipping you over, fuck… and… and hitting it from behind...shit!”
You started palming your own breasts and pulling your nipples while moaning wantonly. It was the best erotic movie he’d ever seen.
“Gat damnit…”
He puffed, watching what you were doing. His hips were getting off-rhythm and he shook his head to clear it. 
“But I just had to bend you in half and fuck the shit out of you.” He groaned, completely lost in the sauce. “You’re going to be the death of me.”
He reached up, licked his thumb and moved it to your clit, hitting impossibly deeper with each thrust.
“Cum for me one more time Princess.”
It had been so long since you heard that command in person.  You let go with abandon.
“Fuck! Yes Mr.Evans!”  You came again, gushing all over him. 
“Yes, baby, yessssss.”
Chris looked down and licked his lips.  “I’ve been wanting to feel this for forever.” He pulsed and came and mingled his liquid with yours.
He released your thighs and massaged them as he stared down at you, smiling as you came back to earth.
You looked at him. “Hi.”
“Hi.”  He winked and leaned over to give you a good kiss.  
“Welcome home, Baby.” You beamed up into his eyes.
“What a welcome….”
He grunted as he pulled out of you and you watched as he grabbed a towel and turned on the hot water, soaking some in the basin while taking one and cleaning himself up.  
Then, he grabbed his scrub pants, put them back on and brought a warm towel to clean you up gingerly. There was only love in his eyes as he completed the most intimate of acts. 
When he was done, he picked you up bridal style and moved you over to the sofa, arranging the pillows to cradle you as he crawled between your legs again. He sighed deeply, finally home.
You held him as he laid his head on your breasts, playing with his hair.  
“I missed you so much.”  You were so happy that your husband was finally home. 
“Mmmmm. You know I missed you too.”  He looked up at you, blue eyes large.  “Are you ok?  I didn’t hurt you did I?” 
He looked down at your body, and placed his large hand on your abdomen, beaming down at it. 
“How are you? How’s the little one? You look gorgeous. I can tell your body is changing already.” 
It was the same thing he asked every day over the phone, but in person, it hit different. The felt a lump in your throat.
“We’re great.  I can’t feel the baby yet, so I’m glad you’re home before I do.”
You were so afraid Chris was going to miss the major milestones of your pregnancy, but so far he’d only missed some faint morning sickness and you sleeping all the time.
You were nine weeks pregnant. You and Chris found out that you were four weeks along right before he left to film in Romania.  That set you off on an over-emotional rollercoaster that he tried to staunch from 5,000 miles away.
“You’re gonna have to pry me off of you until after the baby comes, and probably every day after that.” Chris looked at you like you were the most precious thing in the world. And you were. “Wherever you go, I go, and vice versa.”
You started to cry, because you loved this man so much. Or maybe it was because of hormones.  Chris lovingly kissed your tears away.
“I love my present, this room, the decor, the oils.  And especially my massage therapist. I might have to bring Robert on staff permanently at the Evans household. He’s fine as hell…” 
Your tears had turned to a sultry look. He chuckled at your mood swing.
“I almost broke character so many times, from the first time I looked in your eyes, to when I saw your ass under that sheet, and when I finally touched you.”  
Chris took a deep breath and kissed your collarbone, then laughed. 
“I can’t believe you drooled on my pants. That was a great test of my acting skills.”
You laughed with him.  “Well, you got skills, baby. You’re a great actor. It was a great experience. Say, did you ever do adult film?”  
Chris raised his eyebrows at you.  “The only ‘adult films’ that I’ve ever done are in a google drive that only you have the password to...”
“Don’t forget IG, when…” Chris started tickling you to get you to shut up.
After a few minutes of laughing and talking and getting reacquainted, your eyes started getting heavy. The excitement of your reunion, combined with great sex, and first trimester pregnancy, was about to do you in.
Chris picked you up and carried you down the hall to your master suite.  You loved that he was so much bigger than you. 
You snuggled his neck and started playfully biting him. His little moans and the slight swelling of his dick against your thigh as he carried you told you he wasn’t playing.
“Don’t start anything you can’t finish right now, Mrs. Evans. I can tell you’re tired.”  He lay you on the bed and you got under the covers, warm and happy. 
“What do you want right now? Food? Sleep?.....Anything else?”
He stood at the side of the bed, blue scrubs slung low on his hips, hair messed up. His blue eyes were blazing, his abs on point and the trail of soft dark hair on his stomach was pointing to happiness. 
You watched him as he subtly flexed for you. You realized that you were getting moist again. And judging from his smile, Chris realized it as well. 
You bit your lip and looked him up and down.
“I want all of that.” 
You pointed to him, circling your finger around his form.
You giggled as Chris moved to give you whatever you wanted.
Tell me anything and everything about this! Let me know in the comments or reblogs!
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accio-broom · 24 days ago
“Come on. Let’s go home.” on romione and you wrote lovely headcanons
Hiiiii Anon. Thank you for sending in your ask and being so lovely!
Tumblr media
^^ is me loving my Anons.
Tonight's story took an angsty turn. I wrote it while playing bingo with my nan today. These two facts are not related.
My ask box is open. Here are the prompts I am looking to fill. So send me your requests.
The Australian cul-de-sac was quiet, as was to be expected for mid-morning on a Saturday. Birds chirped from the bare trees, unbothered by the winter wind that rustled the branches. Everything was as it should be.
A young woman burst out of the house at the end of the street, slamming the door behind her with a frustrated cry. She took a huge breath, letting the ice-cold air fill her lungs in the hope that it will tether to her last shred of sanity. Tears burned behind her eyes, and she brushed them away angrily.
It was so unfair.
Hermione had been through a lot over the past few months. One of her best friends had died then returned to life to defeat Voldemort. The other best friend had fallen in love with her. Against all odds, she’d located her parents in the middle of Australia and restored their memories.
But it wasn’t all plain sailing.
Finding her parents and performing the charms that gave them back their memories had been easy enough. But then Hermione had to sit them down and explain what had happened. Already cautious of their brilliant, magical daughter, Jean and Hugo Granger had been terrified to hear that she’d turned her wand on them.
After spending two days telling them about the war, Hermione had finally given up trying to make them see things from her perspective. It seemed Hermione’s desire to protect her parents and not disclose any information about what had happened during the time she’d been at school had backfired.
Her parents were scared of her. It was a feeling that had probably been simmering away deep inside of them for years since Hermione received her invite to Hogwarts. The shock of learning they’d spent the past year living as Monica and Wendell Wilkins was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
She hadn’t even realised she was walking until she found herself in a park. Throwing herself down on the nearest bench, she finally let the tears come in huge, racking sobs. Pain coursed through her body as the realisation of what she lost washed over her.
Hermione was so consumed in her grief that she didn’t notice someone sitting down next to her until he gathered her up in strong muscular arms. His scent—sandalwood mixed with peppermint—brought her little comfort, but just having him near to her helped.
“It’s no good,” she mumbled into his jumper. “They just won’t forgive me.”
Ron sighed and tightened his grip on her. “They will eventually. It’s going to take them a while, but you did what you thought was right. They’ll see that in time.”
A shuddering sigh escaped her lips, and Hermione nestled closer to Ron, letting his rhythmic stroking of her hair calm her.
“I’ve soaked your jumper.” She sniffed and wiped her nose with her hand.
“‘S’okay. It’s been better days anyway. There are about twenty holes in it, and it’s going thin in places too.”
He pulled his coat around her. He was always so good at protecting her and looking after her.
“We should go and buy you some new clothes.”
“Yeah, at some point. Maybe before Auror Academy begins, we have more important things to worry about right now.”
“Yeah, I guess.” Hermione shrugged and nestled her head under his chin.
“Come on, let’s go home,” Ron murmured into her hair.
“Where’s home now? I have no family.”
He kissed the top of her head. “Well, that’s a lie. Home is with Harry and me, at the Burrow. Well, for now, until we decide where to go next after you’ve finished school. And your family?” Ron scoffed. “I’m pretty sure my mum and dad had had you labelled as one of theirs long before we got together. You’re a Weasley already. They’ll welcome you back with open arms and look after you.”
“Do you promise?” She gazed up at him, her heart filling with love as she took in his beautiful blue eyes. They sparkled with hope for the future, and for once, Hermione let herself believe in it.
“Cross my heart.” He slipped his hand into hers and pulled her to her feet. “Plus, I wouldn’t last a minute without you now. I learned that the hard way.”
Squeezing his hand, Hermione planted a firm kiss on his cheek before letting him lead her away. He was right. It was time to go home.
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hq-girl-next-door · 26 days ago
Hi!!! Congrats on 1k!!! May I have a matchup?
I am a 21 year old pan poly demigirl with a short, muscular build and a man bun (I've been told I give off tall energy though).
I'm an infp libra sun capricorn moon cancer rising. I can come off a bit personalityless at first glance, but once I warm up I am playful, eclectic, and dynamic. I tend to see everyone as inherently good, which occasionally has bitten me and makes conflict scary sometimes, but is overall a trait I value in myself.
Hands down my main love language is physical touch, followed by quality time. Things like piggy back rides and play fighting are especially common. I am very sensory oriented in general and almost always would rather do something than have material items. That being said, I really value communication in a relationship and look to learn and grow with a partner. (Also I'm a switch idk if that's helpful or not)
Beyond that I'm kind of just an athletic (contact sports and martial arts) and nerdy (stem and anime/manga) bean who likes to be outside. Thanks so much and sorry this got kinda long!!!
Hello! Thank you so much!! Of course you can have a matchup, let’s see what who you’ll get :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had your first kiss with … 𝙺ō𝚜𝚑𝚒 𝚂𝚞𝚐𝚊𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚊
Tumblr media
Once you warmed up around Suga and he saw how playful you could be, he just couldn’t resist. He wanted to kiss you from day one but kept his distance until you two kept hanging out repeatedly and you showed more and more of your true self. There might of been a bit of teasing at how red faced you were after he kissed you, but it was all just playful fun.
Tumblr media
You lost your virginity to … 𝙷𝚒𝚝𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒 𝙶𝚒𝚗𝚓𝚒𝚖𝚊
Tumblr media
I feel like his fiery and rash behaviors really was the driving force for Ginjima to be your first time. Neither of you really knew what you were doing at first, it was awkward but it was fun once you both got into it, plus it felt good too ;)
Tumblr media
You end up happily married to … 𝙼𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚜𝚞𝚔𝚎 𝚈𝚊𝚔𝚞
Tumblr media
Yaku was definitely patient with you before hand. But now that he has your heart, and you have his, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for you. He loves how you can be playful and eclectic but have a good heart too. He loves to go out with you. Anything that involves physical movement he’s down for. He also loves it when you help him practice with volleyball. But to counter that he loves to spend alone time with you and cuddle. I feel like Yaku’s love language would be words of affirmation and physical touch so I think you’re good there. He also likes to watch random insta videos with you and anime when you have lazy days.
Tumblr media
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heathered-beinn · 27 days ago
BangtanTV Youtube Vids 1
So, I have started to watch the official bangtantv youtube page, which supposedly includes a lot of short reality videos, behind the scenes, interviews, etc. I’m going to watch from the first video (Dec 2013) up to the end of 2014 before continuing with the filmography.
I’m hoping that as the videos posted here are pretty raw in terms of editing that we’ll get better (more true) insight into who each member of the band is, their journey, and the true nature of the friendships in the band.
I’m going to do this in 7 video blocks unless I feel that a particular video needs it’s own post.  
닥투 - RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단
닥투 - RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 - YouTube
Tumblr media
Possibly one of the earliest videos of BTS! It was posted on 17th Dec 2012, which was up to 8 months before Rookie King was filmed. The short video features Rap Monster rapping to Kanye West’s “Power” and encouraging his fellow countrymen to vote(?). After watching Rookie King, BTS China Job, American Hustle Life, and GO!BTS this is the first time I’ve seen a clear, solo rap (and music video) from Rap Monster.
(As someone who has little knowledge of rap, my opinion is solely based on what it sounds like at face value. The reason I don’t listen to rap much is because I struggle to make out the lyrics in most songs - something about my brain processing vocals amid multiple sounds. Thus my enjoyment of music is heavily based on the overall sound. Rap tends to have deep, powerful, fast lyrics but loud basic beats which my brain just can’t handle - hence why Rap is one of my least favourite styles to listen to.)
That being said, from what I can hear in this music video, Rap Monster has the articulation and speed for rapid rapping. He also has good timing. The only criticism I would make of his performance, and I really think it’s more to do with his young vocal chords at this point (because he must be barely 18 there), is that his voice was a little non-descript at times or, rather, didn’t inflect much depth or tonal colouring? It may just be the nature of the song though! However; that aside, it is clear he has raw talent.
Let’s Introduce Bangtan Room
Let's Introduce BANGTAN ROOM by 방탄소년단 - YouTube
Tumblr media
Very short video. Just as the title suggests; RM (Rapmonster) introduces us to the Bangtan Music studio he works out of using rap. There are pictures and figurines around the small room that show his/their influences such as Snoop Dog, Michael Jackson and Kanye amongst over things. Jin’s sitting in the room too, trying to seem cool and unbothered <3
The have access to a drum machine, keyboard, mic, recording system and a decent computer. It may be small but it’s pretty decent and very much a cool set up – nothing too amateur looking despite Big Hit being a fairly unknown company back then!
 Google translate: Christmas of Common Trainees (????!???)
흔한 연습생의 크리스마스 Video Edit by 방탄소년단 - YouTube
Tumblr media
I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure of the point of this short video lol, something to show it’s Christmas time? It’s basically a series of video clips showing different people like Bang Si-hyuk (?), RM and Jin walking through the city, plus random pictures of hamsters/gerbils, Macauley Calkin, a wolf, a comic – just, what? Most of the lyrics are in Korean so I am probably missing the a very important piece of info that links it all together. RM is rapping over the video with clips of him in the studio. Again, he shows great articulation and speed. His voice is smoother this time and he sounds good. Then half-way through the video Jin starts singing “Last Christmas”. Not going to lie, Jin’s voice is lovely and smooth, and his English pronunciation is damn good! It’s so good to hear his voice properly. I likey!!! :D
130107 RAP MONSTER - YouTube
Tumblr media
   Entirely Korean, no subtitles. Massive thank you to the Youtube user Grace Lee who has written a translation for everyone – it’s at the top of the video’s comment section.
So what I’m taking from this video is that RM had a conversation with Bang PDNim and Bang PDNim basically said that while RM was good he would never be as good as the major and underground rappers. RM feels as though over recent times he’s lost sight on what he originally wanted to be – what he wanted to get out of being part of Big Hit Entertainment. It’s the start of a new year and he wants to push himself to be the best he can be and prove himself to others.
This is a really interesting start to his career. We all know what happens in the future and, while it absolutely sucks that anyone should say RM isn’t good enough for anything, in my opinion Bang PDNim made a good call here. BTS would not be BTS without RM and, while I have grown really fond of RM, I do think at that age (18?) he didn’t have a robust enough personality or a big enough USP for being a solo rapper. Not at that point. On the other hand, at that point in his career I do think he was more than talented enough to be a lead rapper in a band and even the lead personality (which is what kind of happened). That is not to say that when he’s older with more experience - in both life and in music - that he couldn’t become a soloist if he wanted – which is true of today. I think, right now in 2021, he could have an okay solo career if he wanted but I would be surprised if that was still his goal after so long.
 130108 RAP MONSTER - YouTube
Tumblr media
This was posted a day later than the previous video. Again, it’s 99% in Korean with no subtitles. Soreejillah in the Youtube comments did a rough translation. Effectively it’s 2am there, he’s tired, hungry (but not eating because he’s put on weight) and the company want him to stay until he produces something?
I believe he also makes a comment about how some viewers say he appears awkward on video and that he wants to keep doing the videos to improve on this. I didn’t see him being awkward in videos as such, just more of a typical teen with raw talent?
Not much else to say on this.
 SUGA 의 Maschine mk2 review - YouTube
Suga – machine MK2 review
Tumblr media
Yay Suga!! This is the first introduction to Suga on the Official Youtube page. As the title suggests, he is going to talk about the sampling machine. Firstly, it’s obvious right from the start that he’s got a cold. His voice is choked and he keeps coughing, poor guy. Like the previous videos there is little in the way of subtitles (you can try the autogenerated but I had to turn it off after it said “chicken mothers” lol.
All I can take away from this video is that Suga has some skill with that machine and the music he makes sounds pretty cool in the end!  
Dance practice by 지민 of 방탄소년단 - YouTube
Dance practice by Jimin of BTS
Tumblr media
JIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIN!!!! <3 Firstly, can I say, if it wasn’t for the title I would not have recognised Jimin here. You can barely see the dancer’s face and the person looks taller and less muscular than Jimin did in Rookie King and American Hustle Life. Secondly, and more importantly, WHAT A DANCER!!!! Where was this during AML Jimin????!!!! Hot damn boi!! That move where he leans back almost 90 degrees… wow. Jimin has musicality; his timing is great, his speed is great, his moves are clean, precise and clever – to the point you can barely keep up with what he’s doing with each body part. Not much else to say about this video other than it’s great to see his early dancing abilities. Definitely check this out.
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pinescoops · 28 days ago
Train Of Thought
A/N: Whomp and I’m finally done writing a fic! This might be my last fic in this fandom idk.
Summary: When their plans for the night fall through, Mabel tries to cheer Dipper up and convince him to enjoy the lackluster New Year.
11:48 PM, it’s a mere 12 minu- no, scratch that- 11:49 PM, it’s a mere 11 minutes till the year ends.
Mabel looks up from the clock on her phone, and around the mostly empty train car. Most of the passengers had decided to get off at the first delay, then even more at the second, not wanting to spend their New Years on a train. She didn’t either, of course, but her and Dipper had plans for the night and were holding out hope that maybe the train would make it to Piedmont before midnight.
Her eyes bounce to her left, to her brother. His head leaning against the window with a single earbud in, listening to some podcast while his gaze fixes on the passing landscape that’s illuminated only by the soft glow of the moon.
The look on his face tears at her heart. He wanted to take her out to a nice dinner and then visit a few places they hadn’t been to since they were kids before heading to a party. They weren’t, like, huge, once in a lifetime plans, but they didn’t need to be. Plus they sounded sweet and they don’t get to do much overtly couple-y stuff back at their college campus.
She sighs and looks back down at her phone, the clock still displaying as 11:49. Pretty much everywhere they wanted to go has already closed for the night. They were supposed to have enough time to get a hotel room, shower, and then go on their date, but now it’s looking like it’ll be straight to a hotel for the night.
Dipper places his hand on her knee and gives it a small, comforting shake. He must’ve heard her sigh. She puts her phone into her pocket and holds his hand with both of hers. She scoots over a bit to close the already small gap between them. She leans against his shoulder and drops her cheek onto his shoulder.
The first delay was in the morning, about two hours long. Some mechanical issue or whatever. They slept through it so they barely noticed it at the time.
Mabel props her chin up on his shoulder and softly kisses his cheek. She meows at him before giving him another kiss. The only response she gets is a subtle blush, so she meows again, this time a bit louder, and then yet another kiss.
“Mabel, can you cut it out?” he finally asks.
“Not until you perk up and stop being Mr. Grumpy Face.”
“I’m not being Mr. Grumpy Face.” he denies in a boring tone, keeping his gaze where it’s been.
“Oh you so are.”
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
He bobs his shoulder to get her chin off it, rudely saying, “Quit.”
She frowns at his attempt at dismissing her, though it’s not like that’s ever stopped her before. She pushes on against his somber demeanor.
“Oh come on; perk up! You know I’m not gonna let you be all upset on New Year’s.”
“I know.” he admits in an almost defeated tone, “but I fail to see anything positive about this.”
She plops her chin back on his shoulder, “This isn’t how we planned to spend tonight, buuuut,” she intertwines her fingers with his, “at least we’re still spending it together!”
He sighs, “I know, I know- It’s just- this is the first New Year’s we’re spending as a, uhm..” his voice cuts out as the sentence runs towards a word that twists his gut up into knots. He meets her eyes and gives her hand a brief squeeze to, hopefully, send the message he couldn’t quite verbalize. “...and I wanted it to be something memorable. Not- well.. this.”
The big smile she put on to cheer him up shrinks some, but becomes far more genuine. He’s so sweet and tries so hard to make their relationship work. It makes her wonder sometimes if he'd be happier with someone he didn’t have to hide around so much. Is them being together like this a burden to him? Some girl out there could be so happy with this sweet dork but instead he’s here with his sister. And for what? The guilt begins to bubble inside her and she nuzzles herself into him. The feelings being drowned out by his warmth.
“I dunno. Being stuck on a train is pretty memorable.” she attempts at a lighthearted joke, making him give a brief giggle before his somber look returns.
“You know what I mean. Memorable in a good way.”
“I’m fine with just this, honestly. Cuddling with you in a hotel room tonight will be enough for me. Honestly.” she insists, almost speaking into the soft fabric of his coat.
He sighs, “No, this is not fine. You deserve so much more.”
She pulls herself up off him, looking at him with a slightly raised brow. He’s looking back out the window.
“College life keeps us so busy and even if it didn’t we can’t exactly go on dates. I can’t take you out for a nice dinner and the theater is circumstantial and overpriced to the point where it’d be weird for me to take you to see a movie more than once every couple months. Even the time we do get to spend together has to be under the guise of studying or something. You deserve to actually get to go on a date. At least once.”
She looks at him for a second before trying to brush it off, “Pshh, I don’t care about that stuff.”
“Yes you do, Mabel.” he quickly argues, slipping his hand away from her grip and looking at her, “You love that sort of stuff. Going through high school, you’d always gush to me about your boyfriends and how much you loved going on dates with them.”
“-And I’m unable to give you that kind of stuff so, just this once, I wanted to do something for you.”
“-You give up so much just to be with me and I-I don’t even know what I did to deserve you.”
“There are so many guys out there I couldn’t even compete with, yet you’re with me. I can’t help but feel like crap for being with you when you could be with somebody so much better.”
“A-and I’m not even your type. You’ve always been into the sporty and muscular or handsome guys an-”
He pauses at the use of his name. Her voice had a fiery tone which froze him in place for a brief moment. She looks at him intensely before grabbing his hands.
“I love you.” she stated in a soft yet firm voice.
“You do?”
“Even when I can’t take you on dates? Or even simply hold your hand in public?”
“Yes. I mean it. I mean it every time I say it. I mean it even when I don’t. I love you. I don’t need some dumb performances to be happy. All I need is for you to love me back.”
A small, timid smile grows on his face, “And... I love you back- er- love you too.”
She beams back at him as she pulls him into an awkward-train-seat-hug, having to twist the upper half of her body ninety degrees.
“Now will you please be my dorky, non-grumpy face, boyfriend for the rest of the night? You can continue your incessant whining in the morning when you realize I’ve all but exhausted our snack reserve.”
“Wait what?”
“Nothing.” she says in a sing-song voice, “So are you feeling better?”
“Y-yeah. I think so.” he awkwardly chuckles to himself, rubbing the back of neck, slightly embarrassed from a minute ago.
They pull apart and fall back into their seats, resting like they had earlier with her head on his shoulder.
Mabel checks the time on her phone before returning her hand to his.
“Happy New Year, Dipdop.” she whispered into his ear.
“Happy new year, Mabes.” he said in no general direction, but at a level only she could hear.
“Oh, hold on.” Mabel says and pulls away from him. She turns herself around, propping up on her knees to face most of the other passengers.
“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” she shouts at the other four passengers in the train car.
A woman in the back wakes up screaming.
She returns to her place at Dipper’s side.
“You’re embarrassing to live with.” he says through his laughs that he’s trying his best to keep quiet.
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Bridget Destroys Transvestite Hubby
My name is Bridget and I am presently married to a man named Edward.
I mentioned “PRESENTLY” because I WILL BE filing for divorce within the next few months. My upcoming DIVORCE is very central to the entire theme of my upcoming story series (yes, I SHALL RETURN).
Things have been up in the air for the past few years so a few more months to get my head together, make plans, and you know, life keeps happening in the meantime.
Ed has had a rather successful career in real estate, despite the economy.
But no, can’t put my finger on just when it hit me that I had been unhappy with our marriage but it had been stagnating for quite some time.  I guess it was kind of like growing numb slowly and, while constantly making concessions and compromises, bit by bit my happiness gauge was pointing way too far to the left. Running on vapors really.
I started seeing Ed as a real asshole about five years ago when Ed was making a lot bigger commissions from properties sold and he has always had this egotistical pompous thread woven like a patchwork quilt, or more like inseparable, hard-wired, personality sutures connecting his personal conviction of his own superiority to how much money he stuffed into the bank in any given month.
We have been married for ten years and for half of that time I was finally convinced that I was, as much as I hated to admit it, married to an asshole.
At thirty-eight now, I am about eight years past my epiphany moment of realizing my mortality. Not that the black balloons my girlfriends put on my surprise 30th birthday party cake made me suddenly turn into Socrates or anything but I started by about four years into our marriage to really wonder if Ed was really the right man for me to spend the rest of my life with.
Ed has a very small penis. It’s only four and a half inches with Viagra and it only “works” about a third of the time but… I mean… SO WHAT?  A third of the time I have a hard tiny dick and two thirds of the time it’s only three and a half inches of room temperature Silly Putty.
I don’t know that I was thinking back when I was twenty-five, back when we first met. I apparently was not thinking much at all because I thought I was madly in love but now, looking back, I was more a dumb girl compared to myself now.
I told myself that the size of his cock didn’t matter as long as we were in love and…bla, bla, fucking bla and fucking butterflies and fucking rainbows too and way too many NON-FUCKING nights with vibrators.
So now we’re exactly half way into my reasons for divorcing Ed.
An additional twenty-five percent of my reasons for divorcing Ed will be explained next but my decision to TOTALLY DESTROY HIM will be well clarified and explained last so you will fully understand the bigger, pissed off ruthless bitch I want to become, all to culminate on the VERY DAY Ed is served his divorce papers.
I do find it VERY IRONIC that here’s Ed talking about some heartless business deal wherein Ed was having so and so “SERVED THEIR PAPERS”. It’ like he got his rocks off knowing someone’s day had been dEsTrOyEd by having official court papers served.
So this is the bitter/sweet IRONY here my new fan club. Do you remember those old Twilight Zones? The crooked hustler or other person who is not very nice ALWAYS got their come-up-pence in a shocking and life alternating instant where the man realizes that his nuts have just been taken forever and it’s now his turn to pay by knowing his wife Bridget left him for a man who is seventeen years younger who happens to be big and muscular, just happens to be black and who sports a nice thick ten inch cock.
Now is the time for me to put all of my effort into getting pictures of Ed all dressed up as Joelle as well as video clips and then making some of my OWN VIDEOS. I have already made my first one as sort of a teaser.
The reason I often refer to Ed as Joelle stems from Ed being such an incorrigible and dedicated transvestite. It has been sort of my secret code name with Ed like if I found yet another of my stockings with a run I would say to Ed, “Must have been Joelle, right?
My little way of making Ed know that I fully aware of his shit. His sneaking around.
My hope with my first “to destroy joelle” video as well as the limited number of perhaps ten videos to follow is to have a fair amount of visitors and followers by the time Joelle, oh I mean… Ed is served MY DIVORCE PAPERS.
That way, when Joelle, oops, I mean… Ed clicks on the link in my e-mail on the very evening of the day that Ed receives my divorce papers he WILL SEE what will be approximately my TENTH VIDEO.
I’ve already decided to title this DIVORCE PAPERS SERVING DAY VIDEO “To Destroy Joelle – Part 10 – 100% PROOF – Real Name Exposed”
And to think Ed has no clue that I found his very incriminating thumb-drive with his PLAYING DRESS UP LIKE A SLUT pictures in the thousands for me to choose the very most incriminating plus he also has no frigging clue that I AM DIVORCING HIM.
Just a few days before Ed is served his DIVORCE PAPERS I will “go visit my mother”.
Which really means I’m really driving a few hours north to my new BLACK BOYFRIEND’S place in Canada.
So adding all this stuff together and then make it all laser beamed into a brief moment in time where IT WILL show up at his door like multi-headed dragons and other war dogs from hell with sharp teeth and rabies (am I getting carried away? – shit – sorry).
And Ed, in that CRUSHING INSTANT will realize that just a short time ago he was just Ed the real estate guy and everybody knew him for being that tough hard as nails business guy and then in another moment in time Ed will be flung in the wink of an eye into a new universe.
A cold universe, a hostile universe where all it’s inhabitants NOW KNOW 100% PROOF positive because my “100% PROOF VIDEO” will be ABSOLUTELE PROOF that :
1- Ed has a very tiny penis.
2- Ed is a very experienced TRANSVESTITE.
3- Ed’s wife Bridget (me) is leaving him for my new boyfriend Jeff in Canada.
4- Jeff has a rather thick ten inch COCK.
5- Ed has a four and a half inch baby penis.
6- Jeff is very BIG & MUSCULAR and seven years younger than me.
7. Ed is ten years older than me, soft, out of shape and too thin and wimpy.
8. Ed has always been jittery and nervous in the company of black men,
9. Jeff is BLACK.
Payback. Karma
So the next twenty-five percent of my reasons to divorce Ed has to do with the fact that Ed has been a cross-dressing ADDICT for many years. I was even O.K. with it at first. Being the all “open minded, tolerant” woman I was so sure I was. Way back when.
But it has gone on for too long and too far. Ed has ruined countless articles of my clothing and I can never find a pair of stockings or pantyhose that doesn’t have a major run in them. I way prefer stockings nine out of ten times and so does Ed apparently.
Shortly after we met and Ed finally and awkwardly “confessed” his cross dressing habit and back then I thought he was such a successful and handsome catch that I accepted it.
On numerous occasions, I helped Ed improve his makeup skills and we went up and down our long driveway to practice walking in high-heels. I helped him dress up from head to toe as a woman on many occasions.
But the thing is, he just keeps on doing it and takes big chances all the while and QUITE LITERALLY…NO EXAGERATION, swear to God with my hand on a bible, he was spending at least as much time away in a motel to go play dress-up than he spent time with me. But he was lying the whole time because I found pictures and I can tell when and where many of them actually are.
You see, Ed had the perfect cover since he had to travel on business and I never did mistrust him as far as cheating on me with woman because I knew his dick was too small for him to even be brave enough to expose it to some floozy he met. Plus I was never really the jealous type anyway.
But Ed? Whoa Nelly !!! – Ed is so jealous he gets all wound up and has even cried after an evening party where a couple big muscular black men were flirting with me like HEAVY-DUTY…… both at the same time and Ed just could not handle it.
I remember, even though I was a bit drunk, that the two BIG & MUSCULAR BLACK MEN at the next table kept staring at me in the beginning when I put on my glossy red lipstick.
About half way through very slowly applying my lipstick to my upper lip I noticed at that EXACT INSTANT that the two BIG AND MUSCULAR BLACK MEN were grinning and staring…. like right next to us in this CROWDED CLUB.
I saw my husband FROWN simultaneously but I noticed again that the two BIG & MUSCULAR BLACK MEN were now getting really animated because by then I was way exaggerating the application of my glossy red lipstick.
The smiling, puckers and little winks I was doing while I was applying my glossy red lipstick was intentionally aimed straight toward those two BIG & MUSCULAR BLACK MEN because I was getting a REAL KICK out of seeing my little dick transvestite husband squirm so hard and miserably.
I went back with Ed to our hotel room like a good little wife but when we went to bed he begged me not to ever make him jealous like that again and he actually broke down and cried and even admitted that it bothered him a great deal when those two BIG & MUSCULAR MEN were flirting with me and that it REALLY SCARED HIM because he could SEE that they both had BULGING JEANS.
Ed noticed that and it did bother him a lot.
Did I mention that Jeff is a BIG & MUSCULAR BLACK MAN and his jeans bulge too? That will DEFINITELY bother Ed and he will come to be introduced to Jeff via new fresh video wherein I will be asking Ed if he enjoyed BEING SERVED his divorce papers earlier today and, “by the way Ed”, I will say in my video, “Not only do you get to watch me suck my new boyfriend’s ten inch BLACK COCK but, as well, I have told the entire world and have shown plenty of INCRIMINATING pictures and video to prove to everyone that you are, IN FACT, a tiny dick sissy transvestite….and by the way… it’s time for me to SUCK JEFF’S BIG DICK NOW”.
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what are the usual styles of the RO’s? ethnicities/body types/fashion too! asking for reasonssss
Ooooh, reasons, you say? We’ll go into a good amount of detail for you!
Alma is 5′5″ and pretty skinny. She’d say her best feature is her hair: long, ash blonde, and delightfully wavy without having to do much to it. She’s fairly tanned with freckles everywhere-- and I mean everywhere.
As for her style, she hates to call in 90s grunge, but... it’s pretty 90s grunge. Lots of oversized flannel shirts over tight crop tops, high-waisted jeans/shorts and black combat boots. She has a pair of denim overalls that are splattered with various paint stains, and sometimes she’ll break out a bandanna or some funky sunglasses for accessories.
Ezra is 6′5″ and altogether too proud of it. He’s got a bit more meat on his bones than Alma, but not quite enough to flex and look impressive. He’d say his best feature is his eyebrows-- dark, thick, and with just a little bit of grey... occasionally. He’s thirty, after all. And British, so he’s pale as a milk jug.
Ezra’s style is comfort over everything, but he makes it look good, the bastard. He has a lot of funny button-up shirts with funky patterns, straight-leg jeans, and white Adidas sneakers that have really been through a lot. He wears beanies when it gets cold and denim jackets with many patches to look cooler than he really is.
Lark is 5′10″, plus-sized/curvy, and loves her body. She’s African American with warm medium brown skin with dark freckles on her nose, cheeks, chest, and arms. She has tightly curled black hair that sits on her shoulders. While she is very confident in all of her features, Lark really loves her amber brown eyes. 
As for Lark’s style, it’s a mix of trendy, thrift store find, and unique pieces. Lark is very fashion forward, but she rather take what she likes that’s trending and make it her own. She LOVES patterns, she will mix them, and somehow it works. She also loves vintage t-shirts, high-waisted skinny jeans/shorts, jean jackets, long skirts, short dresses with a shirt underneath. She is either in heels or her converse, there is no in-between. She isn’t much of a hat person. She has one wide brim hat she wears on occasion, but in the winter she loves her beanies. 
Alister is 6′2, but jokingly claims he’d be 6′3″ if it wasn’t for his prosthetic left leg. He’s pretty lean, not quite as muscular as Ezra, but he’s not skinny either. His skin is sun-kissed with freckles throughout; mostly on his face, arms, legs, and shoulders. He has dark brown eyes, but he’d claim his best feature is his hair. He keeps his strawberry blonde wavy hair that shorter on the sides and longer on top. 
Alister’s style is either hot librarian or laid back comfort. Alister loves the button up shirt under a sweater look and that is usually his go to attire for work too. Sometimes he will break away from the plain colored sweaters and spice it up with a pattern or a fun ones (i.e has a large dinosaur or cat on it). He is always in straight leg jeans, but depending on how hot the summer is you might catch him in shorts, but it’s very rare. He also loves the button up shirt over a t-shirt look. It’s usually a flannel since his other ones are usually for work, but sometimes he might break the cycle with one that has a fun pattern. But one thing that is always consistent is he’s always wearing his black converse. 
Bonus round under the cut:
Ivy is about 35, 5′11″ and plus-sized/curvy. She’s Latina, with clear, light brown skin and dark eyes, which she reckons to be her best feature. Her hair is long, light brown, and wavy, but she wears it up in fancy buns and chignons with silk ribbons most of the time. (Ivy is also one of our only characters with a defined face claim).
Her style is very modern, very businesswoman-chic, and very gold. She wears a lot of gold jewelry and dark, earthy tones in her many (many) pantsuits and businesswear outfits. The most common thing she’s seen in is her black trenchcoat that she’s wearing when we introduce her in-game!
Mitzy is about 5′7, around 32 years old, and has a lean/athletic frame. They are bi-racial with olive-toned skin with green eyes. Their black hair ends around their jaw line and is loosely curled.  Sometimes they will pull it back with a clip, but usually it hangs loosely around their face. 
Mitzy keeps it professional— outside of work is usually a different story— but even then they like to look well put together. Mitzy typically wears a suit, but sometimes with swap the pants for a pencil skirt. They usually stick to more traditionally masculine dress shoes or heels (depends on the day), but if they opt for the skirt they will always wear heels.  
Vivian was around 5′6″ and mid-size. She was pretty pale, but not quite as pale as Ezra, with the odd mole here and there; she had one above her top lip, which she adamantly argued was a “beauty mark”. It’s just a mole, Viv. Chill. She called her hair her best feature, like Alma: golden blonde with just a little wave to it. She usually had it up for work purposes, though.
She had a very “millennial style”: pretty dresses, jeans and crop tops, oversized button-ups belted at the waist like a dress. One thing she was never seen without, however, was a scrunchy around her wrist. She had multiple colors and fabrics, but her favorite was a pale pink velvet one that she tied her hair up with.
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tender-rosiey · 29 days ago
hi hi <3 back to request bc i just love your work!
could i request haikyuu boys reacting to their fem!s/o getting a phone call and a guy on the other line says “hey, you home alone?” or something along those lines. there was a tik tok trend where girls would get a fake ft call with a guy saying ^ to see how their boyfriends would react, i think i may be able to find a video if you want but i do hope i explained this well :)
❥ “Hey, you home alone?” Prank on HQ characters
Includes Oikawa, Bokuto, Tsukishima and Kageyama
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: i am glad you like my work, luv and this looks fun to write and I love these pranks a lot! hope you liked this luv 💕 also did my blog really go quack or is my stuff just getting ignored 👩‍🦲
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru:
Tumblr media
I would like to write a whole damn essay about how much I love oikawa but this is not our topic for today until now at least
SO, you felt bored and wanted to do something, plus oikawa has been free from pranks for far too long
That’s another reason why TikTok is your place to go for pranks
You saw said prank and wanted to do it since our lovely tooru has rather interesting reactions
So you set it up the sound and held your phone while your boyfriend is in the kitchen counter behind you preparing a snack for movie night
It was all fine and dandy until
“Hey, you home alone?”
You suddenly heard things stumble and your boyfriend was beside you in a snap with a frown on his face
“No she is not alone and in fact we are going on a date so you can just go FUCK YOURSELF— babe you are recording?”
You then smiled cheekily before bursting out laughing resulting in the blank stare and a pout from your boyfriend beside you
“Y/N, that’s mean, how dare you?”
However you didn’t expect your boyfriend to slam down on you and try and suffocate you with hugs
“Tooru get off!”
“No, apologize!”
He also peppered your face with kisses until you were sorry
You also posted the TikTok and it got more than 400k likes 👩‍🦲
And my favorite part is the comments so let’s start
Some of them were like
and “he is so pretty tho tf”
as well as “the kisses at the end were adorable tho lol”
Of course his ass was sticking out while peppering you with kisses so someone commented
“What a flat ass”
Bokuto Koutarou:
Tumblr media
I personally believe that Bokuto would have TikTok and would know about the trends unlike the dumbass up there who I think would only stick to one side of TikTok
Bokuto likes diversity in everything and doesn’t like getting left out, once again it’s my opinion
So he obviously knows the trend and you know that he knows, so you got a video of someone with a voice he never heard
He had just came from training and entered the home with a big smile and greeted you with a kiss
And so as he turned his back to you he heard
“Hey, you home alone?”
Bokuto threw the toilet roll at your phone knocking it down
His hair then deflated and looked at you with a look that made you feel extremely guilty
“Kou, it’s a prank.”
He then crossed his arms and faced away pouting
Now how do we make up things to a deflated and pouty Bokuto Koutaro, the great captain of Fukurodani?
Hug him from behind and start kissing his cheek and face then tighten the hug, like you are doing right now
He starts to relax to your touch still being just a little petty
“Don’t do that again, Y/N; these pranks aren’t funny.” He said barely audible as he was trying not to break his pout
He then broke into a fit of laughter and turned to hug you cause I stand by word when I say bokuto loves physical affection with every fiber of his being
And you guys continued the day cuddling <3
Onto the comments:
“That aim tho”
“Can we buy someone like him?”
He also gave you a kiss on the cheek while the camera was filming
And by the way
He told kuroo about this
And kuroo is planning a lovely prank to get you back for what you did for his bro 🥱
And kou doesn’t have any idea that kuroo is doing a prank even
Tsukishima Kei:
Tumblr media
The fact that you thought this was a good idea is very humorous, however tsukishima has TikTok, but ,unlike Bokuto, he literally knows everything
And he knew the moment you kept staring at him with a smirk on your face that there is something up
Inasmuch he was patiently waiting for your time to strike
He however then heard kageyama’s voice say
“Hey, you home alone?”
Love, when I tell you he whipped his head so damn fast he almost snapped it
“Hey king why don’t you go stick your dick in a dirt hole instead, y/n is too good for you.”
Cue you laughing while replaying the recording of kageyama saying that same line three more times
Explaining to him that it was a prank took some long time cause tsukishima was being a petty bitch
“Keiiii, I told you I am sorry—“ “no.” “Please, talk to me!”
Maybe just give him a hug or threaten him with going to kageyama and he will hug you from behind
“Don’t do it again, or I will never forgive you.”
Of course you wouldn’t go off the hook so easily sweetie
Tsukishima Kei ,as Tanaka once said, never forgets to counter and take revenge
So you basically started a prank war and may god be with your neighbors
But y’all still gonna watch the movie you agreed on and gossip so 🙄
You even managed to make him put on a face mask which I salute you for by the way
He is a little disappointed in himself cause he already knew you were gonna do something but still was shocked or rather startled
And for the comments which are the loveliest
“Woah is his neck okay—“
“So stubborn wow”
You showed kageyama his reaction and he almost burst out laughing instead just ended up smirking in an evil way
While on the other hand hinata was rolling on the floor having the best laugh of his life aside from the one after his first receive which I was very proud of him for
Kageyama Tobio:
Tumblr media
Hinata was low key gonna ruin it all
He almost laughed his way through the one sentence he was supposed to say
So your boyfriend was just doing his nails peacefully like the pretty boy setter he is until your dumbass decided to do the prank him while he was doing that
And so in the middle of his nail care session he heard the voice of his best friend say
“Hey, you home alone?”
You didn’t want to use the actual audio since when you guys cuddle he watched TikTok with you and basically knows the trends because of you
Unlike his senior who despite having TikTok doesn’t remember trends for shit
So you called his best friend and made him take part in this and sacrifice his being for a good laugh
Anyways back to him almost injuring his finger when he heard it
He kept glaring at hinata through the phone and ended up hanging up on him and returning him to the “to serve at their head” list for the 37th time
He just looked at you and pouted unintentionally
“It wasn’t funny you know, you scared me.”
now make it up to him
“What can I do so you can forgive me then, Tobio?”
“…milk and cuddles.”
And so he got it what he asked for
Hinata’s funeral got scheduled 3 days later but he made it out alive so it’s okay :D
The comments were interesting to say the least
“Did he just do like oxen do? You know, the air from their nose when mad”
“So pretty”
“I feel like the orange headed dude is gonna get his ass handed to him.”
He went to ask noya and tanaka for advice to get you back for what you did
To which they told him to ignore you for 24 hours
They also shared the idea because they heard oikawa and tsukishima talking about it separately
They also showed him their evil laugh
Tumblr media
copyright © 2020 tender-rosiey
do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
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softboy5393 · 29 days ago
My beautiful Husband
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Pairing: Chris Evans x Male Reader
‼Author’s Note‼: I hope you all enjoy this😅 Also I didn't proofread this. If there are any spelling mistakes or errors, please let me know so I can fix it
Summary: Chris' husband wanted nothing more than to cater to to him and show him how much he loved him. But what happens when Chris says something to his husband that he'll deeply regret saying?
Rating: Angst to Fluff
Request: Can i request Chris Evans Angst/Fluff X male reader, so Chris and Male reader have a fight and chris said something that he shouldn't said to reader, and when reader heard it, he's shocked and just run to bedroom and lock the door, amd after realizing what he said chris went to reader and try to say his sorry and keep trying until reader want to talk him or forgive him. Also have a great day 💙
Tags: @evansphnx12
Word Count: 1,740
Word Key:
You and Chris always hated arguing with each other, so you both tried your best to avoid it as much as possible
But sometimes, like any normal couple, things just happened that just made you two fight
This fight, for instance was all because you decided to show up on the set that Chris was at when he was filming for an upcoming movie
Usually it would always make him super happy, but this time, it didn't
You really wanted to surprise him this week at work by bringing him small gifts and snacks when you visited
When he comes home, he is obviously dead tired and wants nothing more than to sleep the rest of the day, leaving you all alone and cuddling with Dodger
Unbeknownst to you, this particular week had been a very rough week, and every time you showed up, it didn't seem to make things better
When Chris got home, you ran straight up to him with Dodger following close behind, and engulfed him in a tight hug only to be shoved off
"Jesus fucking Christ (M/n), cant you just leave me alone when I come home for once?"
"B..but Chris, I'm sorry. I just thou-"
"I honestly don't give a shit what you thought. God man, you're so fucking annoying, just shut up and leave me alone. Fuck! All I wan to do is just come home and lay down without you following me around and bothering me like you're some lost fucking puppy! Sometimes I can't fucking stand being married to you"
Chris walked stormed past you before you were able to respond and went to the kitchen with Dodger behind him with no comprehension of the dialogue between you and Chris. ".....I understand...I'm sorry for bothering you." You quickly ran to the bedroom and locked the door behind you, and finally you let your tears spill. Did he really mean what he said to you? Did he really get tired of being with you? All of these thoughts going through your head made you cry harder, your breath was stuttering in an uneven pace as you fell onto the bed which only made you cry harder. After a while, you could hear footsteps approaching the room and stopping in front of the door. The doorknob twists a little before it was stopped by the lock. On the other side of the door, you heard a deep sigh before a knock on the door. "Baby, please open the door. I'm...i'm so sorry for saying those horrible things to you. Please...please just let me in" You sat in silence for what felt like forever, cuddling your pillow closer to you, pushing your face in it in an attempt to silence your cries. Chris eventually got the hint and let out another sigh, muttering another 'i'm sorry' before walking away to go sleep on the couch. You didn't know what else to do besides cry yourself to sleep that night. You thought you were a very good husband to Chris, and did everything right, but it seems like you were wrong.
The next day, you woke up and felt the bed to cuddle close to Chris, but when you felt the bed for him, it was cold and empty. Suddenly you remembered what happened the other day. The things Chris said to you, it really hurt you. You lay in the bed for a couple of hours and scrolled though your phone to take your mind off of things, until you decided to get up and doing your morning routine. You made your bed, used the bathroom, took a shower, and washed your face. You didn't have much energy to brush your teeth, so you grabbed one of your toothpaste tablets, chewed it, and then grabbed your toothbrush and gently brushed your teeth. The whole time you couldn't help but replay for the second time this morning everything Chris said to you yesterday. You pushed his voice aside and spit out the toothpaste and rinsed out your mouth, then you spit out the water and turned of the water faucet. Using your bath towel next to you and wiped your mouth dry and made your way out of the bathroom. Not bothering to get dressed, you unlocked the bedroom door and slowly opened it, cringing at the echoing squeak the hinges let out into the hallway, taking a mental note to ask Chris to fix that later if things cooled down between the both of you.
You tip-toed into the hallway and made your way to pass the living room, but stopping as you see Chris slumped over the couch. His hair was disheveled, eyebrows furrowed, face stained with dry white tear marks that ran down his face along with drool. His mouth was wide open and he was lightly snoring, you looked down and saw about six empty beer bottles on the floor below him, he looked like a complete mess.
The sound of thumping started towards your direction and you felt rough paw pads gently push your leg and a whine which made you draw your attention down to it. Looking down, you saw it was Dodger. He began walking away and looking back at you every so often to make sure you were following him into the kitchen. When you made it there, you were careful as to make sure to not wake Chris up from his sleep, poor baby, you really hoped he enjoyed his sleep. Dodger dragged you over to his food bowl and sat down next to it and patiently waited for you to serve him his food and water. "Your such a good boy Dodger, yes you are." You say, he starts eating his food and you give him a little rub on his back, making his tail swing back and forth from enjoying your praise and attention. Walking towards the refrigerator, you wondered what you were going to make yourself. Eventually, you make your decision on (f/b/f), and grab those ingredients needed. As you are cooking, you start humming to yourself a happy little tune, completely forgetting about what happened the other day. Without warning, you feel two muscular arms gradually wrap around your waist and you then are pulled into a strong hard chest. "I'm so fucking sorry baby." Chris says as he lays his head in the crook of your neck, the stubble on his face was scratching against your skin. "(M/n), please...please forgive me." He says in between kisses, "I was a fucking idiot to say all of those nasty things to you, and I'm so sorry."
You took the pan of food off of the burner and set it aside before turning around with his arms still around you. You looked into his eyes, shocked at his state of being. Chris looked horrible, and the change in his looks happened to quickly overnight. His eyes were baggy with dark circles, his hair sticking in every direction, his eyes were bloodshot red as tears pored out of them. Chris dropped to his knees and started sobbing and hugged your leg closer to him. In all the years you were his boyfriend, and even when you became his husband, you have never seen Chris so broken down like this before. You've never seem him on his knees, begging for your forgiveness. Chris cried as though your marriage was hanging on a single thread, he felt like this was his last chance to make things right, and he would do anything for you to forgive him. He screwed majorly fucked up, and he wanted to make things right. You kneeled down to his height and held him into your arms as he cried even harder at how gentle you were being with him. "H-how can yo-you s-still love me (M/n)...a-after how I treated you?" He questioned
"Chris, you are my husband. What you said to me yesterday was really messed up, and it hurt me a lot. But I see that you're telling the truth when you apologize, so I do forgive you. Plus I know that you will find some way to make it up to me. I love you and I will never stop loving you. Now, lets go lay on the couch and eat some of the food I made us."
Chris hugged you tighter and nodded into your shoulder before getting up and making his way to the couch. He knew he would have to do some serious work to fix things one hundred percent, but he was willing to do anything, not matter how long it took. You both reached the couch and sat down, sitting close to each other with Dodger next to you. After eating, you both put the dishes in the sink to wash them later, and cuddled tightly together and shared a blanked while watching tv. Soon after you ended up falling asleep in Chris' arms and he kissed your forehead, missing moments like these. He hated sleeping on the couch without you in his arms. He hated sleeping without you next to him at all. He couldn't stand hearing you cry upstairs in the room by yourself because of him. But, now, he was glad you were here, that you stayed with him. You both loved each other dearly, and nothing would change that. You both were now able to sleep in peach, and you both liked it that way. "I love you baby, and I love being married to you, my beautiful husband."
Let's just say the Chris now looks forward to you being the first one to greet him when he gets home, and he loves when you surprise him at work. Especially when you bring food you cooked for him to eat when he's on his lunch break. Chris always tells you how he loves seeing the jealous faces of the other actors and the tech crew when they see the delicious food you cooked for him.
Production Crew Member: "Bro, Chris you have an amazing husband man!"
Chris: "Yep, I know, and he's all mine too"
Production Crew Member: " you think (M/n) could cook me some of that food too PLEASE!!!🥺I'm so fucking hungry and I'm tired of eating the nasty stale food they give us. Your husband's cooking smells so god damn good!😭"
Chris: "Nope, sorry dude. No can do man, his delicious food is only for me and my tummy😊"
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