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chaengoo28 · 30 minutes ago
you get taken by abyss mages
Tumblr media
kaeya x gn!reader, zhongli x gn!reader
; fluff, angst if you REALLY squint
; warnings: very ooc, possible grammar errors, otherwise none
; form: headcannons (requested)
; word count: 695
; published: 10.05.21
; author’s note: final request finally done! pls i had a goddamn stroke trying to write this and just blanked a lot. i am so sorry if it’s not as good as you wanted, but i hope you enjoy it nonetheless!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the moment he finds out that you’ve been taken by abyss mages he gets so focused to find you that he neglects his own health
as the cavalry captain of the knights of favonius, he ordered the knights under his command to find any leads towards finding you
he himself goes on “reconnaissance” missions to get information of your whereabouts
when he comes back to the hq to sort through his findings, jean noticed how much kaeya had neglected his own health and kinda forced him to take a break ???
everyone noticed how strange he was acting due to your abduction, albedo literally wanted to research this, but kaeya stopped him by saying that he’s just worried
understatement of the year right there
bitch is so whipped that he’s losing his goddamn marbles
the moment he finds out you’re being held in some ruins (kinda like the one from the new archon quest) he goes there alone
that’s usually a bad idea, but this is kaeya we’re talking about
when he arrives at the ruins he immediately attempts to search for you
as soon as he sees you tied up with chains, all bloodied up his blood runs cold
his mind was going a hundred miles an hour thinking of all the possible ways he will obliterate those abyss mages
despite that, his priority is obviously you, but some pesky mages got in the way and he had to get rid of them before he even got to you
you passed out from blood loss prior to kaeya’s arrival and awoke at the cathedral with barbara healing you
as soon as she noticed you’re awake she bolted out screaming, “i must tell kaeya you’re awake!”
moments later, kaeya had arrived at the room you were in with worry plastered all over his face
“dear,,,you’re awake” he spoke as soon as he saw you and just held you
he was so worried about your wellbeing that once again, he neglected his own health
“kaeya you have dark bags under your eyes” you slightly teased him and he actually laughed
pls he’s whipped
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
zhongli and you were supposed to meet up at jueyun karst to have a walk together, but you never showed up
he didn’t lie he was a tad bit worried as you normally never ditched him or anything like that
he assumed something was holding you up at work and you’d be just a bit late
several hours later you still weren’t there
that’s when he knew something was VERY off
he returned to liyue harbor and even asked hu tao if she had seen you, but she hadn’t
then when he returned to his office he found a note sitting on the desk
“if you want them back alive then come to xxx alone”
that’s when it clicked in his head
it’s an exchange between you and him, but something in the back of his head told him this could also be a trap
you could already be dead and he was just too late to save you
despite all that he still went to the location mentioned in the note and was genuinely shocked to see that it was the abyss mages and,,,an abyss herald?
he could see you tied up behind the mages and his eyes softened, glad that you we’re alright
he did quick work of the mages, but the herald managed to flee
zhongli immediately ran up to you and untied you
he wished he could have hugged you just a bit longer, but he had to get you out of there
when he returned to liyue harbor, he took you to bubu pharmacy so baizhu could check on your condition more thoroughly
baizhu noticed only small scratches and bruises so he only applied some ointment to the bruises so they would heal quicker and disinfected the scratches
after that he let you and zhongli return to your home
you and zhongli just cuddled at home and fell asleep on the couch together
both of you would be sore the next morning from sleeping on the couch, but who cares if you’re with someone you love?
Tumblr media
© chaengoo28; written by chaengoo28 - do not edit or repost
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mickdidthat · 42 minutes ago
F1blr fanfiction recs??
Besties!!! I am in dire need of some tantalising F1 fics. Whether here on Tumblr, Wattpad or AO3, I am just in the mood to read them all. 
I have faves like @stuckonspidey and @formulakay (both of which you should absolutely check out 👀) and I want to discover more! 
If you know of any great F1 fi writers or if you are one yourself, reply to this and let me know!
Hopefully this gets lots of responses and then I can make a recommendations masterlist for y’all 💘💕💞💝💓💗💖
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lifeofkaze · 53 minutes ago
Now that I finally got a real life face claim (instead of a gaming character 🙈) for my other MC Ava Campbell, I want to start on her and Charlie’s story so bad.
This is escalating.
Tumblr media
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poppiesandlavender · an hour ago
im living w/ my mom atm and that means i have to go to ch*rch (I don’t actually have a problem w/ the word itself, censoring to emphasize that I Hate It There) and just being there makes me so on edge and angry, I will occasionally (mentally) say the phrase “Dionysus PLEASE help me keep from attacking someone like a feral dog”
And then, once I’m in a better mental state, I laugh because I know quite well that Dionysus might, in fact, be the last person I want to ask if I want to avoid attacking someone like a feral dog
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dreadfulcalendarwoman · 2 hours ago
in the spirit of giles and jenny getting seduced by dracula's vampire brides, hee!: what are, let's say, your top five (or top however-many!) post-s2 shenanigans that happened in canon that you would've loved to see jenny around for? we as a society of course muse over what it would've been like to have jenny around in general, but it feels like a fun time to specifically imagine how jenny might have been part of all the NONSENSE.
so giles right after being fired from the council is so bitter and angry in canon, but i kinda think that had jenny been there, it would have been SO different tonally speaking! i have many many thoughts on giles’s arc and how it would’ve been altered by jenny’s presence, and one of them has always been that were jenny there, he would no longer feel the need to rigidly carry out his watcherly duties and drug buffy -- because he does not have to constrain himself to what Being A Watcher means when he is literally dating the poster child for saying “fuck you” to destiny and creating a hugely positive outcome for everybody involved. so he does NOT cooperate, he gets VERY fired, and while there is still a degree of bitterness and snark, it’s tempered by the fact that giles and jenny are trying to build a new way forward together.
literally every god damn day of my life i think about how much i want jenny’s take on the initiative. like that’s magic and tech and lots of questions about morality. she NEEDS TO BE THERE. she would initially REALLY get along with maggie walsh and this would drive a huge wedge between her and giles, right up until walsh insults giles and jenny’s like. yeah. no. she would steal lab tech from the initiative and take it back to the scooby gang and spend a whole bunch of time tinkering with it in the back. honestly i think the initiative might even hire her for like two seconds but she’d see what they’re doing with demons and start an actual screaming match with maggie walsh about morality and very nearly get herself locked up in one of the cells. (maybe spike breaks her out as an attempt to utilize a scooby bargaining chip. that would be HILARIOUS.)
on that note: if jenny was alive in season three, spike would have kidnapped her to do the love spell instead of willow (she’s an adult who he knows is capable of resouling angel. it just makes sense.). i made a post a while back about this but like....the potential of spike and jenny BOTH having relationship drama and being very upset at their exes, and then a panicked giles & co. busting down the door to find spike and jenny very wasted with spike crying on jenny’s shoulder about how they Always Leave (jenny is nodding emphatically and somewhat drunkenly).
season six! such a delicious angst fest. i kinda always thought that jenny would stay and giles would go to england and that would create this very new and interesting dynamic between jenny and buffy. like, buffy finds out that giles is gonna go and automatically assumes that Of Course jenny is leaving too, and then she finds out that ms. calendar has potentially tanked her long-term relationship for the sake of trying to provide adequate support to the kids. (jenny moves in and spends a lot of time trying to get buffy to go to therapy. they have a lot of fraught and very confusing arguments that eventually make it very clear that buffy is lowkey starting to see jenny as a mother figure & jenny has NO idea what to do about this. dawn meanwhile is starved for attention and has latched onto jenny like a barnacle. season six is a mess.)
i would be remiss to go this entire post without mentioning jenny and faith. could i not mention jenny and faith. i managed to infuse my jenny and faith agenda into the entire fandom subconscious and created the jenny and faith tag on archive of our own. i’m kinda up in the air about how much jenny would be able to change wrt faith’s heel-turn (and i think it would be really interesting if she DIDN’T change anything despite trying her hardest), but i do think that there would be a really special relationship there. they’re both kinda outsiders who have to deal with the fact that they’re only barely connected to the scoobies. i’ve been playing around with a season seven au where faith comes back after absolutely fucking jenny over at the mayor’s request and they have to figure out how to mend what was a genuinely loving connection. there’s so much to work with there!!!!!
honorable mention is just the entire vibe of giles and jenny as a long term on again off again fixture of the buffyverse. i want that so badly. can you IMAGINE the energy of like....season seven giles and jenny getting back together after the drama of season six and then having a stupid fight over the dishes and calling a scooby meeting to announce their Official Separation As A Couple. there is this dead silence. xander hands willow ten dollars. buffy very slowly buries her face in her hands and says “for the millionth time. nobody here wants to be called over to your house every time you two break up. do you remember that one week in my freshman year of college when we were here every day?” dawn, of course, is genuinely upset. (”oh, sweetie, it’s okay!” says tara. “it’s mr. giles and ms. calendar, remember? they’ll be back together by saturday.” this very visibly cheers dawn up.)
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daech-witless · 2 hours ago
hey does anyone know any editing programs (like for gifs and stuff) that aren’t super expensive? cause i was gonna get photoshop but it’s so much money shdushdhshhs
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catguin-the-kitty-cat · 3 hours ago
why do the whole coffee making process thing when you can just eat the instant coffee powder thingy ;)
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susieskinner93 · 4 hours ago
🤗 Do you know what Daisy Hawley does for a living? She travels a lot but I cannot understand what's her studies or job occupation...
oh anon I have no idea, I got your other ask as well about this but I never really looked into it. I bet there are people out there who can answer this for you. I’m not the one with such knowledge 
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grocerycores · 5 hours ago
i was tagged by @dilfstump thank u bestie <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tagging (no pressure <3) @syntheticanima1z @declan @boudicca @h-isforhome @exitwound @chironmybeloved @milflouisagenda @casthyelle @zolefsky
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shoyuiscrying · 5 hours ago
im about to write a genshin impact kimetsu no yaiba au while my genshin noragami au, idol au, fantasy au with a world system that i actually came up with, and whatever shit my brain could think of sit in my google docs being like 700 words.
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