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wishmaker1028 · a day ago
I noticed something
As some of you know, I have been re-watching Diamond and Pearl. For old times sake. I must admit, this anime holds a lot of memories for me. But I did notice something while I was looking at trivia. This is all on bulbapedia, for those you interested.
In the episode 015, The Shape of Things to Come, Paul’s Chimchar’s Blaze has been activated. As we find out during the Hearthome Tag Team Battle, episodes 050 to 052, Paul explained that he saw Chimchar take on three Zangoose. He saw Chimchar’s Blaze activate and did some massive damage on them.
As we all know, Paul couldn’t resist that kind of power. That’s why he captured Chimchar in the first place. As time goes by, Chimchar becomes less “useful” to him. I don’t know how long that had been going on before the anime started. But thanks to 053, Tears for Fears, we kinda do. This has been going on for awhile.
Now, the trivia for episode 081, Chim-Charred, says that (in error wise), that Chimchar never had a problem with its Blaze ability in episode 015. Which is 100% correct. But they never considered this, in episode 053, we can see that Chimchar has been having a hard time adjusting to Ash and the gang.
Paul treated Chimchar like trash. (And that’s me being nice about it). So maybe in 081, Chimchar’s PSTD made him snap? You can’t argue the fact that he has PSTD. Brock said it himself in episode 051, Glory Blaze, that Chimchar could have been scarred mentally. (I know that’s not exactly how he said it, mind you.)
So maybe that when Blaze was activated, Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape’s PSTD was the cause? If that’s the case, the it isn’t an error. But the anime addressing something that has never been discussed in the anime before - or even after this. (You guys can prove me wrong, I don’t mind but this has be said.)
I do love that final fight between Ash and Paul. Such tension built up in that final match. Loved every minute and I was on the edge of my seat. Now I know Pokemon Journey’s is bringing back Infernape. But (and I know this is asking a lot) but can’t they bring back Paul too?
Nothing big, just maybe Paul running into Ash after he gets Infernape back? Paul is trying his hardest to change his ways and wants a battle with Ash. Just a three-on-three, just like they battle back in Sinnoh. I know we aren’t probably aren’t gonna get it. But just seeing Paul again after this long period of time...
It was a long time for Gary too. And it was worth the wait. Maybe (doubtful) they’ll bring back Paul. If they do, I’ll watch the episode. Even if not, I’ll still watch. I can’t wait.
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neonheartz · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
393 / 394 / 395
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brandoncaboose · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some more Dawn fanart I’ve done! She’s still my favorite female trailer.
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ghostbur-69 · 4 days ago
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lets not-
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epic-summary · 5 days ago
I like how all the eeveelutions will cuddle other Pokémon while sleeping wether it’s Leafeon and Wooper, Flareon and Shinx or Sylveon between Torterra and Grookey.
Then you have Jolteon, who has ticks.
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gigglylee · 5 days ago
the pokémon in my collection that you remind me of is turtwig !
-cherubabey 🤠💗
Omg I love turtwig! I always choose him as my starter. Ugh Sinnoh is my FAVOURITE :3
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wowow-cool · 5 days ago
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an arrogant little piplup i did in an art trade with someone on artfol
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touch-me-a · 5 days ago
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