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#please validate me
shift-shaping · 21 minutes ago
shameless self-promotion
Reasons to read my solas x hero of ferelden fic, the lioness and the wolf :
i try very hard to keep solas sounding in-character and i think i do an alright job
the surana origin has essentially zero backstory so i can make up all kinds of weird shit
morrigan is there and she hates solas a lot
there is a dwarf with celiac disease
solas and eirwen are two very broken people who come to love each other as they bond over the guilt they carry over being alive when their loved ones are gone due to their own mistakes and failures
at one point a 6′5″ elf woman shows up and she doesn’t do all that much but i just think she’s neat
they haven’t done a sex yet but they will i promise they just keep being like ‘nooo we shouldn’t! you deserve better’ but there is a lot of ~gentle touching~ that these touch-starved idiots go wild for
weirdly detailed descriptions of bird behavior and birds in-general
random bouts of iambic meter sprinkled throughout
if you crack the secret code hidden in every chapter i will give you $11 and a coupon for dominoes pizza (first three winners only)
the fic follows as if the HoF decided to join the inquisition and accidentally became friends with solas, who only yells at her about how much he dislikes wardens three times, which i think shows a low of restraint on his part. 
anyway i think my story is good even though it is not beta read and is mostly fueled by raw manic energy. it is not done, but it’s getting closer to the end and i’ve put a lot of time into it. 
also, that ‘major character death’ tag is not a joke alright bye!!
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shift-shaping · a day ago
Tumblr media
I DID MY BEST. I worked pretty hard on this ngl and I’m happy with it!!! i am Still Learning. Inspired by @artist-rat​. 
eirwen’s face claim is zuri tibby! the good left undone is an extremely good song! original template is here!
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shoelace-and-friends · 2 days ago
Okay I’m not sure whether this is an ADHD/autism thing or if it’s just a weird me thing but like...does anyone else out there need their outfits to be a certain specific way? 
Like, I can only wear a specific pair of socks with a specific pair of underwear, and I’ll only wear that pair of underwear and socks with one specific shirt, and I can only wear that shirt with one particular pair of pants and so on. 
And if I match the wrong shirt with the wrong accessories or I wear the wrong pants with the wrong shirt it feels mismatched or like something is out of order... 
Like if I get a stain on my pants or something than whoops I can’t just change my pants, I need to change my entire outfit that just me? Assigning pieces of clothing into specific outfits that MUST go together? 
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thatgaysnail · 2 days ago
hey I crave validation on my writing so is this good? cw// amnesia 
tagging @babymushroomboy so someone actually looks at this
Seven woke up, gasping for air. What…? He glanced around the room, trying to make sense of things. It was white from floor to ceiling, with nothing else in the room. He lay on the floor. Slowly, he got to his feet, wincing as he put weight on his ankle. A clicking noise sounded from behind him. Seven whirled around. A door had appeared on the wall behind him. Had that been there before? It hadn’t, right? He took a tentative step towards it, and prayed that it would open. It did. Before him, there was a hallway, made mostly out of concrete. Feigning calmness, he strode down the hall. Before long, however, he was sprinting, moving faster and faster, heart pounding, until- he ran directly into someone. Both bodies crashed to the floor. Seven rolled over, jumping into a fight position.
“Woah, woah, Seven! Seven, calm down! It’s me!” The girl he’d crashed into spoke, hand reaching up to fix her headscarf. “You good?” He didn’t move. “Seven.” Her voice was calm, stepping towards him. “Did you just get wiped?”
“What?” He asks. His voice comes out creaky from lack of use. The girl smiled, tears in her eyes.
“Yeah, I guess you did,” she sighed. “My name’s Two. Remember?”
“N-no, I’m sorry,” he stammered.
“It’s ok. Come with me? I can help.”
Seven nodded, stepping forward so he was in line with the girl- or Two, apparently.
I don’t really know how to end this, so yeah. Should I do more?
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hellotherekenobi · 3 days ago
───flowers in the sun.
Tumblr media
summary: you know fandral well enough to know how much of a flirt he is, but when he asks you to join him on a picnic one day, it turns out he has a reason behind it all with you.
a/n: dedicated to the one and only @megmeg-chan for fueling my daydreams of this man. this goes out to all my fandral lovers out there. i respect you. song i listened to while writing: flowers by in love with a ghost.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Days like today were always lovely, where the sun shining made everything gleam and sparkle and the breeze were gentle, not too cold but just the perfect temperature. Of course, days like today were always lovely when they’re spent with someone equally as such, but perhaps that’s why he was given the name “dashing.” You weren’t always that interested in him, nor the warriors three, but he slipped through the cracks and you didn’t put up much of a fight once you realized how far you had fallen for him—and who could say no to a picnic out in the Asgardian fields with Fandral, anyhow?
When he had asked you earlier today, you weren’t expecting much but as soon as you had seen the spread—fruit baskets and crystal glasses, a fine linen blanket with golden patterns etched into the fabric—you knew that, once again, he managed to slip further past the cracks you’ve never bothered patching up, and probably never will with him being so close to your heart already.
“These are delicious,” the strawberry in your hand drips down your finger as you wipe your lips.
Fandral chuckles, leaning his head further back to close his eyes up at the sun, resting on one hand where he lays. “I made sure to get only the best for you, darling.”
You don’t react to the nickname, having heard that from his lips countless times before directed at many a fair maiden. “I can tell, with all the food you packed. Must have taken some convincing to sneak this out of the palace.”
“Oh no,” he smiles, tilting his head to look at you. “Not at all, my dear. Only so much convincing for you to join me.”
You smile, wiping the strawberry juice off of your hands with one of the serviettes packed. “I’ve never taken you for the picnic type.”
“Well, what is it they say? A moment is only as good as the people you spend it with.”
“And this moment?” You tease, leaning on your elbow closer to him. “How good is it?”
He doesn’t hesitate to say, “Far greater than any I’ve spent before.”
It makes you smile, looking down at your lap as you fiddle with the serviette in your hands. The confidence in his words could make anyone swoon, but you’ve always been more hopeless than hopeful as a romantic for him. Yet you still cling to it, smiling wider and letting out a chuckle, looking up again.
“Always such a charmer.”
He nods in agreement, pursing his lips slightly as he grabs his glass for another sip. There’s a moment of silence between you two, where you simply sit basking in the sun and listening to the rustling of the flowers amongst the grass as the wind blows gentle and cool. Fandral was right about moments, since this one wouldn’t be as pleasant if he weren’t beside you, but you are still wondering why you’re with him here to begin with—not that you’re complaining but time spent with Fandral was always giddy at most, throwing quips each other’s way and believing his flirts to be mere fun. Hopeless not hopeful, you remind yourself.
“When are you leaving?” you ask finally, seeing as the question was danced around before the food was even brought out.
He sighs, something tired. “Tonight.”
“And you’ll be gone for...?”
“I don’t know—” he sits up—“I’m hoping no more than a month, should everything go to plan. These things don’t usually turn out that way, however.”
You hum in agreement, knowing how long his last campaign with the warriors had been—and how you waited to see him ride back home almost everyday. “I thought you enjoyed fighting battles? I hear so many stories.”
“All in truth, I assure you.” he wags a finger for emphasis. “But when I go, I’ll miss moments like these. I’ll miss you.”
Your cheeks burn by his words. “You won’t have any time to miss me.”
He shakes his head. “I’ll think of you always.”
Hopeless. Remember it. He’s a natural born flirt, and a good one at that, but this doesn’t mean anything to him. You keep telling yourself that but the more you do, the more you think differently. Or maybe you’re just trying to deny what he might feel because of the way you feel. Cutting your thoughts short before you lose yourself, you lean over to pluck a flower from the field, twirling it in your hands to have something other than the serviette to fiddle with in the hopes that Fandral won’t notice how nervous you are. He doesn’t leave the topic unfinished, though.
“That is why I asked you to join me here. If I’m to leave tonight, I want you to be the last person I spend my day with.”
“I know,” he chuckles lightly. “Everything will be alright. I know that more than anything.”
“Because of your bravery or your silver tongue?” you joke, expecting a laugh from him but only getting a smile.
“Because I have something worth fighting for.”
“What is that?”
You think you know the answer already, most likely for Asgard or his companions—something noble—yet you don’t expect his answer when he leans over to take the flower from your fingers, twirling it once before he fastens it behind your ear, looking at you softly to say, “You.”
It’s said so sincerely that you do nothing but stare at him, watching for a furrow in his brow or the crease in his smile to tell you that he was only fooling, but he just continues to look at you, something so genuine and intimate that it could tip you over if his hand weren’t still by your ear and gently brushing along your cheek.
You don’t know what to say, so you change the topic. “Does it look alright?”
It almost takes him a moment, but he doesn’t even look at the flower, instead staring so wistfully at you that you can feel his gaze, noticing the way his eyes flicker between your own and he swallows the clearing of his throat. “Yes, well... you are always beautiful.”
You can feel your heart racing against your chest, you’re scared it might rip right through the skin. What could you reply with that won’t end in a stutter? He’s captured your heart, though you try to deny it, and maybe now you’re about ready to tear down the wall after all these years. But even when his fingers brush along your jaw so tenderly, working their way to your chin, you need more before you can let him in completely.
“I need to know,” you say so quiet like the breeze, placing your hand on top of his to still his movements. He looks at you with those swimmable eyes of his, brows furrowed in a way that makes him look like he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “All of this... how you are with me... is it anything more than just Fandral the Dashing?”
He leans back slightly, like your words had shoved him backward. The look on his face changes to disbelief but so fractionally, so soft-hearted, that you could almost think he was saddened.
“Do you truly believe I have no feelings for you?” he waits for you to tell him he’s wrong, that all this time you’ve known, and when you remain silent he says, “All that I do for you, it’s all of me. Every word I speak, every touch I give, it’s a reflection of how much I care for you. My dear, I have loved you ever since we were young.”
For as long as you can remember, you have wanted to hear those words from him. Every moment you spent wondering ‘what if?’ has come to a standstill, telling you so clearly that all your doubts were for nothing. Fandral loves you, but more than that he has loved you for the beginning. It’s so much to take in that you sit there, frozen, balancing on the edge of happiness and surprise, your thoughts being too loud for you to even choose how to outwardly react.
He’s known you for so long and chuckles breathlessly when you make no move, knowing how many words must be swirling inside your head. “Must I prove myself once more for you?” His thumb rubs gently at your chin as he leans closer, smiling when he notices the way you hold your breath. “Very well.”
You can’t think to close your eyes when he leans just that much closer and presses his lips to yours—the feeling alone being too good to be true, you have to make sure you’re not dreaming. Then just as softly, all at once, you fall into him. The wall comes crumbling down as you close your eyes and kiss him back, your hand reaching out to hold onto his shirt so that this moment doesn’t drift away from you. He smiles against your lips, tilting his head to kiss you deeper and feel you press against him. As he wraps his arms around you, he begins to peck kisses along your jaw, beneath your earlobe, and scattering featherlight kisses along your neck just to hear you laugh as you squirm in his arms.
“You laugh so sweetly, I might have to kiss you more just to hear it.” he has the biggest smile on his face as he speaks, leaning in close to bump his nose against yours. You giggle as you push him back lightly, hearing him chuckle along with you. “I’ll take the sound with me until I come back home to you.”
can i get an uwu in the chat: @moonlight-prose @rebelledjester @aw--heck @americancowgirl19 @xxpoptarts @alwayssleepingforreal @awesomeri14 @karedevil4ever
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greaseonmymouth · 5 days ago
another chapter update. I'm two chapters ahead or I'd never dare post as wip.
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bodaciousbisexual · 6 days ago
me, slowly losing touch with reality after an entire year of literal complete isolation, observing the world’s slow but steady descent into right wing ideologies and the dying of the planet: wow this is just like Plastic Beach
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croissantcitysucks · 6 days ago
the whole tamlin/amarantha thing is just,,,, Very Weird in some unacknowledged ways bc like we KNOW amarantha was very much an adult during the war 500 years ago bc she was already a general and we also know that tamlin was extremely young during the war, and, depending on the length of the war & the age range you think the word “boy” refers to (i usually place him as 7 at the end of the war), may or may not have been born during or just before the war. and amarantha is said to have been friends with his father since long before the war.
so what we get is amarantha, solidly an adult, probably watching his entire development from baby to kid to etc, leaving for 400 or so years but that’s not even confirmed bc tam/lin’s dad was alive for at least a hundred years after the war and she was still friends with him so she may have visited intermittently, and then coming back and IMMEDIATELY going “you know who’s hot? that comparatively young guy who i literally watched grow up. i’m gonna get with him”.
like it’s so skeevy but it’s just not ever acknowledged??? it’s just fucking weird y’all, s/jm doesn’t even seem aware of how it sounds which is ig not surprising but still very infuriating!
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klefaeries · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
it was hawaiian shirt day @ my new job today or as i like to call it “jimmy buffet gender euphoria day”
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urlocalllama · 8 days ago
*shuffles notes* Monkie Kid AU... where the original Tripitaka while seeking enlightenment comes to the [incorrect] conclusion that he’ll only achieve enlightenment through suffering... and so he purposely hunts down the White Bone Spirit and gives himself up to them.
And promptly gets eaten.
However, what happens is him and WBS merge and turn into a twisted version of Tripitaka who’s obsessed with justice without mercy. And they’ve decided that the chaos-causing Celestial Monkeys (there’s four, the other two are mentioned in the original JTTW novel but never expanded upon this AU would have my personal headcanons of them), especially the Monkey King and the Six-Eared Macaque, are his first targets.
So now you have four monkeys who strongly distrust each other having to work together to just survive against Corrupted Tripitaka... and MK is caught in the middle because he’s Monkey King’s protege, but not an actual Celestial Monkey. And he just wants them to not kill each other or kill him.
Cue shenanigans with them traveling together and being forced to get to know each other.
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bethhxrmon · 10 days ago
no one asked for this but im very proud of how it turned out so im shoving it in your faces!!!
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goodeye-cyborg · 10 days ago
We are serving fat himbo today and only fat himbo.
Tumblr media
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sureliipan · 11 days ago
oh my
im SUPPOSED to be working on bn, but! i got this new idea for a peice. get this: childhood friends-turned kind-of lovers. BL, oc 1 and 2 are drama-uni method actors, QUESTIONS OF LEGITIMACY + the play they're acting in is about a deranged relationship? insanity, to-be-sung-eulogies, their sweet friendship turns super sour but it's also everything one's ever wanted?? nothing fantasy, probably *gags lol* somewhat ya
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It's not just me that posts something and then spends the rest of their life refreshing to see if I've received any notes on it, right?
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ultravioletreyes · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
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