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herefortommo · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
That seems like a you problem to me, darling. You should always make time for some Louis with kids content 😌
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taxisyeovil · 9 hours ago
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blueisbored · 9 hours ago
i still hvnt finished watching that video bc everytime i resume it i feel like my dad is gaslighting me
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mindinmuken · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
On top of being his captain during the entirety of his service within the Gotei 13 at the Fourth Division, Unohana had also served as the role of a mentor and inspiration to Seinosuke ever since he was a boy.
Just as she had been his mentor, Seinosuke was Unohana’s protégé. If Zaraki Kenpachi was to inherit the name of the warrior embodied by Unohana with his swordsmanship, then Yamada Seinosuke was the one to inherit the name of the healer embodied by her with his kidō and kaidō.
They had encountered each other around the same time Seinosuke had enrolled at the Shinōreijutsuin as a prodigy who was already able to somewhat cast a form of kaidō, albeit a very rudimentary form, due to him witnessing an unknown female shinigami perform kaidō in the Rukongai and desiring to mimic it ever since.
Because of the immense potential and skill he possessed, which had led to him graduating earlier than usual, Seinosuke was considered a very promising candidate for the Kidō Corps by the organization, who had been very determined to persuade him into enlisting and becoming one of their youngest members.
Unohana had played a factor in preventing this from happening by extending a branch to the disgruntled and disillusioned child that Seinosuke had been and taking him under her wing at the Fourth Division.
It had also been Unohana whom Seinosuke had first opened up to about the younger brother and sole family member he had left behind in the Rukongai in order to learn how to master his growing power. Before enrolling in the academy, Seinosuke had dropped off the young Hanatarō at an orphanage in their impoverished home district, and would make the trip to visit that orphanage whenever he had free time in the academy. It was through Unohana’s efforts that allowed Hanatarō to be relocated to an orphanage closer to the Seireitei, granting Seinosuke the peace of mind required to pursue the path of a shinigami who would heal others.
There at the Fourth, through unwavering patience, a gentle sense of discipline, and teachings from the wise and experienced Unohana, Seinosuke’s perspective on life, death, and the world was able to broaden as his skills grew, allowing him to be content with the world, his place within it, and, to a certain extent, himself.
Eventually, Seinosuke rose in ranks to become her lieutenant and served alongside her until a few decades ago, where his talents led to him being headhunted for his current position as a medical practitioner and the general director at the Shino-Seyakuin, a position he holds to this day. 
Even after retiring from the ranks of the Gotei 13 and moving to the noble district of the Kizokugai, he kept in close contact with Unohana, making an effort to keep communication open despite his tendency to place distance between himself and others. She had been privy to intimate details of Seinosuke’s personal life, such as that of his former engagement.
To this day, Seinosuke continues to greatly respect Unohana and feels indebted to her for everything she had done for him. Her death is a sore subject for him.
To celebrate her birthday, which falls precisely a month after the start of spring, Seinosuke would decorate her grave with flower arrangements composed of fresh flowers; the art of ikebana being simply yet another one of her teachings she had left behind with him.
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palaceofwonders · 11 hours ago
@templetonpeckcangetit For Peggy, have American Benedict roasted about women 
@charlatanjane your honorary uncles friends are dorks
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purplemonkeyzm · 11 hours ago
geometry why the fuck do you exist. what hell am i in that i have been flipping out trying to draw a triangle that is impossible to draw for the last half hour?
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rubyheals · 11 hours ago
Plot Wishlist
Tumblr media
Here are some high level plots I have waddling around in my brain. I'll be adding to this as time goes on.
On the run - Healing everyone can ruffle some feathers. She needs protection and discretion.
Red right hand - Instead of acting as a neutral party, Ruby leans into healing criminals.
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tahoumarus · 12 hours ago
san lang saturday is a day of celebration but wu ming wednesday isa day of silence if i see any of you fuckers having a good time i will end you
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larryincottagecore · 13 hours ago
It doesn't make sense how our generation treats identity. Ones Identity is personal but also not a material objective thing. It's bizarre to force others to treat u not based on how they naturally perceive you but like u in your head perceive yourself. Everytime I see some girl in my class and I speak to her or about her I have to stop myself because my instinct is to call her a she, but she id as a they. Even tho she is female, her name is female and a "they" is a new invented identity. I'm a gnc female and a lot of people who don't know me would call me sir or he and I never said anything or correct them cus I didn't want to make they feel embarrassed (also I know who I am and I don't need to get validation from stranger). Their instinct was to call me a he, I can't change that. That's how they saw me. I call that nb girl a they, but that doesn't change how I and everybody else perceive her. We all just have to pretend.
Doesn't matter if you don't understand it, it is not vital for you to understand but it is ALWAYS your duty to be respectful to those around you. My name is female and i was assigned female at birth yet i identify as a they because it allows me to feel comfortable with myself- with existing as a person.
Your classmate is and always will be whatever they damn please and you should be respectful about it, even if you don't understand it because it's the nice thing to do. The world is fucked up enough as it is with wars everywhere and governments who rob their people, with people who die of starvation while others swim in so much money they don't have enough lifetime to use it all, the least you can do is make the life of those around you a little more bearable by treating them with the respect they deserve just by existing.
please educate yourself and find ways to be better, i don't mean to come off as rude but it makes me mad that the world is going to shit and there are people who can't even be nice to each other.
Gender identities are not a new thing, they go all the way back to the indigenous people who inhabited this earth before me and you. Male and Female gender roles we're part of the colonization they had to suffer, same as the catholic church and capitalism and tons of other horrible things and they were pushed onto those societies by genocide, slavery and abuse and you saying they're a new thing is horribly disrespectful.
Be. Better.
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