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#pillar box
forestials · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
I have a problem with overcolouring and overpainting so I’m limiting myself to colour palettes and quick sketches every now and then to try and chill (good luck me).
Maedhros, firstborn of Nerdanel and Fëanor
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witnessmysin · a month ago
*Clenches fist*
Y'all I got tickets to see Demon Slayer Mugen Train and I'm going to be fucking destroyed. But forewarning it will probably absolutely trigger something in my brain, that small kernel of whumpy desire I have and fan it into a wildfire and I'm sorry but I'll just have to be forced to act.
Sorry I don't make the rules. Kyo/juro owns my heart and hes gonna be so awesome while also getting beat the fuck up subconsciously and physically 💀💀
#that post that went around about what types you like#and i will say its stupid#i love me my stupid characters#and kyo is.. an interesting case. i totally think it was most likely a translation error where he fucked up counting to 8 and somehow got 11#but its stuck so hard in my brain and endeared me to him along with his other traits#I'm so positive its a translation error but even still in other material he's... himbo-y. he thinks in large extremes#and makes these leaps in logic that make sense to him and if you track it yeah it makes sense but how and why did you think down that path#plus he's such a ray of golden sunshine how can I not love him#like he loves sweet potatoes and its such a dumb rather useles piece of info yet it makes me love him more#and then that... hint at emotional angst he doesn't share with anyone but continues to be such a pillar of positivity and hope#like god what a fantastic character and I will forever hate that they didn't explore that in more depth#like actually still mad about it considering nearly everyone got some degree of in depth look at their psyche and traumas#but Kyo? nah lets just hint at the internal struggle he has being a positive influence while his soul is surrounded by hellfire#exploring the negative effects of having an alcpholic parent constantly saying you're worthless shit and a talentless hack? apparently not#and I gues what I like is he does genuinely have a very upbeat and firey personality and passion. i don't think he fakes that#i think its more he doesnt have the time to or allows himself to process shit so it stays locked in its box. out of sight out of mind#okay enough rambling#sorry I just really love him 🥺#the fucking snap back to his positive demeanor after having a nightmare rawly exposing some of his insecurities gave me terminal whiplash
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moon-mars-ikemen · 2 months ago
Tamayo has normal anime eyes, Shinobu has the bright side up and the dark one down
how do her eyes work
is this why she can see in the dark, cause her eyes are upside down?
Tamayo has normal anime eyes of course! But so does Shinobu and so do for example Sasuke, Itachi or Kakashi (left eye) in Naruto. The greatest fact is that in an anime everything is permitted, your fantasy can flow without interruption and this is truly amazing!
Sorry for my digression, now back on track: Shinobu has no pupils and has the bright side up, because the color of her eyes is a shade of gradient purple, that’s because she has compound-like eyes. She is the insect pillar and so her eyes resemble the ones of insects.
Now this is only my speculation, but since insects are very sensitive to light, that may be the reason why se can see so well in the dark. But not because she actually sees better than others, but because insects are especially perceptive about movements and can easily detect if a movement is good (like food) or bad (like a hand that tries to kill it) that’s why we sytuggle during summer with mosquitos grr!
Moreover insects are frail, that’s why they have to act fast if they want to survive. Our Shinobu too is small and not as strong as the other pillars, in fact she doen’t tear apart demons with her blade, instead she poisons them with her venomous katana soaked in wisteria’s poison.
I hope to have answered to your question. I’m discovering so much so thank you! 💜
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hansoulo · 3 months ago
i know PoS part 3 won’t have any smut but is there at least ~steam~ - 🥴
depends on what you define as ~steam~ but they’re h*rny idiots 25/8 so,,,, i think yes 🤡
a gift 4 u below the cut because im slow at updating rip
Uncomfortable wasn’t really the correct word for how you thought he felt. You doubted Boba could ever be uncomfortable. No. No, the right word would probably be… bemused. Like he was in a menagerie watching a creature, something exotic and pretty, with mild interest while it still had his attention. But you did have his attention. That was something.
“You put your right hand on my waist,” you moved to correct the large fingers more accustomed to blasters than they were to bodices. Boba smirked, almost boyish, when you caught his hand wandering someplace else. “Not that low,” you chided with quiet exasperation, placing your palm atop his and guiding it back up.
The pale leather was warm underneath your skin and you bit down a smile, almost awe-struck at how strange your hand looked next to his. Yours was polished, weighed down by heavy gold bangles and softened by years of idle play. His, you suspected (for you didn't actually know; hadn’t yet actually seen), was anything but. 
“That’s good,” you supplied lightly. “And then I do this,”your other hand reached to rest on Boba’s shoulder. “And then- no, no you give me your left hand. Hold it out- yes. Good.”
Still looking down, you were careful not to trip over your skirts or his boots. “And now we just-” you breathed out and glanced up, surprised to find his expression strangely careful. Almost tender. You gulped down the quiet notch in your throat. “-now we just um… Sway. Like this.”
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deersaya · 3 months ago
Any thoughts on the black triangle trio?
Tumblr media
draw them as the pillar men lololol bcs theyre kind of creating “chaos” in the world lmao
I think of them as the “big three” of the world. Because irl i see that the other countries doesn’t want to mess with these three.
However, they somehow always be the ones who mess with the world,,
Tumblr media
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loosesodamarble · 3 months ago
hello! was wondering if u could answer #16 in the kny aks for shizuka n masatsugu
Aaaaah! You had to ask!
16. How did their Final Selection go?
Okay so... The way I have it written, Shizuka doesn’t actually participate in the Final Selection. I don’t know how frequent Final Selection is held but if the results from Tanjirou’s selection is the average, there is no way the Corps would get by doing it once a year. I would assume it’s held every few months. But the thing with Shizuka is that she kinda sort maybe-ish gets impatient and begs for a chance to prove herself worthy of the Corps. So she doesn’t go to Final Selection and ends up going on a mission under the supervision of one of the Pillars. It’s not as long as Final Selection but being observed by a Pillar would definitely put her under as much if not more pressure. It’s slightly bending the rules but I want to explore the possibility of joining the Corps through a slightly unconventional trial.
Masatsugu meanwhile is patient and does take the Final Selection as normal. Trouble is, the actual contents of the test are completely unknown to him before he arrives. His teacher, Kenta Yanagidate, kept him and Shizuka in the dark so he has no clue the test involves spending a whole week in the woods with demons. Worry not, he lives but there’s a lot of screaming and praying to the high heavens. Afterwords, he’s kind of pissed at the old man for not telling him.
For Shizuka and Masatsugu, their entry into the Demon Slayer Corps is not as straightforward as it was for Tanjirou and the others. And I think it’s fun.
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aelitaelectra · 7 months ago
What do you think about the Pillar Men from Battle Tendency?
Ayayayayayay. 🍑😌💕xD
Seriously, I don't know what to say except that Kars is my fave villain, there's probably better ones but that bish battled himself into my heart. xD Loved Esidisi too, but loved more Wamuu with his noble warrior spirit. Can't say much because my head hurts, maybe next time I'll give a more interesting answer, sorry.))
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shironezuninja · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can’t deal with my parents, watch the PBS 8pm documentary, “The Queen At War”, and find the correct paperweights to take screenshots of this picture book’s pages at the same time.
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streetsofdublin · a year ago
SÉ WALL POST BOX [I CANNOT REMEMBER SEEING AN SÉ WALL BOX BEFORE]-159076 by William Murphy Via Flickr: Following Irish independence in 1922, existing British pillar boxes were retained, and when the Irish Free State left the Commonwealth following the declaration of the Republic of Ireland in 1949 existing pillar and wall boxes were then painted green. Many of these are extant around the country, retaining the monogram of the monarch who reigned at the time of the box's installation. The Department of Posts and Telegraphs continued installing similar pillar boxes and wall boxes, but with the initials SÉ (for Saorstát Éireann), a harp or the P & T logo, instead of a monarch's monogram. Since 1984 An Post, the current Irish postal administration, use the An Post logo to adorn their posting boxes.
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streetsofdublin · a year ago
THE ASHWORTH PILLAR BOX [THE OLDEST PILLAR LETTER BOX IN IRELAND]-159129 by William Murphy Via Flickr: Someone complained to me in a comment that for historic reasons this should be red not green so I contacted an expert and it was confirmed that red was not adopted until July 1874 in London and that it took more than ten years to repaint all letter boxed in Britain and Ireland. In 1855 the first pillar box arrived in Ireland. Ireland’s oldest post-box, The Ashworth box, is now housed in the National Museum at Collins’ Barracks. This particular letter box is located at Collins Barracks Museum but when I last photographed it in 2016 it was at a different location and I do not know why it was moved. The green post box, in various shapes and sizes, is a familiar sight on city streets and country roads throughout Ireland. Introduced well over 150 years ago by the novelist, Anthony Trollope, who worked for the Post Office in Ireland for several years, the letter box is an instantly recognised symbol of the Post Office. The intention was to make it easier for people to post their letters and make it unnecessary for them to have to wait for a post office to open. The first boxes appeared on the streets of cities like Dublin, Belfast and Cork over 150 years ago and were subsequently introduced elsewhere. The big pillar boxes were soon joined by smaller boxes that fitted into walls and later by lamp boxes which were cheaper to make and could be attached to lamp and telegraph poles. One particularly attractive box, the hexagonal-sided Penfold, caused complaints when it was introduced as letters could occasionally get stuck at the edges. The classic cylindrical shape did away with these problems, however. A great many old post boxes remain in use today and they bring an elegance to their localities that is often much appreciated. Anthony Trollope (1815 – 1882) was a remarkable man. As a Post Office official he was responsible for introducing the pillar box; and it was during his 18 years working for the Post Office in Ireland and at Drumsna, Co Leitrim in particular, that he wrote his very first novel ‘The McDermotts of Ballycloran’ and got much inspiration for characters in the 46 works that were to follow.
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watson-sighs-and-tuts · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nick Kyrgios putting on his Drop The Hammer Kygs show wins with the world no six 7-6, 6-7, 7-6 to seal the quarter-finals for Team Australia
#tennisedit#tennis#atp cup 20#nick kyrgios#stefanos tsitsipas#my edit#nick be like THAT'S MY BEST BRO STEF HE'S A GOOD KID AND I LOVE HIM all right all right grandps calm down the list of your#best mates on tour is getting short anyway and yep stef be like WHAT IS THIS I HAVE ENOUGH OF DRAMA ON THIS TOURNAMENT#all these russian blond boys sobbing in my vicinity and now this idiocy like WE'RE NOT FRIENDS MAN lol#that was so soft!!! AND BOYS IN THE BOX WERE OFF THE WALL WITH CHEERING TODAY (that's nicholas' STAND UP COMEDY ACT#drop the hammer kygS!! pull the trigger piglet LOL) i have so much to say about this match like drama aside (STEF IS A PILLAR!)#nick was like DELICATE TOUCH AND ABUNDANCE OF DROP SHOTS hey on one hand THE SOFTEST AND THE MOST STRATEGIC on the other hand#lazy lazy lazy at rallies NICK BOMBARDS THE COURT WITH MILLION ACES yes it's all for canberra but also AS LONG AS I DON'T HAVE TO RUN lol#his DOWN THE LINE BALLISTIC FOREHAND yas please (happens like 4 times in the game WITH VARIOUS EFFICIENCY so....)#trick shots because he's out there TO PUT ON A SHOW thanks for clarifying this for us man (BUT THEN HE GETS SCARED WITH BIG POINTS#AND DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY THEM and it normally frustrates him and makes him spiral because HE CARES AND WANTS TO PLAY THE BALL)#eugh STEF SHOULD HAVE WON THAT MATCH and yet i am on the floor WRITING MY ESSAY ON THIS GUY FROM AUSTRALIA#and the way HE CAN MAKE PEOPLE SWOON with literally playing FEW MINUTES WORTHY MATERIAL OF ACTUAL AMAZING POINTS#because WHEN HE'S GOOD HE'S GENIUS speaks volumes of his tennis eugh also I'VE BEEN STARING AT HIS PANTS AND GETTING TO#CONCLUSIONS why he doesn't really need that grand slam SCRATCH THAT GOD I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON bye
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crimsonkenjii-writes · 13 hours ago
Hey hey hey it's been a while ey? It's the giyuu simp :DDD thought i would pop into say hi since it's been what two months now? I think that's enough time in between my asks
Your headcannons are the cutest thing in the world so~ in that logic one cute thing plus another cute thing would make it double cute, therefore what if giyuu was dating none other then the flower pillar? Not kanae but her and shinobu's sister, can you imagine the pining, the not so secret looks, and the very pushy shinobu. I just thought it would be reallyyy cute just to see how their relationship would progress from the pining to the obvious set up form shinobu to them actually dating. As always you don't have to do it of you don't like the idea ofc~
aaayyyyy it’s writing-shroom back at it again with more adorable asks lolol
this is actually a really cool thought! of course I’ll write it :)
Giyuu x FlowerPillar!Reader (sibling of Shinobu and Kanae)
✧・゚: *✧・゚: *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*   
Tumblr media
✧・゚: *✧・゚: *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*   
Giyuu had arrived at the Butterfly estate for some minor injuries he received from his recent mission. They weren’t anything too serious but enough for Shinobu to look at and mend.
“Whew!” You sigh out loudly, “Nice work out, Kanao! I’m gonna go find Shinobu now, go relax, you deserve it.” You we’re doing sparring practice with Kanao to keep your skills sharp. As a Hashira, it was important to keep up your skills to protect everyone.
“Shinobu!” You cry out, checking every room for your sister. “Nobuuu where are yyyouuu?!” You hear your sister’s voice from the room two steps away. You quickly turn the corner and peak your head in, “Nobu, there you are. Do you wanna-“
You abruptly end your sentence when you see a shirtless Giyuu with bandages around his chest and arm, sitting on the bed and Shinobu standing next to him with medicated ointment for the small scratches on his face.
You immediately become flustered and stutter out “Ahahaa! T-Tomioka! I’m sorry I didn’t know! I’ll just - I should - I can - I’ll leave. C-catch you later, Nobu!” And with that you ran in the opposite direction as quickly as you could.
Shinobu stood there bewildered not understanding why you’d react in such a way. You’ve met Tomioka before? Why get so shy around him? You’ve been on mission before haven’t you? No need to be so flustered! She looks at Giyuu to continue her treatment when she notices a small and faint blush spreading on his cheeks.
She smiled evilly, finally piecing together what had just happened. She smiled more the usual during the rest of the checkup it made Giyuu scared.
After that, Shinobu would not stop teasing you. Every moment she got, she’d mercilessly attack you and make you blush about Tomioka. She found it really cute to see her sister crushing on someone.
She was hesitant at first, knowing that Tomioka was very timid and aloof and didn’t know if thatd clash well with your personality. But she figured he was just putting on an exterior and that once you’d help him open up then he’d take very good care of you. All she wanted was for him to dedicate his heart to you and treat her sister right.
Shinobu wanted to rush right in to it and just straight up say “Tomioka-San! My sister really likes you! You should ask her out, I know she’d make a lovely wife!” and just see two vibrant, red hashiras stumbling over their words. But she had to resist. She knew it’d be smarter to ease in to it she still rushed you both together a little she was just super excited for her sister
Shinobu would always think of sneaky ways to get Giyuu and you in the same room. She loved seeing the both of you flustered. One day she had you study some medicine in a room filled with large, heavy boxes. She then got Giyuu to move the boxes for her since he was much stronger than her small figure was. You knew exactly what she was doing once you saw Giyuu enter the room asking about boxes and promised to beat her up later for that
Another random thing she planned was inviting you, Mitsuri and Giyuu to dinner. She told you that only Mitsuri was joining to trick you in to it. She tried pulling the same trick on Giyuu but he almost turned down the invitation before she mentioned that you would be there.
Mitsuri was in on Shinobu’s plan and they both told their crows to pretend to send them on a mission so that it was only you and Giyuu at the dinner. Mitsuri and Shinobu ran away giggling, proud of their elaborate plan.
Well, it all payed off in the end. One day Shinobu was looking for you in the Butterfly Mansion. She looked for you in all your usually spots but couldn’t find you. She had one more spot to check, the flower garden.
She made her way there when she heard people speaking. She was about to turn the corner until she recognized long, black untamed hair. She quickly hid back behind the corner and peaked enough to see but also remain undetected
She couldn’t hear much though, you both were talking very quietly. She saw that your cheeks kept getting more and more red. She figured it was just you being shy around him. But then you smiled. Really big. And Tomioka smiled! It was hidden from his hair but she still caught a glimpse! Then you both hugged!!! Shinobu was victorious!!
She leapt from her corner, cheering and clapping her hands. “Oh, my little Y/N just got a boyfriend!!” She startled the both of you and you both let go of each other. Shinobu continued to tease the both of you, ruining the moment. She didn’t ruin it, it made you super happy. She just ended the romantic giddiness of it super early lol
“Who knew Tomioka-San would be so romantic to confess in such a beautiful garden!” “Y/N~ your face is still burning red. You like this flower!” “We need to celebrate with a dinner! Tomioka-San, you’re staying here tonight for a feast.”
Shinobu quickly enlightened Mitsuri on what happened and she squealed so loud. Mitsuri was so so happy for you and couldn’t get over how cute the both of you were
You were thankfully for how relentless Shinobu was. If it wasn’t for your sister, you don’t think either of you would have ever made a move. But now here you are, hand in hand with the man you loved the most, Giyuu Tomioka
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sohelish · 18 hours ago
Never had Helena thought that she'd be working with Ada. Not because she disliked the Exo or anything. On the contrary, it seemed that it was Ada-1 who held prejudice against the Guardians.
Frankly, Hel couldn't blame her for thinking so and not trusting the Traveller. What puzzled her was: why would anyone openly express their disdain around the people one was to work with regardless? It only created unnecessary tension and ruined any chance of finding allies.
Had Ada been less emotional and more careful, were she to ask around discreetly, she'd learn that the Guardians were prone to questioning their own way of life.
No, she did not dislike Ada, but she deemed her foolish and short-sighted. Book smart, not street smart at all.
Things have changed, however, now that she had returned with an entirely different attitude. Perhaps it was her legacy that had been weighting the woman down and, since the Forges were lost to the enemy, nothing was ruining Ada's mood anymore.
'That's not the only thing that's changed. She's also---' Hel rummaged through the laboratory looking for something to use as leverage to open a panel. 'Afraid. Subdued.'
'That might be. Still don't see why we are working with that obnoxious lady.'
Izi the ghost had been bothering her guardian about Ada all the way to the frozen Europa and more, along their adventure.
'She pays well.'
'All she does is share information on what we've already found for her.'
'Matter transformation and storage was exactly one the pillars that revolutionised the society back during the Gold Age. Really think looking into that isn't worth our time?'
'I think fighting the Vex is more in our interest.'
Hel glanced at her ghost, amused. There was some mischievous intensity about her. A healthy dose of arrogance seen only in those who knew a lot more than they were leading on.
This gave Izi the ghost pause. The grumpiness - easily forgotten, the drone was trying to put together what it knew and form a bigger picture.
'I don't get it. You think the synthesis can somehow help us fight the Vex? Why? Because... Clovis worked on it?'
The woman exclaimed happily as she reached for an object that resembled a screwdriver. She then approached the masterfully hidden panel in the wall. Good thing she'd snatched up the schematics and knew exactly where to look.
She didn't say anything back to Izi, though, just peeked over her shoulder and winked, still grinning.
The ghost got nervous if a ghost ever could truly experience such a state of being.
'Say, how much of his project Clovis based on the Vex tech, do you reckon?'
'Don’t know. All of it?'
'You think it's that connected?'
Another pause followed as Helena finally ripped the panel out and revealed an intricate box full of fuses and circuitry.
'Tsk, darn it.'
It was all frozen, however.
Hel squinted, studying the contents.
'Mm, yeah, looks like this is the one Ada asked for. Let's see what we can do.'
The Guardian removed her gloves and started rubbing her hands together while breathing meditatively. She had to do it just right, using enough Light to warm up her hands but not too much so that she didn’t ruin any of the pieces inside the panel.
Having thoroughly concentrated and mentally prepared, she finally placed her hands inside the fuse box, heating and melting away the ice.
It took much effort to do this carefully but eventually, she was done with the procedure. A water puddle has formed at her feet, the pieces became free to remove.
Hel went on to do that, but she also unscrewed a few more parts just in case. Maybe she would need them, or Ada would, or perhaps she'd sell them to the Drifter or Spider.
'You think most of the technological progress was based on the Vex, don't you?'
It was as if Izi's switch was flipped, and it started chattering on again, right where they left off.
'Yeah, something like that, Flashlight.'
Hel suddenly looked and sounded very tired, shoulders slumped, her whole posture was off.
'The Vex are known for many things, time loops included and not only. Do you... Do you ever stop to think that humans become the Vex in the future? With all the connection to the Exos and how comprehensible and comfortable their tech is to you guys?'
'Future. Alternate timeline where the Traveller never arrived. Yeah, I've thought about it a lot, Izi.'
A sigh.
'I didn't mean to...'
'You never do. Right now, I figure, we should learn as much about the Vex as possible. The more insight we have, the better, and anything to do with Clovis provides good insight, okay? Okay, so let's look around some more. Gather data. Sell it twice - to Ada and the Stranger. Rinse and repeat.'
‘Too bad we can’t ask that giant head of his.’
‘Yeah, at this point, it’s going to lie, whether it actually knows stuff or not, but perhaps one day? Last time I talked to him, I swear he’d warmed up to me already.
A lone narcissist, recognising a fellow lone narcissist...
Hel put the gloves back on and clapped her hands.
Something moved behind the closed doors, and aggressive chattering could be heard.
The woman reached for the gun on her heap.
'Alright. Back to work.'
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oncejaw · a day ago
Tumblr media
@fraterniite​​​ said:  he'd heard Levi's command to stand back. he'd felt Jean's fingers ripped away from his shoulder as he flew forward in the air. for a few moments, he felt weightless, staring at the bone white pillar careening into the sky, at the chaos of titan combat below him. he'd become so comfortable with death -- he'd stared it in the face once and he'd do it again. with another shot, hid against the night sky, he surged forward, straight toward death's maw. scarred arm pulled back, he launched a thunderspear into those gaping jaws. as much as he wanted to erupt in rageful screams, he kept his lips pressed tight. talking hadn't gotten him anywhere last time.
--------------- Hellfire has rained in Liberio; and all the devils are here, be they clad in black or titan flesh. Incendiary rage surges as faithful companion to panic and terror, one the shadow of the other, fueled by the gallons of blood spilled upon cobblestone below them. Marcel’s anger burn so hot, it burns white and icy; oh, the irony, oh, how the tables have turned. That, he can accept. That the Paradisians would one day seek retribution for the destruction inflicted upon them had been as inevitable as snow in winter in the mountains. Marcel is keenly aware of it; doesn’t mean he will offer his neck to the executioner and not put up a fight. There are innocents, down there. Children crushed under piles of debris. His own brother, joining in the fight somewhere below. 
There is another innocent; the ghost of one, an unfortunate victim to circumstances and the cruelty of his cold, immutable determination. Scars had not changed Marco Bodt as much as a near-brush with death had, Marcel had gathered when he first laid his eyes on him. Innocent no more: the thunderspear goes flying right at him, right into the open maw of his titan; shit, shit, shit. The pain is as explosive as the device upon ignition: it sears into the upper half of his body, burn through the right side of his face under the Jaw’s flesh, coaxes a roar of agony out of his monster as he goes crashing into nearby building. Only a lucky reflex had saved him from worse, the titan’s head turned at the last second; the plated bone of its face is severely damaged, but the muscles still hold, and the Warrior inside, injured as he may be, still lives. 
Tumblr media
He is like a devil jumping from its box: fragments of bone falling off yet as swift as though he had walked it off unscathed. A torrent of steam hisses from the wound, Marcel putting all his energy into accelerating the healing process, pouring it all into moving the Jaw as fast as possible. The small, cruel eyes of the Jaw barely register Marco’s face; so does Marcel’s brain, a filter put up between him and his victim. Faces blurred. All recognition deliberately thwarted, kinship denied in the must cruel of ways. Should he stop, should he think, should he feel... he shudders, thinking what would happen then. He shudders, and he shuts it down. A switch flicked, a coldness beaten and shocked into him since infancy; sorry Marco. Nothing personal.
He had said it then. He will say it again now.
Finally the Jaw finds its angle; Marcel pivots abruptly and bounces, surges up in the air, claws out to catch the wires of ODM gear - cut his escape route or send him crashing onto the street, doesn’t matter - he will catch him next. Deliberate. Calculated. Cold. This is the anger Marley has drilled into him. A savagery thirsty for blood, violence begetting violence. Four years ago, he couldn’t stop, no matter how much Marco begged him, no matter how much his pleas had made his heart shatter, how sick and disgusted the churn in his stomach had felt. Today, he cannot stop either; no matter how much he wishes he could. For Marco, for all the others.
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