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#please take this quiz i'm crying
buffskierights · a month ago
i made a quiz. it’s a good quiz. i spent 5 hours on this quiz. please take this quiz.
what your taste in men says about you
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call-me-yam · 8 days ago
Yeah honestly I gave up on it, it's so broken and with new updates I honestly don't see any fixes, even if I have a lot of amazing dragons I raised I just can't anymore. I have endured this game for like 6+ years and back then it wasn't that broken, idk man even if I laughed hard because of the glitches sometimes I just can't anymore honestly hhh.
Okay Binding of Isaac- so this game uh.. you clear rooms, fight enemies, bosses, get items to make you stronger but it can be triggering to a lot of people since it's pretty dark aa-
There's not much story, it's mostly gameplay but I really love Isaac (the main character) and there is so much to do and see it's really cool. I'm still planning on buying the last dlc and the ending nearly made me cry tears of joy like aaaaaa-
Even if it makes me very mad at least it keeps me from not thinking about some really bad thoughts, y'know? Even if I get a headache it's worth it-
Okay here's more and I'm honestly really happy I made you wheeze BAHAHA-
Fun fact: If you are around me while I'm angry, 95% of the time I will use my anger to do stupid shit to make you laugh
"What the fuck are you gonna do? Kill me?-" *dies*
"So if I do this.. I'll get a damage boost and win! Ehehe.. Wait this room has a lot of enemies OH MY GOD WHAT THE ACTUAL FUC-"
"ALL AROUND ME ARE FAMILIAR FACES-" *screams mentally because I died again*
"Ahaha.. What the fuck are you, you fucking bitch- my DAD!? You can't beat my fucking ass- *takes damage* OKAY LISTEN HERE YOU LIL SHI-"
*decides what character to play as* "Uhhhhhhh... *stares at the one I struggle with the most and quickly switches to my favorite* not today, Satan." *10 minutes later dies*
"Okay so I need to do this challenge to unlock this.. *after 5 tries* hhh.. *presses restart aggressively* Why hello mmmm what a glorious night to start doing challenges am I right?"
*takes a lot of damage and pauses the game angrily* *looks down at my hands* "What the FUCK are you doing-"
*smiles because I am in pain and will be for a long time*
"Okay today I'll focus on unlocking more stuff hmm.. *checks how much I have completed each characters and stares at the one that I haven't finished yet* *picks my favorite that I have done literally anything with them because I don't wanna do that character* Ahhh yes, my favorite, been a while. Been a while for damn sure-"
Yes I have many more but oh well-
Also mama? If you ever see me rage, I'm so sorry-
Okie lemme ramble about that dragon now, I'll add it in the quiz one day but for now I'll use it's icons because I love this thing so much.
Okay so his name is Patch and he is a Chimeragon. He is the only one in existence rn and he can shoot out ice, lighting and fire. I'm not sure if this information is spoilers but I won't say it just in case.
Here are some icons I made and images of him. I have the game and I'm so happy I played it, it's really nice looking!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The gif, yes!! You can fly and do flips in the air like holy fu-
Now here's some icons!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I loveeeeeee this thing!!! ❤❤❤
(Game better than school of dragons that's for damn sure)
I should do that :/
That game sounds like something I would be soooo bad at 😐
I suck
Lmao, please-
Like I said before, I found funny how people just
So, you being mad and my stupid ass while you are angry would do a great combination.
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sleepysloth99 · 11 days ago
Know what fuck it, Hyuk headcanons because Sweet Home needs more fandom content. First off this my first time making headcanons and publishing them so if I suck I'm so sorry. Anyways uhhh guess I'll do this.
Dating Hyuk Lee Would Probably Be Like...
•He's shy as hell so like I said on the quiz I made, you gotta initiate a lot.
•He'll probably piss you off or at least annoy you at some point due to his blunt nature, bare with him.
•Lots of hangouts with you, him, and Eun.
•Must get along with Eun, he wants someone who'll really care for her.
•Anime all the time
•Also lots of gaming sessions
•Cosplay as Saber for him and he'll die.
•Oh yeah also put up with his crush on Saber, if you ever get jealous for whatever reason feel free to express your crush on another character...And now you just started a war with him... good luck.
•He may come off as cocky to some as a leader but in reality he's an awkward dork. So of course he's gonna be really awkward in the relationship spare him please--
•I feel like Hyuk is the kind of guy where once he's really comfortable around you he'll be pretty clingy.
•It'll take some time for him to open up to you honestly. Sometimes he thinks you're just messing with him since growing up kids always bullied him. Makes him wonder how he got so lucky to end up with you.
•To be honest I can see Hyuk being kind of a closeted age regressor (for those of you who don't know, age regression is a coping mechanism for some people who went through trauma. It's commonly fetishized and/or deemed pedophilic or disgusting due to it having similar qualities to DDLG. However, it's important to know the difference. One is a coping mechanism and one is a kink. So if someone is an age regressor don't shame them, they're not gross, they're just coping and please stop stigmatizing it.)
•So you're probably wondering why I brought up that age regressor headcanon. Simple, because Hyuk will eventually tell you he is, albeit nervous. He's afraid that by telling you about the age regression you'll be disgusted and leave him or you'll stay with him but act all creepy about it and try to sexualize it.
•Only to find out it's okay and you're 100% fine with it and not creepy about it (if this doesn't apply to you then by all means, leave.) He'll keep the age regression a secret from everyone but you. You're the only one who knows so keep it that way.
•He doesn't cry often but when he does cry it's a lot of tears and sometimes for reasons that Eun or maybe even you might find ridiculous. "One time I had my friends over and one of them knocked over his figurines and broke it and he freaked out. It was so embarrassing!" Said Eun. While it may sound dumb to you to cry about it just keep in mind that Hyuk went through a lot already. But he doesn't cry much partly because people say men shouldn't cry and partly because no one is there to comfort him crying.
•He's kind of touch starved because he has no parents. I mean sure he has Eun for company or to hug but ever since the death of his parents they grew pretty distant. Eun will at most pat him on the shoulder but other than that no not really. When he gets comfortable enough around you he'll want to cuddle all day everyday. He'll also want kisses and such. Just please be physically affectionate.
•Backtracking on that cuddling part. The roles switch depending on who needs it more but 90% of the time you guys cuddle, Hyuk is the little spoon. He just wants to be in your arms all the time.
•Oooh massage his scalp while cuddling, he'll fall asleep instantly!
•He may seem cold but yeah he's actually pretty sensitive.
•He's also very insecure too so he can get pretty jealous pretty fast.
•Course he tries and hides the fact that he's jealous.
•We all see it though.
•It might seem cute but don't ever try and get out of your way to make him jealous please, he gets upset already.
•Wear his glasses and his shirts and he'll instantly melt.
With that being said, this is the end of the headcanon post! Hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll make some more. Feel free to stop by and request some stuff to me so I can get more ideas for Sweet Home headcanons!
Tumblr media
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opps-server-blog · a month ago
Tumblr media
Rules on the Server still count for rules on this blog. Keep them in mind please.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spoiler/TW these things or refrain from posting about them.
Bowl aka @bowl-of-shortness:
hello! My name is Bowl!
My personal blog is @bowl-of-shortness
Things to note:
- they/them/theirs pronouns
- Minor (no weird stuff aight?)
- Joined the server around early to mid January 👌
- Makes art, headcanons, and AU’s
- I made Mellow of team BOMZ, one of the OPPS oc teams
Otter aka @otterdoesart:
Oh are we doing introductions? 👀
Hello I’m Otter, your resident Ozpin simp and kinnie (I-don’t think about that too hard)
My pronouns are They/Them
I do art stuff but it’s mostly cloqwork :P
Rose aka @cherrymothman n aka @oscar-pine-but-trans:
• my name is Rose (but I am part of a DID system so there is that)
• I’m the owner of the server and one of the main mods, referred to as Server Salem
• I’m 18 and my pronouns are They/Them
• I wrote the rules and blacklist
• My main blog is cherrymothman and oscar-pine-but-trans (yes that’s me)
• I made Ruli of team RGLL, one of the OPPS teams
• Just vibing and posting memes tbh
Avis aka @judgemental-frog:
My personal blog is judgemental-frog
Pronouns: she/her
I am a minor (no weird or I will send an army of tiny frog grimm to your house)
I joined the server in early December
I mostly reblog RWBY memes or whatever else I want but occasionally when I get motivated I post art
I also have a cult centered around frogs.
Nyx aka @nyxisdangerous:
I’m 18 and use she/her pronouns
I joined the server around christmas and have been vibing ever since
I create the occasional meme and the occasional art but mostly I’m just here to create chaos. And also bother the mods for yet another kin tag
I made Fiera of team FHAA (Fuschia) one of the OPPS oc teams
Cherry, Bean aka @greenbeanstan:
Sooooo I suppose screaming hi doesn’t count as an introduction (which it should by the way who decided that)
My name is Professor Cronklebean the vivacious. If that’s a mouthful, I also go by green, bean, green bean, your sparkly overlord, and cherry
Uh what else do I need to say right Uh-
My tumblr (as you can see on this post...) is greenbeanstan and I do hot girl shit there like draw bean eyeballs with orb shaped hearts. And occasionally, I say something funny. I’m also the other behind that one kin quiz everyone likes and hates that spawned from the last week.
I currently don’t take requests or commissions after finding out the hard way that overworking isn’t fucking fun. However, I have something coming soon(tm) so watch out for that
Do not interact with me if you’re a TERF or PEDO. DNI if you think Marie is better than Callie because I will light a torch.
Other facts about the bean:
Will fight anyone and everyone
She/Her pronouns
Julez aka @julez-draws:
I’m Julez. I’m 25 and use she/they pronouns
My OPPS oc is named Zulu and I love her
My main blog is Julez-draws and I post a lot of Rwby art!
Here is an Oscar doodle
Tumblr media
Gemma aka @useddish:
Hi I’m Gemma
My tumblr is useddish
My interest consist of, gaming, guitar, music, drawing. I don’t really post on tumblr but I do plan to post a bit more when I can.
Tumblr media
Lamp aka @lampsandclovers:
Hello there, I think my name is Lamp!
My pronouns are He/Him and They/Them, I’m a minor for the time being, and currently crying over RWBY and OMORI.
I’m a... half.. mod on the server, I think? Sorry!
One of the L’s in team RGLL, being the creator of Lamp Ashwood
You can find me at lampsandclovers, and the same on discord. ..My apologies!
Angel aka @theangelofangst:
Name: Angel
Age: 27 (mentally idk, 17?)
Gender: Female
Birthday: Jan 1st
Zodiac: physically? Capricorn (in actuality I was supposed to be born in April which would have made me a taurus, and that’s actually what I act like. I have no traits of a Capricorn)
Sexuality: Straight, Aromantic
Pronouns: She/her
I’m autistic, ranging with ADD, bipolar, and Aspergers. I hyperfixate a LOT and tend to only stay interested (but will always love the fandom) in a fandom for a month or so and then my interest will shift to a different fandom. So if I am suddenly not as active in the RWBY fandom then that’s why. But I will always come back.
Star aka @starlightshadowsworld:
Hiya! I'm Star aka starlightshadowsworld I'm one of ze people from this crazy sever. I'm that person who keeps throwing Weiss and Whitley wholesome chaotic sibling content wherever I go....and eventually catpin stuff.
Ozpin did nothing wrong and deserves love and happiness... And Oscar. (And Weiss... And Whitley)
I mostly write headcannons and whatever random ideas I have. I have two modes, angst or wholesome and I love all my fellow ozcarstans even if they decide to drag me into their next cult... I mean what?!
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omgbigfluffwriting · a month ago
Tumblr media
Let me by myself chapter 2
A/N: This was written for @reidgraygubler as part of Pom's server fic swap. I combined one of her song prompts with one of mine for this oneshot! This takes place in the fourteenth season.
Summary: Reader can't help recalling Reid's childhood proposal.
"Remember that one Christmas?" Spencer asked out of the blue as we were snuggled up to keep warm while watching Disney movies after midnight. I frowned. "Which one?" I asked, not remembering.
"That one Christmas I explained the meaning of a spinster while we tried waiting up for Santa." Spencer replied. Now I remembered. That was the only Christmas he had been permitted to spend with my family and I before his father left when he was ten.
[Start memory]
Christmas Eve:
"I won!" 5 year old me cried out when I finally checkmate Spencer in chess. My nose twitches like a bunny's. 
“Don’t get used to it, Sparkles, it’s only cause you’re cute when you twitch your nose.” I stick my tongue out at him. "And that's not lady-like at all."
"Don't have to worry, I'll be a spinster when I grow up!" I chirp happily.
"Um, Y/N, do you even know what a 'spinster' means?" He asks, looking worried for me.
"Yeah, I'll spin yarn for a living." I said as I pick up one of my books.
"That's not the meaning of the word." He said as he put away my dad's chess set. 
"Is so." I challenged him.
"It means, according to the Oxford dictionary, an unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage." he murmured.  I didn't notice it at the time but as he says the definition, regret shines in his eyes.
"...I don't want to be unmarried!" Now I'm crying and Spencer tries everything  to get me to calm down so that my father can sleep, since he works the midnight shift and has to work Christmas night.
Finally, he says, "If we're both unmarried by 30, I'll marry you." very quietly. This does the trick to calm me down.
"You're just joking." I mumble.
"I'm not joking, Sparkles. I promise if we are both over 30 and single, I'll marry you. I'll even pinkie-swear to it." He offered. I look up at him with doubt in my tear stained eyes. He's the biggest germaphobic dork I know! Why would he choose me anyway at that time?
[End memory]
"Yeah, so?" I asked.
"I wanna make you smile
Whenever you're sad
Carry you around 
when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is 
grow old with you
I'll get your medicine 
when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if 
the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice Growing Old With You
I'll miss you kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold
Need you, feed you
Even let you hold the remote control
So let me do the dishes 
in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed when
you had too much to drink
Oh I could be the man 
who grows old with you 
I want to grow old with you"
Spencer finished singing off key and I gave him a confused look. Spencer didn't sing well. "I thought we'd already planned that." I replied. Spencer sighed. 
"Well, I know we're not 30 yet but I want to make it official." He said handing me an open ring box, much to my shock. "Now, how long are you going to keep me on my knee like this?"
"Yes!" I exploded happily.
"How's studying for Criminal Psychology going?" He asked as he slipped the ring on my finger.
"You can give me a pop quiz anytime, Doc." I teased. The last few times he'd given me a pop quiz, I had played dumb just to listen to him ramble. He's quite cute when he rambles.
"Difference between M.O. and signature." He murmured.
"M.O. is short for Modus Operandi, which means the way in which the crime was committed and signature is that beyond that it takes to commit the specific crime."  He inclined his head to mean that my answer was correct.
"What is the BAU's stance on nicknaming a serial perpetrator?"
"It's an unwritten preference that the BAU has due to it potentially making the situation worse with usage." Spencer nodded.
"Please tell me you weren't playing dumb. Name 3 possible indicators of lying." Spencer murmured, looking down at the file on his desk. I ignored the first part of his comment.
"Change of head position, repeating certain words or phrases and shuffling of feet." I responded, looking through a catalogue. Spencer looked at me but inclined his head again.
"What does left-leaning writing indicate?" He finally asked.
"The person generally likes to work alone or behind the scenes." I responded without thinking. I looked up at my boyfriend, who had an exasperated look on his face.
"You knew the answers this whole time didn't you?!" He asked.
"You're the profiler, what do you think?" I shot back. He sighed.
"Why?" He asked, looking down at a file.
"Because I love listening to you when you ramble." I said quietly. "I find it cute." His head shot up.
"You're never getting me to shut up, then." He replied dryly, grinning like an idiot. "But don't *ever* play dumb with me again." I nodded in reply, thinking about the precious little secret I carried inside of me. "Y/N, you're grinning like a cat whose gotten into the cream."
"Am I?" I joked.
"Y/N..." he said softly.
Suddenly, I get an image of Spencer trying to keep a tiara on his head as our daughter and he had a princess tea party. The image was too hilarious to take and I burst out laughing. "You might want to practice wearing a tiara." I told him through my laughter.
"Why would I...Oh. Are you really?!" He asked excitedly. I nodded, still grinning like an idiot. 
"I'm ten weeks along." Ten weeks ago was Christmas, I remember as he placed his palm on my flat belly.
"I can't believe we're pregnant!" He exclaimed happily.
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guklore · 2 months ago
sweet saturdays.
Tumblr media
PAIRING. quarterback!jungkook x (female) reader
GENRE. fluff!! but also it's kinda steamy ☺️
WARNING/S. lots of boobs, jungkook is a boob guy here 😑 boobs and food 😭 lol
SUMMARY. Turns out, this Saturday isn't that bad after all.
NOTES. me: has piled assignments all due in the same date, also me: you know what let me write boyfriend jungkook to feed my delusions but also to feel like im being productive by writing three thousand words for a fanfic instead of putting this energy on an essay due next week 😁 n e ways, this couple is based off everything's alright couple !! i might make this into a non-chronological drabble series even tho they have no solid plot lmfao... who knows. btw thank you for the 1 billion notes on the previous drabble i wrote i didn't expect that omg platinum fic where's my riaa cert. FAMOUS ERA /.\ do enjoy this fic tho!! hehe <3
Tumblr media
For a barely coping up with piled schoolworks University student like you, a Saturday should be the time for hacking away in front of your laptop and please your professors by passing assignments way before the deadline. Studying, being productive and all that shit – those are things you are ought to do, and usually you actually do them. Got this little limited edition Starbucks planner your boyfriend got for you last Christmas where you organize your schedules and to-do lists. But this time however, you especially feel like just lazing around in your apartment.
So that concludes to you being all alone in your room shedding a tear or two after watching Thor. It's dramatic of you to cry over a movie with two men quarreling because they got daddy issues, but hey, to each their own. 
You've been binge watching the MCU (in order) and honestly, you've seen all the movies before. Sure you could go to Netflix to find some new ones to watch (and new actors' and actresses' personal lives to google) but everytime you decide on a movie after an extensive IMDb research and you look for it on Netflix, they don't actually have the film. You don't have Disney+ (but Jungkook does. He's willing to give you the password but somehow that doesn't sit right with you so you decline every single time he mentions it.), the internet connection in this apartmenthood is shit too so you're rewatching the movies in your three-year-old hard drive. 
You have an essay due Tuesday, a Physics quiz on Monday and you should probably start that research on Chem, but you're too comfortable in the confines of your soft mattress and heavenly sheets, clad in a shirt stolen from Jungkook's closet and granny panties. 
You wish your boyfriend was here.
Speaking of boyfriend, the chorus of Paramore's Still Into You suddenly blasts from your phone. 
God. The song was so cheesy, but you have a sappy boyfriend. The sappiest. 
You still remember the time when he set it as your ringtone for him because he claims it's your song. It was so cheesy it makes you grin at the memory. 
"Hello, best friend." You say after taking the call, faking a monotonous tone. But you're giddy and there's a silly smile you're fighting. Oh my god, why does he still make you giddy? 
"I missed you, don't friend zone me. Haven't seen you in a week." The distress that coats his words was heard from the other end of the line, and you pause the Marvel intro playing on your laptop. 
Biting your lower lip, you play with the hem of your comforter. "Well, that's your fault. You're the one who's keeping me away because of the big game," you hear him groan. You grin. "Also, how dare you not respond to my nude?"
"Babe, stop lying you know damn well how I would respond real quick if it was a real nude and for the record, you told me to stop sending you unsolicited dick pics. I'm respecting your boundaries like the gentleman I am." 
You chuckle, remembering the image of Elmo in his stripper era you've sent him last night. You leaned back on the pillows you piled like a mountain behind you. "But I miss your dick. Also you. But mostly your dick."  
From his side, he snorts. "Ouch. It's always just my body, can we talk about my day?" 
"Eh. You're okay." You both laughed at that, but it soon dissipates and you're jutting your bottom lip out, staring at the ceiling. "Are you tired from practice? I'm so lonely here and I might cry if you don't come over." 
"You're very cute, I'll kiss you silly when I see you," You just scoff at that, but that made your heart jump in your chest. "Can't come over, though, sorry baby. Coach said we have to get  up at 4 tomorrow. But yeah, I'll see you soon, alright, muchkin?" 
You let out a groan that almost sounds like a whine and Jungkook hears that, causing him to chuckle.
"How soon?" 
You really hate sounding so needy. This is probably the first time that you want him to come over so bad—but he's been in his own space for a week just practicing because Finals season for football is coming soon next month, and honestly, you should be doing your own thing too, which was to study– given that most people think you have your shit together. But… you just miss Jungkook so much. You miss his scent and his annoying ways. You missed him being too whiny for cuddles and how he always leaves the last piece of pizza on the box for you. 
"Very soon, baby. I love you. Don't miss me too much, 'kay?"
Slumping your shoulders, you nod slowly. "Okay." For good measure, you add, "And I don't miss you that much. But yeah. I love you, too." 
The call ends and your place is quiet again. You let out a loud sigh.
This is so frustrating.
It's partly because your boyfriend's not here, but it's also because you want to do things but can't get yourself to actually do them. The thought of your unfinished assignments and endless deadlines gives you a headache and you'd really not rather break your head for school. Besides, you like to think you work well with pressure (that's true, but you need to get rid of that mentality) but you don't feel very pressured right now.
Choosing to kill time, you click Instagram, waited for it to load and see your feed, but to no avail. The internet was so slow today it adds to your grumpy mood.
You're about to just continue your movie marathon but then a knock echoes in your flat, making you groan. You don't want to leave your bed, you don't even want to move a single muscle at all. 
Slightly annoyed, you planned on ways you would kick Taehyung's ass for disturbing you in this miserable hour (you assume it's him because as your closest friend, he struts here like it's his home too), while also wondering why he would even be here.
When you stepped out from your room, you heard a click, keys jingling, and you almost squealed as you run towards the man in a hoodie and sweats in the threshold of your little abode.
Jungkook catches you with an audible "oof", automatically holding you up on your back and helping you wrap your legs around his torso. Nose buried on the crook of his neck, hand interlocked around it, and that's when you see the pizza he's carrying on the hand he doesn't have on your body. You hear him slightly chuckle at your excitement. 
"Missed me this much?" 
On any other day, you'd ogle over how hot he is for being so fit to carry you effortlessly like this, but you can see him struggling on balancing you and the pizza box, so you frowned but left a peck on his cheek before you jumped out of his hold. He grins, a toothy one that you adore the most. "Hey, girlfriend." 
"You have the audacity to call me that after ghosting me for a week." You jokingly narrow your eyes at him, take the pizza from his hand, letting him saunter further in your living room. 
"Sorry, had to practice extra hard these days. Can't have the school's quarterback slacking, you know?" He smirks when you scoff.
"Okay, star player." 
He goes straight to your old couch, and you follow him there.
It's almost natural when he takes a hold of your hips the moment you stand in front of him, pulling you down on his lap so he could plant his lips on your own. You sigh into the kiss, the feeling of warmth and familiarity washing your insides. You straddle him, and everything starts slow like the kisses you share when you're just greeting each other, but Jungkook got his hands over your barely covered ass now, lightly squeezing.
"How's studying for the love of my life?" Asked him, his mouth ghosting over the corner of your own, placing fleeting pecks.
"Ugh. I don't know. I haven't been in the mood for being a good student lately," His hands continue to touch the skin under your shirt, and you let him trail his kisses down your neck. "Help me study with the flash cards later?" 
"Hm, whatever you want." His huge hands ascend to a more dangerous place – which was the underside of your breasts. He noticed the lack of bra, took that as an advantage and didn't even give you some kind of warning as he started palming your bare breasts. That should've made you jolt, but you're so used to his ways now that you know it's nothing but a form of some sort of greeting for him. (For some reason, it makes you comfortable.) He's always said he loves your boobs. Gets his hands on them as much as possible whenever he can. "What were you doing?" 
You suck in a breath when he bites the skin on your throat. "I-I… was bingewatching MCU." 
Turns out, the groping is not for usual greeting on this specific day.
Jungkook sucks on your neck, eliciting an "oh" from you, rough hands squeezing the swollen flesh of your boobs. You shift on top of him, and you feel him growing under the fabric of his sweats. God, why did he wear the gray ones. 
"Yeah... I had no idea what to— hey don't give me hickeys!" 
At that, Jungkook bursts out laughing and you jab at his chest, glaring at him and hope you looked scary enough. However, he just removes his hand from your chest and grabs your face so he could kiss your frowning lips. 
"Alright, my queen."
You roll your eyes at his goofiness, getting off from his lap and not forgetting to take the pizza with you as you cross the way to your bedroom. "Yeah, whatever," You wave him off. "I know you haven't showered yet, don't go near my bed unless you have, okay?" 
Jungkook snickers at your remark, and you quickly go back to your bed, resuming your marathon. The door to your bedroom opens once again and your boyfriend was already discarding his hoodie, puts it on the chair in front of your study table, sliding off his pants. He wiggles his eyebrows when he notices you watching him from the corner of your eye. At his smug expression, you grab the box of tissues on your nightstand and send it flying away to his direction. He easily dodges it however, laughing as he makes his way to the bathroom naked — he even made sure that you see his body in its nude glory.
Sometimes, you want to throw him out your window.
After ten or so minutes, he comes out from the shower, casually taking out clothes from your dresser because he has a lot of them in your apartment. Some time ago, you mentioned in passing that you like wearing his clothes, so you think he leaves them on purpose for you to wear. Or it could be that he's just forgetful. Who knows. 
But sometimes, after a sleepover in your place or vice versa, you steal his clothes. Okay – for the record, he owns these high-quality shirts and they're super comfortable 'cause they're big while yours are from thrift stores and mostly bought for the sake of the aesthetic. You just wanna be cozy.
"What part are you watching now?" 
You don't look at him when you answer his question because you know he's naked. And he's showing off. 
"The Avengers." 
You need to have a talk with him again about being too comfortable in your house. The landlady has been giving you weird, inquisitive looks since she's seen Jungkook's butt while she was watering her plants. Don't even ask why he didn't have clothes that time. 
He walks towards the bed.
"Do you have pancake mixtures?" Jungkook asks, all dressed up now, smelling like his body wash he's bought exclusively for your apartment because he abuses his stay here most of the time. The fringe on his hair is a bit wet too, and you felt it on your cheeks when he leans down to kiss the center of your brows.
You nod at his question, craning your neck so you could catch his lips on your own. He smiles, pecking you once for good measure after leaving your room. 
Around twenty minutes in the movie, Jungkook comes back with a plate of pancakes and a can of whip cream in hands. He places the whip cream on your table, holding up a fork on your mouth for you to taste the food he made. 
"This okay?" 
You took a bite, nodding at him with your thumb up.
The mattress dips when he plops down on the bed. You let him slide under the covers beside you but as usual, he shifts so that he's behind you, spreading his thighs, making you lay in between them. You adjust the laptop on your lap and make yourself comfortable in the warmth of his body. 
"Seeing Iron Man breaks my heart," he comments, munching on his pancake when Tony Stark shows up at the screen. You chuckle at that while you continue to eat your pizza you got awhile ago.
There's a comfortable silence that hangs in the atmosphere of your room. Somehow, you realize how much you'd rather be with Jungkook than any other place. Sure, your room's nice and being alone is, too, but you feel better when he's with you — holding you like this while you just... do things. 
It's really nice.
The pizza's long gone now, and there's one pancake left on the plate. Jungkook obliterates the whip cream by squeezing some in his mouth every now and then while he plays with your hair (it's the hand he didn't use for eating because he knows you'll kick his ass if he puts grease on your hair). Credits rolled on the screen of your laptop as the movie finished. You stretch your limbs, getting the device off your lap and resting it on the foot of your bed. 
"Are you staying for the night?" You turn around to look at Jungkook, propping your elbow on the mattress and looking up at him at the low angle. He nods. You beam, excited at the prospect of cuddling him to sleep.
"Come here," he says, taking your waist and hoisting your body up against his. 
When you're level with his face, he kisses you. There's tongue in there somewhere, and you ended up straddling him again like you did back in the living room. Both your mouths taste gross because of pizza grease and the pancakes, but Jungkook made it work somehow. Even making out with you.
You start gyrating your hips against his, causing him to groan. He stops kissing you then, holds your waist down to stop it from moving. He's sporting a semi currently, but he doesn't want to pay attention to it yet.
"I wanna do something," he whispers on your mouth. You peck the tip of his nose. 
"Take your shirt off," But he does it for you anyway. He tossed the oversized clothing somewhere on the heap of your floor, and you wrap your arms around his neck. "Lay back down for me." 
You arched your brow at him, but let him anyways as he turned over your position with ease. You make yourself comfortable as he hovers above you.
"That's it," Jungkook says, pressing a kiss on your lips again. You close your eyes, too immersed in the moment while you massage the hairs on his nape, so you don't notice Jungkook reaching for the whip cream from the night stand. His kisses trail down your neck, making you squirm underneath him.
In the corner of your eyes, you see the thing he has in his hand.
"You're gone for a week and you came back with a food kink?" You question, amused, but lowkey anticipating his next move. 
Jungkook's mouth is on your chest in no time, feeling the vibration of his laughter on your skin. 
"Shut up," He tweaks your nipple in between his thumb and pointer finger, eliciting a moan from you. "I just think this whip cream tastes amazing, good combo with your wonderful tits."
And the next thing you feel is something wet coating your nipple. The whip cream is sticky and cold as you watch Jungkook squeezing the can on your buds. You sigh, head falling back as he begins to spread it on your breasts with two of his thumbs. He hums, leaning down and finally tasting his work on your body. 
"Oh," you suck in a breath as he licks the whip cream off your chest. He sucks on your nipple, bit on it and fondles when the cream is off. And he's paying attention to the other one by doing exactly the same.
"Fuck," he groans around your perky bud. "Tastes even hundred times better. You're amazing, babe."
You moan, finally deciding to grab at his hair for leverage because his mouth is devouring your boobs and you're on your toes, breath shaking because yeah, you never knew this would be hot.
"My mom would skin me alive if she sees me playing around with food." You say out of nowhere while Jeongguk continues his ministration on your chest.
He suddenly stops.
"Don't talk about your mom while I'm sucking your boobs."
"Sorry—ow!" You jolt when he bites your nipple a little too hard. You smack his head for it, and he had the audacity to fake an ouch. "You always do that, I'm not a doll." You glare at him when he meets your gaze. He looks apologetic though when he leans down to kiss your mouth.
"Forgive me, my sweet cheetos," You roll your eyes at the silly nickname. Jungkook pecks your lips thrice, "That's for I love you." and continue his doings.
You let out an amused scoff, giggles then erupting from your mouth at how cheesy he sounded. Ever the sappy boyfriend. You don't wonder why his friends make fun of him.
As he chuckles on your chest, you look up at the ceiling and think that yeah, there's really no better place than with him in it.
Your student responsibilities? You'll deal with them later.
Tumblr media
all rights reserved. © guklore , 2021
Tumblr media
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quillsandtypos · 2 months ago
Just Rest
Summary: The reader is sick but is determined to stay in school and it takes her friends to get her to go home and her boyfriend, Luke, to actually relax.
Words: 1.4k
Warnings: none except maybe a little bit of over working and tickling
Julie wasn't really paying attention to the world around her until she noticed her two best friends having a conversation at least 18 feet apart for some reason.
"No you are not going to your next class you're going home," Flynn argued.
"Flynn, I'm fine!" you yelled back. You wouldn't have chosen to yell, especially with how your throat was feeling; but Flynn wouldn't come within 12 feet of you.
You noticed Julie approaching and saw your moment to cry for help.
"Julie please tell Fl-" you had started to say but Flynn was quicker than you.
"Please tell y/n to go home because she's sick." She proudly crossed her arms at the fact that she beat you.
Julie turned to you with her eyebrows raised both from confusion but her lips quirked up.
"Y/n are you sick?" she asked, as she walked up to you.
"No, I just have a cold," you stated; though you could feel the congestion building in your head
"You look miserable," Julie commented.
"Right?!? That's what I said!" Flynn yelled.
You scoffed and rolled your eyes, "Seriously, guys I'm fine."
Julie knew how stubborn you were but she was just as stubborn as you, and she was quick on her feet.
"If I check your forehead and it's warm, you are going home."
"Fine," you agreed.
Julie placed the back of her hand on the top of your forehead.
You mentally willed your forehead not to be warm.
She paused for a moment trying to decipher if it was warm.
"Flynn come here," Julie said.
"Oh nuh-uh I love her but I am not getting sick," Flynn quipped.
Julie bit down on a chuckle, "I'll put on hand sanitizer, I just can't tell if she's warm."
Flynn reluctantly let Julie touch her forehead before she walked over to you.
"Oh yep, you're definitely warm," she concluded.
"Okay yes, I do feel sick, but I have a math quiz next period," you admitted.
"Y/n the math quiz will be waiting for you when you get back, I swear," Flynn reassured you.
"But I need to-" you started.
"Y/n I will drag your ass out of this school; we need you on Friday for the gig so go home and rest. Please?"
To be honest you were exhausted and didn't have your usual resolve. So you agreed.
You walked into the main office, which confirmed you had a fever before driving yourself home.
When you got home you made yourself a warm cup of tea. It wasn't very good but it did make your throat feel better so it was a sacrifice you were willing to make. You changed into short sleeves and shorts in case you started getting heat flashes from your temperature. You then settled into bed to watch netflix for a bit. You couldn’t really decide what you wanted to watch but you ended up going for a baking show. After a few hours of lounging around you figured you had taken enough of a break and figured it was time to do some homework. You pulled out this week’s history homework as you started reading the chapter and answering questions. After a short while you saw that someone was trying to facetime you, you looked over to see it was Julia calling.
“Hey Jules how was school?” you asked.
“It was good. I just wanted to check up on you and see how you were doing,” she said as you watched her walk into the studio.
“I mean I’m still not feeling the best but I’ve been in my bed the past couple of hours.” You shifted the camera so you could lay down and still see your phone.
“Y/n?” Julie asked.
“Yeah?” you responded absentmindedly stoking your blanket.
“Did I just see the history homework for this week?”
You grimaced and sighed. “Would you believe me if I said no?”
Julie groaned, “Y/n first of all you are lucky I love you and secondly, do not make me send your boyfriend over there,” she threatened, in a halfway joking manner.
You saw her turn and speak and you knew that she had to be talking to one of the guys since you couldn’t see them through phones.
After a few seconds of mumbling Julie turned back around to face you. “Luke says he is more than happy to keep you company.” She tried to keep her face neutral but she had a certain amount of smugness that you couldn’t help but notice.
You looked in the general direction of where you assumed Luke to be. “It’s okay Luke, thank you, but I’m fine. I’m just going to finish this history homework and then I’ll be done,” you promised.
“Luke wants to know when that’s due,” she said, with a knowing look in her eyes.
You tightly pulled your lips in before mumbling that it was next Tuesday; suddenly you chose to become very interested with your pillows.
You didn’t see it but Julie had turned around to talk to the guys. “I didn’t want to have to do this but we need her for Friday and we can spare you today, so Luke, you’re up.”
In a second your very smug looking boyfriend was in your room. He promptly flopped onto your bed, and partially landed on top of you.
You winced slightly and a slight hiss of pain escaped your mouth, but it definitely let Julie know that he was there
“Okay great, since you are a ghost you won’t be able to catch what she has.”
“You got it Jules.” Luke agreed, but now she couldn’t hear him.
“I’m going to go practice, and Luke your job is to make sure she rests. Bye, love you two.”
“Bye love you too,” you said as she waved. You sat yourself slightly up to look at your boyfriend. You propped yourself up with your hands since you couldn’t currently move your legs since they were being layed on.
“How’s it going down there?” you asked.
“Good, your bed is really soft,” Luke commented as he buried his face into it.
You tried to pick up your homework quietly but Luke quickly caught on to what was happening and snatched it out of your hands.
“Hey!” You tried to snatch it back but Luke held it behind his back.
After several failed attempts at trying to get it back Luke cracked into a smile.
“When are you going to give up, y/l/n?” he asked, chuckling.
“When you give me my homework back, Patterson,” you retorted, trying to make another grab for your papers. As you reached up to grab it, you felt his hand tweak your side and you shot back down.
“I’m sick, so that’s not allowed.”
Luke pinned you in place with his eye contact. “Well then you are definitely not ‘allowed’ to be doing homework, especially when it’s due a week in advance.”
“But Luke-” you had started to say but Luke reached over and tasered your ribs.
You squeaked but you otherwise couldn’t move.
Luke got up to put your work back in your backpack before climbing back on top of your bed again.
He smirked over at you. “And if you try to touch it again, I will tickle you.”
You raised your hands in surrender.
“Yeah that’s what I thought,” he said as he crawled over top of you and softly kissed your forehead.
He rolled over to your side and pulled you closer into him. You were ever so thankful when you and Julie figured out you could touch them, cuddling had practically become a pastime for you and Luke.
As you drew closer to him he wrapped his arms around your midsection. He asked if he could rub your back, which you said yes to, because you could never turn it down.
Luke stoked up and down your back, ever so lightly. You layed like this for minutes, both enjoying one another’s presence.
When he hit spot in between your shoulder blade and spine that made you melt further into him, he took pity on your weakened, sick state, and choose not to comment it,
“Do you still feel like you need to do your homework now?” he teased.
“Mhmm, maybe,” you sleepily said.
“Is that so?” he asked, though it most likely rhetorical as had moved one of his hands to lightly scribble at the back of your neck.
“Adachckk! Okhahah, nohohoh!” you giggled out.
“Mhmm, I think you might need some more convincing princess,” Luke mocked.
“Nohohoh!” you screeched; but your laughter was already starting to get wheezy and you were coughing, so Luke stopped.
He pulled the blankets tighter around the two of you, and pulled you in closer. “Goodnight gorgeous,” he whispered; and placed a tender kiss on your lips. Soon enough you were a mess of tangled limbs, but you were fast asleep in Luke’s arms.
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4aloysius-porteu · 3 months ago
i am your ally || tsukishima kei.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing; tsukishima kei x f! reader
genre: oneshot, drama, flangst, a little comedy
word count: 5.6k
details: 3rd year Tsukishima, artist reader
warnings: reader going missing, verbal abuse, crushing of dreams, lots of sadness, heavy parental argument, everything that happens here hits home
synopsis: tsukishima didnt know what is the right thing to say after he heard of (y/n)’s situation, but the words that stumbled out from his mouth were a surprise, yet it blossomed to a meaningful talk that happens once in a blue moon.
(a/n): wrote in the middle of my depressing days to find a little comfort from this character that I love with all my heart. inspired by true situations irl; if you, my friend, is feeling down today, i hope reading this work of mine can help. i might make this into a full story if this got enough attention tho.
Tumblr media
(Y/N) was nowhere to be found. 
It wasn't Tsukishima's habit to eavesdrop on other people's conversation, but he couldn't help but listen when he heard her name from her classmates. She was a consistent top student that will never neglect her studies, so it was unusual to know that she was absent today. He thought that maybe she got sick or she decided to go crazy and skip school. If it was the latter, he hoped that she knows what she's doing, because midterms are coming in 3 days, and he's not going to listen to her whines and begs to help her study for the tests.
And now he just happened to overhear that she was missing. 
He saw her parents walk out of the campus after talking to the vice-principal and to the teachers. Gossip filled the corridors and rooms. Tsukishima went back to his room, clearly annoyed with the unnecessary noise.
He listened to the lectures of each subject and continued to write down important points, but the thought of (Y/N) lingered in his head. What could've happened that led to her disappearance? Was she kidnapped? No, he just walked her home last night and she'll never leave her place past midnight. Kidnappers won't dare to make a move in daylight because of the town's high authority visibility. There's no way she'll be lost in an area she's very familiar with. 
She ran away from home. That is the only logical possibility he could come up with, but he couldn't think of an idea as to why. (Y/N), who loves to be cooped up in her room with music blaring in her earphones while drawing, left her home without a trace. Tsukishima was a little worried, but he won't let his face show whatever the hell he's feeling. 
His plays and blocks aren't exactly bad, but Yamaguchi could sense that Tsukishima was thinking of something other than the volleyball practice. He approached his friend who was resting on the floor, his long arms covering his curled up legs. 
"Tsukki, what's with that expression? Did you get a failing score in a quiz?" Yamaguchi started, in an attempt to lighten up the atmosphere. 
The blonde's eyes darted to him, "Like hell, I'm going to let that happen. What do you want?"
He shrugged, "Nothing, I just noticed that you were a little quieter and more passive today. Normally, you would've chewed the first years out with their simple blocking errors, but you didn't say a thing. You're scarier in their eyes when you're silent."
"I was tired. I'll only waste my voice pointing out something I did a million times." A sigh escaped his lips 
"Right..." Yamaguchi paused, "So, I assume you have heard?"
"Heard of what?"
"That (Y/N) is missing."
"Oh," A frown fell on his features. It wasn't his usual frown. People who really know him would notice that his eyes are full of worry. 
He sat beside Tsukishima before he spoke again. "I know you have ideas on places (Y/N) could've gone to."
"I do not know what you're talking about."
The latter chuckled, "Oh, humor me, Tsukki. If you're that worried, I can excuse you for today's practice. No problem."
"Does that mean that you aren't concerned?"
"I am concerned. I want to look for her as well, but I have to whip the other players into shape. I'm sorry if I couldn't accompany you right away."
Tsukishima stood up and sighed again, "You will excuse me, you said?"
There were silence and the background noise of balls and shoes colliding on the floor. He wiped the sweat off his face before replying, "I'll be leaving the gym in a few minutes."
He changed his clothes and packed his things up, causing the team to exchange glances.
"Tsukki!" Yamaguchi called, throwing his friend's large jacket to him, which the other caught. "Take care! I hope you find (Y/N) and get her home safe."
"I wish. Then, I'll leave it to you, Captain."
The green-haired middle blocker's eyes teared up and sparkled as he beamed a smile back, "I got it!"
Tsukishima started to look for (Y/N) at the places she liked to go to; the art store, the Central Park, the kid's playground, the museum, and the prefectural library. But there was no sign of her anywhere. He looked at the nearby places to no avail. He walked on while dialing her number, but her phone is out of coverage area. He spent 3 more hours finding the girl and soon received a message from Yamaguchi, telling him that (Y/N) hasn't been found yet and that he joined the authorities to help them find her. 
He walked back to the direction of his home, panting softly. He had failed to find (Y/N), yet his brain won't stop thinking about her possible whereabouts. The cool breeze of winter hit Tsukishima's face and shivered at the contact. He had hoped again that she is inside of an establishment, safe from such cold weather.
Tsukishima's home has its lights out. Her mother was invited into her colleagues' reunion as said in her text, and both his father and brother are busy at work. He reached for his key in his pocket and was opening the door, not until he heard a loud sob from somewhere. Tsukishima looked around the place as the sobbing continued. He searched for the source and ended up in their backyard. He caught the sight of a small figure behind the bushes and went closer to confirm.
It was a cat. It had scurried away once he got close to it. Oh, how stupid he is to get his hopes up only to find a scared animal. But he was certain he heard a sob somewhere near. And cats aren't capable of making a sound like that. Or maybe he was only hearing things?
He dragged his feet to the main door to unlock it, but this time, there was a loud noise of scrubbing on the roof. What is it this time? He moved back and looked upon where it came from. 
To his surprise, it wasn't another cat but a person. Their legs were curled up, arms covered around them, with their chin on their knees. Tsukishima turned on his phone's flashlight and there she was. 
It was (Y/N). Her shoulders shook, either from the cold or trying her best not to cry out loud. 
"H-Help me."
He stared at the girl, confused and fighting back laughter because of how scared (Y/N) looked. "How the heck did you get in there?"
"I climbed that tree and jumped off to break in and hide in your room. Turned out that the windows are locked. I don't know how to jump back and I-I was too high from the ground. You know I'm scared of heights! Why did you lock the window?! Stupid!"
"Of course, I would lock the window for the security. And wow, aren't you the stupid one for knowing how to climb and jump up to my window and not knowing how to get down? Why did you climb if you are scared of heights? Such an idiot."
"Fine, fine. I am an idiot. Now, can you help me get off this roof?"
He crossed his arms and smirked, "No."
"Ugh! Please, Kei. I've been trapped here for hours. I am begging you to help me get down. Please?"
He sighed in defeat and raised his arms. "Here. Jump."
For seconds, (Y/N) didn't respond as she was having second thoughts about jumping.
"What? Do you expect me to get a ladder? I'm sorry, but it's in the basement, broken." He said in a mocking tone. "Don't you want to come down?"
"Can you catch me properly? Are your arms stable? Won't you fall on your ass?" (Y/N) interrogated.
Tsukishima rolled his eyes, "Alright, stay there and freeze to death."
"No, wait! I was just asking! Come back! Don't leave meeee!"
The blonde looked up to her and raised his arms again, "Don't think. Trust me, I will catch you properly and you won't crash to the ground. You weigh like nothing anyway."
"Are you talking about yourself?" She retorted, pertaining to his weight.
"Can you please just jump?"
(Y/N) inhaled and went to the edge of the roof. It was a scary view for her, just looking down makes her dizzy, and want to throw up.  She thought he would have the largest frown on his face because of how irritatingly slow she was, but there was Tsukishima waiting for her with the calmest expression. She smiled a little.
"Here I go..."
She took off, closing her eyes, and swallowing her fears. The gravity pulled her feet down shortly after, and Tsukishima readied himself for the impact as he reached her waist. He held on to her lower torso while (Y/N) placed her arms around his shoulders tightly and legs on his waist. The athlete's balance slightly went off, so he took a step back to support both their weights. It was now steady. 
"I'm surprised you didn't lose your balance. Where's the weak boned beanpole 3 years ago?"
"I did for a second."
"Doesn't matter. You caught me. Thank you."
They had stayed in that way for a moment until Tsukishima spoke, "Do you plan to get off?"
"No. I'm tired."
"I am too." Yet she refused to let go.
He exhaled, carrying (Y/N) to the main entrance and finally unlocking the door. Her hoodie was cold and some parts are wet, but it didn't rain on that day. He took her in and placed her on the couch. Tsukishima went to his room, changed clothes, and brought a spare sweatshirt, handkerchief, and a towel. He went down but didn't find (Y/N) where he left her, so he walked to the kitchen counter and found the girl on the corner, shivering like a pup.
He tossed the clothing at her without further words. There was a note from her mom beside the curry in the table, saying she had eaten and she left rolls in the refrigerator. He was about to turn on the stove to reheat the food his mother left, but his eyes landed on (Y/N) who sat quietly, hugging the sweatshirt instead of wearing it. Her hair was disheveled, the sleeves and neck part of her hoodie was damp, her nose was red and her puffy, bloodshot eyes implied that she has been crying for who knows how long. He set the pan down to get her a glass of water. 
"Everyone was looking for you." Said Tsukishima.
"No one was really looking for me." (Y/N) replied, clearing her nose. 
"I didn't spend the last 3 hours tiring myself to scan the whole town for no reason." He sat beside her, handing the glass. "Care to spill the tea?"
(Y/N) drank first before speaking weakly, "I hate them. So much."
The male remained quiet, waiting for her to continue her dilemma.
"Remember when I told you and the class that I will be the most successful doctor in Japan after I finished my studies? It was a lie. It wasn't my dream to stay in a hospital and treat ill people, I only wanted to draw and paint. I didn't care if it never made them or anyone happy, I am happy doing it. And they are taking it away from me."
He knew from the start that her dream job as a doctor wasn't true. For years she stayed close to him as a friend or more, she won't blabber anything of the medical topic. She was terrified of syringes. He saw her reading an article about surgeries and like, but her focus was easily taken away.
She will get a pencil then start scribbling and drawing. Something that Tsukishima always sees her doing whenever she has a pen and paper, but she insists that it was a mere hobby. Her notebooks are well designed and organized, but the back is always full of artistic doodles instead of algebra solutions. She only has very few art materials yet she can make a portrait with only her fingers to shade. She makes digital art without a stylus. She would drag him to the museum after class to view some western and eastern paintings or any work of art while he admires the dinosaur fossils. For times she's watching an art tutorial and talk about art, draw and paint, she has those stupid sparkles in her eyes and a huge smile on her face. 
"You know Tsukishima, after I finish studying and became a doctor, I'll become an artist and if the time let's it, I'll open my own art gallery. That's my ultimate dream." She looked alive and delighted.
Very much the opposite of what she looks like right now. 
Even though she was a slave of art, as Tsukishima was a slave of his own interests, (Y/N) prioritized her studies so much. He understood why when he went to her house and met her parents before their study sessions. He had noticed everything but chose to stay quiet. 
"I-I was drawing last night. Dad entered my room but I didn't notice so he ripped the music away from my ears and yelled. He said that I would always lock myself in my room and draw every night. It was never-ending and irritates the shit out of him. He asked why would I do something so useless that isn't even connected to any academic subject. He was looking down on my art like he was looking at a piece of crap. He told me to stop and threatened me if I didn't. Why would I get punished for drawing? I couldn't get myself to stay silent so I retorted. If he doesn't want to see me drawing, then he shouldn't enter my room at all. He should stop meddling with my hobbies. His anger only went up."
(Y/N) stopped for a while to wipe her tears and snot with her sleeves but Tsukishima placed a handkerchief on her hands. She muttered her thanks and blew her nose and soon followed with a sneeze.
"Soon, it became a full-blown argument. He said that he was checking out if I was doing my projects, but oh he was so disappointed only to find his daughter drawing for nothing. What the heck? I gave them the best grades I could get, and part of it was because of you, Tsukishima, but they still aren't satisfied? I balanced drawing and academics, but they made it seem that all I was doing was my hobby, completely ignoring my efforts at school. I finished the school activities and I reviewed for midterms and all I want is to be left alone and draw. What, they want me to go crazy by studying every hour with things I won't even apply in real life?"
Her fake laughter echoed in the kitchen for seconds before her depressed tone took over again.
"Mom heard all the shouting and joined the argument. Of course, she sided with dad without listening to my feelings and there they ridiculed their youngest child's interests and talent. They told me that everything I do is bullshit and wrong, that I was useless, that I was the huge opposite of their expectations, and... and how come God gave them a joke. She said they raised me so that I could help them, not to do such useless things. It hurts to shout back but I did to explain why I'm so passionate about art in hopes that they will listen and understand but, I was so wrong. I was suddenly slapped..." She placed her hand to her left cheek, her lips quivered a little. 
"I-It stung so much. Mom complained about how the Internet generation is so rebellious and won't listen to the elders. They didn't raise and teach me to talk back at them, but here is their child being a bitch. They started comparing me to my elder siblings or relatives who focused on their studies and who are at the door of success. I know they only want me to achieve the best, but my success isn't up to them! It's on me!! And I've invested a lot for that! They shouted at me as mom pulled my hair. It was so loud I thought I was going deaf. Dad blamed the gadget's influence and my drawings. I have only drawn decent fanarts of fictional characters, people, and sceneries, but they believed that because of these, I turned into a mannerless bastard. So mom decided to get my phone and lessen my allowance so that I wouldn't buy any art materials that are a waste of fortune--"
She bit her lower lip that is trembling uncontrollably and her eyesight blurred as her fat tears got in the way.
"and... D-Dad... he... he... he tore m-my sketch pad apart..."
Tsukishima's eyes widened. (Y/N) brought that thing with her almost everywhere she went and it was filled with good drawings and art plans. She has a lot of them though, but Tsukishima could only imagine how she felt when her efforts were trampled over by someone important to her. 
(Y/N) broke down, bawled her eyes out, and shrieked hysterically. He looked at her with a heavy heart. He had seen her crying sometimes, be it because of a sad movie or empathy, but never like this. A depressed, emotional wreck. Her eyes were sore enough after a lot of hours, but she won't stop crying. It was heartbreaking to see and hear his significant other in this state, yet Tsukishima didn't know what is the right thing to say. 
But maybe there was no need to say anything at all.
Kei wrapped his arms around her weeping figure and pulled her towards him. Cry it out, pipsqueak. (Y/N) didn't expect this action, nonetheless cried in his shoulder He didn't care anymore if this meant he gets his clothes drenched in her snot and tears as long as she felt a little less lonely. He rubbed her back and hair in an attempt to comfort his lover. (Y/N)'s airways hurt, but she screamed the pain out, in hopes that the pain in her heart would vanish. Her weeping went on for long minutes until she choked in her own sobs that Tsukishima had to get her another glass of water.
"Tell me, Kei." She began, wiping her eyes, "Is there... something wrong with me? Is my dream really that insignificant?"
"There's nothing wrong with you. You followed your ideals. Anyone including me would've done the same." He answered beside her.
"I-It's realistic, right?"
"It is."
"Then... why did it turn out like this?" Her voice was cracking.
Tsukishima looked down, "The society is just very cruel."
"Yeah. It sure is. Such a cruel society to live with." 
(Y/N) let out a dejected sigh and leaned on Tsukki's shoulder. "I couldn't look at them without such overwhelming fear and hate anymore. I wonder if... they knew that I was doing this for them. I'd like to make them smile with something I've made myself. Once, I made each of them a portrait. A realistic one made from a pencil. I couldn't afford a material set that can be used to paint realistically, but I tried my best to impress them with a charcoal one. Oh, if only you saw their faces when I gave them the portraits. They returned a half-hearted smile. It wasn't the same kind of joy I see whenever I give them perfect scores on tests. I didn't spend 3 sleepless nights just to see their half happy, half unpleased reaction. I wish they could feel more proud of their daughter who worked hard for them... I wonder if they threw it away as he did on my sketch pad..." 
They let silence engulf the atmosphere for a while. (Y/N) had calmed down a little, despite shedding smaller tears from the side of her eyes. Tsukishima held the sweatshirt he gave her earlier to make her wear it on the top of her hoodie to lessen her shivering. He stared at her, while the other gazed down on the floor with dead eyes.
Tsukishima asked, "So, what are you going to do now?"
"What am I going to do now huh..." (Y/N) repeated. "I'll probably... put everything to an end."
"You know I won't let you."
"I'm not talking about my life, silly. I might stop drawing and all. I've lost it."
"Isn't your life and drawing one and the same? And I'm pretty sure you have that immense talent to continue."
"No... Besides, talent isn't a talent if it doesn't make anyone happy."
The blonde mentally scoffed. She just said that it makes her happy in the beginning.
"Oh? Fine, stop doing that one thing you put everything into. What would that girl you received a commission from would feel if she were to hear you though?"
(Y/N) was stunned. She had completely forgotten about the whole commission thing she opened in her social media accounts. Tsukishima accompanied (Y/N) on giving the commissioned charcoal portrait to a girl last 3 weeks ago. It was (Y/N)'s first commission for years she's making art. Someone liked her work for the first time and paid for it, and her client looks very contented and glad. The words she said filled her thoughts with inspiration.
"Wow, this is awesome! I'm so happy!! Thank you for making this, it was exactly what I've pictured on my mind! You're amazing! All the excitement I've bottled up for this day is so worth it," The girl, probably a little older than them paused and admired the painting she received from (Y/N).
"Would you ignore those words she said?"
 'Please don't stop drawing, I'll be looking forward to your future works!' 
A pang of guilt hit her chest. She wants to pursue art, but there are these shackles and chains on her limbs and around her neck that made it hard for her to move forward. She couldn't breathe. What happened yesterday night was too much. Her parents went overboard. 
A monotone voice interrupted her, "Don't. Never stop striving for something you have been building for years. You might be defeated now, but surely, you will win some time. There's no way you'll stay in the lowest level of the ladder after I saw how hard you worked. You will go to nationals again, and I will continue to support you. I'll cheer for you and stay by your side! So please, do not stop! Let me see those beautiful blocks that you execute in the game once more! And I will watch you reach the top! Doesn't matter how many times, I'll never get weary of watching you do amazing things!"
She was silenced by that statement. She had definitely heard those before, but couldn't quite remember where. 
"Does the sentiment seem familiar to you? Those are the same words that came from your mouth when I was planning to quit volleyball after our huge loss to Date Tech last year. I am returning them back to you."
"Huh?" She replied with a meek voice.
"That time, you really did a good job meddling with my decisions. It annoyed me first, but what you had stated held a weight that I couldn't disregard. You gave me the small push I didn't know I needed. In the end, I'd like to pay you back." Tsukishima stated with a far away look in his eyes.
(Y/N) listened with watery eyes. This Tsukishima's side isn't definitely the one she gets to see every day so she couldn't feel anything but the warm, fuzzy feeling that is healing her heart. 
"It's probably selfish for me to say this but, don't you dare give up. I didn't stop. No matter how long and hard the game is, no matter how tired and discouraged I get, and no matter how many pessimistic thoughts clouded my head, I didn't stop chasing after a falling ball and thinking of another tactic to counter the enemy. I kept your words with me in court. It was you who told me not to in the first place, and I'm not going to forgive you if you ever dropped everything. I won't let the stupid, starry-eyed (Y/N) die today."
The girl beside her started sobbing. "But you told me once that my drawing are ugly."
"Oh. That. I... kind of remember that. I'm not sorry about what I said because I did it to provoke and rile you up. It was a lie though. As someone who always sees you drawing, I can't call your work ugly at all. Your art is... astounding. You make it look like it's so easy to do. I think you forgot next sentence after I told you that."
"What was the sentence after?"
Tsukishima sighed, "I told you to keep doing it, right?"
The sound of (Y/N) crying engulfed the kitchen, "Oh gosh, why did I forget that... I'm sorry, I'm so idiotic..."
The blonde brought her back to his arms, "Will you stop crying, you've been too hard on yourself today,"
(Y/N) hid her face on his chest, muffling her speech, "c-couldn't help it... my mind is such a mess... I do not know..." She paused, coughing. "It's no use if m-my parents don't acknowledge me..."
"Hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people who follow you on social media account recognize you. People in school recognizes you. I recognize you. I am your ally. Isn't that enough reason for you to get back on your feet? I will support you just like how you supported me. You have a lot of people who admire you, but I only have a few people and you. Yet your words are enough. I'm certain that soon, you will reach your parents' standards and get them to acknowledge you. It's not impossible."
(Y/N) fixed her tear-stained face before looking up to him, "You know what? Who are you? Is a good spirit possessing your body? The Kei I know will either stay quiet or laugh at me for being pathetic."
"I was trying to be nice for once and this is what I get?" He frowned.
(Y/N) chuckled and hugged Tsukishima, "I'm sorry. Everything you said meant the world to me. Thank you very much."
She relaxed against his lean body, "I have a question though..."
"You literally had no business in my art, it was my own problem. Why are you doing this?"
"Why don't you ask yourself after you argued with me that night? Why did you have to butt in with my choices?"
"Because you like volleyball! You might look like that someone stole your dinosaur collection when you're at practice, but you're good at it and have a future in it! It is a part of you, and you're deciding to throw it away? Your potential is too big to be wasted and I refuse to let that happen." Her voice is a little louder now, but hoarse.
"There's your answer, little gremlin."
"How is that— Oh."
"But I'd like to add something."
"What is it?"
"You look better doing what you really like. It makes you look less like a hag."
It was silent after that. (Y/N) punched his arm. Tsukishima didn't even wince but asked, "What was that for?"
"The last statement was unnecessary, and the first one is sweet yet cringey." She criticized. 
"C'mon, I'm just a teenager. Aren't you the cringey one most of the times?"
She used the handkerchief to sniffle her runny nose away, "Why do you have a knack of returning everything I said to me?"
"I won't do it if it's not appropriate." Tsukishima placed his hands on her back and to her hair, "So, what are you going to do now, (Y/N)?"
"I'll think things through. My brain is still slightly messy, but I'll be fine, thanks to you. But Kei..."
He hummed as a response. "I don't want to go home. I want to run away."
"Not possible. You can't survive on your own. You're almost 18 and until now, you don't understand how a washing machine works with all your perfect scores in exams."
"This is just a thought. I didn't say I'll be alone. I'm taking you with me."
"I refuse."
"Couldn't you wait for more months until we graduate?"
(Y/N)'s eyebrows raised, "So basically, you're agreeing, but not this time?"
"No, but you'll be free of your parents' suffocating control. Who knows how huge is your potential by that time."
"How considerate of you." The girl smiled.
"Only this time. And no, we won't live in the same place in college. Not yet. Not until we finish our studies, have secured jobs, and get important things done." 
"Will you be playing volleyball at college?"
He lazily replied, "Probably."
"Don't give me such an ambiguous answer!"
"Probably yes." 
"Hmm. Fine by me. I'll continue to draw, then." (Y/N) rested her head near Tsukishima's neck. 
He smiled a little at her answer, "Another thing though. I don't think... you should leave things with your parents like that. There'll be a time where you have to face it."
"Yes, that sucks... I don't want to think about it but I'll have to go back eventually... When that confrontation happens, I'll try to calmly talk it out with them. I will never be certain if it will end well. But my hate and fear of them won't change."
"You can always run back here if it didn't end well."
"Kei, don't want to see their faces just yet. Can I stay here for a while?"
"You even bother to ask. You are welcome anytime in this household. Just enter the house in the front door, not in my window."
"Right... thank you."
"Oh, now it's my turn to ask. How did you get in there?"
(Y/N) sighed, "It was on 4:30pm. I was on the loose and I looked for a store where anyone can't recognize me so I can eat for lunch. But there's this creep who kept on following me—"
"Did he hurt you?" He abruptly questioned.
"No. I ran as fast as I could before he could even get close to me, but in the next block, there were the town authorities with my mom, and I knew they were looking for me, so I blended into the people with my hoodie on and made my way. I climbed the tree in panic that they'll find me and hid there. It took me hours to notice that your house is just next to it, so I decided to climb to your window. However, the window was locked, and I was stuck."
Tsukishima sighed in relief. "It was a miracle that a klutz like you didn't fell off the tree and surprisingly, no one found you."
"I was high in adrenaline when I climbed the tree. My blending and hiding skills are in ninja-tier now, I beat you."
"Whatever. What did you have for breakfast?"
"...a melon bread."
"Just that?"
"Just that." 
Tsukishima kissed her forehead before lifting her up with him. "Go change. Borrow any of my clothes. I'll reheat the food."
(Y/N) kissed his cheek, slowly got off him and went upstairs. Tsukishima opened his phone to text Yamaguchi about her situation and proceeded to reheat the spicy curry. 
"Wait, Kei! Is it okay for me to eat?" She shouted from upstairs.
"What kind of question is that? Of course you can." He shouted back.
"Your mom left that for you, for your dad and for your brother. I'd feel bad."
"My brother and dad will come home late and I'm sure they've eaten already. So is mom."
"Are you sure? I can replace the food." She said while going down the stairs.
"Oh, you can cook? I'm afraid you'll burn the whole kitchen." He mocked.
"At least not the whole house." (Y/N) laughed, "Just kidding, I have a tiny knowledge in cooking."
"You don't have to, I told you they already ate. I'll bring out the sushi mom made if you still want to eat."
"Alright. Thank you for the food."
Few hours later, Tsukishima's mom came home and took off her shoes. "I'm home."
As she was about to enter the living room, Akiteru greeted her and placed his finger in front of his lips, indicating her to keep quiet. She wondered what was going on and saw her youngest son and his girlfriend leaning on his shoulder, asleep on the couch in front of the TV. He signaled her to read the note Kei left on the table. 
To mom, dad, and brother,
Earlier in the morning, (Y/N) went missing and her parents and town authorities were looking for her. I found her on the way home, but it turns out that she ran away from her home because of an intense argument between her parents, and doesn't want to be found yet. Please let her stay here for a while. I'll do most of the household chores or any favor you ask me in return. 
Mom, I shared the curry and sushi rolls with her. I left for some for dad and brother. (Y/N) said it was very delicious. 
She smiled after reading the note and looked at the sleeping kids. She took notice of (Y/N)'s eyes and quickly understood the situation. Before she left to rest in her room, she looked for a spare blanket and laid it atop them to keep them warm. 
(Y/N) snuggled further to Tsukishima's arms, satisfied on how this night will end well, unlike yesterday's.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Reputation part 1 - Intent
Tumblr media
Perth Apichart stared at the dry erase board filled with diagrams of DNA and the breakdown of a cell but was completely lost. He scratched at the back of his head, a tell tale sign he got frustrated and tried writing it down as if that would make it make more sense but all he saw was gibberish of his own making. His wolffish handsome face was face of consternation. His large dark eyes closed in thought. His round nose flared at he let out a breath. Sighing in frustration he looked a few seats over and saw Lei was steadily writing answers to the pop quiz. The black glasses wearing Star Student was living up to the title. Dressed in crisp white button down with the emerald green tie of the 2nd years, and black slacks which was the private University dress code, he took extra care everything he wore looked perfect. While Perth, the star of the school Soccer Team wore his shirt with a few wrinkles, his pants were black jeans, in his eyes close enough, he frowned and had an idea, crumbling up his paper into a tight small ball he aimed and was about to throw it when Lei looked directly at him.
Perth froze, staring at the glaring face behind the black framed glasses. Lei mouthed the words (Do your test) and went back to writing. Moments later the ball bounced off his cheek. Lei stood with his hands on his hips and shouted "Perth!?!" And Perth looked up from his newly started answer page looking like a deer caught in high beams.
Lei looked confused and Perth shared his confusion both turned to look behind Perth where a blushing smiling girl waved at him. Lei waved back trying to laugh off the embarrassment as their classmates snickered. Perth’s eyes widened incredulously and he turned back to the girl and glared. In response she rolled her eyes. Lei being the smartest in their year was only one of the reasons so many admired him. Lei’s face is beautiful with large almond shaped eyes that were a mix of green with bits of amber brown beneath a pair of long dark eyebrows. He has a long nose with a rounded end above a Cupid's bow mouth. He has a limber swimmer's body. Even his thick brown hair, styled to the right with bangs falling above his green and amber eyes was perfect to Perth.
The loud sound of a wooden ruler hitting the desk brought everyone's eyes forward. Their teacher, a graceful older woman with long blond hair pulled back in a French braid wasn't pleased with the outburst. She folded her slender arms over her ample chest and purses her blue lips.
"Mister Bai, are you finished with your pop quiz?!" Miss Cecil asked in a slow menacing voice
"No Miss C," Lei said as he sat back down. Within seconds she had snatched his paper and spoke.
"Yes, you are now, so leave. Come back when you can keep in your seat and keep quiet," Miss Cecil said and when he opened his mouth to speak, a raised eyebrow from her caused him to shut his lips and leave in a hurry.
"Miss C it wasn't his fault he was provoked!" Perth explained and she didn't bother picking up his near blank paper and pointed at the door. Perth was buzzing with anger and wanted to say more but the look on her face was deadly. Looking down in defeat, he noticed the white canvas messenger bag beside Lei’s seat. He knew it was his because it had a human heart picture done in rainbow watercolor across the flap.
"Is there a reason you're still here?" Miss Cecil shouted. That snapped him out of his revelry and he nodded at her and moved between seats and students to grab the bag and head toward the door. He moved swiftly, his large brown eyes searching the hall for Lei but he was already gone.
"Knowing that geek, he's probably off somewhere crying over this. I doubt he's ever been in real trouble before..." Perth thought, anxiety growing as he took out his old iPhone and placed a call. The bag vibrated and cursing, he reached inside and dug around a bit before finding the sleek new sky blue Oppo phone. He looked at the screen and was shocked to see the contact photo was of him sleeping in class. Perth frowned at the photo, it wasn't a good one. His mouth had drool on it, and he looked like a dog passed out.
"That sneaky little fox," Perth said dropping the phone back into the bag and going off to find the little fox.
Lei sat in one of the stalls, breathing heavily and holding himself as he tried to get a hold of himself. He was so embarrassed, all the eyes on him, the laughter. His heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going to burst out of his chest. He tried so hard to calm down, to just focus on breathing. That's what his mother had told him when she was alive.
"Sometimes the world seems too big for you, I know it well my love. But close your eyes and focus on each breath you take. With each breath think about one good thing. Count them, focus on each person or place and count them. It will help slow your heart and you'll smile after" he could still hear her soft, gentle voice and he closed his eyes. Tears ran down his cheeks as he remembered Miss Cecil failing his test. He clasped his hands to his ears and tried to block out the sounds of her angry voice and the students laughter.
Outside the stall, Graham Tavish was styling his hair. Tall and handsome with a face with no blemish, all the girls wanted Graham. His family's wealth and position of power in the world of Digital Tech made him a very sought after man. He took advantage of this every chance he could. Each lock of his recreated bed Head hairstyle needed to be flawless. The sound of wheezing and whimpering caught his attention and he turned quickly and looked at the white stall doors. He narrowed down the sounds to a doors few feet away from him and asked out loud.
"You ok!?!"
The sounds became muffled and he knocked on the door.
"I'm.....fine... please go away," came a choked reply. Graham remembered his older sister Becca when she was having anxiety attacks and knew it was the worst thing he could do. So he reared back and kicked the door hard. The door swung back and almost hit the boy huddled forward holding himself so tightly his knuckles were white.
"Hey...hey," Graham said softly crouching in front of Lei. He didn't know the boy, his tie was the green color of the junior, and he was a senior so this boy was his responsibility.
"C'mere," Graham said and reached out and grabbed Lei and lifted him off the toilet and carried him out of stall. The freshman was so small it was like lifting a girl Graham thought as he carries him out of the bathroom and to one of the benches beside it. Taking hold of Lei’s trembling hands he smiled down at Lei who watched him with frightened eyes.
"It's going to be ok, whatever it is, it's not as bad as you think it is. Just lay here and catch your breath," Graham said softly and kept smiling as he turned to make sure no one was around. His sister had always hated the way he looked at her when she was escalating . So he made sure no one could see Lei’s face as he cried. He was grateful no one came, after a few minutes be felt a soft tug on his shirt. He turned and his eyes widened as he looked down at the golden skinned boy with Amber eyes looking back at him. His cheeks were Rosy from crying and his eyes were puffy from it too.
"Thank you," Lei said slowly and Graham nodded. To him Lei looked as beautiful as any girl he had dated, and he couldn't think of words as the boy sat up slowly and held his held.
"Headache? Yeah that happens after a anxiety or panic attack."he finally said remembering how to talk.
"How did you know," Lei asked his eyes tearing up again.
"My sister used to have those, she still does but she doesn't live with me anymore so I don't know how many she has," Graham recounted. Lei nodded and looked around frowning.
"I have pills in my bag, but it's not here."Lei explained trying to get up but fell back down. Graham held him up against the wall and spoke, "Easy there, your body is coming down from being super active it takes a minute to feel right again" Graham said smiling a charming smile and wiped at Lei’s brow with his sweater sleeve.
The same smile Perth saw from a few feet away having finally found Lei. His large dark eyes were set in a glare as he stomped over. Graham's attention was on Lei but Lei saw the tall angry man heading there direction and quickly moved Graham's hands away.
"Little Fox! You forgot your bag!" Perth exclaimed his heartbeat pulsing in his ears as he watched Lei move away from the handsome guy Perth had seen at the Medical building. The man had a reputation for bedding any beautiful woman who walked past him.
Lei leaned forward and reached for it and Perth took a step back. His intent to get Lei to move away from the wolf next to him. Lei’s eyebrows rose in surprised confusion. He rose from the wooden bench and stepped forward to take it. Graham wise to his intent now, grabbed Lei’s other wrist. Perth reacted on pure instinct as he let Lei have the bag and shoved Graham back.
"Don't touch what's not yours." Perth growled as he moved into Graham's personal space. They were nose to nose, tension burning between them.
"Is he yours than? Last time I checked you were very straight or are the rumors about our star Soccer Player lies?" Graham asked smiling a teasing smile. One that made Perth really want to punch off his handsome face. Lei shoved his way in between the two of them, annoyed with the dog and the wolf snarling over him.
"I am not a Toy, Graham! You don't get to touch me no matter what condition I'm in when you find me." Lei stated, giving Graham a glare in dare to contradict him. Perth smirked at him. But Lei turned to face him with a similar look.
"And You! We are friends, we share a common goal but that doesn't make me your property. Stop acting like a dog pissing on my leg or stay away from me." Lei said and stomped off away from the two dumbfounded men. He was grateful neither chased him or they would have seen the redness of his face and the trembling of his hands. His crush had been jealous over him, he couldn't believe it, refused to believe it. He finally stopped at the elevator and took a breath.
"What is it with you," Graham asked, the smile he had used gone. In its place a frown and measuring curiosity. Perth looked into those eyes for a while. It was always easier to tell a stranger a secret, you don't care what they think of you. But the people you're close too, the ones who see you every day, it's impossible.
"I...I don't know.Lei, he makes me crazy. The things that run through my mind when he's happy or in pain. I don't know. I want him to look at me the way he looked at you," Perth said lowering his head in defeat.
"Sounds like you Love him." Graham said after a moment of thought. He sat down and folded his arms waiting. Perth heard the words, but it took him moments to process the weight of them.
"Maybe, but it doesn't matter. You heard him, friend, that's what I am," Perth said looking down at Graham who shrugged.
"You sure are stupid soccer star, but word of advice. If you don't tell him, you'll only ever be his friend." Graham stated before pulling his phone from his pocket and beginning to text someone. Noting that Perth was still there, he waved him away without another word.
"He seemed pretty angry with me," Perth thought as he walked back the way he came. He didn't take the elevator remaining on the second floor of the college Science building. He was lost in his head, his mind replaying the anger on Lei’s face as his feet moved on their own. Looking up finally he saw that he was back at Miss Cecil classroom. Looking through the glass of the metal door he saw she was still there. At her desk grading tests from the previous class. A thought came into his head and he knocked.
The look she gave him wasn't a happy one and he let out a sigh of relief when she motioned him in.
"Mister Pravit, I thought you'd be off with a short skirt by now." Miss Cecil said lowering her reading glasses and looking at him.
"No ma'am, I was wondering if you could let us retake the test," Perth asked sheepishly.
"Why would I do that? You don't comprehend the basic make up of cellular structure and think it's your mission to antagonize my star student. And he is easily baited by you to do something stupid every time." Miss Cecil said, her brows creasing into a straight line.
"You're right, it's my fault not Lei’s. Can he retake the test, me I will just work harder, pay more attention," Perth said clasping his hands in a sign of prayer to her. She raised an eyebrow
"If you could even stay awake during one of my lectures that would be an improvement," she added and paused thinking it over.
"You're not really here for you to retake this test at all. Are you?" Miss Cecil asked leaning back in her chair
"No, it's for him. I don't think he's ever failed at anything before. So to have a failed test is probably hitting him hard. So if you could let him do it again, I promise that I will leave him alone during your class. And I won't sleep anymore." Perth begged.
Miss Cecil closed her eyes, massaging the bridge of her nose as she sighed heavily and nodded.
"You both must be here tomorrow at 7am sharp, if either of you says a word I will fail you so fast your head will spin." Miss Cecil stated in a cold voice raising her ruler for emphasis. Perth ran to her and held her hand excitedly.
"Thank you Thank you Thank you!" He shouted, Miss Cecil shook with the strength of the shaking and finally had had enough and smacked his hand soundly with the ruler. Perth moved out of reach rubbing the back of his hand but still grinning from ear to ear.
"Get out, I have work to do and I assume you have studying to do if you want to pass this test. And do let Lei know" Miss Cecil said as she put on her reading glasses and went back to work.
Leaving the classroom, Perth’s eyes widened in fear at texting Lei about tomorrow. He was unsure of how to do it after the jealous ass he had made of himself. Taking a deep breath he pulled out his phone and unlocked it with his face and sent a "Hey Lil Fox" before exhaling loudly. His face red from holding his breath. Now to wait for an answer and get some lunch, his stomach growling as he made his way to the canteen.
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— uni with atz pt. two
notes: swearing, fluff, mildly suggestive dialogue. tags: @latte-fairytaekwoon
Tumblr media
seonghwa — [ early edu. + developmental psych. ]
extremely organized in all aspects of his life
your bookshelf at home consists of books on developmental studies in children.
if he isn't in class or volunteering, he's either cuddling with you or reading.
stressed 24/7.
takes very pretty and neat notes.
randomly spits out facts throughout the day.
sometimes, you join him during his volunteer hours at various daycares and schools.
is all the children's favorite teacher.
extremely patient and soft-spoken when it comes to working with even the most difficult child.
also loves being called 'teacher hwa'.
"i don't know, if i were you, i would make the students call me king san."
"they'll probably end up bullying you," seonghwa replies back.
you don't know how he has the patience for the amount of children he has to take care of.
takes you picture-book shopping with him for his students.
finds himself singing nursery rhymes while cooking or cleaning.
has polaroids of you two stuck on the fridge.
brings lint rollers to work.
gets worked up in public if a parent seems too neglectful in any way.
"y/n!" he tugs at your elbow and points with his jaw to the right, "look! his kid is just spilled all that paint on the floor, and he didn't even bat an eyelash!?"
"don't intervene again, please."
"okay, but-"
the whining of metal and steel cut him off, and the two of you jump in fright at the sound of a shelf falling apart.
"some people really shouldn't have kids."
whines when he comes back home that the paint stain and glitter just won't come off his clothes no matter how many times he rubs the spots with warm water.
or how he has mulch stuck in his socks and shoes from taking the kids outdoors to play.
you somehow always end up finding a googly eye or specks of glitter under the couch.
sometimes brings home finger-paintings with numerous colorful hearts and two stick figures in the middle.
"today's assignment was to paint what makes you happy."
you also help him stitch up little felt and cotton dolls for the kids to keep.
often gets sick from working with children.
and passes it onto you by accident.
you know he's had a bad day when you ask him how it went, and his face scrunches up in pain.
stormed into your shared apartment one day and made a beeline to the bathroom.
forty minutes later, he comes out, towel wrapped around his hips, face and chest flushed, and explains that a child accidentally peed on him.
gets flustered when you laugh at his demise.
sometimes uses his teacher voice when scolding you or your mutual friends.
and you all end up teasing him more anyway.
"do you use that tone in bed too, hwa?" yeosang asks one day. mingi and yunho splutter out in disbelief, followed by loud laughter.
you choked on your bite of cake at the sudden remark.
"what did i ever do to deserve this slander," seonghwa grumbles whilst patting your back.
he often stays up late making lesson plans for both his classes and ones to implement at work as well.
takes full advantage of his teacher's discount at shops and restaurants.
sometimes brags about it to his friends to get under their skin.
"you have it easy. just watching kids and getting free food," san says one day in the middle of their game of jenga.
"it's not easy at all," you hear seonghwa reprimand the younger, and laughter rings out from the other four guests.
"you're learning about children! what's so hard-"
you had a hunch that seonghwa purposely tilted the wooden tower to tumble over an unsuspecting san.
"y/n! your boyfriend is trying to murder me!"
seonghwa paces in circles around your apartment whilst studying for an upcoming exam.
asks you to quiz him on certain materials.
"correct! okay, can you define the preoperational stag-"
"how many kids do you want to have in the future?"
"kids. how many do you want to have with me?" he presses further, eyes trained on your face rather intently.
"can't this conversation wait until you finish studying?"
"no. i'm too curious," he licks at his chapped lips and leans in to poke your forehead, "i need to know. this is important information. please."
Tumblr media
yeosang — [ biology pre-med ]
met you through your mutual friend, wooyoung, who invited him to live in your shared dorm.
"you didn't tell me you have a dog?" yeosang turns to wooyoung, brow quirked up whilst pointing to the 'beware of dog' sign on one of the bedroom doors.
"oh, i don't. i just put that up to mess with y/n," wooyoung dismissively explained while making a sandwich.
is the reason why you and wooyoung haven't killed each other yet.
asked you out after five months of moving with you and wooyoung.
designated one of the kitchen's shelves as a medical supply closet.
"because wooyoung always ends up hurting himself without doing anything."
"i do not."
stress is his middle name.
constantly contemplates his life decisions.
"wooyoung! shut up! i can't finish my essay with you blabbering every damn second!"
you had to get used to the sight of a full sized anatomical skeleton in his room.
"okay, but i'm not letting you fuck me with that thing in here."
later that night, wooyoung's heart nearly burst in his chest from fright.
"yeosang! why the fuck is your skeleton in my room!?"
some nights, during dinner, yeosang slams his obnoxiously large textbooks onto the table, and insists for the two of you to quiet down while he skims over the pages a few times.
"can't you just enjoy your meal for five-"
"no. now hush."
not only does he have labs, presentations, and essays to worry about, but he also got accepted for a pre-med internship at a local hospital.
hardly goes out anymore during his free time.
most dates include cuddling on the couch or baking something in the kitchen.
stays up late at night to complete assignments.
towers of thick books decorate his nightstand.
"no, yeosang. i really don't want to see you dissecting a cat," you grimace, turning quickly and shielding your eyes from his phone.
"why not?" yeosang whines softly, hand tugging the hem of your shirt with a frown, "it's not that bad, i promise-"
he's cut off when wooyoung snatches the phone from him with a loud cry, "gross! y/n, you're letting him touch you after he touched that?! and fuck- what is that smell?"
"that's formaldehyde. now give me back my phone before i dissect you next."
you join him at the lab when he has extra work piled up.
"you look so cute with a white coat and goggles."
you prod and poke him repeatedly, asking him numerous questions about the specimens in the lab.
"y/n! don't touch that!"
one day, wooyoung comes home sick.
you insist on taking him to see a doctor, only for him to emit a haughty laugh at you.
"why would i waste my time and money when i have yeosang here?"
"but woo, he didn't even get into med-school yet-"
wooyoung insists he doesn't need to see a professional, "yeosang is practically our live-in doctor! why do you think i begged him to move in?"
you roll your eyes, calling for yeosang to persuade the younger male.
"alright, tell me your symptoms," your boyfriend sighs, plopping down onto the couch beside you and wrapping an arm around your shoulders.
after wooyoung explains everything and takes his own temperature, he peers at yeosang for an answer, "well?"
"you're dying," yeosang nods simply.
wooyoung's visage pales, and he scrambles to sit up on the couch with a disturbed expression.
yeosang is always studying.
you insist for him to take a break sometimes.
"i can't. i have lab tomorrow. oh, and a paper."
"but you always say that!"
you attempt to tug him out of his seat.
"come on! just for an hour, and we'll be back. promise."
he's always reluctant at first, but finds himself agreeing later anyway.
enjoys the small dates at the nearby lake probably more than you do.
Tumblr media
mingi — [ accounting ]
a gifted genius when it comes to numbers.
is your very own math tutor.
jokingly asks you to pay him back.
he accepts kisses and hugs. baked pastries are also a bonus.
"y/n? are you okay?" a hand waves in front of your face.
you blink at him wordlessly, mind fogged from the bombardment of information you just received, "sorry- you lost me. can you repeat the process again?"
he playfully smacks your shoulder with the ruler and stomps his bare feet onto the tiled floor, "this is the third time!"
"i'm sorry! you know how i am with math!"
he begs you to take classes with him as electives.
"sorry, baby. i love you, but there's no way i'll ever take statistics."
"okay, what about economics?"
"management? business administration!?"
"no and no."
"but y/n! it'll be fun! you'll be with me!"
always whines about how much he hates having to take 'stupid management classes' and the group projects that come along with them.
"they never take the assignments seriously!"
said group visits your apartment to work on projects with mingi.
"aren't you supposed to be working on that project?"
you watch as mingi and his friends suddenly erupt in an explosive argument about the game they were currently playing.
"yeosang! what the fuck!?"
"it's y/n's fault mingi was distracted!"
you let out an indignant squawk and glare at yeosang.
"that round didn't count."
"stop being a sore loser, san!"
"so.. i take it you didn't even start?" you grimace, peering over to the untouched books and papers on the coffee table.
"it's just management class. no big deal," san explains quickly with a dismissive wave of his hand before nudging your boyfriend with a glare, "you better not make us lose this time, or i'll kidnap y/n."
stays up late to finish other work that's due.
loves to wear big spectacles when studying.
it 'helps him focus'.
writes notes on his calculator and slides it towards you while you're both home studying.
"mingi, what is that?"
"read it upside down, you bum."
has a coffee mug with 'i love π' in big, bold, red letters.
refuses to throw it away even though the rim is chipped.
always bugs you about how you should have a budget plan.
insists on teaching you how to make spreadsheets on excel.
"i can't do this, mingi. too much numbers give me a headache."
"do you want my lucky glasses?"
rambles on about things related to his field, and you can only nod in confusion every time.
"how does your brain keep up with all of this?"
"easy. just be one with the numbers."
"that was a bad pun.."
"you're supposed to laugh!"
mingi was that typical student who complained about studying, but is always the one acing everything with the highest score.
"i should just quit university and become a stripper."
"you say that every exam week, and yet, you always pass with the highest grades," you mumble from the other side of the couch, absentmindedly highlighting a few sentences in your book.
"yeah, but studying is a pain in the ass," he exhaled with a loud groan, head thrown back against the back of the couch, "why me, y/n?"
you roll your eyes while reaching over to pat the side of his face in comfort.
"everything will work out just fine."
later that week, he joyfully bounces into your apartment with a large grin plastered on his face, "guess what?"
you snort in amusement.
"let me take a wild guess. you aced your exam."
"and guess who has the highest score?" he tugged you forward by your cheeks with a bright grin.
"yeosang?" the cheery expression on his features suddenly vanished, causing you to laugh, "i'm kidding."
likes to study while attached to your side, wearing comfortable pajamas and warm socks.
sulks whenever his stock investments drop further than he expects.
and is always in a good mood whenever the prices spike back up.
always has a horrible math pun up his sleeve.
sends you accounting memes and becomes a gloomy mess when you don't laugh or understand the joke.
"what if i propose to you with a math problem? and we have pie instead of cake?"
"please don't bring math into our love life."
Tumblr media
yunho — [ broadcasting journalism ]
roommates with you, hongjoong, and jongho.
is called 'newspaper boy' by hongjoong.
is well-known around campus for being one of the student journalists for the university's newspaper.
you have the very first published paper, with his full name printed on the front, framed in the hallway of your dorm.
has the prettiest hands.
and longest fingers you've ever seen.
can put them to good use.
especially when typing out essays. they're practically blurred from how swift he is.
likes to ramble about current international events to jongho early in the morning. the latter pretends to understand, giving the other false hope.
jongho always sends you a pleading look to save you from your lover.
always carries a notebook.
article deadlines = stressed yunho.
complains that his friends are 'uncultured'.
helps you with your essays.
if he has enough time, he'll actually re-write it for you.
"was it really that bad?"
"it's okay, baby. you're good at other things."
"how come you don't re-write my papers?" jongho huffs from across the living room.
"you're not y/n."
interviews you and your other roommates for his projects.
you smile from behind him as he zooms in obnoxiously close to hongjoong's disgruntled expression.
"he zoomed in on my nose again, didn't he?" the blue haired male asks you.
"sorry, but that tomato sauce stain is really distracting me."
hongjoong nearly drops his fork.
"what stain!?" he furiously rubs his face with the back of his hand, "see! i told you that you always interview us at the most inconvenient time!"
is constantly writing.
can be very unorganized.
"who took my ap stylebook!?"
"can you stop shouting? it's 6 a.m., yunho!" hongjoong growls from his bedroom.
mingi and seonghwa often visit your dorm because they're usually partnered with yunho for an assignment.
it somehow always winds up with mingi and yunho fooling around, whilst seonghwa struggles to persuade them to help him with the work.
sometimes, you tag along to help film his public social experiment projects.
is a social-bug, so people are instantly drawn to him.
likes to cuddle with you while watching the films for his assignments.
you think most of them are pretty boring, but being in his lap and tucked against his chest makes up for it.
you like to add glittery stickers onto his video camera and tripod.
is very much infatuated with you, so he doesn't mind one bit.
applied for a paid broadcasting radio station/tv internship over the summer and was quickly accepted.
asks you to help him style his hair for his first day at work.
"but it's just a radio station. no one's going to see you?" jongho questions with a perplexed expression.
"i still need to look presentable!"
and later that day you quickly hush the two males beside you once the clock strikes 2 p.m.
"quiet! yunho should be on any second now!"
"i was just breathing?" hongjoong whispers weakly.
over dinner, jongho often mimics yunho's reporting voice.
"y/n, do i really sound like that?" yunho pouts as you and hongjoong burst into fits of laughter.
"aw, don't be sad. i love your reporter voice, baby."
will wake everyone up early the next morning by yelling at the top of his lungs with his reporter voice just to get back at you three for laughing at him.
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yourcasualhomie · 6 months ago
✨ Mystic Messenger headcanon ✨
• No spoilers (I still haven't played his route)
• Angst, angst and angst.
V/Jihyun's mind is still stucked in between Rika and MC, but when you have conflicts between your past and present. Doesn't it means that you're still not over everything that has happened?
:) It is unbearable (:
(Jihyun x MC )
Tumblr media
It was just another lazy morning when V and you woke up, with a little kiss on each other's cheeks.
You were in the kitchen, thinking about everything going on in your mind, as you flip the pancake.
After keeping the pancakes on the table, and you both sat on the chairs(I can imagine their house being minimal, artistic yet aesthetic.)
You were busy playing with the fork and food, as if the pancakes didn't reached your standard.
• "Mc?" V called out, with his calm voice. You looked up from the plate into his eyes and a tear made it's way down your cheek.
• "Mc.., you are you okay? I mean, did you burned your hand or maybe someone said something?"
• V bombarded you with questions in 2x speed trying to look calm and got up from his chair, coming towards the corner of your chair.
• You started looking back at the plate, and asked "Do you love me?" in such a low voice that it almost sounded like a whisper.
• "What?" V asked, even thou he kinda heard you said.
• Do you 'actually' love me? You repeated but this time, a little more firmly.
• "Just say no, if you don't and I'll leave. There's no use of crying over spilled milk, is there?" You told him, while shooting glares at him.
And as he was about to say something, you continued again.
• "And please, don't. Just don't lie, please.."
you warned him, as you were already so tired of him feeding you lies just because he was conflicted between you and Rika.
• "I.. I'm.. I'm trying." V replied, with all honesty.
• "But please give me a little more time? I, I'm all yours. It's just.. it's just that I need a little more time maybe."
• How should I forgive you for giving me hopes and never actually loving me back? It's all just a lot for me. Your mind said, whereas your lips stated that
• "I'm trying to understand you, V but I just can't. I genuinely can't, no matter how much I try to understand that little mind of yours.
Or should I say that I'm fucking aware of the lies you're feeding me just because of your bad decision making and hiding it all using time as an excuse?"
• "I.." V tried cutting you in between but you weren't stable.
• You started speaking in a little louder voice than normal.
• "No, please no. Not again. Not more lies jeez! You can't always escape from the truth." And the hurricane of tears rushed towards you.
• "You just can't!" You stood up on your chair as well, with salty tears and slammed your hand on the table.
Honestly, this was the very first argument where you were actually heated up because you both have always been extremely calmful.
You sat back on the chair again, whereas V sat on the floor Infront of you holding your hands, as if his life depends on them.
• You sobbed into his chest unceasingly, hands clutching at his shoulders. And he held you in silence.
• Your tears soaked his shirt, your howls of misery worsening and the pain making it hard for V while you were taking short pauses for recovering breaths, and then you distanced herself back. (These lines were kinda inspired by someone and I barely remember who)
In between sobs and hiccups, you said. • "Let's.. let's just talk okay? I.. I can't share you. Just as weird as it sounds it's the truth because I can't constantly think of myself as a competition."
• "I'm a human who needs love, not a toy who should be scared of his owner to abandon him anytime."
You took a deep breath and continued,
• "I love you, and I will always. I.. I promise, you've to be one of the bestest thing in my life but it hurts a little too much, A little too much."
• "The more I try to control myself, the more it hurts me when you dream about Rika and call her name after waking up.
• It hurts me more and more, when I see you seeing the memories, pictures, reading the texts of Rika. But it's okay, I get that you can't get over it.
• It's life, not a fictional fanfic where everything gets better all of a sudden. But.. how can I give you time when the time I'm giving you to move on from her is being used for sexual interaction between you and Rika."
And this was the time when it all came up to V as for why you were reacting the way you were.
It wasn't like he wanted to cheat you, he knew you're one of the most amazing thing he'll ever get but at that time all he knew was Rika and Rika. and he made a mistake, or should I say he repeated his mistakes and repeatedly felt guilty about it.
But in the end, it became a habit loop.
Him, going to the asylum. Visiting Rika, her kissing him and him getting more into the heat and it smh started becoming a daily thing
where his love for Rika triggers him, they have sexual interactions and he gains pleasure which results in guilt and the chain continues.
It finally felt like that mask of guilt and pleasure, was finally over and now he had to show his real face to you.
But was he ready for that?
Or was he ready to loose you just because of that?
Because no matter how much he tried to control, he just couldn't move on.
• "Jihyun" you said, with low yet firm voice filled with sweetness and at the same time, coming from your heartbroken soul.
• "I.. I don't know MC. I just can't control myself, I just can't find a way. But I'm trying, I am. And.. and.. and I promise I'll get better, I'll get better for you, for me.
• I'll get better in order to get it all done. In order, to give YOU all my love. Iloveyou but my mind just doesn't know how to control itself. Please.."
V pleaded and squeezed your hands.
"I love you." You replied, and after a second of silence you continued.
• "I genuinely do. I want you to be happy, because you totally deserve that. I swear, you do and I might never stop loving you, you know?
• But I've always believed that if someone has to think about choosing you then it means you still don't have their heart truly.
• And.. and it's understandable. Love isn't a quiz right? Where you just tick and cross and tick and cross and then think about the right conclusion."
Even you weren't getting what you were speaking, but you had to speak your heart.
• "Please please please, don't leave me MC. I.. I get that okay? I. . I allowed her to ruin my mind but but I won't okay? I'll I'll forget her, forget it please."
• "I.. I don't blame her V and neither do I blame you, Not at all because why would I? I know it's not easy to leave someone you love so much because I love Someone too.
• I love you but I can't do it all anymore. I can't be a part of all these choices and competition. I might not be good enough for you, and maybe you might found someone new.
• A good and happy beginning, and I genuinely pray you get that even if i'm nowhere in that happy beginning because.. because it hurts a little too much in order to stay.
And if I've to be more honest. It has become unbearable.
You stood up, and perhaps this was the last time you saw V before leaving his house, forever.
And perhaps, it was all for the best.
Feel free to lemme know if you actually want an aftermath, because I've already made the aftermath scenario in my head and I'm totally enjoying it (;
@buddhajourney 's series where Rika comes back and MC gets left out inspired me for this fanfic, and it is so good and angsty that I actually started crying and it literally made me hate Yoosung (i'msosorrybutyoosungrikaisnotafuckingangel,pleaseno)
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firemblem-fics · 7 months ago
Running With the Wolves [1]
Tumblr media
preview | >>
-> Yuri Leclarc x Fem!Reader
-> Modern!Au | Gang!Au | Enemies to Lovers
-> Word Count: ~3.3k
-> Warnings: Violence, Blood, Cursing, Weapons
-> Summary: You were just a normal college student, trying to find her way in a new place. You didn’t mean to get caught up in the wrong crowd. You just wanted coffee, but now you’re running with the wolves.
-> A/N: SURPRISE I POSTED IT EARLY ! thanks to my lovely beta readers for helping me revise and edit this chapter to make it better! i’m still in a writing mental block but i think this is one step closer to getting out of it! so, please enjoy (again)! also, all characters are aged up (21+)! also y’all should reblog this so it gets out more 🥺
send me an ask if you’d like to be on the taglist!
Tumblr media
"Fuck- She's losing too much blood, Boss, she's not gonna make it!"
"No, no. She's going to make it- I'll make sure of it. Stay alive!"
Your vision was dark and blurry- you couldn't quite see anything. You could only make out a few silhouettes hovering above you, each one rushing around and yelling frantically. You couldn't count how many were there. Your vision kept doubling and it was hard to discern one person from three. Focusing just caused things to get worse.
"Someone put pressure on the damn wound! She certainly won't make it if you all keep messing around."
It was only now that you noticed a sharp pain radiating from your chest, right below your ribs. You gasped loudly and coughed. It hurt worse than the throbbing that already coursed through your head. Your body burned.
Trying to look down, you saw a rag soaked in blood. Hands with bright nails pressed down on your wound to slow the flow, but it didn't seem to be helping. You started feeling dizzy and laid back again, clenching your eyes tight as nausea engulfed you.
"No, keep your eyes open, Y/N, dammit! Wake up!"
Slowly, the pain began fading, as did your view of the people above you and their voices. You could still barely hear the voice crying, sobbing out your name. Whoever they were, they were crushed.
"Wake up!"
Was that voice finally fading away too?
"Wake up!"
No- it was getting louder.
"Wake up!"
"Ellie, what the fuck do you want?" You groaned, rolling over on your bed.
Your roommate bounced on her knees, making your bed creak loudly. "What do you mean? It's like 10am, your class is at 11. Don’t talk to me with that tone of voice."
"Fuck me."
"Absolutely not, baby." Ellie smacked a pillow beside you and got up. "Get ready!" She went to her own room, leaving you to your own devices.
When you applied for an apartment roommate, Ellie was certainly not the one you were expecting. You would've preferred a chill, laid-back, person. Instead, Eleonora Yumizuru walked into your life (and apartment) and practically made herself at home. She didn't judge you from transferring so far away from your old home for your last year of college, claiming that "home roots don't mean shit when it comes to making it in the real world".
She had the right to say such a thing, having moved to Fodlan from another country in her youth. She was able to understand the occasional homesickness and help you cope as you adjusted to Fodlan life. She understood you like the back of her hand from the moment you met and you did the same for her.
Really, you had to let her move in. She’d probably have stayed even if you rejected her.
She was the complete opposite of what you were looking for- overconfident, stubborn, loud- but she grew on you and easily became your best friend. There was just something about the bubbly, blue-eyed, blonde-bobbed bitch that hooked you.
She had certainly hooked other people as well, but thank God her bedroom is on the other side of the apartment. Her social skills and magnetic personality worked for platonic friends and acquaintances as well. Ellie was constantly bringing over friends, allowing you to expand your own circle. She was heaven-sent for a newbie like you.
You sat up from your bed, yawning and stretching. Trudging to your bathroom, you rolled your eyes as the infamous Taylor Swift blared through Ellie's speakers, "Shake it Off" shaking the entire apartment. Nothing against T. Swift, but sometimes she was not the first thing you want to hear when you wake up. At least not at max volume. Ignoring the song switching to "You Belong With Me" -another banger from Swift herself, but really "Teardrops on My Guitar” was your favorite- you finished getting ready and lazed into Ellie's room.
"I've got class 'till late today." You sat on her bed. "Do you want me to pick up dinner? It’ll let me explore the area."
"Oh, please do. You need to get out more. But where?"
You shrugged. "There's really only like two good food places here. Golden Pizza and Blue Lion Buffet. Your choice."
Ellie thought for a moment. "I went to the buffet with my little friend Touma the other day... so pizza! I just can't choose a side in their little spat."
"Spat?" You tilted your head.
"Goodness, Y/N! I know you're a little new here, but you haven't even heard of the shit that goes on between those restaurant owners?"
Shaking your head, you stayed silent for her to continue.
"The owners of Blue Lion Buffet, Eagle's Freezery, and Golden Pizza are all huge rivals. I heard they were all close, but went their separate ways. All the owners' kids are our age, too. They go to Fodlan Uni, but I don't know who they are." She smiled. "I am an esteemed woman with an upcoming high status. Who would I be to take sides? I prefer to cater to them all."
You could only nod, hiding a smirk at Ellie’s infatuation of fame. A huge restaurant rivalry. How funny. "What about that little cafe on the corner? What's it called? Café des Loups?"
"They're pretty neutral, just some college dropouts trying to make some money. I think they’re gonna get involved eventually- every restaurant’s been dragged into their drama at least once."
You nodded, standing up and messing with your apartment keys. "I'll keep that in mind. Bye, Ellie!"
"Bye! I better see some pizza later!" She called as you made your way out of the apartment, now playing "I Knew You Were Trouble".
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
College was honestly a scam.
You sat in the classes for two hours at a time, for what? You were paying thousands of dollars to be talked at by old dusty men who made you fall asleep faster than trying to read their overpriced textbooks. You paid thousands to nap at a desk.
Unfortunately for you, though, your thousand dollar desk nap was interrupted by a tapping on the surface. You huffed and looked up, coming face to face with a pair of soft, orange eyes. They radiated kindness and just looking into them seemed to lift your mood immediately.
"Hey, you need to wake up for this part. The professor said there's gonna be a quiz on this section tomorrow."
You shot up, looking back at your professor. Blushing embarrassedly, you smiled at the boy. "Thank you..."
"Ferdinand." He drew his bottom lip in between his teeth, as if to conceal his smile, before giving up and returning yours just as brightly.
As you faced forward to Professor Hanneman, as you were pretty sure his name was- or was it Ham Man? You didn’t care enough to know- you were now struggling with two distractions. One, the weight of your eyelids as they threatened to pull you back into dreamland. Two, Ferdinand.
You kept glancing at him, taking in his complexion. He must have come to class late, since you didn't see him before. Or maybe he was on time- you did fall asleep quite early into the lecture.
You were eyeing his carefully sculpted jawline, dotted with subtle stubble that connected to sideburns and led up to clean, silky, orange hair. You wished to run your fingers through it-
"Y/N, this is the second time I've seen you not paying attention." You jumped nearly three feet in the air. "Next time, I'll have to ask you to leave my class since you are obviously taking it as a joke."
"I-I'm not joking! Sorry!" You stuttered, finally finding a reason to keep your attention on the lecture. You did look away once, just to glare at Ferdinand, who only winked and chuckled at your misfortune.
Class was eventually over and you sighed, finally loosening up from forcing yourself to pay attention. You packed your notebook and laptop and swung your backpack on, getting ready to leave the room before a voice called to you.
You turned back. "Ferdinand?"
"I was simply wondering where your next class was. I can walk you to it, if you'd like." Said boy walked quickly towards you, holding himself with a nearly-perfect posture. You felt anxious- he was trying to make himself seem like a gentleman, but you still felt a little unnerved.
"Oh, um, sure! It's not for another fifteen minutes, but it is across campus."
Ferdinand's grin seemed to get larger, making his eyes crinkle at the edges. "How wonderful! That little café is down there and I've been meaning to check it out anyways. It works out perfectly."
"Uh, yeah." You laughed nervously. This was the first time a boy had taken interest in you- or was he really interested? Maybe he's just being nice-
"Also, before I forget. May I get your number? I'd like to talk to such a gorgeous woman like you a little more."
Oh, he was so interested. You had to make yourself breathe again as you handed him your phone to let him put his number in. He gave it back to you and you noticed a heart and a smiley face emoticon next to his contact name. Your heart fluttered at the sight of the emojis and you felt your cheeks heat up a bit. Ferdinand gave you a sweet smile before holding the door open for you, letting you lead the way to your next class.
On the way to the building, Ferdinand spent the time asking you questions and getting to know you better. He had scratched basically the entire surface of you, save for the secrets that new people shouldn't know, and the same could be said for you. Ferdinand was definitely a polished and refined man. He made quite the impression on you.
"What are you doing after classes?" You asked, hoping to invite him for pizza at your apartment.
"Ah, I've got work!" He smiled sheepishly. He definitely caught onto your hopes...
"Really? Where? Maybe after, you could stop by for some Golden Pizza-"
"Actually, I work at the Eagles Freezery." He was tense, suddenly. "So I really shouldn't. Rivalry and all of that, you know?"
You were a little confused, actually. "Why would that prevent you from hanging out for a bit? You didn't buy it, I did. Plus I thought the rivalry was only between the buffet and the pizza place?”
"It's- it's a loyalty thing. It’s between all three of us.”
"It's a restaurant. How loyal could you possibly be to a dumb little ice cream parlor-"
"It's more than that!" Ferdinand snapped his mouth closed, suddenly making himself quiet after his angry outburst. "Listen, I cannot and will not eat there, look at it, talk about it, or do literally anything about it. Please, just understand that."
"Uh, yeah." You nervously readjusted your backpack on your shoulder. "I- I should get to class now. I'll see you later, Ferdinand."
"Goodbye, I'll message you after work!" With that, he sent you a wink and a smile and turned, going about his own day with the most carefree pep in his step. As if nothing ever happened. You, on the other hand, could not have been more confused. Ferdinand seemed unpredictable when it came to his moods. He was comforting and kind, yet was so… upset when you insulted the parlor. It was a restaurant. Why did he get so worked up about it? Maybe Ellie was right about it being such a big deal.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
“I just ordered! Go, go, I’m starving!”
Not even five minutes after you got out of your last class, Ellie was calling to remind you about dinner. You were still slightly unnerved from your encounter with Ferdinand, but you agreed to pick it up and would never hear the end of it if you didn’t do something as simple as takeout.
Golden Pizza was only about two blocks away and you stayed on the phone with your roommate the entire time, only saying goodbye as you walked in the establishment. The restaurant was very nice, the honey yellow walls and the glow of the wood-fired oven making the ambience warm and welcoming. You didn’t wait long in the line, soon coming up to meet a boy about your age with a glimmering emerald gaze and a smile just as bright at the front counter.
“Hi!” The boy- Claude, according to his nametag- greeted, “How can I help you?”
“I’m just picking up an order for Eleonora Yumizuru.”
Claude nodded and typed a few things into a computer at the counter. “I know Ellie! She and I had Stats together before she dropped out to pursue her acting career. She’s certainly something.”
“Oh, definitely. I’m her roommate.” Speaking of the devil, your phone vibrated in your pocket. It was a message from her. “She actually just messaged me. Wants me to bring her a dumb little lemonade from that cafe.”
Claude laughed, “You can go and get it now, if you’d like. Your pizza will be a few more minutes. Ellie set the time for your pickup for later, so you’re actually ten minutes early.”
You thanked him and left, walking to the cafe. You took your time, observing the shops around you. Across the street from Golden Pizza stood the Blue Lion Buffet. You smiled to yourself- what a cliche to have rivals across from each other. Beside the pizza parlor was another food shop, the Eagles Freezery. You thought about Ferdinand- he said he was working today. Maybe you could drop by and- No. No, Y/N. Go get your lemonade and go.
A soft bell chimed as you opened the door. You saw four people in cafe uniforms, going about their day as you approached the register.
“Welcome to our humble abode!”
“Constance, that’s only used for a home.”
You shyly waved at the so-called Constance and the pink-haired girl who corrected her. Cafe des Loups- or Cafe of Wolves- was a quaint place, quiet and not crowded, kind of like an off-brand Starbucks. Dim lights adorned the high black ceiling, illuminating the shop just enough for a comforting ambience. There was a mural of a rainforest painted on the wall to the opposite of the counter with comfortable tables and lounging areas. If you could, you’d probably waste the day away lounging around. It was the perfect environment for an introvert like you.
At this shop, a large dark-haired man controlled the register instead of Claude. As you approached the register, you noticed that he wasn’t wearing a nametag, but you had a small urge to call him Bigfoot.
“Hey! What can I get ‘cha?”
You scoured the menu. “Just two pink lemonades is fine-”
“Oh! Good choice!” Constance interrupted you, coming to stand beside the man. “Yuri-bird over there makes the best sweet lemonades!”
You followed her gaze over to a man who was sitting on a stool, slouched down and leaning his head on his hand. He stretched and stood up. “Thank God, we haven’t had many customers all day. I was starting to think we lost our appeal.”
“Of course we have not!” Constance replied. She turned to you, but you couldn’t tell whether she was still talking to Yuri or you. Maybe it was neither. “Not when someone as handsome as Yuri is making the drinks and my attractive self is greeting the customers!”
“Hey! I’m just as much of a visual as the boss-man.” The taller man joined in after taking your money. “We’re all pretty nice looking. Especially this little lady ordering~”
You blushed a bit. “Oh, please, I’m nothing special-”
“Nothing special?” Constance laid her hand against her chest. “You’re wonderful! Almost on the same level as me. Isn’t that right, Yuri-birdie?”
Yuri looked up from making your drinks, his analytical eyes seemingly boring holes into you. You shuddered, feeling like he could tell your deepest and darkest secrets from just looking at you. He shrugged, going back to the lemonades.
“She’s alright, I suppose.”
“You suppose? Yuri, that’s rude-”
Hapi was midway through lecturing the purple-haired man when the door to the shop chimed open and a rather large group came in. Yuri looked up and suddenly stood alert, as did the other three workers. In the group, you saw a familiar head of orange hair and orange eyes met yours. Your face screwed up into confusion.
“Don’t say anything.” The leader of the group, a short, white-haired girl snarled. “Are you a new… worker here?”
“Wh- you just told me not to say anything.”
Slowly, Yuri and the other three came up beside you, standing slightly in front. Your heart nearly stopped- you were in the middle of something you definitely weren’t supposed to be in and your sass had gotten on their bad side already. The white-haired girl scrutinized the five of you, her lavender eyes piercing holes through whatever facade of confidence you had tried to put up. You could feel yourself literally wither under her gaze, even more than you did when Yuri looked at you.
“What do you want, Edelgard?” Yuri put his hands on his hip, one fiddling with something under his shirt.
“I want your loyalty.”
Yuri snorted. “You aren’t in charge.”
“I’m not? Hm. Tell that to my father after he stepped down. I’m the leader now- the emperor, if you will.” Edelgard sighed heavily. “I have no time for more conversation if you won’t comply. Hubert, deal with them.”
The terrifying man who you assumed was Hubert suddenly reached in his coat and pulled out a handgun, aiming it at the five of you. Yuri quickly retaliated and pulled one of his own, throwing it at Constance before grabbing your wrist and running to the back. A loud gunshot rang through the air as you and Yuri continued to run. You both dodged around coffee shop equipment and he dragged you through a labyrinth that they considered the back of the store.
As you were running, Yuri pulled you to a sharp right turn and your arm scraped against a metal machine in your way. You hissed in pain and looked down at it, seeing a large wound going down your shoulder to your elbow. It was starting to bleed rather quickly, but you had no time to worry about it. You’d have time to tend to it if you survived.
“What’s happening?”
“No time to explain. Quick, hide!”
Yuri pushed you against the wall in between two larger cabinets and stood in front, grabbing yet another gun from his other hip. He cocked it, listening for the ruckus of the fight in the main room to make its way towards your location. You were shaking like a leaf, grabbing tightly onto your wounded arm and smearing blood all over your fingers and your clothes. You breathed heavily, trying to calm yourself at least a little- was this why Ferdinand had been so defensive over the Eagles Freezery? What kind of restaurant rivalry would constitute attempted murder? And wasn’t this cafe uninvolved anyways? You didn't have time to ponder any more questions as a loud crash echoed through the room. Yuri lifted his gun and began to speak lowly, not taking his eyes off of the door.
“When I say run, go out the back door and get in the black car back there. Don’t go home- one of them will find you.”
A gunshot rang through the air and Constance, Balthus, and Hapi burst through the doors, running towards you all. Yuri turned to you as the three of them caught up to him, pulling out their own weapons again as Edelgard began yelling.
taglist: @fairyblue-alchemist @emperor-pizza @flavoredmilktea @fe3h-random-writing-and-stuff @mifuyuyu @blviddyd @laurexlance @atomicchocolatecookie @mapesandoval @local-goth-lilz
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comegetyallships · 8 months ago
Personality ship w. BTS, BP and ITZY, please? I'm a curious and free spirited person, and I'm introverted. I'm rly sensitive to loud noises and I dislike crowds but I still spend all my $$ on concerts. My entire life used to be dancing but I injured my knees and can't anymore (I still cry over that sometimes fml). I ADORE history and would literally live in a museum if I could, and I love Disney&HP. I admire Van Gogh and I'm a farm girl at heart lol. I'm a listener, and I'm tiny n thicc haha
Tumblr media
in bts i ship you with... TAEHYUNG
Tumblr media
-takes you to art galleries randomly and listens to you ramble about the history of the paintings;also lets you drag him out to history museums simply to listen to you talk with passion
-reassures you everytime you get down about not being able to dance,lets you cry on his shoulder if you need to;always tells you it doesn't define you and you shouldn't be hard on yourself for something out of your control
in blackpink i ship you with... ROSÈ
Tumblr media
-brags to everyone about having a smart girlfriend,even if it makes you just super proud of you
-takes the pottermore quiz with you even if she's clueless as to what it means
in itzy i ship you with... LIA
Tumblr media
-loves pointing out that you're smaller than herr
-doesn't understand half of what you're talking about but is always curious and invested
-loves to come home to you at the end of a hard day and just talk to you,it soothes her that you're there always
{all ships are open!}
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mysewoon · 9 months ago
hi~ i'm currently taking your which monsta x member do you vibe with quiz and please do you have any more quotes from your korean exchange program i'm crying
hkjfdks (sorry for the late reply) while on program we created a spreadsheet so we could document all the dumb stuff that was said lmao here is some more of my favorites
“fire is just spicy energy”
“that’s a 1987 toyota 광대 (clown)” 
*walking into oncoming traffic* “pay my tuition, i dare you”
“my host sister ate my homework”
“let’s make every black person immortal”
“but you speak in centimeters”
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t-amajiki · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
; hi, first of all, i would like to say thank you for everyone who has been supporting me since day one– i love you all so much and you all mean the world to me.
the past months have been such a blast and now that june is fast approaching, i'd like to take that month as the month where take a rest before school starts. i want to take time in myself and my health– mainly focusing on my anxiety because it's been going up and down everyday. the point is, i'm taking another hiatus (i'm sorry) because i need to find the better version of myself and also to prepare for the school year.
don't worry, when i come back, everything will be posted and up for you all to read. thank you so much for understanding. i love you all. stay alive for me, okay?
gere, out.
☾︎ my name is gere !! some my know me as coochie and/or your resident simp for hinata and tsukkishima 🤠
☾︎ my birthday is on december 27 and i am 16 years old !!
☾︎ i am pansexual and i identify as genderfluid !! i also prefer she/they pronouns ✨
☾︎ i am a capricorn !!
☾︎ my kinnies are kamado tanjiro, hinata shoyo, tamaki amajiki, and bruno bucciarati
☾︎ i am the eldest out of three,, kind of the “role model” child in the family but surprise, surprise, i'm the ✨ disappointment ✨
☾︎ i was the head feature writer in our school pub !! because of that, it opened a lot of opportunities and i was able to win a lot of awards for it <3
☾︎ my house is slytherin 🥳 i took the quiz again and it said i was a gryffindor 🤠 my two personalities are contradicting themselves inside of me.
☾︎ i sing and play the ukulele 👁️👁️ my dad is getting me a guitar soon,, so uh,, yeah. i sang once in my school and won,, if you're interested, i have a yt channel but i posted only two videos on there.
☾︎ i own two knives ?? idk why but i feel like everyone needs to know. it's dangerous where i live and i have to make sure i have some sort of protection when i go out.
☾︎ my favorite color is pink and black 🌸🖤 pink is such a pretty color,, like wowie. i could stare at it forever but ion want to wear it?? i prefer wearing black bc i am emo
☾︎ i have nine dogs 🥳 five belgian malinois, one german shepherd, one rottweiler, one shih tzu, and one rescued pup !! they are all named after marvel characters except pebbles n dale 🥺
☾︎ aside from writing, i also draw a bit but im not talented at it. like, i know how to but it's not really great
☾︎ i listen to conan gray, my chemical romance, panic! at the disco, melanie martinez, joji, and waterparks – literally anything that ranges from indie to alternative rock, i dig that 🤪 mui says i have this cutesy wlw music taste but im just gay,,
☾︎ my favorite song is In Luv With U by finn,, literally makes me feel loved, dude. i imagine im in a healthy relationship 😔 one that i could never be in HAHA
☾︎ my favorite animes are jojo's bizarre adventures, one punch man, and haikyuu!!. i also watch my hero academia, demon slayer, angels of death, cells in work, darling in the franxx, and others that i cannot think of bc my head is ??? at the moment.
☾︎ i cosplay, yes, as some may know. i used to cosplay yoon bum, dabi, tanjiro, shigaraki, and kirishima when i had black hair 🥳
☾︎ i used to be a coffee addict but shit happens yk? i cannot drink coffee anymore,, the universe hates me so it made me sick,,
☾︎ my aesthetic ranges from soft girl to egirl,, there's no in-between.
☾︎ i like walking around but i don't like interacting w ppl,, not very good with making friends :")
☾︎ i LOVE sour food,, they are v yummy 😋
☾︎ my friends say i kin tanjiro, hinata, tamaki, and bruno bucciarati. not complaining ✨ i support that tbh.
☾︎ my favorite anime character is rohan kishibe from diamond is unbreakable 🥳 although, im pretty sure he hates me. ion care, i still love him w all my heart.
and that's about it. i'm a very boring person, so yeah. i don't know when i'll be back, but i promise you, i will be. i will be writing up the request left in my inbox, my 1k special– that i didn't finish– my 2k special, and my sweet boi.
please be patient with me. while i'm gone, can everyone look out for my blog? like, see if someone plagiarized my works bc if they do, i will cry. pls don't, i will cry. it's unfair to me. don't do it, okay?😸
don't worry, i'll be back mid-june or by august !! with new fics and updates ready for you, guys 🥺
i love you all. take care and always remember to drink water, my loves.
be right back.
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hai-q-haikyuu · 10 months ago
Pavlovian Conditioning | Kageyama x Reader
Word count: 1.8K
Warnings: none
Genre: Fluff (?), College!AU
College!Kageyama x College!Reader
"Damn you, Kageyama! I've been doing this for TWO FUCKING MONTHS, and you haven't fall into my obvious hints that I like you!" is what you wanted to tell him for a long time now. You have been dropping hints to him and he doesn't seem to notice. Helping him with his homework voluntarily, asking him to eat with you during lunch (coz boi he eats alone all the time), and writing his notes when he falls asleep during class, those are some things you do for him that obviously say "I like you, Kageyama!" but you don't know what is wrong with this boy. Is he that stupid or just numb? You don't know but what you know is that you are not going to give up until he realize that you like him and make him like you.
Another day, another stress brought to you by being a college student with Kageyama not taking your hints on the side. What a great time to be alive!
Today is one of those days when you feel like not dropping hints to him, you're tired and you have something big carrying on your shoulders. You’re a leader of your research group for fuck sake.
"We're only freshmen but why the fuck do we have to comply with all these activities?" you whispered with unbelievable look in your eyes. A day in university just come to an end and you are in your favorite cafe with all your school papers on the table, waiting for the barista to call your name and sip on that delectable coffee you just ordered. Studying in this cafe is relaxing and the ambiance is perfect for you to focus, so it is a part of your day to stop by here and study.
"It's because you're a college student, stupid" a familiar voice made you raise you head and it was your childhood friend who study in the same university as you.
"Oikawa!!" calling him with tears in your eyes, nope you're not sad you're just happy to see him.
"Hey hey, don't tear up cry baby!" he pulled the chair in front of you and sat down, looking all the papers scattered on the table then looking at you in disbelief.
"What in the hell- this is a lot" you looked at him and gave him a look that says "I fucking know, right" then letting out a big sigh.
"Yes, great king this is a lot, but that's not all! I have a quiz on my major tomorrow, and I need to study three chapters," you complained, pulling your untied hair into a messy bun.
Oikawa did not speak but you still feel comforted with his presence, but then he opened the topic you really do not want to talk about.
"So how's it going with-"
"For customer y/n?" the barista cut him off mid sentence, great maybe he'll forget talking about him. Goddamnit Oikawa, y u gotta bring him up?
You stood up and went to the counter to get your order, doing everything slowly so he'll forget what he was about to say a while ago. But it's Oikawa we're talking about, he'll never stop until he knows the answer to his curiosity.
Reaching you seat and as soon as you sat down, he asked "So anyway, how's it going with Tobio-chan?"
You gave him a look that throws knives that could kill him.
"W-what? I'm just asking, just wanna know!"
"well... I don't fucking know what is wrong with him! He doesn't take all my hints and I do not want to tell him directly. Is he that stupid?" Oikawa laughed and you raised your eyebrow making him stop.
"Yes, he's stupid. You're a Psychology major why don't you use psychology instead of doing common things that common girls do. Then, bye! I gotta go, good luck with school... and with Tobio-chan!" then he made his way out leaving you confused and thinking.
Use psychology?
You shrug it off for now and just start working on your school papers that is due tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
"I'm home!" you announced your arrival as soon as you stepped inside your house, going straight in your bedroom and changed into a pair of pajamas and comfortable shirt.
You set up your study table with your psychology book in it, a notebook, and some pens and highlighters.
You've been studying for half an hour and you just started on the second chapter out of three chapters, you don’t really mind sleeping late if you go to school with confidence that you’ll ace your quiz.
"Hmm, Classical Conditioning... by Pavlov. Okay okay. Hmm okay I understand" you muttered while reading the textbook definition of the term. Studying the three types of learning as indicated on your Psychology book, an idea – a brilliant one – came to the magnificent brain of yours. A smile forming in your lips as you continue your studying.
I bet this one will work so be ready Kageyama.
“Good morning Tooru-chan!” you cling your arm to your friend who’s giving you now a disgusted look, but you just gave him a wide smile.
“What’s gotten into you? Why do you look happy? Why are you happy? Are you okay? And why the fuck did you call me Tooru-chan? I’m older than you, you know?”
“Woah easy boy, eaaaasssy. Why flood me with questions? My mind is already flooded” flooded with thoughts of Kageyama.
“Flooded with thoughts of Kageyama” he said that earned a laugh from you, he looked down on you and furrowed his brows.
“It’s because of you that’s why I am thinking of him more than usual, idiot. You’re a genius. I complimented you, take it or leave it” You sassed and walked faster.
“Why? What? What are you talking about?” he asked as he ran to close the big distance between the two of you.
“You’ll know it, I’ll tell you when the time comes. I have 10 AM class, I gotta go. See ya!” You left him there, this time he is the one who is confused and thinking. Why is she so happy? Why did she call me a genius? Not that I do not think of myself as one, but why did she call me a genius?
Making your way to your classroom, you stopped by to a vending machine, buying two cartons of milk. This class is your major and Kageyama is in that class too, so it makes you extra excited to reach the room. This subject last for two hours but you don’t really mind since learning is everything, right? And you’re a flirt and seeing Kageyama for two hours is too much to make your heart go boom boom.
After the quiz, there was some time left so a little discussion took place until it’s time to wrap up.
Lunchtime. Okay, this will work. I trust you, Pavlov. Don’t let your bitch down!
“Uhh, Kageyama–”
“Damn!” his loud voice made you jump; you were stoned in your place. Heart beating faster with a little bit of pain, thinking that he was irritated by you. You are about to tear up and take your leave, but he spoke.
“Hey, you were saying something? I’m sorry, it’s just that I forgot to bring my milk” your eyes sparkled. Heart skipped a beat. You’re in cloud nine, thanking the Gods.
“Yes, uhh let’s eat lunch together and here, wait a sec” you rummage through your things to get that extra carton of milk you bought on the way here.
“Good thing I bought two milks, it must be destiny” you laughed and handed him the milk and it’s his turn for his eyes to sparkle, he was so touched because it’s milk, duh. He wouldn’t share his milk with everyone, but you shared yours. Now he thinks of you as a goddess… of milk, who give free milks to those who needs it.
“Let’s eat lunch” he announced. I am not going to let this opportunity slip, a goddess asked me out. He thought.
Yo what the fuck? He agreed! Yes, this is it. A love story will emerge.
The two of you made your way out of the classroom and walked towards the university cafeteria. Now, what to do? You don’t really know what to do now, you both are eating in silence.
Come on, brain I need you please don’t leave me hanging!
But your brain is not cooperating with you, lunchtime ended and you both parted ways. It’s okay, you feel contented, you ate lunch with him and tomorrow you are going to ask him again because giving up is not on your vocabulary.
You are so eager to make him like you, so you are pulling Classical Conditioning at him to make that happen, all thanks to Oikawa for giving you that idea.
It’s been seven days since you started using classical conditioning. Giving him his daily milk, you bought at the vending machine, watching as his eyes go sparkle.
You noticed the changes of him. Whenever you showed up, a big smile is forming on his lips just like the smile you see when you bring him his milks, his face painted with happiness just like when he is drinking his milk, and how his eyes sparkled when you give him his milk.
You rummage through your things just like the past seven days and give him his carton of milk. You stretched out your arms and handed him the unopened carton.
“Here you go, Kageyama. Your daily dose of milk” you said as you sip on your own milk.
He eyed you and took the milk
“You don’t really have to do all this for me to like you” your eyes widened at his words. Shocked. Wondering if he knew it all this time.
“Huh?” is all you can say
“I know you’re pulling Classical Conditioning on me to make me like you, did you not realize that I am not going to like you if you do that?” Oh. It hurts. Pavlov, you let me down. I hate you. You thought. Standing there in front of him, waiting for him to say another word even if it pains you. He is so straightforward it hurts, right there in my heart. But what the fuck? I thought he was stupid. He understands what classical conditioning is when all he does is sleep in this class!
“How long have–” he cut you off mid-sentence
“You associated yourself with my favorite milk, it’s not you who makes me excited, it’s the milk” he continued. Why am I still standing here? Every word he’s saying hurts.
“But that will be the scenario if I don’t like you,” Huh? You looked up to him, teary-eyed. A confused look emitted through your eyes.
“But I already like you, your presence alone makes me excited. With or without the milk. So stop.” he confessed and all you gave him is a wide smile that is filled with pure delight.
Thank you, Pavlov. You did not let me down.
Tumblr media
THANK YOU TO MY FAM @teentitannns and @gaydistriss!! I couldn't choose which character suits the plot and they helped me. Luv u.
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danicac07 · 12 months ago
Title: A Flower We Saw That Day
3. The Encounter
As you went to a school you were attending to in MacPines University at nine o'clock am. Your professor, Mr. Hans is still not yet present for his morning class. You were glad and sulking at the same time because you were so early today, unlike when you were in your first year college. You were always late with his subject.
Thirty minutes has passed and yet Mr. Hans is still not in your classroom to lecture for his new lesson until your blockmate received a text from your professor. It said that Mr. Hans is not going for today's class lesson due to his meeting with other professors and he can dismiss you all for today so that you can get ready for the next class.
You're so euphoric that you want to go to your dorm already because all you have to do is review the lesson for the next class and do your research for the other subject but you said to yourself that your dorm is not a right place to be a study room because you were just going back to sleep and when that happens you cannot finish your task. So, you decided to go in a garden near at your campus. You always like places where there are no people around because that is the time you can spare for your alone time. (See fig. 1 & 1.1)
Tumblr media
Figure 1
"At last!" You said while stretching.
"Can you at least lower your voice?" Said the guy who were just went in before you.
Tumblr media
Figure 1.1
"Ahh!" You were so shock that there's also other person who went to this place ALONE too.
"Sorry, thought I can solo this place. My bad." You said.
You were so dazed by his handsomeness, I mean you looked at him like you know a familiar palce and that is when you thought the you Leonardo DiCaprio! It feels like you were talking to an international Hollywood actor. (See fig. 2)
"Yeah, I thought so too. Oh, well you're not alone now." He said smirking as if he is going to be by your side 24/7.
Tumblr media
Figure 2
"Uh, excuse me?" Raising your eyebrow
"Don't mind me. I'm doing my business."
"I'm glad. You do that." As you went to the other side of the garden. (See fig. 1.1)
As you walk away from him it feels like he is somehow following to the other side of the garden too.
"Uh, excuse me? Why are you following me?"
"Huh? I'm just minding my own business. I'm not following you. " He said as if he was so innocently following me like a child.
"If you have nothing to do in here maybe you should leave?" You said as if you don't want to give up this pleasant place and can be alone with it.
"Why would I? You're not the owner of this place and you don't have a name on it like this bench- Speaking of name I bet you have one."
("Ugh! Why he keeps on bothering me?" What did I do to deserve this kind of encounter with another handsome guy again? He is so gorgeous to the point you can tell his height is five feet and ten inches long if you convert it on cm it is equivalent to one hundred seventy eight centimeter, also a halfer and looks like a little Leonardo DiCaprio but for Pete's sake he is so annoying!") You thought to yourself as if you're already want to cry. (Haha)
"Okay. Fine." You exhale "I am so sorry I bother you here. Don'tworry you can solo this place now I won'tbother you again. Bye-bye!" As you about to walked out on your way to the exit of the garden he suddenly grabbed your arms!
You startle and didn't know what to do so you slapped him subconsciously. How dare he touched you even though he is a good-looking guy you don't want any stranger touches you. (See fig. 2.1)
("Oh my good gracious! Why did you slapped him Y/n?! Are you insane?") No words came out to your mouth you just walk really fast as if you were so embarrassed to see him again.
Tumblr media
Figure 2.1
As you walked away, this guy is really something. You feel as if he was smirking and you get goosebumps all over your body. (See fig. 2.2)
Tumblr media
Figure 2.2
You went out and for the first time in your life you slapped a beautiful face of a guy! You slapped a glossy skin of his you freaking y/n what's gotten into you?
You sigh to yourself ("What am I going to do?")
You want to say sorry but you feel it is not the right time for you to be apologetic because you can tell to yourself that he will make a move and stick to you 24/7 and you do not like that because you were still at the campus! And you don't want people in here make an issue about you and him and you just pray to yourself that you don't want to bump into him ever again! So please God! If you heard her prayer let it happen.
Even though you didn't get his name, you know to yourself, you will know it soon enough because he is a one fellow guy that will make a move in a mysterious way.
You just walked away as if nothing happened. And you went to your next class and its about to start.
You're now in a mess because you didnt have much enough time to review your next quiz. You just take the quiz with no weapons to bring like your brain has not been functioning well. But in the end, you still take the quiz and whatever happens happen.
Your quiz is finally over even though your grade is almost in failing mark... you find a way to give your shot. You tell to your other blockmates the answer that they didn't get and they are the same towards you and you can tell this is how teamwork works. You were so glad at that time when suddenly a gossiper blockmates of yours has a big news!
"Guys, you won't believe this! There is a handsome guy at the gate of our university it feels like he is waiting at someone in here!" She said as if she is about to scream and wish she was the one that guy is waiting.
("So what if there is a handsome man here and waiting for someone? Are they that easily persuaded by that guy? Whatever I am going back to dorm") as you were saying that to yourself you took a glance in the window where most girls would like to take a look of this guy and as you too took a glance you saw a familiar silhouette of a man and the guy that she was referring to is Jeon Wonwoo. What is he doing in your University? How did he find it?
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