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#pkmn bw
thegreenzorua · 19 hours ago
Pokemas were cowards for not giving the unovan protags thick new york accents
not just the protags, i wanna hear ghetsis sounding like this guy during his mental breakdown at the end of bw2
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thegreenzorua · 20 hours ago
my cat's name has the same amount of syllables as ghetsis so i've been singing his name to the tune of ghetsis's battle theme while he meows in confusion
that's so amazing
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thegreenzorua · 20 hours ago
i like to imagine that Rosa and Nate are basically your typical goofy american teens and thus they use slang and meme language and when N hangs out with them he’s just so confused
Nate: ghetsis do be kinda sussy tho
N: I’m sorry what
Rosa: oh worm?
N: ??? there’s a worm here?
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thegreenzorua · a day ago
Just a random HC of mine is that if N were to ever visit the Galar Region the second he spots the Wyndon Ferris wheel he’d get SUPER excited, he’d definitely go straight towards the Ferris wheel immediately wanting to ride it after noticing there was a Ferris Wheel existing there. (Such a shame we couldn’t actually ride the Ferris wheel in Pokémon S&W, would’ve been serious nostalgia for B&W/B2&W2 fans. O well tho.)
He’d probably do something like
(N Spots Ferris Wheel)
N: *Le GASP*
N: “fErRiS wHeEL-”
Normal civilians from Wyndon just be looking at N like: 👀
N: “Ahaha oops might’ve said that too loud-“
this is absolutely canon, anon, whatchu mean-
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thegreenzorua · a day ago
Pls imagine N and Celebi being friends, that would be so cute and Celebi and Zorua also have a bond in canon so it's even better
!!?!?!! yes!!??!
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fullmoonisle · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
despite everything, I’m still human
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thegreenzorua · 3 days ago
People always draw N with either Zekrom or Reshiram but consider: he has them both and they r all friens
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thegreenzorua · 3 days ago
ghetsis reminds me of my grandfather and i say that in the most resentful and hateful way possible... fuck dennis all my homies hate dennis
ugh, relatable. ghetsis is just, somehow a combination of both my parents..? it's awful, and as someone who relates heavily to N this event Hit Different In The Worst Way
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thegreenzorua · 3 days ago
Maybe,,, sick N headcanons? 👀
he gets sick A LOT
like.. too much
once every two months he's got a cold, somehow, despite never interacting with people
he's also stubborn about wearing socks
and by that i mean that he will never wear socks
he'll wrap himself in blankets and be wearing 5 hoodies but he'll also be barefoot
hot chocolate is a necessity
the kettle is constantly on for cup after cup of hot chocolate
his pokémon try to help him feel better but there's not much they can do
they like to cuddle up around him. that always makes him feel better :)
he likes to stay in a dark or dim room while he's sick
because Brightness Hurts ™️
if he needs to get something from across the house he'll take all his blankets with him
he'll basically look like a sentient mass of blankets hovering across the floor to grab chocolate bars from the cupboard
he also has no energy at all while sick, so naps are required
and the best naps are when all his pokémon invade his bed and steal his blankets hehe
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thegreenzorua · 3 days ago
would you happen to have any like... soft/cute or silly headcanons of N? anything to cushion the inevitable emotional pain of the ghetstink event. a little something to take to edge off, if you will
ughhfhdvfgtbfvdvdbgffvbfhdbd ghetsis my detested
soft headcanons coming right up 🤌
small pokémon like to cling to N's hair
especially joltik, and those are awful to get out
he really likes chocolates
especially those sweet heart things? the ones that restore 20 hp? those
when he went to alola he would get a tapu cocoa from the pokécenter and sit on the beach every night :)!!
speaking of which, zorua loves pokébeans
the purple patterned ones especially
N loves talking to pokémon restored from fossils because they can tell him so much about prehistoric times
N's favourite pokéballs are friend balls, luxury balls, and regular pokéballs
he loves those because they don't have an increased catch rate, meaning all of his pokémon have willingly chosen to join him
N got really good at cooking during his travels
because cooking is just following a series of steps to get a predictable outcome, just like a formula 😳🤚
sometimes he'll lay in the grass when it's sunny out just to feel the warmth on his back
and he loves to look at the stars at night
studying the stars and planets is a great way for him to understand the big world suddenly introduced to him after BW :)
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thegreenzorua · 4 days ago
Imagine N watching detective pikachu, he'd be like 🧍
i was literally thinking about this last week
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thegreenzorua · 6 days ago
Sick striaton boys headcanon?
if one brother gets sick, they all get sick
that means that cilan will be making so much soup
so much soup. giant pots of it
chili gets really cold so he needs a heat pack
while cress is the opposite and gets dangerously high fevers
cilan tries to occupy himself with cooking or chores to distract him from his sickness, which usually means he's the one to take care of his brothers
cress tries to sleep it off but can't
he also loses his appetite so cilan has to basically spoon feed him soup broth
since chili loses all his heat he has to run across the room back and forth to stay warm
does that annoy cress? absolutely, he's cursed with fevers and burning up so chili's energy makes cress feel even warmer!
panpour likes to bring cress cold washcloths to put on his forehead though :]
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thegreenzorua · 6 days ago
HCs of N in Johto please!
johto was a really fun experience for N because of how different johto is from unova
the difference in culture was very interesting, especially after such a sheltered childhood
ecruteak city. that's all, just, yes
he also really loved that it was so common for pokémon to walk alongside their trainers outside of their pokéballs
we know that N loves legends, so the history of the burned tower, and ho-oh and lugia was very interesting to him
also, apriballs, and all that. yet another learning experience about opinions of the morality of pokeballs
(i haven't played any johto games so sorry that this one is short :( i might make more once i play hgss!)
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thegreenzorua · 6 days ago
Hello! This is the first time actually using the inbox for me! Would you happen to have any head-cannons if N and Leon were to meet? Tysm for taking ur time to read this! ^^
absolutely, kind anon :)
dragon boys. boys with dragons
leon: my partner is a charizard :)
N: oh nice, i have reshiram :)
leon: ....... huH?????
they'd get along really good because 1. long hair 2. dragons 3. champions
leon would talk about how he (was) the undefeated champion and N would be like lol i was too for five minutes
leon's pokemon would love N so much
charizard and reshiram would get along too, but not before charizard annoyed reshiram with his outgoing personality.
reshiram isn't used to being around others :/
leon would give N a little tour of galar, probably of hammerlocke and wyndon
and they would definitely get lost along the way
(wyndon ferris wheel..????)
and he'd also ask N to join the galarian star tournament
(to which he'd decline, way too many people watching)
however, N would watch leon battle, which was a very different experience than the battles in unova which didn't have so many spectators
pretty quick friends, and definitely registered each other's numbers in their xtranseivers and rotom phones.
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thegreenzorua · 6 days ago
Do you believe N would consider himself a former champion of Unova or not?
And do you personally consider N a champion. Due to him technically beating alder and the game actually hints N beating the elite four members which one would have to do to become champion.
hmm.. i think he wouldn't consider himself a champion (or really care about the title) because he was defeated 5 minutes later by the player and also the fact that his main goal wasn't to become champion, but to convince everyone to release their pokemon because he was champion. also, after he left he probably wanted to get rid of anything that reminded him of his being manipulated so he'd probably distance himself from the title.
but then again, he did say in his interaction with the player in nimbasa that he was going "to defeat the champion, and be unbeatable unlike any other" so... maybe?
i do consider him champion in the sense that he is the (second) final boss and he did defeat alder and the league, so yeah :)
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thegreenzorua · 6 days ago
Explanation to why cress can cover one of his eyes and still see: he might have a lazy eye. If you don’t know what that is it’s basically when one eye doesn’t see as much and vision stays the same if it is covered,at least for me
that's a good explanation! i also heard from another anon that he might have sensory processing issues which makes him cover an eye for light sensitivity
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