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thepoetsprogress · a day ago
I’m such a perfectionist. I literally get nothing done and when I finally do, its one hour before the deadline and the output IS FAR FROM PERFECT. So yeah I’m pretty ashamed to even call my self a perfectionist cos the name’s pretty ironic innit
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letterstopoets · 6 days ago
Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves, the part that tells us that nothing we do will ever be good enough - that we should try again.
- Julia Cameron
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Dear fellow perfectionists,
I really need you to understand that the world was designed to keep you down. School and work are hard, and they are purposefully so. You shouldn't be dying under mounds of things to do. I know it’s out of your control, though. Understand that B’s are good grades! If you only did what they said to do, then you worked hard. if the “minimum” is your best, then be proud that despite the horrible society we live in, built upon lies and manipulation, you are doing your best. I think objectively, we always have the choice to do nothing, but you did something. Even if all you did was lay in bed because you were tired, or sick of work. Then you did something.
In this world of lies, we hardly need more. So have a truth: I am proud of you.   
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theperfectlifestyle · 6 days ago
Study Update
Tumblr media
Finally finished my first part of my study in nutrition. I’m seriously proud of this - it bar far outdoes any school work I’ve ever done (which I’m certainly not proud of). 
It just shows me that if it’s within my interest, I really am not as stupid as I’ve always seen myself as. I’ve got this. This is seriously so interesting, and I love learning about the body in depth and how it works. 
My biggest struggle is the time that I have for it. With it being work related studying, I try to fit it around my job, but at the moment I’m working loads and it is leaving me winded and with no energy, so I took the opportunity to get the rest done on my off day, and it feels good. 
Closer to my goals! 
(not my pic)x 
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andreanblack · 7 days ago
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blackraiinbow2 · 7 days ago
"Perfection is such a controversial word, cause in every perfect good thing there is a perfect bad thing. " 🌗 ✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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autistickai · 12 days ago
I finally completed my first sketchbook. Art is a big special interest and coping mechanism for me.
Unfortunately I’m also a huge perfectionist and often feel that my art isn’t good enough and I tend to abandon projects before I finish them.
So here’s to pushing past my perfectionism and just trying to enjoy myself.
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serendapity · 14 days ago
A perfectionist person also can say:
"Sometimes and probably most of the time we need to ACCEPT and not to be PERFECT anymore over all things we struggle for. We are trying, learning, and also striving anything only for ACCEPTING. This is a need as we can never be such a PERFECT human being."
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debontheradio · 14 days ago
AMY E. SMITH Staying Silent Messes up Your #Frequency? Don't Let Your #Silence Make you a #Liar On DARE TO DREAM podcast w/ DEBBI DACHINGER
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studyofastrology · 14 days ago
any particular placements that would bring an onset of obsession and perfectionism??
Obsession can be linked to a few things. Strong mars energy fights to the death for ideas. North node can make someone an extremist. Plenty of Scorpio personality planets can bring out the extremist. Everyone’s south node placement is their psychological obsessions and their security blanket.
Perfectionism i have seen in a virgo personality planet people and even very strict capricorn often. Once again south node is a very critical chart point for those traits, if someone’s south node is in their first house, it can make them obsessive and perfection oriented.
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arumnovita · 14 days ago
Sempurnanya Manusia
Jadi seorang yang perfectionist itu luar biasa dan lucu.
Luar biasa karena dia selalu ingin memastikan apa yang dia lakukan, pilih, sajikan atau apapun itu tersaji dengan sempurna dan orang lain merasa bahagia melihatnya. Bahkan dia rela melakukan apapun untuk membuat orang lain puas, yang lucunya dia terus memaksa diri untuk melakukan sesuatu diluar kapasitas kemampuannya.
Ia rela untuk tidak bahagia, ia rela waktu untuk dirinya tersita, juga mungkin melepas tabungan masa tua untuk membahagiakan orang lain. Intinya ia merelakan aa yang seharusnya ia dapatkan terbuang hanya untuk membahagiakan orang lain.
Lucunya, ia lupa bahwa yang ia bahagiakan juga manusia yang kodratnya terlahir tidak sempurna. Jadi ketika ekspektasi itu tidak seperti yang ia harapkan, ia akan terus mencari jawaban atas mengapa ini/itu bisa terjadi? Lalu menyalahkan diri sendiri.
Butuh waktu yang lama untuk orang perfeksionis dalam menyadari bahwa tidak semua hal harus hadir dengan kesempurnaan. Tidak semua hal itu sempurna.
Bahkan bisa saja kesadaran itu tidak akan pernah ada dalam pemikiran seorang perfeksionis. Bagi seorang perfeksionis, kesempurnaan adalah kepuasan bagi dirinya. Sehingga ia akan berupaya untuk selalu mewujudkan hal tersebut meski tidak seirama dengan kata hatinya.
Sebenarnya, seorang perfeksionis bisa menjadi lebih luar biasa jika diimbangi dengan kebijaksanaan dan kelapangan hati yang luas. Sehingga, ketika ekspektasi tidak sesuai dengan apa yang ia standarkan maka dia dapat menangkap hasil tersebut sebagai pembelajaran dan motivasi untuk memperbaikinya.
Ia pun juga akan memiliki manajemen waktu yang baik untuk mengelola perasaannya, terlebih dalam memaafkan kesalahan dirinya atas ketidakmampuannya dalam memberikan kesempurnaan bagi orang lain.
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