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nightmare · 33 minutes ago
what does ur birthchart look like?
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hillarysss · an hour ago
guess my placements in asks and i’ll guess your placements 🚶🏽‍♂️ or tell me what placements vibes i give off and i’ll do the same for you😈
anyways happy mother’s days to all beautiful mother’s out there and soon to be mother’s (giving birth)💞
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seafoamreadings · an hour ago
week of may 9th, 2021
aries: your ruler mars makes a square with chiron, which is in your sign. it's chafing. or maybe worse than chafing. but the cure is to make your healing active, not passive. don't ignore it and hope it goes away.
taurus: jolly benevolent jupiter moves into pisces on thursday, which, if you read these by rising sign or solar houses, is your tenth house. so this is a prosperous time indeed. pisces also loves for you to daydream, so don't neglect your powerful fantasizing capabilities.
gemini: this is a deeply mercurial week, gearing up for a (soon, but not yet) mercury retrograde. it suits you. it gives you a certain measure of power, but you only have access to that power if you wield it responsibly and carefully - yes, saturn is involved.
cancerians: mars is smack dab in the middle of your sign making squares with chiron. it is almost anti-cancerian vibe and yet, because of the placement of mars, it intimately involves you. it takes you out of your comfort zone. don't resist; you can go back in soon enough but for now there is work to be done.
leo: fairly strong air vibe is like oxygen for your fire. but if you place yourself too squarely in the breezy drafts you will, like a candle, find yourself burnt out. all things in moderation this week, and always. but especially now, avoid excess. jupiter into pisces will bring some fresh relationship perspectives if you play your cards right with that air.
virgo: this is one of those mercurial periods which is more suited for your gemini friends than yourself. and yet it can be constructive for you, too, especially with jupiter moving into pisces thursday. it's hard to interpret that as anything but a blessing to your partnership(s), although if you have outgrown a situation you now start to feel an explosion brewing. defuse accordingly.
libra: if you've been enjoying the almost hyper-romantic quality of jupiter in aquarius for a year-ish, you may almost be disappointed to hear that he is about to move into pisces. and yet, that just means more blessings in your routine life. and don't forget that there is still all kinds of nodal and mercury-retrograde activity in store coming up. the soap opera is not ending. let it be fun.
scorpio: taurus season is drawing to a close. which means all the new activity in gemini, whilst odd for you, almost makes you hyper-scorpionic. people will find *you* odd, too. but it's good, and shows you all the things that really count. magical thinking is currently auspicious, especially by the end of the week.
sagittarius: since nodal activity centers around points in space where no physical entity (like a planet) actually exists, it is often overlooked. but the south node in your sign refuses to be ignored, starting now and continuing on for several weeks (eclipse season approaches!) do some past life work if you can!
capricorn: you might feel extra chatty by the weekend and it might seem strange to you. if you can, write a letter to someone you haven't talked to in a long time who you used to be close with. a cousin or sibling is best.
aquarius: the brief era of saturn-jupiter in aquarius now ends. saturn stays with you (that lingering quality is certainly his nature anyway) but now jolly jove heads into pisces. but don't despair- this is great for your financial energy and a fantastic time to assess your values and what truly matters in life.
pisces: before anyone had ever heard of neptune, jupiter ruled your sign. it's still fitting and still has an affinity. you'll notice this when he visits your sign beginning later this week. things you've been outgrowing now become brightly, pungently, almost painfully obvious. tell stories and be generous, especially on the weekend.
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hillarysss · an hour ago
happy mother’s day to cancer and capricorn moons 🪐
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snarkywrites · 2 hours ago
Tarotscopes – From May 9th through May 15th, 2021
Tarotscopes – From May 9th through May 15th, 2021. Feel free to check Rising Sign, Sun Sign and Moon Sign.
Aries – The Empress this week will provide you with a source of inspiration. Create magic during this upcoming New Moon. Your intuition also rises so be prepared for interesting news flashes.
Taurus – With the Page of Wands Reversed, you are in the process of finding yourself. With the New Moon in your sign, you are on a path of understanding and growth. Invite that energy.
Gemini – Fall in love this week with the Knight of Cups Reversed. Trying to hold onto people that want to be set free will only add more stress. Venus is already in your sign, so make sure to have some fun.
Cancer – Ace of Wands Reversed shows you are going to set the stage for something powerful during this upcoming New Moon transit. Trust in what you can create and go for it.
Leo – This New Moon will have us on our toes and the Page of Cups is a sure sign you are going to have some fun. Venus in Gemini will make some positive aspects to your sign, so embrace the fun energy.
Virgo – Strength is in your reading this week, a sign you need to trust and believe in yourself. The stage is set so you can claim your success, only you might be holding yourself back. Change perspectives.
Libra – Venus in Gemini is going to spice things up for air signs. The Lovers Reversed in your reading is a reminder to think about yourself first in relationships. Guard your heart while having fun.
Scorpio – Trusting your instincts might be challenging this week with the Seven of Cups. The New Moon might make you more prone to analyze lovers, friends, and everyone in your inner circle.
Sagittarius – Get ready to fuel your mind with the Ace of Swords in your reading. With the New Moon in your house of routine, you now have the discipline needed to complete any pending projects.
Capricorn – Judgement Reversed appears as a reminder that you need to be patient and kinder to yourself. The New Moon in Taurus will make you feel more confident, so embrace the joy that will come.
Aquarius – You are working hard and being patient with the Ten of Wands. A reminder not to give up, to keep going, even if things are not flowing the way you expected them to. New Moon brings prosperity to you.
Pisces – The Moon in your reading shows how connected you are to both realms. Your intuition is enhanced, you are enlightened. Make the most of this New Moon transit since you will feel inspired through dreams and magic.
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hillarysss · 2 hours ago
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Capricorn moons too! Or capricorn placements 🥲 Leo placements especially
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astromatters · 2 hours ago
Pisces Love Horoscope | May 9, 2021
Pisces Love Horoscope | May 9, 2021
May 9, 2021 – A square between the Moon and Neptune encourages you to don your most mysterious and mystical look when you go out this evening. You can then be sure of meeting someone who is completely on your wavelength, and would like to find out more about you and your life. This could be a very positive relationship that will bring you much happiness. So what are you waiting for? Source:…
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11thb · 2 hours ago
[☽♉︎] New Moon in Taurus: May 11, 18:59 UTC
As the sign of money and stability, the Taurus new moon will bring new beginnings that will allow you to earn more money and work towards your financial stability. Because Taurus rules the senses, as well as money, when it comes to work and business the industries and workers in the following industries can expect to have the biggest opportunities for growth: finances; restaurants, cafes, catering businesses; leisure and hospitality services - hotels, SPA resorts; businesses that create and sell things that can be used in a person’s self-care routine, whether that is skincare, scented candles or anything of the sort. Another industry that will see immense growth after this new moon will be landscaping. If you own such a business or a flower shop, expect a lot of customers and perhaps an opportunity that will create a stable income for you and your business.
This new moon is happening at the 21st degree, which is a Sagittarius degree. This means that whatever new beginnings are presented to you will come from a long distance. Either you will travel somewhere and will have the opportunity to present your business and services or you will get a lot of customers that are from the farthest part of your country or even from a different country. During the next few weeks, make sure you promote yourself and your business to a foreign audience, because you have great chances of attracting a lot of customers. Because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, and this new moon is happening in Taurus, the sign of money and stability, whatever new beginnings are presented to you, will definitely be big ones. Big opportunities that will set you off to financial stability.
Check what the new moon will bring for your sign on my website!
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playsthetics · 3 hours ago
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Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon Pisces Rising for @babytlou22
Saturn - Sleeping At Last
A-OK (Everything’s Perfect) - Terror Jr
The Cure - Sam Lans!
Never Seen The Rain - Tones And I
The Fear - Lily Allen
It’s Time - Imagine Dragons
How To Sleep - EDEN
Long Shot - Transviolet
Internet - Post Malone
Mess Her Up - Amy Shark
Little Talks - Of Monster And Men
Change Of Heart - The 1975
Turning Tables - Adele
Regular 10 - Lenii
&burn - Billie Eilish ft Vince Staples
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im-ethereal · 4 hours ago
It makes me sad the fact that there are so many asteroids we don't know their meaning. I feel like asteroids give you small details about yourself. Anyway tell me some unheard asteroid and i will try to elaborate more on them
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psychofrenchfry · 4 hours ago
𝘼𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙤𝙡𝙤𝙜𝙮 𝙊𝙗𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨
♠️ Heavily aspected Pluto often give very big and magnetic eyes (look at Anya Taylor Joy's eyes).
♠️ Also Pluto in the 1H can give women a very doll-like face.
♠️ Why Taurus people can tan so easily? Like omg...
♠️ Aqua stelliums can be very friendly human beings but have huuge egos at the same time tbh.
♠️ Pisces Moons always have those watery-like eyes, often light-coloured (green, blue, grey) and get complimented soo much about them.
♠️ Most Scorpios I've met have a habit out of turning silent in the midst of conversations, or just sit there and observing others most of the times. 😂
♠️ Cancer stelliums are the super affectionate, funny and mom-like friends we all need, most of them also have very prominent b**bs and have a love/hate relationships with 'em hahahaha
♠️ Libras with Scorpio mercury underdeveloped can give a very manipulative behavior and also talk behind your back a lot, they can also like to be praised for their intelligence.
♠️ Virgos have such amazing death stares at disorganized people, I've also noticed most of them can be more argumentative than the stereotypical aries
♠️ Aries placements often appear very calm and controlled, contrarily to the classical beliefs.
♠️ Also Aries people can get annoyed veeery easily, but they're not prone to resentment or revenge most of the times.
♠️ Scorpios and Aries can make a power couple if they want
♠️ Leo and Libra/Aries = one of the best pairings
♠️ Gemini are all so alike (?) there are two sides of them, the social butterfly and the bookworm who never gets out of their room.
♠️ Yes, i can confirm almost every Gemini Mercury is smart and hilarious af.
♠️ Taurus Suns on a gemini degree can be the best liars you'll ever see around, don't ask me why 😂
♠️ Actually most Scorpios have a good sense of worth, and none of them show insecurity around, they're the best at hiding things perfectly.
♠️ Sagittarius Suns at a 0° degree are some of the most unstable people I've met. The same goes with Gemini suns at 0° degree.
♠️ Also, most prisoners/criminals tend to be mutable signs, gemini and sagittarius are the top two followed by pisces and this don't surprise me like, at all.
Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter also represents the Law, while Gemini is ruled by mercury that can represent Trickery, finally Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and ruled by Neptune, that represent drugs, also Pisces is associated with the 12th house, and 12th house = criminals, prisons and hidden things.
♠️ Virgos are secretly the craziest ass bit*hes I've ever met 😂
♠️ Moon dominants have such a soothing voice and cute eyes i can't...
♠️ Also Moon dominants always have this perfectly rounded/oval face, while Mars dominants have sharper features.
♠️ Most Moon square Jupiter have struggled with weight at some point, but once they start working out they tend to lose lbs very easily.
♠️ Virgo placements tend to love horror movies
♠️ Mars conjunct Uranus are more prone to accidents than Mars square Uranus folks.
♠️ Jupiter dominants tend to love purple (i dunno why)
♠️ Scorpio rising or rising on a scorpio degree, have deep love dark stories/legends, like vampires, ghosts, demons... And always know soo much about them.
♠️ Most Earth signs love animals, there's no mystery about it, esp. Taurus and Virgo, but i have to say that there's a big percentage of them having a love/hate relationship with our little friends.
♠️ Aries and generally fire signs, are huuuge dog-people
♠️ Scorpios and water signs in general are more prone to cats or small dogs
♠️ Air signs esp. Gemini and Aquarius tend to not being interested in owning animals, but if they do, they have a peciliar taste on them, like strange-esotic animals 😂 (keep in mind it's general)
♠️ Leo with Scorpio rising is a whole another kind of Leo 😂 (more powerful and DANGEROUS)
♠️ Aries risings are always soo quick to react, and yes, they DO are impulsive, more than Aries suns.
♠️ Taurus people have an amazing-calming voice, period.
♠️ Libras are some of the most awkward-looking, cute people I've met, like, y'all so soft deep inside that's AWWWWW.
♠️ Libras with Leo Mars develop a beautiful confidence as they grow old, and that become sooo attractive about them.
♠️ Most Scorpio sun with a Libra venus, are just beautiful and very elegant in their body-moves, this combination is also a whole another kind of Scorpio 😂
{ok, i think I'm done now}
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bratperversions · 4 hours ago
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bratperversions · 4 hours ago
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astrologyandlife · 4 hours ago
Sun + Midheaven: Libra Edition
libra sun + aries mc
most assertive in their career
good at leading on projects
conflict resolution is their area of expertise
some indecisiveness about career early in life
has a family that is pleasant/polite
libra sun + taurus mc
has a good eye for things that look good
charming and friendly communication style
can find success as a visual artist of some kind
spends a long time deciding what to do with their life
libra sun + gemini mc
has a bit of a silver tongue
able to use charm on others easily
values connection with other people
gets along well with coworkers
lighthearted and airy
libra sun + cancer mc
friendly and caring demeanor
quick to socialize and make an impression
usually seen with a smile on their face
believes in putting their best foot forward
avoids negative or disharmonious situations
libra sun + leo mc
interacts with others in a warm way
very distinct style and a bit of an influencer
might not have a “type” or clear idea of what they like
validation and attention from others is very important
libra sun + virgo mc
wants to fit in and belong
focuses much of their energy on others
very much a social butterfly in their friendships
loves group activities
easily climbs the social ladder
probably best friends with the leader of friend group
libra sun + libra mc
wants peace and harmony in their career
likely a career working with people
spends a long time making decisions about their future
indecisive about the best way to start projects
very polished, charming attire
has an eye for good design
libra sun + scorpio mc
something very mysterious and alluring about them
comes across as wise/knowledgeable
understands others’ psychology and inner workings
super interested in what makes people tick
a little bit of drama at work is welcome
libra sun + sagittarius mc
seen as a positive and optimistic person
lots of passion, they pour their heart into projects
they are very future-oriented
a desire to explore in life and to understand on a deeper level
could be a teacher of some kind
libra sun + capricorn mc
good at working with people on projects
skilled at networking/forming connections
humble yet accomplished
tends to bring balance to relationships
admired and seen as a role model
libra sun + aquarius mc
open-minded and generally non-judgmental
needs balance in their daily routine
might have a specific beauty routine
well-liked in their career
good at marketing themselves to others
libra sun + pisces mc
especially impacted by art/music
fits into the artist archetype
hobbies involve social activities
connecting to others is very fun to them
easygoing and passive personality
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mscarlalf · 4 hours ago
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northeast raleigh
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aconaway07 · 5 hours ago
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northeast raleigh
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ponchodavis87 · 5 hours ago
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northeast raleigh
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alexmaryforever · 5 hours ago
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northeast raleigh
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