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#please can we all do a zoom call watching this movie together
peterman-spideyparker · a month ago
Let Me Help You (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
Author’s Note: Because my professor is amazing and moved a due date, I’m posting a day early! I’ve never written anything like this (i.e, a sex pollen fic), so I hope it’s okay and everyone likes it! Who knows, I might even do a part two or make it into a series! Let me know what you guys think I should do. Enjoy! :)
Summary: When a mission on a Hydra base goes unexpectedly and you get exposed to experimental sex pollen, you feel the effects of it—hard. Going against the advice of others, Pietro offers you his help to remedy the situation.
Warnings: Smut (fingering, oral sex (m/f receiving), unprotected sex (mentioned)), swearing, mentions of pregnancy/abortion. This is not dub-con, this is consensual sex.
Other Characters: Tony Stark, Bruce Banner
Word Count: 3,850 (what, there’s exposition and I got carried away)
Tumblr media
“Target acquired,” you say into the comms as you jog into the room, Pietro effortlessly zooming to a stop.
“It’s a box,” he says, brows knit together.
“It’s what’s inside the box SHIELD needs us to take away from them,” you remind. “The thing is, we don’t know what’s inside the box.”
“Do you think this is even the right box?” he asks. 
“Well, I’d like to think so. It has a biometric lock on it.” You walk around it and examine both the locked container and the pedestal it’s on. “I’d say let’s move it and figure out the lock later, but you need to undo that lock to release its attachment to the pedestal, it looks like.”
“Stark,” Pietro says, pressing his comm. “Didn’t you say Bruce was working on a scanner of sorts?”
“Yeah, he’s tinkering with it on the jet,” Tony clarifies.
“I’ll be right back,” Pietro tells me. “Keep your gun drawn and stand guard.”
You nod, unholstering your weapon just as he asks. He quickly speeds out of the room with a bluish blur, and as soon as he is out of sight, the door slams shut. You panic when you hear the heavy metallic clicking of its latch lock, and your panic only increases when you hear a gentle bell sound and decompressing air. 
“What’s going on, (Y/N)?” you hear Tony ask.
“(Y/N)?” you hear Pietro say in my ear.
“I don’t know,” you say. You watch a slow pink mist escape the box, and it soon increases in both speed and color intensity. You try covering your mouth, but there’s too much of it, and you begin to inhale and cough. You hear banging on the door and see Pietro—he rushed back and is desperately trying to open the door.
“No!” you cough. “We don’t know what this is!”
It pains you to watch him with such hurt and despair in his eyes, but everything soon clears away into some invisible vent, and you're left coughing in the middle of the room. The door unlocks and Pietro rushes in, taking your face in his hands and examining you for any signs of harm.
“I’m alright,” you tell him. “I mean, I’m a little warm and my heart’s racing from fear, but I think I’m okay.” We both look over to the now open—and empty—box. “They outsmarted us. This time.”
“Come on,” he says, smoothing your hair and giving you a reassuring look before kissing your forehead. “Let’s get out of here so Tony and Bruce can run tests on you. I don’t trust whatever that was.”
Tumblr media
“You look flushed,” Bruce says as he draws your blood on the jet. “You alright?”
“I just feel really warm and my heart is beating fast,” you say. “But that started to happen after the box opened—it was just scary.”
“Anything else feel off?” he says, patching up the prick point on your antecubital with a cotton ball and medical tape.
“Um,” you say. “My hands feel tingly? And my stomach feels a little weird.”
“Like how weird?”
“Just kind of . . . uncomfortable? Crampy? I think I’ve had this feeling before, I’m just not sure the best way to describe it.”
“It’s okay. The blood tests will tell us what we need to know. Just sit tight.”
“Thanks, Bruce,” you say, giving him a small smile as he makes his way to the equipment.
“We’ll be home soon,” Pietro tells you from the opposite side of the jet where a small snack bar stands. “You can take a nice shower and then we can eat and watch a movie to unwind.”
“Thank God,” you sigh. “I just have to get this suit off of me. It feels like it got tighter? Is that even a thing?” 
“Just take a deep breath,” he says, walking back and handing you a cup of ice-cold water. “You’re probably psyching yourself out from what happened. You love to get in your head.”
“That, you are right about,” you tell him, shifting in your seat to both get comfortable and take the cup from him. As soon as the cold glass touches the skin of your hand, you gasp at the temperature contrast and drop it. As glass and water go every which way, you feel goosebumps shoot throughout your body, starting at your belly button and moving out.
“Oh no,” you say. “Bruce? I think I know what the stomach ache is.”
“I think I do, too,” he says looking up from the microscope. “This isn’t good.”
“What’s wrong?” Pietro and Tony ask.
“Well . . . that weapon we though they had isn’t the kind that we anticipated. It’s biological.”
Both men are quiet, too afraid to ask what that means.
“Biological how?” Pietro finally asks. “Is (Y/N) gonna be okay?”
“Um, yes,” Bruce says, uncertainty present in his voice. 
You swallow hard and rub your neck with your hand, letting out a shaky breath from the feeling.
“Biological as in reproductive, right?” you say, swallowing hard. Bruce nods and Tony and Pietro look at each other, very confused.
“It’s a sex pollen,” Bruce explains. “In some cases that I’ve seen it before, they use it as a fertility treatment—it alters hormones to make conception easier and wears off in about 24-48 hours. I haven’t figured out if and how Hydra’s weaponized it or if it is just a normal pollen that they’re using to incapacitate part of the team so their plans for later are easier.” Bruce looks at the screen with knit eyebrows and a frown on his face. “Based on the cell interaction so far . . . It seems like the longer it’s in her, the harder it will be to get out.”
“What can we do to help?” Pietro asks.
“Well, not much,” Bruce starts. “We can—.”
“Restrain me,” you interrupt. “Restrain me until this is out of my system.”
“We’re not gonna tie you up, kid,” Tony explains.
“No you have to,” you tell him. “I feel like I’m gonna loose control the longer this is in me. I’m like a whole other level of horny right now and it’s starting to get uncomfortably painful. Until Bruce can either make an antidote or this goes away, I need to be held down.”
“Hold on,” Pietro says, holding up his hands. “If it called a ‘sex pollen’, why doesn’t (Y/N) sleep with someone, or at least masturbate? If I understand it right, the sooner she gets off, the quicker it’ll get out of her.”
“Didn’t you hear Bruce?” Tony says. “We don’t know what it does to other people. If she has sex, it could transfer like an STD.”
“And this feels like I’d need something more than just my vibrator to fix,” you say as you shift in your seat. “So please, tie me down on my bed or my reading chair, bring me ice packs, and let me ride this out, no pun intended.”
None of them look too pleased with the idea, but they all nod.
Tumblr media
You whimper in discomfort as you lay on your bed, the syndicated sitcom not doing anything to distract you from this feeling. It’s been almost a day and this feeling hasn’t gone away. You don’t know how much more of this you can take.
“You’re an angel if you’re bringing me another ice pack,” you say to the anonymous footsteps entering your room. You contort you body to see who it is, and you recognize the familiar platinum hair that brings a small smile to your face.
“I guess I’m a little devil then,” he says, moving around to show you that he is empty-handed. “I just wanted to check on you, (Y/N). I hate to see you like this.”
“You’re sweet,” you tell him before you pinch your eyes to control the wave of desire that bursts through you, every sense in your body spiking the closer he gets. His natural smell is intoxicating, and the timbre of his voice is like silk dragging along my skin. Even the lingering smell of detergent from his clothes does something for you. “But you need to leave. Until Tony and Bruce figure out an antidote . . . I can’t . . .”
“That’s why I’m gonna help,” he say, kneeling one knee on the mattress, moving to undo your restraints.
“Pietro, no,” you tell him. “We don’t know what this this can do if someone else gets in contact with it. With your mutated genes . . . I can’t . . . I don’t want . . .”
He stops and looks at you, his eyes full of nothing but care. 
“Let me do this for you,” he says softly. “As your best friend, let me help you.”
You swallow hard, touched by how much he cares about you. Tears stinging at your eyes, and he wipes them away with his thumb. You care about him more than you are willing to admit to others, and you trust him more than anything.
“Okay,” you nod. “Okay.”
Pietro yanks off the restraints from your ankles and wrists before pulling you into the most intense kiss of your life. What your body does is separate from your mind’s commands. Your hands are all over him, holding him so close it should be impossible. Pietro is able to match your passion and intensity in kisses as your lips smear together, your tongues hungry for each other’s.
“I can’t stop,” you tell him between kisses, his fingers carding through your hair. “I’m so sorry, I can’t stop it. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t apologize,” he breathes, his hot breath sending goosebumps all over your skin while his teeth graze your earlobe. “I’ll take care of you.”
You bring your lips back to his and yank off his shirt, running your hands over every bump and ripple of his torso. Pietro wraps an arm around you, holding you tight and positioning the both of you down on the mattress. Your lips attach to his collarbone, the taste of his skin intoxicating. As you try to take in every last ounce of his skin, his fingers deftly slide your pants and underwear off before he plunges two fingers into you. You moan like a feral animal as you feel as him pump his fingers at an inhuman speed, his thumb quickly sliding against your clit to amp up the sensation. You have so much pent up sexual tension in you, you come undone quickly. As you unclench from around his fingers, you grab his ass with your hands and grind on his leg desperately.
“Mm,” you hum as pure lust courses through your body. 
Somehow, you leverage yourself and roll the two of you over, the pollen completely changing your sex drive. Your hands slide against the dips and curves of his chest and his smooth skin before you move to the bulge in his pants. You yank them down in one swift motion. His dick springs up, and before you can properly take in just how big he is, your mouth is on it—kissing, licking and sucking. You can hear Pietro’s shallow breathing as he lets out a few soft moans. His hands tangle in your hair, not so much setting the pace but as an act to ground him.
Very swiftly, however, Pietro guides you up to release you from his length before using his speed to flip our positions: you now lay on the mattress with his face between your legs, one arm wrapped around your lower waist to keep you from moving, the other squeezing your breast and playing with the nipple before intertwining his fingers with mine. You can’t help but arch your back in pleasure as his lips and tongue hit every right spot. His muffled sounds of pleasure vibrate through your body, the sensation absolutely euphoric. With a teasingly slow lick running the length of your slit, ending with an erotic kiss on your clit, he peppers the skin of your inner thighs with kisses before pressing his lips in a line up your body. His kisses move along the line of your jaw, nipping at your earlobe before meeting your lips and letting you taste the remnants of your arousal. Your kisses hungrier than before, and Pietro’s hands are all over your body as if they don’t know where to comfortably settle—squeezing your waist, fondling your breasts, and grabbing your ass, all the while you grind against one another.
“Please,” you whine as he sucks the hollow spot on your neck. “Please. I need you.”
Within seconds, all remaining clothes are off and your bodies lay bare as you kiss and writhe against each other.
“Condom,” he pants as he kisses whatever skin of yours he can find.
“Top drawer,” you say as you get his thigh slick with your juices.
He fumbles around finding a lone package in an otherwise empty box. He creates just enough space between your bodies to roll the latex on, quickly closing the space between you as he slide into you with ease. His size is breathtaking as you gasp to take him all in. Pietro pauses briefly to let you adjust to his size before he effortlessly pumps in and out of you. Every slap of your pelvises sounds sinfully erotic as the room fills with the noise of your heavy breathing. You graze the veins in his neck with your teeth, ultimately moving to kiss the shell of his ear. Pietro mutters something in Sokovian as he takes your left leg and bends it up towards you body, tucking it between you both. This new angle of penetration is dizzying, but damn if it doesn’t feel like the best thing in the world. He situates you so he can such your nipple, lick up the breast and to the collarbone, nipping on the hollow spot to leave a large love bite.
“Pietro,” you moan. “Shit.”
“Tell me what you want,” he says.
“I wanna . . .” you whimper before you come hard and fast around him. As you come undone for the second time, he experiences ecstasy for the first. The way in which he holds you and kisses you as he rides out his high is something that you only read about, but it’s a million times better to experience. The kiss is passionate and intense, but loving and sincere as his hands scrunch and tangle in your hair. As his thrusts decrease in speed, he slowly pulls away from the kiss, taking the breath out of your lungs. When he eventually pulls out, you feel an emptiness that reaches the depths of your soul.
“Do you feel any better?” he pants heavily.
“A little,” you say. “But I still have that feeling.”
“I can keep going if you need me too,” he tells you, eyebrows raised.
“I’ll keep doing this until that feeling goes away.”
“I-I don’t have anymore condoms, I don’t think. Do you?”
“No,” he breathes. “And if you’re fine with that, I am too. I just want to make you feel better.”
Your heart skips a beat at the proposition. Something about feeling every last centimeter of him without the thin barrier of latex is enticing to say the least, and you’re not sure if you can fully blame the feeling on the pollen.
“You are my very best friend in the world, you know that?” you smile as you roll into him and kiss him deeply, his hands settling on your waist as if they know exactly what to expect.
Your session continues throughout the late evening and well into the night. Your body is overwhelmed with sensation as you come again and again in an expansive array of different positions—losing track of just how many orgasms you achieve. Pietro even needs to take breaks, preforming with his mouth when his pelvis needs some kind of respite. As you come down from your final high of the night, you are drenched in sweat and seeing stars, thoroughly exhausted as you lay on the mattress next to him.
Pietro places a soft kiss on your shoulder, a gentle hand moving up and down your arm.
“Are you alright now?” he whispers, his voice dreamy.
“Yes,” you tell him all the dials in your body going from a 12 to a 2. “You didn’t have to do any of that, Pietro.”
“You were in pain. I could’t stand that,” he says, his words weighing heavily in the room. “Besides, I think it was mutually beneficial.” You laugh, hiding your face in the pillow. “We are now an extra special kind of friends.”
You roll over and wrap your arms around him, resting your head on his chest.
“Thank you,” you say softly. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“Of course,” he hums into your hair. His arms move around your body, hugging you back, he breathing steady. “Now, rest.”
Tumblr media
Pietro smiles down at (Y/N), how closely she is cuddled up next to him, amused that she fell asleep as quickly as she did. He doesn’t blame her though—the amount of discomfort she was in earlier no doubt took a toll on her, and the hours of sex that they just had probably drained the last ounce of energy from her. As Pietro continues to take her in in the moonlight, his heart swells, something telling him that he wants to see her like this more often.
Footsteps hurry to the room in the hallway, the carpeted floor giving the small group away. The door opens carefully to reveal Tony and Bruce, but Pietro puts his finger to his lips, hushing the pair.
“She’s exhausted,” he whispers. “Can this wait?”
“Damnit,” Tony huffs. “You two did it?”
Pietro sighs, carefully escaping (Y/N)'s grip and sliding on his boxers. The group walks outside and down to the kitchen, well out of earshot from her room.
“She was in pain,” Pietro says sharply. “You didn’t see her face. I couldn’t let her go through with that any more than she already had.”
“Tony, it might not be that bad,” Bruce says, trying to diffuse the situation. “Did you guys at least use a condom?”
“You saw the test results, Banner—it wouldn’t have mattered.”
“Well there was a small percentage where it would have mattered. Did you?”
Pietro hesitates. “Once.”
“Shit,” Tony sighs. “Congrats, daddio.”
“I beg your pardon?” Pietro asks.
“The pollen was a mutated fertility drug,” Bruce explains. “I have a theory for what Hydra planned on doing with it, but I would need to run a few more tests to give the theory a solid footing. But condom or not, if this thing is as effective as I think it is—and it’s strong—(Y/N)’s probably gonna find out she’s pregnant.”
Pietro nods his head. “Okay,” he says, the idea of being a father turning a switch in the back of his head. “(Y/N) and I will figure it out. I’ll support her no matter what.”
“You’re not freaked out by this?” Bruce asks. “It’s a lot to take in, not to mention all the unknown variables with your mutated genes and the mutated pollen. This could be dangerous, Pietro.”
“We’ll figure it out,” Pietro reiterates, although a pit of dread is slowly forming in his stomach. “I don’t want to get worried about something before it happens, and I especially don’t want to tell (Y/N) about any of this now.”
“But you are gonna tell her,” Tony prompts.
“Of course I am. I’d never leave her in the dark, especially not on something like this.”
Bruce runs a hand down his face, his mind going in a million different directions. “We’re gonna have to get a blood sample from you to make sure the pollen didn’t effect your blood stream.”
“Alright. Can we go do it now? I don’t think (Y/N) will be awake for a while, but after everything she’s been through, I don’t want her to wake up alone.”
“Sure thing,” Bruce nods. “Let’s go.”
Tumblr media
“Good afternoon,” you hear Pietro hum, and you feel the tips of his fingers gently ghost against your bare arm. “Did you sleep well?”
“Yeah,” you hum, sleep lingering throughout your body as you suddenly become aware of an overarching ache in all your limbs. “You didn’t have to stay.”
“I know,” he says, sliding down on the mattress and laying on his side to face you at eye level. “I wanted to.”
“Thank you,” you tell him. “Until you came in last night . . . I don’t know how I was going to be able to keep going through that.”
“You would have done the same for me.”
“Did Tony and Bruce figure out what it was?”
Pietro nods his head, letting out a small sigh. “They did.”
Pietro licks his lips as if he is trying to find the best way to put it.
“Well,” he finally says as he sits up, resting on the headboard. You follow suit, afraid that it is bad news.
“The pollen that you breathed in was a fertility treatment that Hydra mutated. They made it very strong so that it would work, regardless of the circumstances. They did some research with the others after they returned from their missions, and they think Hydra’s intended use was to make some kind of superhuman army with what resulted from the pollen.”
Every word he says is deliberate, skirting around something more important.
“Pietro,” you start. “What are you trying to tell me?”
He hangs his head in either shame or embarrassment—which one you can’t tell. “It might be too early to tell, but because of the pollen, there’s a good chance you’re pregnant after last night. And there’s an equally high chance that Hydra will try to come after you and the baby.”
You sit on the mattress next to him in complete silence, trying to figure out everything that has just been told to you.
“I’ll understand if you decide to get rid of it. For your safety and theirs,” Pietro says quietly. “I hate that I put you in this position. This is my fault. I just wanted to help you.”
“Hey, no,” you tell him, taking his face in one of your hands, your thumb gently stroking his cheek. “What you did for me, only the best of friends would do that. I will be forever grateful that you made that pain go away. I just . . . I don’t know what to do. It’s . . . a lot to take in. I mean, there’s still a chance I’m not, right? I’ll wait a bit, take a test, and see what it says. After that, we can go from there. Okay?”
Pietro swallows and takes your hand in his. “I’m here for you no matter what, you know that, right?”
“I know that,” you tell him with a smile. “You hungry?”
“Famished,” he grins as he looks at you. “How about I bring you to that little cafe you adore so dearly?”
“Actually . . . You haven’t had shawarma yet, have you?”
Tumblr media
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perpetual-stories · a month ago
Different POVs to Use In Your Story
hello, hello! sorry for not posting yesterday but i wanted to take a break from brainstorming tip ideas. today’s tip idea is inspired by a question that was asked, so I figured I should make a tip about it!
important note: thank you all for reposting my deadly poisons PT2 post! it blew up all of a sudden! i also now haves total of 62 followers! so thank you for following me! Now back to your regular scheduled programming!
In my opinion, one of my favourite things as a writer is having various points of view in a story. I enjoy, writing the same situation but through the eyes of different characters. It’s fun to see how my characters act and behave when the spotlight is directly on them. We get to learn what happens behind their closed doors.
Not every story have multiple POVs, and the ones that do make it work seamlessly. Writer’s who change POV’s use a few methods to help their story’s narrative move along.
Below is a list of common methods to change point of views.
1. Paragraph Breaks:
let me inform you that this is one pov technique I’ve seen on wattpad, and it’s not the greatest, but it is a method nonetheless.
paragraph breaks (as you can tell) changes point of view between paragraphs, which prohibits the reader from creating a strong relationship with the characters.
paragraph breaks are okay, but if done occasionally to make an important point. use this technique and minimal as possible!
2. The Baton Pass:
just like in relay race, the baton is passed from one character to the next.
the baton pass can be similar to the paragraph break, but the difference between paragraph and baton is that baton passes are often driven by an action or a ‘prop’ between characters.
Here is an example: Sylvia held the canteen in her hand, and gently shakes it. She hears the remaining water slosh inside. Without hesitation, she offers the last remaining water to Tyler.
He looks at the canteen in her hand. A look of incredibility on his face. Was Sylvia —the girl he despised the most — really sacrificing the last bit of water to him?
The action of passing the canteen over to a different character was the trigger to allow the for the switch of views. Of course, if a writer chooses not to change the view point, that’s okay.
3. Zooming out the Camera / Omniscient POV
Here is a quick crash course on third person omniscient: point of view is the most open and flexible POV available to writers. An omniscient narrator is all-seeing and all-knowing.
This is called camera zoom or zooming camera, because like in the movies the “camera” or narration is being pulled away from one character or location to another.
This technique can be used mid-scene.
Here is an example: Sylvia and Tyler trudged along the desert sand. The scorching heat rendering them to exhaustion.
Across the other side of the desert, were the rest of the plan crash survivors. They were fortunate enough to land near the edge of the desert and rest on the plain grass.
4. Line Break:
instead of dedicating an entire scene or chapter to another character, a line break between the character’s POV.
it sounds easy but it was a bit confusing, at least for me!
Example: Sylvia couldn’t wait to be rescued, being stranded with Tyler was the worst.
the space between is the link break.
Despite them being stuck together in what seems to be a never-ending desert, Tyler was becoming quite fond of Sylvia.
the space between is the link break.
Sylvia continued through the sand, squinting her eyes as the beating sun was baring down on her.
5. Scene Break:
Either a blank line space or particular symbols can be used for a break. Example: *** could be used as a break.
this is one of my favourite methods.
A scene break could be used to split a character’s thoughts and emotions or the split the setting.
Example: Sylvia couldn’t’ believe that the day she was looking forward to the most, would also be a day she dreads. Of course, no one ever knows when disaster will strike. Surprisingly, she always imagined that if she would survive a plane crash — which lesser of the evils would she prefer? She always preferred to be surrounded by water, but unfortunately she was stranded in a desert and with her least favourite person— Tyler.
I guess the irony would be that it’s Sylvia. He removes his shoes and dumps out the sand that hand accumulated. Tyler hates flights, but what he hates more was her. Watching her trudge along the sand and nag at him was literal hell. At least he can with stand the heat, but her, he would rather die than put up with her.
Probably not the greatest example!
Can also be done in first person.
6. Chapter Break:
chapters are split to tell more than what the character says or feels. often goes in details about the character.
chapter titles are named after the character, and are mainly in first person.
There ya have it everyone! I hope this is very helpful! Feel free to correct me or add more information regarding this! Please reblog this if you find it very useful or tag me on instagram if you choose to share it there! My instagram is perpetualstories.
Please make sure to follow me on Tumblr and Instagram for more writing, and grammar tips!
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hwrryscherry · a month ago
The one where Harry and Model Y/N go undercover in the internet
Tumblr media
characters: HARRYxMODELY/N
blurb: Harry and Model Y/N go undercover on the internet with fake accounts on TikTok and Instagram for an interview for GQ magazine on a video pre Grammys.
word count: 3.3K
HARRYxMODELY/N masterlist
author's note: HI GUYS! This is a request that I received a while ago but only finished it now because of school and all that stuff that I've told y'all a million times. Anyway, I tried my best on this request cause I think I lost my way of writing a little lol but anyway, I hope you like it and I hope that for the ones who misses Harry and Model Y/N this can be a great gift. Love y'all and thank you for the constant support and love on them💜 Stay Safe and Always remember to tpwk and that you're so golden💜💜💜
It was about 3 pm when you and Harry naturally came into the studio set on the building of GQ magazine with tender smiles on your faces covered by masks as you greeted everybody in the room in which there wasn’t many people in it. Harry was dressed in one of the many Gucci shirts he owned, with freshly washed hair that made you smell his pleasant scent from inches away just because he was wearing your favoured one and you'd always recognize it. You also detected the many rings on his fingers, including the one that you had bought for him as a 27th birthday present and by god, he was so thrilled about the ring and had a big smile on his face all day so he felt like he wanted to use it every day. Oh and how good his birthday was. You weren't able to have a party, obviously, but you still managed to celebrate somehow. In the morning, you gave him his favorite breakfast and then he, Gemma and Anne stayed on a zoom call for about an hour. You bought some yellow balloons to put in the living room just to give that birthday vibe and during the night, you had no more than four friends in your LA house, all properly protected and saved. You just ordered a few pizzas and watched some of Harry's favorite movies. It was simple but with an incredible energy, receiving a tiny group around while doing something y'all liked was everything Harry wanted most, mainly because he would have to wake up early the next day to go to the set of "Don't Worry Darling." as they were about to finish filming.
But today was another day. In earlier Febraury, the GQ magazine team reached out to your businessmen with the proposal that you and Harry would record a video together answering questions about your relationship to be published before the Grammys and after you consider whether it would be the best thing to do or not because of the many reactions you could get from it, you both agreed to do it. You’d always try to consider every little possibility when it comes to your and Harry’s relationship as the media can be very mean and disrepecftul.
Instead of Harry, you had a black miniskirt, long sleeve white blouse and a small black blazer with your Fendi plaid boots, which was Harry's personal choice for today as you’ve told him that he could chose an outfit for you to wear. You two spent a few minutes in the makeup chair doing touch-ups on your hair and makeup right before you were both ready to shoot. You walked from the makeup table to the center of the studio where you could see the crew behind the cameras and the big white background with a table and two black chairs right in the center. The table had a computer upon it only. After sitting down and having the microphones popped at you, you looked up when you heard the directors asking if you were ready and when you nod and the count is over, the camera started recording.
   ‘‘Hi, I'm Harry Styles!'’ You greeted the camera with a big smile on your face, eliciting a laugh from Harry about your unexpected "joke.". Honestly, today was a good day for both of you where you were both in an extremely good mood. Unlike the other days where you were quarantined, you were emotionally untired and in the mood to film and have a small social interaction, which is rare.
   ‘’And I'm Y/N Y/L/N!'’ Harry said joining in the joke with you and then looking at you as he waited for you to say the rest of the introductory phrase but only realizing you were smiling at the camera without saying anything.   '’Y/N!'’  Harry called calmly causing you to turn your head to face him and realize he wanted you to continue instead of continuing himself.
   '’Oh sorry, I thought you were going to continue'’    You whispered conspiratorially to him before taking a deep breath and resting your hands on the table when you returned your gaze to the camera.   ‘’And we’re gonna go undercover on the internet today!!’’
   ‘’Yeah, I'm scared!'’  Harry said when opening the laptop that was over the table and turning it on. You sat back in your chair so that you could see the laptop screen clearly and smirked a little when you heard your boyfriend's words.
   ‘’Hm... Let's do TikTok!'’   Harry said after a few seconds in silence while thinking. Harry's words made you chuckle his words because you knew that Harry doesn't comprehend anything about TikTok and didn't have an account but you both would usually find yourselves in bed watching tiktoks for hours. '’Which username should we put in?'’, Harry asked without taking his eyes off the screen.
   ‘’You should be! I’ll expose all of your deepest secrets in this video'’   You said while raising your eyebrows in a playful way eliciting a laugh from Harry, one by the way, that he tried hard to sound a little desperate for people watching  '’Alright, what should we do first?’’
   ‘’Put ‘’simp4harry’’ !"  You said with a smirk on your lips as Harry let out a nasal laugh but put that username either way.
   ‘’Okay, but how did you think of that username so fast? I think it’s very creative'’  Harry asked as he finished creating the account.
   ‘’It's the username I put on everything!'’  You answered as you ran your right hand through your hair.
   ‘’Oh yes? So is this your Only Fans username?'’  Harry mockingly asked making you laugh and take your eyes off the screen and look at his face.
   ‘’No, I don't even have an account on Only Fans, for God's sake Styles'’. You answered as mockingly as he did, '’Why? You have one?'’  You asked calmly.
   ‘’No, I'm a one-woman man!'’ Harry said to cause you to smile convincingly.
   '’Can someone get me a bottle of water, please?'’ You asked gently for the people who were on the set and smiled thanking the person who brought you.
   ‘’Thank you!'’   You answered sounding a little bit shy, even though you’re a public person and listen to compliments quite often, you still don’t know how to react to them. You took a deep breath and raised your eyebrows before using your finger to point to the laptop screen as he opened your tiktok account,  ‘’I mean, I don’t even know why I’d be one of the best ones to follow since all I post on tiktok is unnecessary and stupid things that goes through my mind during the day.’’
   ‘’So inconvenient!'’  Harry whispered playfully. You two had this habit of being sassy to each other, and everyone around you was used to it. This craze started because the first time you guys hang out together in Shanghai, you just talked like you’ve known each other for years and not just five hours.
   '’I didn't drink water today, do you want me to be thirsty? I thought you loved me!'’   You used a dramatic tone when speaking before drinking a sip of water.
   ‘’I did!'’   Harry replied in a low tone finishing logging in the TikTok feed.
   ‘’What do you mean ''you did''?'’   You answered in a loud tone holding the laugh with Harry.
   ‘’Okay, focus on TikTok! Focus on TikTok!'’  Harry said with a laugh as you now brought his attention to the screen as well,  ‘’Hm, let's look at my girl's account!'’, Harry said as he typed your tiktok username in the search bar. You took a sip of the water in the bottle and put it on the table,  ‘’AND by the way, do you guys know that this woman over here was listed by The Cut as one of the best tiktokers to follow today? And I’m so proud’’
   ‘’Well, I love how you appreciate your talents, love!'’  Harry replied sarcastically with a smirk on his lips making you chuckle. He didn't like it very much when you belittled something you did, even if it was something that was really bad, he didn't like it. Not just with you though, but with all the people in the world. Harry doesn't like it when people don't recognize their worth.
   ‘’Ok, here’s the first one! I’ll be reacting to it!'’   Harry spoke in a playful tone while clicking on the video as he knew very well it was not a react video but to answer questions. Harry clicked on the first video, this time you were propped up with your face close to the camera with folded arms dubbed to the sound that was in the background. You then take the transparent glasses pulled over the beige in a matter of color that was in front of you on the table and put them under your eyes never failing to dub the song. Then you move away from the camera and can see you are wearing leggings and a sweatshirt. And then you take your Louis Vuitton Coussin PM silver bag and place it on your shoulder before the video ends   ‘’Alright, so on this video you don’t do anything else than mimicking to the song.’’
   ‘’No, but like, seriously!'’   You complemented. '’We’ll watch some of them, and you’ll see how silly they are!
   ‘’I know that’s why I said that it stupid!'’   You exclaimed as you crossed your arms on the table. ‘’Let’s see the comments'’   You, yourself clicked on the comments area with your hand before Harry did and observed as comments poped up.
   ‘’Ok so the user @username1 asked ‘’How does it feel being the coolest person ever’’, tell me Y/N, how does it feel like?'’  Harry asked with a smirk to you as he turned his head to encounter your face with raised eyebrows.
   ‘’Oh, it feels so nice!'’ You responded in a playful tone causing both of you to laugh at your conviction, even though you knew it was a teasing tone and not narcissistic  ‘’Everybody knows I’m like, the coolest person alive so...'’  You convincingly said running your hand through a few strands of your hair and then take a deep breath and put a lock of hair behind your ear.   ‘’No, I’m just kidding. I’m not cool everyday, honestly there are days that I’m the most annoying person ever so I definetely have my good and bad days.’’
   ‘’Oh and those annoying moments'’   Harry said in an ironic tone, letting out a dramatic sigh causing you to frown and slightly open your mouth as an offense while holding your laughter as you exclaimed a loud '' excuse me?’‘ as an answer. Harry returned his attention to the comments on the screen again and frowned and brought his face slightly closer to the screen to read   ‘’Okay so @username2 asked ‘’new trend: are you engaged?’’. No guys are not. We’ve never been engaged.’’
   ‘’I feel like we’ve been engaged since 2017!'’   You said sarcastically remembering all the rumors about engagement, babies and dating. Since the first time you has met there were rumors, thousands of them, all the time but you and Harry chose not to comment on them as it would just be a big waste of time.
   ‘’Exactly and we weren’t even dating in 2017!'’  Harry complemented by looking away from the camera at his nodded face. '’But anyway...’’   Harry said taking a deep breath  '’I love how random your tiktok actually is!’’
"I know! I am planning a whole video to film on Grammys day because I'm in love with my outfit and i’m so excited for it!" You said changing the subject but being excited about the idea. After the announcement of nominations and with all the excitement you felt for Harry, you agreed you would attend the Grammys together; it was something important because not only was he running for three awards but also because you never attended any events side by side, except at the 2019 Met Gala. Then the pressures would increase but Harry knew it would be so much easier if he had you there with him. Because whether or not he took the awards home, he knew you were there and he would be grateful for at least being nominated for sure.
"Wait, which outfit did you pick? " Harry asked as he left the tiktok site on the laptop and entered Instagram. Harry selected searched for the hashtag of both of your names as a ship name on the explorer, so it would be easier to find what both of you wanted. "You showed me three different outfits but didn’t told me which one you chose!"
"Oh, I choose the black Prada one!"  You answered calmly. Harry stopped using the laptop and turned his head quickly to face his face causing you to look surprised and confused at him due to your reaction. It was his favorite outfit from the three that you had shown to him. "What?I wanna look great before you win your first award and I start ugly crying."
"Oh my god, you’re probably more excited than me." Harry said turning his attention back to the laptop screen.
"Of course I am, I cannot wait to walk around telling people that my boyfriend is not only a three times grammy nominated but a grammy winner!" You answered as you grabbed the water bottle that you had previously asked and drinking a sip.
"Anyway, let’s see!" Harry said as he started searching through the hashtag posts, also drawing his attention to the same screen. You then see a post that catches your eye and points it so that Harry can click. The post was a picture of Harry on the Met Gala carpet with ‘’Harry pierced his own ear for the Met Gala with a needle’’ written on it. "Ok, that’s true! But, now ask me why I had to pierce my own ear?!"  He asked ironically, as if he were playing a trick on you, because he knew very well you had a mini argument that day since you refused to pierce his ear with the fricking needle.
"I told you I wouldn’t do it! Do you even have any idea of how dangerous that was?"  You replied right after rolling your eyes, but your tone of voice remained calm and you didn't get heated when you spoke. "You know you need to sterilize, right? And what if you had caught an infection? Do you really think I was going to do that? You're an adult. I can't stop you, but I wasn't going to pierce your ear."
"Hey, hey, hey!" He said causing you to stop talking and look at him. Harry raised his eyebrows and looked at you with a smirk before speaking. "The thing is: I really wanted to pierce my ear, and we wear finishing getting ready in New York. I asked Y/N if she had a needle. Neither her and Alessandro wanted to do it. Literally no one wanted to do it but I was very much decided so I did it myself and my ear is completely fine by the way" Harry said the last part making you roll your eyes again while looking at the camera and take a deep breath.
"Anyway..." You said as you dived back into the posts. In one of them you read someone saying in a comment that you and Harry would probably never fight. "Here, this one says ‘’I feel like they’re the type of couple that never fights and when they do, the fight lasts for 30 seconds’’".
"Absolutely untrue!" Harry said almost that immidiately while you nodded agreeing with him.
"Guys, every couple in the world argues. It’s natural, it’s not because we don’t have big arguments and talk shit about each other on the internet that we don’t have conflicts or understatement" You explained. You and Harry are really compatible, but you still have your moments and it’s important to recognize it. No relationship is perfect and disagreeing on things is absolutely understandable.
"Yeah, specially ‘cause we’re different people that come from different places and had different experiences. As long as the disagreements are not causing you serious mental and emotional harm is normal" Harry complemented your thought. It’s important to notice when a relationship is not making you feel good anymore. If your unhappy for any reason is important to leave and to search for help if needed. "See, if you could change anything in our relationship, what would it be?" Harry asked making you pay attention to his words and face as you thought attentively in silence for a few seconds.
"I think I would probably change the fact that we’re usually really far away from each other!" You said calmly while looking at him. "Like, you’re always travelling and so I am, so I feel like it can get hard sometimes because of that and I’d definitely would change that if I could do it without like, changing our whole careers and lives."
"Yeah, I’d probably change that as well!" Harry agreed nodding to you as he was thinking as well. "I’m very grateful for quarantine on that point because we could spend more time together without being so long apart from each other. Of course I wish it was on different situations but I’m grateful for that" Harry said and you could understand that completely. You and Harry had been dating since 2018 and had spend months apart from each other and only you both truly knew how hard it could get sometimes, specially when you had the whole world to judge both of you.
"I fully understand it! Sometimes I think about everyone who spent this past year alone, and I’m really grateful for having you with me...LIke, you’re my best friend, you know this" You said looking at Harry’s face. He had a growing tender smile on his face that was starting to make you nervous and emotional on the same time as you remembered the past year. You felt your eyes getting wet and let out a chuckle looking away from his gaze. "I’m getting emotional! It’s all about my cancer rising today!"
"Oh sure, it’s always zodiac’s fault!" Harry said laughing and then looking at the screen and the crew on the backstage while gesturing with his hands. "That’s probably one thing about Y/N that you guys don’t know. She fully believes on zodiac signs and those stuffs. Actually, there was one time when she told me that we couldn’t be together because our signs were incompatible."
"Okay but like, Harry is an Aquarius and I’m a Taurus. We are incompatible when it comes to zodiac signs!" You said between giggles as you tried justifying your point even though Harry knew you were joking when you said that to him. He didn’t know at the time though he was very much surprised and scared when you said it.
"But anyway, I’m glad that we spend this time together. It’s been weird and funny at the same time like the spaghetti day!" Harry said holding his giggles as he watched your eyes widen because you knew exactly what he was talking about.
"NO, we're not talking about this!" You talked fastly while laughing at the same time as Harry as you both remembered that one night in quarantine when a spaghetti night went completely wrong and he came on the kitchen to see you and a kitchen with spaghetti and tomato sauce all over the floor and the walls and how you cried to convince him to clean the whole kitchen alone and failed. "Ok, let's finish the video here before things are leaked!" You said giggling.
"Alright, this was very nice. Thank you GQ for having us and I hope we weren't the worst guests you've ever had!" Harry said joking even though you both knew that it was quite hard to be very open in the media specially about your relationship but you tried your hardest.
"Don't forget to watch Harry peform on Grammys on sunday!" You said.
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fashionablyfailing12 · a month ago
Tumblr media
▶BSD Characters as Kids
Tumblr media
Note: i'm an assistant teacher during summer classes (extra-curricular ones + taekwondo & judo) in this local pre-school and have heard and seen some funny shit because kids are too blunt for their own good. And I saw the latest wan ep. So I thought, imma make headcanons as I drown in more unfinished work UwU. Teaching 'em is honestly rewarding but also wtf why are u squeezing ur face into the air conditioner get the fuck down kid- so yeah, here are some headcanons of bsd characters as kids i've encountered lmao.
If y'all would like a part two please let me know so I can drink 1 liter of coffee beforehand, I found it to be a fantastically effective writing tool at 2:00 am UwU. You know what i WILL make a part two and include the other organizations + characters lmao. Was supposed to include Yosano in this one, but since Kouyou is in part two...i just had to put them together man-
Warnings: swearing
Genre: Crack
Characters: Chuuya, Kaji, Akutagawa, Ranpo, Kenji, Kunikida, & Elise
Tumblr media
the one who tells everyone to sit the fuck down and be quiet because the teacher is talking, and is immaculate at making threats to shut them up.
Plus he's good friends with every authority figure. Consistent winner of the teacher's pet award and is not one bit ashamed of it.
He's the kid that will zoom straight at you when he sees you outside of school and is just so happy that you go to the same grocery store, and his parents mutter 'sorry' behind him cuz oh boy-
It's almost closing time and he's still talking to you, he will never stop talking to you, if you kindly attempt to say goodbye he'll start another topic.
"That's great! Um, how about you tell me on monday so everyone else can hear your story, sounds good?"
"Hmm, okay," and you think it's over but-
It's really nice to see him excited and happy to talk to you, when he'd usually act mature in class and suppress his inner gremlin, because he has to be perfect and do perfect or he'll cry for days.
but you also need to buy groceries so that you can eat something for dinner-
Make him in charge of listing the rowdy kids when you get called for a short meeting, and he'll cherish you forever, he feels so proud and will do anything to fulfill his duty.
That he often takes too far.
Like his classmates can't take a goddamn bathroom break because the moment they stand up their name is written in all caps and he is glaring at them.
"But i need to pee-"
You'll get complaints the moment you get back but you won't have the heart to tell him off because he genuinely thinks he's done the right thing.
And he'll have this bright smile plastered onto his face as he hands you his notebook and report every minor occurrence.
Not a surprise, but the entire class is listed.
he can't remember your name, although he knows you and what you look like, and you'll hear him repeatedly say another name until he finally pats you on the arm, or tug at your sleeve to catch your attention.
And realization hits you that oh, so you're the one he's calling. Then he just says hi, smile at you, ask you one very specific question, and go back to whatever he was doing.
Very wholesome, and you honestly wouldn't mind to repeat it for him, but why did you just ask how old my mom is and where she lives kid what-
He's also the kid that rarely talks but is friends with everyone, he just greets them and smiles, sometimes he starts a short conversation before hanging around the group and listening happily to whoever was talking.
The nicest 'it' during tag, like if another kid says "wait I need to tie my shoelaces!" he'll chase after someone else and let them be, and when he spots a kid struggling to run after everyone, he'll offer to be 'it' again.
Is also the type to make lots of cards and give you silly gifts, like a yo-yo and cool flashcards, if he enjoys it he'll share it with you and everyone cuz it makes him happy and he wants the same for y'all too.
Everyone likes him and he's always invited to birthday parties.
Ranpo ↪
oh god he's in every picture. And it's fucking hilarious.
So you're taking a picture of another kid who's sticking their drawing to a bulletin board? He's throwing peace signs at the bottom.
Snapping a quick shot of two best friends smiling like they're about to break their jaws? He'll just speed in front of the camera and blur everything.
Probably has a photo with each classmate and shamelessly photobombs their picture with their parents.
but like, they can't deny him so they awkwardly put a hand on his head or something and let him stay for the picture.
Will brutally correct anyone, like it could be the most subtle error and he'll just look so offended and stand up from his seat to blurt out the right answer.
And he never stops yelling talking until you finally shush him and admit that he's right.
Certified candy stealer so nobody better make the mistake of leaving their sweets somewhere visible to him cuz he will get them, and once they realize their candy is gone-
He's already eaten it.
The laziest of them all, when you tell him to finish something he'll go "but my hands hurt" or "my stomach is aching"
But when you grab a drink and come back he's running with the other kids and wreaking havoc inside the classroom.
And once he notices you're back he's gonna clutch his stomach or head and be 'sick' again.
Best actor™ and is the infirmary's regular guest.
Chuuya ↪
he loves teasing the other kids but tease him once and he will explode.
And challenging everyone he comes across is his trademark and when someone dares him with a "think you can do this?"
he fucking will and you have to stop him from breaking his bones or another person's bones.
almost anything you say can provoke him, but teasing him about a specific crush will just awaken a different kind of violence within him.
*classmate couldn't kick the target pad* "Haha, you suck"
"You're just moody because dazai is absent-"
" no one said you had a crush on him..."
Then he realizes this and lunges at whoever said it and you end up holding him back from being outright feral and slamming a kick pad onto their face.
Naturally skilled in anything physical, teach him a move once and you'll see him use it the next lesson like he's done it a hundred times before. Pretty decent at school work too.
He hands his homework and workbooks early, and practices the exercises diligently, but this fact is often overlooked because he’s a magnet for trouble.
Oh and if anyone talks shit about said crush behind their back, he'll go off.
He also insults them from time to time but if someone else tries to-
War. Just war.
Akutagawa ↪
dislikes most of the other kids, has one or two people he's friends with but is still a bit closed-off, and he plays with them while waiting for his parents to pick him up.
But no one knows much about him apart from his name.
Everyone is lowkey scared of playing with him, because he gets competitive in games and his strength is no joke either.
Like he'll go "tag!" And the other kid nearly kisses the ground even though he just patted them on the arm. He doesn't do this on purpose though, and struggles to apologize despite being genuinely sorry.
But a little bit of help and he'll be able to say sorry without sounding mad.
He's aloof to most people, but you'll often find him taking his sister's bags, her lunchbox and water jug, until all she has to bring is herself, and he'll hold her hand when they go down the stairs or uneven pavements.
Is really nice but has a hard time showing it, and he might be quiet, but try opening a topic about his favorite show and your eardrums are blasted into oblivion.
Kid, i'm glad to see you have something you're very enthusiastic about-
But chill.
Also he really loves Bakugo, like really.
she pits other kids against each other for fun and relishes in the outcome as she denies having anything to do with it.
*points at a random kid* "he said you have no friends"
*moves to the kid she just pointed at* "you see him? That kid called you a wimp"
And she's gonna spread the word that those two are gonna fight and make bets on who's gonna win, then proceeds to watch the chaos like it's a movie.
Has a way of knowing most kids secrets, though she won't reveal them to anyone...
That is if they abide by her rules and follow everything she says, "tell teacher you saw me break my arm so I can go home, and no will know you steal crayons"
Rich kid™
Has the most expensive snacks, and never gives anybody some as she eats them in front of the other kids. But she'll have one best friend that gets a small share, other than them everyone else can starve.
She's still a little mean even to her best friend, but if she sees another kid bully them she'll make sure that kid will end up at the principal's office clueless and scared.
If you give her something her intial response is something along the lines of "I've seen better" or just plain "ew" but you'll find her wearing friendship bracelets that she called 'ugly and cheap'.
the I don't even wanna know kid. You'll catch him do the weirdest most questionable shit ever and you just let him be as long as it won't get him killed and end in arson.
Sometimes he goes into an empty room and just sing so dramatically, he has riffs for each goddamn word in the song and belts out the parts that aren't really meant to be belted out.
Knows more than kids his age should know, sometimes in an academic manner, especially in science, but he has heard and seen some things.
Things you'd rather not ask.
Snitches on his parents, like he'll barge into the teacher or principal's office and spill the tea. Even if you stop him.
Let me give you an example with Gin as his classmate and Hirotsu as principal:
Gin: what is sex?
Hirotsu: excuse me??? Where did you learn that word???
Gin: I saw the word in a history book, what does it mean-
Kaji: you don't know??? It's when the bed starts to rock and your parents make sounds like AHH-
Hirotsu: ALRIGHT THAT'S ENOUGH *faces Kaji* tell your parents to contact me, we need to talk. They need to get you a separate room.
Kaji: okay * laughs and looks at Gin* I almost fell off the bed one time-
Hirotsu: Kaji.
He can never say anything without screaming and the other kids hate sitting with him on the bus during field trips.
But he's crazy smart so they love being paired with him during projects, and is a consistent winner in academic contests. Also has the most creative ideas that earn him 1st place in extra-curriculars.
Has eaten food that fell on the floor once and played it off with a smile.
Tumblr media
People please be careful around kids, they will tell everone everything they see or hear around the house, the Kaji one is something I actually heard and I felt second-hand embarassment for her parents so damn hard. But I secretly laughed too oop couldn't look em in the eyes for months JHSSHSHSG also im very proud of the kid I referenced for Kenji because she was able to call my name correctly by the end of the school year, and has improved her speech a lot, im so happy for her and thankful that her parents aren't the type to pressure kids into learning things too quickly. Also I went outside to get coffee today, and they kinda made a mistake and forgot to make the macchiato decaffeinated, but I was too shy to tell them so I guess im not sleeping tonight either UwU
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hgfstreamchats · 2 months ago
The Terror finale
thenightetc2Yesterday at 9:31 PM Hello! highglossfinishYesterday at 9:31 PM Hello there! We'll dive right in because we've got a great deal of Terror to get through. thenightetc2Yesterday at 9:32 PM Oh wow, sunlight HopolitesYesterday at 9:33 PM Yes, the sun does indeed exist. highglossfinishYesterday at 9:34 PM Everyone knows the sun is a myth invented by Those Who Live Above. thenightetc2Yesterday at 9:34 PM Ha! highglossfinishYesterday at 9:38 PM "And eating English lead." thenightetc2Yesterday at 9:38 PM That, too. HopolitesYesterday at 9:38 PM Pffft Yes Sounds delicious thenightetc2Yesterday at 9:39 PM "If you know what I mean." I swear, whenever there's an outdoors scene I'm struck by how they don't quite seem to be dressed for the alleged temperatures HopolitesYesterday at 9:44 PM Also I once again have made the unwise descision of grabbing food during this show Also To be fair No one is remotely prepared thenightetc2Yesterday at 9:45 PM HopolitesYesterday at 9:45 PM Whoops! You Have PTSD! thenightetc2Yesterday at 9:45 PM God, poor guy
HopolitesYesterday at 9:48 PM As he was pulling off his sock I was so worried something horrible would be revealed underneath them highglossfinishYesterday at 9:48 PM There'll be plenty of opportunities for that. thenightetc2Yesterday at 9:49 PM I bet it's something good he just saw, huh See!  Free supplies! HopolitesYesterday at 9:49 PM Oh yes Im all excited to see what weird horrors this show has in store for us, but also I would like to eat my food before anything- WHELP. thenightetc2Yesterday at 9:50 PM Ah. No bets on whether he'll end up eating those words HopolitesYesterday at 9:54 PM Ooooh yeah highglossfinishYesterday at 9:55 PM Got to love the study accumulation of things that certainly won't backfire horribly later. thenightetc2Yesterday at 9:56 PM Ohhh dear oh nooo, not the dog :< HopolitesYesterday at 10:03 PM I hope the dog reaches people before them Im reminded of a movie made of a short story done by the guy who did call of the wild that I watched in class It was about a guy trying to walk in the alaskan wilderness to a mining camp, and he literally had only a couple of shirts, and like, a dog My class cheered when the dog reached safety. thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:06 PM What just happened?  The framerate has gotten super bad HopolitesYesterday at 10:07 PM Framerate is fine for me. thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:07 PM Like the picture just pauses for several seconds Better, now ...well, I spoke too soon HopolitesYesterday at 10:09 PM Oh okay cannibalism is happening now. thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:09 PM ~foreshadowing~ oh god :< poor dog... HopolitesYesterday at 10:10 PM This isnt even just foreshadowing, this is- oh thats wild. highglossfinishYesterday at 10:11 PM Cybertronians have cannibalism and a robust amount of things that consume us, but I have to say, it's a glorious thing not to be made of meat. This will end well for everyone involved. thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:14 PM Definitely HopolitesYesterday at 10:15 PM Cant wait to see what happens. thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:16 PM I feel no foreboding HopolitesYesterday at 10:16 PM Yes, this music doesn't bring up any worries at all. highglossfinishYesterday at 10:16 PM What a nice family. Only good times ahead. thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:16 PM Uh oh Is that that "paradoxal undressing" or whatever it's called HopolitesYesterday at 10:18 PM Hmm Oh its stuttering thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:19 PM Oh, it's even called "horrible from supper" HopolitesYesterday at 10:19 PM Okay, I kinda love the incredibly creepy music thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:23 PM Urgh ... so you're saying you deserve to be here, huh And that other guy really IS a fake. HopolitesYesterday at 10:27 PM I would embrace a horribly punny name highglossfinishYesterday at 10:27 PM I heartily embrace mine. thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:28 PM Heh. highglossfinishYesterday at 10:28 PM The Good News bell. thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:28 PM It must be! HopolitesYesterday at 10:29 PM Oh always OH OF COURSE highglossfinishYesterday at 10:29 PM That's the bell that sounds when someone hasn't been stabbed. thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:31 PM It doesn't get rung a lot, as you can imagine Oh, jesus SO now he's trying to frame some random people they ran into HopolitesYesterday at 10:33 PM Of course. thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:36 PM yikes Ohhh no "show me exactly where you were found straddling his corpse half-naked" highglossfinishYesterday at 10:42 PM Hah! thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:42 PM oh, that's not good HopolitesYesterday at 10:43 PM Ah yes, lovely. Ah yes, a bunch of lead filled idiots have guns. thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:45 PM "whimsical tinkly music" so he's, uh, enjoying those drugs for now HopolitesYesterday at 10:46 PM I think his brain is doing a wiggle thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:48 PM dude, stop HopolitesYesterday at 10:49 PM Goodbye miss! Have a better life away from this guys! thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:49 PM "come to my country!  you can be treated like a circus animal and catch novel diseases!" highglossfinishYesterday at 10:49 PM Go with her, have a gaggle of tiny be-mutton chopped humans together. It's not going to get better. "Don't you want to die in eight months of smallpox?" HopolitesYesterday at 10:51 PM Is that the leg thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:52 PM What, uh... what's going to be in his... stomach HopolitesYesterday at 10:52 PM Please roll up your sleeves thenightetc2Yesterday at 10:52 PM Oh. HopolitesYesterday at 10:52 PM Yep thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:00 PM Well well. Oh damn it he's getting away HopolitesYesterday at 11:02 PM Amazing. thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:05 PM y'know, if the bear-thing's supposed to be some kind of revenge for all those murders, it has VERY poor timing HopolitesYesterday at 11:05 PM Actually no it has great timing I love the dichotomy of this scene compared to the previous one Its very funny Okay that zoomed in uncomfortably close to her face thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:13 PM Decent of him. highglossfinishYesterday at 11:13 PM At least spit in a few of them. thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:14 PM They're already all poisoned. Gaaaah HopolitesYesterday at 11:15 PM Whelp He is thoroughly befuckened. OOO DOUBLE SCREWED And hes the food isnt he thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:16 PM Ugh. HopolitesYesterday at 11:18 PM Whelp highglossfinishYesterday at 11:18 PM Well, then. thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:18 PM So it's the scurvy, then HopolitesYesterday at 11:20 PM Eyup thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:20 PM Yes, yes, we get it, you're laying the groundwork to eat someone soon. HopolitesYesterday at 11:21 PM Like, how obvious can they be? thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:22 PM So he's going to be first. "Good news, everyone!" highglossfinishYesterday at 11:23 PM Hah! thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:26 PM "there will be NO cannibalism on THIS trip" HopolitesYesterday at 11:28 PM Well, nice to see she got back to her people safe. thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:28 PM yeah ah highglossfinishYesterday at 11:37 PM Everything about these two hurts. thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:37 PM an albatross, perhaps? god burn poor guy HopolitesYesterday at 11:41 PM Several layers of Oof highglossfinishYesterday at 11:42 PM The oof never ends. HopolitesYesterday at 11:42 PM AN EVEN LOUDER OOF SharpwingYesterday at 11:46 PM Hi all! I am. At Walmart. So I cannot join in to watch... apparently foreshadowed cannibalism But I would like to say hi anyway HopolitesYesterday at 11:47 PM It is no longer foreshadowed highglossfinishYesterday at 11:47 PM Oh no, it's very much the opposite by this point. SharpwingYesterday at 11:47 PM agh highglossfinishYesterday at 11:47 PM But glad to have you pop in just the same. SharpwingYesterday at 11:48 PM Ok no regrets about not seeing... that. But yes! It's great to see you! How ya doing? thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:50 PM oof highglossfinishYesterday at 11:50 PM No complaints! And you? HopolitesYesterday at 11:51 PM Oh okay mr hickey has gone full weird SharpwingYesterday at 11:51 PM No complaints here either!:blush: oof, weird how? (If you feel like elaborating) HopolitesYesterday at 11:51 PM Standing int the super cold morning smiling smuggly thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:51 PM on a table HopolitesYesterday at 11:52 PM Also only wearing one layer of clothes SharpwingYesterday at 11:52 PM Yep that's Very Weird HopolitesYesterday at 11:57 PM "But what about second mutiny?" thenightetc2Yesterday at 11:57 PM pffffff highglossfinishYesterday at 11:57 PM Hah! Local man ruins everything. HopolitesToday at 12:00 AM Whoopsiedoo! highglossfinishToday at 12:04 AM Last episode. Here we go. HopolitesToday at 12:04 AM Woooo! Cant wait to see what slightly insane things will happen next! Im going to guess they will proceed to lose, at least, ten men. thenightetc2Today at 12:10 AM oof :< HopolitesToday at 12:14 AM Oh boy thenightetc2Today at 12:16 AM ...he poisoned himself in some way? highglossfinishToday at 12:16 AM Oh, this is excruciating. HopolitesToday at 12:17 AM Fascinating hallucination. thenightetc2Today at 12:18 AM ... gaaah highglossfinishToday at 12:24 AM Very gaah. HopolitesToday at 12:24 AM Sometimes I hate having pain empathy. Eesh thenightetc2Today at 12:26 AM definitely was covering himself in poison at the end there, then HopolitesToday at 12:27 AM Ooooh yeeeeeah thenightetc2Today at 12:28 AM ...I remember once someone asked you what you thought the worst thing one human could do to another would be, and you said you thought it was probably forcing someone to eat, well, this Can't imagine why I remembered that just now! HopolitesToday at 12:29 AM HAH Hopefully they dont have the lowest bidder for food. Again. HopolitesToday at 12:30 AM I mean, at that point it would be funny. Nooot really on the fur department. thenightetc2Today at 12:32 AM Called it. HopolitesToday at 12:32 AM Of course. Very inspirational. Just shoot him. thenightetc2Today at 12:36 AM I can't get over how fucked up it looks. Is this a SHAVED bear? HopolitesToday at 12:36 AM The bear has no fur Like, how will they make a coat from it? thenightetc2Today at 12:36 AM Good point. HA HopolitesToday at 12:37 AM Is the reason why the bear looks like that because- HA! HAAAA! thenightetc2Today at 12:37 AM GOOD RIDDANCE HopolitesToday at 12:38 AM But yeah, does the bear look like that because a proper polar bear would be too cute and fluffy looking? highglossfinishToday at 12:38 AM It's covered with a fine layer of fuzz and old man skin. They can make a coat of that. I think it's to emphasize that it's not an actual bear. HopolitesToday at 12:39 AM Right yeah, it had creepily human eyes. thenightetc2Today at 12:39 AM Gotta be OH NO highglossfinishToday at 12:46 AM You did the best you could, Stumpy. thenightetc2Today at 12:48 AM the camp of people who are definitely still alive HopolitesToday at 12:48 AM I once again have to say that I like the music highglossfinishToday at 12:48 AM Likewise. thenightetc2Today at 12:48 AM very eerie. okay WHAT HopolitesToday at 12:49 AM Uh what thenightetc2Today at 12:49 AM What the fuck has been going on here highglossfinishToday at 12:49 AM Apparently they really did find him like that, and absolutely no one then or now can explain why. HopolitesToday at 12:49 AM Wild! What the fuck! thenightetc2Today at 12:50 AM Maybe they all got the hypothermia madness HopolitesToday at 12:50 AM Also I love by the bend in his sleeve you can tell the actor has just, tucked his hand into it. highglossfinishToday at 12:50 AM Sensible child. thenightetc2Today at 12:51 AM dude did you not realize she has a name HopolitesToday at 12:51 AM SHE HAS A NAME YOU DIPSHIT highglossfinishToday at 12:52 AM I wonder if she ever told Goodsir. thenightetc2Today at 12:54 AM ...oh HopolitesToday at 12:54 AM Oh its because she summoned the monster highglossfinishToday at 12:54 AM It's because it died on her watch. And that's The Terror! thenightetc2Today at 12:59 AM Well. It sure was! That was a hell of a thing. HopolitesToday at 12:59 AM I do appreciate how much the show kept telling us that the British didnt belong there highglossfinishToday at 12:59 AM Wasn't it just? Awfully nice of them to let him live with them after his men killed one of their shaman and then their protector spirit. thenightetc2Today at 1:01 AM Yes SharpwingToday at 1:01 AM :eyes:like what thenightetc2Today at 1:01 AM He had some weird piercings in his face, and chains--like, jewellery chains--attached to them HopolitesToday at 1:02 AM Im sorry but I love this video making fun of the british mispronouncing a inuit word SharpwingToday at 1:02 AM Isn't getting a piercing a common occurrence during a crisis? HopolitesToday at 1:03 AM COLD BOYS thenightetc2Today at 1:03 AM ldfkjg HopolitesToday at 1:05 AM Is this a cheesy edit someone did I feel I shouldn't be giggling at this edit like I am. thenightetc2Today at 1:08 AM Sea shanty SNL? highglossfinishToday at 1:08 AM OH, YES! Perfect! thenightetc2Today at 1:12 AM FOrty-five minutes from shore! HopolitesToday at 1:13 AM Amazing. thenightetc2Today at 1:13 AM Very amazing. highglossfinishToday at 1:13 AM And that, I believe, is a good place to wrap it up! thenightetc2Today at 1:13 AM Well!  Thank you, once more, for hosting. HopolitesToday at 1:14 AM Rest well! highglossfinishToday at 1:14 AM And thank you for allowing me to subject you to this show! HopolitesToday at 1:14 AM Was fun! Always nice to make fun of the british. SharpwingToday at 1:14 AM :blush::wave: Thank you! I hope your next two weeks is good♡ highglossfinishToday at 1:14 AM And yours too! thenightetc2Today at 1:14 AM Goodnight! ...I actually have a suggestion for next time, if you're interested in something animated and a bit stupid. Latte and the magic waterstone highglossfinishToday at 1:17 AM Looks promising and delightfully stupid. Latte it is. thenightetc2Today at 1:18 AM :D
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gaysimpsstuff · 2 months ago
I love your writing so much !! 🤍🤍💘💕🤍💕🤍💕🤍 can I request a drabble for hawks with an s/o who has an angel / winged quirk but is scared of heights. whenver they start to fly they get scared and drop like a weight 😔 maybe him catching them during an accident where they had to fly or helping them face their fear ?
Oooh that sounds lovely! Here you go, anon, I really hope you enjoy this one! I had a bit of trouble writing this, but I found a way!
Hawks + Angel Y/n + Acrophobia
Genre: Hurt/comfort, fluff
Type: drabble
Word Count: 840
Summary: Y/n, who’s quirk gives them wings, is ironically petrified of flyng. It takes some time, but with the help of their loving boyfriend Keigo, they learn to soar.
Warnings: acrophobia, flying, heights, mentions of death and bodily harm, peer pressure, panic attack themes, 
Other: I ended up changing it a little so it’s not specifically an angel quirk as I would write one, but just a quirk that gives the reader wings. Other abilites could include angel-like things, but the most important thing for this fic is the wings.
Fluff Taglist: @smolchildfangirl @combat-wombatus @mandalorian-baby-bird @waffleareniceandfluffy @catcherisvibin @thesubtlewhore @popcatx0
Please double check if requests are open before requesting. This was made while requests were still open.
“No way.”
“You’re technically a bird, like me, you should just try it!”
“Nuh-uh. Not happening. I can’t fly.”
“Can’t or won’t?”
It wasn’t often that you argued with Keigo, your boyfriend, but when you did it was usually about what movie to watch.
Oh... I guess maybe you argued every other night then...
You’re real fights all played out a bit different than those petty squabbles. 
Your wings.
Your quirk was called Angel. One of the many things your quirk gave you were cotton white wings, softer than alpaca wool. Your wings had been what attracted Keigo to you in the first place. 
He probably expected to be able to go flying with you, but instead it turned out that you had acrophobia, AKA fear of heights. Which meant you were grounded, so unlike the bird or angel he knew you were.
You knew he just wanted to help you get past your comfort zone, that he wanted to show you how amazing it was to fly, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to take the literal next step, off the side of a building.
Keigo’s wings flapped as his body hovered just over the edge of the building. One hand rested lazily in his pocket while the other grapsed your hand, well more like you clung onto his palm for dear life while he just flopped it around.
“Can’t!” you exclaimed, tears swimming in your eyes, the warm salty water preventing you from seeing your boyfriend’s sunny smile. “I can’t fly, Keigo! I’ll fall, I will I will! I’m not like you, I know I’ll fall!”
“You won’t fall. You’ve got the wings, and they’re even bigger than mine (jealous as I am about that), plus your tail feathers are strong. You. Will. Fly.” he assured you, thumbs rubbing against your knuckles. 
“No I won’t!” you cried, chest heaving as you struggled to breath. “I’ll fall, and- and every single bone in my body and it won’t be a clean break, they’ll all shatter into a million pieces and no one will be able to put them back together and I’ll be just like Humpty-fucking-Dumpty and-”
“Hey.” you hiccuped, feeling skin on your face as Keigo held your cheek in his hand, wiping away some of your tears. “Even if you fall, which I promise you won’t, I’ll be here to catch you. I’m not the fastest for nothing, okay?” He tugged your face close to his, lips pressing against yours softly as he brushed your tears away.
“Okay...” you whispered. “I trust you, Keigo.” He nodded, slowly pulling away from you. You spread your wings, flapping them lightly. The hand on your face moved down to your other hand, holding it tightly.
You slowly started to flap your wings harder, feeling them scoop up the air beneath them and lifting your body a little each time. You watched Keigo’s face lift into a bright smile.
“That’s it, yeah you got it! Just put a little more strength into those thrusts and you’ll hover!” you nodded, heart thundering between your lungs. Your wings already burned from the foreign strain you were putting on them.
You felt the concrete beneath your shoes slowly drifting away, your wings tugging you upwards slowly. You sucked in a breath, slowly gaining confidence, increasing the strength of your flaps.
Your body jerked forward, your wings and tail shooting out to try and balance you. Your mind flashed through images of the ground zooming towards your face.
Oh wait, that was just Keigo’s shirt. 
The weightlessness disapeared as the bottom of your tennis shoes pressed against the concrete roof of the building again, Keigo helping you take a step back off the bump and onto the flat surface.
You could feel a rumbling in Keigo’s chest, where your face was pressed against. One of his hands buried itself in your hair, the other cupping your chin as he dipped down to press another kiss to you.
“You did such a great job!” His wings were flapping lightly as he purred. “I’m so proud of you, not everyone is willing to do that, you’re real brave!” A small smile inched its way onto your face.
“Really?” your voice was quiet and shaky, your wings puffed up.
“Yes! So brave, I’m so proud! You’re my little Angel, my little Angel who’ll fly with me one day!” you giggled, swaying back and forth a little.
“Can we stop for today?”
“Of course! You did a great job, sweetie, and I don’t want to overstress you. You good to try again tomorrow?”
“Great! How did it feel?”
“It was... weird. My wings felt to heavy, but the rest of me was floating. It was hard, but really freeing.”
“It’s so much better when you’re way up in the air!” Keigo sighed, looking up at the sky.
“Ahaha- maybe later, Kei.” 
“Of course.” He looked at you again, beaming with pride. “I love you, Angel~”
“I love you too, Birdie~”
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milkytheholy · 2 months ago
An ordinary life: Part 6
A/N: Howdy everyone! This chapter is still set in the past and will be the last entry until the next episode of Wandavision comes out and effectively throws a spanner in the works. Until then I hope you enjoy!
Also if you want to start sending in any Peter Maximoff requests feel free to!
No spoilers for Wandavision or any X-Men movies.
Marvel masterlist
Ultimate masterlist
Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 7
Tumblr media
"So, what happened to your parents?"
"What? I'm curious!"
You whined, slouching on the edge of your bed before completely flopping your back onto the springy mattress. Peter dashed to sit next to you, his leg hitting yours as he layed down beside you. A moment of silence had taken over the fun atmosphere, it settled like a cool breeze but it felt suffocating after a while. Taking a deep breath you spoke, "It was a few years ago, dates are fuzzy, I wasn't really paying attention." Peter turned to look at you, he allowed himself to take in your form. Your hair curled and laying on the mattress, lifeless, your lips looked so kissable but he had to remember the conversation that was about to occur; it probably wasn't a good idea to kiss your crush when they're talking about their dead parents.
"They were fighting like always, my mum had found out my dad had been living another life; sleeping with a shit-load of women. Dad said she had no right to tell him what to do. And I had so much school work to get through, no one offered to help me so I had to do it by myself. It was just too much and I couldn't handle it anymore, something just...something just snapped inside of me. The next thing I know I'm glowing yellow and the yelling downstairs had got a lot more quiet. I sent them somewhere, I don't know where, I didn't even know I could do that."
A stray tear had slipped past your eye at the memory, Peter gently wiped the tear away with the tip of his finger. Looking over at him, he sent you a small smile "That sucks," he muttered. You let out a chocked laugh, grinning at him "Yeah," you hummed. Peter looked towards the ceiling of your room, it went quiet again but it was comfortable this time.
"My dad's Magneto." Peter stated, gaze never leaving the ceiling. You turned to him with wide eyes "What?" you questioned, shoving his arm "Dude no fair, I told you a real story." Peter laughed holding your arm down by his side "I am telling you a real story, can't you see the family resemblance?" he then beamed a toothy smile. You couldn't help the cackle that pried itself out of your stomach and through your lips, Peter had never heard a sound so beautiful before. "You, Peter Maximoff, are a treat to be around."
-A year later-
You had been wandering the mansion for over an hour, following a trail of clues and riddles left by the silver-haired speedster himself. You joked with the idea in your head that the trail was pointless and led to a brick wall, knowing that wasn't out of possibility for Peter. Your fingers fiddled with the small slip of paper in your hands as your feet mindlessly took you from room to room.
Our love blossomed like words on a page, a time where we acted so weird and strange.
You couldn't help the small chuckle that left your lips, sure Peter had never been so enclined with poetry but you gave him an A for effort. Sliding open one of your old classroom doors, you strutted your way to one of the desks. Sitting there like time had stood perfectly still was a delicate red rose, a silver bow tied around its broken stem; there was no doubt in your mind that Peter had plucked it from some unsuspecting garden.
Being in this room brought back so many memories, meeting Scott and Ororo for the first time, your first ever lesson at the school...meeting Peter for the first time. It was all awkward handshakes and distant stares, somehow evolving into a strong friendship, which then evolved into a lot more. Bringing the rose up to your nose, you smiled when you saw the next clue carefully wrapped and placed amongst the petals.
Go to the place where we eat, the place I hide my favourite treat.
Giggling to yourself, you held the rose in a gentle grip and made your way to the kitchen. You gave a nod to the other teachers as you walked by, a mutual nod of trust was all you needed; all anyone needed, really. Shoving past a couple of loitering kids, which you reprimanded for not being in class, you dived into Peter's hidden stash of twinkies.
"Once a hoarder always a hoarder," you mused, pushing away boxes and boxes of unopened twinkies. Standing on the tips of your toes you were able to see a small note taped to a singular twinkie, pulling it into the light, another smile graced your lips.
Even though we don't meet eye to eye, I trust this guy until the day I die.
Puzzled, you read and re-read the little note. What did he mean 'I trust this guy until the day I die.'? Was that not meant to be you, considering this was in celebration of your one year anniversary together?
'Eye to eye'
You had finally connected the dots, he was talking about Scott; of course he was. Rushing around the mansion to find the ruby-red boy, you found him by the training room with a bunch of other students just observing their work. Jogging up to him, Scott gave you a small wave and a tight smile "Hey (Y/N), can I help you with something?" You panted at him, clearly out of breath from running all over the place; how does Peter do this? you thought to yourself.
"I believe you have something for me?" you asked, now bent over trying to regain your breath. Scott laughed reaching into a back pocket of his trousers, he pulled out a small shred of paper "Looking for this?"
"Yes, thank you!" you praised, snatching it from his hands praying that this would be the final note. Scott raised a brow at you "Not enjoying the riddles?" you shook your head at him "No, I am, it's just- I'm not as fast as Pete, I've been running around the mansion all day." Scott only laughed some more, the guy can be so full of sympathy. Leaving the training room, you looked down at the clue in your hands:
The final stop is a place you know, a place where we've seen each other grow. It was the location for our first date, a place I knew where meeting you was fate.
As if your love for Peter could get any worse he had to go and write something so lovey-dovey, and just for you too! Ignoring the pain in your legs, you sprinted to the lake outside of the mansion's doorstep. It had become a lot darker since you had started this around noon, you were definitely going to get revenge on the speedster for dragging your around the school all day.
Reaching the lake, you saw a small picnic blanket resting on the ground along with an abundance of food. Small candles were littered around the blanket but none of them were lit, maybe he forgot to light them you mused. You ventured over to the romantic set-up, looking around for any more notes or the location of your boyfriend.
"Peter? I'm here," you called out to the open space, waiting for the boy to zoom past you. But nothing. Walking further around you still couldn't find him "Peter! Peettterrr!" you dragged out. Nothing. Sighing you went back up the steps of the mansion to see if he was hiding in there, but when you came up empty you began to panic. "Jean!" you shouted rushing over to her, she had just stepped foot outside of Charles' office. Startled, she turned to you "Whoa, whoa (Y/N), where's the body?" she joked.
You frowned at her, fingers tugging the ends of your hair "(Y/N), what's wrong?" she asked again, all joking aside. "It's Peter, I can't find him anywhere! What if something bad happened to him?" your voice started to tremble, nasty thoughts of his body lying on the ground flooded your mind. Jean placed a calming hand on your arm, "Breath (Y/N), I'm sure wherever he is he's fine."
"Can you please, just-"
"Sure, I'll do anything to help." You always loved that Jean was just able to read your mind to get an answer, sure some people found it intrusive but it came great for when you couldn't get the words out. Jean closed her eyes in an attempt to find Peter and put you at ease, her brows furrowed in frustration "I can't- I can't find him." she stuttered out. Tears began to dribble from your eyes, a small whine easing it's way past your lips. Jean opened her eyes again, guilt washing over her "Maybe I'm not strong enough to find him, I'm sure the professor can."
You slammed the doors to the professor's office wide open, the two occupants inside jumping at the loud noise. Hank and Charles glared at you, but it quickly lightened when they saw the state you were in "Professor, we can't find Peter. I've even tried finding his mind but I don't think I can reach him like you could." Jean stated, you weren't in any condition to talk at the moment. The professor leaned back in his chair, eyes connecting with Hanks for a brief moment, "Charles are you sure, the last time we used Cerebro it nearly killed you." Hank muttered, shielding away from your powerful gaze.
Shooing him away, Charles clearly said something to Hank because his face became solum. All four of you went down to Cerebro, Charles leading the group. You watched with your heart aching as Hank started up the machine, if Charles couldn't find Peter what chance did you have? You gazed in awe as the room lit up, hundreds and thousands of people blipping in and out as Charles went about his search for Peter. It had felt like hours, but in reality mere minutes, before the machine was shut off. You all stood in silence, more tears slipping down your cheeks "Professor?" Jean whispered. He didn't turn back to look at you, instead, he turned to Hank "Increase the volume, Hank."
"But, Charles-"
"Just do it!"
The room lit up again, the dial on the contraption going wild. "More!" Charles shouted, eyes racking up every person he saw. Reluctantly, Hank increased the volume, sparks started flying out of the counter. Cerebro was coming apart, it couldn't handle the amount of power Charles was putting in. Before the room could erupt into flames, Hank pulled an emergency switch plunging the room into darkness. The emergency lights faded on, giving you a better look at the guilt-ridden look on the professor's face.
"(Y/N)," he meekly whispered, you stuttered backwards hitting the circular door. You knew that tone of voice, it was the same one all the policemen used on you the night your parents went missing. Loud cries emitted from you, your heart split into two. "(Y/N), I'm so sorry...I couldn't find him." Cries ripped through you, a yellow light glowing around your hands "We have to find him!" you screamed, anger rising.
Hank ran to hold you down, the room growing brighter and brighter due to the yellow flames burning from your fists. "(Y/N), listen to me!" Charles shouted, wheeling closer towards you with caution, "I may not have found him now, but I won't stop looking for him; I promise."
It had been a few days since Peter had gone missing, your nights had been sleepless while your days were filled with theories of how he disappeared. Rumours started to surface that he had left you and moved onto a new life, but that wasn't your Peter, he loved you with every bone in his body. Jean had been monitoring your thoughts, whether you knew about it or not, she was deeply worried for you; everyone was.
You had been called down to Hank's lab one afternoon, you had expected it to be about your moody behaviour around the mansion. However, when you arrived Charles and Hank were in deep conversation with one and another, both looking at some dumb graph on the computer screen. "Ah, (Y/N), it's good to see you awake before 4pm." Charles reflected, you glared at him unamused. Pushing some paperwork away you managed to make a little bit of space on Hank's workbench to sit on, "What am I here for anyway?" you moaned, heaving yourself up into a slouched position.
Hank stared at the screen then back to you with a giddy look in his eyes, "Remember when Charles looked for Peter with Cerebro?" You rolled your eyes at the memory "Yeah and he couldn't find anything, so what?"
"Well, I may not have been able to find him (Y/N). But, I did sense him." Charles spoke, your head shot up, eyes as wide as dinner plates. "Y-you- you what?" You stuttered, mouth agape. Hank stood aside explaining all the scientific details, pushing away from his desk you studied all the notes he had made. "We think he's safe, see here? These bars are his lifeline and this is his brain's wavelength."
"So you're able to see his health but we can't see him?"
" a way," Hank muttered, going back over his data. Pushing up his glasses he began to theorise what might have happened, "It's a working theory but I believe with the data so far that perhaps Peter didn't just vanish; at least on his own accord. From the notes here and your eye witness account, (Y/N), it's safe to assume that Peter was possibly taken."
"Taken!" you screamed. Hank shrugged at you "It seems whoever took him was a mutant or has some form of powers."
"What kind of powers are we talking about here, Hank?" Charles requested, Hank looked around his lab pulling out a small notebook, flipping some pages he sighed a breath of relief. Both you and Charles shared a look, "Hank?" Charles asked again. "Oh, yes right, sorry." he stuttered, going back to his computer "I believe this person was able to possibly jump between realities, or at least that's what it seems like."
"So, Peter was taken by someone with magical powers who can jump between realities?" you questioned, Hank nervously smiled at you "Well, it's just a running theory." you nodded. "What do you suppose we do?" Charles asked, his fingers skimming the notebook pages. Hank fumbled around with a pen, something he did when he was nervous you noted, "I'm not sure, tech like that doesn't even come close to be able to create a dimension-hopping device. It could take months, even years for something like that to actually work."
"But we have to get him back, we can't just leave him there!" you shouted, frustration quickly building up inside of you. "We can't, until we can pinpoint Peter's location any attempt at rescuing him is useless."
"The professors right, (Y/N). We don't even know where 'there' is. Look, I'm doing everything I can-"
"And it's not enough Hank!" tears were now cascading down your cheeks, your chest heaved with hurried breaths. "Enough! (Y/N) leave the lab and go back to your dorm or outside, just anywhere that isn't here. Until you control your emotions you're not welcome here, do you understand me?"
"Yes, professor." you spit out.
You ran from the lab, throwing the doors open and never looking back. Your feet took you back beside the lake, the moment was meant to be happy. That night you were meant to be sat under the stars with the love of your life not wallowing in guilt about his absence. You once again felt the anger and grief build up inside you, all the pain of your parents and Peter hitting you like a truck. Too many emotions swirling their chaotic energy within you, too much everything.
Everything was so loud, the trees swaying, the cricket chirping, the sound of your heartbreaking; it was all too loud! The space around you began lighting up, bright shades of yellow and white illuminating the lake's surface. Small portals started appearing over the grass and in the tree trunks, you were losing control.
I can't do this, I can't do this anymore, not without you. I need you Pete and I know you'll laugh and joke about this when you get back. I will get you back no matter what they say, I want you back, I need you back. I'm not living the rest of my life without you, how can I? How can I go on knowing that before you left will never compare with what happens now. Peter I need you, I need you...
"I NEED YOU!" you screamed into the night sky, a huge portal forming beside you. It was glowing bright, blinding you from seeing whatever was inside. Your wavering breaths ran in sync with your hurried cries, distracting you from the portals tempting chants. Your eyes burned as you continued to stare into the portal, lungs heaving for air. Stepping through the portal with timid steps, you breathed in the fresh air of a suburban town.
The grass beneath your feet felt fresh, the sky was a bright blue. The portal behind you slowly closed until it was non-existent, the yellow hue surrounding your fists dissipating into nothingness. All your anger and pain was gone, a memory that had been forgotten over time. A smile grew on your face, distracting those you may meet from the tear stains on your cheeks. Your hair was frizzy, clothes sparkling new. You felt like a new person. A new person with a new life ahead.
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sarah-blue-eyes · 2 months ago
2020 In Review
Hoo boy, here we go.
[Ok just before I begin. I had this queued to post in the first month of January but it doesn’t seem like that ever happened haha. Better late than never I suppose!]
So I am a nostalgic bitch, and since 2011, have loved to make memory boxes for each year, where I put trinkets and memories into a shoebox. This year I have continued that tradition, but I have also kept track of my happy memories throughout 2020 in my planner. This was done with the intention for me to upload a year-in-review sort of thing in hopes that maybe like, 3 people max on this god-forsaken site will read it. This sort of reminiscence was inspired by my friend @a-lbeit​, who has done these for a few years now and me, as a slut for nostalgia, was encouraged to do the same back in January (I think? What even is my memory at this point?)
2020, as it has been for many, was a very shit year, and I am no different. I would safely say that this year has undeniably been the worst I have lived through. But I am here. I am present. And I have made it through some of the darkest times to face 2021 with a new sense of hopefulness. Keeping track of my happier memories has been something that has truly got me through this clusterfuck of a year, so I am glad that I can finally go through them all again and share them with you.
Read it, or don’t, I don’t give a shit what you do with your time, but if you do, I hope that you aren’t bored to tears. And I hope to keep myself accountable to continue to do this for years to come.
Buckle up, grab a hot drink and a snack and get comfy, because this is a JOURNEY.
· Kicked the new year off with hosting a 1920’s themed party with some of my closest friends at my family home at the beach. Had fun with drunk SingStar, playing What Do You Meme, creating a playlist with everyone’s top 3 songs of the decade (it was a bangin’ playlist I must say), and just overall drinking too much and having a riotous time
· I remember going to the beach New Year’s Day (as is tradition in Australia) and playing ultimate frisbee in the shallows and completing a crossword puzzle on the sand (I am a 75-year-old woman, it is just a fact of life)
· I also had my friend Kirsten from South Australia stay with me for the New Year’s period and it was lovely to have a guest over! I haven’t spoken to her much this year, she sort of fell off the face of the planet, but I hope she is doing ok.
· Went town to Torquay (a beach town in Victoria) for the 6th time for Beach Mission, which is essentially a holiday program for kids in preschool-year 9 where we run activities for them. It’s a Christian-based program but the aim isn’t to convert the kids or anything like that, it’s more to show God’s love to them through our actions and how we as Christians live our lives. It’s also a convenient way for parents to dish their kids off for a few hours too haha. This was my final year of being a part of this program, and I am so pleased to have made so many memories and (hopefully) impacted many children’s lives during my time there
· I remember going on a late-night beach walk with my boyfriend Josh, talking about what the year had in store for us. We were just sitting on the beach, as you do, and I saw a shooting star. I can’t remember what I wished for (if anything) but in that moment, life was a dream.
· The week after beach mission I started at my new internship! It was for a place called KidsCo, who run school holiday programs at workplaces, so parents don’t need to take time off work to look after them. I helped with client relations and a lot of behind-the scenes stuff. I really loved it there
· On the very first day of my internship I remember there was torrential rain, and the train home was delayed by like, an hour or so lol
· One of the best parts about interning at KidsCo was that they were the official child-minding service for the Australian Open. I make an effort to go each year, but I was lucky enough to get free ground-entry for me and a guest for the duration of the event. I went quite a few times and got to take my mum and Josh along as well.
· Saw my only concert of the year, The Veronicas, at the Australian Open. When I say the moment the violin riff at the start of Untouched absolutely went the fuck off is an understatement. Grade 5 me would have cried (and 23 year old me did a little bit too tbh.) Yet another of one of my “all-time-favourite-songs” that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing live. (I also went through the year feeling sad that this was the first time in 11 years I hadn’t gone to a concert, but this one certainly fell through the cracks)
· Started planning my trip to the UK to see my twin sister, and best friend, Jess
· Went away to Rye for the Australia Day weekend #changethedate. An excellent time with excellent mates, and went to the beach pretty much every day and got mindlessly sloshed every night
· Listened to the Triple J Hottest 100. I think 4 of my picks made it in, which was pretty good
· Continued my job as the office manager/events coordinator at my church
Basketball started back after the summer break for my two different teams, The Vikings and The Wildcats (honestly such a highlight of this year with how the rest of it ended up going)
As a team-bonding activity at KidsCo we hired a boat for a few hours and I got more drunk that I had been for a while. It was a very fun time jetting down the Yarra, waving drunkedly at the people jogging by
For Valentine’s day Josh and I had an indoor picnic with our favourite food! The weather was shit for Feb, hence the indoor nature of the picnic
Saw Shrek the Musical with two of my closest pals, Bec and Katie (I honestly forgot that this happened in 2020 hahaha) but it was ICONIC
Had a Jackbox night with The Boys
Had my cousin Amy from England over for dinner! I hadn’t seen her in 5 or 6 years, so it was so lovely to connect again like no time had passed at all
Went to Healesville Sanctuary, a lovely conservation park which focuses on preserving and educating its visitors about Australian animals, with Amy
 Went to mini-golf for a friend’s birthday on the leap day. He technically celebrated his 6th birthday which was excellent
Saw Cody Ko and Noel Miller live with Bec and Katie
Finished working at the church office to make room for the potential job opportunity at KidsCo
Ahhh March, you shitstorm of a month. This is where everything started going downhill.
The first thing of note that happened this month was me injuring my ankle at basketball, which had me out of action for a few weeks. It was especially bad because I was nearing the end of my internship and was hoping to do my best work so that I would be chosen to stay on as an employee, but had to take a week or so off to rest my ankle. My ankle would continue to be tender and sore for most of the rest of the year
Went away for the Labour Day long weekend with the family
Finished up my internship at KidsCo. Honestly was lead to believe that I would be staying on as an employee and felt sort of betrayed after all the work I did for them, but whatever
 Had a party at Bec’s house to listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100 of the Decade. One of my favourite songs was number 1 which was a pleasant surprise
Went down to the holiday house for a few days just to have so me time and sort myself out
Animal Crossing New Horizons came out haha. Honestly was one of the highlights of this year though. I stayed up until midnight so I could download it as soon as it was available because that’s the sort of person I am  
Mum’s birthday dinner with Dani, one of my best friends, and her girlfriend Amy
Went for a hike at Sugarloaf Reservoir with Josh and got spooked by a mob of kangaroos
My mental health started really taking a downward spiral this month for multiple reasons which I won’t get into here, but this is more a note to my past self to say that it will all be ok I guess? Idk I just felt like this needed to be here
Did my ankle badly again on Good Friday
Watched the Overwatch League live with my friends and just memed in the livechat lmao
WARNING - this is a bit TMI but I am going to share anyway since it was a big part of this year, and if you are reading this you are either a stranger or a good friend so I really don’t care lmao: This month I also started to get bad pains in my uterus, like, not period pains but deep, stabbing pains. This continued on for the next few weeks without me doing anything about it, except for increasingly getting stressed about it, although I will talk a bit more about this later.
Josh and I celebrated our 6th year together which was ~wholesome~
Called my friend Ashley from the US and just caught up. It was nice to see her face again. She is a good egg. I haven’t talked to her since but I really hope she’s ok.
Watched Star Wars with Josh and his family for “May the 4th”
Started a volunteer job at Kivuli, a non-for-prophet that is based in Kenya, and started helping out with their website and social media stuff
Zoom movie time with my friends, we watched How To Train Your Dragon I think? Athough everyone was talking over the movie so I didn’t really get anything out of it
Played Scattergories (one of my favourite games) with Bec and Jess on zoom and just wrote really stupid and funny answers and I remember this being just what I needed
Went for a long walk with mum and one of her friends and her daughter on a track we don’t usually go on, which was a nice change of scenery
Went down to the holiday house for the first time in forever since restrictions were eased, at least for a little while lol, with the fam
Went to Portsea for a walk along the beach with Bec and her husband Trevor
Did an online trivia night that night with a big bunch of friends
Had a doctor’s appointment to see what was goin’ on down there. Honestly freaked that it could be something REALLY bad. Got booked in to have an ultrasound the next week, so at least I’d be finding out what was wrong soon.
The day after I got my results was the 21st of May, the day my mum and I were meant to be flying out to the UK to see my sister and her boyfriend. It was already hard enough a month or so before when I had to cancel my flight, but this day was so SO difficult. I can’t remember the last time I cried so hard. I am so blessed to have a boyfriend like Josh though. He was by my side the whole day, and held me as I cried. Oh man I am crying as I write this now, it was such a hard time but I know I will see my sister again.
And then the day after THAT whole ordeal was my birthday, which was meant to be spent in London with Jess but it turned out to be the first birthday we’ve had apart. This day was also hard, but made better by being with loved ones and having dinner at my grandma and grandpa’s house. Grandma’s roast potatoes make everything better.
Went to Geelong to see the other side of my family, it was so good to see my nan again. I love her very much.
Went to the Briars with Bec and went on a lovely nature walk and saw a lot of little wallabies and even an emu
Had an ultrasound and my pain turned out to be a 10cm wide cyst!!! So fun!!!!! Thank the heavens it wasn’t a child. I was so relieved. It is still in my body so that’s cute tho.
Applied for a bunch of jobs, and even got a few interviews! Still no job.
The absolute highlight of this month, and maybe even the whole year, was going away to Lake’s Entrance and Yarram with mum, dad and Josh. It was so good to go to the country, I love country towns so much and the wildlife and nature is so beautiful in the eastern part of Victoria. If you ever get the opportunity I recommend going there!
We ate so much nice food and just relaxed. It wasn’t a perfect replacement for not going to Europe, but it was something at least.
Did more work for Kivuli which kept me busy
Went to Bec’s house to bake a cake. She came out to me as bi this day too, and the cake was coloured like the bisexual flag!
Started a short course through the university I went to in Facebook for Business. It was a great way to build up my skills.
Played Animal Crossing with Dani’s little sister, Tami, a very wholesome time
Looked after Josh’s dog Jed while his family went away for the weekend (also went into the start of July) and was honestly the greatest time
Halfway through the year. Thank fuck.
Had another job interview
Went on lots of walks
Was just generally cold
Did a lot of cleaning
Painted the downstairs rooms at church, which took a few days and a lot of back pain, but it’s cool to think that I was able to contribute my energy and time to something while I was not feeling good at all
The restrictions were tightened again, meaning that I couldn’t go further than 5kms away from my house, except to see Josh, so this was a really lonely time for me.
Really got into Masterchef with mum this season. They had all returning contestants from other seasons so that was really fun to watch.
Got and assembled a new couch upstairs that I can say I actually own myself. I absolutely love it.
More walks, despite the cold
This was a very uneventful month, but that’s ok!
Had a call with the hospital I’ll be having my cyst surgery with. It was good to know that things would be started. I had to have a blood test and a second ultrasound then put on the waiting list for surgery. Still no sign on when that will be happening though 6 months later. Just so lucky to live in Australia where all of these appointments are free.
Went for a really nice long walk with Josh. Got shat on by a bird.
Did lots of stuff around the house, just tidying and watering the plants and sorting through my wardrobe to purge all the clothes I grew out of
Had an online Switch games night with some friends which was fun. We played Smash Bros. and Mario Kart and just had a great time!
Ok this sounds super lame but my favourite podcast, The Jenna & Julien Podcast, finished forever which came as a surprise and was just really sad. I really hope it comes back one day.
Did my tax return lmao
Baked rice puff/marshmallow bar things
Made an ASOS order to fill my happiness with material things. Did get some cute clothes and lingerie tho 😉
More games with Bec and Jess, we played Golf With Your Friends this time
Had a cocktail night with Josh, where we just made a bunch of fun cocktails and got drunk. I can’t wait to live with him so we can do this all the time.
Lots of Kivuli work, as we are planning for our 10th anniversary fundraising event
Baked cookies, which was something I did a lot at the start of lockdown but sort of drifted away from. I absolutely love to bake.
Started working for Media-Wize, a small PR company that was started by someone I know at church.
Started playing Among Us at the start of the month
So many Among Us nights omg, just call me queen impostor please
Did my induction for Media-Wize
Got  n e r v o u s  because I kept getting things wrong in my new job. I always seem to fuck up the good things and opportunities that I get
Did a livestream reading of The Great Gatsby on my friend’s Twitch stream. It was really fun and something I had never done before. I voiced Tom Buchannan, which was interesting but cool to sort of get into the character. I hope to do something like this soon.
I burnt my hair while cooking dinner and had to give myself a haircut lmao. It was the first time since 2018 that I had cut it so it was a long time coming anyway.
So much Media-Wize work. It felt good to finally be getting paid to do a job
Got locked out of my bathroom so I had to climb up the laundry chute to unlock it from the inside, all because a fly outsmarted me (it’s a long story… and honestly best told by speaking it)
Had the Kivuli 10th anniversary livestream. Lots of work went into it and it was so much fun! It’s incredible that a non-for-profit that has benefitted so many children and families is still going strong. Such a blessing to see.
Dad’s birthday, and we had a picnic with grandma and grandpa and saw them for the first time since lockdown was somewhat lifted
Walked to Beasley’s nursery with Josh and got a coffee. This was the first proper, not McCafe coffee I had had in months and it was SO good
Played Animal Crossing with Dani
More Among Us, a theme for the last few months of 2020
Watched the AFL Grand Final. Wasn’t super exciting this year tbh, especially since we couldn’t have a BBQ or party or anything, but hopefully next year will be different
Nearly moved out of home with a friend of a friend, but since I didn’t have a job, didn’t think it would be a wise decision. Would’ve been nice though
Did some more Media-Wize work. I haven’t been given anything to do since this time though, so I don’t know what’s going on with that? They really be ghosting me tho.
Applied for JobSeeker so I would at least be getting a little income
New Jackbox came out, and had a games night with The Boys playing all the new games
Voted in the local election
Went to Westerfold’s Park with Josh for a lovely long walk
Played lots of The Sims 4 (but tbh I have been doing this all year)
This month things sort of started to turn around, as Covid wasn’t hitting my state hardly at all, so I was actually able to see family and friends again!
Went to my old primary school with Dani and played basketball and just shot around and talked. She also came over for dinner. It was so nice, and she is a true friend.
Had a picnic at the park at the top of the street with my dad’s side of the family, all together at last
Melbourne Cup Day, not that I really care but it’s nice to get a day off. Went on a day trip to the Dandenong mountain range. It was so, so nice and bought some lovely little things from local shops, went for a bushwalk and had a bakery lunch
Went to the park to throw the frisbee and kick the footy around with Josh and his friends, although they are my friends too tbh
Had a picnic with a group of friends that I hadn’t seen since January, so it was so, so good to catch up with them and have a delicious BBQ dinner
My favourite online comedy group, Aunty Donna’s Netflix series came out! Had a virtual watch party with a few friends and binge watched it all in one go
Had lunch with grandma. This used to be a weekly occurrence but for obvious reasons was put off for this year. I absolutely adore her and every lunch we spend together is so precious to me
Went to Kyneton with some of the family as another day trip
Christmas shopping time again. So weird to be at the shops and feel sort of normal? I went 4 different times in the span of a week and a half haha
Josh’s birthday! We went to this maze place with has a bunch of big mazes and other fun activities. It was such a perfect day. Then we had dinner with his family.
Got a letter from the IRS saying that I needed to provide them with proof of identity, so that was fun trying to sort that out. We love the outdated US tax system <3
Went to a bridal shower for my friend Katie
Went for another hike with Josh to the mountains
Drove down to Geelong for a friend’s wedding and stayed at my nan’s house
Had a pub dinner and Jackbox night while down in Geelong with The Boys
A good friend of mine was leaving to live in Japan for two years, so I went to her house one last time to say goodbye and chill in her pool and just hang out
God why is it so hard to get a job?
Omg we have made it to December. It truly is a miracle with how this year went tbh. And if you have read this far, thank you but also, how little of a life do you have?
Went to my friend Katie’s wedding. Sort of surreal to go to a wedding during a pandemic but it was fun and I got to see a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in a while
Enjoyed the hot weather and went to the beach a number of times with a variety of friends
Went Christmas shopping, and just shopping in general since it was safe to and shops had finally opened again
Got a job at a talent agency where you get gigs as a paid extra in TV shows and movies, which was pretty cool! I even had a professional photoshoot to get headshots done, something that I had never done before. Glad that I could get some pictures to use on LinkedIn though haha. Still haven’t been cast in anything but here’s hoping.
Had dinner and drinks with Josh, Bec and Trev in the city for the first time since it reopened. God I love Melbourne so much. It is just so magical on balmy summer nights. This was such a special evening, and was so good just to be in the city again
Had a lovely day with Dani, starting with breakfast and then going on a hike before the weather got too hot. We went to Sherbrooke Forest, a place I hadn’t been before, and it was incredibly beautiful
Had a number of job interviews this month too, none of which got back to me which was annoying :/
Now it was heading into the time where every weekend is packed with Christmas do’s so I’ll just collate them in this point. Lots of drinks were consumed and many delicious roast dinners
Had our annual Christmas Carol’s service at church. It was a blessing to be back in the building for the first time since March, and to be able to do something I love (singing) with some of my best friends was the best
Christmas eve I went to my grandma and grandpa’s house (on dad’s side) to help them set up for Christmas lunch. Spending time together just the three of us is so special, and I am so glad I was able to come over and just chat and be in their loving presence. Then that night I went to our 11pm church service to bring in Christmas day. It was a great service and was great to see our kick-ass minister give a sermon face-to-face.
Ok here we go, Christmas was a doozy, let’s go. So Christmas lunch was, as I said, with my dad’s side of the family, which is always a great time. Cracking open crackers and fighting over who’ll get the bottle opener or nail clippers is always a highlight haha. But we had the fucking best roast potatoes I swear. I need to know what my grandma puts into them because I could genuinely eat 20 of them and still have space. Then the rest of the afternoon was spent in a food coma until I went to Josh’s house to spend dinner with his family. Another delicious meal and great banter was what I needed, although I can safely say that I put on at least 5 additional kilos after that day.
The next day the fam and I headed to Geelong to see my mum’s side of the family. Was a great drive down and I listened to all of The Avalanches new album which had just released. Easily the greatest album of the yeah hands-down. So we spent lunch there and absolutely stuffed ourselves with more food. Three Christmas meals really took a toll on me, but I am just blessed as it is to have a loving family and food on the table.
The next day dad, Josh and I headed to the beach to spend that weird time between Christmas and New Year’s. To get there we took the ferry that goes from Queenscliff to Portsea, which is always a fun time, since we don’t often go from one side of the bay to the other (if you don’t know the geography of Victoria I apologise lmao). Mum didn’t come with us as she had some symptoms of Covid, so went home to isolate and get tested. Thankfully she tested negative and she joined us the next day.
Once I got back home I had to prepare the house for my friend Jono who was visiting for new years from SA. Many last-minute chores and cleaning was done haha.
New Years Eve! Went to pick up Jono and my other friend Sarah from the airport and dropped Sarah off at her accommodation and ended up staying there with Jono for a while as this was where the New Year’s party was going to be. Although, in true Victorian fashion, our premier announced that there was going to be a limit of 15 visitors at any house from 5pm that night. Excellent. We love a last-minute change of plans. So we had lunch and spent the afternoon at my friend’s house before heading to a local park to chuck the frisbee and kick the footy around. We also had our second annual NYE trivia competition, which my team lost by 1 point!! Dang I get so competitive, but we will win next year, I can feel it. The new year came through uneventfully, we were in the middle of a game of Scattergories or something like that when someone changed the channel on the TV to see the Sydney fireworks across the screen and like, 4 second left of the countdown. I gave Josh a bog ol’ smooch and gave my friends a big hug. We had done it. 2020 was defeated.
Conclusion (damn this really be an essay tho)
This year was undeniably the hardest year I had ever been through. Going through unemployment for the majority of the year and having no sense of purpose hit me hard but I am entering 2021 with the hope and willingness to get on track with my career. And I think I will be successful. A lot of truly awful things happened around the world this year as well, with the devastating bushfires at the start of the year, the powerful BLM protests, Coronavirus absolutely destroying lives and many, many other global events but through it all, here we are. I hope you all keep well this year and that your 2021 is infinitely better than your 2020.
Song of the Year: Tangerine – Glass Animals
Album of the Year: We Will Always Love You – The Avalanches (I CANNOT stress this enough, but you absolutely must listen to this album!)
TV Show of the Year: The Mandalorian - Season 2
Movie of the Year: Bombshell (the only movie I saw at the cinemas so didn’t have much to go with)
Memory of the Year: Going away with my family and just enjoying time away with each other
Thank you for reading this, if you’ve made it this far, you’re a real one <3
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whatsappfamily · 2 months ago
You can heal (Picture: Getty) Heartbreak is universal. It can happen to anyone, at any time, but the fallout’s never pretty — especially if you’re the rejected party. Journalist Rosie Green had envisioned channelling Penelope Cruz’s character in Vicky Cristina Barcelona if it ever happened to her — all fabulous hair and cathartic anger. In reality, when her husband announced he was walking out on their marriage, her reaction was more desperate than defiant, as she details in her new book, How To Heal A Broken Heart. ‘The thing that shocked me is how I behaved,’ says Rosie, 46, who lives in Oxfordshire with their two children. ‘I never had that moment of uncluttered anger. ‘Instead, I was frightened for a future that didn’t have us together so I became this begging, desperate wife who would have done anything or accepted any level of behaviour just to try to maintain it.’ They’d been together since she was 19 and married for 15 years when he dropped the bombshell in August 2018. There was no one else, he insisted, he just didn’t love her in ‘that way’ any more. Far from throwing him and his belongings to the gutter, in keeping with movie cliché, there followed almost five months of protracted pain, pleading and tears before he finally moved out. When Rosie’s husband left her after 15 years together, she was surprised by how she reacted (Picture: Matt Lever) ‘He’d always been super keen, super committed, so for our entire married life I felt completely secure. When it suddenly went wrong, I poured everything into trying to steer the car back on course,’ she reveals, irrespective of whether that was a good idea. ‘I was just so fixated with trying to make it work, I couldn’t see there were massive problems associated with that.’ But heartbreak can do all sorts to your sense of rationale and part of Rosie’s recovery was finding out why. Part memoir, part manual, How To Heal A Broken Heart is the tome she wishes she could have reached for in the midst of her despair. ‘You get my story, advice from experts and also takeaways that cut through negative thoughts and help rewire your brain to feel optimistic about the future,’ she says. The format was inspired by divorce coach Sara Davison, creator of Break-Up Recovery Retreats, who explained to her that a breakup often mirrors the stages of grief. With that in mind, Rosie’s chapters are titled Shock (and ugly crying), Denial (mind f***ery), Fear and Bargaining (‘please don’t beg’) and so on. Within the pages, she explores how heartbreak is underscored by the uncertainty we feel ‘when the rug is pulled from beneath us’, and the stomach punch of rejection. It hurts — and not just in a melodramatic sense. Rosie refers to an experiment done by psychologist Ethan Kross at Michigan University in which people were shown a photo of their ex and exposed to pain via a hot probe. The MRI scans found the same areas of the brain were activated by both. The onslaught of emotions also physically manifest themselves. It is why people can’t eat, sleep or focus — in Rosie’s case she lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. Her new book hopes to help others at their lowest ‘Heartbreak is cataclysmic, it changes everything,’ says Rosie, who highlights that humans prefer to feel literally anything other than rejected. It’s why we’re ‘willing to risk anything to get them back’, she writes, referring to the findings of anthropologist Helen Fisher. Her research discovered that ‘when recently rejected people were shown pictures of their exes, the brain showed activity in the reward/motivation areas’, which releases the feelgood hormone dopamine. ‘Dopamine is a bit like Pringles — you always want more,’ notes Rosie. And because it bypasses the conscious part of our brain, ‘we literally lose control, doing more and desperate things to get satisfaction’. Hence the obsessive thoughts and the perpetual social media searches about them on your phone. ‘The only way to get a “hit” is to look at a picture of your ex or call or text them, and even if you have a spat you’re getting a hit of them,’ she says. ‘But ultimately that’s impeding your recovery.’ The best thing you can do, she adds, is to go cold turkey and talk honestly to people about how you feel because the sense of loneliness is only worsened by the compulsion to put a brave face on. ‘It’s easier on the ego to tell people a breakup was “a mutual decision” but if that’s not the case, fostering that facade is not conducive to healing,’ she says. ‘Shame is often attached to heartbreak — people feel they’ll be judged — but that urge to minimise the pain, or your partner’s bad behaviour, messes with the head.’ More: Dating What is Bumble app and when did it launch? Award-winning chef creates fart-free curry recipe for Valentine's Day Valentine’s Day quiz questions and answers for your Zoom date She maintains that the book’s not about gaining revenge or being spiteful but instead about slowly piecing your life back together until there’s a semblance of acceptance. ‘The journey isn’t linear — you’ll still have bad days — but time eases all the things that are so tough at the beginning and you learn to find happiness,’ comments Rosie. The uncertainty that seems so overwhelming at first becomes something to embrace, as she details in the later chapters devoted to growth, dating, sex, and the sense of hope. ‘A friend told me breakups are a gift and it’s true,’ observes Rosie, who is now in a new relationship. ‘There are things I’d never have experienced if it hadn’t happened. I wouldn’t have the level of self-awareness I do now and there’s also the excitement of new experiences. ‘One of the biggest gifts is knowing I can survive on my own now. I don’t need somebody to have happy, fulfilling life. For me, it’s just the cherry on the cake.’ Rosie’s tips for heartbreak survival: Enjoy the small moments A bath, watching a TV show where you can lose yourself, a puppy bouncing around — all these little moments accumulate and bring joy. Exercise Gives that structure of doing something for yourself and makes you feel like you’re moving forward mentally and physically. Talk to people You can keep that group as small or as wide as you like but by talking to people you’ll gain a sense of perspective and clarity. Visualise your future Write down what you want to achieve and what would make you happy, then visualise how you want your life to look. It really helps. How To Heal A Broken Heart by Rosie Green (Orion Spring) is out now Do you have a story to share? Get in touch by emailing MORE : How to survive a breakup during lockdown MORE : The Sex Column: ‘Am I wasting my time trying to make my marriage work?’ MORE : Have lockdowns really ‘added years’ to couples’ relationships? Rush Hour Crush - love (well, lust) is all around us Visit Metro's Rush Hour Crush online every weekday at 4:30pm. Tell us about your Rush Hour Crush by submitting them here, and you could see your message published on the site. How to get your Metro newspaper fix Metro newspaper is still available for you to pick up every weekday morning or you can download our app for all your favourite news, features, puzzles... and the exclusive evening edition! Download the Metro newspaper app here. source
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moonbearmeliox · 2 months ago
X-Men Series Film Review
Welcome back to “Bren rambles about a movie/tv series.” So I just spent the past three days watching the main X-Men movies and while watching I wrote down my thoughts and what came to mind when watching the movies. Spoiler Warning(duh) for the X-Men movies. Also trigger warning because I do talk about homophobia and conversion camps.
As the woman is talking about how mutants can be scared to revel themselve because they could be met with hostility and violence, I find this as a parellel to gay marriage and how LGBTQ+ are scared to come out because they won’t be accepted. Mutants are scared to say they’re mutants of fear of being put to death; LGBTQ+ people are scared to come out in fear of being met with violence or judgement(some places you can be put to death for being gay.
“We should decide if parents want their kids to be in school with mutants.” Sounds the same as “Do you want your child to go to the same school as a gay person? Do you want to be in the bathroom with a girl who has a dick?(in the context of conservatives who don’t want transgender people to use the bathrooms they identify with because “their genitals don’t match)”
Speaking of gay: Eric and Charles
Wolverine got anger issues
Wolverine adopting a young girl with mutant powers, how many times is this going to happen? At least twice.
Rouge really got the shortest end of the stick with the mutant gene.
Give Rouge a male love interest that will inevitably die by her hand, that’s what I’m assuming.
Jean Gray is going to be Wolverine’s love interest, calling it now
Mystique’s costume always bugs me because she’s essentially naked. Like, the directors were like “She must wear no clothes.” “That’s not practical-” “Men will eat it up. The sex appeal, yes. Because women can never have practical costume design.”
Scott looks like he’s played by the main dude in the Sonic Movie(I was right!)
Can Magneto bend the iron in people’s bodies?
“You never use your power against another mutant.” How long is that going to last?
Dad Logan is the best Logan.
The Train Splitting scene shows how powerful Magneto is but didn’t Charles tell Wolverine that Magneto can control metal. Wouldn’t Wolverine have the knowledge, “Hey using my METAL claws against a METAL bender might not be a good idea.”
Kinda figured he would want Rouge, a mutant who can literally kill someone with touch is definitely something the big bad would want.
Magento could just metal bend Charles’ wheelchair.
So Magento’s plan is to turn everyone into mutants, right?
Charles explained it more and it sounds like Terragensis from Agents of Shield with the crystals. Some come out of it with powers, others will crumble to dust.
What powers the cortex that makes it so Charles goes into a coma? Like how does the liquid get into his brain for that to happen?
Yes Jean, it is a perfect idea to put the helmet that put Charles into a coma on your head. Nothing will go wrong.
Mystique really only has like five lines in this whole movie. She really is just supposed to be eye candy.
Of course classic shapeshifter double, who’s who scene. Probably going to be resolved with Jean Gray knowing which one is the real Logan.
The fight scene isn’t that well shot but it is 2000 so
I don’t remember there being a big museum when I visited the Statue of Liberty
I doubt Mystique will stay dead.
Again they thought it would be a good idea to send Wolverine, the man with METAL CLAWS to help fight a METAL BENDER.
Nice of Magneto to put Cyclops and Jean right next to each other face to face.(Director: They’re a couple they must face each other so one can kill the other)
Yep, knew Mystique couldn’t stay dead
Why did they try and have Jean and Logan have a weird semi romance set up when Jean is dating Scott
They gave Charles a plastic wheel chair for when he visited Magneto. Ha, that’s funny.
Plastic isn’t that durable, it would be easy to break Magneto out
The fights scenes have improved, but they’re using a lot of wire rigging
Alan Cummings played NightCrawler. Knew he looked familiar.
Let’s have Wolverine follow a wolf even though wolves are wolverine's natural predators.
Watch the president be a mutant
Still painting it that Logan and Jean could possibly end up together. No thanks.
I see they didn’t change Mystique’s costume design. Is she going to say more than five lines in this movie?
Government wants to pass an act to detain and control all mutants, goes and raids a school filled with mutants, and then is SURPRISED when the mutants retaliate. “Oh we don’t want to start a war” THEN LEAVE THEM ALONE. Of course they’re not going to leave them alone because what isn’t normal scares them and must be dealt with no matter what.
Getting even more parallels between mutants and LGBTQ+. Striker wanted his son cured of the mutant gene but was ultimately upset when Charles’s school couldn’t do that. It’s similar to how when people come out to their parents, their parents send them to conversion camps to “Cure” them because they think being gay is an illness. 
Bobby don’t get horny, it will only end badly
I asked the question if Magento could bend the iron in people’s blood in the last movie. The answer is yes. Yes he can.
Bobby’s parents “Have you tried not being a mutant.” Gives more LGBTQ parreles “Have you tried being straight?” “Have you tried being your assigned gender?”
An officer shooting a white guy? Unrealistic.
Welp Bad guys and good guys team up to save Charles.
Jean and Logan kissed. Here’s my shocked face. #TeamScott.
But seriously, I hate how the main dude must have romantic interactions with the main girl. It’s never the main dude has romantic interactions with a minor(minior in the sense of not that important to the plot) girl, Storm is right there with no love interest. Pair Logan up with her, that way we aren’t running an already established romance, But nooooo, Hollywood loves to have love triangles.
Mystique changing into Jean, making out with Logan, and then changing into a bunch of different girls makes me uncomfortable.
But again, “All women who have the potential to be a love interest must kiss the main dude” now we wait for Storm to give Logan a smooch.
Female Wolverine!
Magneto had his own secret agenda? Who would have thought?
Bobby’s going to come in clutch with freezing the water
Why does Jean need to go and stop the water? Bobby has control over ice, he can stop it.
Man I really feel bad for Scott. 
But I’m miffed because it’s the classic female character dies to further male character’s development.
Oh look Jean’s alive, not surprise. Is she going to be the villain of X-men 3?
I couldn’t watch X-Men 3 because it wasn’t available on any sites but reading the wiki synopsis I was right on her being a bad guy(MY BOY SCOTT GOT MURDERED!). Upset Charles died but he was old and the mentor figure so he kinda had it coming.  On to the prequels. 
X-Men-First Class
So Charles met Mystique first. And her name is Raven. Wonder what caused their split. I just hope they weren’t romantically involved
Poor Erik, really giving him a tragic backstory
James Macavoy!
Raven and Charles call each other siblings! Oh this is going to hurt more.
Excuse me while I get distracted by Vegas women.
But also did the CIA woman plan to sneak in as a showgirl. Because who would wear lingerie under work clothes unless she planned for this(or planned to get freaky later). I mean it’s Vegas so maybe she was prepared.
Emma Frost is a telepath and can crystalize her body. Not what I was expecting with the last name Frost but I also find it odd that her two mutations don’t intersect with each other. Telepathy and crystallization have nothing in common, so the only explanation is that she got both genes from her parents. It would have to be rare since males are usually the ones to pass the gene to their kids.
Azazel. I’m guessing is Nightcrawler's dad. He and Mystique will get romantically involved and have Nightcrawler. He’ll get the blue skin from his mom but the mutant gene from his dad.
Ok I’m miffed about the costume design again. It’s London and it’s raining and they decided to have Raven and the CIA woman wear SHORTS! They’ll be freezing their asses off all so you can have some leg candy? What’s so appealing about knees? Nothing. It’s always been women’s costume designs that have to be appealing, not practical.
If Charles can’t be involved with Mystique, then he’ll have to get involved with Moira?(I don’t know if I heard her name correctly, the CIA lady). Because all male characters MUST have a romantic love interest(sarcasm)
That one CIA dude, he’s a real one.
So the dude that killed Erik’s mother, is also a mutant. 
How is Erik trending water and controlling metal? Nevermind, he’s drowning
Charles saves Erik! And thus the ship is born. “Erik, you’re not alone.”
Hank Mcoy. They zoomed in on Mystique when he was looking at her. Reading the camera angles...oh please don’t have another romantic set up.
They did the Spiderman/MJ framing with Hank upside down and Mystique very close to his face. Yep, they’re setting up a romance between them that will ultimately go nowhere because again, Mystique will do the do with Azael to get Nightcrawler.
Hank and Mystique have only known each other for like five minutes and they’re already having a picnic on top of a rocket. I hate how romance moves so fast in movies.
And Mystique was going to kiss him.
Erik, right after he walks in on Hank and Mystique’s picnic: If I looked like you, I wouldn’t change a thing. 
Are they really trying to set up a love triangle between Hank, Mystique and Erik? I know Magneto and Mystique's relationship in the first three movies is close, but that sentence just makes it sound like Erik is jealous.
“Are you sure we can’t shave your head.” “Don’t touch my hair”. I mean he’s going to lose it eventually.
I love the mutant finding montage. Especially the Wolverine cameo
My mom just informed me that the bad bad is played by Kevin Bacon so that’s what I will refer to him as since I can’t remember his name.
These recruited mutants aren’t going to last long. They’ve got the youthful team up energy, they will be the “First Class” hence the name, but we probably won’t see them again after this movie.
Charles, Erik and Moira being disappointed parents. Starting to get a family vibe that we didnt get from the last three movies.
Charles as Erik storms in: I’m sorry, I can’t leave him. They’re gay your honor.
I just realized that Frost is the second right hand woman to have no real costume. She’s just like Mystique where “she must wear the least amount of clothing possible or have no clothing at all when using her powers” I just wish it would stop.
Let’s take the right hand woman who is a telepath with us. What could go wrong?
What is Angel’s motive to go with Bacon, like I don’t get it. And the adaption dude? It’s just a turn on the dime. Nevermind it was a fakeout and one of them died. Knew they weren’t going to last long.
I feel like Chalres trying to shoot Erik as training is foreshadowing.
Training montage
SO Bacon loses Frost and now has Angle as his right hand woman? I honestly didn’t think that necessary.
Welp there goes Mystique and Hank’s relationship. He only liked her when she was in disguise.
Conflicting differences! Finally get to see Erik and Charle’’s view on humans.
Knew it! As soon as Hank dumps Mystique she goes straight to Erik. Because “She MUST be romantically involved.” Why? Why? Can’t she just...not. She doesn’t need a man.
Erik: I want to go to bed. Maybe in a few years. Ha funny.
I get Mystique going to Erik because he accepts her, unlike Hank but again, she doesn’t need to have a love interest.
Suits! But again, miffed about Mystique’s suit not being fully set up. SHE DOESN'T”T NEED TO HAVE HER CLEAVAGE TEASING IF SHE”S GOING TO BE FIGHTING!
Could Charles just stop controlling Bacon, so he can move and Erik wouldn’t have a chance to kill him.
But good cuts between Bacon and Charles.
The boyfriends are fighting!
Oh that’s how he gets parralized. I forgot about that.
Erik really does care for Charles even tho they have different viewpoints
Mystique going with Erik and having Azeal with him is setting up the perfect opportunity for Nightcrawler.
“Gentleman, this is why the CIA is no place for a woman” *Big gigantic crash* That’s what you get for being sexist.
Days of Future Past
So these machines can absorb mutant powers and transfer them to other machines. A new threat.
Oh Charles isn’t dead from being disintegrated by Dark Phoenix
Charles confirmed Mystique was like a sister to him.
So Mystique’s dna was the cause of the Sentitnals. I understand that stopping Mystique from shooting the doctor will change that, but also if that doesn’t work they would have to kill Mystique.(which won’t happen because she’s in the next movie.
Charles tells Wolverine that he didn’t have his powers in 1973, but First Class takes place in 1962 where he definitely had his powers. So what happened to Charles that made him lose his powers?
For once the government isn’t targeting mutants
Well one dude from First Class is in this movie, but sadly I can’t remember his name. X-beam guy.
Why is Charles drunk and not parallelized?
Hank still cares for Raven. Guess the love triangle is still a thing
Oh he’s doing the equivalent of mutant heroine to get rid of his powers and walk.
Erik in gay baby jail.
Erik killed JFK?! Why?!
I feel like if Mystique is searching around the office of someone, she should still be disguised as someone so she doesn’t get caught. I get her dropping the disguise to show the audience it’s her and it builds suspense but she would draw less suspicion.
PETER! MY boy!
I love that he talks fast and that’s kinda like a teenager. I don’t know how old he actually is.
“My mom knew a guy who could do that.” They’re not even trying to be subtle here.
Slow mo Peter speed scene! Yes!
Is that all we get of Peter in this movie? I hope not.
So Magneto can lift a plane, a submarine, and now a baseball stadium. Why does he need a baseball stadium?
They showed a clip of Peter watching the broadcast and he’s holding a little girl. I’d like to think that’s Wanda.
Everyone’s alive. Yay!
I’ll excuse Jean being alive because time changes and all that. SCOTT! SCOTT”S ALIVE! YES!
Hey Oscar Issac
Young Scott!
Young Nightcrawler!
Erik went from wanting to kill humans to being a farmer and having a wife and daughter. Still going to end up on the bad side.
Young Jean Gray! Scott and her start out rocky but we know they’re going to end up together.
Knew the wife and kid wasn’t going to last long. Always got to do something that makes Magneto the bad guy
Two arrow
For this one, I can understand Magneto’s anger
Young Storm was originally on the bad guy’s side.
Scott sees things through literal rose tinted glasses.
I love Kurt.
Scott use to be a rule breaker
At least Storm has a practical costume. 
Also if Erik really wanted to lay low, why did he choose to work at a metal factory.
Pyslocke’s costume isn’t practical. She’s got a boob and butt window. Girl there are so many places you could get stabbed.
Charles and Erik always greet each other with old friend
So birdman gets metal armor and the girls get nothing.
Peter slow-mo! This will always be my favorite speedster scene
So the only people that can save the X-Men are Cyclops, Jean Gray, and NightCrawler. Three teenagers with no plan. They got this.
Go Charles! Fighting no matter what.
Thankfully most of these characters can’t die.
Pyslocke  and Angel can die but the others all have plot armour
Peter didn’t tell Erik he’s his son. Why?
No not the hair! Apocalypse took Charle’s hair.
Go Peter!
No Peter!
So Charles still has the hair when he’s in Apocalypse's head. Part of me knows it won’t grow back but I hope it does.
Mind fight!
So Erik is on the good guys side until the next movie.
Mystique finally has a good costume design
Dark Phoenix
The dude they got to play Bush doesn't look like Bush
This mission is going to go wrong and the X-men are going to get planned. Thus leading the world going against mutants again.
They gave Scott is own eye cannon, nice
Yea absorbing a solar flare will definitely cause your powers to go way hire
Well the mission didn’t go wrong, the way i thought it would. That’s good.
Charles motives have changed
So, men, supposed gods, robots, and now we’re dealing with aliens
Charles kinda being shown as a bad guy is weird. So used to seeing him have good motives.
The aliens want Jean to use her power to take over earth. Not surprising.
Dad now is not the time to poke the super powered bear
Police always show up at the wrong time
I know Mystique can’t die. This is the prequels
But again, Stop killing female characters to further male character’s development.
Oh there’s Erik. 50 minutes in and i thought we weren’t going to see him
Jean’s got a heat signature with that solar flare so it would be easy to track her.
At least the military decided to fallback instead of shooting
And there goes humans liking mutants. This is why we can’t have nice things.
So Mystique’s death is what sets Erik on being the villain again? It’s the same as a woman losing her husband and becoming a villain for revenge. Honestly I’m tired of love revenge plots.
Guys stop fighting! You’re  friends!
Oh shit! Jean is making Charles walk. And not in the good way.
Dark Phoenix. A movie about family.
Legend of the Phoenix. She’ll rise from the ashes.
Bummed Peter wasn’t in this movie more
All in all, Apcolypse is my favorite X-Men movie.
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linearla · 2 months ago
I have to say, one unanticipated (by me) side effect of the pandemic is the sheer number of film critics proudly and loudly displaying their total ignorance of theater.
According to all these critics, theater is two-to-four person plays set in domestic spaces which maintain Aristotlean unities and are comprised mainly of lengthy monologues. All theater is Amy Herzog’s 4000 Miles and the first fifteen minutes of Burn This. Theater is perfect for Zoom, and should probably have been on Zoom to begin with, because obviously it is purely snobbishness which prevents theater from being broadcast to wider audiences.
In his book The Empty Space, Peter Brook talks about a type of theater he calls the Deadly Theater. (He spells it “theatre” but he’s British; please bear with my American orthography.) The Deadly Theater is theater which is performed and written the way it is because the artists believe that they are doing everything “correctly,” that theater is a single thing and they’re doing it. I don’t mean to set Peter Brook up as an authority; I’ve seen two shows he’s directed and been bored by both of them. But he’s incredibly correct about the Deadly Theater, especially when he says that it tends to succeed because people feel they ought to like it. And I feel like I can hear this condescending approval when film critics talk about a boring movie filmed under the cautious circumstances of the pandemic. “It’s just that it’s not cinema. I would like it if it were a play.” No you wouldn’t! It would be a boring play! But you think plays are supposed to be boring, because so many plays are!
Some good plays are small-cast, single-location, time-unified, monologue-driven shows. I watched Heroes of the Fourth Turning on Zoom and I cried. But many plays — many of my favorite plays — are not that. Annie Baker’s plays toy with the position of the audience, how you’re trapped in your seat by social pressure and sunk cost and the fact that the actors are looking at you, and so you have to experience time and place in exactly the way the play allows you to. Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play is specifically about how theater lives in liveness, in human memory, in the non-mediation of technology. Mike Nichols made a good movie out of Angels in America, but on film you don’t feel the closeness of the physical proximity of two couples fighting at the same time, or the precarity of a woman on a wire. The sudden rain of blood from the ceiling, the balloon under your seat, the explosion of cotton balls into the audience — these are shocking or joyous physical intrusions in a space we share with actors. Theater is togetherness, theater is proximity.
It is not two actors in a living room set speaking in paragraphs.
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spider-starry · 2 months ago
The Tricky Twin
Tumblr media
Peter Maximoff x Reader (established relationship) (they start dating right after Peter shows up lol) (Wandavision Spoilers)
A/n: I was having a rough day. But Pietro being a total dork made it better. 
Warnings: One swear word, It’s kinda cheesy but it’s a sitcom fic so... 
Word Count: 781
It seemed like Westview was always changing. But it was hard to notice since you were busy hanging out with your neighbors and babysitting your best friend's kids.
However, there was a change that brought plenty of new drama and laughter to Westview. Wanda's estranged brother had shown up out of the blue, and ever since then, Westview had been nothing but trouble.
Going to the Vision household often felt like you were babying sitting three kids. That third kid was Peter Maximoff. Of course, Wanda paid you in plenty of baked goods and cute little trinkets she always seemed to have hanging around. But when it came to watching Peter, well. Wanda could only bribe you so much.
"Please don't tell me that they've burned the house down," Wanda said through her phone. You snickered and rolled your eyes. "I don't smell any smoke. Besides, I bet Vision, or you can fly right on over and put it out before I can call the fire department."
"Yeah. Thank you so much for this, by the way. I can't tell you how stressed Vis and I have been since Peter came into town."
"I understand. Besides, every mom needs a break from her kids. And a little movie date with their significant other."
"Don't forget the fact that every mom needs a break from their kids wacky uncle. Well, I gotta go. Vis says our movie is about to begin. But feel free to page me if you even smell smoke from a BBQ or a bonfire outside. Cause we will be right there."
"Don't worry, Wanda! I got everything under control."
Ahh. Nothing beats having famous last words before a disaster strikes.
The three boys all looked at you as if it was apparent. Because, of course, it was to them.
"We're testing to see if we have powers," Tommy shouted with complete and utter enthusiasm. Billy, however, seemed kinda stressed and almost looked a little guilty. He was always the good twin out of the two, not that you'd say that out loud.
"Yeah, we're doing a trial and error process. Right now, we're trying to see if they can free each other." Peter explained. You narrowed your eyes and sighed heavily. "Okay! Get some vegetable oil right now. We need to free you guys!"
Peter rolled his eyes and zoomed to the kitchen. But before he could hand it to you. He moved the bottle out of your reach. Leaving you to groan.
"Peter! Please just give it to me!"
"Ah ah ah. You've done nothing but complaint all day. You gotta give me a kiss if you want this." You rolled your eyes once more. He could be so tricky.
Tommy and Billy both groaned in disgust. They always hated when the two of you kissed. But that was expected, especially since the two of you were dating.
"Peter! Not in front of the twins!"
"Okay!" Peter said with a smirk. With that, he grabbed you by the hand and zoomed you to the kitchen.
Catching your breath, you couldn't help but laugh. "Okay. Just one kiss, right?"
"I mean, if you wanna make out, I'm fine with it-"
"Peter! Tommy and Billy are just in the other room!"
"Fine." He teased, and with that, he let his guard down and pucker his lips to dive straight in for a kiss on the lips. Little did he know was that you had ceased this moment to your advantage to steal the vegetable oil from him.
You smirk joyously. "Tommy! Billy! Come in here quick!" You shouted. But Peter had quickly realized what you had done. And without thinking, he felt that it'd be funny to prank you by opening the bottle having it spill out. Sadly, he did consider the factor of it being slipper, which led to you tripping in an instant.
"Mother fudger." You groaned as you laid on the floor. Upon seeing you on the floor, Peter began to freak out and try his best to help you up. But his super-speed got the best of him. Which caused him to fall on the ground as well.
"Damn it." Peter groaned next to you. Upon reaching the kitchen, the twins began to laugh at this state the two of you were in. They then decided it would be funnier if they just left the two of you to deal with the repercussions and decided to watch TV instead.
Groaning again. You lightly muttered. "I'm going to beat your ass, Maximoff."
Which left Peter to reply with. "Hey. Keep it PG."
The two of you then laughed.
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Tumblr media
Tuesday, 9th February 2021
Picture: Ciné-KT today. It’s cool hein, our Ciné-KT? heheh.. I wish to be able to watch more movies over there HAHAHA.. community life, peeps, let’s hang out, prepare popcorns and watch movies together.. I want to watch classics.. it’s been a long time since my last time to movie hehe.. Sound is a bit alright only, hehe not surround type hehehe.. yeap, yeap, don’t be demanding, it’s already too good that now we have a great projector.
It was good. Even though I didn’t like the type of film itself hehe..  well.
My head is exploding hehe.. snifff. Between accounting for this Thursday meeting and Fratelli Tutti .. pfffttt.. and this Thursday, I can’t escape.. it’d be the meeting at the aumonerie + zoom for those who can’t come.
I made tables, I  made graphics but I don’t know if I need to write a report. Because seriously it looks like nonsense to my taste already hahaha.. It’s a simple accounting and has nothing much to study actually .. but to make it worse, there are silly items hehehe..  What is the difference between Départs de corps and Convois? I feel like it’s all the same hahaha..  I don’t understand all these terms. I don’t know what is Amphi? I am feeling like asking Fr François but I need to call him.. snifff.. Which one would be best? Fr Gus? dunno.. Val is a bit untrustable hahaha.. Peeps, I am in charge of Babinski, right? Yesterday, I found out from Sophie, a volunteer that Babinski is closed because it’s currently categorised as Covid cluster! AND I didn’t know this! I was not informed! Val was there when Sophie said so, I turned my face to her! Demanding her explanation, and instead of explaining, she said something that sounded as if I have known! If she as the person in charge got the news, she had to let me know, because now I am in charge of Babinski, but she didn’t say anything! I wouldn’t have known if Sophie didn’t say anything!
I told Sophie that I am in charge of Babinski now.. she asked me, which floor! HAHAHAHA And told me that there were 3 other volunteers who were in charge of Babinski! See? I smelled some nasty intention from Val! Dangerous type.
What annoys me is the fact Fr Fred wants me to go through Val! While I rather go directly to him.. 
I can’t ask frère Hervé anything about Accounting anymore, because Catherine told me to NOT ask him anymore!
Today, Frère Hervé and I made appointment hahaha for a phone call next Monday.. It’s about Babinski and not about accounting. He was surprised too that I am in charge of 3 floors..
Will see.
I don’t know how to let the priests know that I am stuck under Val.
Anyhow.. Fr Bapt was trying hard to be active and helpful today hehehe.. silly kid.. but this is nice too.. He has a beautiful soul.. He just needs to grow up..
We’ll have apero-dej this Saturday.. with Catechists..
Peepppppps.. my head, my head.. 
oh, oh.. The travaux will happen on 20th Feb.. snifff.. Which means I need to empty the bedroom quickly, while I don’t want to do anything this week hahaha.. 
I’ll be busy during kids’ winter break.. Btw, on 20th Feb, we can’t use the toilet nor the bathroom at all hahaha.. They want to put some cement on the floor to make it even.. I told kids that we can go to toilet at Palestine HAHAHA during daytime and it’ll be ok in the evening.. 
I hope they’ll do a great job.. please, don’t annoy me anymore with all these endless travaux..
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Tumblr media
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katslutski · 3 months ago
Stop Thinking
The way he plays with your cunt is almost absentminded, like a habit. “You really think that you should be out there working, living like a normal woman? Look at you. As soon as I touch your slutty cunt, you turn into a dumb little girl.” Another edge hits and you let out a string of nonsensical noises, almost like words. “My dumb little girl.”
cw: explicit sexual content, daddy kink, degradation, dumbification
a/n: hey, I’m kat! I used to write fics but then I stopped. I missed having this creative outlet so here I am with a new blog and new ao3. This is really tame for what I’m usually into so please drop any fucked-up, filthy fantasies in my inbox.
Focus, focus focus.
It’s hard to focus when Katsuki Bakugou is leering over you, one hand between your legs and the other on your throat. You try to remember what led up to this point. He’d said something wrong? Something about being a dumb little slut? There’d been a fight about something but for some reason you just can’t quite get a grasp on —
“Hey, stop thinking!” A shorter slap to your cheek grabs your attention. He grips your chin hard, forcing eye contact. “You don’t need to think, princess. That’s why I’m here, right?”
You can’t speak as his hand on your face tightens and the one between your legs picks up speed. Instead, he jerks your head up and down, smirking down at your whimpers. Two fingers push on your jaw, forcing your mouth open before he spits in it. You instinctually swallow and receive a smug smile in return.
“That’s right. Just be a good girl for me.”
Focus, focus, focus.
You know you were supposed to be fighting against something but everything just feels so good. His hot breath on your face. The smell of gunpowder, of him, is inescapable. His touch is everywhere but still not nearly enough. You feel yourself tighten up for the fifth time, so close to tipping over, when he stills his hands again.
“‘Suki, please,” you whine. “Please, I- I need-“
His hand glides back down to your throat, pressing, as he lowers his face to you. If your vision wasn’t hazy, if your brain wasn’t scrambled, his sneer would’ve been intimidating but you just clench the sheets as he starts to rub your clit.
“God, you look so fucked out right now and I haven’t even given you my cock. Can you string together a sentence for me? Huh?”
You let out a pathetic moan and a barely-intelligible please. Katsuki snickers.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” The way he plays with your cunt is almost absentminded, like a habit. “You really think that you should be out there working, living like a normal woman? Look at you. As soon as I touch your slutty cunt, you turn into a dumb little girl.” Another edge hits and you let out a string of nonsensical noises, almost like words. “My dumb little girl.”
Pleasepleasepleaseplease. You don’t even realize you’re praying to him aloud.
“I told you when we started, baby. I told you I’d show you where you belong but you were just so damn stubborn,” Katsuki growls against your ear. “So, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to give you my cock —“ You let out a string of sounds that resemble yes and please and anything. You greedily reach for him but his hands leave your throat to pin you down. “— And you’re not going to cum. Not until I think you really understand what you are.”
You nod, just needing something, anything. Anything would be better than this. Your mouth lets out a dry sob as he teases your slit with his tip. He slaps his cock against you, smirking as you pant lightly. It’s like nirvana as he enters your sopping pussy. He hisses through his teeth. You hear one of your wrists in his ironclad grip pop slightly but the sensation only adds to your fevered state. When he bottoms out, your only thoughts are thankyouthankyouthankyou which pass through your mouth unfiltered. Katsuki pulls out slowly before driving back in, and you keel up as far as his body will let you.
“This is where you need to be.” He thrusts hard back into you. “Underneath me. Wrapped around my finger. Isn’t that right?” When you don’t answer, he lets out a sharp hey!, jolting you slightly back to sanity.
“Please please please, ‘Suki anything. Need to— need to cum so bad.” You want to cry. Maybe you already are.
He groans at a tear sliding down your cheek, leans down to lick it off. “Just — what was it, an hour ago? — you got all mad and flustered when I called you my stupid little toy. What, you agree now? Can’t admit reality unless you’re stuffed with cock?”
Your brain short-circuits. Thinking about an hour ago requires too much focus. All you want is to cum.
Katsuki couldn’t be more satisfied. He knew you loved this but you still insisted on getting all red in the face when he shut your laptop mid-Zoom during work and pulled out his cock. “What? It’s not like you need a job anyway. I think you’d be much happier letting your head be all empty and taking care of me. Like a good little girl.” Your panties were soaked at his words but delusions of dignity forced you to shove him aside and go for the laptop. Within seconds, you were thrown over his shoulder and trapped below him. “You asked for it, princess. Guess I gotta fuck this lesson into you again.”
He keeps his slow pace, watching you writhe, trying to pull him in deeper and crying when you can’t. Your desperation is palpable and he’s finally ready to teach.
“Alright, sweetheart, you finally ready to accept your place?” You nod, panting hard now. Katsuki smiles, victorious, and leans over to grab his phone.  “We’re going to make a little movie. You’re going to be so good for me, showing off exactly what you’re worth. That way you have a little reminder of who you are, even when you’re not drunk on my cock. Isn’t that nice of Daddy?”
You gasp. “Yes, Daddy. Thank you Daddy!”
He flips you over, your ass still flush against his body, filled to the hilt, and presses your face into the bed. The whine you let out is pathetic, high and needy, and he sneers. The flash is on but it’s not like you care; you can barely register that he has the camera trained on your face, your hazy eyes and open mouth.
Katsuki’s mouth turns into a wretched smile. “Tell me what you’re good for and I’ll think about making you cum.”
“Y- your- taking your cock, Daddy!”
“Then why were you such a brat earlier?” When you try to stammer a response, he starts mercilessly drilling into you. You can only let out a pathetic whine. “Hmm? What was that baby?”
“I’m sorryyy!”
A hand grips your throat again, tightening, forcing out a choked gasp.
“Aww, it’s okay, princess. Now, open your eyes, look at the camera, and repeat after me. I’ll make you feel real good.” When you watch this video later, you blush, not even remembering the filth that poured out of your mouth.
I’m Daddy’s dumb little toy. Thank you, Daddy.
Daddy’s cock is all that matters. Thank you, Daddy.
Daddy thinks for me. Thank you, Daddy.
Just want his cum. Thank you, Daddy.
I’m his needy little plaything. Thank you, Daddy.
Thank you, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.
By the time Katsuki’s satisfied with your debauchery, you’re a lewd mess. Drool down your chin, obscene sounds from your legs. There’s something about this that is so satisfying for him, transforming you from a smart, young professional into his cock-hungry whore. He can’t help slapping you again just to hear your high-pitched moan. “Not thinking so much now, huh?” He’s not sure how much longer he can hold on. “I’m gonna make you cum, princess. No one else can make you feel this good so you better thank me for it.” Your head looks like it’s nodding but Katsuki thinks you probably don’t even know what you’re agreeing to. He can’t help letting out a little chuckle before pistoning into your cunt, hitting every spot that makes your body convulse.
“Come on, baby. Give it to me. Cum all over my cock like a good little girl,” he snarls. You’re so, so close. “That’s it. Give it to me.”
Your back arches up and the cord between your sanity and body snaps. All you can do is open your mouth, clutch the sheets, and try your hardest to let out a litany of thankyoudaddythankyoudaddythankyoudaddy. You register a roar above you and a sharp pain in your hip as he digs his fingers into your skin, emptying himself inside you. Feels too good, too much, hope he never pulls out, hope he never leaves you empty.
Your eyes are still blurry, your body spent. But you still manage to shiver when Katsuki leans down, still inside you, and growls in your ear.
“Told you.”
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