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Listening to the Battle of the Labyrinth, and Percy, Rachel, Annabeth and Nico are all traveling together, and it just hit me just how dense Percy is, considering everone present has a crush on him, and he still can't put two and two together
My man was too busy tryna stay alive XD
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ravenwings11 · a day ago
Nico: I’m not pretty :((((
Percy, about to prove him wrong: You are not a clown. You are the entire circus.
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aristariafalna · 3 days ago
In a universe where percico happens...
Nico, showing up in the heat of battle with a giant hellhound, three angry gods, and a freaking army of the dead: Did somebody call for backup?
Percy to Annabeth with heart eyes: After this war is over I'm so gonna kiss that guy.
Percy: diss...diss the guy....cause he's late...and I'm still low-key pissed that he almost left me in a cell...
Annabeth: Let's just go after Luke. We can curse Aphrodite together later.
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aromanticflamingo · 4 days ago
Ranking the Riordianverse ships part two!!
fierrochase- 11/10, alex is funny and magnus is a dweeb. bonus points for representation
blitzstone- 9/10, not canon (but it basically is) i love the short/tall opposite dynamic
Tysella- 8/10, cute and fun little match between two adorable characters
jercy- 6/10, i want to like this ship but rereading HOO and they don’t have chemistry, fanon bromance is so much better
pipercy- -3/10, it’s my BROTP
pernico- 1/10, percy feels like he could possibly be bisexual but I don’t vibe with it. also solangelo
valdangelo- 4/10, two really depressed characters sounds super not fun, but then they could help each other, but no chemistry
jeyna- 3/10, pre hunter Reyna, i could vibe with it, aside from their total lack of chemistry and the fact that Jason is a demigod and dead
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i’m terrified for the pjo tv show mainly because i KNOW there are gonna be new fans who ship l*kabeth and i can’t handle it-
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ravenwings11 · 5 days ago
Nico, realizing he’s got a crush on Percy: Why do I have butterflies in my stomach? Aphrodite, sarcastically: Have you been eating caterpillars?
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pornosophical · 8 days ago
Percico is the gayest ship
I see posts drifting around saying that $olangelo is for gay people and Percico is for those nasty fetishizing straights. So, as a gay man, you can understand that irks me to hell and back
Especially since I think all us Percico shippers know, it’s almost certianly the opposite ship fandom composition, and that’s because Percico is a far queerer ship than $olangelo. How can the fanon ship be queerer than the actual canon queer ship? Well let me tell you:
Because Percico is pure gay wish fulfillment
Only straight people wouldn’t see this. Only straight people wouldn’t understand the traumatic frisson of first experiencing forbidden attraction to someone of the same gender and how that impacts a person. Only straight people wouldn’t understand that writing a story where such a love is NOT unrequited would be like applying a salve to an old wound for any queer person who shared that trauma
Not only that, Percico honors Nico’s experience in a way that $olangelo doesn’t, in a way that Riordan himself doesn’t! That’s because straight people don’t understand what it’s like to have that first crush and realize that you’re somehow wrong. Glossing over all that legitimate angst that made Nico so authentic—that even Riordan, who played literal motherfucking Greek mythology with heteronormative kid gloves, decided he couldn’t ignore the queer narrative overtones of his creation—dismisses so much of that initial traumatic experience of queer desire. Not to mention Riordan’s compulsion for using humor to undercut dramatic moments so they’re not too intense for kids. Putting in a big joke at Percy’s expense for Nico’s coming out just to slide in Will for another cookie cutter PJO quip-happy couple is for the heteros who cannot stand the messy feelings of queer narratives. Riordan’s idea of kid friendly is inherently heteronormative and that undergirds his every attempts at queer narrative
I haven’t kept up with PJO, but unless Riordan has changed his writing style, Percico is the gayest ship in PJO because it speaks directly to the material reality of adolescent queer experience. Only straight people wouldn’t see this
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ravenwings11 · 11 days ago
Percy, looking at Nico’s outfit: You know emos died back in 2010, right?
Nico: Well, I still look pretty good for a dead bitch
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biracialpercy · 13 days ago
Nico: You kill people for money?!
Percy: I can explain!
Nico: And all this time I’ve been doing it for free like a chump!
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yanderestories-com · 14 days ago
Yandere fatherly Nico di Angelo x Percy's reincarnation.
Warning: It's a fatherly relationship, there is no romantic feelings here ^^".
Real warnings: Mentions of drug-addictment, abuse and physsical abuse.
They may have won the war, but they lost so many people, among the dead was Perseus Jackson. Many were mourning their losses, between them a boy silently lamented the loss of the boy who stole his heart and took it with him, Nico di Angelo.
Nico was heartbroken, the loss of Percy made him more distant from the others. He told himself that it would be okay but he won’t be, but it was better to pretend it, right?
“Why did you need to do it? You fucking IDIOT! Do you have any idea of how much I miss you?!” The son of Hades yelled to nobody, he tried to conjure Percy’s soul but there was no avail, he fretted the worst: Percy reborn.
Nico felt betrayed, so nobody wanted to stay with him? Everybody he loved left him, his mom, his sister and now Percy, his first love. But somehow, he felt a small flame of hope of finding Percy's reincarnation, even if he accepted godhood just to go after Percy, or Percy’s reincarnation to be precise.
For the first time in weeks, Nico smiled, even for a bit. So he HAS a chance of finding him, or her, again. Even if their relationship doesn't turn into a love one.
It’s been precisely 17 years after the Titans' war ended and the defeat of Gaea and of the titans, also Percy’s death. After his death, he turned into a kind of a God, many campers before quests prayed for him, like he was truly a god, even if he wasn’t, but the Gods themselves made it official. Now he was known as Perseus II, the ‘God’ of the Heroes, of the quests and of the courage.
Nico would never admit it, but even if himself and other demigods who participated in the war turned into minor Gods, he would go everyday to visit Percy’s sanctuary where he would always talk to himself, like he was talking with Percy and not to a statue that resembled Percy.
But one day, some younger campers who were in a quest brought a girl that they claimed to be a demigod just like them. Nico wasn’t so interested about it, after all who cares about it. But when he was going to Percy’s sanctuary, he saw a girl he had never seen in his life curiously walking around the small temple.
He hid, he was a bit curious about the girl but when he saw her face, his eyes widened and he softly gasped in shock.
"Errr… hi?” The girl noticed him and waved confusedly as he stared at her in shock. She was so similar to Percy! Her skin tone was almost as similar to the Hero, but were a bit paler and she had small freckles spread on her nose, she had a very long and wavy black hair with cerulean sea highlights on the tips that reached her hips and she has round sea green eyes, who had a very similar shine to Percy’s.
'I-It' s her…?’ He asked mentally, he felt his guts clunch inside as a feeling close to butterflies angrily messing around inside of his stomach. So he finally met Percy again, but he was reborn as this girl, he couldn’t be wrong!
So Nico composed his posture, cleared his throat and extended his hand towards the girl.
“Hello there, young lady. I’m Nico, Nico di Angelo. Minor God of the Death and known as ‘Ghost King’. What's your name?” He introduced himself, the girl blushed a bit and took his hand.
“I’m Andy, Andromeda Sirena Jacobson. But call me Andy. And it’s a pleasure to meet you, Nico” Andromeda said, forcing a smile to the God in front of her.
“Andy? It’s a beautiful name I must say” He said and the girl thanked him.
Somehow, he felt warmness inside of his chest, he would finally have Percy back. And now, he devoted himself to protecting this girl and he won’t fail to do his job. Percy may have failed to protect Bianca but it wasn’t his fault that she died.
He got scared of how quickly he got attached to someone he didn’t know until a few minutes ago, but he got a feeling that he knew this girl a long time ago. But he didn’t care, this girl brought the same comforting feeling Percy used to give him and Nico doesn’t want to lose the rest of the fragments that one day belonged to Percy to someone else.
Will got surprised when he saw Nico with the new girl, Andy, it’s her name right? He never saw his ex-boyfriend and friend sticking around with someone else after Percy’s death. Even if Nico and him have dated before, Will deep down knew that Nico still loved Percy. The son of Apollo couldn’t blame him, Percy was admired and loved by everyone, okay almost everybody, but still, Percy was the target of many crushes by many people, including Nico.
But the minor God of the Medicine asked himself what was so special about the girl that drew Minor God of Death’s attention. Of course the girl was kind of quite beautiful but Will knew that Nico wasn’t into girls.
Or maybe…
No, Will didn’t want to intervene in this, he wanted Nico to be happy and if that means that sticking around the girl will make him happy, the son of Apollo doesn't have anything to complain about. Right?
The weeks had been passing and the day of the Camp Jupiter visit to Camp Half Blood finally arrived. Hazel had some impressions over the ‘new girl’ that her brother talked about.
She indeed looked Percy and her personality was also very similar to the hero of Olympus, she couldn’t deny it. But she quite weirded out of her big brother’s quick attachment to the girl he only knew a few weeks. She found it weird but she needed to confess that she was happy for brother being happy with other people's company.
The Minor Goddess of Wealth knew of how much her brother missed Percy so much, but seeing him with Andy made her feel more relieved that he would forget Percy for a while. But after talking to Will, she suspected that maybe Nico was falling in love with the girl, she weirded it out, wasn’t Nico gay?
But after watching Nico and Andy for a while, she noticed that her and Will’s suspicions about Nico and Andy’s relationship being a forbidden love story were wrong. She noticed that Nico treated Andy more like… a daughter.
By the way that Nico treated Andy, it was kind of obvious that he wasn’t interested in her romantically, more like a family type. Hazel needed to confess that she found it cute Nico acting like he is Andy’s father, the teen didn’t really bother at all and seemed to like Nico’s company.
If Nico was happy, who is she to private him from it? After all, Hazel cared about her brother’s happiness after she learnt his story, so he does deserve to be happy.
Andy enjoyed Nico’s company, he was a really nice person to talk with and they had many things in common, they have same tastes for music, Andy even made him obsessed with Skillet just like she is, they both liked to cook, she was a amazing cooker, and they both like Mythomagic.
But she couldn’t deny the fact that Nico was very protective over her, even if she tells him that he doesn’t need to be but he was very stubborn so she fails on convincing him otherwise.
The same thing is when they go shopping, he likes to spoil her rotten even if the girl feels flattered by it and tries to convince him otherwise, but again he’s stubborn, so she kind of gave up on trying.
There was one thing that she accepted reluctantly was a silver ring, similar to Nico’s, that had two small aquamarine eyes. He explained to her that it was a kind of a lucky charm, where it could protect her when he can’t do it himself.
Over all, she was happy being with Nico, even if she felt like something was not right, but she shrugged, it was Nico, what he was capable of? She knew that he would never hurt her.
Andy was nervous to return ‘home’, that wasn’t really her home. You see, her mother and stepfather died in fire when their bakery got on fire about a year ago, now she lives with her abusive drug-addicted aunt that mistreats her so badly that she even threatens to sell her to drug traffickers.
The girl was deeply scared of this happening, but she would always hear Nico’s voice whispering inside of her head that he would always protect her, his voice was enough to calm her down. But even so, it didn’t stopped the beating and the hurtful words from her aunt.
One day, she heard the door banging violently against the apartment’s door. After her aunt opened the door, she got horrified as she saw two police officers with a mysterious young man on her door.
“Ma’am, you’re under arrest for usage of drugs and for minor abuse.” The officer said as he immediately grabbed her and handcuffed her. Andy’s aunt tried to fight and then she looked at the young man’s eyes, shining in satisfaction on seeing her disgrace.
“H-How did you━”
“Thanks to Mr. di Angelo, we could get enough proof to arrest you, Mrs. Jacobson.” The second officer said, shrugging his shoulders lazily as he and his partner dragged her out of the apartment.
Nico immediately went inside of the smelly and disgusting apartment, he went directly to what was supposed to be Andy’s bedroom and opened it up, revealing Andy sitting in a corner. When she saw Nico, she immediately got up and ran towards him, hugging him tightly.
“Ciao, bambina mia.” He said while he hugged her back, he was angry at letting his precious little one get into trouble like that, but he doesn’t need to worry about that anymore. That old hag will pay for what she did to his Andy and he will make sure that she will pay dearly for that.
“N-Nico, please! D-Don’t leave me… please!” Andromeda said with tears in her eyes, Nico ran his hands on her hair as he calmed her down.
“Don’t worry, mia bambina. Papà si prenderà cura di te adesso” He said calming her down and she eventually did it so.
After that, Andy eventually moved to Nico’s place, he got a nice apartment in NYC in a very nice place, very close to Central Park, her favorite hangout! She was happy to be with him and she got even happier when she discovered that Nico was in a process to adopt her, so they would officially become father and daughter.
When she met him, she thought that he was kinda weird and distant, but now she saw him like a father that she wished to have and Nico happily accepted his role as her new father.
Nothing could get wrong, right?
Ciao, mi bambina: Hello, my little girl
Papà si prenderà cura di te adesso: Dad will take care of you now.
Dad loves, dad takes care of, right?
What are you guys opinion? Did you liked? Want more of PJO Yandere universe? My requests are open <3
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aristariafalna · 14 days ago
In a pjo Hunger Games au, Percy would be Katniss; Annabeth would be Gale and Nico would be Peeta. Even dynamic-wise, Everlark definitely has some Percico vibes.
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ghost-writer143 · 14 days ago
Ok I gotta talk about something.
I don’t ship pernico or Jason X Nico because I don’t think it would work out and honestly I like Solangelo better. I don’t hate the ships though.
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catorcoffee · 15 days ago
Nico, talking about the fact Iris cabin changing his entire wardrobe color: Jason, Will how do i get revenge?
Will, Jason simultaneously: The best revenge is letting go.
Nico, turning away from his blonde bf and blonde bff: …
Nico: Reyna, Percy how do i get revenge?
Reyna and Percy without even looking up: Stab them.
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ravenwings11 · 15 days ago
Me trying to explain why Percico would have actually worked in canon: I’ve connected the dots
The rest of the fandom: You haven’t connected shit
Me: I’ve connected them
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