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spider-barness · 3 days ago
DEW DROPS || Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Series Summary: Caitlin Wilson's entire life comes crumbling down when one night mysterious people come to her house and cause a disaster, claiming her mother's life in the process.
Her mother's last words were to get somewhere safe and the only place she could think of was Peter Parker's house.
Now wound up in this strange and dangerous path, Caitlin must uncover what really happened that night and who those people were.
Series Pairing: Peter Parker x OC
Word Count: 1.6k
Taglist: @aurora-cycle-unofficial
A/N: I sometimes forget I have to post every week. I do remember this fic though and I've written many chapters, well 5 to be exact. So you're good for a while.
T/W: angst, fighting, emotional and verbal triggers
Part 4: Birds Of A Feather
Tumblr media
One could always look forward to the coffee shop right outside Caitlin's house. All four of them had disposable cups in their hands, warm in the eerie cold surrounding the hidden room.
"Had you known your mom was Wilson - Nightingale?" Peter asked and she shook her head.
"I think it's her underground name."
"Shut up Ned." Michelle looked at Caitlin with surprise. She hadn't expected her to act this way, so rude.
"My mom could be alive." She half whispered. "She could be alive and she would be expecting me to find her. Oh god Pete what if she's alive. I need to find my mom." Caitlin rambled.
"Kate I really think we should involve the police here. We're way out of our leagues." Michelle commented.
"No!" She immediately reverted, "she asked me for one thing, and if I can't even keep that, fat lot of good I'm doing."
Ned kept his hand on her back and looked at her. "Kate we don't have an option. The police will have better resources than we do."
Peter seemed to be awfully quiet and Caitlin noticed it.
"What are you thinking Pete?" She asked.
He stared at his phone.
"I, I have to go. It's important." Nobody said anything as he left.
A flame would shy away with hair so red, eyes so green a forest would bow to them. Mary Jane Watson had what one might refer to as a wave of confidence no one might compete with.
So where was Mary Jane and most importantly, what tied her to Caitlin?
Peyton had been working on finding Mary Jane for the better half of day now. He hadn't found much on Michelle and Ned. Stella seemed to be just as normal, which was far too peculiar. Peter however, had a past, dead parents, dead uncle, perfect student. He also seemed to be closest to Caitlin until last year. What happened last year? Did this give him motive to target the Wilson family?
He knew he had to approach the brown haired boy without anybody finding out. Which would be difficult since finding him alone was proving to be difficult and whenever he was, Peyton had no idea where he'd vanish.
Peyton scanned his notes, figuring out what to do. He blankly stared for a while then frustratedly threw away the notebook.
"Peytato what's wrong?" Bree entered, her blue eyes looking at the torn pages as she picked them up.
Peyton masked a smile immediately and turned to her, "Bree, everything's fine, why would you think something's wrong?"
"I'm not a kid, you know," Peyton chuckled, "I understand when you're sad or when you're angry."
He took her on his lap and ruffled her hair, "do you now?" She nodded enthusiastically, "Okay then, how about we make me a sandwich to cheer me up?"
Brianna jumped off and ran out the door giggling.
Peyton looked at his notebook once again, checked the screen of his computer and walked towards the kitchen.
To May's surprise, she found herself skimming medical records. She had never done this before and wasn't planning on doing it again either.
Among thousands of records she tried searching for Caitlin's. She had visited the hospital a couple of times; stitches, high fevers, broken hands, there should be some record.
May Parker found nothing on Caitlin no matter how many times she looked. She too let out a frustrated sigh.
Webbing hung low from a tree. A man was tied upside down at its end. He kept struggling but to no avail. Web fluid also stuck to his mouth, preventing him from screaming.
"What do you know about Stella Wilson?" Spider-Man demanded. The man struggled further, his brown hair falling off of his face. "Tell me!"
The man gave him a ridiculed look and shifted his eyes to his mouth.
"Oh yes, sorry." Peter stumbled forward, hastily removing the webbing off his face. He grumbled, making his voice heavier again.
"Never met Deadpool before," the man laughed, "had they told me he was a little boy I would have never believed them. Oh well, I was wrong."
"It's Spider-Man."
"Okay then Spider-Boy, why is the web slinger of New York looking for The Nightingale? Did he get along with the wrong crowd?" He mocked.
"Why do they call her The Nightingale? Who is she?" Peter ignored the remarks he was spouting and tried concentrating on what he was here for.
"What do you know of the Nightingale? Not many call her by her real name."
"I ask the questions sir, so answer them please."
Peter jumped to a nearby tree, hanging from its branch, waiting for the man revert.
"What do you know of the Nightingale?" He repeated.
"The nightingale is a songbird, specifically singing melodies of love I believe-"
"Not the bird," he struggled a bit, and then seemed to hesitate bringing out the words. "Stella, what do you know about her and why do you want to know about her. I hope you didn't get into some messed up shit superboy-"
"It's Spider-Boy, Man, it's Spider-Man." He swore internally. "What I know want with her is for me to know."
The man rolled his eyes. He lifted his head a little, or atleast tried to. Gravity wasn't exactly on his side. "Fine. The Nightingale is known for- oh wait what do I get for it."
Peter kicked stones in frustration.
"What do you want?"
"I've got some stuff in my bag, I take it with me."
"Nice try sir, why would I do that?"
"Just look."
Peter scuffled through the bag to find a bunch of toys. From remote control cars to dolls.
"You're stealing toys from kids. That's not very nice, you know. Children cry a lot."
"No it's not ethical?"
"Yes, that too. You shouldn't steal from children, it's not ethical and why would you anyways?"
"I didn't steal them from kids. I stole them for kids." His face was very much red now. The blood boiling up to his head. "Can you, could you let me down please. I'll tell you everything, keep me tied up I don't care. My children need those toys and well this whole hanging upside down thing is giving me a headache."
Spider-Man stumbled forward, cutting the rope loose as the man dropped down heavily.
"Oops sorry." He stepped forward. "I mean, tell me everything you know." He stopped for a second, helping the man up. "I'm sure your children will love these toys."
His feet were still tied and his hands were uncomfortably hung behind him.
"Thanks kid. Okay, The Nightingale isn't one you should mess with-"
"You've said that in many different ways you know, tell me something else."
"Let me finish. She is ruthless, doesn't care what loss one has to face in order to achieve her goals. All that matters to her is she herself." That sounded nothing like the Stella Wilson Peter had grown to know. Caitlin's mother to him, was kind, loving and couldn't bear to kill even a bug. "She leads the Watch. It's an underground group-"
"A mob you mean."
"Yes," he rolled his eyes, "a mob. She's got many killed, but as far as I've heard, she has never held a weapon against anyone. She has connections everywhere, even inside the avengers tower." Peter's eyes widened, not that the man could see. "She has power and money, so nobody wants to mess with her. Those who do, however, things do not end well for them. I've seen gangs burn to nothing. I don't know how she does or where you can find her, but this is all I know about her."
"Thank you sir." Peter nodded and cut the bindings. "You know, getting a job is much better than stealing and working with mobs. You've got kids, be there for them as a good example."
He nodded, not really agreeing with him. "Listen kid, whatever you've gotten yourself into, get out of it fast. Be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, don't get involved in this."
Peter didn't reply as the man walked away, out sight. When he was sure nobody was around he took his mask off.
His hands wiped his face, he sighed and sat down, scouting on the floor. How was he going to tell this to Caitlin without her asking further questions of where he found this information?
Before he could where the mask again he felt someone walk behind him.
"You're Peter Parker." He half whispered.
In front him stood a man no taller than Peter himself. He was wearing a blue shirt that complimented his silver eyes and his hair were hastily set.
"No I'm not, you've got the wrong guy." He said and quickly wore his mask.
"I'm not stupid. I've been looking for you Mr. Parker, I suppose this get up answers my 'where do you vanish to' questions."
"What do you mean?" Peter stood defeated. He was not having a good day.
"I'm looking for Caitlin Wilson. I believe she was a friend of yours. Would you be okay if we could perhaps exchange information. I think we both are looking for whomsoever destroyed the Wilson residence."
"And you are?"
"Peyton Cain." Spider-Man needed all the help he could get, so he webbed the blond up and pulled him towards himself. He shot another web, this one sticking itself to a distant building, and they both swung towards it, him enjoying the cold air and Peyton screaming.
Peter had noticed it, he noticed it a long time back, the moment Caitlin was telling her story. She was lying, and she was damn good at it.
I love feedback. Taglist is open, just person message me or send in an ask.
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loki-begs-your-pardon · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if someone tells me one more time ''enjoy your youth,'' i'm gonna cry
Sour -> Day 1: favorite song
@oliviarodrigonetwork | Sour Event.
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temptthefates · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Raft fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man → part 1
MJ Watson: Meanwhile, Mayor Osborn has gone on record blaming Spider-Man for the prison break and city wide sickness, and branding him a fugitive.
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temptthefates · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Raft fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man → part 2
Yuri Watanabe: Well it looks like the entire population of the Raft has escaped. Including Martin Li. That makes FIVE of your worst enemies that are now on the loose.  Spider-Man: Haha. For a second there I thought you were serious.
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dailymarvelgifs · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You're saying there's a multiverse? 'Cause I thought that was just theoretical. That completely changes how we understand the initial singularity. We're talking about an eternal inflation system and how does that even work with all the quantum? It's insane-- S-sorry. It's really cool.
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pietro-maximoff · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PRIDE MONTH CELEBRATION TOP 5 NON-CANON LGBTQ+ CHARACTERS (voted by my followers) → #5 Peter Parker
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spider-barness · 12 days ago
DEW DROPS || Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Series Summary: Caitlin Wilson's entire life comes crumbling down when one night mysterious people come to her house and cause a disaster, claiming her mother's life in the process.
Her mother's last words were to get somewhere safe and the only place she could think of was Peter Parker's house.
Now wound up in this strange and dangerous path, Caitlin must uncover what really happened that night and who those people were.
Series Pairing: Peter Parker x OC
Word Count: 1.7k
A/N: So I decided to change some things in the story, not the previous chapters, the upcoming. So yes if you're here for the smut and/or major trauma besides the given, you're getting it.
Taglist: @aurora-cycle-unofficial
Warnings: violence, fluff, lots of lying, language (I understood that reference)
Part 2
Part 3: Doubt
Tumblr media
"Caitlin! Peter! Wake up. You have school." Aunt May called from outside Peter's room.
Peter's eyes fluttered open and he felt weight on his left side. He turned his head to find Caitlin snuggled into him. He smiled at her sleeping figure and shifted, but she stirred more into him. When Caitlin was younger and her nightmares were frequent, she used to come over and sleep with Peter. Last night was similar, just a different kind of nightmare. It pained him to think how much he missed her by his side.
"Kate," Peter whispered in her ear and she stirred further, "Kate wake up. We've gotta go to school." She didn't budge. Peter sighed then said, "You can stay here all you want but I have to go. At least someone has to go to your house."
Caitlin woke up abruptly. Her eyes were wide open at first, but softened the moment they settled on Peter. "Good Morning Pete." Her voice was husky because of just waking up.
"Good morning Kate," Peter replied and got off the bed. "Get ready. We're going to your house after school and I'm skipping the Stark internship today, unless, it's important."
Caitlin nodded and followed Peter outside.
"Morning May," both the teens chorused.
"Morning. Caitlin darling, Michelle has been constantly calling you. She seems eager. I told her you were asleep and that you'll call once you wake up."
Caitlin yawned and smiled at Aunt May, "Thanks May, I'll talk to her at school itself."
May nodded and kept two plates on the table, a sandwich resting on each.
"I'm going early today and will be back late. Don't sneak out today Pete, take care of Caitlin and if I find out that you snuck out, you'll see the wrath of May." May warned Peter twice and Caitlin snorted.
After May left, Caitlin looked at Peter and spoke, "You still sneak out?"
Peter smiled sheepishly and nodded.
"Sorry 'bout that." Caitlin said and Peter looked at her confusingly. "I shouldn't have got in your bunk. It's just that the nightmares came back and you know how much they trouble me-"
"-I should have kept them to myself-"
"I'm really sorry-"
"Caitlin! It's okay. I know how horrific your nightmares are. I'm fine if you want to wake me up in the middle of the night or snuggle with me because of your nightmares. It's okay." Peter finally spoke.
Caitlin smiled and spoke again, "then why?"
"What why?"
"Why did you push me away?"
Peter froze then and there. He looked at her and she stared at him intently. A glimpse of plea visible in her eyes.
"Katie...." this time Peter's tone wasn't alerting, but drifting.
"Fine! Don't tell me," she snapped, "it's not like that's most important thing right now." Her tone was sharp and bitter.
She picked up her sandwich and stormed off, leaving an echo of the door slamming shut.
Peter didn't know how to express himself the way he wanted to. He wanted to explain himself, but at the same time he didn't. Now that Caitlin was in this mess, he wanted to reveal his secrets even more so.
Caitlin wasn't ready, she knew she wasn't. She wasn't ready to know why Peter thought it was wise to distance them. She had been yearning to know, but she wasn't prepared to.
She rested her head at the door, taking deep breaths and letting her pain melt as the medicines kicked in. She knew he was there, right there, but both metaphorically and literally, there was a door between them they both were afraid to open.
She walked down a couple of steps as she heard the door open behind her.
"Katie wait," and she did, but she didn't turn, knowing he wasn't addressing the elephant in the room anytime soon, "I can't let you walk alone, just let me walk with you."
Caitlin nodded, sighing in relief while at it. She didn't want to admit it, but the very idea of being alone at this moment scared her. Even Peter's company was better than for her to be left alone with her thoughts.
Both of them walked down together, silently eating their sandwiches. Peter's focus lay on his ragged shoes while Caitlin fiddled with her bracelet.
"So how are you holding up?" Peter asked, finally breaking the uncomfortable silence.
"I don't, I don't know. I feel empty, like my very soul has been ripped out of my body. As if a part of me is missing." Her voice cracked. Peter stopped walking the moment he noticed a single tear slip down her cheek. "I'm confused, I'm scared to fall asleep, and, and," she stuttered, "I don't know what to do Pete, I don't know what to do."
Caitlin broke down, rivers of tears flowing down.
Peter immediately embraced her, rubbing her back as a way to comfort her.
"I know it's hard right now, but it passes. This whole tornado of grief and other indescribable emotions, it passes eventually. Your mother was a kind soul and wherever she may be right now, I know she's watching you, and I'm sure she's proud of you Katie."
Caitlin smiled and thanked Peter. She started walking and Peter followed suit, falling back a few steps. Which failed him to notice the small smirk on her lips as she wiped her tears.
      May Parker was tired and worried. She knew what her nephew was capable of and she had no doubt he would help her without hesitation. However something didn't settle right with her. She felt that somewhere Caitlin was lying or atleast not telling the complete truth.
She knew Stella was great at hiding stuff, a pro even. What troubled her was the fact Caitlin was as well.
May was working a double shift today, which wasn't new for her, they needed the money. Although her mind wasn't at it. She was far too focused on Caitlin. This wasn't something kids could, or should handle and as much as it killed her not to she couldn't go to the police without Caitlin willing to do so as well.
They were already working on it, the police. They had been working on the case and May knew that because they kept inquiring whether Stella Wilson showed up at the hospital or not.
What she couldn't comprehend was that where was Caitlin in this picture, or if she was a part of it at all or not.
May knew no matter what Peter trusted Caitlin with his life and would do anything for her. She had to leave this to him even though she didn't want to. He wasn't grown up, but he had access where she didn't. Then again, she had access where he didn't.
      Caitlin, Peter, Ned and Michelle stood in front of a beautiful house. Dull gray surrounded by luscious green foliage. Garden gnomes stood crooked and Halloween decoration lay dusty.
The four of them entered the house. The walls were a soft beige. Curtains ripped and rods broken. A window was broken, letting in a cool breeze. Markers were everywhere, identifying evidence of any kind. Books were torn apart and computers were broken or dead.
Caitlin took in her surroundings and stepped forward. She caressed the mantelpiece, picking up a candelabra in the process. The base where the candle holder lay lifted slightly, catching all their eyes.
"You knew it was there?" Michelle whispered as a door appeared making its way between the walls.
Caitlin nodded and entered the room, the rest followed.
Peter's eyes lingered on the paintings, far too expensive for the Wilsons to afford. Caitlin made her way to a wooden desk. It was polished and looked to be as old as some of the paintings present.
She pulled open a drawer, almost breaking it off in the process, and took hold of some pages.
"My mom never let me in her office, but if we're looking for anything, it should be here."
They divided the pages into four and read, searching for anything that could help them.
Peter caught sight of a photo frame on the desk. In it was a man, in his mid twenties. His hair were a dusty brown and his happy eyes shone a bright blue as he stared into the camera. Peter immediately dropped the photo, he heard the glass crack and all of them turned to him.
"What's that?" Ned asked.
"Nothing, leave it."
Caitlin got up and picked the broken frame. She stared at the photo for a couple of seconds then kept it back, looking back at Peter.
"I know you hate your dad, so seeing his photo here would have enraged you. I'm sorry I broke it."
Caitlin gave Peter a sad smile and went back to read her share of the documents
"Hey look at this," Michelle pointed at the text on a pale sheet, "target 4742: kill order Sylvester McAllen. S.H.I.E.L.D. agent level 2."
"My mom is not an assassin MJ, that must be a joke."
"She isn't, she's the one issuing it, see." Michelle gestured at the signature. Stella Wilson Nightingale was marked on the paper in scarlet ink.
     Peyton wasn't a fool. He had been living in New York for as long as his memory unfolded. More than that, he had been living very near the Wilson residence. He had seen Caitlin around, in the stores, just walking, with her mom, with Michelle. Other people, however for some reason, didn't.
There were no records of a Caitlin Wilson to have ever existed. For a highschool kid living in New York, Peyton was impressed with how she pulled it off.
He realised that the only way to look into her was to look into her friends, former and present, as well as her mother, Stella Wilson, who's blood traces had been found but she wasn't.
Bree was getting ready for school, her hair in two pigtails as she wore a purple jacket. Peyton picked up his car keys and they both left the house.
The computer screen was still on when he left. On it were tabs open, going through the FBI database, were the names, 'Peter Parker', 'Michelle Jones', 'Ned Leeds', 'Stella Wilson', and 'Mary Jane Watson'.
Part 4
I love feedback. Taglist is open
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sweet-rozzart · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hold on boys! what’s your hurry? didn’t you know that this is "let’s get acquainted with spider-man" week?
– Peter Parker, the Spider-Man.
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midtown-parker · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
❤️💕✨💖thinking about him 💖❤️✨💞❤️
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spider-barness · 22 days ago
Peter Parker || Dew Drops
Tumblr media
Series Summary: Caitlin Wilson's entire life comes crumbling down when one night mysterious people come to her house and cause a disaster, claiming her mother's life in the process.
Her mother's last words were to get somewhere safe and the only place she could think of was Peter Parker's house.
Now wound up in this strange and dangerous path, Caitlin must uncover what really happened that night and who those people were.
Series Pairing: Peter Parker x OC
Word Count: 4.4k
A/N: This will be a series. I haven't yet decided how many parts, but you can keep your hopes up. Do not copy, translate, or plagiarise this please. I write this all on my own and would hate to see this work be stolen.
Taglist: @aurora-cycle-unofficial
Warnings: violence, fluff, a little bit of swearing here and there.
Part 1
Part 2: Bad Memory
Tumblr media
Caitlin woke up to the smell of fresh bacon and eggs being cooked.
"Morning May" She greeted with a sweet smile.
"Morning sweetheart, the boys aren't up yet. Do you still have that set of extra clothes you used to keep?"
"I think I do."
"Alright then go get ready, if you want to go to school then go right ahead, and if you want to stay here you're most welcome, but I won't be home, so it'll be safer in school."
"I think I'll follow your advice."
No matter how much Caitlin loved her mother there was no denial that Aunt May was more of a parent to her, whenever Stella was out of town, which was most of the time, she would stay at Peter's and May would take care of her.
Caitlin quietly crept into Peter's room where both Peter and Ned were sleeping on the bunk bed, Ned on the top and Peter on the bottom bunk, both snoring peacefully.
Caitlin gave a soft smile and quietly opened Peter's cupboard, taking out one of his t-shirts and pulling out one of the spare shorts she used to keep here.
Closing the cupboard, she went to the bathroom and got ready.
When she got out, there was no one on the beds and the lower bunk was neatly made with a bag kept next to the pillow, whereas the top bunk was made just neatly enough to satisfy someone.
Caitlin walked out of the room while tying her hair into a messy ponytail.
She walked into the dining room and was greeted by the two boys who looked overly sleepy and drowsy.
"Morning boys," she chuckled.
"Hi Caitlin."
Both boys groaned together.
She took a seat next to May and served herself some Bacon and eggs.
"Did you sleep well?" Aunt May asked.
"Tried to, but I couldn't avoid the nightmares tonight." She sighed.
Nightmares weren't new to Caitlin, they had been coming to her for a few years now, eventually she had learnt to stop them somehow, but after last night's incident, they were bound to come back.
"Everything will be fine sweety, you can stay here till everything is fine, Peter has this internship with Stark industries if you've not forgotten, maybe he can ask for help if the police can't be involved." Peter stared at Ned wide eyed and let out a cough.
"Oh yeah, that internship!" She exclaimed.
"I could, I could try, but I don't think it'll work." Peter stuttered. Although he knew May wasn't referring to Tony at all, "I think he would, I think he would probably put someone to help us."
"You know what, Peter will take you along with him after school to his internship and you can talk to him yourself." Peter dropped his fork, he had no idea what she was pointing at, May knew the truth so it shocked him. Caitlin narrowed her eyes towards him.
"No Aunt May, it's fine, it's not that big of a deal for an avenger to solve, we'll find another way" Caitlin said with a sorrow smile. "She's right" Peter stated.
She looked at him then said, "okay chop chop, school"
No matter how bad the situation may be, Caitlin would always be cool and bring a smile to everyone's face. Even if she had cried herself to sleep last night, there was no way she would not let others smile.
All three of the teenagers walked out of the house and down the stairs.
"What's with the internship?" Caitlin asked and Peter stopped on his tracks and looked at her while raising an eyebrow questionably.
"It's nothing...." He trailed.
"You can't lie to me Pete, you know that too well. What's with this internship, the way your expression changed when Aunt May mentioned it, there's no internship, is there?"
Caitlin was too smart for her own good, noticing the tiniest of details and pointing out the smallest of flaws. The nervousness in Peter's movements said everything Caitlin needed to know. Peter knew that and didn't speak anything, instead, started walking. It had never before crossed Caitlin's mind how secretive Peter had been about his internship before, Ned always backing him up. Now it made sense, there was no internship and Ned knew that. Either he's her key to finding what Peter's secret is or Peter would tell her when he feels it's right, though she doubted on the second option. However she had to wait for that very option to come.
She sighed but followed.
Ned had seemed awfully quite since last night, which was quite unnerving as he was always the talkative one.
"Neddy! Why are are you quite? I'm the one going through problems and I'm still smiling. What's up?" She said with a wide grin. Ned gave her a smile, shaking his head and caught up with the two.
Peter noticed it all too well, the smile that was plastered on the bandaged girl, was everything but genuine, though it was too perfect to be noticed, Peter knew Caitlin and her very merry ways of hiding her pain.
"I'll part from you guys the moment we reach school premises." Caitlin told the boys who looked at her confused.
"What!? No," Ned laughed "You're sticking with us."
"Really?" Caitlin raised an eyebrow.
"Ye - yeah, Ned is right" Peter stuttered.
"Woah woah! Did Peter Parker just agree to be seen with me?" Maya mocked.
"Don't push it Wilson, you'll probably still have people after you, so stick with us"
"Why you? A small breeze could literally blow you away" Caitlin said with a smirk. No matter what be the case, she would never miss a chance to pester Peter.
Peter smiled slightly then spoke, "No, it can't, you'll be safer with me and Ned than Flash and his goons."
"Honestly I'm offended to know that you thought I'll hang out with Flash." She smirked yet again and walked past Ned and Peter.
Ned followed suit leaving a scoffing Peter behind.
"Ned and Kate are gonna kick your ass Petey!-" Caitlin said but Peter cut her before she could finish, "not fair, you guys always do this, you're the worst"
"I know!" Ned said and both Caitlin and Ned laughed as he ran a little forward, waiting for her to run with him but then he gave her a sympathising look, slowing his pace.
"Wouldn't it be weird that you're walking with us, and coincidentally, you're all bruised and broken?" Ned asked.
"You care?" Caitlin raised an eyebrow.
"No, I thought you did."
"Anyways, how will Peter 'protect' me if he's busy with his supposedly Stark internship?" She asked.
"You don't have to worry about that." Peter stated.
"I don't?" The curiosity in Caitlin's voice was so clear that Peter quickly shut up before the witty girl could unravel his secret.
Upon entering school , the poor girl was greeted by surprised yet odd looks from everyone around her.
They were used to seeing Caitlin with Peter and Ned always, but that was a year ago, now they were used to seeing Maya go straight past Peter's locker to her own and be greeted by Michelle. Astonished to see the new view in front of them, they couldn't help but notice the girl covered in bandages all over.
She told Ned and Peter to wait for her as she went to her locker to grab her things. She could here the faint whispers around her, all the theories cooking up in the curious teenagers brains.
Michelle came and stood still, astonished at the sight in front of her.
"What happened?" She partly exclaimed.
"S-Sorry" She said and grabbed her books, "I'll tell you later, not here." Michelle nodded, still a concerned look on her face. "Come on, we'll get late," she said and started walking towards Peter's locker. "Uhh. ..class is that way" Michelle said, pointing towards the opposite direction. "I know, I told Peter and Ned to wait for me so..." instead of continuing, she stopped in her tracks and her eyes widened.
"Are you okay? Does it hurt? What's wrong?" Michelle questioned.
Caitlin didn't reply, but rushed to Peter and Ned. "Peter, Ned!" She distracted them from the deep conversation they were into. The worry in her voice alerting Peter's senses to eleven.
"Hey we were wondering if you wanted to check your house out. We could leave now if you want to?" Peter asked.
"It won't be the first time Peter's skipping class." Michelle said out of a sudden.
"Huh?" Caitlin questioned with surprise struck on her face.
"What? It's not like you haven't noticed." she said in an obvious tone.
"Anywho...." she said and dropped bag off of her shoulder. "I was walking towards you guys when I remembered something from last night." She took out a notebook and a pen, along with her house keys. "There were many men but there was a woman too, she was different from the others, something was odd about her. Something unnerving yet accepting. So to answer your question, yes, I want to check the house. Of course the police would have been informed, then again, we weren't that social that someone would've noticed, even Spider-Man didn't..." Peter felt guilt surge through him and sadness took a toll on him, though he hid it, "So we go look around the house, go search for clues or something. Not now though, if these people are looking for me, they might come here first, and I need that confirmed."
"I don't know what's that about, but that's the dumbest idea I've ever heard." Michelle commented.
"Research?" Ned asked, ignoring her remarks.
"Yeah, I'll tell you after school, I've already made you extremely late," without another word, she turned and started walking with her curly haired friend, leaving the two boys alone.
"Seriously dude, I can sense her anger for Spider-Man, I pity you, hope she never finds out" Ned said as soon as she left.
Peter raised an eyebrow then said, "Dude, I told told you it wasn't my fault. Somehow I sensed no danger, something is definitely wrong but, I can't put my finger on." Peter was deep in thought as he and Ned parted ways.
Ned walked towards his Math class whereas Peter went to his AP Calculus.
Caitlin rushed to her wood shop.
"Where did Peter go?" Caitlin asked Ned as she tightened the strap of her bag.
"The Stark internship," Ned paused, then spoke again, "though he said he'd skip it today. Maybe he can't." Disappointment was clear on Maya's face, but she said nothing.
"Oh, okay," She sighed. "Let's - let's start with normal research instead of searching around the house. We should search the house when Pete's around." Ned nodded.
Caitlin switched on Peter's laptop and started searching for whatever she could think of.
"Where ever did you get his password!?" Ned exclaimed and she chuckled. "Even I don't know Peter's password."
"Aren't you good at hacking and stuff?" Caitlin raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, but that doesn't mean I'll hack into Peter's laptop!" He replied with a smirk. "Still, how do you know his password? You're pathetic at hacking!"
"Lots has changed in a year Ned." Caitlin almost whispered. Ned didn't reply after that. Guilty for Peter's previous actions. "He never bothered changing his password from last time."
"Look at this!" Caitlin exclaimed, grabbing Ned's attention. "There are so many articles about the break in at my house. Though hardly any of them have the complete story. Many just assumptions." she said, irritated.
"It's okay Caitlin," Ned said. Then an idea clicked in his mind. "Why don't you try joining these articles? Maybe they'll form something!" Ned and Caitlin looked at each other in happiness.
Ned took out two notebooks and Caitlin took out pens. Both started comparing articles and jotting down whatever they found necessary. Printing articles if important. Peter's room had turned into a lair. Pictures connected with threads on boards. Articles flying around the table. Even pens rolling around the floor.
"We are reaching no where!" She screamed in frustration. Letting a handful of sheets flying.
"There are many articles. We have to analyse all of them at least twice or three times to be sure. It'll take time. If you remember the faces of the people who came last night, you could sketch them out, giving us atleast a face to look for." Ned said, not once looking at Maya. All his attention was given to the fifty articles and pictures in front of him.
Peter made his way to tie up yet another mob as he swung towards his destination.
Standing in front of Caitlin's house, he felt a strange aura coming from inside.
He knew he had promised to be there with Ned and Caitlin, but he knew better. Being Spider-Man had its perks. Searching the house would have been a risk with Caitlin and Ned hot on his heels. Now there wasn't any worry.
He entered the house and was greeted with a mess. Caitlin's sketch book was thrown on the ground with its pages scattered here and there. Shattered glass carpeting the floor. Statues fallen and broken. It was a huge disaster. He made his way towards the first floor and entered Stella's room. Her room was different than the whole house. It was neat, bed made, books kept perfectly. This room was untouched. That was weird. Considering that every other room was a mess, he started searching around her room.
"I'll have to come again . Maybe with Ned and Caitlin." he murmured to himself.
After searching for hours, he pulled his mask in frustration.
Even though he had spent so much time in this house, Caitlin knew it best. She would have been able to explain the strange aura coming, how her mother's room had been unttouched, and so on.
The disappointment of not finding anything sank within Peter. Seeing Caitlin like that, crying on his couch, bleeding and covered in bruises affected him more than he'd like to admit.
He wore his mask again as the sound of distant sirens hit his ears.
It was Michelle's first day working in the bookstore.
Her nose was always dug in her book, but she worked as if she knew this place like the back of her hand.
She was keeping books of shelves when someone from behind her said, "are you new here?" She nodded and continued working. "I'm Peyton" he introduced himself. "I come here every week."
"Great" Michelle replied, showing no interest whatsoever and started reading, not noticing how his silver eyes kept lingering on the book's title.
"What's your name?" He asked, brushing a hand through his blond hair. "Michelle." She replied, still paying minimum attention.
"MJ!" Someone called from behind, grabbing Michelle's attention. "Kate! Where have you been? You promised me you'd explain everything to me!" She exclaimed.
"Sorry, I had some work. I'm here now, aren't I?" She said and raised an eyebrow mockingly. "Anyways-" she smirked, "-that guy is staring at you." Caitlin pointed towards Peyton.
"Oh yeah. Peyton this is Kate, Kate this is Peyton" Michelle introduced them and went on reading.
"Hey," she greeted and pleaded Michelle to listen to her.
"Are you both like this or do I get special treatment of feeling ignored?" Peyton raised an eyebrow.
"Sorry." Caitlin said with a sheepish smile. "MJ say sorry." She nudged Michelle's shoulder.
"Sorry." she sighed "what do you want? I'm reading and I'm supposed to work. So shoo or talk sense."
Caitlin laughed and said, "you wanna know why I'm covered in bandages and why I'm talking to Peter?" Michelle's eyes glinted with curiosity and she stood up.
"You'll be there next week. Right Peyton?" MJ asked and Peyton nodded. "Then I'll talk to you next week. If it's urgent then here's my number." Peyton and Caitlin looked at her wide eyed, only difference between their expressions was that Caitlin's was amused. Michelle rushed out of the store, dragging Caitlin along.
"Bye Peyton." Caitlin said while laughing as he replied with an amused smile.
"Do you know what you just did?" Caitlin asked, mischievously. "What?" MJ replied dumbfounded. "Nothing," Caitlin shook her head in amusement. "Come on, I'll tell you everything over coffee" MJ nodded and followed Maya to the coffee shop.
  "Ned, I went to Caitlin's house today." Peter said as they sat in his room.
"But-but you were supposed to go with the both us being there" Ned said, a sense of betrayal on his face.
"I know! I'm sorry, I just wanted to make sure it's safe there and all. Don't look at me like that!" Peter exclaimed as Ned let out a laugh. "Anyways, there was some weird aura coming out from the house. Everything in the house was scattered, every bit, except Ms. Wilson's bedroom. It was as if no one dared to touch it." Ned looked at Peter with a confused expression.
"You clicked photos?" Ned put a chip in his mouth. "Yes, of course, but we're going there tomorrow. Caitlin knows the place better than anyone. So I'll click them again, making sure everything remains the same." Ned nodded.
"She's telling everything to Michelle" Ned whispered.
"Of course she is. Michelle is her best friend" Peter replied.
"Oh come on Peter. There's no other friendship like yours and Caitlin's. You're inseparable-" Ned was speaking but Peter cut in, "yet here we are" he sighed.
"Yes, Caitlin will be sleeping on the upper bunk. She goes to school with us. Yet here we are." Peter scoffed then lay down on his bed. "Come on. We'll figure this out. We always do." with that, Ned walked out of the room.
"We always do." Peter whispered it back to himself.
Caitlin unlocked the door quietly and found that Aunt May was asleep on the couch with the news blaring from the TV.
"Spider-Man found yet another mob. Changing our ways and adjusting to new superheroes, because they dedicated their lives to safe us. If we save them and they us, we can show our gratitude towards them in some way. Channel 19 stands with the heroes being labelled as vigilantes and wants them to know that they have our full support."
Caitlin had a soft smile on her face as she switched off the TV and put a blanket on May.
As much as she wondered why no hero even made it there she couldn't exactly feel angry at them. They have lives too and as much as she hoped their eyes were everywhere across the city, they weren't. Caitlin was living proof of that.
She tiptoed into Peter's room to find him lying on the lower bunk, deep in thought. A smirk made up on Caitlin's face and she quietly walked towards him, considering he didn't notice her coming. She suddenly jumped on top of Peter with a wide grin. "Boo!" She exclaimed with a laugh. Peter shook in surprise, but couldn't jump because Caitlin was above him. He smirked and his hands were lingering above her hips, not touching, just lingering. "You're gonna pay for that," he let out and started tickling her.
"Gah! Peter stop!" Caitlin said between laughs as she slid off Peter because of the tickling. He was hovering above Maya now. Tickling her while laughing evilly. His touch was gentle yet filled with mischief. He was being careful, trying not to aim at where it hurt. "Stop Peter!" Caitlin said as she laughed.
"Nope. Not gonna happen." Peter continued tickling her until she winced in pain and both sat up abruptly.
"Sorry!" Peter apologised.
"It's okay. Not your fault." She smiled at him while hugging her stomach. "How was the internship today? Considering it was so important, you missed meeting Ned and I." Sarcasm and mockery was clear in her voice, but Peter tensed. "Hey, I'm joking. It's okay. We'll go tomorrow. Whatever this internship is, I bet it's important if you keep lying about it." her expression softened as she rested her head on his shoulder. She couldn't help but feel comfortable. No matter what happened and no matter how he pushed her away, she still felt at home with him.
"Yeah, it is." he replied.
"Wow. You're actually growing stronger." Peter looked at Caitlin in confusion. "Earlier you used to crib about how heavy my head is, it'll break your shoulder. Now I've actually rested my head on your shoulder without crushing your bones." Caitlin said with a short laugh.
"Big headed idiot." Peter snorted.
"Dork" she replied as a yawn escaped her lips. "Anyways. Goodnight Pete."
"'Night Katie." he replied as Caitlin climbed up and Peter lay down.
"'Sup Peyton" Michelle answered Peyton's call. "What's so important?"
"Nothing. I was bored so I thought I'll fool around a little"
"Very funny. I have school tomorrow and I'm sleepy. So either talk sense or goodnight."
"Wow, you really.....anyways, I called because of the book you were reading. I've heard that books can change people"
"Lot of books can change people. This one is no different"
"And yet it is," Michelle smirked at his reply, but Peyton couldn't see.
"What do you want?" She asked again.
"Help me solve a case would you? Only people with astonishing brains have the courage to read that book. I don't even get how you make these kinds of books. They're like, riddle diaries for Einstein!" Michelle laughed at that reply.
"And why would I help you?"
"Because I'm an undercover under 17 FBI agent." Michelle's breath hitched at that reply and she didn't know what to say for at least a minute.
"Why are you telling me this?" Michelle raised an eyebrow.
"Because Michelle Jones, your wits and observation are utterly necessary for this case" Michelle scoffed. She never told him her surname.
"How long have you been spying on me?"
"Long enough."
"But why me? There are so many other people who can turn up to be just as observant and witty. Not to mention people who already work in the FBI."
"Wouldn't every other person I recruit ask that?"
"You got a point there. What's the case?"
"The little mob attack in the Wilson's residence."
"How do you know it's a mob attack?" Michelle tried not to show any emotion though her voice. She knew exactly what this case was about.
"It's pretty clear."
"What else do you know?"
"Only that the only resident in the house, Stella Wilson, was murdered by one of the mobs." Caitlin's identity was hidden. How?
"Any other possible residents living there?"
"There are signs of maybe a daughter, but we don't have an idea of who she is. There are no possible photos of her. Only a room filled with stuff a weird teenage girl like you would acknowledge."
"Hey! Who you calling weird!?"
Peyton let out a laugh, then spoke again, "I did find a picture. The only problem is that it's burnt to shreds. We're finding a way to fix it. Until then, we're doing more searches." Michelle knew which picture he was talking about. It was a picture of Caitlin, Michelle, Peter and Ned hugging each other tightly, while knight, Caitlin's now dead dog, ran across.
She remembered what Caitlin had said. They had contact everywhere. She couldn't trust Peyton, but an idea came upon her.
"I've seen you around that house many times. So I thought that's gonna be a plus point. Do you know anything about the Wilson residential house?"
"No." she lied.
"Well, that was worth a try. Anyways, what do you say?" Peyton's voice was pleading yet his pride full. Michelle thought a little. Wondering if this was the right step.
"I'm in Peyton"
"You know, MJ, can I call you MJ?" When no reply came from the other side, Peyton continued, "you shouldn't believe what everybody says. Under 17 FBI agent? Is that even a real thing? I'm just a curious guy in search of a mystery. This one intrigued me. The detective book you were reading made me think you might be interested because I was looking for a partner."
"No, I don't think an under 17 FBI agent is a real thing and I'd actually like to investigate it with you." MJ knew she had to do this on her own. Not because she had to hide something, but because there are things in the Wilson family Caitlin denies to accept and if she were there, they would never be able to completely crack it.
Sure she would tell her about this sooner or later, just after she found something to tell her about.
"Great! Tomorrow we're going to investigate the house."
"No! Not tomorrow. I have a thing tomorrow. I can't just free my schedule overnight for some doofus." she lied. She was going to search the house with Caitlin and the group.
"Ouch," he mocked. "Okay, then whenever you can free your schedule m'lady."
"Goodnight Peyton."
"Goodnight MJ."
Michelle kept the phone and sighed.
She wasn't going to risk Caitlin's life, ever. She had just risked her life, to protect and help Maya.
"All this for you egghead! Oh Kate." She chuckled and fell asleep.
Packing up the paints and brushes. Peyton had finished yet another painting and left it off to dry with the others. His art room now full of canvases and sheets, all waiting to be hung or framed.
Peyton went to his room to clean himself up. After a rather reckless conversation with Michelle, sleep never bestowed upon him. He decided to utilise that time and paint.
"Peyton?" A sweet, childlike voice called from behind. "Bree! Sorry if I woke you, I'll put you back to sleep." The red headed girl nodded while rubbing her eyes.
Peyton got up from the couch and went to the 7 year old's room. "Clean up this mess tomorrow morning." Bree smirked as she got in the bed as Peyton followed.
"Are you going to work in the morning?" She murmured.
"Nope, I'm with you all day." Bree hugged Peyton as he released a sigh.
Bree was only three and Peyton, 13, when their parents went missing. Not having anyone to guardian, the FBI took them in, considering the fact that their parents were FBI agents. That's why he could come up with the lie so easily. It wasn't all a lie though. He was, infact, an informant for the same.
Now, four years later, Peyton was one of the best informants they had, even helping some agents on missions and had completed every mission ever appointed to him.
I did the research. These agents are very real.
Part 3
As always, I love feedback.
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Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Series Summary: Caitlin Wilson's entire life comes crumbling down when one night mysterious people come to her house and cause a disaster, claiming her mother's life in the process.
Her mother's last words were to get somewhere safe and the only place she could think of was Peter Parker's house.
Now wound up in this strange and dangerous path, Caitlin must uncover what really happened that night and who those people were.
Series Pairing: Peter Parker x OC
Warnings: violence, fluff, smut a little bit of swearing here and there.
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
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