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#please help me
spiderfish13 · 35 minutes ago
Hey yo... Mind buying my slut nudes from me so i can buy some weeed....?
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luvanter · 2 hours ago
why is finding ateez smaus impossible there has to be more than 6
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bitch-boy-inc-fuck · 2 hours ago
Oh boy! I sure do love the Origins SMP! I hope nothing happens tomorrow that will cause me to cry! Ahahahaha 
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ctrl-alt-forget · 12 hours ago
I've seen a lot of hate for Cishet people and it's my understanding that that is just a person who identifies as the sex they were assigned at birth? Unless I'm missing something there's nothing wrong with this is there?
Just wanting to be more understanding, not trying to hate on anyone.
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sh-pastel · 14 hours ago
I honestly don’t wanna keep going. I feel so fucked up
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winqlessangel · 18 hours ago
here comes another depressive episode :)
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vroomlesbianvroom · a day ago
All of us hate the FIA so I’m thinking: we attack.
If we band together what can they do to stop us. I don’t mean attack online, we go to we’re ever the fuck they are and attack.
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raesand · a day ago
Comic sans randomly disappeared from my Google Drive/Docs so now everything is entirely illegible and also skewed slightly to the right and cut off for some reason.
What the fuck do I do now?? that’s my entire life’s work being rendered unusable!!
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shoobysims · a day ago
Tumblr media
Does anyone have this Rusty Playground set that was converted to Sims 4 by abandonedsims/sims4design which I cannot find online?
And would you be willing to share it with me?
I, uh, need it. For reasons.
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I’m....utterly terrified
It’s not like a “I don’t want this to be happening” kinda terrified more a “I think I know where this is headed and I don’t want it to be going there because I just have to keep going” kinda terrified
Like, I’m scared I’m burning out, like, I just CANT keep up with college anymore. I’m terrified they’re going to revoke the permission to take honors courses, I want to good, I want to prove I can do this college thing, but just, dealing with the people, mainly one of my professors is just.....pushing me over the edge I just can’t keep up with her class anymore and she’s pretty much just shut down me feeling safe for asking for my accommodations.
I’ve been trembling, I had to email her an assignment because it was like a minute late and she emailed me back with a “I can’t accept this through email, this shouldn’t happen again, but I’ll give you 24 hours to submit it through the class website” and then it slipped my mind because ADHD and since I only had 24 hours now I obviously can’t email her my section because that’s just going to make her more annoyed but it’s not fair my assignment isn’t going to be counted because “I have 140 students and I can’t accept your assignment through email”
Like I could just feel the judgement and now my RSD kicked in and I feel like she hates me now, it’s really bad, I’m shaking uncontrollably, I just want to shut down and not talk and just give up on her class because I’m probably failing anyway, even though I’ve been pretty on top of everything until now.
I just don’t want to talk anymore, I can’t do this anymore, I’m scared this is burnout, but like autistic burnout, because I’ve had my suspicions of being autistic but I’m not officially diagnosed and I don’t want to be ableist by saying it feels like autistic burnout and I definetly don’t want to burn out but it’s so bad and idk what to do. It just feels overwhelming and I just want to go to sleep, I’m exhausted, I can’t keep up with her class on top of my art courses, but I also can’t drop her class at this point.
I, I just don’t know what to do. It’s not my depression, it’s not like I feel like it’s pointless, I just can’t stand the constant interactions and having to defend and explain things like this to someone who shut down that conversation like week 1 of the semester with her “I’m managing my time better now so you all have to be on the same page and I don’t do extensions so don’t ask” talk.
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helion-ism · a day ago
recovering from a migraine I thought I‘d listen to some music and I‘ve wanted to check out the national for a while now and the quiet light lyrics ....... help
I can't help it, it’s you that I think I hear in the quiet light, am I crazy? you‘re nowhere near me, guess I don't know what I'm saying.
just call me, I'll come to where you are alone in the quiet light
I'm always thinking you're behind me and I turn around and you're always there, but I'm learning to lie here in the quiet light while I watch the sky go from black to grey, learning how not to die, inside a little every time
I think about you and wonder if you are awake and I'm learning to live without the heartache it gives me, nothing I wouldn't do for another few minutes, learning how not to cry every time
there's another sad unbearable morning
but sometimes there's nothing I can do
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cemetrygatess · a day ago
Is there anyway to stop getting notes from a post? I posted a tik tok and it currently has 34k notes. I don't want to see them. I don't care. I just wanted y'all to be able to enjoy it, and now I can't see who's replied/engaged with my recently posted/reblogged stuff at all
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hollywoodclassic · a day ago
Someone needs to reach me how to make gifs for the following reasons:
1. I have a lot of Voyager feelings and no outlet for them.
2. I can't find gifs of Harry Kim playing his clarinet in the captain's chair from Night.
3. The women of st voy are perfection and there can never be enough images of them being bad asses.
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bellsrose04 · 2 days ago
I am in pain I can’t talk about how much I love gundham to everyone I know
Tumblr media
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Is the main character of their own story, ever the fan favourite? The only one i can think of is Naruto. I know there has to be others. Let me know of the ones I'm missing.
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aneldritchbeing · 3 days ago
Hey, could someone help me figure out what’s wrong with my orange tree? It’s still really young, so it’s pretty small, but there’s something wrong with one of its new leaves.
Tumblr media
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ryn-stabby · 3 days ago
Being a dsmp fan is just scrolling threw your feed, minding your own business, then seeing a post like "Ponk is pregnant" and briefly having an out of body experience because you have no idea when the fuck that happened, but also having no choice but to believe it cause yep, that checks out for this fandom
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pines-4-diakko · 3 days ago
Tama: mutters in frustration about not being able to draw Diana’s ears @natrastellar: Just give her donkey ears instead Tama: angry Akko noises Nat: ...Dia-nkey Tama: You’re cursed!!! yells because Nat walked away after that Nat: from another room  I never said I wasnt~
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