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#pink floyd
cybernoid-e · an hour ago
İşte senin için bir şarkı… Another Brick In The Wall - Fury Weekend
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treknatural · an hour ago
diversity win! i finished the last of my edible
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arcticmongays · 2 hours ago
hi everyone!
i will do this again cuz the last time it didn't reach the people i expected *sigh*
my dashboard has been dead lately so i am currently looking for new blogs to follow, so if you post anything of the content below, please like or reblog this so i will be able to check out your blog and we can be mutuals 🥰🥰🥰
i post mostly bands but im such a multifandom wreck
arctic monkeys
greta van fleet
the cure
stevie nicks
my chemical romance
twenty one pilots
the 1975
the strokes
pink floyd
joan jett
led zeppelin
green day
the clash
all time low
neck deep
tonight alive
no doubt
david bowie
billie eilish
fall out boy
joy division
the pretty reckeless
the rolling stones
catfish and the bottlemen
art (any kind) photography, painting, poetry, movies, tv shows
animals 🥺
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f-lorenzo · 4 hours ago
Pillole in musica
Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam
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pinkfloydbt · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
David Gilmour at Empire Pool, London 1974 by Barrie Wentzell
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bluewinnerangel · 8 hours ago
They did such a good job writing RIGHT NOW(Harry, Louis, Liam and Julian) . They put two different perspectives in the same song so we have the chorus and the verses that tell two stories with the bridge closing the gap/not being specific. I love it so so much.
The other guys/Liam
I love this feeling and right now
I wish you were here with me
'Cause right now,
Everything is new to me.
You know I can't fight the feeling.
And every night I feel it.
Right now
I wish you were here with me.
Harry and Louis
Late night spaces with all our friends, you and me, yeah.
Love these faces just like how it used to be..
Lights go down and I hear you calling to me, yeah.
Do you have an analysis on it?
That's interesting! And no I didn't have an analysis on it but of course this turned into one :) This got a bit deeper than I expected.
A Lyric analysis of 1D's Right Now below the cut:
Indeed the chorus and verse could be read as being at a different timepoint or from another persons perspective, so I'll just hussle the lyrics a little bit for the analysis:
Verse 1:
Lights go down and the night is calling to me I hear voices singing songs in the street And I know that we won't be going home for so long But I know that I won't be on my own I love this feeling and
So this is positive right? Lights go down -> They just had a show, and now they're gonna make some midnight memories. Then it's just ~description of nightlife~, followed by that they know they won't be going home anytime soon, they're going to be out touring for a while, but they are NOT alone, they're in this together, and they're loving it
Verse 2:
Late night spaces with all our friends, you and me Love these faces just like how it used to be [repeat of lines 3-5 of verse 1]
This can either be reminiscent of a time they were home, but to me it sounds more like having their friends with them on tour, as the "late night spaces" are what happens when the "lights go down".
"Love these faces" -> familiar faces, these people I know and trust,
"just like how it used to be" -> celebrating a feeling of normalcy, away from the crazy fame part that's their daytime life now, it's what happens late at night, at night they can be themselves surrounded by true friends. It's positive, it's comfortable, it's celebratory. Then there's "you and me are with our friends" -> there's not really a hint of "I wish you were here" in there, their person is there with them.
Right now I wish you were here with me 'Cause right now everything is new to me You know I can't fight the feeling and every night I feel it Right now I wish you were here with me
First your, anons, interpretation as it being from another person's perspective: In contrast to the "I" in the verses, my person isn't here with me, and I wish they were, I can't fight feeling like this, and every night when we're all together I can't help but miss you.
Basically "I wish you were here with me" is what throws off the entire meaning of the chorus vs verses as it doesn't fit but I got an idea of why that might be, I'll go there after I've gone over the lyrics. The rest does fit:
"everything is new to me" -> ties in with "just like how it used to be", basically their friend's faces are reminding them of a pre-fame time, everything else surrounding them is new, is we're famous now, is we're living this crazy life now.
"You know I can't fight the feeling and every night I feel it" -> ties in with "I love this feeling", what's the feeling? It could just be touring, being in all this together, or the feeling of all my favorite conversations always made in th AM, talking out of our asses after a show
And I could do this forever And let's go crazy together
Again just, we're on this crazy succesfull band tour life insanity together.
Wish You Were Here
I don't interpret this song as sad and missing home/someone who isn't there with them at all. The only sentence that doesn't fit the whole vibe is "Right Now I Wish You Were Here with me", and I think that's because it's a reference to Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. Right Now and this song cover the same themes, although 1D's songs is uh.. a lot easier to digest, just a little simple boppy popsong, while Wish You Were Here is a masterpiece. Anyway, they all are big big Pink Floyd fanboys and this song is referenced throughout their work time and time again, so why not this one too.
I've been waiting to drop all the Wish You Were Here references I found (so far) in a post so I'm just gonna plomp that down here, and also helps to link Right Now to any other possible 1D or otherwise song:
This is THE thing tying this whole thing together so don't skip over looking at these lyrics or you'll miss the plot:
Tumblr media
Honestly it's suprising how much you can gain out of simple boybander bop song lyrics, but you can, so here that is: Right Now has an older brother, AM, which in turn is followed up by Niall's This Town. All 3 have Pink Floyd WYWH references in them, and then there's also the outlier Two Ghosts, that doesn't fit in with the others (I got my opinions on this too but maybe not put that here too I mean how many sidetracks do you need). In the pic I didn't highlight how Right Now and AM are similar, because then the whole thing would be colored lol, they're just both going "we're chilling together in the middle of the night and it's a great feeling", while This Town is reminiscent of that time, and weaving a narrative of the "you" being a lover around it (nope that's totally not a placeholder for the band nope not at all nope).
PF's Wish You Were Here is part of the same-titled album that explores dealing with that whole world they were put in: (being exhausted from) touring, fame and seeing those who rose to fame with them losing themselves in it, how shitty the music industry is, reminiscing simpler times in the craziness of it all. If you don't know it, listen to it, read about it, this description really doesn't do it justice not even a little bit, moving on. Wish You Were Here can be interpreted as making it big, selling themselves out and reflecting on it, trying to stay grounded: So you think you can tell what's bad from what's good, what's real from what's fake, what matters from what doesn't in life, and that however big, however insane (and fake) it gets, wherever it leads you, you're still that same old person, still facing the same old fears and problems, you and me are still the same people we were before all this. Don't you wish things were the way they were before it all got so crazy sometimes? "I wish you were here" -> I wish this pre-fame version of life (or me, or you being my friend that rose to fame along with me) were here with me, I wish sometimes we were there again.
And then there's the cover art of Wish You Were Here vs Harry in Golden:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Niall's No Judgement features 2 fishies swimming in a fishbowl:
Tumblr media
Eroda promo:
Tumblr media
Some unnecessary reaches, sometimes I dedicate posts to pointing at leaves, now I'm pointing at fish: 5 fishies here,
Tumblr media
5 fishies there (Zayn - Entertainer) (the top one on the right is just a reflection)(yes this is a stupid reach just let me have fun)
Tumblr media
Gets an ask about Right Now, ends up sharing at a screenshot of 5 fish in Zayn's music video, thinking how the fuck did I get here
Basically ot5 are 5 Pink Floyd fanfishies swimming around in their glasses and talking out of their asses. No actual wishing someone is there with them other than eachother and the importance of staying their real true grounded selves amidst all the craziness, something they have shown to value many times!
For more like this:
A reading of Harry's Another Man mixtape top 10 songs of all time - Perfect Now - Love You Goodbye - Sunflower vol 6 rabbit hole
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phoenixharrison · 9 hours ago
You have a ticket to go back in time and see one of them perform live. Who do you choose?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ensaiosaleatorios · 14 hours ago
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luciffersam · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Moon, a dead world lit up by the sun
a mixtape featuring pink floyd, black sabbath, led zeppelin & more.
*better listened while you're in an introspective mode at 3am
listen here
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mosaicrecords · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Jazz Appreciation — Carla Bley, 84 and Counting
Having done sound for Carla Bley's first tours in the 70s, I came to admire her unique approach over a sweep of time. Carla's a most singular composer, where Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, and Don Cherry can collide with Gilbert & Sullivan or Pink Floyd. Best listened to over several albums across decades, Carla's latest set of three albums of trios, with longtime collaborators Steve Swallow (electric bass) and Andy Sheppard (tenor saxophone) "are not a casual sequence...[providing] a refreshing reminder of her greatness," says Steve Ellman in The Arts Fuse.  "Some people seem to think that admiring Bley and listening raptly to her recordings are guilty pleasures. She is not a flashy pianist. She likes to be funny in a puckish, not-at-all-jazzy way. Her bands have, at times, been like traveling vaudeville troupes. She is not afraid of schmaltz, although she often adds lemon juice to it. "She is not Serious, as in “self-important.” But she is very serious, as in “true to an artistic vision.”"She is one of the greatest living jazz composers. She is not the only one, especially in these days of talent aplenty, but she is too often overshadowed, and that is something of a shame. "She stands apart."
Fred Seibert Read from The Arts Fuse… Follow: Mosaic Records Facebook Tumblr Twitter
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away-from-computer · 18 hours ago
Come to the dark side
I'm already
Tumblr media
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