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capsvsducks8 hours ago
From TikTok
How do I @ the Avs? 馃憖
Like...yes, 5 inch inseams please!!!馃き
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gabelandescrocs2 days ago
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tysonsjosty2 days ago
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hahtrick3 days ago
philipp grubauer is having a hot girl summer confirmed
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mxgicdave8 days ago
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gru sketches from last night...........numbing da postgame pain 馃様
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andreburakozy8 days ago
I wasn鈥檛 able to watch the game last night, and although the score was disappointing, I could not be more proud of my boys! I wish I could have been a different outcome, I really thought this year was our year but I know this loss will motivate the boys to work even harder this off-season! There鈥檚 so many things I鈥檓 proud of for each individual player like Newhook getting his girl NHL goal, or how Josty played so well towards the end, or how Nate was an absolute beast in the first round, or how solid Grubi was etc. Thank you avs for another incredible season and I just hope the boys aren鈥檛 too hard on themselves 馃
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graves-makar8 days ago
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Anyways have my favourite pictures from the 2021 avs playoff run
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irelanddesires9 days ago
Ny B枚rjan- Chapter 3
Pairing: 聽Andr茅 Burakovsky x reader
Warnings: Fluff, eventual smut, hockey violence, domestic violence (in the beginning), language!,聽 idk probs more.
Summary: 聽With the help of a group of unsuspecting heroes you are saved from a toxic relationship. One of your saviors goes above and beyond anything you could ask for. A friendship is forged and after awhile feelings happen. Could this be your happy ending?
A/N: Thanks for the feedback on the other parts! I feel like this is a hot mess but I hope it鈥檚 at least getting better? Let me know what you think! Also this is like the most I鈥檝e written in years so I hope it鈥檚 okay!聽
Tumblr media
After breakfast you both settled in the living room. Andr茅 settled on the couch, papers spread all around him as he reviewed plays. You settled into a chair closest to the wall made of windows. The view of Denver was amazing at this view, not only could you see the buildings that made up the downtown area but you could see the mountains that stretch out behind the city. At this time of day the sunlight came through the windows perfectly, warming where you were sitting.
聽Andr茅鈥檚 living room was just as beautiful as the view. It was modern but welcoming. He had two couches that surrounded an all glass and metal coffee table with a tv directly in front of them. The tv sat on one of the most beautiful fireplaces, it was made of different types of river rocks with a ledge made of solid wood to hold the tv. There were a few personal touches like photos scattered about the room but the feeling was homey.聽
Glancing back out the window you focused on watching the traffic and people below. You knew you would have to go back to your old apartment soon to gather what belongings you could, you couldn鈥檛 keep living out of Andr茅鈥檚 clothes even if they were comfortable. You were due back at work tomorrow so today would be the best day to go. Anxiousness washed over you as you thought about it. After what happened last night you didn鈥檛 want to face Matt today or any other day. I can鈥檛 believe I actually dated that asshole, you thought. Today was Sunday so you knew more than likely Matt would be at your apartment. Sighing you gathered yourself and stood to make your way toward your bedroom, you needed to gather your keys and purse before making the trek across town. Andr茅 sat his paper down and looked at you,聽
鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥 he asked.聽
鈥淚 need to go back to my apartment to get my things. I work tomorrow so today is my only day this week to get my stuff.鈥 Nerves tangled in your stomach as you admitted you had to go back. Understanding flashed in Andr茅鈥檚 eyes.聽
鈥淚 will go with you.鈥 you began to protest but the look he gave you silenced that argument. 鈥淟ook, you shouldn鈥檛 go there alone. I will go and help. Plus I have a car so we can get it in one trip.鈥
He was right and you knew it. Having another person with you would probably be the best since you didn鈥檛 know how Matt would react. He probably assumed you would come crawling back to him today, just like you鈥檝e always done after everything he would say. At least with another person with you, you wouldn鈥檛 cave to the begging and pleading he was going to do. You gave Andr茅 a short nod and soft 鈥渙kay鈥 before turning and making your way back to your room.聽
Gathering your keys, shoes, and phone you made your way back into the living room. Andr茅 had gathered his keys and was pulling a hoodie over his head. He smiled at you before reaching back into the closet and pulling out another hoodie.聽
鈥淗ere鈥 he said as he handed you the hoodie. 鈥淚t鈥檚 cold out even though it looks warm鈥澛
Nodding you pulled the hoodie over your head settling into the warmth it provided. The scent of Andr茅 filled your senses, it was deep and woodsy like a rainy day. The scent calms the nerves that were causing your stomach to roll like you were on a boat adrift at sea.聽
You and Andr茅 left the apartment and made your way to the elevator. Andr茅 ushered you inside before pressing the P button for the parking garage. The numbers ticking down on the panel above the buttons held your attention as anxiety about the situation swam in your veins. A warm hand was placed on your back, turning as you looked at Andr茅.聽
鈥淚t will be okay,鈥 he said while gently smiling at you. You knew he was just trying to be helpful but nothing was calming your nerves at this point.聽
You both made your way out of the elevator. Andr茅鈥檚 hand never left your back as he ushered you toward his car before opening your door and closing it once you had settled. The engine purred under you as he made his way onto the street. The car was silent besides the moments when you gave Andr茅 directions to your apartment. Your mind drifted as the miles between you and what used to be your home lessened.聽
Would Matt be there? Would he even care that you are leaving? Would he beg you to stay?聽
Were you making the right choice? Ah of course you were. You knew you couldn鈥檛 stay with him. You didn鈥檛 want to.聽
Was staying with Andre the right choice? Why would he want some random girl in his home? Was he really this nice or was there an ulterior motive behind his decision?聽
Before you knew it Andr茅 was parking his car in front of your building. You used to love how tall the old brick building is, now it feels intimidating. Taking in a shaky breath you tried to steady yourself before reaching for the door handle. A warm hand encased yours and you looked over to see Andr茅 staring at you.聽
鈥淭his will be okay. I will be here with you the whole time. I promise.鈥 his words calmed the shaking in your hands long enough for you to take a steadier breath and climb out of the car.聽
Making your way inside the old building you went directly to the elevator. The panic in your system wanting to get this over with, like pulling a band aid off. You pushed the button for the 5th food, the doors closed and the elevator began to climb. You made your way off the elevator before turning right and heading toward your door. Stopping in front of your door you quickly gathered the courage you hoped would help you through this before putting your key into the lock. The lock popped out of place before you grabbed the door handle and turned it, easing into your apartment like you were expecting something to jump out at you at any moment. The apartment was quiet which gave you hope that Matt was gone.聽
鈥淚 just want to get my clothes and items from the bedroom first. There鈥檚 not much around the house that isn鈥檛 replaceable besides a few photos.鈥 You said to Andr茅.聽
鈥淭ake all the time you need鈥澛
You nodded before making your way down the hallway and into your bedroom. You weren't prepared for the sight in front of you. Matt was there in bed but he wasn鈥檛 alone. Blonde hair spilled across the pillow next to him, your pillow. Anger rush through your body, the anxiety and nervousness from earlier long forgotten. At this point you had come to grips with the fact that Matt was a genuine asshole but to sleep with someone else not even a day after you left?聽
You marched across the room not giving two shits if the pair woke up. You threw open the closet door letting it bang on the wall before grabbing your suitcase that was at the very back before placing it on the ground and cramming as much as you could inside. Rustling came from the direction of the bed but you didn鈥檛 care enough to look. Returning to the closet you grabbed your duffle bag and sunk to your knees, gathering the shoes you wanted to take. A familiar voice made you stop.聽
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 Matt asked like he couldn鈥檛 believe what he was seeing. You swung around, your eyes blazing into his. You caught a glimpse of the blonde sneaking out of the bedroom door over his shoulder which only fueled your anger. How dumb were you to stay with him for so long?
鈥淟eaving.鈥 you ground out.聽
A hand shot out grabbing onto your arm before pulling you to your feet. Matt鈥檚 face was inches from yours and you could feel his breath on your face with his next words.聽
鈥淣o you鈥檙e not. You're staying right here.鈥澛
鈥淔uck you!鈥 you angrily yelled.聽
A look crossed his face that sent shivers down your spine. It was like he was a totally different person than you ever remember. His grip on your arm tightens as you try to pull away.聽
鈥淵ou will never. leave. me.鈥 his chest heaving with anger after each word.聽
Before you could yell for Andr茅, he came through the bedroom door. Your eyes made contact as he took in the scene before him.聽
鈥淗ey! Get your fucking hands off her!鈥 He yelled.聽
Surprise flashed across Matt鈥檚 face before he turned to look at Andr茅, his grip on you loosening as he focused on his next target.聽
鈥淲ell, well, you don鈥檛 look so tough without your group around you.鈥 Matt smirked.聽
鈥淲anna find out?鈥 Andr茅 questioned a look of pure rage on his face.聽
With Matt being distracted you were finally able to pull your arm out of his grasp. With your moment of freedom you took the chance to grab your packed suitcase and put distance between you and Matt. You darted across the room towards Andr茅, his arm shot out to settle you behind him. His warmth comforting with the hostility hanging heavy in the air. Matt鈥檚 eyes landed on Andr茅鈥檚 hand holding onto you and any semblance of composure was lost.聽
鈥淲hat did you do? Huh? You fuck this guy?鈥 spit flung from his mouth as he yelled at you. 鈥淵ou did, didn't you? You left me at the bar last night just to go fuck this guy! Now you come in here all high and mighty talking about leaving! You鈥檙e just a whore! Wait until he finds out how utterly useless you are! You can鈥檛 do anything right. You can鈥檛 even be a good girlfriend right, why do you think I have to look elsewhere for company!鈥 a smirk crossing his lips after his speech.聽
Andr茅鈥檚 hand rubbed your arm attempting to calm some of the sting from Matt鈥檚 words. In a way he was right. Recently between all your work and school other things have fallen to the sidelines, including being intimate with him. Honestly, after Mark started lashing out and becoming aggressive you couldn鈥檛 find the will to want to be close to him. More often than not you would sleep on the couch or if you did sleep in bed you would fake being asleep to get him to leave you alone. Over time this became routine and he eventually stopped trying all together. This never really upset you much but hearing him tell Andr茅 this stung in a way you hadn鈥檛 considered. Has this failed relationship been your fault? Maybe if you tried harder he wouldn鈥檛 have changed the way he did?聽
Looking up at Andr茅 you knew he wanted to say something. Matt was clearly not wanting to be talked out of his anger and anything Andr茅 was going to say was only going to be fuel for Matt鈥檚 fire. You tugged on his arm to get his attention before shaking your head 鈥渘o鈥, hoping he would understand that it would be best if you both left. Andr茅 spun to look back at Matt, anger clear on his face.聽
鈥淪he is and will always be better than you.鈥 turning to look back at you, 鈥淐ome on let's go.鈥澛
Andr茅 turned you and ushered you out of the bedroom聽 before Matt could say anything else. You made it back to the living room and Andr茅 grabbed the suitcase from your hand without missing a step. Matt was hot on both your heels screaming and ranting about everything you鈥檝e ever done wrong. Andr茅 stood behind you the whole time, like he was using his body to shield you from the venom spewing from Matt鈥檚 mouth. Reaching the front door you grabbed the handle and twisted the knob before forcefully opening it. You both made it to the elevator, Andr茅 pressed the down button while you were looking between Andr茅 and the hallway you both just came from. A prayer slipping out as you hoped Matt would just stay in the apartment and not chase after the two of you.聽
As the elevator reached your floor it dinged before the doors opened. The descent to the ground floor seemed to take an eternity. Awkwardness filled your body as you and Andr茅 shared the elevator space. This guy probably thinks you're crazy and too much trouble. You鈥檝e known him for 24 hours and he鈥檚 already had to deal with you and Matt.聽
Your brain hummed with thoughts as the elevator came to a halt on the ground floor. Opening the front door you inhaled the fresh air. You never realized how dense the air was in that building until now. Andr茅 opened the passenger door for you before closing it and putting your suitcase in the truck. You didn鈥檛 have the chance to聽 grab some of the things you wanted to. Your shoes, photos,聽 and keepsakes had all been left behind. Sadness filled you as you realized you would never see those items again. Leaning your head against the window you closed your eyes as a wave of exhaustion washed over you. The last day had been emotionally and physically taxing, this moment felt like the first time you had realized how much your life had changed. You went from having your apartment to living with a random guy you didn鈥檛 know.聽
Thoughts of what if and what will happen filled your brain as you drifted to sleep.聽
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barzzal11 days ago
Tumblr media
in color: philipp grubauer, round 1 sweep vs. stl AVALANCHE 360 EP 20: BEHIND THE SCENES
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