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#pigeon time
daydadahlias · 3 days ago
How would you feel if writing a sequel of scene 14? Also how would you feel writing another drabble for Scene 14? The drabble would be where Ashton becomes jealous because someone is flirting with Luke. And then plot twist Luke gets jealous and possessive when someone flirts with Ashton. Another idea is that Ashton and Luke meet each other’s family for the first time. Another is where Luke becomes a major actor and sends a picture of himself to his mom at his premiere and Ashton is his date.
I am opposed to writing a sequel of S14 simply because it doesn’t need one. I told the story I set out to tell and I’m always hesitant of writing sequels just because they never get the same audience reception. They almost always feel like a waste to write most time. 
But as for little drabbles/out of context one-shots/snippets... I’ve definitely thought about and I want to write some tbh!! I’ve got so many little things in that universe I’d like to share. For instance, Ashton’s POV of Ch.9/10, entries from S14 Luke’s journal, snippets from when they were in Bright Star rehearsals... And I’ve thought a ton about writing a lil’ one shot where they meet each other’s families, or where they celebrate an anniversary for the first time. 
I love you giving me these lil’ ideas lol; that’s super sweet and makes me think you’ve genuinely thought about those things which is,,, fucking unreal to me. I love that little premiere idea!! That’s so fucking cute!!
I would genuinely love to write more in the S14 Universe because I love it so so much and it’s so fun to write, but as of current I just have... so fucking much to write, and I’m (unfortunately) only human. 
I have about 27k written in this current piece of shit I want to post which I’ve busted out over the course of the last three days. I want to be able to put it ((and its partner piece)) out sometime in the next week, and then after that is time for the long awaited Stripper AU ((Red Light)), and then I’ve got two more long works after that which I want to write...
It’s not about lack of motivation/drive/willingness to be honest with you, it’s mainly about time and being able to divide my attention. 
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inestheunicorn · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Finally a look at the first and my favourite page of my new sketchbook, featuring a gardener pigeon! 🍓 It's my own handmade moth notebook and I liked it so much that I had to keep one for myself! 🐦 Even though the pages are a bit thin, it works so well with markers and I like how it lies nicely flat when open. I don't know if it's just me, but I actually like when sketchbooks aren't too thick. I don't know if I can explain it correctly, but when the sketchbook is thicker it's a bit uncomfortable when you're drawing closer to the margin of the right page (I'm right handed), because of the different height between the table and the pages. Sometimes I even place another book on the right side, to have the same height. Is it just me guys?? 😅 Anyways! This was some sort of re-make of a similar illustration I did last year, but I don't care because it was really fun! Aaand I really want to use oil pastels more often! 🌿
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elwethe · 6 days ago
I was going through some photos and I found the best photo of Connor that ever exists ever
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pigeongay · 6 days ago
like you do understand how jarring it is to see "i think murder should be legal if you're killing an animal breeder" in my notes? anti-breeding folks need some empathy instead of a stance that lets them take a moral high ground
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daydadahlias · 7 days ago
It's genuinely so amazing for me to see what a reach you've gotten! And I do find it a bit funny when all those people say what fic of yours they've read first and I'm just like: I've been here from the beginning (insert superiority complex). I came from the good old (not) Panic! days and I stayed despite not being in this fandom (I still do enjoy seeing lovely pictures of Ashton's thighs on my timeline. Honestly I feel like an honorary 5sos fan.)
But like the point of this whole thing is basically just to say how fucking proud of you I am. Look how far you've gotten. And to say how happy I am that you finally get the recognition you deserve.
I love you so much!!!
Em, the literal love of my life, “(insert superiority complex)” made me scream. 
I cannot express how much you and your friendship mean to me and the fact that we’ve been friends since my first fic on ao3 is insane. If I remember  correctly-- let’s go fact check -- you were the first comment I ever got on ao3. 
April 12, 2019:
Man, I love your story. I mean the historical background isn't that present yet but you did well on you research and it seems to be realistic. And you pulled me in your ban with just two chapters. Don't you dare not writing a third one. Your style is amazing and so are the characters so please continue this
Wow. First comment. The beginning of the era. 
And it’s YOU. And we’re still friends today!! 
It’s fucking insane to think about in honesty. The fact that we rode the Hell Ship that was Panic! at the Disco into our new fandoms (thank God we did that before p!atd crumbled; it was like fleeing from The Titanic) and continued to be friends despite our new interests. 
I can say with full honesty that you’re the only reason I wrote chapter 3 of DDDM and then the only reason I wrote the fourth one too, and then you commented on every chapter following, the same as you comment on all my works, even for a fandom that you’re not in lmfao. 
You have been -- and continue to be -- such a driving force behind my writing. My current motivation and drive to create/provide content stems from your initial support two years ago.
You are 100% an honorary 5sos fan the same way I am an honorary The 1975 fan. I’m so proud to be able to call you one of my best friends and your support means everything to me and will always mean everything to me. 
I love you. More than anything. 
You are allowed to have that superiority complex. 
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beautykillertaskforce · 8 days ago
Open Starter | Susan
“I’m still mad that you can’t smoke in bars anymore,” Susan commented idly to the person next to her. She was standing against the wall near the door of the bar. Inside was light and chatter and music and warmth, while out here was crisp fresh air and a light drizzle. Susan shivered in her hoodie and took another drag off her cigarette.
“I mean, with all the shit I’ve been through, I think I deserve the basic luxury of having a cigarette inside. I mean, I’ve been kidnapped by serial killers, what, like, four or five times now, you’d think that’d earn me something.” Susan wished she could blame her over-sharing on the fact that she was buzzed, but the fact was, she was always like this. “What about you?” she added to her unfortunate listener. “Why should you get to have an inside cigarette? What’s the most fucked up thing that’s ever happened to you?”
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daydadahlias · 9 days ago
how bout when he smiles with his mouth open 🥺💕👉🏼👈🏼
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He’s just a happy lil guy
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daydadahlias · 9 days ago
I'm going to ask you nicely to please stop killing me. I just saw the hand sqishinf his face photo and I'm going to go stare at a wall for hours.
~no clue who
Tumblr media
He was such a cutie that day
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hoe-doroki · 12 days ago
im playing/reading this visual novel rn and the love interest is demisexual and it made me think of you 👉👈
Omg, representation!! I love hearing that so much 😭😭 Wanna drop the title? You have me curious. Gosh, I haven’t done a vn in, like, seven years omg I’m old
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inestheunicorn · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy Monday guys!! I have so many new doodles I want to share with you that I don't know were to start! Here's my lovely Savannah and Tiki, excited to enjoy the soft colours and warm air of Spring 🌱
Savannah loves nature and has great control over earth. It's easy for her to grow and rescue weak plants. Tiki is her assistant pigeon, has bad eyesight, loves math and helps Savannah with her homework 🌸
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daydadahlias · 16 days ago
Also you deserve the complements more than anything darling. You deserve the love.
~no clue who
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forloveofthestory · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                                                    Anna Pigeon                                              Park Ranger / Grumpy Cat
Anna Pigeon is a ranger with the National Parks system. Yes, she is a real law enforcement officer, and yes, she even went to FLETC. She’s also a grumpy, antisocial, cranky cat of a person. Deep down, although she might not actually admit it to someone’s face, she believes that littering is pretty much on-par with murder. When it comes to the wilderness and to her desire to protect the environment, she can be a bit of an idealist, but when it comes to human interaction, she’s much more pragmatic. 
Including when it comes to dealing with human predators. If someone makes it clear they plan on killing someone and there’s no clear way out of the situation, Anna is not going to be a superhero about it. She will shoot, and she’ll shoot to kill. She is a fairly small woman and is not interested in getting into grappling situations with anyone, knowing she’ll lose, even if she is scrappy and fights dirty. She’s also fiercely protective of the underdog, of those who are in more danger in a situation than the others around them, and tries to be keenly aware of discrimination--whether it be due to age, gender identity, sexism, racism, or whatever. She may not be a big fan of humans, but she is even less a fan of humans who judge each other and hate each other, who make each other’s lives hell. She’s aware that she is a bit of a hypocrite there, since she is judgmental and unpleasant, but she comforts herself with the knowledge that at least she tries to turn her crankiness towards the right people. She isn’t perfect, not by any means, and she knows it. She is a deeply flawed human being, but she also cares a great deal and will do her best. 
Anna loves when her job requires her to be out hiking, or working at some more remote location in a national park, although she doesn’t get that anywhere near as often as she would like. She usually lives in park housing with her cat, Piedmont, and loves coming  home to him at the end of the day, taking her boots off, and scrubbing the day’s grime away. She is not ashamed to enjoy creature comforts--or to be an awkward, antisocial cat and glare at people when she is off-duty, although she’ll try her best to be a decent person when she’s on duty. 
Anna tends to take a somewhat dim view of non-Parks law enforcement. She’s very aware of the systemic racism and the violence that is all too-often protected behind the proverbial blue line, and she is not impressed by it. She’s not out to make friends, so if she sees another officer behaving in an inappropriate way, she’s damn well going to say something about it and attempt to shut it down. She doesn’t believe in standing by in silence when someone else is suffering--
Unless that person is a giant douche who really, really deserves it, like someone who picks the wings off of butterflies for fun, or who starts forest fires in order to murder a specific person. 
Anna Pigeon is from a fantastic, albeit older, series of books by Nevada Barr. The  books can be a little problematic at times, but I really genuinely love all of the ones I’ve read, and adore this character. She’s a fantastic female lead, realistic and compelling at once, and I had to try writing her in RP. If you’re curious, here’s a link to my favorite of the books, Blind Descent. It’s claustrophobic and dark, be warned, but a fantastic read. I haven’t gotten through the whole series yet, but so far have loved them all, and highly recommend you check them out <3 Also note, Anna is married or in a relationship through most of the series, but I intend to play her as single in RP, just because I don’t want to NPC her spouse, who is usually absent from the stories anyway. 
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daydadahlias · 17 days ago
Am I sad tw and s14 are ending tomorrow? Very much. What will I do with my Fridays? But will I be way more productive because I won't be thinking about the next chapters of both everyday? Yes. Those soulmate aus won't be finished if I don't focus now.
~no clue who
I am both devastated these fics are ending and super stoked because it means more ✨reading time✨ for me.
But also, on that note, my Writing Boom Schedule has me posting a fic every Friday for the next four/five weeks so Jess Content is still gonna be rolling out hopefully. Or, like, that’s the plan anyway.
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