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269-million · 9 days ago
Legolas: There lie the woods of Lothlorien! That is the fairest of all the dwellings of my people. There are no trees like the trees of that land. For in the -
Pippin: Wait, wait! How does that work? So if there are no trees like them, does that mean they are not like themselves, either?
Legolas: ...
Pippin: [Later, pulling arrows out of his arm] Who knew even from three feet they could hurt so much?
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269-million · 10 days ago
Gandalf: [To Merry] What the hell did the goats do in here? This place is disgusting! Where is your cousin? PIPPIN!
Pippin: [Crawling past amidst a flock of goats, raises his head and peeks at Gandalf before hiding again] Gandalf is ma-a-a-a-ad; go to the Green Dra-a-a-gon!
Gandalf: [As the goats walk around him] Fool of a Took, I both saw you and recognized your voice.
Pippin: [Not missing a beat] Go ba-a-a-a-ack!
Gandalf: [Reaches into the flock and drags Pippin out by the ear]
Pippin: Gandalf! I, I didn’t know you were back in the Shire! Well, I guess we can all agree this was a great idea! The End! [To the Fellowship’s theme, nervously] Na, na, na-na, Fe-low-ship!
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sadttitude-reblogs · 13 days ago
is anyone writing for lotr ??? for some reason i just had this very specific scenario thing in my head and i've been trying to write it but forgot that i ✨ can't ✨ write 😭 pls hmu if you want to like no pressure if you just want to hear what i'm thinking about but don't feel like writing it or just flat out hate it i dont mind xx😭
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delyth88 · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tonight's sketching practice. Inspired by seeing Return of the King on the weekend.
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satoichi · 20 days ago
Gandalf Interviewing Each Member Of The Fellowship Be Like...
Gandalf, going over Pippin's resume: Okay, so right here, it states that you’re creative.
Pippin: Yes
Gandalf: Okay... May I know what you create?
Pippin: Problems.
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satoichi · 21 days ago
Gandalf: Valar, give me patience.
Pippin: I think you mean 'give me strength'.
Gandalf: If the Valar gave me strength, you'd be dead.
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okay-j-hannah · 21 days ago
Requests Are Opening!
Hello everybody! Yes, I am officially reopening requests 
{ f i n a l l y }
Please feel free to submit one, but first refer to my newly posted rules page and types of requests I do. 
I’ve updated my character list and devised a new system where you can see what requests I’m currently writing and queuing for posting. See HERE. 
I have a few I’m still writing, but that’s to keep me busy just in case new requests aren’t coming in. 
I will have you know that I am DYING for some requests for LOTR, DOCTOR WHO, and/or BUCKY BARNES 
Yes, please, and thank you 😂
{but no seriously... I want to write for the eleventh doctor so freaking bad. And some angsty Bucky Barnes  😭😍}
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britwitch · 23 days ago
Pip gobbled his breakfast too quickly this morning, and to his immense surprise, hurled it across the kitchen floor. Twice. I hadn’t even finished my first cup of coffee. Cleaning up vomit is hard for me. My eyes water, I gag/heave repeatedly, and occasionally it’ll be too much and I’ll add to the pile. That’s always a fun day. But it had to be done. As I was psyching myself up for it, I had a idea. 3 drops of essential oil on a spare Covid face mask took care of the smell, which made it a little easier to get the job done. Still wanna barf though.
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britwitch · 25 days ago
The BF: ...but why won't he eat the chicken? He loves chicken?
Me: Because it's still on your plate. He can't take that. It's the rules.
The BF: {puts piece of chicken on the floor} He's eating it!
Pip is such a good boy :) Kitten would have been straight in there.
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nightingalehobbit · 28 days ago
Frodo x Reader/AU: You and Frodo are having your first child and he doesn’t know until he leaves on his journey to Mordor
A/N: this is my first time writing anything like this since I was probably 14 or 15 and I’m 22 now so I feel awkward about it but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! I wrote this on my breaks at work and In between texting my husband so hopefully it doesn’t come off as rushed. Little bits of pieces will be based off of my own reactions to my pregnancy with my daughter lol. Little Easter eggs for ya. I’m a little rusty too because I haven’t written much since my daughter was born, so some constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated!
Pairing: Frodo x Reader
Warnings: None
A year has passed since your wedding, the day that felt the most surreal in your whole life. Nothing could ever top it. Everything went exactly the way it should and everything has since then; however, one morning, you felt different. You had been tracking your menstrual cycles on your calendar and you noticed you were a few days off. ‘Hmm... maybe it’s just stress,’ you thought. Things had been a little tense. Bilbo had been acting more strange than he usually was and it was worrying Frodo. If Frodo was worried, the energy rubbed off on you.
You made yourself a nice breakfast and some tea because you thought you deserved some peace to ease your worries. Shortly after eating your eggs, a wave a nausea filled your stomach and the worst heartburn came creeping up your throat. “Damn... I feel like hell,” “Maybe my eggs weren’t cooked enough,” you said under your breath. But your eggs were fine. Nothing was raw. Nothing was runny. Nothing else you ate had ever bothered you before, so why would it now?
The thought finally clicked in your mind, ‘Am I pregnant?’, ‘Am I?’, ‘No, I couldn’t be... when was the last time we...’ It clicked. No matter how much you tried to debunk and deny, it clicked. There was no doubt you were pregnant. You were approaching 6 days past your expected cycle, which is something that’s never happened before. The math of the last time you and Frodo had sex added up.
A huge cluster of emotions overcame you. You cried and you didn’t know if those tears were sad, angry, happy, excited, terrified, or all mixed together. It was a bit earlier than you wanted to have a child and you were not prepared to face pregnancy and childbirth. The thought of something going wrong terrified you. Bilbo came in the room and noticed you softly crying. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”, he asked concerned.
“No... well, kind of. I don’t know how I’m feeling about it yet, but I think I’m pregnant.”
“You are?! That’s wonderful news! Does Frodo know?”
“No, I only just noticed signs today. Don’t say anything yet. I need to confirm that I really am and tell him myself. I also have some.... emotions... to process,” you said with doubt in your voice that you knew Bilbo noticed.
“Having a child is the scariest thing anyone can do. It’s also the most beautiful thing anyone can do. Having doubts is normal and I’d take you for a fool if you didn’t have any,” Bilbo winked.
You smiled and thanked him for the words of encouragement. You went to see a midwife to have her confirm that you were indeed with child. After double-checking the math and having your belly examined, she confirmed you were pregnant. She congratulated you and told you that it was very important you tell Frodo as soon as possible. A lump in your throat formed and had you feeling so suffocated on words. You tried to tell yourself; ‘this is my husband. I trust him. He won’t judge me and he’ll be there for me. What am I so afraid of?’ But nothing could calm the nerves and you realized, you weren’t afraid of his reaction - you were afraid of yours. You still haven’t really processed just how much everything is going to change. Your body is growing another little hobbit inside of it. Deep down, you were happy and elated to be a mother, but you were also sad and frightened to see your old life slowly walk away from you; the life that was just you, Frodo, and all the time in the world to do whatever you wanted together, whenever you wanted to. The life that was never having to worry about how every little action affected an impressionable little one and no matter how much you own up to your mistakes, you still feel guilty and think about it way too much. You knew the way you saw the world was going to change and you were scared of what you were going to see it as. You had to find Frodo and tell him. His words and comfort were sure to reassure you of your safety.
You returned home to ask Bilbo where Frodo was. He mentioned something about Gandalf returning for Frodo and his birthday party in the evening. You had completely forgotten that a huge party was being thrown for their birthday. You were so wrapped up in the news of your pregnancy that the party went completely over your head. Sam walked past and noticed you were asking for Frodo. “I saw him run off into the woods not too long ago. Go right and you’ll probably find him.” He said.
“Thank you, Sam!” You said.
“Is everything alright, Mrs. Baggins?”
“It will be once I find him.”
You ran as quickly as you could, despite not feeling well. You knew exactly where Frodo would be, but just as you reached the tree, he had already hopped into Gandalf’s wagon. You felt hopeless and a little foolish. You decided you needed to relax and tell Frodo when the time was right. You went home and cleaned yourself up for the party and decided it was best to tell Frodo after the party, before you two went to bed. Besides, after a long day of stress, you just wanted to spend time with your husband and your close friends. You wrapped your gifts for Frodo and Bilbo and headed out to enjoy the party. Frodo spotted you from afar with a huge smile and a twinkle in his eye. “There’s my beautiful bride!”, “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you all day!” He exclaimed.
“I’ve been around... you know... helping the party planning.” Frodo could instantly tell something was off and his smile faded a little.
“Are you ok, darling? You seem a little detached.”
“I’m alright. Just didn’t sleep well last night is all...”
You didn’t want to lie, but you also didn’t want to make it abundantly obvious that you had something to tell him. You reassured him that you would be ok and to enjoy the party. Although he took your word for it, he still kept you close the whole night and held your hand tightly. You were able to forget about your worries and your tension for just a moment when you were dancing under the stars with your husband. When it came time for Bilbo to make a speech, he looked at you with a little pressure in his eyes. The kind of pressure that said, ‘if you don’t tell him, I will.’ Bilbo usually never made you feel threatened, but something was different. You noticed him fiddling his hands behind his back and wondered why. What was going on? All of sudden, Bilbo disappeared into thin air in front of everyone, causing a panic.
Frodo went out to search for Bilbo while you stayed behind to help everyone calm down. You helped the women calm their children kid and read them stories before they went to bed. In the heat of the moment with everyone on high alert and anxiety, you felt so overwhelmed, the nausea was just too much to handle. You snuck out by a tree to vomit, where Merry and Pippin saw you and asked if you were ok. You told them it was just too much food, but they gave a look and you knew exactly what that look was saying. “You know... when my mother was pregnant with me, she would throw up mostly at night, too,” Pippin said.
“Mine too. She said it was from all the reflux. Although, she didn’t have that right in the beginning, so you must be what? 7 weeks? 8 weeks?” Merry said.
“Please.... please, don’t say anything to Frodo. I haven’t told him yet. I just haven’t had the right time and then there was the party and -“ You muttered until Pippin cut you off.
“Hey, it’s ok... it’s ok, my lady! We just wanted to make sure you were alright. Of course we won’t say anything to Frodo! We’re here to support you; anything you need.” He said with a warm hug.
You thanked them and headed back home to see how things were going. You noticed the door was open and you quietly walked in to hear Frodo and Gandalf talking in the other room. You snuck around the wall and listened behind it as you heard them discussing a ring Bilbo had left behind for Frodo. “Take it, Gandalf! Take it!” Frodo exclaimed nervously.
“No, Frodo, no.”
“You must take it!”
“You cannot offer me this ring!”
“I’m giving it to you!”
“Don’t tempt me, Frodo! I dare not take it. Not even to keep it safe. Understand, Frodo, I would use this ring from the desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.” Gandalf exclaimed.
“But it cannot stay in The Shire!”
“No! No, it can’t!”
“What must I do?”
“You must leave and leave quickly.”
‘What? Leave? Frodo’s leaving? Just when I need him the most?’ You thought with much worry. Where was he to go? How long would he be gone? Would he be back in time to witness the birth of his child? Thinking of going through all of this alone became too much. You ran into the bathroom and sobbed quietly. Your heart fell out of rhythm as thoughts of bad things happening while Frodo was gone flooded your mind like a storm. You couldn’t control it and you didn’t have the power to regulate your feelings. It was all just too much. ‘How am I to tell him now?’ You thought doubtfully. You heard a soft knock on the door. “Honey, is everything ok?” Frodo asked sweetly. You were crying so hard, you couldn’t speak. He got down on his knees and held your hands. Once again, he asked what was wrong as he softly brushed your hair back with his hand.
“You’re leaving The Shire?” You asked tearfully.
“I have to. If it was my choice, I would stay, but I must do this. Come with me! Come with me and that way, we won’t have to be apart so long. We can go on this journey together -“
“Frodo, I’m pregnant.”
His eyes froze as he stared in shock. “You’re sure of it? When is the baby due?”
“I’m due in June. Just promise me one thing...” you said as you caressed Frodo’s face.
“Yes... anything.”
“Come back to me the same man I fell in love with.”
“I won’t let him go anywhere.” Frodo whispered as he leaned in to kiss you.
Later that night, Sam and Frodo headed out into the woods to make their way to Mordor. It was to be a long journey. You knew that this meant Frodo would miss the birth of his child. It meant you had to care for yourself for nine difficult months. It meant there was a chance you would never see Frodo again. There was a chance this baby would never know their father; their wonderful, sweet, bright father.
You were looking through memorabilia and came across the first ring Frodo ever gave to you. You held it close to your heart and impulsively decided to chase him down in the woods and give it to him for good luck. You saw him several feet away and ran to him, calling for him. He turned around and tightly swung you around in his arms as he kissed you passionately. “Take this. Keep it closer to your heart than that one,” you said as you placed the ring in his hand. He tearfully smiled and placed your ring in his breast pocket. He kissed you one last time and slowly walked away. An eerie breeze filled the air and made you feel empty. You made sure to get home before too late. You went to sleep that night knowing that you would be ok and your baby would see their father someday. Maybe not when you want it to happen, but you knew, it would. Frodo walked proudly, knowing he was coming home to the love of his life and a beautiful baby to call his.
Tumblr media
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anywhere-but-here-plz · 28 days ago
Gimli: Hobbits have no ambition! No drive! They don’t accomplish anything!
Pippin and merry, smoking their longbottom leaf:
Gimli: How do you justify yourselves??
Gimli: *grabs a pipe and joins them*
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anywhere-but-here-plz · 28 days ago
Pippin: If you could wish for anything at all, what would it be?
Merry: A good sandwich
Pippin: a SaNdWiCh??? What kind of stupid wish is that???
Pippin: Talk about failure of imagination! I’d ask for a trillion dollars, my own space shuttle, and a private continent!
* ~Ten minutes later~ *
Merry, eating a sandwich: I got my wish
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