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thesunniestdays · an hour ago
Gotham Mysteries - 1.2
Chapter 1: Marinette and the Mystery of the Flying Grayson
Part 2: Wayne Central
When Commissioner Gordon called to say that he'd be having a detective come over to investigate the threat, Dick had expected a burly, large person. He was not expecting the petite bluenette that had come in arguing in rapid-fire French over the phone.
He had to say, she looked so frail, he briefly wondered why she had come here of all places when she looked like a raccoon could take her out. As she walked in, however, he could see muscles just barely being flexed through her pink sleeves-rolled button-up shirt.
Dick knew French, so, unfortunately, he was not spared from the weird argument going on over the phone.
"No, Adrien, she's right there. Yes, I know she is. I heard her earlier. Adrien, she's not just my friend; she's yours too. You can just ask her to help you with the evidence. No, I cannot be the middleman. Oh, stop being so antisocial. She's going to understand." The woman sighed, giving him a weak smile and wave.
"I've gotta go. I'll talk to you later?" she then nodded and hung up. Dick stretched out a hand, which she took lightly and shook.
"Marinette Dupain-Cheng." she smiled warmly.
"Sorry about that. My friend called and needed some help with some stuff back in Paris." he nodded.
"I get it. To be honest, I wasn't" she hummed in response.
"Well, why don't you tell me what's going on, so that we can get started?" she questioned as the two entered the sitting room. She pulled out a notebook and pen from her bag and sat down.
As Dick opened his mouth to speak, Jason burst in, looking extremely elated for some reason. Oh no. he thought. The man sat on the sofa and extended a hand. Marinette frowned but took it. Just as she had let go, a big black dog bust into the room and jumped onto her.
"Oh no. Demon Spawn, you really should take better care of your pets. Especially when we have guests" Dick would have liked to believe he was being genuine, but he saw the glee in his eyes and whispered,
"Jay, the hell did you do!?" Jason turned towards him, schooling his expression into one of surprise.
"Nothing! It was all Damian's fault." Dick gritted his teeth as Damian stormed into the room and lunged at Jason.
"Todd! You know I have nothing to do with this you imbecilic, no good trash!"
Dick's attention flew to Marinette, whom he now realized had set her face to look....resigned? She was currently jotting something down in her notebook. She looked back up to the two brothers fighting and made a face that told Dick she was trying not to laugh. A few minutes passed like this, and Dick just sat there, already too stressed with prepping with the gala to care.
"Um," a voice called, trying to be heard over the noise. Jason and Damian momentarily stopped fighting to look at the woman.
"Hi." she said.
"I'm Marinette. Uh, I'm just gonna...go. I'll come back another time, it's just, someone I know is coming to Gotham to visit and I didn't really have much time in the first place so...." she quickly grabbed her things as Alfred, who had just appeared, led her out. Dick looked at his watch nonchalantly.
Shit! he thought, his eyes widening. It's already been half an hour!
Cursing, he shuffled out of the room, a million thoughts buzzing through his head.
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romulanfucker · an hour ago
jadzia is dead and they gave kira a white suburban mom haircut for season 7 holy fucking shit. this is a hate crime against queer women everywhere 
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shibearu · an hour ago
i just broke my nail so bad i can see the nail bed when it lifts im
girl help
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cc2224-cody · 2 hours ago
Some of you are too invested in your own Clone Wars headcanons and willing to bare your teeth at someone slightly deviating from a headcanon of your own with theirs. It is exhausting, and makes some of your blogs a literal nightmare.
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whitesdni · 2 hours ago
bestie why are you spam reblogging posts from a month ago from me you look like a freak
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msjessicaday · 2 hours ago
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michitellai · 2 hours ago
Not me wanting to make an Altar for Apollo, but crying cause I don't have the items for all that and I have to keep it hidden from my parents and then I don't have any room for it anymore,,,,yeah,,totally not wanting that,,,t,,totally,,,,,,
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gay-walmart-official · 2 hours ago
I’m so incredibly tired. The Israeli government is the problem, much like the American government is constantly fucking over our own citizens and guess what? Palestine.
Deciding to call all the citizens of a predominantly Jewish country evil is not the progressive move that you think it is. It’s blatantly clear that the majority of the “Free Palestine” activists are not Palestinian.
Once again, white liberals cannot help but insert themselves into a situation while talking over actual Palestinians.
Attacking random Israeli citizens would be like yelling at some random American for America’s destruction of Palestine.
It’s a bit wild how people will hold random Israelis accountable for having a house built on Palestinian graves while living in America or any of the other country built over the genocide of Indigenous persons. Yes, both are horrible, but you can’t fault every person for the crimes of their government.
Considering something to be morally bankrupt and horrible simply on the basis that it is Israeli? Not exactly great connotations.
Listen to actual Palestinians on this, who discuss the government and the military complex, which are fucked up, much like the American government and American military complex.
White liberals taking half a shred of information and seeing a way to alleviate their own white guilt by scapegoating Jews is not as revolutionary as you think it is.
It’s also constantly framed as a white versus Arab discussion, which just… the concept of Mitzrahi Jews? The Palestinian who had land taken and now are technically Israeli? The large Jewish-Palestinian community? Yeah, you’re grouping them in too.
Jewish people are constantly asked to pay for the crimes of the Israeli government. I have family in both Palestine and Israel, so constantly asking me, a person who lives in America, to relinquish a supposed cultural identity to every acab hello kitty sticker white liberal is once again, just anti-semitism.
Comparing overall Israeli citizens to Nazis or white supremacists while those groups literally exist here and are constantly killing us is just kinda fucked up.
So white liberals please stop using this as an excuse to hate Jews, or to push the issue away from yourself. Because is every Israeli citizen deserves to pay for the crimes of the government, then the same goes for America, supplying the Israeli military.
Anyways, Free Palestine, attack the GOVERNMENT and the MILITARY COMPLEX (IDF) not the citizens themselves.
Before anyone asks, no I am not white.
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chanluster · 2 hours ago
FIA FIA!! you might see this a month or so late but I finally read The Bridgerton au and
YOU ABSOLUTELY ATE THAT UP. I just have you tagged as my fave author now whenever I reblog your work because your attention to detail, the way you write— it’s like poetry but on extreme amounts of moon magic 😭💕 Those 32k words are just *MWAH* chef’s kiss! I can’t even find the words to describe it
Hyunjin isn’t my bias too but the characterization! the impact he has 🧎🏻 the way you wrote him as a partner ohhhh help help help! It really did something to my heart and my mind bc I can’t really find words at all 😭 you really went and wrote so much magic
//AND OMS THE WAY YOU WRITE SMUT HELP ME!! IT WAS 👀👀🔥🔥🔥 IT’S SO BEAUTIFULLY DONE HI HI IM CRYING 😭 It was like (amg how to even explain??) executed so well it put the galaxy to shame. It was paced so beautifully; it wasn’t an immediate fire as if it was bam bam bam! intensity went from 0 to a hundred. You took your sweet time but it wasn’t like fluffy sweet it was that steady build up and you threw in the perfect rose petals in there to make this specific type of passion that’s hot enough but the flames are warm and gentle? I really cannot explain it in words 😭😭😭 but it was like a love letter! Exciting and thrilling but also has so much layers of care and preciseness
and I love love how you write y/n 😭😭😭 what I really love about your stories is that the narrator always feels alive. You get to read their passion, their hopes and fears, what they experience and feel throughout the story and it connects with you on an emotional level. You really make it feel like there’s a connection between the character and reader which makes the story so much more impactful and immersive 💕 I think only a handful can pull it off and you just— You’re up there 🥺👌🏻 your works are never tiring to read
idk I don’t think I’ll ever run out of praises for you. Tysm again for sharing your work 🥺💖 and fueling the creative drive! AND I HOPE YOU TAKE BREAKS AND TREAT YOURSELF WITH SOMETHING EXTRA SPECIAL BC AAA YOU VERY MUCH DESERVE IT 😭😭😭 I’ll always be looking forward to what you have in store next!
Lot’s of love from🗼!
OH MY GOD 😭😭😭😭
PLS THAT IS SUCH A HUGE HONOUR ?!,!?!? Ever since ur first message I’ve been in shambles over ur words everytime u just KNOW how to make me cry I hate u but I don’t at ALL PLEASE ?!?!? 😭😭💨💨
NOOOOOOO LIKE A LOVE LETTER 😭😭😭❤️❤️😭❤️😭 THATS MAKING ME SMILE LIKE A FREAK FR smut is just so 💔💔💔 hard to write because it can come across as so cringe and to hear u say these things ... Come Here Right Now I Want To Hold Your Hand ....
AND PLS WRITING YN IS A WHOLE TASK AND A HALF BUT ITS SO NICE TO SEE THAT U APPRECIATE THE CHARACTER ???? Please !!!! All I wish to do is write entertaining shit and having u be entertained is more than enough for me 🥺❤️
Tumblr media
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bastardbvby · 2 hours ago
yeah george reviewed the mr beast burger but look at his beautiful hair <3
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justanotherdenki · 2 hours ago
Devion(self-insert): *to Mina* Hey, Sero and I were thinking about pet names for eachother, but we don't know what sounds nice...
Mina: *thinking*
Sero: *reading a book* I would gladly call you daddy
Devion & Mina:
Sero: Did I say that out loud?
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terriblewritingadvice · 3 hours ago
Inner Critic - Rivaling vs Publishing
Inner Critic is the rival of TWA JP and is crucial in two Terrible Writing Advice episodes, "Rivals"(Chapter 30) and "Traditional VS Self Publishing"(Chapter 59). In both of these, he is a rival and foil to JP. There are a few differences between these appearances, though, these differences are why I consider the later appearance worse than the first one. "Chapter" 1: Naïvite Critic is much more naïve in his latest appearance compared to his first. He falls into some of the same pitfalls JP would in the "Avoiding Scams" episode. He thinks that he will have complete artistic freedom with publishing his book and that his publishers don't care about money and will be completely on his side of artistic integrity. When I think we all know the truth. "Chapter" 2: Propaganda The Critic we see in Chapter 59 takes a lot of lessons from the "Propaganda" episode. He doesn't care for helping the writers, as he does in Chapter 30, instead, he portrays everything that JP says as incorrect. Now, I understand that this is needed for the subject matter JP was making the episode about and the episode's style, but he could've at least explained why there was such a, in my opinion, drastic change in Critic's personality. For example, maybe JP tries to change the script at the start of the episode, so Critic reveals that he has the script, and then, for some reason, becomes fixated with proving that everything JP says is wrong and should be ignored and thrown under the bus. "Chapter" 3: Rivals Now, in the "Rivals" episode, Critic does not ignore JPs points completely, he recognizes that some of, if even just a little, JP's advice is good. When JP exclaims that the writer should just add a love triangle, Critic doesn't just say that you should never add a love triangle to your story in any circumstance and that all love triangles are bad, he instead says that you can't use a love triangle to fix all your problems and that you shouldn't add a love triangle if you're not going to develop it. This is what I like most about his character. "Chapter" 4: Conclusion In conclusion, JP should use Inner Critic more, especially in the character skits (on the opposing side of the advertisements, of course), because he's such an amazing character. -Greed
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https-castiel · 3 hours ago
fuck tomorrow is the lucifer rising anniversary AND the destiel wedding anniversary i cannot do this
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pcripeteiia · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
We all tend to have a lot to say about Severus and Lily, and well, I suppose I do as well. Starting with their partronus and working back down to their friendship and always, when talking about patronuses, I like to return to our dear ol’ friend Remus Lupin. It is everyone’s beloved Remus Lupin who introduced the concept of something as magnificent as patronuses to the readers. 
A patronus is the manifestation of the source of one’s happiness. It can appear as one of two things, a corporal form or non-corporal form. We learn through Remus that James’ patronus was a Stag and Lily’s was it’s female counterpart, a Doe. Our first example of a patronus from a couple and they are a matching set. 
Why am I bringing this up? Well, it is safe to say that upon the initial concept of patronus’, JK may have intended to depict romance through a matching set. Patronuses as a concept began to grow from being a manifestation of one’s happiness to a representation of the soul and feelings. However, as the story progresses we are introduced to the rest of the casts’ patronuses and then, later on, Tonk’s patronus, a wolf.
We are then privy to the information that Tonk is in love with Remus Lupin and then we are given the iconic dialogue from Severus, of which he belittles the form of her current patronus. 
We love to bash on Severus and I too admit, that I did it as well. It isn’t only until the end of the series that Severus’ behavior, tone, attitude and language makes sense. We learn two things: one being that Severus’ patronus has also changed shape (that of a Doe like Lily’s) and that he was always a spy. It is because he was playing both sides as ordered by his masters (his true allegiance aligning with Dumbledore) that he cannot speak with affection or like for any of his peers (or Harry himself) without ticking off the Dark Lord. 
It is through Severus (and every exchange with the Dark Lord) that we learn that he is constantly under scrutiny (the Dark Lord always prying into his mind for truth and honesty) that he must mask every emotion he may ever want to feel, forsake his humanity and the right to be human. Or in this case, the right to ever be Severus Snape as he truly is. Something that he has been robbed of his entire life. 
Severus’ harsh words to Tonks is advice, whether we want to see it or not. Who else do we know to show their emotions so openly? Is it not Severus himself who has allowed the shape of his patronus to change? Her emotions are on full display. It will be used and seen as a weakness to exploit. Severus begged for Lily’s life. It will be used and seen as a weakness to exploit. 
The death of Lily brings forth a permanent change of Severus’ patronus. Whatever it was before, we do not know. We do know now (in the context of the text) that is a Doe and has been ever since her death. (My Severus has a Lionhead bunny for his patronus! :3)
Severus’ patronus shows that he holds in his heart an image of a woman whose friendship and love helped form the best of his nature. During the year when nobody knows Severus’ true self, Severus cannot depend upon external recognition of his nearly superhuman efforts. He can turn to his memories of Lily’s friendship as a guide: can atone for his betrayal that resulted in her death by becoming, in the second part of his life, someone who be able to meet the gaze of a person like Lily without shame. 
If is not exactly courtly love that JK is portraying with Severus’ patronus. Lily is unattaible to Severus not because of her marriage or  station, but because Severus’ choices killed her. He is not deluded; he is not somehow trying to win a poshumous favor; if anyone knows that the dead remains dead, it is Severus. He is simply reminding himself how to live so he can make the best of a great gift: the chance to do things over again, not to undo the past, not to gain reward, but only to good and save innocent lives.
Not once does Severus say, claim or admit to being in love with Lily. That much alone is left to the readers to infer. If we were to follow JK’s original conventions for love in relations to patronuses, Severus’ partonus would need to be a Stag. Severus’ patronus having manifested as a Doe tells us quite a few things about him, he is not chasing her for love, her is chasing her to be her equal. Someone worthy of meeting Lily in the afterlife after all his decisions has brought her great misfortune and guaranteed her son to a life of war. 
All of the memories shown of Lily and Severus in the past do not hint to any romantic attraction. It does not suggest any longing on Severus’ part, but a desire for friendship. He came to Hogwarts with one friend and left with none. None real or genuine at least. He lost Lily through isolation of which were both being imposed on him and imposed by him, himself. Lily fits in with ease, whereas Severus does not. 
And the reason Severus does not fit into Hogwarts is quite simple. All he knows of Hogwarts, magic, the wizarding world is from Eileen. Eileen is a pureblood. Eileen came from Slytherin house. Of course, she does not see the atrocities that is often associated with the house. Of course, her recollection of being a Slytherin is one of joy and absolute happiness. She will not and has not faced any of the hardships Severus is to face. 
Why? Eileen is a pureblood and Severus is not. Severus enters Hogwarts during a time of civil unrest. Slytherin House is a breeding ground for Death Eaters in the favor of the Dark Lord. He is faced with the harsh realities of Hogwarts and the wizarding world whereas Lily is not. Severus’ trauma is double tenfold. What should be a safe heaven is now a second prison and he is left to endure. He doesn’t hate James and his peers because they pine for Lily’s attention, he hates them because they were entitled brats and Severus made the mistake of vouching for house that cannot love him back. Severus is a halfblood in Slytherin house at a time where being a pureblood meant EVERYTHING.
He reaps what he sowed. With pride, does he choose to die with his choices. 
At the height of his suffering, he snaps at Lily and calls her a mudblood (which, as a person of color myself, I have a lot to say about fantasy racism and fantasy racism when it comes to white people, but that is neither now or there lmfao). His one mistake is deemed unforgivable (have you ever been called a racial slur before JK? just wondering. i have. all the goddamn time. js) and he is condemned for the rest of the series by the cast and the audience (us, the readers) as well.  
(Are we seriously not going to talk about how Pansy spoke of Angelina’s braids? How blatantly racist it was? No? Okay.) 
What we know of Lily’s and Severus’ relationship is very little. In fact, almost intangible. Not enough to apply romantic attraction. It is through a heteronormative lens do we assume that there is romance between this cisgendered male and cisgendered female. Severus does not want to conquer Lily or make her his (like James does, hence the Stag.) He understands that wallowing in his pity for all those years, having let hatred consumed him because he could not take the abuse any longer has led him to become someone he never wanted to be.
The death of Lily woke him up from his wallowing in his misery. It reminds him there is good in this world and his actions and decisions is killing innocent. Lily was a friend. It doesn’t matter if they stayed friends or not. Lily was someone he knew and thus, Severus sets forth to become her equal. 
To do right. 
(We can also argue how Severus’ patronus being a doe means he have feelings for James, but whose to say. *shrug*)
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imsointobooks · 4 hours ago
Gwynriel headcanons:
1) Gwyn calling Az adorable.
2) Gwyn calling Az warrior kitty and Cassian warrior puppy and Rhysand a peacock while drunk and them being offended.
3) Gwyn gives Az a peck on the nose and he blushes bright red.
4) Cass and Feyre teasing Azriel about his shadows doing the hippity hoppity dance around Gwyn.
5) Az's shadows thinking of Gwyn as mommy.
6) Rhys and Gwyn friendship brotppp.
7) Gwyn dancing in the kitchen and singing and Az catching her.
8) Az taking Gwyn flying and intentionally doing flips and free falls to tease her and make her scream.
9) Just in general Gwyn doing something really weird or funny and Az just laughing hard and the IC staring at them and going woahhh.
10) A heated sparring session that results in either of on top of each other and almost kissing that someone interrupts.
11) Gwyn being drunk and calling Az hot/ pretty and Az smirking about it in training the whole time next day.
12) Water fight?
13) Gwyn goes upto Az and starts talking to his shadows and compliments them and gives them kisses and Az pouting (bcuz where are his kisses) but feeling happy abt it.
14) Az catching Gwyn reading smut.
15) Rhys and Cass teasing Az about Gwyn.
16) Rhys being a really big Gwynriel shipper.
17) Lucien and Gwyn friendship.
18) Gwyn convincing Az to do something weird and out of character (like spa day or something) and him doing it and then him and cass both go "oh u r wrapped around her finger"
19) Them being besties and sharing secrets and gwyn meeting his mom and going on dates which they call just going out with a friend to others.
20) Gwynriel babysitting and just lots of Az and Nyx moments and Gwyn and Nyx moments.
21) Gwynriel getting caught making out.
22) Gwyn kissing Az's hands and telling him those hands saved her.
23) Gwyn and Az tryibg out things from her smutty books she's excited to or he might like to try.
24) The house matchmaking.
25) Nesta and Emerie teasing Az and buying Gwyn dresses that they know will be the death of Az.
26) Nesta cockblocking Az as payback.
27) Cassian and Gwyn being siblings.
28) Rhys and Gwyn being bffs.
29) Gwyn has a calm reaction to the necklace. (I just think that'd be more in character)
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mindfuzz · 4 hours ago
yeah the whole "mlm only wlw don't interact" thing is stupid but let's... maybe not be straight up homophobic about it? i don't enjoy scrolling through my dash and seeing people say word for word "i hate gay men" it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. like you realize gay men are still oppressed right. homophobia is still A Thing and people are dying because of it. it's not funny to joke about hating gay men
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