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#pls dont be nervous i literally dont do anything
aceademic · 8 days ago
no it’s because i wanna me moots w you so bad you seem really cool but im really shy and 👉🏻🥺👈🏻
i’d love to be mutuals with you! just send me a message and honestly dont fret over it, i’m just happy to get it :)
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solarchuu · 5 days ago
hq boys giving you comfort in diff actions <3
(a/n: ok so idk what this is, idk how to write cute stuff but i hope its ok. i wrote this for my 🥮anon bc they weren’t feeling good the other day and i dont like that :( hope you like it baby)
warnings: some mentions of depression, anxiety, some suggestiveness <3
Tumblr media
best at comforting you hands down.
the second he finds out you’re having a bad day, this man is at your door with flowers, food, movies, anything he knows will cheer you up.
especially if you’re going through a depressive episode, i feel like he wouldn’t push you.
he’d encourage hygiene and help you wash your hair or face & make you brush your teeth or else he’d withhold kisses.
would 100% try to help you eat by telling you he brought [insert fav food idk] but if you really cant hold anything down, he’d settle with just having you eat an apple and drink some water for a bit.
he knows what its like to feel like everything’s on you, and he’d do anything to help you feel better bc he loves you <3
okokok comfort character alert hello,,,
this man is so understanding:(
he gets what its like to have feelings of doubt and what its like to be nervous about your future but he wants to help you get through it.
constantly reassures you that you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever met, telling you all the time how lucky he is to have you.
always makes sure you know hes just a dial away.
will literally run to your house if you ask him to come over even if you live more than 30min away just bc he loves spending time with you.
even though his love language is touch, he gives you space if you need it.
especially when you’re anxious, he makes sure you have enough room to breathe and evaluate what to do next.
he is an angel <3
horny mf😐
no im just kidding pls,,,
he loves you so much he doesn’t know how else to describe it but through physical affection.
loves to randomly play with your hair as a sign he’s always with you even when you’re working.
will 100% make sure you take LOTS of breaks, even if you’ve just worked for 5min.
he says he’s watching out for you but the constant kisses and making out sessions are getting longer and longer.
all in all tho, he’d do anything for you.
if you were serious about working and didn’t want him around, he’d even leave the country if you asked.
+ a little relaxing playlist for you <3
i say a little prayer (arethra franklin)
novacane (frank ocean)
i wanna be yours (arctic monkeys)
loveless (said the whale)
be my baby (the ronettes)
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yyxgin · a month ago
baBIEEE! do not worry i am looking after myself.
do you know how much i hate watching dramas that are 1hr30 each? it’s so hard to find dramas that ARENT that long. i started hospital playlist but i just kept zoning out all the time so i had to drop it bc i didn’t know what was happening. (i want to pick it up again since there’s a second season and i watched it purely bc of jung kyungho as i’d just watched prison playbook) it’s a shame bc it was such a good drama and it had high reviews and all of that jazz. i don’t mind the longer ones if im watching them as they air. like vincenzo i LOVED (my favourite studio by far: studio dragon) but i had to put on hold bc of exams and now i’m dreading watching it bc i’m like 6 episodes behind and that’s so? long? rip. anyway.
i struggled finding good dramas or like deciding which ones to watch bc netflix can give me a review all they want but i want another persons opinion. i joined (i think?? p are you can google and it’ll be the top result) and it’s literally the best. i get all my movie recs from there before i watch on drama cool 😄👍 since netflix is absolute shite for any movies imo. esp chinese movies like im finding a love for.
for cooking i suggest you try anything you need to steam. honestly. you can cook the meat however you like and the dough is mostly you leaving it to rise. one that was shockingly easy for me was uh hirata buns? they’re the dumpling version of tacos. you don’t have to have a steamer (i bought a bamboo one for like? $10 from china and it arrived in ten days i almost refused the postman bc i was like bro u sure that’s for me that’s so quick) you can use any bowl that you can suspend over a pan/wok filled w boiling water that has a lid to steam.
WHO DO I HYPER FIXATE ON IN DREAM??? like renjun’s hair and then mork’s pink jacket but jisung’s voice 📉📉 and jeno’s rasp??? oh god JAEMIN!! HAECHAN’s FRAT BOY COMPOSURE?? or chenle’s vocals?? goodness me. i don’t even stan dream! this feels like me seeing that bts pic earlier all over again... oh im done for.......... T-T
i hope your job interview goes splendidly!! (recently got one myself lmao i handed paperwork back yesterday i’m so jittery i just wanna work again)
I KNOW ITS HARD i geniunelly look for short dramas/web dramas just for the sole reason of hating long episodes. my friend is currently watching vincenzo and she is in love with it !! i actually wanted to try but after hearing how many eps and how long they are,,i changed my mind😔YOURE RIGHT netflix is so shit with reviews,,like i started watching love alarm and lost a few braincells after the first ep and i never continued djsjsj
oooh thanks for the tip i might try it one day😎
DREAM IS MY NEW FIXATION PLS I AM THIS 🤏🤏🤏 CLOSE TO ULTING THEM (MY STAY FOLLOWERS LOOK AWAY I AM EMBARRASSED) like ???? I ult renjun and he is shINING in this comeback so its a real struggle for me. If they ever decide to cut his hair i will cry my eyes out and hold a funeral. For real. MARK LOOKS SO GOOD IN ALL THE MVS UGH also chenle's vocals ??? like i knew they're good obv,,,but i was shook👁👄👁 JISUNG AND JENO'S VOICES !!!! AAÁAAAAAAH. jaemin's always giving me trouble with how i cant stay in my lane and haechan.... i- i am a strictly sfw blog so i am keeping it down but his composure is so hot and for what ?? so i can suffer ?????? (and i still dare to say i dont bias him)
thank you !! i am really nervous so lets hope it goes well,,it's only a part-time job but still😔 adulting is hard man i dont like it. also yay !! i'm glad you got the job❤
also sorry for replying late but i went to sleep yesterday😩
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starglow-xx · a month ago
when he thinks you’ve forgotten his birthday
nakajima atsushi x gn! reader
fandom: bungou stray dogs
content: fluff, comfort, angst (only for a bit!)
type of work: headcanons + drabble
synopsis: given the conditions he grew up in, he was on cloud 9 finding someone who genuinely cared about him and his happiness, but what happens when it seems that you’ve forgotten his special day?
a/n : happy birthday angel! it’s finally your birthday in my timezone! i love you so much, you deserve everything and more 🥺💗
Tumblr media
this boy istg 🤧🤧 he’s the most precious person on the planet
you make him so happy and he never fails to make sure you know that
ASKCLCFH he’s so cute🥺
hugs from behind, kisses on the cheek, your hand, loving whispers, lots and lots of hand holding, cuddling, all the typical lovey dovey works for you!
pls note that this was pretty much when he got used to being in a relationship bc lemme tell you in the beginning, he was a nervous wreck
it used to be you doing all the initiation of pda, or private affection, so when he started doing it, it was a pleasant surprise <33
but that’s a story for a different time hehe
when it was your birthday, he went all out !!
as much as his wallet would let him
but it’s okay bc dazai-san has his back!
which actually means kunikida-san has his back
er kunikida-san’s wallet would be a more accurate statement
now don’t get me wrong, he complained and at first outright refused but yk dazai most definitely guilt tripped into doing it
if anyone asks, he did it bc dazai robbed him and most definitely not bc he wanted you to enjoy your birthday nope not at all
atsushi could’ve died right then and there seeing the way your face lit up and broke into a smile that literally took his breath away when you walked into the ada later that evening
although he did panic when small tears started making their way out of your eyes
the party was a blast !!
it was very similar to the one the agency threw for kyouka except yk, it was for your birthday
although everything went smoothly lemme just say that while this whole birthday mission was being planned out and set up, atsushi was distressed
poor baby panicked abt everything and probably would’ve had an aneurysm if it wasn’t for kyouka’s and yosano’s threats with their respective blades to calm the fuck down bc it’s okay, we’ve got your back
the night ended with cuddles and soft, light kisses in bed
it was a very good day overall
you and atsushi had a very healthy and happy relationship with neither of you forgetting a special day or date
so he was slightly disappointed when he woke up on his birthday only to find you gone and left with a note saying that you had to go to work early today and won’t be back until later in the evening
it didn’t help that he didn’t get any messages from any of his coworkers/friends either
it it certainly made things worse that the ada was mostly empty when he had arrived
apparently everyone was basically busy on may the 5th every year
who’s he to complain??
was a very hurt boy when he didn’t get an answer to his text message that he sent you before he left the house
atsushi wasnt one to intentionally draw attention to himself so decided to wallow in self pity and hurt
he knows that he shouldn’t bc dazai already gave him a small lecture when it came to self pity but he really couldn’t just help it
was he that easy to forget abt? he didn’t think so after meeting you, but now?
he isn’t quite so sure
the hurtful words from the orphanage started worming their way back into his head
but every time they did, atsushi would lightly slap his cheeks and snap out the trance he was in and remind himself that yes, you and the agency did love him and want him around
but it doesn’t make the feeling of being forgotten any less heavy
it was nearing lunch time and the newly turned 19 year old was doing some of dazai’s work when he got a text message from kyouka
she told him that she was in the park and something happened so he should probably come over
he practically bolted out of his chair and started sprinting to the park bc fuck its on the other side of town
little does he know abt the panic he was abt to cause
when he got closer to the park, he was mentally preparing for whatever could’ve happened
he didn’t get much detail from kyouka but he really hoped that you weren’t there
if you were, he hoped you weren’t hurt or in any danger
he sped up at that thought
atsushi knew he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if you or anyone else got hurt bc he wasn’t fast enough
but he certainly wasn’t expecting to see you running around the members of the armed detective agency around a small set up in the middle of two trees
a very lost and confused boy someone please enlighten him
Tumblr media
Atsushi wasn’t sure if he should interrupt.
He’d like too, so he can figure out just what the heck was going on, but he was too dumbfounded to do so.
Atsushi watched his significant other run around one of the set up food tables fumbling with decorations in their arms. But it wasn’t only them, everyone else was practically doing the same thing.
Save Ranpo of course.
Well actually, the only one who really seemed to be in a rush was (y/n) and Kunikida. Everyone else was doing their own little tasks but at a more leisurely pace.
Kyouka, not even looking at you, calmly spoke, “Ranpo-san asked me to. He said we were taking too long and he was hungry.”
You looked at the brown clad detective who was currently sitting on top of a table drinking a bottle of Ramune.
“Ranpo-san,” you half sobbed, half wailed, “We’re never going to finish in time! He’s going to be here soon and nearly nothing is ready! Atsushi went all out for my birthday, what we have now completely pales in comparison.”
His birthday? You remembered his birthday?
Atsushi watched as you breathed out another sob (but you weren’t actually crying) as you watched the mess that was Kunikida and Dazai.
“And then there’s these two” you wailed. But then you stopped as you gasped and started frantically looking in various bags.
“Where’s the cake?! And the chazuke?! Where are they?! And ohmygod where are the party poppers?! Where are they?!”
Everyone was indifferent to your panic as Atsushi watched you rummage through the bags completely ignoring the bountiful amount of food on the tables.
Junichiro, who was standing on a ladder tying streamers on the nearby tree, looked away from his task telling you calmly, “Ah (y/n), the poppers are in the green bag, and the cake and chazuke are on the table.”
Quickly reaching for said green bag, you pulled out the box of poppers in triumph making Atsushi smile. You ran around the set up once again thrusting the harmless explosive into each person’s hand, even nearly making Tanizaki fall off the ladder.
Yosano only raised an eyebrow at your panicking and watched as you lifted the lid off one pot of chazuke, yelp because it was hot, put it aside, and lift up the pot (with mittens this time) to probably place it somewhere more visible. It was well known in the agency that chazuke is his favorite food.
Atsushi’s heart swelled as he noticed several pots of his favorite dish.
Within a few seconds, you were behind the middle table muttering if you should make the centerpiece the pot of chazuke instead of the cake. Yosano made her way over to you before you moved another step. She couldn’t help but think back to when it was your birthday. Your boyfriend was just bad of a mess as you were right now. A match made in heaven she’d say.
“(y/n),” she called out soothingly, “you don’t have to be so panicked.” The doctor placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. “I’m positive that whatever happens, whenever he’s going to get here, Atsushi is going to like this. Just trust me on this one.”
Dazai, who somehow escaped Kunikida, also walked up to you with a suspicious grin on his face.
“I wouldn’t worry (y/n)!”
In the distance you saw Kunikida, who was for whatever reason wearing a ridiculously bright colored party hat on his head (probably Dazai’s doing) coming close as well.
“Besides! Atsushi-kun is already here! See! He’s right there!” Dazai pointed out way too happily.
You, along with everyone else (save two certain detectives) looked in shock at the gray haired male (who was now slightly flushed with all the attention now on him) who had apparently been standing there for who knows how long.
It truly was a sight to behold to Atsushi. He wished he had camera to take a picture of how ridiculous the scene in front of him was.
Tanizaki was still up in a ladder, Kunikida was still wearing that stupid hat, and was just about to tie some streamers and ribbons around his partner’s neck, Dazai was still looking way to happy to be considered innocent, Yosano was still holding onto your shoulder, Fukuzawa was in the middle of blowing a balloon, Naomi was in the middle of tying colorful ribbons around the other tree, Haruno was on her knees rummaging through a bag with Kyouka and Kenji right beside her, and Ranpo was lazily drinking yet another Ramune on top of a table.
And then there was you.
Your mouth was gaping and you were opening and closing your mouth as if you were a fish. Your face was flushed in embarrassment maybe..? Yeah, probably embarrassment. You were still holding that pot of chazuke in your mitten clad hands, and Atsushi couldn’t help find the sight adorable.
“A-Atsushi!,” You stuttered, “W-When did you get here?!”
“He was here since you started to panic. Which was about ten minutes ago,” Ranpo nonchalantly mentioned.
Your face began to heat up even more as you turned your head the older man.
“Ranpo-san!” You whined, “Why didn’t you say anything?!”
The man in question only shrugged with indifference.
“Well you know he’s here now right?”
Suddenly, with a childish grin, Ranpo pulled the string on his popper making streamers and confetti explode into the air surprising all of you.
“Happy birthday Atsushi-kun!”
Everyone was still for a moment before sharing a knowing smile.
You carefully placed the pot on the table and put the lid back on and removed your mittens before grabbing your popper like everyone else.
“1, 2!”
Within a few seconds, more confetti and streamers shot through the air, a fun and happy vibe instantly overtaking the little park set up.
“Happy birthday Atsushi!”
With tears starting to spill out of his eyes, Atsushi could only rub them away before shooting everyone a grateful smile.
“I-I thought you all forgot, or t-that you didn’t know. I’m so grateful! Thank you, thank you for everything.”
You and some others shot each other a surprised look at Atsushi’s small speech.
You walked towards him and when you finally reached him, you took his hands in yours and intertwined them.
“Atsushi,” you began gently, “We would never forget your birthday, we would never forget you. You’re so important to all of us.”
Atsushi looked into your eyes and saw the genuineness, warmth, and love in them only to look back and see the similar look in everyone else’s faces.
Tears threatened to spill out of his eyes once again, but he managed to hold them back. He truly was so grateful for everything.
He smiled at you and you shot back with a cheeky grin.
“Now that we got that out of the way, let’s party!”
And with that, everyone began to celebrate the birthday of one of their newest members.
In fact, all of you celebrated for the rest of the afternoon, with the celebration going on until night fall.
The agency was kind enough to let you and Atsushi go ahead leaving the them to clean up.
Currently, you and Atsushi were in your pajamas inside your shared apartment cuddling on the bed.
Despite it only being around seven in the evening, the two of you were exhausted with all the events that had happened within the past twelve hours.
Although, to be fair, most of it was a blur. But despite that, the day was unforgettable and Atsushi shared that sentiment.
He had a blast.
It was nice to just relax and have fun with his loved ones without having worries in the back of their mind. It was something that didn’t happen very often, so everyone made sure to take advantage of the chance.
Yokohoma was oddly quiet today, with no Port Mafia activity, nothing; there wasn’t even a petty crime reported! Atsushi can’t help but wonder if it had something to do with what you, Dazai, and the president were whispering about when they thought he wasn’t paying attention.
Not that he cared.
It was nice not having to avoid Rashomon every other day.
“Hey,” you whispered.
He looked down at you and brushed some of your hair of your face as he hummed in acknowledgment.
“I’m sorry that you thought we forgot about you.” you squeezed one of his hands as you spoke, “It was my fault; I wanted to surprise you. It wasn’t my intention to hurt you.”
Chuckling at the guilty look on your face, he pecked your forehead tenderly before breaking out into a wide grin.
“You don’t have to worry about it (y/n),” he whispered lovingly, “I know that you weren’t trying to hurt me. If anything, I’m thankful for everything! Especially you.”
Atsushi’s grin only grew wider (and cheekier..?!) at the blush that overtook your face.
When did he get so sly?
You slapped his arm lightly making him laugh.
God, that was the sound of an angel.
“When did you get so upfront huh? What happened to my shy, stuttering mess of a boyfriend?”
Atsushi spluttered at your words making you laugh this time. He grumbled at the sound of your fading giggles and you pecked him on the lips making his face change at an instant. 
That stupid, goofy grin was back and you found yourself lost in his heterochromic eyes.
You snuggled closer to him and in turn Atsushi tightened his grip on you and pulled you even closer till you were pressed flushed against his chest with legs intertwined.
“Hey Atsushi?” you whispered softly.
He whispered just as softly, “Yeah?”
“Happy birthday...I love you”
“I love you too. Thank you for everything.”
Tumblr media
as always, reblogs and shares are appreciated! i hope you all stay safe! and just in case nobody told you they loved you today, i love you! you are enough! <3
writing belongs to me! please do not plagiarize! the reblog button is there for a reason
Tumblr media
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iwaizumri · a month ago
enemies to lovers with atsumu.
⤷ miya atsumu x f!reader
Tumblr media
tw. vulgarities, sexual tension (?) not rlly but yeah, lazy writing lol, everything is consensual here!
genre. lil angst, fluff, enemies to lovers!au, pre-timeskip!atsumu, cringe lol but like i had fun writing this
a/n. pls i didnt mean for this to be so long wtf
Tumblr media
— ok first of all i LIVE for enemies to lovers aus so dont mind me making this at 3am
— idk man atsumu is literally the perfect fit for aus like that
— so like the two of you have been rivals for so long, too long like even osamu is getting sick of the constant fights and glares
— basically you're kita's sister and you're like the cute and sweet girl everyone knows about and everyone really likes you cause you're always so nice
— until fucking miya atsumu appears and you're just scowling at him cause hes so annoying (to you)
— "shut up assface"
— "make me"
— "fuck off"
— "make me"
— "i hate you"
— he loves it; the attention you give him, he loves it
— he would do anything and i mean ANYTHING just for you to ask him to fuck off because you just
— sound too cute but you didn't hear that from him
— i'm pretty sure he knows he likes you and that he's not arguing with you or wtv cause he hates you
— osamu knows his twin likes you and cause hes sick of tolerating you and atsumu's constant bickers hes just waiting for you to realise that you like him too
— but you haven't and he's dying slowly
— you are so fucking oblivious to everything atsumu does
— like when you were stressing over a math problem and atsumu practically leans over you and teaches you w/o you asking him
— you obviously were like "sus" but cause you were stressed you let him
— his heart fucking races when you smile sweetly and thank him for the FIRST FUCKING TIME LIKE??? OMG???
— he blushes so bad he fucking leaves without replying you and you're like what a rude mf
— another time was when you were over at their volleyball practice and like you made snacks for them cause kita was there lol obviously bruh
— then you saw suna and you were fangirling like "OMG ITS SUNABSKSBSKS WTF OSAMU BE MY WINGMAN I'LL MAKE MORE ONIGIRIS FOR YOU"
— osamu says no cause he knows how to make his own and youre all pouty and sad
— but there was no need to be because suna! talks! to! you! first! and you werent pouty and sad anymore, you're like all blushy and giggly
— it pisses 'tsumu off
— osamu can tell that hes jealous but he doesnt care so he laughs
— which angers atsumu even further and he stomps off
— everyone flinches at the loud slam of the door
— you unconsciously look around for atsumu but hes not there so you assume he went to the bathroom and continue chatting with suna abt jelly fruit sticks
— turns out he liked them as well and you were glad cause every time u ate them atsumu wld find ways to taunt you and say it was disgusting
— you complained abt atsumu to suna and he fucking says "why, i think you're cute together"
— and you just "..." at him
— youre like frozen and like for a moment u think "same" then you're like "NO WHAT THE FUCK THATS GROSS"
— you're just thinking like "ew gross no i did not just say same i dont even like him lmao"
— so yeah
— another funny occasion was when you and the miya twins were studying at library ( you didnt want to cause 'tsumu was there but for osaumu u agreed )
— so like ure sitting opposite atsumu and you're scribbling notes and whatever and you FEEL the stare
— y'know those intense stares that only happen in shows?? the ones like "im crushing on this person and she/he's so pretty" yeah that
— you feel it and you wish it was someone like suna but when you look up
— you make instant eye contact atsumu and his practically pop out of its sockets when you do
— hes like "shit i got caught that was so obvious wtf"
— osamu is sleeping.
— when atsumu leasts expects it
— you
— blush
— you fucking BLUSH
— then he blushes and like if osamu was awake he'd be like ??? what the fuck just admit u like each other bruh
— youre wondering why he's staring like that and even more, why are you nERVOUS?!
— so you like panic and look away and fucking stand up so quick, the chair behind you screeches loudly and resonates around the library and everyone stares at u
— but you don't care cause holy shit why was the room getting so warm
— before atsumu can even ask you anything, you are dashing out of the room
— he clearly chases after you
— osamu stays asleep.
— because hes an athlete, no shit atsumu catches up to you and youre like red and breathless and trying to not look at him
— "why are ya avoiding me"
— "im not"
— "ya literally ran—"
— "im just gonna get a drink, 'm really thirsty so let go of me"
— then you dash off, and never spare him a glance at all
— it makes him so sad omg poor bby just confess alrdy
— it pains him so much he goes back to osamu and whines abt it
— osamu is sick and tired once again
— so you have no idea how happy it makes him when the tension between u and his twin snaps
— basically
— you and atsumu were having an argument in class cause he was being annoying and getting on your nerves with every chance he got
— so now youre both just yelling at each other in an empty classroom, both on thin ice and its like so heated
— "at least i don't FLIRT with suna every time i see him!"
— ???
— did he just
— you get angrier and you just spit out whatever
— "i do NOT flirt what the fuck! ugh maybe if you'd just fucking shut up when youre supposed to, then we wouldnt fight all the damn time!"
— atsumu fucking snaps the moment you blame him for all your constant bickers and fights
— "then maybe if you'd just realise that i fucking like ya, then we wouldn't fight all the damn time!"
— you're like ...
— he realises what he just said and his anger diminishes and he goes pure red
— like his ears and his neck and cheeks
— red.
— so youre both like silent
— until you say something really bad and you dont know why you said it but you did
— "don't play with my feelings, asshole"
— atsumu gets angry again cause why tf wld u say that
— hes SO hurt that you doubt his feelings
— like so so so hurt
— so the next thing you know his lips are on yours
— he basically crushes you, like he just slams into you and the impact causes you to gasp and your back slams into the wall
— bro it hurts
— n e ways
— you try to push him away because like ??? why is atsumu kissing me?? like??? we were literally just arguing a second ago
— but obviously hes wayyyyyy stronger and you fail so
— you kiss him back after awhile
— ngl it was kinda hot that he was so rough at the beginning cause he was angry with you like you can feel your teeth clashing you know cause its like deep-deep
— but when you kissed back he kinda just melted and softened so he was like just kissing you slowly
— tHEN HE ??? SMILES ??? INTO THE ??? KISS ???
— oh my god butterflies explode in your stomach
— the both of you just stand there and kiss for a long long loooooong time
— then finally (sadly) yall pull away and hes leaning on your forehead with a smug smile and instead of feeling like you wanna punch him, your heart is thundering and your face is warm
— "lets argue more"
— "what"
— "so i can kiss you like that"
— and yeah thats basically it
Tumblr media
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meltedhoneythighs · a month ago
Hello I hear you are the mean part of the critickle role writers. Can I have your m9 headcannons pls? 😳
omg can i just say its an honor to officially be considered one of the critickle role writers, let alone the mean part... thank u anon (also thanks @eldritchtickles for discussing them w me)
headcanons under the break cuz they got pretty fuckin long hehe (some are nsfw)
ticklish on his ribs, his stomach (THATS CANON FOLKS), basically his entire upper torso, especially his pecs, this man’s got ticklish tits yall you heard it here first. that slapping murdered him. dont even touch his nips he will scream
he's got this really deep n gruff, but really sweet laugh, starts out kinda huffy as he tries to hold it back, but it doesnt take too long for him to dissolve into breathless laughter
Avantika figured this out almost immediately and has taken advantage, possibly with Uk’otoa’s help??? 😳 (writin about this later hehe) see this beautiful piece of artwork
mans got amazing charisma, as u can imagine this comes in handy when he decides to tease. expert at having people squirming before he's even laid hands on them. has absolutely tickled most of the m9 into submission at least once (particularly caleb/molly/jester)
 part of the deathly ticklish wizard club. probably ticklish nearly everywhere, tbh, since he's so soft and squishy, but touch his ribs or armpits and he will regret being born. his laugh is like real high pitched and panicky and squeaky
dont even say the T word around him. dont even say it. he wont b able to look at you in the face
naturally everyone else takes advantage of this. now everyone knows how to beg for mercy in zemnian. except for essek, who is unbearably curious but far too polite/nervous to try anything
on the other side, tho, he's merciless. has mapped out his friends weak spots and attack when least expected. will cheat and use magic to win tickle fights (beau hates when he does this, but shes usually laughing too hard to do anythin abt it anyways)
astrid and edowulf used to tickle him to tears when he got too cocky in their younger years. they prob still could tbh. caleb is wary of this 
lucien finds out. ohh nooo, ohhh nooooo (fic still in the works)
i think itd be cute if the empire kids were ticklish in the same areas. ribs and armpits are killer. thats if you can get anywhere close enough to get her tho. her laugh is kinda wheezy and she goes silent real quickly
except if ur yasha.. or jester.. okay maybe veth too. fjord and caleb and caduceus can get away with it sometimes. molly can go suck a dick
if shes doing the tickling?? rip bro thats a monk, ur not getting away. she will destroy you
still too embarrassed to ask Dairon to help her train against tickling, but strongly considering it
okay okay imagine this; big strong barbarian with the sweetest ticklish toes, wouldnt that be so cute?? dont look at me
and her back!! especially her wingbones, the most gentle and quietest of giggles 
she can be teasy, but in a sweet way. always tickles super gently bcuz shes rlly nervous abt hurting ppl, which somehow makes the tickles worse
usually just helps to hold other ppl down in group tickle fights. always has a good time hearing her friends laugh
ticklish on the back of her neck, her ribs, up along the sides of her breasts. her laughter is loud and screechy. she hates it but yeza loves it.
actually kinda likes getting into tk fights?? mostly because as a hot momma she is MERCILESS, especially with fjord and molly when they tease her. loves puttin those dumbasses in their place, and boy is she good at it
speaking of molly, molly and veth?? dangerous to start shit around them, they will fuck you up and laugh at u while doin it
caleb and her will gently tease each other bcuz.. tenderness ;___; 
love of my life Jester Lavorre, ticklish absolutely everywhere on her body cuz she is soft and round and curvy and god i love women. killer spots are her thighs an hips OF COURSE. her laughs all giggly and squeaky and she neverrr stops talking abt how much it tickles
gentle strokes and touches drive her up the wall, so does verbal teasing. (nsfw) more often than not ends up all squirmy an giggly and sopping wet in someones lap. the other persons always like 😳😳 impossible not to appreciate sexy tiefling (have u read my favorite fic in the world by nonsense??? go read it rn)
(still writing my avantika/jester fic where avantika destroys this sweet lil tiefling)
oooh but she can be meeean too. delights in having her friends laughing under her, she’ll laugh along with em. isnt tickling so much fun fjord?? caleb?? you guys look like you’re having soo much fun!! >:3c
probably also ticklish everywhere, but especially his back and underarms. prob also ribs, really. maybe also his stomach. okay just his whole entire upper torso why not. he snickers and snorts and cackles really loudly if u get him good enough
will goad u into tickling him until hes literally like crying on the ground. then 10 minutes later he’ll wanna do it all over again. tiefling knismo agenda
has wicked fingers and an even more wicked tongue. will seek out all ur weakest places and coo abt how adorable u are like this, shit eating smug grin on his face the entire time. 
fuzzy cow man i love. ticklish on his tummy, his palms, HIS EARS, they flick if u blow in them and he snorts. otherwise has a rumbly booming laugh 
local exasperated firbolg must tickle the crap out of friends to get any goddamn peace around here. reeeally good at it too, being a sibling an all
the gentlest of teasing and tickling, but that makes it soo much worse. very patient, will keep at it until he’s satisfied he’s made his point
but omg when they visit the grove and suddenly hes surrounded by siblings who know all his weak spots?? m9 watch in amazement as he’s just taken down immediately. rip cad 
im throwing him into this salad too cuz why not hes basically a member by now
poor drow also part of the deathly ticklish wizards club. ticklish fuckin everywhere. his ears? ticklish. his ankles? ticklish. feet?? dont even talk abt them. completely unused to tickle fights and therefore will always lose pathetically. he screeches flails and just becomes this useless puddle of laughter in .5 seconds. its really cute tho
not really used to tickling others?? still hasn’t really tried, but he’s doing his research (essek poor babe books will not help you with this)
can you imagine if lucien finds this out too, neither wizards are safe. vfdrty should i add this to my list of WIPS... stay tuned
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hunterxfics · a month ago
Hellooooooo , I reallly love your blog❤
How are you and Kurapika?😊
I wanted to ask for some advice from you because I admire how you as a guy can confidently love(romantically) Kurapika online.So basically Im a gay male and Im afraid to tell the guy I like that I have a crush on him , he doesn't know Im gay but hes really caring and understanding and hes a really good friend.Im scared that he would hate me or me being gay will ruin my friendship with em because I dont want to ever lose him.It makes me scared and I been friends with him for yearsssss so hes my absolute bestie❤❤
I know anything can happen in this situation and I just need some advice on how I should just calm down and not make my confession sound extremely emotional or awkward to scare him.Your love for Kurapika makes me feel a bit confident so I wanted to ask the creator themself because it makes me happy that some people including you can be so open and optimistic about your love for a male character and its just so amazing and wonderful that your confident to the point of being so open.its okay if this makes you uncomfortable and you ignore this but if you decide not to thank you so much even if your not able to help much.❤
We’re doing good!! Today has been tiring and productive for us! I did not wanna get out of bed this morning loll so we stayed cuddled up until we literally had to get up (but later I was able to snatch a nap with him🥺)!!! Later tonight, after we finish all our work, we will probs just cook and relax and try getting to bed earlier. Cuddling with him is always the best part of the dayyyy🥺🥺
Omg sure thing!!! AWWW THANK YOU🥺 Hearing that actually makes me really happy!!! Ahhh that does sound very stressful. Honestly coming out is never easy, especially to those you love most like idk it adds extra stress. Hmm tbh I think you should go about this slowly. Don’t immediately confess your feelings, only because you don’t wanna risk yourself being in danger/losing the friend. Honestly I don’t think your friend (he sounds really sweet and he must be an amazing guy for you to fall for him) is gonna be homophobic or anything, but as you know it’s always better to just be careful. Hmm I have a couple ideas in mind on things I think may help. Maybe start by bringing up the topic causally. This is gonna sounds stupid lol but maybe ask him things like what he feels about Love Simon or bring up a gay celebrity like Tan France and get a feel for the reaction. But if that feels really awkward, then just straight up come out to him (minus sharing the feelings part, that needs to come a tad later). He’s your best friend so he’d be willing to have a deep and important convo if you asked I'm sure!! Take your time with it and be honest. Even if it’s scary, I think being honest with him about being gay will help you gain confidence alongside trying to figure out his feelings for you. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it can be messy and you can cry and ramble and be nervous. Or it could be as simple as you just saying “I’m gay.” Again, he sounds very nice and it sounds like you really trust him so I think (when you personally feel ready and up to it) that coming out is good. You need to do what feels most natural in the situation and in yalls friendship. Then following that, that’s when I think you should make the decision on confessing your feelings. As much as I hate it, romantic feelings can mess up a friendship even if it’s only temporary. That’s why I think you should come out before, that way you can see where he stands and if he’s gay or bi or pan himself and stuff. Also I think it’s better to not drop a lot of deep and heavy and emotional info at once on someone, ya know? Bc he def cares a lot about you, and I know he will be nervous to not hurt you and stuff. As hard as it all is, it’s just something you gotta take a deep breathe and do. Not all at once, maybe over the course of this month or so. If you need help coming up with ways to come out or just need help collecting your thoughts, feel free to reach out. I have a gut feeling it will go good and he will support you and you will not lose his friendship🥺!!!! 
AWWW PLS🥺🥺 I’m so happy mine and Pika’s relationship does!!! It’s taken me a while to get here. On top of gender, I’ve had tons of sexuality struggles and just homophobic encounters and ah it’s all a lot. But I’ve come to learn to love and accept myself, just as I know you will be able to as well!!! I just love Kurapika so much🥺 and I know he loves me just as much and it’s just so nice we get to be two guys in love and gay love is just so beautiful we all deserve to be happy and be able to be open about the man we love!!! Nothing you said made me uncomfortable, in fact it made me really happy!! I often can feel alone at times so anytime a gay man reaches out on my blog it makes me happy. I’m just happy to know more gay guys follow me and enjoy my content and see me and it’s only straight people interacting with my ship. 
I hope I was able to help!!! If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out!! You got this!! I believe in you and wish the best for you!!! Pls keep me updated!!!!🥺 
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littlx-songbxrd · 2 months ago
I hope you enjoy the chapter of 'The one with all the communication'! Cause it was originally gonna go in a different direction until I read your post about how Matthew would realistically behave and I realised I would have to change it 😅
Please let me know your thoughts!!
(Can you tell that I am REALLY nervous about this chapter? 😥)
First of all if my rant had ANYTHING TO DO with magnificent writting then I've completed my purpose in life I can die in peace. DID I LIKE IT? I LOVED IT (in the worse way possible) IT HURT TO SEE BUT THAT, THATS WHAT I THINK HIS REACTION WILL BE LIKE YOURE A GENIUS
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j4yl0ml · 2 months ago
how shinee brought two nerds together
i make this bc i love mr. nishimura
Tumblr media
niki x reader
enemies to lovers
.so here’s some backstory
.when you were like eleven you really liked shinee
.so it was like idk keys birthday and your eleven year old brain was like
.so guess what you did
.begged your mom to take you and your friend
.so there you were in the back of your parents car waiting to get the freebie photocard you’ve wanted for so long
.you arrive at the place order your bubble tea
.you and your friend find a table to sit at while you wait
.they call out your order first but when you get up there theres some stupid boy about to take your drink and photocard
.so basically this is how it goes
.”hey thats mine”
.”no its mine”
.turns out you ordered the same drink 
.before you can look back at him hes gone with the drink and the photocard
.when they call the other order (bc you ordered the same thing idk if that makes sense
.you go and get the drink but turns out they ran out of the photocards
.oh god you were devastated
.which leads you to today now five years later
.you and nishimura riki fighting over something stupid yet again
.your fighting over a math problem 
.what is wrong with you two 
.the teacher is so used to this she doesnt even say anything
.so while you two go on and on everyone just stares bc its there only source of entertainment in class
.thats until jay has has enough of you guys
.so he does the only thing he knows for sure will shut you guys up
.this is not the first time jay has done this sadly
.but everytime after you guys just grumble in your chairs while blushing
.class finally ends so you can get away from him 
.but before you could leave he calls your name 
.”hey y/n can we talk after school”
.”uh yea i guess just dont take to long”
.you walk outta the class confused 
.bc like since when do you get butterflies bc of riki
.you went on with your day as planned
.but you couldnt stop thinking about his little smile
.okay bonk end of the day
.you meet him where you said you would 
.then he asks “are you busy for the next hour or so” while blushing 
.”no but why would you care”
.turns out he asks you to go to the same cafe the first cupsleeve was held at
.you were shocked to say the least but actually said yes bc you didnt have the heart to tell him no as he looked so nervous asking you
.the walk there wasnt actually that bad
.you guys talked about your favorite songs and he told you about the time he danced with shinee
.once you got to the cafe he says he’ll order and asks you to find a place to sit
.you sit there feeling at peace bc this has been one of the best days of your life so far
.he on the other hand was freaking out bc he decided he was gonna try and confess
.(he actually planned it last week but you got mad at him for something stupid yet again)
.he got the drink you two got when you were eleven 
.he sits down and grabs something out of his pocket 
.he looks a little nervous so your like 
.”riki whats wrong are you okay”
.”uh yea i gotta tell you pls dont run away”
.”why would i ru-”
.your like wtf did he just say 
.but he also handed you the photocard you wanted so bad all that time ago
.your like omg he said hes in love with me AND I GET THE PHOTOCARD
.ofc you accept his confession bc how could you not
.that’s how shinee can bring to idiots together
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thesolotomyhan · 2 months ago
joining the dea and javier peña falling for you would include
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: first javier request and my soft clown ass did her best to bring this request justice for you corazoncitos,, wow anyways pls love me either way if this is actual garbage
taglist: @fandomnerd16 @visintaes @sheeshgivemeabreak @artemiseamoon @umvirgo @redhairedace
let me know if you want to be tagged!
ok so when i thought about this- my mind went straight to a slow b u r n relationship :))
because all i can think about is him not even realizing the moment where you- the very person hes been trying to avoid since day one- holds his entire heart in your hands
like him coming to the point where he notices hes so deep in love with you the very second he stared at you a little longer than usual,,
 not paying attention to what you said even though he was staring straight at your lips- 
and hes just over here like “fuck me,, this cant be happening-”
i laugh because i know he would start to get all nervous around you,, 
his tie feeling like its choking him when he tries to talk to you, becoming tongue tied,, when he had literally zero problems before talking with you- 
his palms sweating and getting so frustrated with himself,, especially when he looks over at you when you laugh at something steve or horacio said to you-
just wanting you to be laughing at something he said instead-
just the literal exact opposite feelings hes been trying to push away and convince himself he doesnt have has him beyond done with himself at this point because he knows theres no way out of this-
because?? since when the fuck ever did the javier pena start getting nervous around trying to talk to a woman and much less the person that hes supposed to be working with,, thats what pisses him off- 
and i would imagine him having this closed off connection with you since the first step you took in the office
because i have this thought in my head where javier wouldnt have liked the news of you joining the dea in colombia when he first heard about it
bc theres already so much stress going on from trying to catch escobar,,
and hes not about to have to train and catch your rookie ass up to them ya feel?
but woW does he realize he has it all fucking backwards about you when steve introduces you to javi when you get there-
like im not going to lie,, i can feel it in my bones that javier wouldnt really care when both you and steve are standing in front of him
i can just imagine him just glancing up,, looking you over once and just brushing you off,,
just giving you a short hello with like a forced smile and getting up,, grazing past you two-
and steves over here rolling his eyes like “dont listen to him, he can be an asshole,, but youll get used to it-”
i dont know- i get the feeling that you and steve would get along well since the start,, like the two of you becoming best friends:)
because he knows what its like to be in a different country and even more, what its like to be the rookie
so hes just having you always stick with him all the time,, being dea buddies :)) wow
but also having a good relationship with carrillo because i just know he would see something in you-
youre not the one to be a goody-two shoes like steve in the beginning and just by hanging around with you for 5 minutes,, he already loves you and is always with you on missions,,
like you becoming one of the people he trusts the most in the group :)
just- you befriending the whole office to the point everyone would come to you for literally anything-
i laugh imagining javiers amargado ass always being annoyed af by that,, because weve seen this man stress tf over escobar and bernas bs hes always pulling-
and hes just trying to be serious for once and not have this whole case drag on any longer than it has to the point where people dont come to him anymore- 
but listen- i can see you having this attitude with him all the time,, like challenging him everytime you interact with him,,
literally not giving 2 shits if he listens to you,, just getting under his skin and steves over here already on your side no matter what-
i cant-  imagining him giving you an attitude back,, pushing you away and sending you with murphy but
 :(( even tho he wont ever admit it then,, :( he lives for bantering with you because those would come to be the highlights of his day :((
like in those moments he slowly starts to realize unconsciously he doesnt hate you at all,, he just doesnt know how to handle these feelings he has for you because he gives me vibes of him never settling down-
but here he fucking is,, not even noticing that hes constantly looking at you,, sitting up straight when he sees you start to walk over to him :(
or like him muttering to himself,, trying to convince his mind that he doesnt and shouldnt see you in a romantic way-
but he just can’t help stop thinking about you,, the way you smiled at him that morning or that you chose to sit by him during a meeting- 
i dont know- im just emotional at the thought of him being so hopelessly in love with you,, like not even fighting it anymore because he cant
just him slowly coming around to being near you all the time,, and maybe just checking up on you,,
i CRY at thought of him becoming your number one hype man :((
like him yelling at everyone to shut up and listen to you when you have something to say about information-
the both of you smiling to each other,, like him nodding in your direction because he has your back :)) wow i aM SOFT
im fucking sorry but the way he has literal HEART EYES watching you talk in front of everyone,,
not even paying attention to what youre saying just focusing on the way hes never noticed the little details about you- i
this bitch is literally in a haze,, focusing all of his  attention on you,,
like he doesnt even notice when steve looks over at him and back to you,, smile on his face when he realizes what javis thinking about-
i cant- and him elbowing javiers side when you finish talking because hes not even moving from his spot,, still too embobado watching you like
“you fucking like her dont you?”- 
:((HOLD ON?? - I SOB at the thought of steve being the wingman because he just wants the best for both of his friends,,,
 he makes it his fucking mission to get you two together- :((
like im imagining him being the type to give you a note or something from carrillo or messina-
telling you to pass it on to javier even tho he’s literally like 4 feet away from you both lol
like hes just trying to push you two to spend more time together as much as possible-
woW because can you imagine you giving javier these smALL HEART EYES AS YOU WALK UP TO HIM,,
the two of you being stuck to the floor when youre giving him the note,, both of you waiting for the other to make a move first,, 
neither of you being able to get 2 words out to eachother even though you both would banter with each other before but now?? its a difference feel
and all the while steve is over here next to carrillo,, the both of them betting which of you two is going to do something first lmao
god im sorry but im :(( imagining you giving him a small smile and walking away buT javiers not even looking at the note because hes over here standing there,, not moving a single muscle,, just watchinG YOU LEAVE WITH THE BIGGEST HEART EYES WHEN YOURE NOT LOOKING AT HIM ANYMORE- :(((
oh my god, wow can you imagine steve getting connie in on this because hes just so done waiting and watching you both fucking struggle to get 4 words out to eachother- so much p i n n i n g
so like the two of them would definitely do this double date just to get the two of you together outside of work :))
but:) they would skip :)) halfway through the date or just not show up at all :)))
and have you and javier go on :)the date alone :)) so its just the two of you :) WOW
listen i dont make the rules but you and javier definitely walk in the next day together,, holding fucking hands perhaps?? im- i need to go sob
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xenihime · 2 months ago
i just get nervous whenever sending an ask IDKHFEF LIKE I GOT A CRUSH OR SUMN
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jream-23 · 2 months ago
hi !! i just discovered your account and from what i read it's really good! nice to meet you here🥰!
can i please have headcanons for Kuzan, Smoker and the character of your choice who have to, because of a mistake, sleep in the same bed as their crush? thanks a lot and take care of yourself <3
AWW THANK YOU its good to meet you too 💞 and ofc take care of yourself as well !! im going to choose sabo as my character as choice for these headcannons :)
kuzan, smoker, sabo having to share a bed with their crush headcannons
Tumblr media
okay like dilf honestly-
- started when he was angry about smth and turned the bed to ice, broke when you sat down on it
- began when the two of you were relaxing in the same room together one day.
- you were simply reading the paper as was kuzan
- until he got mad reading about another bullshit move the military - akainu - had pulled.
- you flipped to the same page he was reading from and felt some similar disapproval until some iciness touched your skin
- it wasnt really recognized but among kuzan being angry he just so happened to freeze your bed he was seated on
- when he realized it himself it was too late. it shattered before you could even try anything
- “im sorry, you can have mine for a while. i dont mind sleeping elsewhere”
- but you did and you insisted sharing as long as he didnt mind
- which obviously he didnt
- that night you found yourselves lying under the shared blanket that he was hogging.
- he realized your shivering and ask for your consent to bring you closer.
- and yknow for a man with ice powers, he was fairly warm, his chest was comfortable to be in and the heartbeat was enough to make you knock out right there
- would wake you up to coffee after the night
- “last night was nice, maybe we should share more from now on” hed laugh half joking half serious
Tumblr media
- soooo the dumbass marines weren’t prepared for a mission so everyone had to share beds
- once again you found yourself and smoker on the hunt for the strawhats despite being outdone by them multiple times
- receiving word of their next possible location you were instructed to wait out there which was fine by you. smoker was a little reluctant to just wait around but accepted
- he actually found himself enjoying your company because honestly he had a real strong attraction to you for a while now
- although his happiness didnt last long when a scrawny marine rookie was running up to you two with news
- “sir we’ve just looked and confirmed we do not have enough beds, everyone is going to...have to share”
- smoker was quite pissed but you laughed about. you offered to share a bed with tashigi but she was incredibly flustered by all requests to share and said she must have a bed to herself.
- so you went to you’re next closest person you knew here and asked him if he was okay with sharing
- unresponsive for a moment but is casual about accepting the offer
- night rolls around and you two are the in bed. the lights go out and you’re just ready to get some zzz
- smoker will be a little restless though. part of him wants to make a move since he probably wont have many other opportunities like this but another part wants to ignore it because he’s convinced himself its not worth it
- tosses and turns a bit at first so you have to reach out and hold his hand or something.
- as soon as he feels your touch, he freezes. he honestly thinks you’re asleep and just reached out by reflex so he stays calm and doesn’t move.
- falls asleep and the next morning he finds you bringing him a cup of coffee. he’ll thank you for sharing the bed and the coffee.
- please respond with a wink it’ll keep him thinking and thinking about you
- also, mf sleeps with socks on so deal with it 😐
Tumblr media
- sabo and kaola were being their typical self and arguing with each other. of course they didn’t mean anything they said and you were just watching in amusement
- that is until sabo accidentally burned koala’s bed. he is still getting used to his devil fruit powers
- and so here you were watching sabo sulk about sleeping on the floor tonight. but you didnt want that for him so naturally you offered your bed.
- definitely thinks youre joking at first but after he realizes you’re serious hes very shocked. also definitely tries to look away and hide his blush.
- that night you two are in your sleeping clothes, and you turn off the lamp wishing him a good sleep
- sabos an anxious wreck his thoughts are racing like ‘am i too close, shit im not sweating am i, are you really okay with me here’
- as you feel yourself drifting, a firm arm wraps around your middle
- “ this okay?”
- you smile at him and reassure him its fine. of course, he’s still a nervous wreck but now it’s because youre not denying him.
- after you fall asleep he realizes that he needs to stop worrying and get to sleep too
- the next morning youre pleasant surprised to see him still holding on to your torso with a little white line of drool coming from his mouth.
- oh and koala snapping pictures of you two claiming this is gonna be such good blackmail to on sabo in the future
YUHH we done with this one :)) also gUYS IM LITERALLY ALMOST AT 100 FOLLOWERS??? what do yall want like a face reveal or get to know the owner of the account or like smth idk tell me pls. til then tho thank youuu
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frzenhans · 2 months ago
hiii i really like your work! i was wondering if i could request a lil thing about what felix would be like if you were ftm. ive recently realised that i think i’m ftm and i want to know what you think lixie would be like with an ftm partner. (i personally don’t think i’ll ever take hormones, but i might get top surgery? so don’t bother writing about hormones if you dont want to lol) but yeah just what he would be like when you questioned if he really wanted to date you and then what he’d be like on the days when your dysphoria was bad. maybe if you want to write about what he’d be like if you get surgery. you can make the whole thing fluffy or smutty i don’t mind haha. i just wanted to request this cos there’s not much ftm content on here for skz, and i’m kind of anxious about the whole thing atm cos it’s still new, so yeah this would be really nice 🥺💕
you come out to felix as transgender (ftm)
i’d love to see me from your point of view
Tumblr media
lee!felix x male!reader
a/n: hihi! pls lmk is anything i wrote was off and i can delete or fix it right away! i did a bit of research for this so pls tell me if i wrote anything incorrect!! i hope u enjoy and here’s ur daily reminder that u are beautiful and extremely valid <3 felix and i love you ヘ(^_^ヘ)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
« masterlist changbin version »
Tumblr media
saying you were nervous was an understatement
you could see ur hands were visibly shaking but willed yourself to calm down
felix was coming home from his night dance classes soon and you didn’t wanna be crying when he walked in
you would save that for later
before you knew it, you heard the door unlock and felix come in
he saw you in the hallway and gave your cheek a quick peck before going to take a shower
you sat yourself on the couch, anxiously tugging on your hoodie strings as you waiting for him to come out, planning out what you were going to say in your head
after a quick shower your boyfriend came out with damp hair and plopped himself next to you, dropping his head in your lap and nuzzling himself close
before he could completely doze off you gently prodded him on the shoulder
“hey lix, can i talk to you about something a bit serious?”
that woke him up immediately, getting him to quickly lift his head off your lap
“yeah you can tell me anything bub,”
you looked away from him before quietly mumbling
it took felix a moment for the information to settle in before an expression flashed across his face
“wow, thank you for telling me i’m really proud of you!”
and soon you were pulled into a bone crushing hug
“i’m sorry you had to keep it in for so long bub,”
you guys spent the rest of the night talking about what that meant for you both and what he could do to make you more comfortable
ಥ_ಥ u were beyond happy
felix quickly adapted to you, he used your preferred name and pronouns and was ecstatic to have a boyfriend
he also went out and bought trans pins to attach to his bags to show his pride which made you tear up a little
your happiness was his priority so he made sure the nicknames he called you were okay with you and such
felix made sure he was there for you on the days your dysphoria were bad
the days where you didn’t initiate much conversation and hid yourself in the room were the hardest for both of you
poor lix didn’t know what he could do to help you other then be there for you and tell you how much you meant to him
some days all it took was one look in the mirror for you to break down on the bathroom floor
but felix would always be there to make sure you knew how beautiful you were no matter what
he would shower you in compliments everyday, no matter how much you told him it wasn’t true
one day you would see yourself the way he did
when you confessed to him you were looking into getting top surgery he was more then understanding
he did his own research on it and helped you look into how to qualify for it
you told him about how you were scared he wouldn’t like the scars you would get from the surgery and he shut that down as soon as possible
he made sure to let you know he’d love your body no matter what (╥_╥)
how was felix literally the sweetest person ever ?!:$?:!
you just fell for him more and more everyday, if that was even possible u were literally so in love with him
and he was in love with you too :’)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you for reading !
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rqntaro-amami · 3 months ago
hi!! could i please request mha (( deku, bakugo, todoroki, kirishima, denki, sero, shinsou, tamaki, mirio, shindo, monoma, shiggy, dabi + hawks ?? I’M SO SORRY IK THIS IS A LOT..... )) + danganronpa guys (( nagito, hajime, makoto, rantaro, shuichi, chihiro, byakuya, izuru, kazuichi, & kiibo )) with an s/o who is like tall & chubby ? they get insecure about it and really are body-insecure to the point it’s like super frustrating bc they want to express themselves through their outfits but absolutely hate clothes shopping and will break down bc of the amount of people, the clothing sizes, and being upset after trying things on... sorry this got kinda personal lol i just really am in need some comfort and would appreciate this!! thank you so much!!
hi anon !! unfortunately i don’t have writing requests open for bnha !! i’m sorry abt that !! but here are the dr ones you requested !!
Tumblr media
- mod rantaro ✧・゚: *✧
- makoto would love it that you’re taller than him omg 
- he’d be so confused on why you’re insecure abt it bc he finds it so cute 
- if you can’t find anything to wear he’d let you wear his jacket if you want !! 
- he would 100% ask komaru for clothing advice and she would let you borrow some of hers to avoid going to the store and being uncomfortable in the store 
- she could also help you online shop !! 
- if you guys were ever in the store together and you started panicking bc of insecurities, he’d immediately get you out as soon as he senses your uncomfortable 
- hed hype you up if you were trying clothes on in a store i know it 
- he doesn’t know much about “fashion” but i think he’d like picking out clothes for you but he’d also be nervous bc he doesn’t wanna pick out the wrong thing 
- he’s also short so i think he’d think it’s so cute that you’re taller than him 
- he literally dressed in both masculine clothes and then feminine clothes. he’d know a lot about how to dress 
- he’d give timid little tips of advice it’d be so cute please 
- he’d like clap for you when you try things on 
- like cute little claps with the biggest smile like “y/n! you look amazing in that!” 
- he’s also quite insecure so you guys would be able to comfort each other !! 
- he’d always feel so worried if you got upset and would try his best to calm you down but he’d be so panicky 
- i think he’d also make a website that like... gives you clothes recommendations like specifically for you 
- he’d be very shocked when he finds out
- like he’d be like “y/n! why are you so concerned about something so insignificant? looks do not matter, although the feelings you feel are valid. many people experience this problem as well, so you are not alone. if you wish, we can go shopping together sometime if you are comfortable with that.” 
- he’d be very concerned about you and would constantly check up on you
- he’s also tall so like,,,, power couple 
- he’d buy you whatever you want no matter how expensive 
- he’d be very nervous if you started crying at a store, he’d pull you to the side and talk to you to calm you down 
- he’d say very heartfelt things to you, and he’d really mean them 
- “if y/n pretty... 🤨 why they not think so... 🤔”
- he’s the biggest simp so he thinks you look amazing in literally anything 
- if you try on clothes at a store his jaw would be on the floor the entire time 
- like if there’s a commercial on tv and it’s for clothes he’d look at the outfits and points to the ones that you would look good in (it’s every single outfit btw)
- he would want to try his best to help 
- he’d find your height so cool too though 
- he lets you take your time, he lets you call the shots when you want to go shopping so he won’t invite you bc he doesn’t wanna offend you accidentally by inviting you to go shopping with him 
- i feel like he’d like immediately hug you when he found out 
- like he’d be genuinely SAD that you feel that way 
- he’d wrap you up in his big jacket and lay you down on the couch and hold onto you 
- if you do want to go shopping he’d be willing to spend sm money 
- he’d also be literally drooling over how you look the entire time too
- he wouldn’t even notice
- he would have to have a flat out sign that you’re insecure 
- as soon as he suspected it, he was a little hesitant to confront you 
- he had no clue what to say 
- but he did give you many compliments and saying that if you need something to always come to him because he will try his best to help 
- if y’all ever went to the store together he’d be blushing the entire time bc he thinks you look so good bye 
- he would give recommendations occasionally but when he does give recommendations they’re wicked good 
- he would immediately know and would know exactly how and when to comfort you 
- when he notices that you’re having a particularly bad day, he’d drag you to lay with him and pet your hair with no words whatsoever 
- he’d give the best recommendations. like they literally look perfect on you 
- i think he’d also like buy you clothes without taking you to the store 
- he already knows your taste in clothes and what would compliment you, he would go out and buy them for you 
- he could also make clothes for you !! 
- pls. imagine him sewing. why is that so cute bye 
- he’s got 12 sisters, he’s used to this 
- he’d know immediately as well 
- but he’d confront you almost immediately 
- i feel like he’d make a little plan to make you feel better 
- like when he notices, he’d buy you a little “comfort sweatshirt” and a bunch of flowers and would buy a new movie so you could hang out with him and watch it together, to get your mind off of insecurities 
- he’d give you a bunch of his jewelry and say they look pretty on you 
- he’d let you wear his shirt too bc that shirt looks wicked comfy 
- okay he’d also put all the clues together and know immediately 
- he would not say anything about it, he doesn’t wanna make you upset 
- instead, he does little things that might make you feel better 
- he’d let you wear his hat while shopping, to block out other people 
- he’d be very comforting and would avoid crowds of people bc that makes you uncomfortable 
- if you ever complained about yourself this boy would not be having it 
- “y/n!! don’t talk so bad about yourself!! you need to see how pretty i think you are!! i don’t care how tall you are, or what you look like! you’re very beautiful to me!!” then he’d realize he was kinda yelling so his voice would soften up
- “ah, y/n, i’m sorry about my tone- i d-didn’t mean to be loud. but you get what i meant. i think you a very.. pretty and i wish you would see yourself that way too.. please?” 
- he’d google how to help you and would be kinda shy about helping you but he knows that he needs to help you 
- i feel like he’d be kinda lost on this since he’s a robot and he’s always looked the way he looks 
- he would.. understand how you feel though? 
- not exactly the same as how you feel but he would relate in a way because he does get teased and discriminated on for being a robot 
- he’d give you little pep talks 
- “y/n. as your significant other, i think it would be good for me to confront you on this subject. this subject may be a bit awkward but i hope to make you feel better about this. i have noticed you are not confident in looks, but there is no need for you to feel this way. you are extremely attractive, and it’s insignificant what you look like anyways. what matters is how you treat others. i am a robot, i an aware of that but i am not ashamed of it. this is why if you think you are lacking in something to acknowledge it and to embrace it. there are plus sides to being a robot as well as there are many plus sides to being tall like you are. if you would like to accompany me on a shopping trip i would be more than happy when you are ready.” 
- i dont think people realize how short kiibo is so he’d think the way you’re taller than him is absolutely endearing
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srirachvbi · 3 months ago
Sakusa with a pregnant s/o headcanons !
requested by anon:  Okokok HEAR ME OUT- pregnancy hcs with whichever hq character you want
requested by @xsugarysweetsx​: Hello! I’ve read your Haikyuu fics and I love them! You really know how to keep them in character and it makes your work so much more lovable! Could you maybe get some headcanons for Sakusa and Ushijima when their wife goes into labor? Maybe some reactions, how they would be, and holding their baby for the first time? Thank you if you get this <3
a/n: HEY BITCHES M BACK AND YES i love this !!!! tysm for requesting anon and xsugarysweetsx !! also tsym for complimenting how i characterize the boys that’s actually like the sweetest compliment-- your name makes sense alfajsfkj. i get really nervous that my headcanons won’t be in character sometimes but it makes me happy to hear they are !!!! i’ve combined these because it’ll help me get requests done sooner since these coincide. i hope these are what you wanted <3 sorry for taking so long to answer this aha.. this is split into two parts (I'll post the ushijima one soon) !
warning(s): uhh childbirth and swearing,,, and manga spoilers
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi
He was in denial at first honestly
The two of you had started dating during your second year of high school after the last game of Nationals for Itachiyama when Iizuna (their captain) got injured
You, being their very supportive manager, somehow was able to comfort Sakusa after their loss
It was quite obvious that the two of you already had phat crushes on each other but as the cliches go, neither of you acted of them
Sakusa, still a little pumped up on adrenaline, kinda just looked you in the eyes and went "Go on a date with me" and... yeah
You two had barely started your final year of college and the news that you were pregnant was really a shock
I mean... not really
The two of you were being stupid a few nights ago after one too many drinks
Finals had finally ended-- it was a celebration night
Honestly, you forgot most of the night but woke up in Sakusa's bed, naked, so you were assuming something happened
You just didn't realize that there was a lack of protection until you missed your period and started throwing up in the morning 🙂🙂🙂🙂 how fun
You sat him down after one of his volleyball practices and without even hesitating just went
"I'm pregnant-- you're the father of course. If you don't want the kid, we can break up cause I want to keep them."
He just stared
Like this
Give him a moment
He then goes "I'm sorry... WHAT"
when the HELL- oh wait.. yeah nevermind that makes sense
Why would he NOT want to be the father of his own kid-- I mean, kids were dirty and gross but he could definitely figure out how to change those habits
And he was literally infatuated with you-- I mean, you've been with him since high school
and you respected his "weird" cleaning habits
You guys were already planning on moving to a better apartment so why not find one that has room for a baby !!
Sakusa doesn't let you do SHIT
I said this in my last headcanons but I'm very serious
He might seem like he doesn't care sometimes but you, and soon this baby, would be his World-- he refuses to have anything bad happen to either of you
You complain to Komori to see if he could do anything about his cousin, but of course, that doesn't work
Eventually you sit him down to talk about it
"You gotta let me do something. It's too boring just doing nothing, Yoomi :(("
"This sign can't stop me if I can't read" him, refusing to listen to you
Jk he actually agrees to loosen up a little, but that doesn't mean he's not overly cautious anymore
He's just really worried about you !!
Sakusa struggles the most with helping you through morning sickness but he sucks it up because you clearly don't feel good
He definitely goes to every single doctor's appointment he can and will occasionally miss practice if the appointment is important
"Omi Omi where are you???" "I'm busy." "Omi Omi we have a game in Korea tomorrow." "And???"
You guys set up the nursery together and you paint it yellow !!
The two of you didn't want to find out the gender until the baby was born, so you decided to use yellow since it's a gender neutral color
He loves to rest his hand on your stomach whenever you guys are lying in bed together :(( stop thats so cute
Sakusa trying not to outwardly show how excited he is when he feels the baby kick 😤😤 he's got a reputation to withhold
in actuality tho, his brain is going: 🥺🥺🥰🥰😊😊 but in person hes just: 🙂
Bro when you went into labor
it was around 12pm in the middle of the day and your water broke
That was the very first time you saw Sakusa show pure, raw panic
He literally had to think for a second if he should clean everything up before driving the both of you
But he chose to prioritize you (you if weren't in agonizing pain and realized this: 🥰🥰🥰)
You weren't sure if you or him were gripping tighter onto each others hands
He was literally so anxious even though you guys had literally everything prepared for the little guy (you guys asked instead of waiting for the gender)
He drove you two to the hospital and both of you were quickly whisked away
It was 3AM that morning when things were going somewhere since contractions and shit idk
I've never been pregnant please I think that's how it works
You're gripping onto his hand for dear life and Sakusa is GENUINELY going against all of his morals
You're sweating and screaming out in pain-- this is literally his worst nightmare; however, he doesn't care
He has to be there for you
AWWWW 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
He's there the whole entire time but if he can't make any eye contact and only wants to touch your hand instead of wiping away your sweat pls dont take it personally
He's trying his best
When the baby finally pops out and starts crying, he literally starts crying too
(You, later: were you crying??? Sakusa: gtfo)
The doctor motions to him that hes able to hold his kid and hes hesitant at first
I mean, the babys just a little messy
He's going out of his comfort zone so much that day its unbelievable
Sakusa does end up holding little Hitoshi and he's going through it
If only you had the energy to film this 💔 however you did just carry another life for nine months and also give birth to it
Go you LOL
He holds his finger out hesitantly for Hitoshi and when the babs grabs onto it, his heart literally goes WOMP
He stops breathing and is genuinely so overwhelmed
This is his kid
Oh my god
He's a dad
he's crying again
"Thank you so much, YN"
im okay
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aceseungg · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
: pairing — best friend enhypen! x reader 
: genre — fluff 
: a/n — i’m posting in this in the meantime as i am still writing a jake au rn so sorryyy if this is trash im writing this at 1 am LOL 
Tumblr media
・:*:・゚☆ lee heeseung 
cares for you sm 
lends you his notes when you need 
lets you lay your head on his shoulder on the bus 
youre the only person allowed to watch him preform 
shoves you alot??? 
forces you to play games with him which makes your head hurt cause he is so loud 
asks you to buy him snacks, says he will pay back but never does 
wants you to confide in him for all of your problems 
always texts you to make sure youre taking care of yourself but in a teasing you 
“go drink a glass of water rn or else youre going to d word of dehydration and you havent seen me become an idol yet :( so pls go drink some water.” 
・:*:・゚☆ jay park
bully #1 
ALWAYS begs for your notes after classes cause this mf is always sleeping in class 
seems a little cold at first but is actually so caring 
comes over whenever you dont show up to school 
buys you food, literally never lets you pay for anything 
criticize your fashion but thats cause he doesnt want you looking like a fool especially since youre his best friend ;/
keeps your best interest at heart for almost all the decisions he makes as you play such a big role in life 
you guys go on late night drives and roam around the city with a playlist he made just for nights like these for the both of you 
lets you borrow his accessories 
“jay why is your hair like that” “shut up your eyebrows are uneven”
・:*:・゚☆ jake sim 
people thought he liked you because of how much he cares for you but nope 
tells you pick up lines and you shut them down real quick 
pretends that didnt hurt 
gives the best hugs ever 
your parents love him more than you 
helps you with all of your homework, basically tutors you for free 
expects you to show up to every single one of his soccer games (which you do) 
always packs extra food for you just incase 
“if you were a transformer... you’d be optimus fine” “jake i dont even like transformers”
・:*:・゚☆ park sunghoon 
bully #2
literally makes fun of you so much, your friendship seems questionable to others 
enjoys seeing you struggle 
lets you wear his jackets during his practices 
also expect you to show up to every single one of his comps, youre his good luck charm but he will never tell you that 
loves when you show up with big signs that say “PARK SUNGHOON BEST SKATER” 
very protective over you, doesnt like seeing you hurt 
shoves you alot pt 2 
likes playing with your hands 
“did you even try to use the 3 brain cells in your head for this?” “i literally hope you fall in your face during one of your performances “HEY”
・:*:・゚☆ kim sunoo 
you guys are inseparable
talk the most shit about the people at your school LOL 
always encourages you to break out of your shell and be more outgoing, always reminding you that he right behind your supporting you 
you guys share everything, clothes, make up, accessories, lockers 
you made him a friendship bracelet and this mf almost cried 
gets into heated arguments with you and than feels bad 
hugs hugs so many hugs 
your source of happiness 
BEGS to do your makeup and hair 
“you know the new girl is already dating someone from class b?” “no way youre lying!!” “nope, i found out today in history, she hasnt even been her a week and she already has a man??” 
・:*:・゚☆ yang jungwon 
the most responsible yet irresponsible person youve ever met 
acts like your mom sometimes 
loves taking care of you 
will scold you about not doing your school work but realizes he forgot his own 
makes weird faces at you like wtf jungwon you good 
your parents want him as their actual son 
carries around a first aid kit for you 
lets you wear his gloves in the winter 
just loves being around you all the time 
“did you eat today??? go eat. do you want me to come over and make you food???”
・:*:・゚☆ nishimura ni-ki 
bully #3 
teases you about EVERYTHING 
never answers his phone so you guys cant have nice cute little planned hangouts 
you two sneak out of your houses and go to the playground to swing on the swings 
holds your hand when youre nervous 
loves teaching you dances even if you arent that good 
steals food from your fridge 
you guys make up secret handshakes 
ni-ki loves giving you hugs 
“you cant even reach this im not even holding it up that high this is so embrassing for you” “CAN YOU JUST GIVE ME MY PHONE BACK”
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blxetsi · 3 months ago
Can I get some Reiner content pls? Hcs with the kids, cooking, date nights, embarrassing moments, pets, anything!
tysm for requesting !
Tumblr media
reiner braun dating headcanons (modern au)
college!reiner braun x gn!reader
warnings: nothing i think, lol meations of his weird parents 
Tumblr media
- reiner would be SO NERVOUS around you when he realized he liked you
- definitely started out as friends to lovers, you knew each other through a mutual friend bertholdt, but really became friends when you shared a class one semester
- when he realized he liked you it was in the most mundane situation ever,,, you, reiner, annie, porco, and bertholdt had gotten together for a movie night, and he was literally just about to put his hand on ur shoulder to ask if you wanted a drink (he was gonna get one for himself) and his hand stopped mid air when he realized he had butterflies LMAOOO
- this mf would become sooooo on edge around you,, like you knowing he had a crush was the end of the world 🙄
- annie and bertholdt would talk to him about it (and by that i mean annie would call him a big baby while bertholdt nods along) and then he'd become more relaxed with you once more
- when you two started dating he became nervous ALL OVER again
- insecurities and doubts came seeping into his mind and he wouldnt help but be overbearing at times
- he just wanted to be a good bf 🥺 he doesnt want you to leave him 😭🤚
- you two talk about it one night and it helps calm his doubts
- thats also the first night you two slept in the same bed 🤩
- he was so blushy the next morning, he couldnt look at you without his face and ears becoming red
- is a total tiny spoon idc idc
- sometimes he babysits his cousin gabi when he goes home, so when he took you with him for the first time (it was christmas break) you got to meet her !!
- shes a hyper little thing but so sweet, and she practically DEMANDS that reiner let her paint his nails for him 😭🤚
- you also meet her friends too !! but she tells you that the blond boy falco is her BEST best friend, as opposed to her regular best friends
- you can tell reiner is on edge during family dinners, especially the one you guys had on christmas day, and when you two get to campus you ask him whats wrong
- he tells you that his relationship with his family is a bit strained, primarily his parents
- he loves them of course !! but sometimes they just make him feel,,, not good
- but he reassures you that its okay, and that hes glad they didnt start anything when you were there
- you dont believe its okay but you dont push him
- he brushes the tip of his nose a lot, especially when hes nervous
- its not him like,, picking it or anything he'll just rub the tip with the knuckles of his index finger, he looks rlly cute doing it
- also tries to get you to go to the gym with him, bertie, and annie
- if its something youre into then great !! he keeps inviting you, but if you arent into it he gets a little sad :(
- but its okay ! you try to see him after his workouts with water and something for him to eat
- this is what makes him bring up living together
- i mean, annie practically lives with him and bertie now, whats one more person ?
- and its better because you wont have to come all the way from your apartment to his just to wait for him,,, you can be at HOME and do stuff until they come back from the gym
- it takes a little bit of swaying, but then he brings up being able to spoon him EVERY NIGHT and youre sold 😐👍
- you dont want to ogle at your bf so much,, but seeing him carry boxes from the foyer of the apartment to his bedroom where youre unpacking things is a,,, sight to see
- you asked him to just keep holding the box he had in the doorway of his room while your eyes roamed his arms and chest,, specifically his biceps and pecs
- he just stands there like 🙁 until he finally says "y/n please my arms are getting tired just tell me where to put it" lol No ❤️
- after you move in with him and bertie, things get a bit more cramped, specifically in reiners room
- its nothing you two cant handle, just with your things there sometimes its hard to find things, or youre bumping into dressers and tables and beds
- and lets be honest reiners room isnt even big enough for REINER
- so after a year of enduring it, you two decide to get a place of your own !!
- you got two bedrooms so one you could turn into a shared office and the other you could make your bedroom, and this makes things WAYYYYY easier
- by the time you move in youre already so close to your two year anniversary
- you dont think anniversaries are that important so you guys just went out to see a movie last year, but this year ?? reiner has something PLANNED
- and u know this bc you mightve accidentally found his laptop still open in the office,,, with "anniversary plans" written out in a google doc,,, and reiner was in the bathroom and you were nosy,,,
- so you snooped and read it all 😐🙄
- when reiner brings up youre anniversary youre distracted so you say "babe ill do what you got planned dw"
- he just looks at you like "how did you know i had something planned 😃⁉️"
- after that awko taco moment you play it off like "oh i just assumed lol" AND HE BUYS IT !! AHAHAHAHHAHA
- you two go out dressed to the NINES 🤩✨ and you had this weird night on the town 😭😭
- you guys did that food trend on tiktok where you do rock paper scissors and the winner gets to choose drinks, food, dessert etc..
- then you took everything and had a little picnic in the park, and you watched the sunset together 🤩🤚
- then he took you to a fireworks show they had near downtown, and watching the colours mix with the stars in the sky was so beautiful
- it started raining after tho 😭😭😭 and you two had to run back in the rain to the car like it was a MOVIE
- it was an unconventional kind of anniversary date but it was so fun, and reiner was so glad you enjoyed it
- then he brought up what you two would do after college
- "so,, graduation is in a couple of months, and ive already got a job set. and i dont know about you but, im staying in the city after we graduate. i just wanted to know if youll be moving out or, going somewhere else..."
- your heart BREAKS bc youre so sad hes just assuming that youll leave him after graduation, WHICH YOU WONT DO
- you have a paid internship at a facility in the city, so you tell him exactly that and that youll stay with him if its what he wants
- you can tell hes more than relieved, and get so blushy when you kiss his wet face all over
- "reiner i love you."
- but he tells you the exact same thing
- "y/n i love you too."
- and he really does
Tumblr media
ive just realized this and all of my other dating hcs arent actually headcanons so much as ideas that i put in point form 😐🤚 gotta work on that 😁👍
anyways requests open hope u enjoyed
Tumblr media
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