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castielpng · 55 minutes ago
the way that spn would imply that the literal horseman of the apocalypse pestilence caused covid if season 5 aired in 2020
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sherlockruiningmylife · 7 hours ago
Not sure if I believe that there is actually going to be a season 2 of good omens. Not even sure if I want that because it worries me, if Neil Gaiman is involved every step of the way then I am sure it will be fun. Just worries me.
Anyway, if it happens, I sincerely hope we see Pestilence coming out of retirement.
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purgatoryapotheca · 14 hours ago
See new group curse on ZoZo ZoZo Extreme Psychic Attack Group Curse You guys have not experienced any curse like this yet, guaranteed! If you do not know who ZoZo is from occult literature, please read about him. While this demon is connected to the Ouija Board and movies he is far more complex and his history goes way back before movies and Ouija boards. I can certainly provide a link upon request. If you have an enemy that you want to see suffer for doing you wrong this demon will wreck their world as they know it. Be warned! Must VIP from IG YOU MUST READ INSTRUCTIONS AND BOOK PROPERLY! On May 29th we will be working with an extremely dangerous Demonic spirit that calls himself ZoZo! ZoZo is even said by some to be a legion of its own. This is going to be a very powerful curse that will cause illness, insanity, accidents and possibly worse! This is not a spell for a common foe but a true enemy! Please be advised you should be sure before you enter a target. •You must book with your real name! •You must be 18 •You must include the target’s full name and date of birth in message section of booking •If you send manual payment, you must message us directly with name of spell, the name you booked under and proof of payment as well as full name and date of birth of one target. If we do not receive this info, you will lose your place. If booking shows full, book any day and time with AC Lang and you will still be entered into the group. ~Manifest Your Power & Fly with Witches~ All Rights Reserved PurgatoryApotheca 2021 #zozo #pestilence #curses #demonicattack #purgatoryapotheca #reversals #witchforhire #hireawitch #blackmagick #hoodoo #chaosmagick #witchtips #babywitchtips #babywitches #lucifer #tamamaan #azazel #merihim #furfur #bezaliel #spellcasting #witchcraftservices #lovespells #curses #hexes #moneyspells #rituals
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bindingofrinne · a day ago
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Big P
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What was that book you read with the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Wrath, pestilence, etc
The Four Horesmen series by Laura Thalassa! The first book is Pestilence (my fave baby boy because he might be a harbinger of death but he's very soft) then War, then Famine (which is probably the best book so far) and Death which hasn't been released yet but I'm so excited for!!
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thatslikesometaldude · 2 days ago
I couldnt post about it this morning bc I was at school but
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Not gonna spoil anything but its amazing!!!I played it in class oops...
I was sad to not see my wife there but I was still very happy to see my platonics!!!
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lyricismpoetry · 3 days ago
If my body and mind are a temple
Then the setting is a jungle
Overgrown with vines and moss
Every day I rip them down, hoping for a renewed self
But they creep back in again,
hoping to finally return my body to the earth
The sweet call of decay permeates in the air
While the mushroom spores fill my lungs
My once heary battle cries are now intermixed with their dread
Each day a snake visits me
Long and vile with her serpentine beguile
She sits on my shoulders while I clean the growth away
“Such heavy arms you have” she whispers as she crushes my fingers
“Such slow movement in your legs” She coos as she constricts my feet
“No use in clearing the vines today” She smiles a venomous grin
“Lay down and return to pollen” She calls her sisters green,
“Lay down and return to dust”
Her sisters, once vines and moss
Tangle my hair and straddle my waist
I am the song of love between tragedy and fate
Today, today I am her harp
As she uses my grief to pluck a tune
A tune that is not mine
But one who’s temple has returned to earth.
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lyricismpoetry · 3 days ago
I finally got to sit and stay in the garden alone with my thoughts
I got to feel the warmth of the summer rays come down upon me, kissing my skin and leaving my cheeks rouge
I got to laugh with the others occupying the garden, calling Eden their home
I got to lay in the massive fields of lilac, letting their swaying petals lull me into sleep
For once the sun did not set before its time, and for once I got to see the blessed stars. I got to feast on the fruit of my labor and hard work. 
For once I had it all. For once I was what would be normal
But of course, she couldn’t leave me long. 
Her vile serpent head slid into my lap as I dreamt of finer days, and her grotesque body made her way around mine. 
“So lovely” she whispers “So lovely” she coos. I’m none the wiser of my impending doom. “Such a lovely garden” her voice so much like mine “Such a lovely field” she admires it just like I. “Such a lovely place to visit” she reminds me, for this place isn’t truly mine. “But like all excursions, you must come home someday.” 
Just as quickly as I snap from my naive daze, she’s squeezing all the life and joy I worked hard to collect out of me. She’s pinned me to the earth that I once saw as paradise, and she’s dragging me back. Back to where I belong. Back to the lone, dead, apple tree of my winter prison. “I hope you enjoyed your masquerade” She hisses like the cold winds from hell. “I hope you enjoyed your farce” She spit venom that chilled my bones. 
She opened the gate with no effort at all, dragging me from those pristine fields of delicate lilacs and poppies. No matter how much I kicked, bit, and screamed, she overpowered my diminutive frame. 
“I’ve missed you so much” She sobs “I’ve missed our talks” 
What talks?
“Talks filled with doubt and self-loathing, talks that remind you of your place. Talks that keep you here, away from the dangers of Eden.” 
I desperately dig my nails into the permafrosted dirt. I did my best to stave off her attack, but she knew my spell had worn. She knew my time had come. 
“I miss the talks. The talks of death. The talks of rotting to nothing. The talks of famine and talks of war.” 
My skin turns blue with the touch of ice. The realm I belong to has welcomed me back with a kiss. Flecks of dreadful snow fall from a starless sky. Its dark, 
The chatter of that perfect garden is gone. 
I was alone now, 
“Come, let’s sit by the apple tree.” She whispers again to me. This tree bore no fruit, and it was her favorite place to perch. “Let’s sit by the apple tree and sleep. Sleep like we always do.” 
I try my best to wriggle from her grasp, but to the desolate apple tree, she keeps me. 
“Aren’t you tired?” She pouts before constricting me. My vision goes bleary as I struggle for air. The frost of hell did nothing to aid my crushing lungs. “Sleep, we’re so tired.” She purrs. “We’ve done so much, It’s time for sleep” 
The sporadic snowfall frosts the blackened apple tree I’m being held hostage to, and I remember my place. I remember my place is under the apple tree. I remember my place is in the cold snow. I remember my place is in this desolate landscape. Pestilence’s garden. 
She is me. 
I am her. 
I can never fully escape. 
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goatilocks13 · 4 days ago
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dungeonmalcontent · 4 days ago
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@dungeon-apprentice I made a book called Plague Pestilence Parasite which can be read/downloaded on DMsGuild (linked). It is a pay what you want title, so grab it for free if you like. It contains pre-made diseases, as well as mechanics for implementing them (also some disease based sub-classes!)
There... may or may not also be some updates and/or expansions coming to PPP in the next little while.
I started the project in the late fall of 2019, and published it in (I believe) April of 2020. Which, I mean, big oof. Given that Covid happened, I published it with the mission to donate all proceeds from sales of the book to charities helping fight Covid. Initially, that was Feeding America. But there are now better options than Feeding America, so that has been changed; but all revenue from PPP is still going to Covid-fighting charities, including any Ko-fi donations tagged as PPP purchases (because DMsGuild takes half of all revenue while Ko-Fi takes 0%).
(EDIT: and then I didn't link the book. Yeesh. Fixed that. Sorry. Though it's interesting to see that if you do a web search on "Plague pestilence parasite" the book is the first thing you see.)
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dungeonmalcontent · 4 days ago
So last night I rolled a random encounter for my players. I went to the plague pestilence parasite list, rolled a disease, and was fully prepared to just drop a diseased person on the road.
I rolled Bushel Fire. If you haven't read my disease book for dnd. That's bad. That's a danger 20 parasite with high mortality and high infection rate. For a parasite, that's really bad. It's a spore colony that invades the lungs and eventually puppets the host, using a fire breath type exhale to spread to new hosts with a higher than usual infection DC.
And then I looked over the curatives and prevention. I haven't read through these in a while, so I didn't really expect to find that I had written that it's nearly impossible to remove magically. Magical cures include wish and disintegrate followed by resurrection. And that was it. But you could use the natural cure of waterboarding an infected creature with caustic chemicals that could wash the spores out of the lungs or otherwise kill them in the host. And I remembered that a while ago the party had collected some potions of dragon's breath. A potion that lets you potentially breath fire.
And I thought to myself, I'm 90% sur they haven't used or gotten rid of those. They'll be fine. They'll roll okay enough to figure that out and use the potion, and they'll figure out that disease is a thing that could happen and get a small reward for helping an infected guy.
But I assumed my players manage their inventory.
And now the lumber mill in my setting is a quarantine zone and all the bugbears are probably going to die. Not to mention I traumatized at least one player by including the information that masks and air filtration devices are good prevention for that particular disease.
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ask-shadowclan · 6 days ago
Pest, what do you think you have done to earn your place in the Dark Forest? As far as I've seen you've never done anything wrong. You died as a very young kit. You have never lied or manipulated, nor have you harmed or killed any cat. In fact, you've saved some in the past!~ V
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Tumblr media
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marbleheavy · 7 days ago
another apocalypse au update!! (which I am internally referring to as the andromeda fic bc that’s what the doc is called for no other reason than that’s the name of the song I was listening to when I started it lol). Anywhoosies, we are at 14k words and we have 3 out of 4 horsemen present and actively wreaking havoc!
But, I’m kind of struggling because I feel like the style of dialogue is shifting too much. Sometimes its very formal (because it’s a royalty au too) and sometimes its pretty casual and idk if it works. If anybody has any tips on making sure changes in dialogue style/tone flow nicely, they would be much appreciated!
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imagine-lilareads · 8 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Famine-The Four Horsemen Aesthetics
"You broke me. And in the process I broke you. I hate that I want this. But I do. I want to be whole with you"
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Making Billions Of Dollars From The Pandemic “For Years To Come”
Making Billions Of Dollars From The Pandemic “For Years To Come”
By Michael Snyder Article Source Is it ethical for companies to make billions of dollars in profits from the worst public health crisis that this generation has experienced so far?  I think that this is a question that more people should be asking.  Governments around the world are shelling out enormous mountains of money to fight this pandemic, and if much of that money ends up lining the…
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