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#perry x doofenshmirtz
qasalvatore · a day ago
Tumblr media
One of the best things that I adore in this ship: no need to show it through hugs or sweet talks; their gestures and glares are enough to prove that they belong together.
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qasalvatore · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
head empty
only Doofenshmirtz in virgin killer sweater (or sth like that)
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angstycatthatlikestea · a month ago
hey besties
a few days ago i lost a bet to my children and had to write dr doofenschmirtz x perry the platypus smut. it is my magnum opus. (TW: jokes about murder, s*icide but pls don't worry they are all /j)
Dr doofenschmirtz hated perry the platypus. But god was that bitch sexy. His fedora was the peak of manliness and badass testosterone shit. And his platypus bill looked oh. So. kissable. Doof could only imagine what it might look like wrapped around his big, hard, throbbing, juicy, delicious, scrumptious, veiny co- (AN: i hope you all know that this is causing me physical pain.) Oh no! The whatever-the-fuck-i-don’t-care-inator was malfunctioning! “Whatever shall i do!” cried doctor doofenschmirtz. “If only i had a big strong sexy platypus around with a giant hot throbbing meat stick to help me fix this!” (AN: {my friend's name} i am begging u to kill me) SUDDENLY, a big strong sexy platypus with a giant hot throbbing meat stick appeared in the corner. (AN: murder me i beg you) “gasp” said doctor doofenschmirtz. “A platypus?” The platypus put on a super sexy manly testosterone inducing fedora. “Double gasp” said doctor doofenschmirtz. “Perry the platypus!” “Hey baby” said perry, staring into doof’s shit brown orbs (AN: 📷) :”how can i help you with your whatever-the-fuck-i-dont-care-inator???” he bit his lip. “Um um um um perry the platypus senpai…. What are you doing here…? It’s late and you’re not supposed to be in our dorms after 9 pm…. I might have to call bakugo-san because he’s the hall monitor…” whimpered dr doofenschmirtz. (AN: idk who bakugo is) Perry pushed the labcoat clad twink up against a wall. “Shut the fuck up you sexy little slut UwU” he growled in doofenschmirtz’s ear. (AN: please. Please. I am begging you to kill me. Please kill me right now.) “OwO baste me like a thanksgiving turkey zaddy platypus man” (AN: i’ve lost all will to live) (AN: literally all of it) (AN: i am a walking corpse) (AN: a sexy one tho) and then perry the platypus basted doof with his giant throbbing juicy veiny I can’t do this anymore besties i’ll finish it tomorrow afer i jump off a fucking cliff
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a-bisexuals-thoughts · 3 months ago
so i just found out that people ship the Doofenshmirtz and Perry and i figure if nothing else it’ll be good blackmail because there’s no coming back from that knowledge
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atlafan · 3 months ago
this is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever seen
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Tumblr media
Date night!
Poses from:
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annas-art-and-stuff · 5 months ago
Omg guys what if doctor Doofenshmirtz was only ‘bad’ because he knew that if Perry the platypus had to fight against a different (actually bad) super villain, he might actually get hurt or worse.
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fandomfusion · 6 months ago
Not me spending the evening tryna convince my flatmate to ship Perryshmirtz and ACTUALLY SUCCEEDING
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bmeef-jermky · 6 months ago
Listen sometimes when life gives you lemons you make Human!Perry x Doof tword headcanons because why not
•They're both technically switches but Perry tends to usually end up more of the ler because he sometimes accidentally smacks people when tickled-
•Perry is technically ticklish in less spots but those spot are just really ticklish while Doof is just kind of the average amount of ticklish in the standard spots
•Doof's worst spot is probably his sides and Perry's is his hips but his feet are a close second
•Honestly Doof has definitely made a tickle-inator at some point and Perry was just like "hhhhh" the whole fighting time
•Whenever Perry is like too tired to accidentally hit someone is usually when Doof tickles him
•Tickle fights happen often but usually are one sided since Perry ends up winning but sometimes Perry lets his bf win and totally NOT because he wanted to let Doof tickle him psh nooo-
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fandomfusion · 7 months ago
I’m just gonna come out and say it- Heinz Doofenshmirtz and Perry the Platypus were the original Enemies to Lovers
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sskki · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
So you know the running gag about Doof not recognising Perry without his fedora but in “It’s About Time!”, he cannonically addresses hatless Perry by name.
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steveart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
» PROMPT 4: There for you / Lean on you
Doof: “I’m not feeling good, Perry... I think I have a fever...”
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