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#pjo incorrect
crzyprsn42 · 3 hours ago
Can you cry under water?
- Percy Jackson
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thanatoastie · 4 hours ago
Remember to repeat your daily mantras!
Ares is not evil
Ares is not evil
Ares is not evil
Hades is not evil
Hades is not evil
Hades is not evil
Zeus sucks
Zeus sucks
Zeus sucks
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heyimboredtalktome · 4 hours ago
Reyna: So what kind of people do you usually get a crush on?
Nico: Well-
Nico: *glances at Percy and Will who're both trying to see who can fit more marshmallows in their mouth*
Nico: Dumb people, I'd say
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heyimboredtalktome · 5 hours ago
Leo: *rolling over* You up?
Jason: *rolling over* Yeah babe, what's up?
Will: *rolling over* You up?
Nico: *violently flopping on top of him* bitch what the fuck do you want
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reyna-bestpreator · 9 hours ago
Chiron: di Angelo and Valdez, would you both care to explain why you are late?
Nico: My car got a punctured tire
Leo: I was fixing his car’s puncture.
*Connor and Travis Stoll stumble in running late*
Chiron: *tired sigh* What are your excuses now...
Connor: We are late cause we had to puncture Nico’s car.
Chiron: ಠ_ಠ
Chiron: *flips the table and joins the party ponies*
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Silena: Percy, are you free to see a movie on Friday?
Percy: Yes?
Silena: Nice! Charlie, are you free as well?
Beckendorf: Yes.
Silena: Great! Well, me too, so we can go on our first date on this Friday!
Percy: Did she... Did she just...?
Beckendorf: Welcome to my life. You'll get used to it.
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angelsodreamy-no2 · 12 hours ago
annabeth : okay time for plan G.
percy : you mean plan B right?
annabeth : no, plan G. plan B got abandoned as soon as the monster heard grover's panic cries.
percy : plan C? D?
annabeth : plan C is not happening since i just remembered that you talk too much and plan D involves luke dying so we're not doing that.
percy : dam. let's go with plan D.
grover and annabeth : nO
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