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onlypultcom · 18 hours ago
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bongwater-koiiok · a day ago
koi #1
Hi my name is liv, and im using this platform to try have some positive structure in my life. To fix it up and become the person want to be. This is my mind journal. So lets start with the positives before I delve into what I want to change, because I have many blessings that I am extremely grateful for.
# Ive managed to gain weight this passed year and have gone from around 7-8 stone to 10. its not a huge amount of wight but im the most confident I have ever been in my body, and I can't wait to improve it even more.\
# Although I don't have a lot of money, I still have some and can afford the things I need and most of the things I want in life right now (im not a very expensive person ngl haha) 
# Iv managed to get out of living with my toxic mother and staying with my dad. I finally have freedom and my own life. and don't have to be mentally exhausted every day dealing with someone so toxic 
# Iv started to see someone. it in the very early stages. and there are a few things that could present as a problem. but I've managed to get over my toxic abusive ex and move on with my life. and im able to put myself out there and overcome my fears about relationships 
# im sorting out my life little by little and its time to start working on myself to develop the mental state that I want to be in. that I know I am deep down. A bad fucking bitch hoesssss
so what do I know I need to do and just need to start doing it.
#Eat a healthier diet. (create a weekly meal plan if that helps. Lots of protein and carbs for energy. im trying to gain and keep my weight not lose it)
# hit the mf gym. get those gains (already planed to go to a new gym that opening up near my with a friend)
#sort out ID and get a job. (already in the process waiting for forms to arrive so I can fill them out and get an ID and then ill be able to get a job.)
#accept my gorgeous beautiful self for the way it is and know that I don't need to change anything to be happy other than my own mindset. 
#cut off more ties with mum. she toxic af and only wants to see me fail. let her go she's not going to change your only hurting yourself liv
Progress for today:
Made this blog to try help me keep track of progress and mental state 
skincare down
cleaned house (helps with distressing my mind)
actually made the first steps towards getting my life on track. well done me 
hopefully ill check in tomorrow :)
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featherandskull · 2 days ago
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Added one more spot to our list of local go to’s this weekend! Coffee, pastries, made to order sandwiches and salads, and the best part…mimosa buckets with the cutest little glasses! . . . . . . . . . . . #weekendexploring #localfood #supportlocal #weekendfun #featherandskull #personalblog #cornersofmyworld #lifestyleguide #placestogo #mylifestyle #thesimplelife #myeverydaymagic #enjoythelittlethings #momentsofmine #nothingisordinary #lifeunscripted (at Mustard Seed)
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maannedc · 4 days ago
Manifesting. Took a walk in a neighborhood that isn’t mine and I dream and manifest living here. It’s quiet, it’s familiar and I feel so right at home. 🙏
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maannedc · 4 days ago
Don't Let Them Dim Your Light
When was the time a colleague/colleagues made fun of you because of who you actually are?
The time when one colleague showed everyone how I look when I'm quiet.
How did he show it?
He just stood there like a lamp post and said my name and everyone just laughed. Everyone got it. I got it.
I laughed with them. But they were laughing for who I actually am. Was I embarrassed? Of course I was! And made me think of changing my entire personality just to please them. But..did I change? Nope. Why should I?
They laughed because it wasn't what they wanted to see. They laughed because for them it was boring. They laughed because for them, being quiet meant useless. Me being too quiet made them shake their heads. All throughout they kept telling me to not be too quiet. It was just the same about telling someone "You're too much. Just stop"
Too quiet. Too much. Too ambitious. TOO. As if being extra is a bad thing.
Them making fun of me just made who I am today. I stayed extra quiet as a lamp post beaming extra bright because I am too ambitious.
Me being too ambitious brought me to places. And when I mean places, I meant owning 2 businesses and working on the third. Having been able to spend my 1 month vacation on a country I've always dreamed of going to since I was a child. Being able to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their own venture. Being able to connect with fellow founders who I learn from and share my knowledge and skills with.
Do they still laugh at you? She asked me.
Maybe. I know they won't stop. I know they never did. Some of them might even have their eyebrow raised. But I don't care anymore. I hope they were able to reach their dreams.
All I know is that when they made fun of me, my steps just became a million and I went ahead of them.
Key takeaway: When you shine so bright, people will dim your light. Don't give them that permission to turn it off completely.
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maannedc · 4 days ago
Two Cents: Respect & Professionalism
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This is late post. I never wrote about this because I felt like I should just let it go. I let it go actually but I'd like to write it down to distinguish professionalism to not.
Years ago, I joined a team of two, coordinating and organizing events. I was an events assistant then. I was given my own email address, my own calling card and a business phone. We worked in harmony for months, our events are what I call an experience. It wasn't a success, I have to be honest but it was an experience and a lesson.
Months after my last event with them (I had no idea it was my last event), I tried to sign in on my email as I was contacted by a client telling me that they sent a requirement for their event. I couldn't get in. I contacted them, letting them know of the "problem". I didn't receive a reply. Turned out, it wasn't problem. I was out.
Not a word from them. So, in other words, being unprofessional was what they chose to show. It wasn't only me who witnessed it. I am so embarrassed that a good friend of mine witnessed who they really were. Actually, 3 of my friends witnessed who they really were.
I'm writing this not to expose who they are but to tell you guys that if you want to be respected in the industry that you choose to enter and service with, be professional. Show some respect. It won't take a sweat for you to show some respect.
They may be successful in the industry right now, good for them! But I know that the Universe hasn't forgotten. It is just bidding it's time.
I chose to be the bigger person. I chose to leave and do my own thing. Maybe that's why I started what I choose to call my own. I started my own business and looking back at what happened and reflecting on it is part of the training that I'm giving myself now. Like how I should treat the people I work with specially people who work under me, I treat them as equals.
Just my two cents, fellow workforce. Peace out!
Written: 2017
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maannedc · 4 days ago
Barista: Life As I Know It
"How was life as a barista?"
I was asked this question multiple times when they learned I worked as one, years ago. I find myself smiling because I just remember a lot of great stuff. There were not so great ones but let's just say, I prefer focusing on the great.
My life as a barista back then was wonderful. I started my barista journey in 2007. I was a graduating student and I needed a filler for my idle schedule. Done with my thesis, I was more on completing just two of my major subjects and one minor so yeah, I had a lot of time.
When I started, I thought it was easy, I thought that I will never hold a mop and clean restrooms. I was that proud thinking that I graduated in one of the most reputable schools in the country, so... never was I going to hold a mop. I was wrong. That was me being an annoying privilege, b^&*.
Aside from mixing frappuccinos, lattes, affogato, calling out drinks for customers, I had to wash the plates, cups, blenders, pitchers, buss out tables, sweep the inside and outside seating, etc. I had to wake up at 4:30 am, get in by 5:30am and serve the customers by 6am. And when I was assigned to close, I had to get in by 4pm and end my shift at 2am.
The job taught me.
Knowing coffee mixes were not my only job, learning about the coffee and tea world was a part of it. To be a coffee master, I had to know the names and origins of each Arabica coffee beans. What the aroma was and what goes with it. Grueling? It was! But it was worth it. It just made my barista journey well worth.
Starting as a part time barista as a student, I moved to being a full time barista when I graduated. I knew I found my niche when I realized I was having fun and it didn't feel like work. I had a number of days when my manager had to talk to me and give me some scolding. Tough love, I call it. I wanted to quit but at the end of the day, I decided not to. My co-baristas or partners (as we call each other in Starbucks), won't be disappointed. I knew it would be me who would feel that way. So, I stayed and worked even harder.
I've been moved from one store to another. Each time a decision was made for me to move, I had this fleeting thought when I felt and asked, "Don't they like how I work?" or "Was I doing something wrong?" It was just a moment. In reality, I was being moved because it was already a part of my training to join the management team.
And being part of the management team just got harder and tiring. Additional tasks were assigned and I had to look after the senior and junior baristas. In every shift, from start to finish, I had a huge responsibility. Even when I get home, I still think of the store I left and if I endorsed properly because if I made a not so big of a mistake, it would be reflect on my performance. And I don't want that on my big boss' mind.
I stayed for 3 and 1/2 years. It wasn't an easy decision. I loved my life working as a barista but I felt that life has more to offer so I left and explored and worked my way to being an events and marketing professional + a business owner.
Am I having fun?
Most definitely.
It was my first job and yeah, it taught me everything that I needed to know in life. Never regret the days that taught you everything that you need to know. It may seem embarrassing and you may cringe at the thought of it, but hey, I wouldn't be here if not for those experiences and until now, I'm learning and enjoying.
Peace out!
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maannedc · 4 days ago
We grow up knowing about making one. Like when you had to give one of your favorite Barbie dolls to a little girl who always dreamed of having one or choosing what course to take when the idea of college suddenly waves at your face…or the moment when your heart could not take the pain anymore..You decide. Or leaving a company that for some time brought out your passion, made you happy, made you gain real friends. These decisions just made you strong and grow as a person.
I’ve worked for three years at a coffee shop and honestly I was very hesitant to apply. It was actually the last on my list on where I should apply. I applied nonetheless, two months after I got the job. I enjoyed and loved every minute I spent during those shifts.
It was a battle between baristas and customers. It was a battle within me. There are times when I wanted to quit because physically speaking it drains the energy out of my body but I had to fight with myself to continue my journey. I was still enjoying my life in the company, I still had a lot to learn, and I still had a lot to experience. I’ve experienced how it felt to be scolded by someone higher than you, I’ve experienced a customer complaining about how I didn’t get their coffee mixed right, I experienced how a customer misinterpreted your actions when you really didn’t do anything at all. I experienced handling a shift all alone and holding three or four baristas under my care. I was being a general to my privates and second in command against numerous enemies entering the battle field. I got my heart broken personally and professionally yet I faced each nonetheless.
During those times, I opened myself to the possibility of the impossibility when I shouldn’t. I opened my heart to someone I shouldn’t, I trusted someone only to realize that she would be the reason of a broken friendship. I made decisions that although it broke me, it also woke me up and tendered a new me.
Somehow in the course of my journey, I had some days when I had to reflect on what I wanted for myself. Of what I wanted to do out of life. A decision of quitting the company and finding my own path made itself clear during the times when I got to reflect on life. You see, there came a time when I felt depressed of what’s going around me; heartbreak, financial instability, a career I know that is going nowhere that brought me to be a bit depressed and sad.
Believe me, the company taught and trained me a lot, thank you so much to my learning coaches and managers . From being a leader and a team player. From what was taught to me to applying it. From finding myself and realizing what I want. I wasn’t a people person before, but then I had to face the challenge of being really shy, now I can talk to people without finding myself stuttering for words. It was a well worth journey.
After 3 years and 8 months in the company I decided to stir my ship back to shore. Another journey is awaiting me and I can’t wait to start stirring my ship again.
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Written: November 2010
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its-i-vie · 5 days ago
Good things. Bad things.
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On experience, the good things sometimes comes in bad packages.
Let me ask you...
Are you seeing things beyond what it looks like? Or are you seeing it only by its package?
If you're in a bad place right now and cannot understand what is happening, I encourage you, ask God, "Why?".
Knock on God's door. If it seems like no one is there, keep on knocking that door... bang it if you must. Even if you're tired of it and things gets too overwhelming, keep on knocking that door... for I know in one way or another, God will answer. And His answer will cover you with so much love and peacefulness. It will give you new strength. And you'll understand why it was allowed in your life.
When you finally understand, I hope you'll fully accept and enjoy your journey, knowing that sometimes the only way to give you the good is for you to experience the bad first. May you embrace what is infront of you now and what is coming, all of it. Have confidence in God's plan and timing. Know that God have had already seen the ending of your story and it is good, pleasing and prefect.
Hang in there...
Your time will come....
You'll enjoy the good...
Everything will be worth it...
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3rim · 8 days ago
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Tumblr media
even tho im not ur man ur not my girl imma call u my shaawtyy
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morecherrys · 10 days ago
i am no longer your moon
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its-i-vie · 12 days ago
Breaking chains.
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I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to my devotions. Ever since the rise of numbers of Covid-19 positive patients, I am plunged into 12 hour-7 days straight duties. Quiet time with God has been hard to do, most times I don't, and even if I do, it's always in a hurry. So, today I am doing 7 days worth of it. I encountered these verses, and I am inspired to share.
'I said, “O God, I am too ashamed to raise my head in your presence. Our sins pile up higher than our heads; they reach as high as the heavens. ' Ezra 9:6
I know we can all relate to this. We think that our sins are too great that we become ashamed of them; most times, we don't want to approach God because of guilt and shame. We also don't approach God because we are afraid of his wrath. But all these thoughts and emotions are the fruit of sin and whispers of the enemy because our God is loving, good, and merciful. Yes, he is just and his wrath is to be feared but it says here that:
'Even after everything that has happened to us in punishment for our sins and wrongs, we know that you, our God, have punished us less than we deserve and have allowed us to survive. ' Ezra 9:13
It is important to remember that all the things we do have an after-effect, so the things we thought is a punishment from God are sometimes the effect of our actions. I think God allowing the effects to be welcomed in our lives is punishment but God will also allow us to survive. It is the second chance we need. He wants redemption for us. I know there are sudden bad things that happen that are in no way consequences of our actions, but it's just how life on earth works. We live in a broken world. We breathe borrowed air for we are not meant to live here, we are meant to live with God in a perfect and everlasting world.
'Lord God of Israel, you are just, but you have let us survive. We confess our guilt to you; we have no right to come into your presence.”' Ezra 9:15
So what do we do now?
'Then how can we ignore your commandments again...? If we do, you will be so angry that you will destroy us completely and let no one survive. ' Ezra 9:14
Let us not ignore God anymore. Let us confess our sins. Let us turn away from whatever it is that God is asking us to let go. Let us turn to God in obedience. Let us do it not because of the fear of punishment but because we fear Him; the fear of disobeying a loving Father. Let us be at peace that as we do these things, God sees it. He sees our hearts. He knows we are living with sin our whole lives, and we cannot get over it in a second. But God has his grace and it comes with a power to overcome anything pressed against us. There are no chains that can't be broken. Chains can be severed but only if we decide to. Let us have faith that God has the power to bring change into our lives. Let us sever the bonds with sin through the power of Jesus' redeeming blood.
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zayiddesign · 12 days ago
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